Ethiopia: Finnish University cancels plan to give honorary degree to Hailemariam Desalegn

Prime Minister of Ethiopia Hailemariam Desalegn attends the 28th African Union summit in Addis Ababa on January 30, 2017. (ZACHARIAS ABUBEKER/AFP/Getty Images)

Tampere University of Finland has cancelled its well publicized plan to give honorary doctorate degree to Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. Asked the reason for the withdrawal, the university said the prime minister can not come in May. But many say, the university is trying to save face after a major outrage online and reaction on social media by Ethiopians in diaspora. Just last week, a prominent Ethiopian scholar, Alemyahu G Mariam, wrote a scathing letter arguing against the university’s plan to confer an honorary degree upon Hailemariam Desalegn.

Below is a google translation of original article posted in Swedish

Tampere University was about to appoint Ethiopia’s controversial prime minister an honorary doctorate by the university in May. The press release on the appointment has yet been removed from the network, and the president of the university says there will be no appointment – as the prime minister can not come.

Yle News was contacted by an Ethiopian journalist in exile in Finland was very upset at Tampere University of Technology figured appoint Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn an honorary doctorate by the University. Desalegn are former students of the University, and an honorary doctorate is the highest recognition a university can give a person.

Ethiopia declared a state of emergency in October last year after several months of anti-government protests. The two largest ethnic groups in the country, Oromo and Amhara, feel they are oppressed by the regime, which mainly belong to minority ethnic team Tigre.

Prime Minister Desalegns governing coalition EPRDF has 500 of Parliament’s 547 seats, the rest is held by his allies.

Hundreds were killed and tens of thousands were imprisoned during the protests, according to several human rights organizations.
“An insult to all Africans”

Muluken Tesfaw fled to Finland from Ethiopia in May last year. He ran an opposition newspaper in the capital Addis Ababa and was afraid for his life in what Ethiopia has been under Prime Minister Desalegn.

“As Ethiopians who actively follow the events in Ethiopia, it feels like an insult that they plan to honor the leader of a brutal undemocratic regime. Not just an insult against me, but against all Africans, and especially all Ethiopians, “writes journalist Muluken Tesfaw.

“To honor the Ethiopian Prime Minister means supporting the killing of more than a thousand Ethiopians in the regions of Amhara and Oromia by the regime’s security forces brutality. It means that you accept the imprisonment and torturing of more than 30 000 people of the nations Amhara and Oromo. That you think it’s okay that the state is controlled by the military during the state of emergency regime has declared. That you do not care about the millions of Ethiopians leave the country for fear of torture and imprisonment, “he continues.

Also including Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam from California State University have expressed their dismay over the plans to honor Desalegn with an honorary doctorate.
Headmaster: We can not appoint him if he is not in place

The only press release on the appointment of the university site was dated September 20, 2016, but had been removed. There are still remaining in the Internet cache.
Screenshot showing that hailemariam desalegn will be appointed honorary doctor
Screenshot of the press release that has been removed from the university’s website. Image: Yle
We have been contacted by Ethiopians who are upset about your plans to honor Hailemariam Desalegn with an honorary doctorate. You still have removed the press release about it from your web pages. What is the position with the appointment?

– We will not appoint him, says Rector Mika Hannula by telephone.

Why not?

– He told us a week ago that he can not come, and we can not appoint him if he is not in place.

Were there other reasons?

– We can not appoint him if he’s not here.

What were the reasons that you were going to appoint him in the first place?

– He is a renowned academics who have done commendable work in water technology.

Why have you removed the press release about the appointment?

– I can not say anything about it. I do not know.


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  5. “If you look at it [Ethiopia] from an economic stand point, I think Ethiopia is one of the countries that has become the quint essential embodiment of the Africa rising narrative,” Julians Amboko, research analyst at Stratlink Africa from CNBC Africa.

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  9. From Ras Thomas & Ethiopian Patriots Association in America.

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    We know why the Finnish university is doing this contradictory actions. It was not request from our Prim Minister but it was their own declaration to offer this so called honorary degree. and again they said they changed their mind. So, what is that conflicting news. the answer is: It is not about Hailemariam of Ethiopian inernal politics , but it is about why Ethiopia has fruitful relationship with China. The West Europe and America has huge trade relationship with China, but ironical they don’t want to see Africa has any relationship with great China. the is secret of this game.

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  13. Shame to the Finish university to cancel the honorary degree. Those who campaigned against the Prime Minister are known Amhara tribalists whose main existence is writing letter to anyone who is stupid enough to read their tribalist complaints. They are against the Tigreans no matter how hard they worked and build the country. Now they are showing their racism toward the Prime Minister because he is from different tribe from the South. The coward Finish University has collaborated with those racist tribalists by condoning their action. We all has to write to this disgustingly coward university our dismay and disgust to their giving in to blackmail and racism.

    • @African,

      Please recognize tribalism is an only incurable disease to the Tigre People Liberation Front , not the rest of Ethiopian either at home or those who fled their motherland due the brutal tribal thug. Tribal affiliation is not the parameter against which patriotic Ethiopians value the contribution of a leader. Had this been the criteria the deceased crime minster Meles Zenawi would have won Noble peace prize. Why would any one honest Ethiopian campaign against Hailemraim if he really really deserves or earns it out of him providing great public services, running democratic and transparent government, allowed citizens enjoy peace and decent living without fear of arrest, discrimination due to their ethnicity, religion and political ideology. Unfortunately, Hailemariam is none of these, he himself is not free/he is enslaved, he is an instrument of destruction and a collaborator in crime with the TPLF. It is shameful this kind of sold out pretends to represent the proud Ethiopian tribe of Wolayta ;and Wolayta are very unhappy to see him doing the dirty job of the tigre-woyane. They are hurt by what he has been doing. It does not need one to being or speak an Amharic, Oromigna, Sidamgna, Guragegna to bring the crime records of this condom so-called “pm” to the knowledge of Tampre university Administration, the whole world knows. Of course, it is also very ethical to say something when sorely unethical issue such as this happening.

      • A great leader unite it’s citizens, but Woyanes have been demonizing Amharas for decades to divide, rule loot and massacre innocent Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia!! It would be a great shame and damaging to any democratic country’s history to give awards to inhumane dictators!

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