State Department Warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Ethiopia

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Source: U.S. Department of State

The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Ethiopia due to the potential for civil unrest and arbitrary detention. There continue to be reports of unrest, particularly in the Gondar region and Bahir Dar in Amhara State, and parts of Oromia State. This replaces the Travel Warning of June 13, 2017.

The Government of Ethiopia has demonstrated its ability and willingness to restrict or shut down internet, cellular data, and phone services, impeding the U.S. Embassy’s ability to communicate with U.S. citizens in Ethiopia and limiting the Embassy’s ability to provide consular services. Additionally, the Government of Ethiopia does not inform the U.S. Embassy of detentions or arrests of U.S. citizens in Ethiopia.

Avoid demonstrations and large gatherings, continuously assess your surroundings, and evaluate your personal level of safety. Be aware  that the government may use force and live fire in response to demonstrations, and that even gatherings intended to be peaceful can be met with a violent response or turn violent without warning. U.S. citizens in Ethiopia should monitor their security situation and have contingency plans in place in case you need to depart suddenly.

Given the unpredictable security situation, U.S. citizens in Ethiopia should have alternate communication plans in place, and let family and friends know that communication may be limited while you are in Ethiopia.  The Department of State strongly advises U.S. citizens to register your mobile number with the U.S. Embassy to receive security information via text or SMS, in addition to enrolling in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

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  1. Here we go again. No more hard currency flowing to the offer of Woyane bandits. Slowly but surly one of the worst mass murderers in our country’s history are dying before our eyes. In a month or so a nation wide sit at home protest will take place signaling the end of Woyane Tigre barbarians. Twenty six years of looting, rapping, killing will come to an end.

  2. “U.S. citizens in Ethiopia should monitor their security situation and have contingency plans in place in case you need to depart suddenly.”

    Yet their last president said Ethiopia is a democracy, was it last year? Politics is funny, these western countries, they warn their citizens but citizens of dictators they support rule can go to hell.

  3. Americans have a habit of abandoning their allies, they did to Mohamed Side Barr, mengistu, Ali Abdullah Saleh, hosni mubarak etc, so it won’t be long before woyana is naked and roasted like chickens.

    Ps I kno that clown (hope) is gonna give me a thumbs down because he’s a coward like woyana.

    • Ante brainwashed religious fanatic, this is what you said to Damo about Ethiopia:
      {Ancient Somali
      “Somalia is heaven compared to that cursed land of Ethiopia…”}

      Why don’t you pack your bag and go back to your kind of heaven –Somalia!!!
      As the former US Ambassador to Ethiopia said, US is in the business of economic interest, not in the business of human rights! Ethiopians have to unite and get rid of the inhumane homegrown T-TPLF terrorists!! Unfortunately, because of religious fanatics and tribalists, the future of Ethiopia is in dire situation!!

      • @Hope
        Before I do that I need to put a rope around the necks of your Neftegna families and hang them upside down.

        • That is without saying, coming from brainwashed hatefilled racist desensitized individuals like your kinds, that hang and dicapitate innocent people and expect to go to heaven to meet 72 vergins!! Pathetic!!!

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          • @Hope

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  4. They ask their people to flee the mess, but they created and nurtured the mess upon us. We lost our historical sovereignty, territorial and cultural integrity and help to bring upon us all crappy racial, religious, etc etc bigots. Now, Ethiopia is busy cleaning the mess. Let’s focus cleaning the dirt and forget the noise.

    • I am waiting to hear what the forged Oromo has to say on the top. As we all know his comments so far have have been a sheer humbug. I highly doubt he will comment on topics like this. I guess we have to wait for a fake economic news from the TPLF to read what he doodles. Have you noticed how fast he springs out of his chair when he reads fake news about his organization?

      • do you people wonder why only 4 or 5 people regularly participate in discussion (more like making racist insults), at a free and popular site like nazret and its not like there are other sites where Ethiopians express and debate their opinions,,,so Newera do you blame Obama for making that outrageous remark..i hope you get what I am trying to say…

  5. Thank God. The terrorist regime end is near.Twenty six years of looting, rapping, killing will come to an end.

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