Walk with pilgrims on a journey to Lalibela, Ethiopia’s New Jerusalem


(CNN)From all corners of a nation they come, often walking for hundreds of miles barefoot: Ethiopian Orthodox Christians on a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

Their destination is Lalibela in the north of Ethiopia. A town of approximately 20,000 people, Lalibela’s population swells five-fold in the first days of January, pilgrims converging to celebrate Genna (or Ledet) — Christmas according to the Ethiopian calendar.
What they’re here for is to take a path from darkness into the light; through 800 years of history and enter a “New Jerusalem” — tangible, permanent and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
But most of all, they’re here for God.

Step into the ‘New Jerusalem’

In the 12th century AD King Lalibela, Ethiopian leader and Christian, ordered the building of a second Jerusalem when the original was captured by Muslims in 1187 AD. The result was 11 interconnected churches, carved into the mountain by hand. But unusually, Lalibela’s churches were dug straight into the ground. Hewn out of solid rock, perhaps best known is the Church of St George, shaped in a Greek Orthodox cross.


    • What unfortunate moronic statment!!!!!
      Just like the despicable evildemented ignorant ISIS/ISIS that have destroyed priceless historical irreplaceable statues, churches, artifacts, etc. around the world; the chances of the highly corrupted money-worshiper TPLF mafia of destroying Lalibela and other Ethiopian historical places is very high. Actually, the bloody-hands TPLF mafia have already destroyed historical Orthodox Churches and have sold the land to foreign investors.

  1. Fukare Yesus speaks of a ‘Chirama Kokeb’
    Bible ‘Wormwood’ Rev. 8:10-11
    Bible ‘Cataclysmic Event’ Rev. 21:1
    …..and the writing on the big pillar inside Lalibela Church that is covered with a tarp warn us of it’s coming because it has come before. So, ‘yigeletz’ let Ethiopians know and prepare for this event.
    Those that are making the people suffer and rob their properties you shall meet your ‘Maker’ then. Very soon, repent.

  2. Thanks to CNN and the to the writer and photographer. It is in fact an a great place worth visiting and leaving any visitor with an everlasting wonder. God also blessed the people in Lalibella town both for their earthly and heavenly life. Tourism is one means of their livelihood. Especially this time of the year when the number of tourists severely declined due to the half a hear State of Emergency Law of the tplf the loss of income from low tourist will impact the residents of the town. I pray for them.

    • The Lalebela church was not shaped after the Greek Orthodox Church you morons….. It was shaped after Ethiopian Orthodox Church you Dedeb Rases….

  3. The Lalebela church was not shaped after the Greek Orthodox Church you morons….. It was shaped after Ethiopian Orthodox Church you Dedeb Rases….Almost all Orthodox Churches use a similar cross type which is called coptic cross….. I am not sure what they mean Greek Orthodox Church cross Style because Ethiopia had been practicing Orthodox christianity since the 6 century and they are trying to deny that or they dont know…..

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