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    AbugidaInfo is Ethiopian news and information website

    Addis Zena
    Addis Zena site has the latest Ethiopian news online.

    Aiga forum is a forum where news and constructive ideas, opinions and analysis are shared by Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia towards the betterment of the lives of fellow citizens back home

    Amharic News Portal
    News in Amharic updated daily and contains both in Amharic and English

    CyberEthiopia is a pioneering and award winning information gateway to all that is Ethiopian on the World Wide Web. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, it was created as an independant public service to the Internet Community in January 1996 and has grown much further since its inception.

    Ethiopian news , amharic news and commentaries from CyberZena

    Dagmawi's News and Views
    Dagmawi's News and Views commentaries and daily Ethiopian news

    Ethiopian news and political site dedicated to Poet Tsegay Gebremedhin (a.k.a Debteraw)

    Deki Alula
    Deki Alula Ethiopian Online Newsletter
    News from the Somali State of Ethiopia

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