Ethiopian Radio in Amharic, Afan Oromo and Tigrigna Help to configure your PC to listen to radio

VOA Amharic Voice of America
Amharic News 3
audio Voice of America Afaan Oromo Monday - Friday Show
audio Voice of America Tirigna Monday - Friday Show
audio Voice of America Radio Archive

TV: Ethiopian Talk Show Interview Host Nigist Abate

Addis Dimts Radio

Saturdays 5:00 - 7:00 PM EST Addis Dimts
Host Abebe Belew
Addis Dimts
P.O.BOX 21745
Washington, DC 20009
Tel: 240-472-4439

Ye Hibret Radio Saturdays 2:00PM-3:00PM

Netsanet Le Ethiopia Sundays 1:00PM-2:00PM
Finote Radio Voice of Ethiopian Unity

Listen to Ethiopian radio from various sources. WUST 1120 AM Radio in Washington DC is the main radio station brodcasting Ethiopian programs. It has extensive list of Ethiopian radio including Hibret Radio, Netsanet Le Ethiopia, Selam Radio (Government) and much more.
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hager fikir radio Hager Fikir Radio Host Negussie Woldemariam WZHF 1390 AM Washington DC a Pro-TPLF radio in Amharic and English from Washington DC Metro area.

radio Ethiopiawinet Radio Host Mirchaw Sinishaw

audio Deutsche Welle Radio German Amharic Radio German Amharic Radio Archive and website

audio Radio Fana Veteran journalist Alem Newase from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (Government). Talk Show, Sport and Lib-Le-Lib radio from Fana Radio in Addis Ababa
audio Voice of Ethiopia Sweden Amharic radio based in Stockholm Sweden
audio Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo Amharic and Afaan Oromo from OLF radio. Oromo Liberation Front
audio Voice of Ethiopia Minneapolis, MN from KFAI radio in Minnesota
audio Voice of Oromiyaa Minneapolis, MN
audio Medhin Radio Sweden Amharic
auido Selam Radio Sweden Tigrigna Radio Stockholm, Sweden
audio Finote Radio Amharic
audio ETV Ethiopian Television and Radio Fana Ethiopian radio and Television in Amharic Government run media
video TV Selam Stockholm Sweden Amharic (Government)
video TV Dejen Stockholm Sweden Tigrigna

audio Voice of Oromiyaa Afaan Oromo
radio Addis Live Ethiopian music radio
radio Oromo Community Radio Afaan Oromo Washington DC
Documentary audio Meles Zenawi BBC interview Talking Point 55 minutes Feb 2005

Special Reports

A relative of one of the victims June 2005
Ethiopia's agony
Channel 4 News (UK)
An exclusive report on the supposedly model African state,where human rights abuses have continued to grow since May's controversial elections

video Why things have gone so sadly wrong in Ethiopia? Olivia Rousset reports

Only a few months ago Ethiopia was being touted as the great hope of Africa. That said Ethiopia's first multi-party ballot was anything but free and fair.

Discuss Olivia Rousset's report
video Ethiopia's new food program BBC Mike Wooldridge reports from Awek Ethiopia 2005
video CBC Against All Odds Part 1 The National (Canada) documentary from Tigray 15 min video
video CBC Against All Odds Part 2
audio Netsanet Le Ethiopia Amharic
audio Radio UNMEE UN radio in Amharic,Afaan(Afan) Oromo and Tigrigna
audio Dejen RadioTigrigna, Amharic, English
audio Medhin Radio Amharic and English
audio Radio Xoriyo Ogaden Radio Somali radio by
audio Radio Solidarity Tigrean Solidarity
audio Negat Radio Amharic radio by The Ethiopian Community Centre in London, UK
radio Radio Tewahedo Denver, Colorado amharic Orthodox radio
audio Mekane Yesus Evangelical Church radio based in Stockholm, Sweden Amharic
audio WUST Radio Washington DC Listen to the following stations here Hibret Radio, Oromo Community Radio, Oromo Christian Fellowship radio, Ethiopian Evangelical Church,Selam Radio (Afan Oromo), Radio Ra-Eye(Tigrigna), Aend Ethiopia, Ethiopian Orthodox Church,Addis Dimts and many more.

Complete list of radio and tv source from our web directory

video PM Meles Zenawi's interview on CNN's "Inside Africa" with Richard Quest

BBC HardTalk interview with Meles Zenawi and Hailu Shawel
Stephen Sackur spoke to Hailu Shawel in Addis Ababa. video Watch Meles Zenawi grilled by BBC
video Ato Hailu Shawel on the hot seat with BBC HardTalk reporter

Discuss about the interview

Amy Goodman Democracy Now with Amy Goodman Crackdown on Dissent in Ethiopia

radio The Kojo Namdi Show on Ethiopian Election

Election 2005 Special Radio

radio VOA interview with Ato Lidetu Ayalew
audio VOA interview with Ato Hailu Shawel
audio NPR interview with Editor in Chief of Addis Fortune in Addis
audio Bereket Simon tells VOA Polling Station Results Affirm Electoral Victory
audio German Radio reports from Ethiopia
audio Dr. Merara Gudina interview
audio BBC Coverage
audio VOA interview with Ato Kemal Bedri chairman of NEBE

Negussie's Report

International Audio/Video
audio BBC Five Live from London
video BBC News 24 Summary news
audio Focus on Africa from BBC World Service
audio Network Africa from BBC World Service