Opinion: Ethiopia’s Cruel Con Game

Women and children wait for care at an outpatient treatment center in Lerra village, Wolayta, Ethiopia, on June 10, 2008. (Jose Cendon/Bloomberg News)

By David Steinman

Forbes – In what could be an important test of the Trump Administration’s attitude toward foreign aid, the new United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, and UN aid chief Stephen O’Brien have called on the international community to give the Ethiopian government another $948 million to assist a reported 5.6 million people facing starvation.

Speaking in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, during the recent 28th Summit of the African Union, Guterres described Ethiopia as a “pillar of stability” in the tumultuous Horn of Africa, praised its government for an effective response to last year’s climate change-induced drought that left nearly 20 million people needing food assistance, and asked the world to show “total solidarity” with the regime.

Ethiopia is aflame with rebellions against its unpopular dictatorship, which tried to cover up the extent of last year’s famine. But even if the secretary general’s encouraging narrative were true, it still begs the question: Why, despite ever-increasing amounts of foreign support, can’t this nation of 100 million clever, enterprising people feed itself? Other resource-poor countries facing difficult environmental challenges manage to do so.

Two numbers tell the story in a nutshell:

1. The amount of American financial aid received by Ethiopia’s government since it took power: $30 billion.

2. The amount stolen by Ethiopia’s leaders since it took power: $30 billion.

The latter figure is based on the UN’s own 2015 report on Illicit Financial Outflows by a panel chaired by former South African President Thabo Mbeki and another from Global Financial Integrity, an American think tank. These document $2-3 billion—an amount roughly equaling Ethiopia’s annual foreign aid and investment—being drained from the country every year, mostly through over- and under-invoicing of imports and exports.

Ethiopia’s far-left economy is centrally controlled by a small ruling clique that has grown fantastically wealthy. Only they could be responsible for this enormous crime. In other words, the same Ethiopian leadership that’s begging the world for yet another billion for its hungry people is stealing several times that amount every year.

America and the rest of the international community have turned a blind eye to this theft of taxpayer money and the millions of lives destroyed in its wake, because they rely on Ethiopia’s government to provide local counterterror cooperation, especially with the fight against Al-Shabab in neighboring Somalia. But even there we’re being taken. Our chief aim in Somalia is to eliminate Al-Shabab. Our Ethiopian ally’s aim is twofold: Keep Somalia weak and divided so it can’t unite with disenfranchised fellow Somalis in Ethiopia’s adjoining, gas-rich Ogaden region; and skim as much foreign assistance as possible. No wonder we’re losing.

The Trump Administration has not evinced particular interest in democracy promotion, but much of Ethiopia’s and the region’s problems stem from Ethiopia’s lack of the accountability that only democracy confers. A more accountable Ethiopian government would be forced to implement policies designed to do more than protect its control of the corruption. It would have to free Ethiopia’s people to develop their own solutions to their challenges and end their foreign dependency. It would be compelled to make the fight on terror more effective by decreasing fraud, basing military promotions on merit instead of cronyism and ending the diversion of state resources to domestic repression. An accountable Ethiopian government would have to allow more relief to reach those who truly need it and reduce the waste of U.S. taxpayers’ generous funding. Representative, accountable government would diminish the Ogaden’s secessionist tendencies that drive Ethiopia’s counterproductive Somalia strategy.

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn attends the 28th African Union summit in Addis Ababa on January 30, 2017. (ZACHARIAS ABUBEKER/AFP/Getty Images)

But Ethiopia’s government believes it has America over a barrel and doesn’t have to be accountable to us or to its own people. Like Mr. Guterres, past U.S. presidents have been afraid to confront the regime, which even forced President Barack Obama into a humiliating public defense of its last stolen election. The result has been a vicious cycle of enablement, corruption, famine and terror.

Whether the Trump Administration will be willing to play the same game remains to be seen. The answer will serve as a signal to other foreign leaders who believe America is too craven to defend its money and moral values.


Mr. Steinman advises foreign democracy movements. He authored the novel “Money, Blood and Conscience” about Ethiopia’s secret genocide.


  1. Outstanding article based on facts. Indeed TPLF is a bunch uncivilized, lice infested thieves who stole $30 billions from our country. Stealing is in their DNA. There is no such thing as enough in their culture. They are trying to get out of their generational poverty at the expense of our people. Unless our people remove the cancerous poverty driven mercenaries from our country, there will be no growth. Different groups MUST set aside their differences and go after Woyane wonbede Shiftas. Hitting a wonbede Woyane on his disgusting , ugly forehead must be encouraged!!

  2. Outstanding article based on facts. TPLF is uncivilized, poverty driven mercenary group whose only existence is to steal and rob our people. The Shifta group stole more than $40 billion from our people. Unless we wipe out the cancerous Woyane from our country, there will not be development. Every responsible citizen has a duty to attack TPLF dogs wherever they are. They can’t live without begging, stealing, and snatching from others. Stealing is in their DNA. They are using the poor people of our country to improve their generational deprived sorry life . They have a cursed land that cotributes ZERO to our GDP. They leeches who survive by sucking the blood of our people. They must be eliminated by any means necessary!!

    • Damo, u r Eri but I don’t know why u r barking here like a toothless dog. I honestly don’t know why u r here pretending Ethiopian.

      • Everyone who opposed the Isis of Africa terriorst Tigray is accused of Eritrea isn’t not interesting? The irony is you terriorst are close allies for Eritrean? You were found by them, baptized by their ideology to hate Ethiopia, killed Ethiopian with them, landlocked the country with them, used like a donkey by Arabs and Eritrean now you turned around and accusing every Ethiopian who’s opposing you Eritreans? How fast did you forget? EPLF and TPLF doesn’t have much different as far as Ethiopian concerned! You filthy twisted heart cursed leeches cancer of Ethiopia scum of the scums Tigray get it together! Be acquainted with yourself!

    • ERE-SAWA DWARFS symptoms


      ERE-SAWA DWARFS pretend to be Ethiopians and comment about Ethiopia 24/7 .WOYANE …ed them big time .

  3. OMG! Unbelievable greed! Thank God for journalists with conscience that expose the inhumane organized criminal dictators!!! Hallelujah!!!
    “….1. The amount of American financial aid received by Ethiopia’s government since it took power: $30 billion.

    2. The amount stolen by Ethiopia’s leaders since it took power: $30 billion…”

    No matter how much the despicable Woyanes try to hide their unimaginable lootings and killings, it is impossible to hide the real truth!!!!

  4. What a wonderful and telling analysis of the grim reality happening in Ethiopia all these years! Famine and hunger are principal sources of revenue for woyane. For woyane, terrorism is used as its marketing strategy to sell itself as a trusted friend to the West while woyane itself is the sole terrorist to the 2nd largest populous nation of Africa, Ethiopia. Ethiopia can only stamp-out hunger , if woyane kisses good bye. Woyane is the carrier of vicious poverty, hunger and human suffering.

  5. “Why, despite ever-increasing amounts of foreign support, can’t this nation of 100 million clever, enterprising people feed itself? Other resource-poor countries facing difficult environmental challenges manage to do so.

    Need I say more? This what we have been waiting a foreigner to say? Why are they wasting there tax payers money on these incompetent idiots who come to beg again and again for quarter a century? Never ending excuse.

  6. nothing new said by this stupid ‘irog zinb,’ filth, I thought it was the usual Armariam who wrote this article, this is what they, the toxic diaspora and their lovers have been saying all along. New story, my foot! They are just starting a new campaign to see if they can be successful this time, pursuedubg the new US president to cut aid and tie with the Ethiopian government; an effort which is doomed to failure just from the outset.

    • Terriorst tegadelay Halfom your problem is not individuals , it’s accepting the truth! Does it matter if professor Al said it or someone else? It’s still The truth which you people detested because it’s uncovers the lies you’ve been known for get used to it there is more coming! It’s unbelievable how much you terriorst hate the truth! Be acquainted with yourself that you are phony puffed up with false ideology the world is not duped like you thought we’re? No scums , we know what time it is! Get it down plain and simple!

  7. Accusing people of robbery without any proof is below any level of journalistic integrity. $90 billion stolen? Hahahahaha what an asshole. It is fake news which has been perfected by many western journalists for some time. The writer is not only dense but pretends foolishly to know Ethiopia more than the natives. Maybe he is Eritrea’s hired gun. Anyway he has proofed himself how badly he is educated and is devoid of any logical interpretations. This kind of bere wolede stories nevertheless will be believed as truth by the toxic diaspora dishologists, parkologists and taxiologists.

    • Whenever the truth comes out weyannes and their robbery elite who live by stealing,cheating,lying will comes here and they defend their crimes as it was their right and integrity to do so because these individuals are born for these purpose only. It is in their DNA to beg for food and as the same time steal from others. But nature has it’s own way to deal with the, you know the fact is that most these weyannes LIVES UNTIL 55 years. Their living expectancy is very narrow despite high living standards that they live now and never hade when they were kids in that flees, lice infested parts of Ethiopia with constant Tapeworm inside their stomach and thousands flies roaming around their face and constant hunger drive them to be the Epicentre of FEMAIN AND STARVATION. No matter who they are now with their billion of stolen dollar,BEGGING always follow them UNTILL THEY DIE 45-50.

      • that why for that Rason we will never allow you to control or to become government again it good to see for sowing your true colure to every one

    • Daina aka Terhas,

      The above picture is a proof that Woyane swindlers are stealing aid money from our people. What about the millions of people that are leaving the country every year? Western and Asian banks are full of money stolen from our people by Seouym Mesfin’s and Abaye Tsehaye’s. It is also worth (including buildings in Addis and Melese) mentioning properties bought by stolen money in western counties: homes, Seven Elevens, gas stations and even parking lots Don’t tell us you got the money selling coffee from Tigray . The TPLF is a criminal organization and will be prosecuted for its crimes when the time comes. Our people can’t carry hungry parasites that suck the blood of others to survive.

    • Anchie Dedebe,
      This is just the tip of the iceberg! This writer only scratch the surface of the 26 years of horrendous bone chilling crimes of the ruling TPLF junta corruptions, inhumanities, money laundering and the unspeakable tortures and the massacres of the millions of innocent Ethiopians that need to be exposed, yet!!!
      It’s a given that you Woyanes along your attorneys that you pay $150,000.00 a month to, will be denying the facts vigorously, point your dirty blood socked fingers at the writer, at peaceful Ethiopians and continue your usual lies, manipulation, assassinations, and of course your looting no matter what!! That is what organized criminal families do — no shame, no guilt, no remorse, no regrets what is so ever!
      Sometimes there is judgment on earth — let us hope that you get yours in front of the 90 million Ethiopians you abused, incarserated, tortured, oppressed, muzzled, robbed and you massacred their children, parents, siblings, relatives, friends and neighbors for 26 horrific years!!!! The millions of innocent Ethiopians souls you slaughtered are coming to haunt you!!! What goes around comes around!!!! You have manipulated and taken advantages of the American taxpayers — let us hope, president Donald Trump and his team figure out the real you — corrupted bloodyhand criminals that you are and stop funneling American Taxpayers hard earned money into your account!!! The Susan Rice you manipulated is no longer at the State Department to lie and protect you!! Heeeeeeeee!!!

      • Ante evil despair, hopelessness,
        Just because the evil writer manufactured fantom robberies it doesn’t make it true unless they are people like you who want to hear only lies. Many genocides were manufactured by the toxic diaspora and time has revealed all to be lies. There are no killings nor genocide nor organized robbery by the government. You evil illiterates have been busy inventing such lies for the last two decades. If you love Ethiopia why don’t you talk about the miraculous progress the land made the last twenty years. Last year I have travelled from South to North and couldn’t believe my eyes. I couldn’t believe a country could change that much within two decades. Unlike you I judged what I saw and not what I was told to lie. Few examples: there was only one university before and now over twenty five, there was only one stadium now dozens are built in every province. Go to every city and see at how many roads and homes, railways are built. The country is electrified not to mention manufacturing, industries, mining and modern agriculture.This is not the work of people who are there only to kill and loot. What did you achieve instead? Nothing. You can’t even organize an opposition party. If cursing could kill you would have killed everyone by now. Ethiopia is a poor agrarian country and can not have more democratic government than they have one. If given chance you intolerant evils would have killed each other by fabricating every kind of lies. From what I saw the government is loved by many including the Amharas you call Hodams. I haven’t mentioned my ethnic whether I am hodam or Tigre or Oromo or Debub but somehow you prefer me to be your Orwellian nightmare Tigre. Unlike you I am proud to be from any ethnic in Ethiopia. That is why I have no problem if I see rich people in Ethiopia nor ask their ethnics. You evil people are the most racist people on earth. Even the KKK in the Deep South are less racist than you. In the end you will die cursing everyone with regrets that you have done nothing to better your lives.

          • There is NO government in our country. Gun welding wonbede Shiftas are running the show. Are the forty million Oromos and 35 million Amharas who been sytematically killed by Woyane killers who love the TPLF mercenaries? Go and preach that to another Woyane.

        • @Diana,

          In your crisscross visit and tour of Ethiopia last year, did you get any encounter to see those people in the picture from Wolayta? There is one prominent country in the world in this century where poverty is walking naked – that is Ethiopia. So does one tallest insatiable beggar a midst of the nations of the world – that is Woyane. You can buy a gold case, but where there is no gold init it can’t itself turn into gold. You could talk of here and there sloppy development projects designed as playing card for political games – but never able to deliver a meal to the hungry millions. It is only the woyane enjoying the feast out of the beggary and the loot. ለቀባሪው አረዱት ማለት እንደዚህ ነው። ከአገሪቱ እርቦ (25%) የሚሆን ህዝብ በእርሃብ እያለ፣ልማቱ ጡፏል ትይንለሽ ዲያን? ነዲያን የሆነ ወያኔ ለመደገፍ ነው ይሄ ሁሉ።

        • Diana, the elites r watching & reading. I can tell from ur writing that u r one of the elite people. The problem is there r many ignorant & donkeys who r full of hatred. I urge u not to be emotional & not take the donkeys’ comments personal. Nevertheless, keep on expressing what is right.

        • @Diana! Let’s assume your assertion is correct—“…. the evil writer manufactured fantom robberies…”. Would you tell me why you need the so called “ጥልቅ ተሃድሶ”? What’s “ሙስና”/corruption? How about the so called “ኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት” (rent-seeking)?—you guys mumble abou 24/7?

        • The love of the people enforcing the government to do reciprocal that’s declaring state of emergency and round up citizens throwing them to jails? Killings in masses? What love is gotta to do with this? If you’re married your husband shows his love by knocking your A$$ out ? Why are you people keep on ? lying? You are a product of cursed leeches cancer Tigray why do you lie?

    • Denial, denials, denial Tplf style but the world is not buying your lies anymore! Lying ?, stealing, savagery and killing is your second nature you can’t continue to do that some point you have to gave up! You are busted! Be acquainted with yourself looters!



        • I am a proud Ethiopian you are not! Tplf is not Ethiopian you never been Ethiopian why are you lying?

      • Shameless, guiltless delusional Dedeb Woyane! Lol! In your evil mind, everybody that talks and writes about your criminal actvites is a liar.
        Soulless Woyane!!! What else is new, other than the continuous 26 years of lies, manipulations, robbery, tortures and massacres!!! No matter how much you try to make yourselves as angels, the reality and the facts show that you are worse than the master of evil Lucifer himself!!! Your evil actions proved that you came to torture and kill so you can rob the country blind!!! Who in the world become multi millioniers and billionaires, in a matter of a few years after taking power of the poorest country in the world where millions of starving to death!!! What a whole bunch of molacha laeba shameless criminals!!!
        Unbelievable evilness and inhumanities — just pure Satanic behaviors!!! What a curse!!!

    • UN’s own 2015 report on Illicit Financial Outflows by a panel chaired by former South African President Thabo Mbeki and another from Global Financial Integrity, an American think tank.

      Are you conveniently forgetting this? Or not proof enough for you?

      You traveled from South to north & you saw miracles, right? What is the billion dollar we are begging for then? The article is saying 5% of the population is starving. May be you saw what you want to see.

      Just forget what the writer is saying because it became a norm to blame journalists everywhere these days, isn’t your miraculous government begging? Isn’t the central point the writer is making is why the country’s begging never ends?

    • And you dirt bags won a lottery to become overnight millionaires? You all trace back your wealth accumulation starts 1991 terriorst leeches Tigray tell us where did you get the money?

        • Not everyone lives for food or sold out their souls for the devil just to have your bottomless belly full? You lives for that, that’s as far as you can go food, not me . I’ve principles you don’t know what that means so I’ll leave you the hell alone.

    • The amount is $30 billion, not ninety, and the proof is in the UN, GFI and other reports. Perhaps you might read them before commenting.

  8. Fake and blatant lie at its best, plus political manipulation. You can’t make it better! Good job dude!

    • Ager aka Tegadalye Hailom

      For a thief stealing is like a job. It is normal thing. What ever you try to say the fact is that TPLF can’t survive without stealing. It started by robbing banks when it was in Dedebit pits. It perfected its trade when its members dumped their lice infested Tebuko and started wearing suits. Beyond the suits are bank robbers and Shifta killers. Our people know who you are!

      • Not talking to a totally misguided, die hard reality deneier! You can’t change reality by a lie and hate. It is big time some kind of psychological disorder some of you guys have. Really sorry for you brother.Get medical help and releaf from your misery! Good luck.

  9. @Diana, let the cry babies and lords of poverity for centuries cry. Like it or not Ethiopia is changing for good. There is no coming back. Yes, we have gone through hardship and hard times than may be experienced by few, but we will and are coming back strong than anyone with narrow mind racist of any color can imagine. You can trash Ethiopia, the way you want, but you cannot trash the spirit of a tested 3000 years old proud country with your small and big lies. Ethiopia will shame her enemies time and again. This time will not be different. You talk, we march to our destiny. You talk trash, China i marching to lead the world.

  10. We know enemies of Ethiopia never sleep. They come out of their hide when they see the slightest chance to pee on us. They try to make us week by dividing our people and deviding our government and the people. That is the name of the game. Foolish country men are the best tools to push their evil agenda. We know this game since the creation of the world. Ethiopia will prevail.

      • @Damo, fool. shut up. I am not talking to you. Don’t seek attention!
        It is usesless to talk to a brainless zombie hater. Your kinds are the zombies of the past still living among us.

          • The Truth aks Eritrean cooli,

            How come you insult Eritreans? It was only recently that you used to serve them as a loyal cooli. What about Berket Simon and Fasil Nahom, not to mention Sebhat Nega the Atela Woyane killer?

      • Shinto! He become Ethiopian before you even know about Ethiopia of course he/she is Ethiopian before your parents know the name Ethiopia. SHINTO! You just need attention and that is only for those some loosers diaspora like you otherwise you are irrelevant when it comes to the good citizens of Ethiopian.

        • You become Ethiopian when you’re looting the nation dry? You becomes Ethiopian when you starving the nation? You becomes Ethiopian when you’re landlocked her? You becomes Ethiopian when you looting, killings, transferring the nation wealth into terriorst Tigray rehabilitation coffers? You becomes Ethiopian when you are stealing and become overnight millionaires? You becomes Ethiopian when you are illegally occupied her? You becomes Ethiopian when you’re incorporating lands that doesn’t belong to you terriorst Tigray! Can anyone honest terriorst Tigray define what T.P.L.F means?

    • Who’s enemy of Ethiopian more than you Tigray lice infested cursed leeches cancer of Ethiopia? Sadistic evil souls?

        • You lice infested cursed loosing your insanity by keeps changing multiple nicknames by doing that I honestly don’t know what you trying to prove? Retarded! Wannabe Ethiopian desperately you don’t want to embrace your true identity that was terriorst twisted heart cursed cancer leeches Tigray that’s you!

  11. Ager aka Woyane sniper,

    Do you think I have an interest in talking to a sympathizer of the worst child and women killers that ever lived? There is NO government in Ethiopia. Of course, there are killer Shiftas who work for their fellow Shiftas. No one raised his hand and voted for Woyane wonbedes. You came through a barrel of a gun and you will be removed by the same means. Enjoy while you control the AK. Bridge blowers and bank robbers can’t qualify to form a government. Eternal salves of Eritreans!!!

    • Shinto! Yes, you have a big mouth full of garbage bUT the truth is that believe it or not you can’t even ahead an inch . Crying is your daily life of course it will be in your future .

  12. What a fake news! Congratulations to some extremist diaspora who love to see this kind of fake news.

  13. bb aka Tegadalye Berhane,

    I feel bad when I exchange insults with examplary Woyane donkey like you. You are defending child and women killer TPLF Shiftas. You don’t have the ability to differentiate between wrong and rights because you are blinded by stealing and robbing our people. Believe me, it is a matter of time before Woyane mercenaries are brought to justice. We will also prosecute minions like Hailemariam and Sheferaw. They are Hodams who are serving Woyane bandits! We don’t have a place for lice infested Woyane donkeys!

    • Shinto! I don’t have to respond to your opinions since you have hate inside of you and your family just to remind you that you are SHINTAM can’t do anything other than crying over twenty years, yes you will do the same while you are abroad and receiving government handouts it is your daily life tomorrow you will tell us you divorced from because of TPLF if you still are not divorced but I am sure you are by now since you have nothing to give to your family.

      • Little bb,
        Innsulting Ethiopians as SHINTAMS, doesn’t change the overwhelming lootings and the 26 years unspeakable bone chilling criminal records of the brutal TPLF regime. Even the super power of the world don’t deny the wikileak reports!!!!! The $60 billion dollars that has been robbed is in various banks around the world under the members of TPLF accounts!! Mark my words, you will be more exposed and humiliated in front of the world, sooner than you think!! God works in His own timetable!!! The blood, tears and sweat of Ethiopians won’t go in vain!!!

        • Shinto! እንዳንተ የምሳደብ ሰው አይደለሁም ሽንታሞች የምለው እንዳንተ አይነቱ ጥላቻ ያለው በወሬ ብቻ የሚኖሩ
          በዘር ላይ ያነጣጠረ በሽታ እንዳንተ ያላቸው ምቀኞች ክፋት ያለባቸው እንዳንተ አይነቱ
          እኛ ብቻ ነን የሚሉ እንደንተ አይነቱ
          ስራ የማይሰሩ በሚሰራ የሚቀኑ እንዳንተ አይነቱ
          ለውጥ ካላመጡ በሰው ለውጥ የሚቀኑ እንዳንተ
          ኑሮአቸውን በሰው ሀገር ሆነው መምራት አቅትዋቸው በራሳቸው ጥፋት በሰው የሚያሳብቡ
          እነዚህ ናቸው Shintam some extremist diaspora.

          አለዚያ ሁሉም ኢትዮጲያዊ የተከበረ ጀግና ክብሩን ጠብቆ የሚኖር ህዝብ ነው አሁንም ነገም ማንም ይምጣ ማንም ይሂድ ጀግና ህዝብ ነው

      • bb,

        Tell me one thing positive that comes out of wonbede Woyanes? What do you know other than begging, stealing, robbing and killing? Considering the place you came from, every thing you have done is expected. But we can’t tolerate any more. Once a Shifta always a Shifta.

      • Since you people conceived by hatred you shouldn’t expect anything else but hatre! Your hatred was out of control created 3 millions Amhara disappearing from the face of the world! According to the conservative estimates your census groups whom you assigned! Only God knows their where about and their accurate numbers! Is it not interesting and ironic you source of hate are accusing others ? Is it out of your love people disappearing? Rotten in rat and lice infested jail? Out off Your love starts discriminating people because of their ethnicity? Tell us who’s the true haters?

  14. These woyane trolls work their asses of to alter the facts on ground – everyone both at home and abroad including foreigners know that hunger and poverty are the most rampant in Ethiopia. What is even more frustrating and heartbreaking is the country will be left behind even in the coming decades. The woyane-tigre trolls are depicting rosy picture of the country citing their cooked up statistics and tell us flat out lies about the future. The recent UN report released by UNCTAD flagged that Ethiopia is among those very few countries of the world that are falling further behind the rest of the world in terms of economic development. Thus, unlike many least developed countries such as Djibouti and Bangladesh, Ethiopian will fail to graduate from poverty by 2025. Achieving the status of majority middle income country is a political rhetoric only used until TPLF fills up its coffer.

    • Shinto! ተናግረህ ሞተሀል ። የምትፈልገው አይነት ለውጥ ለማምጣት ማለትም የትምክህተኞች ስርአት
      1. ቁጭ ብሎ ከማውራት መታገል
      2. ቁጭ ብሎ ዌልፈር እየወሰዱ ከማውራት መታገል
      3. ፍርሀትን ማስወገድና መታገል
      4.ከሌላ ሰው ከመጠበቅ እራስህ መታገል መጀመር
      5.ከማልቀስ እንዳታለቅስ የሚያደርግህን መጀመር
      ግን ይህ ሁሉ አታደርግም ምክኒያቱም ሽንታም ነህ።

  15. Lie, deception, diversion, denial and distortion typical Woyane ‘tools’ to continue steal and rob our people. We know what Woyane is. It is time to discuss what measures to take to send back Dedebit mercenaries to their barrel land. They can not handle ‘Tegab’ very well.

  16. OMG, I remember when HIM Haile Selassie was accused of having amassed blns. of $ which was never proven. The looting front of Tigrai hold the record as the biggest thieves in Africa and in the World. Forbes magazine know, as to how much money despots and the legitimate businessmen have in their accounts, since they have been doing it the early twenties. Imagine as to what our poverty stricken country could do with this amount of money, GERD could be finished and much more, without asking the people to pay from their meager salary, what a heartless scums.


    1-TOXIC ILLITRATE DIASPORA —-who always talk negative about Ethiopia and get bad pictures of the emperor era from archive .They burn when they see progress .THEY ALWAYS TALK ABOUT “MEAT META , GUD META ”

    2-SAWA DWARFS ——–who try to compensate for their humiliating defeat AND state less ness .





    • We don’t talk negative about our country terriorst leeches Tigray, we talked your injustice delusional occupiers get it right! And you are not Ethiopian for millions times I told you! Let these registered into your thick head! You can’t handle the truth! You can not hide the truth! The truth will always speaks out no matter how much you terriorst Tigray leeches trying to twist them, hide them, distorted, contorted you can never hide them! Go back to Tigray live with your own cancer leeches riffraff family’s have some pride in yourself!

      • Shintam! መናገር መሳደብ ልማድህ ነው። ምን ዋጋ አለው
        1. ፈሪ ሽንታም ነህ
        2. ኑሮህን መምራት ያቃተህ ምቀኛ የመንግስት እጅ እያያህ የምትኖር በሰለጠነው አገር
        3.እናውቅሻለን እንደ አይነቱ ፅንፈኞች በሰለጠነው አገር እየኖራችሁ እንኮአን ለቤተሰባችሁ ልትሆኑ ለራሳችሁ አልሆናችሁም ጥገኞች።

        ሰበር ዜና
        1. ወያኔ የፅንፈኛውችን ባልና ሚስቶችን እያፋታ ስለሆነ ከተጠያቂነት እንደማያመልጥ ፅንፈኞች አስታውቁ። ፅንፈኞቹ ወያኔ በትዳራችን ላይ እየገባ ነው በማለት ወያኔን አስጠንቅቀዋል እርምጃም እንደሚወስዱ አስጠንቅቀዋል።

        2.ግንቦርት 7 ወያኔን ከአገር እያስወጣን አንድ ሀሙስ ስለቀረው ገንዘብ እንድታዋጡ ሲል አስታወቀ


        • Niftamu bean brain,
          You said:
          “1. ፈሪ ሽንታም ነህ
          2. ኑሮህን መምራት ያቃተህ ምቀኛ የመንግስት እጅ እያያህ የምትኖር በሰለጠነው አገር
          3.እናውቅሻለን እንደ አይነቱ ፅንፈኞች በሰለጠነው አገር እየኖራችሁ እንኮአን ለቤተሰባችሁ ልትሆኑ ለራሳችሁ አልሆናችሁም ጥገኞ…”

          No matter how gruesome the crimes of TPLF mafia, and the billions of dollars TPLF have been looting from the Ethiopian govt — You have been shamelessly supporting looters and mass murderers and denying the undeniable horrendous lootings and chilling crimes of your TPLF bosses!!!
          Obviously, you have no conscience to recognize your poor judgments and coldheartdness!!!

  18. why was it so easy to know Damo is an Eritrean? for one thing who else would know the place Damo and use it as his nick name not to mention the hateful words he is using comes from one who is in despair and pain. Watch out Ethiopians, only one or 2 people are using this forum with multiple nick names and commenting looking like as if they are Ethiopians. These people are sent from the desperate Eritrean regime to divide Ethiopians, It will not work! because we are smarter than that to be fooled by their wicked tricks. But we know unlike you Damo a scumbag useless, the vast majority of Eritreans are decent and peace loving, including the 157,000 men and women refugees who are living in Tigray/ Ethiopia

  19. Twenty-five years ago, Ethiopia was a jungle. When it came to infrastructure and economic development Ethiopia remained as a jungle. The Ethiopian government to fix Ethiopia and help Ethiopians, it has been hassling the world for business. Men and women with great dream to change their life, in the process helping the local population are entering Ethiopia, and becoming part of the positive change. In today’s Ethiopia ambition men and women from around the world are trying their luck for success. There are men and women from China, Middle East, Europe, and Africa trying to see what Ethiopia can offer them. On the same token, there are Ethiopian men of all the regions who believe that through hard work and ambitious dream, they too can make it big in Ethiopia. There are many millions in Ethiopia who are busy paying attention to their progress than chewing politics and fantasizing about Socrates and Romeo and Juliet. There are many million Ethiopians in search of peace and hope.
    For extremist based Ethiopians, their world view is about what Tigre might have taken from them? What Tigre has now that he didn’t have before? Isn’t it shame? That when your country men fight and argue day and night to wish you bad luck? Isn’t it angering when the highest educated men write such a cheap propaganda of division and hate. But this is the reality of western based Ethiopian intellectuals. Instead of investing on education, tech and business, these people invest in spreading hate against their fellow Ethiopians. Now the western based mega project of hate, is to rewrite the honorable history of Tigraians into apartheid. The extremist intellectuals have created blogs, ESAT, and Face book for this project. For this reason, all Tigraians and fair minded Ethiopians worldwide must be brave enough to investigate the back ground of the extremist intellectuals. Sometimes, the background of individual can tell you a lot about people behavior and personality. These highly educated Ethiopians who are now in the business of spreading hate might have always been from the privileged Ethiopians. This means, regardless of their ethnic group, they really don’t have anything common with the average Ethiopian in Ethiopia. The sad part is that these highly educated men are too old to change by observing other Diaspora communities. While America based extremist invest on hate, the Indian Diaspora community invest technology in India. India is now one of the tech powers of the world. Look at the comparison Ethiopian intellectuals are working hard to make Ethiopia as a hate power, and Diaspora Indians making India a tech power? Ethiopia must wake up and deal with these aging grumpy old men. They are possessed with hate and they have plenty of time to manufacture and cook hate to make it more delicious and beautiful.When we analyze the threat of the retired extremist Ethiopian intellectuals residing in the west, Ethiopians cannot underestimate the power of people who are sitting in their comfortable homes and spewing out poisonous politics day and night. One of their dangerous actions is spreading hate like they have been doing in the past. As you see these group of people have already lived their whole life, and their life expectancy is no more than 20 years, but in the next 20 years they can invest so much hate. For this reason, the young Ethiopian generations must be taught the real history not the Amara extermist terrorist group’s propaganda history.

  20. Mr. time
    Dr. Engineer Samuel Zemichael please keep it to your self.
    you are not a responsible citizen, you are just defending your interest.
    we have more evidence than you think.
    Time will tale!

  21. Nothing is more upsetting than the sworn enemies of my country terriorst Tigray sudo intellectuals just like you Dr. ENG. Samuel appear concerned for her wellbeing and trying hard to justifying all the injustices!

    I have citizen obligations duty to expose a phony clowns and confront the enemy within that’s terriorst Tigray just like you make it your missions for your existence in this world to destroy my country Ethiopia. Get it right Ethiopia does not have a government what we have is a terriorst organization Tigray who came to power through foreign negotiations with dictator Mengestu to surrender power to the Tigray apartheid system so he did. Period. If you don’t know what the duty of a government I’ll be kind enough to let you in on it! The first duty of government is the protection of life, it’s c citizens, not destruction , destabilizing the nation, lawlessness like terriorst Tigray does! Ethinc colonialism the implementation of various political, economic, and social policies to enable a state to maintain or extend its authority and control over other territories. So I would not call terriorst Tigray a government! In Ethiopia apartheid system the policy of strict ethincs segregation and political and economie discrimination against non-Tigray practiced. In Ethiopia absolutism
    the theory and exercise of complete and unrestricted power in misgoverned by terriorst Tigray that lacks the true meaning of government. For that reason we’ve state of emergency citizens resisting the apartheid system anarchy, corruption is rampant! No matter how much you twisted the facts Tplf Tigray is did not come for Ethiopia!

    • Shinto, why don’t you fight for your freedom then. You think you will accomplish what you wished for while writing twenty four hours seating in front of your computer. Keep up Shinto open your garbage mouth for life . Let me make you happy since you are board Here it is as follows :

      ሰበር ዜና
      ግንቦት 7 የጎንደርን ከተማ ተቆጣጠረ።
      ግንቦት 7 ወደ አዲስ አበባ እየተጠጋ ነው።
      I am sure you are happy now Shinto.

  22. You don’t have to be a scientist to prove that looting is going on in Ethiopia. Some 26 years ago a swarm of army with no shoes on but rags on their heads ‘invaded’ the middle of the country. After few months they seem to be starting amassing a lot of wealth without any hard work and eventually became milliners. Now they are counting in billions. Where in the world do you know they can amass this kind of fortune in a country where most people live off aid from other countries. It is not easy to become millioner in the richest countries let alone in countries like Ethiopia with out looting. TPLF wants us to believe the economy is improving but whose economy? The corrupt people’s economy or the ordinary people’s? This article doesn’t have anything new to say because people who witness it in their everyday lives know it and have spoken about it! Sure we need help to progress but not when a few take all the help that should be spent on the ordinary citizens that is meant to go to.

  23. I’m from Scotland but I’m very interested in Ethiopia. But there are a couple questions I have I can’t find any answers too. So I was hoping one of you could answer them for me please.

    If the TPLF/Woyane/EPDRF is so hated, how where they able to size power in the first place? Why did the other rebel groups keep fighting them? Was everyone so sick of 17 years of Mengistu’s bloodshed and genocide that your people just accepted any alternative? Plenty of other civil wars lasted beyond the fall of the dictator (Afghanistan, Somalia, DR Congo, Nicaragua, China). Did the Woyane start off as good and trick you with their lies? Most of the comments hear imply that you all hated them from day one.

    I get that the Woyane is supported by the people of Tigray province and its racially biased to them (not sure what % of Tigrayans support it though), I see a lot of support in comments for the late Emperor. So where did the Derg’s support come from? I often read this site and I have never seen anyone say nice things about Mengistu and the Derg. How did it cling on for 17 years, why did the army not frag them?

    Why was the Derg punished pretty lightly for its genocide? As far as i know none of the Derg where executed for what they had done (I think some members where killed in the war). Some even seem to of been RELEASED! I know Menguistu is still wanted, but if he was extradited would he be executed for what he did (would his widow be charged for the bullet like he did for those he killed?). Why has neither Ethiopia and Eritrea tried to have him assassinated in Zimbabwe? With 1-2 million dead that would make him the biggest killer alive today, especially of his own people.

  24. Hi Niall Love,

    I will try to answer your question if I can to the best of my knowledge.

    Your first question is: “if the weyanne Tplf is so hated, how where they are able to seized power in the first place?”

    I can certainly understand why You’ve to ask this question, a problem you have is been unaware how the world system structured affects one country in this case Ethiopia and African countries majority of the times ! Africa is not completely sovereign nations! the ill structure laid out strictly constrains one sovereign country to make decisions what’s best for it’s citizens not how western thinks fitting and serves their interests! That unbalance system of government which was existed during dictator Mengistu era is a good example to best understand this scenario! Derge came to power when a students protested for change it was healthy request any society showing their grievance of not accepting a direction where the country was heading that healthy quest was hijacked by Mengestu and co’s started massacring the youth and killed the revolution before it’s inception! Right Then on he has stablished his supremacy of dictatorship structured a position he maintained by blood-bath slaughtering innocent citizens indiscriminately! he was supported by Russia fully armed until his fall. Derge is a collective of evil men cold blood killers no doubt ! I don’t know how many people they have killed but the number is shocking! At that time There were a few rebel groups propping up mushrooming here and there but died gradually only the separatist mainly EPLF, Tplf strength because they were clever enough to affiliated supporters from every direction because their quest was not nationalist but to disintegrate the country that idea was highly encouraged and appreciated by supported by Arabs poured out oil money to fuel our dismiss cause they don’t want a Christian nation controlled Nile river and Red Sea it’s a threat for their existence! The western supporting these separatist EPLF and Tplf completely short sighted for their long term fighting against terriorst they created much more complex situations to combat and constraining because now the country Ethiopia is unstable! Any way back to what I started which leads the separatist progressing there was a need to have one consensus one strong and formidable challenging the dictator Mengestu that gave them to a reasons to eliminate nationalist rebellious Ehapa, Edu etc.. by separatist EPLF and tplf alliance forces that sets them apart the two does not have much different ideologically again they are clever enough to deceive everyone to make us believe that they have our best in interest in reality they are working hard to disintegration of the nation Ethiopia! EPLF and Tplf only formidable contender appear challenging the dictator who’s capable of taking over (replacing) the Derge dictator uncontested and gives them the only voices . EPLF and Tplf found help from Arabs sworn enemies of Ethiopia and the western countries their struggles was supported by financial and military armaments. Derge brutality created isolation within Ethiopian society even though fighting the separatist was a right quest his slaughtering civilians citizens did not buy him a voice of crying out to save the country while he himself killing citizens indiscriminately that further completely shattered people’s support. At last He was left to his own demise! As usual dictator listens only themselves he was unknowingly ignorantly paved the way for his speedy demises and departure by killing Generals on the war front guarding the country from vultures such as Tplf and EPLF the military started deserting him and for separatist such as EPLF and TPLF progressed in unimaginable pace fast enough that leads to western negotiations to surrender power!

    Your contrast with other countries such as Congo and Nicaragua , Somalia, is not the accurate assessment no country is similar each is complex in its own way! But your judgment is right where you said, ” Did the weyanne started off good and tricked you with their lies? ” yes, they did! They are good at that! They are the master of deceivers, cunning that did works for them! They still do lie!

    Other questions you asked,” what percentage of Weyanne supported by Tigrays? ” Hard to put it in numbers but without a doubt by far majority Tigrays supporters weyanne! Weyannes social fabric is Tigray and their trustees found within Tigray! They have benefits economically immensely within such a short time millionaires status! In addition to their economic status rampant illegal activities looting they participated torturing, tormenting, massacring, genocide and ethnic cleansing this puts the country on the verge of bloodshed a time bomb waiting to explode anytime!

    At last your question about, ” why did Derge punished pretty lightly?”
    The answer to that’s pretty simple Derge a collective of evils dictatorship replaced by one separatist ethnic dictatorship we didn’t have any judicial system to administer appropriate punishment as needed!

    Sorry for spelling, grammar errors I used my iPhone to write this on my coffee break!

  25. The Numb Nuts fake TIGRE DR from trump academy, how much u pay for it? keep trump more richer.

    I don’t know about ur maths but, i suggest u to take entry level English @ community collage.

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