In Pictures: Ethiopia’s Hailemariam Desalegn in Uganda on State Visit

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn has begun a 3-day state visit to Uganda at the invitation of President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

Photos courtesy of New Vision

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  1. A donkey Woyane minion! I can’t stand this woalyta pig who has no consciou what so ever. I hope to see him caught on his neck and hear what he has to say about the killings of our people. A disgraceful Hodam of the highest order!!

    • Shintam! Yes, you hope because you are SHINTAM other than you hope what can you do nothing other than being SHENTAM the last twenty five years. Keep up Shinto!

      • HMD is a hate-filled racist, a remorseless, heartless Woyane puppet!! This fake prime minister has sold his soul to the mighty dollar and the devil… and this delusional racist considers himself a Born-Again Evangelical Christian! Ha!!!
        Bean brain Woyane,
        Lol! What the hell does shintam mean? You must be suffering from prostate cancer, moron!

        • HOPE ((DOPE),
          Is HMD still weyane puppet? Really, even after including so many proud Oromos in his new cabinet? How many people from Tigray are in the cabinet? I respect the people from Tigray because they gave us the freedom and I can assure you that no Shintam donkey will lead Ethiopia again or we are going to independent our independence, with a country called OROMIA. Just wait and see. You just don’t like the heroes from Tigray who buried the history of Shintam donkeys underground. And they accomplished it very well.

          • Fake Oromo, Bean brain and bis-bis Keye siga,
            You can’t help it, but be a remorseless evil!
            We know that there are a few hodam Amharas and Oromos that have sold their souls to the mighty dollar and to the very evildemented mass looters and mass murderer Woyanes that slaughtered innocent Ethiopians!!! Molacha laeba! Having high blood pressure, anxiety and depression is not a shame or a crime! What a heartless moron, you are!!!!

      • bb aka Tekest Shiftaw,

        Shintam is not an insult. Those who pee have plenty of water to drink. Before you came to our region with your lice infested Tebuko, you had never drank water let alone eat a decent food. An eternal slave of Eritreans must not insult others. I will say it again: Hailemariam is a minion of Woyane Shiftas!! I would rather go hungry than serve mass murderers. Woyane is a mass murderer. Komata Woyane cooli!

        • Damo,
          Shintam by definition is the involuntarily excretion of pee or fluid while walking, running. Fear is the primary reason that forces donkeys to pee in their pants. That is what bb meant. He is not talking about hydration of your body with water blah blah blah.

          bb is pretty much telling you that you don’t have the courage to fight!!!

          • Well post your both address with your picture let’s see if you can walk the walk how about that tough boy? Until you do that quit talking like a bitch! I will straighten you out! Retarded! By the time I get through with your A$$ you’ll be very receptive if you ever woke up!

          • Red meat aka Woyane dog,

            How hard you try to act like an Oromo, it is not working. I have never seen a stinking stupid Oromo on this planet. This leads me to believe that you are one of those Woyane coolis who is trying to present yourself as an Oromo to get sympathy from Oromos and to create division between Amhara and oromo. You are disgraceful Woyane Shifta trying to defend the indefensible. Shintam eternal salve of Eritreans!! We will get you!

      • You really want to know who’s it Shentam? Terriorst Tigray is shintam! Any terriorst organization is Shintam! Killing a student with a sniper is not a sign of bravery but savegery! Killings innocent citizens after falsely incarcerated them with a bogus chargers it’s again savagery! Next time before you start calling People shintam think about this fact!

  2. bb

    Ante TEBTABA weyane! u have just taken over the first place on the dumbest person ever, from ur-self called Read meat. Damo please lets not sink to this TPLF fag, transgender level, who still didn’t figured out what bathroom to use for his Ben-Gay “SHENT”

    • AA sefere,
      The heartless bloody hand Woyanes are in a class of evil on their own. Even that blood sucker Hitler was better than these mass murderer Woyanes.
      Please let us not compare these Woyane evils with the transgenders, homosexuals that don’t hurt or kill other people, they only want to love who they want to love. I used to think like you, till I worked with an incredible human being, that happens to be gay. Out of hundreds of people I work with, this man has the most caring heart. I was shocked when I found out that he is gay, but he taught me to be accepting. I’m greatful for that. Whatever he does in the privacy of his home, it is his business, and between him and God!!! Who are we to judge?
      Keep up the good work!!!

    • Addis ababa Sefere ,

      your BE BADO HOD GURA is KILLING U .

      GURA and EBRIT is taking you down the drains of history .
      You are now complaining minority with feeling of victimhood .

      zeregna PRETENDING TO BE nationalist

  3. I never forget as long as i live, the sub species bulging neck, hodam KEMBATA baison ordering, that killed thousands of Ethiopians. I wish the DENBARA cow never returned to holy Ethiopia. wish’em the abrupt African cape buffalo knock him and his bad religion called Pente Costal once for all, or leave Ethiopia to his SHABIAN espionage wife to sand land called Eritrea.

    • Addis Ababa sefer,

      Hailemaiam is NOT Kembatta! He hails from Amahar and Wolita tribes. The majority of Wolita people are great people. But a few of them are the worst Hodams that ever lived on planet earth. They aren’t endowed with a thinking ability. They will kill a human being for a loaf of bread. Hailemriam is one of them!

      • I doubt that he has a drop blood of Amhara! If he had a drop of blood he would not genocide his own people with terriorst chimps of Tigray? That’s highly unlikely ! I don’t believe what he has to say anyway! He must possessed some inferiority complex and hatred for Noble Amharas to be able to used by the devil Melse! If he’s Amhara he’s a self hater for sure! That itself is another problem on the top of what he has one thing is so sure is he doesn’t have a self worth! Pride! Dignity to be played by chimps of Tigray uneducated, uncivilized monkeys! Any chimps can tell him what to do while he holds the mere title of prime minister that’s way beyond me!

    • I heard that, this Woyane ass kisser, got awarded to be a Fake-prime minister and a puppet of TPLF for showing deep hatred for Amharas, Orthodox Christians and Muslims. Once he got crowned as a Fake- prime minister and allowed to live in the Ethiopian Palace, hI’m and his wife started holding church services with all his Pente members every Sunday, inside the palace, jumping up and down, screaming Father God! Father God! Running up and down like a headless chicken… then when the master of evil Melass found out what was going on at that palace every Sunday, he scolded his servant HMD and ordered him not to ever have church service at the palace.
      The thing is that, I’m not surprised that their were holding Church Services at the palace — I’m just dumb founded that, what kind of sane person pray and praise God screaming out of their lungs Father God! Father God! and at the same time look the other way when countless number of Ethiopians incarcerated, tortured, beaten and gunned down, and choose to dine and wine with the very mass looters and mass murderes bloody hand Woyane criminals!!! Go figure!!!This idiot is everything, but far from real Christianity!!! He disgust me to the core!!!

      • HOPE ,

        you loser FUEDAL .do not pretend to like all ethnic groups .Your mask is now off .

        No one will be A BARIA at this century for You.


  4. Hope

    100% advice accepted, since our main foes r ….. TPLF clowns, Wonbede evils, Kehadi head hunters, and Tenbara Kembata. I sometimes get unconditionally mad @ emperor Menilik for freeing all the northern banda “TIT BITERS” numb nut dolts. They really deserve to be the slave of whitey. THX.

    • You are more than welcome, brother!!!
      As always, deaths and miseries to the mass-looters and mass-murderer Woyanes!

  5. So many Shintam donkeys suffering from depression, anxiety, and high blood pressure just because Ethiopia is changing for good. HMD is a genius Ethiopian leader. He has no experience of war and he has no patience. And as a result, he will punish your if you promote or act in violence.

    Shintam donkeys don’t want to see any great development in Ethiopia. However, ethiopia is in good hands and more development to come.

  6. Read meat

    A pull ups “SHINTAM” weyane chump acting as mad scientist! mixing up urinary Incontinence or involuntary urination with completely unrelated facts. In which these facts are nothing but related to bladder activity and meds…Boy! Boy! Boy! what type of a lying crook illiterate Geatata are u? A big head dyslexia TPLF troll? go back and play with ur toys, with other children without stealing there pull ups.

  7. HOPE

    May be his Prostate cancer is not caused by “SHINT” that will lead us to think, the probability of his prognosis by over consumed QULQAL, BELESE and the insertion of frequent Colonoscopy probes, digging out his constipated colon on every other day.

  8. Fake Oromo, bis-bis siga, bean-brain,
    Don’t flatter yourself!!! You are confusing bravery and hard-core criminal that have zero respect for precious human life!!!
    No one is shintam than the godless remorsless, heartless, cold-blooded mass looters and mass murderer Woyanes! You used to beg in a mass in every Ethiopian province. Then, instead of working hard and be self-sufficient as proud Afars, Amharas, Oromos, Gurages, Gambelans, and every Ethiopian ethnic group, you decided to loot hard working Ethiopians, rob the country blind, sell the country…, and you armed yourselves to your teeth and start killing Ethiopians indecrmently. Bravery and being armed to the teeth and slaughtering people have nothing in common, it is what organized bloodthirsty criminal mafia families do!!!

  9. HD is very much power intoxicated he does’t wrong and right. The tigre-woyane put him on leash and get him do whatever they want. He is a total embarrassment.

  10. Ager

    The problem is people like u r garbage and looking to buy a rubber Bussssy @wrong place. Let see u what u can come up with? a Fk’n single line and already complain? Please! Go back to ur pen….Stray piglets r waiting to play with u!

  11. like mentor , like protégé


    proud son of southern Ethiopia .Marginalized and belittle for long .TIME ALL ETHIOPIANS TO REACH THE HIGHEST LEVEL .

  12. why Toxic illiterate diaspora hate HMD

    -Because he is from south .They consider southerners as inferior
    -Because he is protestant .They consider being protestant is a crime


    Now Ethiopia belongs to all RELIGION , RACE , FAITH ,BACKGROUND , LOCATION .

    there is no anointed by GOD ” SIYUME EGZIABHER ”


    • And I’m sure you terriorst cancer leeches Tigray contributed to the world? What do you contribute? Hate, lying, terriorst, savagery, cannibalizer, looting? Tell us what? Delusional fool? I told you for the millions times you are not Ethiopian! Tplf stands for what? Ethiopian? It’s stand for Tigray (terriorst), People (parasites), Libration (Looting, lying, Leeches) Front! That’s who you are? Be acquainted with your damn self!


        your country is suffering .and yet you talk about Ethiopia 24/7.

        If I were you , I would focus on Eretrain issues .
        your evil intentions to make up for lost war has been known already .

        ERETRIAN pretending ETHIOPIAN .

      • BROOKE ,


        do not pretend to be Ethiopian .COME OUT AS THEY SAY .COME OUT AND SAY IT .



  13. Since you are incapable of discerning facts accurate information connecting dots for lack of basic nutrition in your brain I can’t help but to repeat myself a million times! I am well aware that you are die hard terriorst weyanne Tigray but never a hard working that’s not what you guys known for check your damn self! I am not pretending to be Ethiopian it’s the other way around! You can’t robbed me my citizenship? Like you robbed the whole country? You are not Ethiopian! You never was,never been it’s really oxymoron a separates a revisionist librations front claiming to be just that? Carefully notice your structures of misgoverning systems it’s anything but nationalists! You are occupiers temporarily that’s you know it so do we!

  14. Siting,talking and walking for a Prime minister of Ethiopia. Every president and Prime ministers of the countries are take training. Prime Minister, you are OK but some times you for get, every move and action you are making is taped for a long time in history with the History of Ethiopia. Every VIP is taking general training before they go to another country, they will be trained how to act in respect of their own country and the country they are visiting. Look stay up, We are watching you.It doesn’t matter if that country is important or big, their will be a read line you count pass when you make a communication, you representing 1M Ethiopians.

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