Ethiopia Launches Online Entry Visa Application and Issuance


In a new national initiative to transform and grow the tourism sector in Ethiopia, the country’s immigration agency has launched an online visa application and issuance system for eligible citizens of some 37 countries mostly from Europe, North America and East Asia. Citizens of Kenya and Djibouti can enter Ethiopia with out visas as they are exempt from visa requirement.

Citizens of the 37 eligible countries can securely fill out entry visa application online and upon approval will receive an email which they can show on arrival in Ethiopia to get the visa stamped on their passports.

Regarding the new service Group CEO Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Tewolde GebreMariam remarked, “Ethiopia, the oldest independent civilization in Africa and one of the oldest in the world, is endowed with historical places, natural beauty, colourful and diverse cultural activities and various endemic wild animals which are of great interest to international tourists. However; we have not made best use of these natural resources to attract large number of tourists. To this effect, this project is part of a new national initiative to transform the tourism sector in the country. The full commencement of the Online Visa application and issuance system will promote tourism, trade and investment to the country. It will save time, energy and cost for travelers to Ethiopia in addition to the simplicity and convenience that it facilitates. With direct flights to/from more than 95 destinations from all corners of the world operated by the most modern airplanes, we will continue to make travel to Ethiopia, dependable, easy, convenient and affordable. I will take this opportunity to thank our IT team and our colleagues at the Main Department for Immigration & Nationality Affairs for the commendable collaboration and the job well done.”

The list of eligible countries for the online visa program are: Argentina, Australia, Austria,Belgium,Brazil,Canada,Czech Republic,Denmark,Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait,Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and China.

Kenya and Djibouti are exempted from visa requirement


  1. to me no visa requirement is the best way… anyhow i just waiting what that idiot hope and broooooooook going to say …

    by the way visa is not master visa card or America express card …. i hope u dont think to apply for free visa card online at Ethiopian embassy site…

    • ethioash le petit agamido,

      Ethiopia most-worsened fragile state: the 2017 Global Peace Index listed Ethiopia among the bottom five countries. Ethiopia is a failed state.

      The U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) updates its advice to citizens against travel in certain parts of Ethiopia.
      The office advise citizens against travelling to within 10 km of the border with Eritrea, areas off the principal roads/towns within 10 km of the borders with Sudan and Kenya.
      It also advises citizens against travelling to areas in North Gondar, Jijiga town in the Somali region and three districts in Gambella that border with the Sudan.
      “There is a threat of kidnapping in Ethiopia’s Somali region, particularly in the eastern areas to which the FCO advise against all travel. The Ethiopia-Eritrea border remains closed. Several security incidents have taken place along the border. The risk of cross-border tensions remains. There is a threat of kidnapping along the border,” the office said.
      The U.K., U.S. and other countries advise their citizens against travel to Ethiopia after deadly protests against the regime in 2015 and 2016 left hundreds dead and tens of thousands detained. A government sponsored commission and international rights watchdogs concluded that at least 700 peaceful protesters died from gunshot wound as regime security forces indiscriminately shoot at protesters.
      Around 20,000 British nationals visit Ethiopia every year, according to the FCO.
      Ethiopia most-worsened fragile state: Index reveals
      ESAT News (June 9, 2017)
      The annual Fragile States Index (FSI) compiled by the Fund for Peace revealed that Ethiopia has become the most-worsened fragile country over the past year owing to economic disparities, poor access to internet and communications as well as failing health infrastructure, among others.
      “Ethiopia’s overall Fragile States Index (FSI) score has been incrementally worsening over the past decade, moving from 95.3 in 2007, to a score of 101.1 in this year’s 2017 index, with Ethiopia — along with Mexico — being the most-worsened country over the past year,” the 2017 Fragile States Index (FSI).
      The Index ranked Ethiopia 15th, with South Sudan being the 1st and Denmark, the least fragile at 178th.
      Among the key reasons for the worsening score in the Index was the complete control of the country’s resources, economy and military by the oligarchy.
      “Tigray elites are perceived to still hold significant political power within the essentially one-party state. Military leadership has also been dominated by Tigrayans, which makes perceptions of Tigray influence within the state apparatus all the more unpalatable to populations that feel increasingly excluded,” the Index noted.
      “The highly centralized nature of the EPRDF means that the nine ethno-linguistic regions of Ethiopia have limited power and resources for provision of public services. The military also plays an active role in reinforcing the centralized development agenda – with much of the county’s development driven via the military-controlled conglomerate Metals, Engineering Corporation (METEC),” the report said.
      The Index pointed out that the gap and growing disparities in public services between the urban areas such as Addis Ababa and rural areas – where 81% of the population still live, the country’s failing public services score due to poor access to internet and communications, as well as limited improvements in water and sanitation facilities within the county, failing health infrastructure with just 0.02 doctors per 1,000 people within the populous country, were also mentioned in the Index as reasons for the poor score.
      As a 2016 report by Dutch think tank Clingendael surmised, this increases risks of “corruption, nepotism and inefficient resource allocation,” all of which can increase the disconnect between development and rural populations, the FSI noted.
      Last week the 2017 Global Peace Index listed Ethiopia among the bottom five countries that have become less peaceful. The report ranked Ethiopia 134th out the 161 countries included in the study.

      • LASTA, ante Shintam donkey. Go pee in your pants. You can’t argue with the heroes of Oromo. If Oromo had the chance to get power, kitkitihin besanje nebere ante Ahiya.

        • Red Donkey Meat, ወያኔ ትግሬ ነፍስ ገዳይ የ ኢትዮጵያ ጠላት

          According to Abebaw, you need to see a psychiatrist ASAP, you have a brain deficiency:

          Abebaw wrote:

          “Red Donkey Meat የእንግዴ ልጅ : I wonder about your brain size. You probably have 1-digit brain size. You have an inferior IQ even to a parrot. You are victim of inferiority complex – there is no cures for that knock yourself with a wall. “

      • ato last,

        u missing the point we r not after USA AND uk TROSIST … they come to Gondar to see rock… if they don’t come they only one who harmed by it is those fara Gondree why do u think the Golden race care… the visa online system r open for the Chinese and the African business traveller who r in business of developing mama Africa no joker … homeless backpacker travel who make fun of us by taking poor people photo and telling the whole world how Ethiopia is pooooooooooooor…no we r not after them we r after China … now I am not talking those Chinese coming to Ethiopia no no they r flying all over Africa they transit in ADDIS ABABAB to go to the finial African destination… we want is to make them stay 48 hours to go out and visit Ethiopia ….

        UK AND USA warning their citizen to get the hell out of Ethiopia is leaked Ethiopia might start march to Assmara soon because ISISIS AWARKI support to Qatar the CIA might order the Ethiopian to take out the leader don’t take my word … tell ur family to get the hell out of Eritrea

    • ethoTrash,
      Stand infront of a mirror and take a good look at what a real moron, idiot looks like. More than anybody, you, the late little nanana and Red Rotten Donkey Meat have absolutely no room to call anybody idiot!! Intelligence and brutal mass looters and massmurderer dictators have nothing in common with intellectual capacity, judgment, reasoning, understanding and remorse…, but extreme moral wickedness!!!!

    • TigAsh
      A product of prostitut you mom was spreading her legs in Sudan and Eritrea now you want to practice the same things in Ethiopia? Hell no you will not! Wait until you suckers becomes independent like you said you would in your manifesto scums!

  2. Abebech, DOMA, Finfinie Sefere , LASTA better get visa to Ethiopia before it runs out. For Brook, no visa for Shabia.

    • Red Meat, on the other news Addis is building multiple automated smart parking systems, so i don’t think it is a good advice for the toxic park attendantes of DC to go to Ethiopia. No jobs for these idiots plus Ethiopia needs more jobs for own local smart youth.We are happy and fine with the parking attendants of DC to continue trolling from where they are.

    • they think we r talking about master card visa they thing they have no credit score to apply … this people r idiot … they think u need visa card to enter Ethiopia … tell them Ethiopian drop currency we r using digital currency no more cash allowed… this people work under the table they never had bank in USA u cant blame them .. for misunderstanding visa for master card

  3. In a country where there is no in internet service and if it exists all, serves few mercenary thugs, the announcement is nothing but a public relations stunt. It is another another scheme by Woyane Tigre thugs to scam hard currency from foreigners. The thugs run out of hard currency to by Ak47 and are desperate to try get it. No one wants to go to a killing field where children and women are being killed by uncivilized Woyane Tigre thugs.

  4. There is a visa requirement to enter Ethiopia? Why? To prevent thousands of foreigners who enter and never leave? Fools let anyone who has a passport from certain countries, grant visa on arrival like most countries do.

    • Newera

      is that what I just said no visa requirement … dear Newera let me ask u one question why did posted Dubai airport on this blog r they try to cheat us .. we all know Ethiopia airport doesn’t look like that … it look like bus terminal but the picture I see above look like Singapore airport … since u traveling to Ethiopia several time pls tell us if this picture is fake or for real it is Addis Ababa Airport … I know for sure u will never answer this simple question so I will ask HOPE, BOROK OR THAT IDIOT DOMA HEAD to tell me if this picture is for sure Addis Ababa airport … even NY airport doesn’t match this above photo … so someone pls tell me I will not accept Redmeat answer he is might even lie and say it is ADDIS ABABA SO I am depending on your answer I am dying to know if mama Ethiopia is progressing

  5. “Ethiopia the oldest independent and one of the oldest nation in the world”, said the Eritrean born Tewolde Gebremariam. Another embryonic retarded Tigre who doesn’t know how to act, and weather he is in or out with the good Ole LEBA-TIGRES faggs money laundering scam? criticize Ethiopians and diaspora one day and invite the same people the next day with out visa. I wish the first ISIS shows off at the air port blows up UR fat AZZ. He is probably at the verge of loosing his mind and, soon he start acting like the used car sales man weirdo Donny Trumph……It was beautiful….very very beautiful…all beautiful..It was the most beautiful …left and right all beautiful..I was beautiful….she was beautiful…..YO ALL! beautiful…It was the most beautiful putting me-at-ease ever….we R winning…..left and right…up and down….east and west…here and there…we r winning ….i told u so we R winning…we winning…like we never won before ….I told u so we R winning…winning… believe me it is true..true..true..we R winning and winning and more winning…

  6. First, this is not something of value to talk about it. Second, time to time foreigners are advised not to travel to Ethiopia ,yet TTPLF is talking the opposite. A conscious foreigner will not set his feet to Ethiopia and visit historical sites while million Ethiopians are fleeing and many perished in desert sand and high see. The rustic ones like the Chinese would go on foot and vulture no need to set www. visa service.

  7. No Visa requirement, but still it has to be paid. Other Countries one can do it on arrival. If this is to attract more tourists I think it will not make any difference because, the Tourist is looking for Security, Peace and Internet.
    Also they have yet to say if this applies to Ethiopia Born Diaspora.

  8. “Kenya and Djibouti are exempted from visa requirement”
    Are Ethiopians exempt from visa requirements to go to Kenya and Djibouti???

    • Hope,

      Forget the visa exempt for Ethiopians entering into Kenya, they can’t even enter from one TPLF ክልል to another ክልል. ታድለሽ ሞኝት ንጉሥ ትመርቂ አሉ፣ አገሪቱ ገና መንግሥት አላት እና የጃርት መናኸሪያ ኦና ናት እኮ።

      • Worse than foreign enemies!! Brainwashed their entire lives to hate and destroy Ethiopia/ns. The country my great grandmother and millions of Ethiopians bled and died for, now it has become a playground for homegrown organized criminals and corrupted money hungry foreigners!! Maddening!!

          • May God bless the souls of our patriot ancestors (those like your grandfather) who bequeathed us the glorious history of independence and pride. Generation after generation will tell and celebrate their heroism, because they handed down pride for eternity and a story to share with. What story would the tigre banda thugs will pass to their children, children’s’ children, etc? May be, they sold out Ethiopian’s sovereignty gifts of lands to Sudan, ports to Eritrea, displacing Ethiopians and settling Chinese, building Babylonian walls across the entire nation, feeding agazi army pigs while there is no point to have army as there is no coast or sovereignty they will defend other than guarding the Arat kilo tigre thug’s tent. They will leave all B**S history behind them. I could not find ONE one single thing to talk of good accomplishments of TPLF.

          • Amen. There is no question that my great grandfather and the millions of Ethiopians that have sacrificed their lives to save their motherland from foreign invaders, are rolling over in their graves.
            The other day I read a story of a 24 year old with a long sheet criminal history, that has been stealing and hijacking cars since he was12 years old. He said that, that is all he knew his entire life of 24 years. His father and uncles are in gangs and dealing drugs. Most of his family members have served time in prison and some are still locked up in prison for armed robbery, murder and drugs.
            This is similar to the history of the brainwashed T-TPLF and their staunch supporters like Ancient Somali, Dera, ethioash, Red Meat, and the likes that have grown up with extreme hatred, racism and growing up witnessing bank robbery, jaw dropping crimes like beating up, torturing, burning people alive and cutting off breasts and genitals of innocent Ethiopians with no remorse what is so ever. These are the type of people 90 million Ethiopians are under. The staunch supporters of T-TPLF, see nothing wrong with TPLF extreme power abuse, robbery, evicting and killing Ethiopians and selling and giving away Ethiopians land, starving women and
            children to their death.

    • Are Ethiopians exempt from visa requirements to go to Kenya and Djibouti???

      the answer is yes u dont need visa to enter djibouti and kenya.. this is long standing policy… predating TPLF

  9. To Lasta
    To Hope
    To Brook
    To addis ababa sefere
    To Damo,
    To Newera,
    and To Abebaw

    which one of u r honest and answer my question .. where is this airport? the above photo is Addis Ababa airport… it look like Singapore airport or Dubai Airport …it look like highly modernized Airport so i am just wondering if it is an Ethiopian airport .. now i know out of 7 anti Ethiopian at least who is honest guy let see…

    • Why only bragging about economic growth and airport, here are the richest tplf members:
      The 10 Richest Ethiopians in 2013

      Mohammed Al Amoudi – Controls gold mines and massive tracts of fertile lands that were handed to him by Meles Zenawi, after their owners were kicked out and displaced. Estimated net worth: $10 billion.
      Azeb Mesfin – Widow of the late dictator Meles Zenawi, commonly known as the “mother of corruption,” has ownership interests in many of the biggest companies in Ethiopia. Estimated net worth: $4 billion.
      Berhane Gebrekiristos – The closest and most trust friend of Meles and Azeb; launders their loot out of the country. Estimated net worth: $2 billion.
      Sebhat Nega – His fortune has been declining after he was kicked out of the TPLF politburo and the Endowment Fund for the Relief of Tigray (EFFORT) by Meles and Azeb; he is currently rebounding. Estimated net worth $2 billion.
      Seyoum Mesfin – Current Ethiopian ambassador to China, former foreign affairs minister, used his chairmanship of Ethiopian Airlines and diplomatic status to smuggle illegal drugs between Africa and Asia; he is perhaps the biggest drug trader in Africa. Estimated net worth: $1.8 billion.
      Samuel Tafesse – One of Azeb Mesfin’s business partners; their relationship has gone sour over the past couple of years, negatively affecting his construction business. Estimated net worth: $1.6 billion.
      Abay Teshay – A senior member of the ruling party, has blind partnerships with many of the big companies in Ethiopia. Net worth: $1.5 billion
      Omer Ali Shifaw – Owner of Nejat International, whose wealth has been declining after TPLF started to compete with his coffee exporting business. Estimated net worth: $500 million
      Eyob Mamo – CEO and Chairman of Capitol Petroleum Group, Washington DC. Estimated worth: $500 million.
      Suhura Ismail Khan – She has become the biggest khat trader in East Africa by establishing partnerships with TPLF officials and forging a close friendship with the late dictator Meles Zenawi. The TPLF-occupied Ethiopian embassies around the world are her main khat export routes to the Diaspora.
      Estimated net worth: $200 million.

      • Hope
        “Why only bragging about economic growth and airport, ” thank you for answering my question ..

        about Mohammed Al Amoudi and Azeb Mesfin only buda count other people money… what benefit would u get if Azeb Mesfin become homeless and poor does that help the poor… as of now because she is ten billion richer she run mega industry and hire 100,000 Ethiopia but if she stay in poverty how in hell would she help those 100,000 workers to get a job ….

        u said Mohammed Al Amoudi kicked out original owner of the land … my question is how much money those original owner of the land make per years … Al Amoudi pay tax in 100 million birr this money can be used to develop those area 300,000 workers work for al Amoudi those people need school for their children since they have money now they can afford to pay when we build school all the community benefit from one man economy activity otherwise how in hell would u develop the nation if u say … let the original land owner stay.. how in hell would u build Nile dam or known as Melse hydro dam how in hell would u build that if one man refused to move …. beside the govt. own the land no body own the land in Ethiopia so if the govt. say move u have to move it is not your land it is govt. land

        • ethioAsh,
          My dear, you don’t make sense!!! Lol! Reread my Today 11:54 AM comment that describe brainwashed Woyane Nazis like yourself!! Your brain is fried like ISIS terrorists that believe terrorizing, slashing throats, blowing up, gunning down, mowing down innocent people and children is Godly! Peace-loving Ethiopians want peace, freedom and security to raise their children in their own motherland. Robbing and starving women and children, and getting multimillionaires and billionaires is nothing to be proud of — it is high crime!!!
          You have “0” understanding how corruption works and how much Ethiopia is in billion dollars debt. Have you heard of a bridge to nowhere and roads to nowhere?
          You exhibit your heartlesness and Narrow mindedness daily.
          FYI: There is nothing good about BRUTAL DICTATORSHIP that deny human rights, loot the country blind, starving women and children to death, chasing out people from their homes and land, stealing, selling and giving away Ethiopia’s land to Tigrians and foreigners, torturing, incarcerating, beating up, blowing up, burning people alive, and massacring innocent Ethiopians!!! Modern Airports, railroads, roads don’t bring back the millions of Ethiopiansome you have slaughtered, nor does it heal the broken hearts and grief-stricken Ethiopian parents and children that have lost their parents at the hands of the most evildemented Agazi Army!!

          • Hope,

            pls tell me what benefit would u get if queen Azab become poor and only have 3000 birr per month what would u benefit

            let the benefit

          • hope.

            i was waiting for ur answer as u can see u have no answer ..

            i will ask u one more time what would u benefited if Mohammed Al Amoudi become homeless and dirt poor

            u have no answer… so let me tell u the breaking news

            do u know an one Ethiopian taxi driver, started the London fire..and do u know that ,Ethiopian government already apologized … for the pain this Ethiopian caused… .his name is Behailu Kebede, and he is a taxi driver… I don’t know I embarrassed he started a fire or he is a typical taxi driver like every other Ethiopian … this man too drunk to notice his house was on fire… wasting time knocking everyone house instead of calling 999 ….

            I am worried for his safety… so Ethiopian govt must offer him safe passage to return to Ethiopia and allow him to drive taxi in Addis Ababa

            this guy love beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer I don’t know how he driver taxi sober

          • Ethioash,
            I’m sorry! Sometimes, you make my jaw drop! So many Ethiopians have tried to help you to think critically and logically, but so far, it seems you are getting worse by every minute. You are a prime example of the people that are ruling our beloved motherland! So sad!

            Unbelievable! When I heard the news that the London fire started in an Ethiopian apartment, right away, I knew heartless, shameless Woyanes like yourself would use it to demonize Ethiopians. It is reported that the residence have been complaining about faulty electronic fires, and that they have testified that they have been complaining that smoke and sparks have been coming out from their appliances for years. It was an avoidable, neglected tragedy waiting to happen — it just happened that the fire started in an Ethiopian apartment. It is the fault of the local govt, the building and electrical inspectors. This is another proof how much you despise Ethiopians. HE DID NOT START THE FIRE DELIBERATELY TO HURT INNOCENT PEOPLE. THE T-TPLF REGME NEVER APOLOGIZED WHEN YOU BURN PEOPLE ALIVE, CRUSHED POOR PEOPLE WITH CITY GARBAGE, TORTURE AND SLAUGHTER MILLIONS OF INNOCENT ETHIOPIANS INTENTIONALY — WHY APPLOGIZE FOR THIS FIRE THAT WAS NOT INTENTIONALLY STARTED????? OF COURSE, IT IS AN APPOLOGY TO CRIMINALIZE INNOCENT ETHIOPIAN, FROM THE VERY T-TPLF REGIME THAT HAVE BEEN COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY FOR 26 YEARS????SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

          • dear HOPE,

            U didnt say the same thing about Dr. Tedros Adhanom,
            yes few innocent Ethiopian would be collateral damage…the idea is to show those domestic enemy it take only one Ethiopian to mess it up for everyone…

            as i said the Ethiopian taxi driver to drunk to released his house was on fire yes he will not tell u what he was doing he will blame it one faulty wiring but i know 98% use the stove to fire coal fire for making coffee… and most Ethiopian disarm the smoke alarm since this guy to drunk to begin with he might be sleep while the house on fire the truth will come out in the main time we should ask Ethiopian govt. to ask forgiveness for the lose of life and demand to take this Ethiopian guy to Ethiopia for his safety… i saw the hanger of LONDONER if they know this guy started it because he was to drunk to notice the house was on fire or wasted time knocking other people house instead of calling fire … everything will change i am not saying this is what happened but fact might change and the police might find out what happened at that time it would be to late … in fact Ethiopian government must issue Travel warring ,,,,

            The Department of foreign affair SHOULD warns ET. citizens of the risks of travel to UK due to the potential for civil unrest and arbitrary detention since London fire that started by an Ethiopian taxi driver who to drunk to notice his house was in fire …

          • Did the T-TPLF apologize for those individuals torched and burnt in South Africa by the xenophobia or those butchered by ISIS if it is doing something it is uncalled for?

          • old time Abebaw,

            u cant have it both way …those in South Africa rejected Ethiopian citizenship and even deny TPLF as govt. and embraced AGE77 as their saver … now why in hell u think Ethiopian govt. help them would u help ur enemy to survived and kill u an other day.?

            do u remember how they received Activist Tamagne Beyene and insulted the golden race… as far as i am concerened let ATB (Activist Tamagne Beyene) he is the one who took their money…

            for Ethiopian govt in fact for any government to help u u must be registered at Ethiopian embassy as soon as u landed in South Africa..did anyone of them registered if not they forfeited their right… anything after this done based on mercy not because they deserve it…

            even look at u u are asking for Ethiopian govt. help but u r insulting them in the same time what the F r u try to say TTPLF

            ANY how this is a great lesson for any Ethiopian to not F with the golden race if u disrespect the Ethiopian law or break the Ethiopian law then u taking risk … this message goes to those Ethiopian illegal living in Israel…those who have nothing to do with AGE77 then they should be register in Ethiopian embassy asap otherwise u r in your own…

            look what Ethiopian govt. doing in Saudi case they r doing great job did they got any thanks no … but this is a lesson for all..dont break Ethiopian law.. even those Ethiopian in Saudi have no grateful they breaking everything they looting the office try to help them… if it me.. i would only allowed the women to return all the men must pay all the damage ,,, if the damage is 100.000 dollar i will charge them ten million dollar fine and punishment how we going to collect this money easy… and if we have 100,000 men registered to return then each of them pay 100 dollar fine to pay for the looting …. now anyone who give tip who did the looting will pay zero…

          • Ash,

            First, T-TPLF has no legitimate power to deny citizenship of any one Ethiopian. It can neither confer upon nor revoke Ethiopians their citizenship wherever they are. Ethiopianism is in their blood, sealed on their face and lifestyle. So, it is natural. We know what T-TPLF said about those killed in Libya. It took days for T-TPLF to admit that they were Ethiopians while the world knew that fact -which TPLF has no power to do anything or take revenge against the criminals. Yet, it was begging the west in their name/terrorism to fill up its coffer. It was an embarrassment when Egypt took a revenge hunting down the evils those killed its Orthodox Christian Martyrs the next day and airlifting to those other Ethiopian survivors. Anyway, nobody even cares give s**t to T-TPLF’s passport. It is no better than Kebele ration card. That is how much it is valued in the eyes of foreign governments because they know the fact that Ethiopians have no government and the reason they leave their country.

            But what I am pointing here is not for the T-TPLF to get involved at all in the lives of Ethiopian citizens which itself has been the bitter push factor for them to take exile abroad. It is uncalled for and for it has been doing a botched work. How embarrassing is this for a dictator whose citizens lost their lives in hundreds in the tsunami of garbage mountain collapse at Addis Ababa and did not take any responsibility for that crime but now come out to apologize for the deaths due to the unfortunate fire incidence at the sky rise in London. The incidence was heartbreaking, yet it could have been avoided.

            I am puzzled by the depth of ignorance some people like you have to pick up and attribute individual’s life encounter to an entire social group. Life is a bag of mixed dice- today you hear pleasant news tomorrow tragic ones. But losing moral conscience day after day irrecoverably is the worst of all – it is tragic. I can see how you blind folded yourself with a thick dark piece of cloth from the world but only to appreciate all the wrongdoings of T-TPLF being filled up with hate against others. Your looking glass is tainted with this ethnic crap stuff and shouting golden this golden that now and then in hollow. You better treat and cure yourself from such an illusion just to be a worthy human-being, not in from but truly in moral/character content.

          • Abebaw,
            Well said! But it is a waste of time to convince with truth, or put commonsense in the minds of badly brainwashed hatefilled shameless racist individuals like ethioa$$ and the fake Somali Ethiopian. It is unbelievable how thrilled the bloodyhand mass looters and massmurderer Woyanes are that this unfortunate devastating fire started in an Ethiopian apt. — by faulty refrigerator. I cannot say enough that T-TPLF are worse than foreign enemies! Their deep rooted hate is beyond the scale!!

          • newerror

            dont start a statement

            I’m not a racist, but.

            “I’m not a sexist, but I don’t feel women deserve equal pay ”

            dont start a statement with Trust me, this is the last warring not to trust u

            dont start a statement with Why is everything about tribe

            who is talking about tribe.. i said the guy who started the fire was an Ethiopian .. do i know he is Amhara or Tigray which i dont even care all i care is he may be an Ethiopian illegal immigrant and driving taxi.. did not i told u that 98% Ethiopian drive taxi or work in parking lot anyhow the guy burn the building down so i ask the Ethiopian govt. to apologized for those who died to their family and even willing to pay kassa
            and take away this poor Ethiopian because if everyone knows he started the fire they will have no mercy on him.. so it is better for him to go to Ethiopia and drive taxi there what is the difference… now tell me where did u see hate or tribe

            and i ask every one to tell Ethiopian not to use coal fire to make coffee otherwise this will not be the last fire that an Ethiopian started..

          • @ethioash
            I was brought up in that area (west London), I kno this Amhara lady who actually lost two friends in that building, the person who started the fire was an Ethiopian.

            Most people who lived there were mainly poor migrants people from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, North Africans and others black Africans.

          • As usual, you two hateful racist Woyanes couldn’t wait to point your blood socked fingers at Ethiopians. And yet, you find every excuse for T-TPLF’s inexcusable horrendous unspeakable crimes on innocent Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia!!!

          • MY dearest and my beloved HOPE,

            this is how i feel when u guys inciting evil in my mama house… u guys rejoices when my mama house burn to ground this is how i feel ….yes there are few innocent collateral damage… in my book there is no innocent people those innocent people where were they when u guys burning down my mama house encouraging revoultion and anarchy because the Arab pay to start the Arab spring in Ethiopia u shouted down down TPLF just like the Arab uprising do… the same slogan that is given to u by the Egypt.. and Eritrean now u try to tell me to have mercy on you… u must be joking .. every illegal immigrant from LONDON must be deported anyone who have no smoke alarm must be held criminally responsible

  10. ሁሉም የኢትዮጵያ ጎረቤቶች ቪዛ ነፃ መሆን አለበት።
    እንደ አፍሪካ ህብረት መቀመጫነታችን ደግሞ ሁሉም የአፍሪካ ዜጋ የመዳረሻ ቪዛ ሊሰጠው ይገባል!!!

  11. dear Ancient Somali

    u might know London but i know Amhara i can read them like book the guy who burn down the house love drinking beer there are a lot of photo of him drinking beer … the chance of him drinking that night is high because any normal person if his house burn down he will call 999 fire instead of wasting his time knocking everyone house how many house would he manage to knock.. and save life every few if he had called fire 999 he would have saved the whole lot of people fire ever second count but this taxi driver wasted time knocking door ….this guy might not be the smartest guy but 98% disarming the smoke alarm because the coffee smoke might sound the alarm so they disarming the smoke alarm and the story goes this guy might be to drunk to watch the coal fire he started to make coffee Ethiopian traditional drunk… this guy and many Ethiopian who lived in that area might be for Gondar who never lived in apartment before and cultural shock…

    now what is the next step … to me it is very simple Ethiopian govt… must apologized for the family who lost family member and willing to pay kassa that is start … second this illegal tax driver life would be at risk so TPLF GOVT. must offer to take him back .. give him taxi permit to drive in ADDIS ABABA

    3RD .. Ethiopian govt. also must offer to mayor of London that Ethiopian govt. willing to take all illegal immigrant back to Ethiopia before the people rise against them LONDON cant afford to live like this by importing poverty ..they should stop poverty coming to their county . u said that area is poor area why in hell this area is poor the simple answer is illegal immigrant … UK exit from Eu TO stop importing poverty .. what is the point ..keeping this poor Ethiopian they should be send back

    • ethioTrash,
      You have zero credibility to talk about others!!
      There is a huage difference between unintentional human error and intentionally locking innocent people and setting them on fire, pushing women and children intentionally in the ditch, crushed poor people with tons of garbage and looting billions of dollars and look the other way while millions of Ethiopian women and children die from starvation.

      • hope

        talking to u is waste what is the benefit of LONDON importing poverty .. why in hell they exit EU to stop poverty so is they keep on taking poverty then what is the point..

        all illegal immigrant from Ethiopia must send back…no mercy they broken rule … now the start burning their house what is next.. how we know the guy did not start the fire purposely… there is no knowing his intention that is what happened to the British they invited the Arab refugee the Arab refugee start killing them so this must be stopped . as i said Ethiopian govt. should offer to take back all illegal immigrant what is the problem going back to mama Ethiopia and work and develop your own country instead of living in poverty in LONDON just to say i live in LONDON.. WHAT A WASTE

    • @ethioash

      Actually it was a faulty fridge which started the fire, I wouldn’t blame the Ethiopia guy, the problem was this cheep cladding the housing association installed which rapidly spread of fire so in 15 minutes the entire Grenfell Tower was in fire and it happen worse time when the entire people were at sleep.

      Also this Ethiopian guy with faulty fridge was a taxi driver lol.

      • yes my beloved Ancient

        the fire started from faulty fridge but the fridge was full of beer the guy was drinking all the beer before he run out of the house while the house burning he was drinking all the beer because he doesnt want to lose the beer to the fire

      • my beloved Newera

        u r making my point… if u burn down ur own house then that is what happened to u when u go to Saudi as refugee instead of living in Ethiopia as owner … okay once u r in Saudi why in hell u incite evil in your own mother house .. it is not a place where u going to be running for when things did not work out.. u guy forget this and as soon as u reach Arab country or western country u try to incite revoultion to turn ur own country to… u r so idiot to fail to understand that i am fighting for mama Ethiopia peace and law …i dont want mama Ethiopia to turn in to Somalia and Syria and those who r in London and Arab country have home to return too..

        u and that idiot old time Abebaw he talk about South Africa, xenophobia would Ethiopian burn alive had they not gone to South Africa.. the question is why they went to South Africa the simplest reason is economy so it is not easy to develop mama Ethiopia and make it better then South Africa economy and all Ethiopian can earn a living in Ethiopia instead of encouraging them to burn down investment and insulting investor for investing and hiring u do everything in your power to make life hell in Ethiopia and u force those poor Ethiopian to go to Arab country and when they got killed u post their picture and u make fun of them … i know u will say it is to long for u to read and make fun of my writing to defend those who r killed and raped in foreign land … i wish my hand from ur sin…u do what ever u think u want do but i wish my hand from the sin that u try to commit .. if u dont like those poor killed in Arab start how in hell would that help removing TPLF and creating more anarchy and more people go to Arab counties to be more victim…

        that is why i am saying Ethiopian govt. should fight people like u without mercy…

        Ethiopian govt. should announce this is the last time that he will help any Ethiopian to return any Ethiopian go to Arab country illegally he is in his own no more mercy..

        those who protest in West and Israel also must put in notice.. no more mercy u have to start registering in Ethiopian embassy no registration u forfeiting your right to be Ethiopian citizen .. u must apply again to become Ethiopian citizen that might take u five year and u going to stay in camp just like Eritrean refugee until ur application approved

        have a nice day… i blood boil when i read idiot people

        • No no no, stop your mambo jambo. If someone says members of your tribe are murderers and thiefs just based on what Argai and Hadush did, is it fair? Clearly based on their names they sound from your tribe. They are also convicted not a rumor like the London tower fire Ethiopian guy. If one say people from your tribe are savages who kill their own country man for money after reading the article, is that fair?

          • Newerror,

            ask yourself ato Behailu Kebede,the taxi driver who started the fire why did he went to LONDON

            ask yourself why Argai and Hadush … went to Saudi Arabia..

            in both case they might have their own reason.. political or economy.. but my point is if u remove Ethiopian govt. or start revoultion more Argai and Hadush will go to Saudi Arabia where is i come in i am try to stop more Argai and Hadush from going to Saudi Arabia or LONDON … if we work hard in Ethiopia we can make it… but people like u advicing Argai and Hadush and fara Gondree like Behailu to burn down their own industry and insult investor for what to end up in Arab street and killed by Arab is that what u want… u can spin it any way u like .. i will wish my hand from the sin u r trying to commit…

          • You see even in your non understandable answer shows your bigotry clearly. Even if it so hard to understand what you are trying to say, I get the gist that all your comments are driven by bigtory, ignorance, backwardness and narrow mindness (may be these are redundant). You don’t say anything about the convicted savages who sound are from your tribe but you already decided the London Ethiopian is guilty and fara. Argai & Hadush would have also commit the crime had they stayed in Ethiopia since their motivation was money. They didn’t change to murderers and robbers because they changed their geographic location. Don’t make this political, answer directly a direct question. If someone said all people from your tribe are murderes and robbers after reading the article, is that someone correct? The point is there are bad people from all tribes, don’t salivate when you hear bad news which you think is committed by a member of tribes you don’t like.

        • @ethioash

          Why don’t you tell woyana to leave Ethiopia altogether because as far as we’re all concerned woyana is the reason why these Ethiopians are fleeing in the first place.

  12. breaking news:=

    Ethiopian govt. announced two day mourning the dead and to give the Londoner well deserved apology form Ethiopian govt. we the Govt. of Ethiopia sorry for what one Ethiopian taxi driver burn down the whole apartment …we the Ethiopian govt.. take full responsibility for pain and suffering those illegal Ethiopians brought up on u. and we the Ethiopian govt willing to take all illegal immigrant back home to save u farther pain and suffering enough is enough …we will never know why this Ethiopian started the fire but one thing is for sure we will take him back so he will never start another fire

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