The regime in Ethiopia has lost any semblance of humanity

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Flickr photo

By Alem Mamo

“They killed my son, and they forced me to sit on his dead body while they were beating me.”

If there is any doubt in one’s mind that the regime in Addis Ababa would come to its senses and respect the dignity and sanctity of human life, what happened this week in a western town of Dembi Dolo should put that doubt to rest. An act so cruel, so abhorrent, not just humans, it makes the rocks weep. A mother finds her sixteen-year-old son’s lifeless body covered with blood in the middle of the street, shot by forces loyal to the regime. Arriving at the scene, a mother, as all mothers do, began wailing while holding her son’s body. What followed next was hard to describe and painful to comprehend to any one with a minimum degree of decency. The same forces loyal to the regime ordered the mother to sit on her sixteen-year old son’s dead body as they mercilessly hit her.

It is an act so savage, so devoid of any norms and values cultural or otherwise, it reflects the psychopathic behavior of forces that do the killings in Ethiopia. Ephrem Hailu, the sixteen- year old boy, was simply in his daily routine like any other sixteen-year-old, playing and doing what sixteen-year-olds do. His life was cut short for no apparent reason except the psychopathic killing machines called Agazi have to kill someone to satisfy their addiction of killing.

The regime in Addis Ababa is at war with the Ethiopian people, young and old, men and women are being terrorized and murdered in broad daylight for simply demanding freedom of expression, assembly and respect to the rule of law.

“I was in my house knowing that my son was out playing with his friends,” said Ephrem’s mother. “Upon hearing gunshots downtown the boys, including my son, began running and that is when they shot and killed my son.” She said sobbing “He wasn’t just my son; he was looking after me like a father; he did manual labour work to support me. He was my only hope, my only lifeline. I didn’t have money for his funeral; my neighbors raised money for the funeral. I sat holding his body with my little girl by my side worried they might shoot my little girl, too.”

This is the dark and horrifying reality in the four corners of Ethiopia. Mothers are terrified to send their children to school because they have no guarantee they would return home safe. If they escape from the bullets they might not avoid the concentration camps where they are tortured and exposed to malaria infection without any proper medical service.  The suffering of the Ethiopian people, particularly the young has reached an intolerable climax. While all peace and freedom loving people in Ethiopia and around the world mourn with Ephrem Hailu’s mother, it is also a reminder that the only way to have safety and security is by ridding the country from a brutal authoritarian rule once and for all.

Recently, I posted a piece titled “Refusing to be adversaries.” In this piece I was given a short poem which was written by a young man who lost his best friend to forces loyal to regime. I was moved by the poem because it describes the sorrow and pain of a mother whose child was gunned down. I have re-posted the same poem (below). It was originally written in Amharic. I translated it to English.

Tears of the moon

Gripped with an overwhelming sorrow

A mother says “I have no tears left

I have cried until I no longer see

I have wailed until I have no voice left

What is sight for, if I cannot see my child?

What is a voice for, if he cannot come to me when I call his name?

Here we have run out of tears.

Instead, our rocks, trees and fields are crying for us,

Here the birds no longer sing,

As they are mourning with us in silence.

The sun, too, weeps as we languish in the burning shadows of oppression,

And the moon sheds tears with us at night, as we hide in our blood stained forest.

When will this end?”

She asks,

“When will we relearn to laugh again?

When will peace reign?

When will the true spirit of humanity return to this land of our ancestors again?

We are collectively tired of oppressionWe are people of an exhausted nation.”


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  1. it wont be too long these are the Hyksos people the most barbaric of man-kind. These are the same people who invaded ancient khemet they will be in exodus again.

  2. I wonder whether the PM H.M. Desalegn is aware of this barbaric action done by the so called “Setta askebariwoch”? One day Justness and the truth shall wil in Ethiopia!

  3. I worry that HM Desalegn could be working with the US since US puts dictatorships in other nations, HM has minority tribes and is Protestant which is big whommy for the West. The US is probably trying to oust TPLF regime and put in another minority or extremist Oromos who want to change Gada System, culture, Orthodox, Amharic, flag to what West wants to get rid of Ethiopia to Protestant, different flag, english and wahabism. With the help of West, this can be implemented to get rid of Ethiopia. Instead also Eritrea will prosper at the expense of Ethiopia

  4. Hello Nazret dot com,
    The facelift looks great! Congratulations!
    And thanks for the many years of serving.
    I wish you many more productive years.

  5. The core leaders of the tigre regime is hatching a plan to make some reshuffling among their non-tigre pig followers so as to trick Ethiopians. Without his will, Hailemariam Desalegn will be evicted from the Menelik palace with no credit to his declare of an all out war on the Amharas.

  6. The writer of the article has translated the situation correctly. If the so called government doesn’t punish its unruly bad soldiers for such act. there is no moral code that the army is expected to follow and it is a lawless army. This speeds up the rate at which the regime is falling.

  7. Social Justice

    Is there any social justice in Ethiopia?

    I hope there is except in some parts of the country.

    Good news always makes me happy but bad news very sad.

    The good news I hear from my country confirms Ethiopia is still one nation and one caring mother who guards her children from their enemies as a hen protects and feeds her chicks under her wings. However, the unjustified incarcerations, the beatings, and even the killings of many of her innocent and young children are bits of the bad news I also hear occasionally.

    I ask: Who is doing the beatings? Who is doing the incarcerations, and who is carrying out the cold-blooded killings of the old and the young Ethiopians, whose hopes to exist and move freely in their own territories at this precarious and dangerous time, are, I assume, shattered and doomed?

    Are such barbaric atrocities confined to certain groups of people who live in some big or small regions of the country? Are people of these regions considered historically, culturally, politically, and religiously big threats to the barely surviving and struggling government of Ethiopia?

    The response I get from reliable sources has been so far sickening my stomach, deafening my ears, blinding my eyes, and breaking my heart, and I have refused to accept it as bona fide genesis. It is unthinkable, if it is indeed true, to hear some Ethiopian government officials indiscriminately harassing day and night their own people, their own blood and flesh, looting their properties, burning their crops, and forcing the young to go to the wilderness and die there being bitten by poisonous snakes. In the first place, they cannot put all of them in jails because all the jails are full of such hopeless and unfortunate people, people of Wolkiet-Tegedie, Semen-Armacheho, Belesa-Ebinat, Debre-Tabor-Farta, Semada-Gaint, Fogera-Gorgora, Wollo-Amara-Saint, Lasta-Lalibela, Ambasel-Gishen-Mariam, Gojam-Dima-Georgis, and Shewa-Oromia. I cannot even list all of them! They are too many to remember and too precious to forget.

    I have been to all of these enchanting places when there was freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom for all Ethiopian children to speak in their own mother tongues. What I hear now is that the Wolkiet-Tegedie people are being forced to drop the Amharic language that has been the language of their ancestors for thousands of years. They are forced to speak the Tigrian language spoken by very few people, people who are now in power.

    One of the shocking stories I have heard is whenever a person who lives in Wolkiet-Tegedie gets sick and wants to go to the Ospedale in Gondar city, his/her city, for a medical help, he/she is forced to go to Mekelle town, and if he/she refuses, he/she will be beaten up. It is hard to imagine such savagery is happening in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Yes, greed for power and to remain in power indefinitely has corrupted many government officials in the past, and today we are watching on the news some corrupt and flippant Ethiopian leaders inflicting heavy damages on the people of Wolkiet-Tegedie and upon many other Ethiopian citizens.

    The Wolkiet-Tegedie people are Amharas even though they speak two languages – Amharic and Tigrigna – and there is a boundary line between Wolkiet-Tegedie and Tigray province, and that boundary line is the Tekezie River. You cannot move the boundary line – the Tekezie River – which nature has put it there, perhaps, for eternity. The Holy Bible tells us: “Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your ancestors” (Proverbs 22:28).

    How was it possible for the Tegaru government to incorporate the Gondar-Amhara fertile lands into the Tigray province? Why did the Tegaru regime prefer annexation to amalgamation? The people of Wolkiet-Tegedie, Thelemt-Telelo, and Humera-Setit always identify themselves with the Gondar-Amhara people, and never with the Tegaru. Many of the Gondar-Amhara people never go to Tigray for business because there is no business for them there; nevertheless, hundreds of the people of Tigray roam the city of Gondar throughout the year, and the Gondar city is always crowded with the braided-hair-Tegaru women, carrying on their backs their hungry children, and still some of their other little children, with empty cans (ቆርቆሮ) in their hands, walking in front of their mothers. To tell the truth, I was one of them. They always go in groups and walk fast, and no one bothers to know where their destination will be. If there is a festivity at one of the Gondar city’s numerous holy Churches, then that will be their final destination for that particular day.

    There is a hill on the north-west of Gondar city, and this hill is called “የትግሬ መጮሕያ” (The Wailing Hill of the Tegaru). I think, they go up to this hill and wail to get the attentions of some of the Gondar-Amhara people so that they can get some food from the Gondar-Amhara people. Now it is the Amhara people who wail to get the attention of the Tegaru officials to leave their city, to leave their territories, and go back to their hometown– Mekelle, but they will never leave the Gondar-Amhara city because they know in this beautiful and historical city there are abundant treasures to loot and carry them back to Mekelle and become rich all of a sudden.

    No doubt in my mind it was Tigray’s chronic famine that forced Meles Seitanawi to settle millions of his starved people in the Gondar-Amhara land, driving out by force the indigenous people of Wolkiet-Tegedie and killing those who refused to leave their ancestral land.

    Unfortunately, thanks to the present oppressive regime of Desalegn Haile-Mariam, the Amharas are now almost homeless, penniless, and landless. The Tegaru government has automatically stripped them of their cultures, traditions, and histories. Generally, Ethiopia is ruled by few lawless Tegaru, but Wolkiet is run particularly by myrmidons – ruffians.

    What is missing in Ethiopia today is not wealth, is not faith in the Almighty God, is not place to lay our heads on, and is not human resource; what is missing is sound LEADERSHIP!

    One thinker once said:
    “Leadership in today’s world requires far more than a large stock of gunboats and a hard fist at the conference table.”

    It is absolutely true; leadership is not merely amassing sophisticated weapons, forming impressive battalions, collecting taxes from the wealthy as well as from the poor, building dams, bridges, and elegant condominiums for the few wealthy Tegaru. True leadership is one based on social justice for all, especially justice for the Wolkiet-Tegedie people. I am hearing the agonizing cries of the Wolkiet Tegedie people. Mr. Haile-Mariam, leave them alone! You should not take their cows, their mules, their sheep, their donkeys, their grain, and their houses.

    Mr. Desalegn Haile-Mariam, I believe, you are a Christian. If so, I want you to share the following three Biblical verses with your subordinate and inhuman Tigrian officers who are tormenting the Amharas and the Oromos:

    1. “Therefore because you impose heavy rent on the poor And exact a tribute of grain from them, Though you have built houses of well-hewn stone, Yet you will not live in them; You have planted pleasant vineyards, yet you will not drink their wine” (Amos 5:11).

    2. “Woe to those who enact evil statutes And to those who constantly record unjust decisions, So as to deprive the needy of justice And rob the poor of My people of their rights, So that widows may be their spoil And that they may plunder the orphans. Now what will you do in the day of punishment, And in the devastation which will come from afar? To whom will you flee for help? And where will you leave your wealth” (Isaiah 10:1-3)?

    3. “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others” (Philippians 2:3-4).

    May the Almighty God, Jesus Christ, comfort the Ethiopian people, particularly the people of Wolkiet-Tegedie!

  8. My liberation army will give him the required semblance to humanity when it kicks him out of Finfine next month and send him along his masters to Tigrai. Apparently his own wolamo people do not want anything to do with him. His own ethnic group does not want him to come back to its territory.

    In the meantime, I want to pass along the following announcement from our gallant liberation army.

    To the peaceful demonstrators of Oromia!

    We want you to continue protesting in the custom of our glorious culture. That is overwhelmingly and at the same time peacefully. Your liberation army understands your anger and frustration. That is why we are a few weeks away from liberating you from the oppressive machine of the woyanes. During your peaceful demonstrations make sure to safeguard the well-being of all factories, equipments and vehicles. Those will be your property and the foundation for the advancement of Oromia after independence. Every Oromo engineer scattered around the world is steady and ready to come back at a moments notice from us. They will need all those items to take our ever beautiful Oromia into the stratosphere. They will take her to the deep space and beyond. They will also make every Oromo the richest African in history in less than a decade. Therefore, make sure these items are not harmed during the protest.

    Long Live Our Liberation Army!!!!

    That is the announcement.

    I myself will sell two my service stations and go back on the day it is liberated to found the first petroleum refinery in Oromia that will create more than a million real jobs for my beloved Oromo working people. That is my pledge. Oromia is coming!!!! Oromia is coming!!!!

  9. Hoooordooooofaaaaa,
    Typical evil Tigrean Woyane trying to divide the united Ethiopians! If you are Oromo, as a mixed Oromo Ethiopian, people like you make me sick!!!! If you think you will be living in peace and harmony without some foreign corporations involvement to come and loot everything from Oromo provinces, you are mistaken. The greedy Arabs and greedy world wide corporations will create problems between different Oromo groups, and Christians and Muslims like Nigeria to rob everything the land of Oromo is blessed with.

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