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ICT Focus
The independent magazine on Information and Communication Technology

ICT Focus Magazine
ICT Focus, launched on February 2002, is the first and only magazine in Ethiopia that exclusively focuses on Information and Communications Technology. The magazine is the only source for information on ICTs.

IT outsource in Ethiopia
Technology outsourcing in Ethiopia

Online Amharic-English Dictionary
Dictionary that provides searches in Amharic and English

Senamirmir Project
Senamirmir projects Ethiopic refers to Ge'ez or Classic Ge'ez, one of the ancient languages of Ethiopia which is now mainly used in Ethiopian Orthodox Church as liturgical language.

Software localization on Affan Oromo
Oromos web forum online software project

The NetsaSoft Foundation
The NetsaSoft Foundation is your FREE Ethiopic software portal.

Transnational Computer Technology
For two decades, TCT has maintained a steady profitable growth that has enabled us to expand our markets and customer base

Wazema System
Wazema Ethiopian Computer Wrinting System for Windows and Apple Mac, freely available from Internet.

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