Ethiopia: Agazi forces kill 10 in Ambo, Oromia state

Demonstrations began popping up in Ethiopia in November 2015 in the Oromia region, which surrounds the capital, due to a government plan to expand the boundaries of Addis Ababa (AFP Photo/Lea-Lisa Westerhoff) – Eye witnesses from the town of Ambo in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, told several news media that government forces fired live bullets at demonstrators killing at least ten people.  According to a resident cited by the Associated Press, the killings occurred around midday on Thursday and several residents reported hearing gun shots since the morning.

The local head of communications, Gadisa Desalenge, told VOA that the federal and special elite “Agazi” forces, who were deployed to the area early Thursday, were responsible for the deaths. Desalenge also told VOA that some of the protesters, “infuriated by the killings,” set several trucks on fire.

The latest protest — which follows on more than a year of deadly protests in the region between November 2015 and December 2016 — was triggered by recent shortages of sugar. According to AFP, protesters blocked the town’s main road after a rumor spread that trucks passing through were carrying scarce sugar, on orders of the government, destined to an area of the town seen as loyal to the government.

U.S. embassy in Ethiopia said the following about the killings in Ambo.

በከተማዋ ስኳር እንዳይዘዋወር መንገዶች እንዲህ ተዘግተዋል
Roads blocked in Ambo
Credit BBC Amharic

Ambo is a hot spot for anti-government demonstrations. Such displays of public dissent earned the town a reputation as the bastion of opposition in a country where political demonstrations are often dealt with brutal force.

Ambo, known as home of Ethiopia’s famous mineral water, is located just 74 miles west of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.  Oromia region, where Ambo is located,  has been at the forefront of the protest movement that initially began over a federal government proposal to expand the capital’s boundaries, which the Oromos feared would lead to them losing their land.  Just last year nearly 700 people were killed in one bout of unrest.


  1. some of us misread what the embassy saying

    the embassy saying is very clear… what they saying is Ethiopia or Ambo need a peaceful protest and both side must have conflict resolution otherwise death and violence will take their place

    let unpack what the embassy saying

    question were the protest was peaceful

    to get ur answer pls watch the first photo where the fed police standing look at him he is surrounded by stone thrown by the protester in stead of being Monday morning quarterback///// tell us what would u have done if u where in that poor fed police and hooligan throw stone avalanche

    even the government shipping sugar to their region that they think government friendly the protester have no right to block the road to prevent the sugar reach pro government area….

    how do u like it if pro government block Ambo from getting any food saying u r anti government …if u think the government doing is unfair there is what the embassy saying come in Conflict resolution

    this means the government and anti government must solve their conflict peacefully without settling to valance


    the protester must avoid hate speech look what the call Fed police Agazi that is derogatory name calling how the protester like it if the Fed. police refer them as G…


    as the picture tell a 1000 word … why in hell this protester killed 10.000 tree to block the road be sdied i dont think the wood even preventing the track pass over it… the question is why kill all those tree


    this hooligan for sure they dont have job to go to that is why they have unlimited protest when this protest going to stop … how much economy damage this people going to cause us if they do their protest every other day..


    if this protester claim TPLF is evil and murder then why in hell mother and father send their children out on the street for protest for sure Domahead, hope , Ababaw and Shewar and MJ99 will never send their children out on the street what is the responsibility of the mother and the father … rule number one protect yourself at all time .. why this mother think the Fed police is responsible for her children safety…

    the fed. police there to protect the law and order .. not to protect people life .. or property .. every thing come next after our national interest… our national interest is to keep the law and order

    if we lost law and order because Fed. police did not do their job then 100,999 people will die and 20 million become a refugee … it is in American best interest to keep Ethiopia peaceful … the American have a lot in their plate they should not even encourage this so called protester …


    my advice to America is fix what u broken in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan before u adding Ethiopia to ur plate .. dont speak double talk…u have to say it loud and clear or dont say it at all… Ethiopia is 3rd world u should not expect 1st world policing and politics if u throw ur hand in horror because ten people died just imagine how many people would have died if the government collapsed


    if the fed police as this people try to make them to be …. if fed. police really want to kill they could have killed 100 people per minute that mean one fed. police can kill 1000 people per ten minute … even so no body want to see even one life lost ten is very low number ….its confirming that the police show a lot of restraint with all those provocation

    • Ashebarew Shifta Hagos,

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      Down down Woyane!

      • Damo, the doma brain! Why r u cursing the Agame guy? He is just telling what was said & what it is. It’s rare people like Damo who r slaves of Isayas can handle the yoke of Woyane. Yes, Tigrai is Agame & Agame is Tigrai. The spirit of Woyane is in Tigreans. Woyane is victor!! Don’t forget ur master Isayas is 100% Agame. Sooner or later he will kick your ass. Gabito!! I know u respect ur x-masters-the Italians.

        • The lie,

          The Woyane scumbags! Cursing you is the least one can do. You know what happens to murderers. You criminal Woyane bandits have no shame when you spew your trash to defend one of the worst mass murderers on planet earth. My best advice for you is to get out of our territory while you still carry your Ak47. As the time goes, your ending will be very ugly.

          Haven’t you heard Woyane sleeper sells in Ilubabor and other Oromo area are being chased out? Go back your barrel land. You contaminate our beautiful land!

          • You narrow minded guy useless fo nothing.Any stupid and poor minded persons always think that green areas are rich in any aspect but the truth is sometimes the opposite. Good example are Arab countries where most of your family and neibours are always dreaming to go and work in arid areas of Arabs to work the least and hated works. You are narrow minded and illitrate person. Do you have little knowledge to understand the history of Ethiopia. The north part of Ethiopia was battle area with invaders and the rulers of Ethiopia always order the people to fight invadeders mostly use Messowa and Aseb as a loop hole to come to Tigrai’s province and use the forest as their most energy to feed their soldgers. The same is true for our people.This is the main reasons how the forest was reduced to zero. Thanks to the hard workers of Tigri prople , now adays the cover of forest reached beyound your expectation. Try to understand that people can controle nature if they are born to do what they want to do. I am certain that you have no skill and moral to hold your naturally giffted and transfer to the next generation.

    • Ethioash-

      You just gave out eight reasons why you are so dumb. They’re protesting because they finally want to get rid off these killing animals once and for all. Woyane is so disrespected and disliked there’s no more rubbing the people of oromos and Amharas, gambella….. You have misjudge and mistreated the people’s kindness to weakness for so long. Now you are starting to feel their strength when they come together. This’s the end of the road for woyane.

      The last thing America needs is a destabilized EAST Africa. They are dealing with ISIS in West Africa, they do not want that to spread to East Africa as well. Soon Enough America will stand with the people of Ethiopia forcing woyane out of power.. We’re starting to see that with statements coming out of the Embassy lately. THEY PUT YOU IN POWER AND THEY WILL TAKE YOU OUT WHEN THE TIME COMES. The time is here and now!

      • biya,

        i consider u more smarter then Ato Domahead who is recovering in hospital…

        u said

        {{{{ They’re protesting because they finally want to get rid off these killing animals once and for all. Woyane is so disrespected and disliked there’s no more rubbing the people of oromos and Amharas, gambella…..}}}}

        i agree with u the people r fed up and they want change … my question is how much life it going to cost them … to get the change they need…

        Syria revolution started with dance in the street everyone was happy and singing but look what they end up …. revolution is very attractive it have strong pull .. it attract u … because people romancing revolution for almost 400 years… the slave romancing revolution who doesnt want revolution and set himself free from the slave master … the problem is those slave burn down the sugar farm and refinery to harm the slave master and to get free once they win no body want to work in sugar farm because if they r free man why in hell they going to work like slave so the economy suffer and die in famine…. u can read about all the revolution nine out of ten end up the worst condition that the were before …

        the list is long if freedom is everything then why did not Africa developed after colonization over for almost 70 years.. why did not Eritrea end up singpooor… add to this list Cuba and any counties that got their freedom with revolution…

        when Ambo destroyed the institute of governing even if they win their freedom they would not be free because they will end up like Somalia fighting each other … the funny thing is Amba doesnt even have port they r in circle double triple land locked … u might think they will join force with Amhara that is like mixing water and oil ..if the Ambo make concession to Amhara who have zero power and want total domination who even doesnt respect their few right they got under TPLF why not make concession with TPLF AND live a happier life…

        i know u r an Amhara u would not like this u want the Ambo to die for u and make u free… all in all if the Ambo die for u … it is not my problem my problem is how many people do u think u going to lose to gain your freedom try to get it out… no more lie … tell us the number let the number speak…

    • ethioash

      This is too much. People are being murdered and somebody is reciting theories. Your disease has gone to its climax. I will never know whom you are trying to cheat.

      Ok what we see is on the photo is a fully armed soldier with all sorts of armament including what they call a sniper automatic rifle. Is that a Fed. Police? We all know who is who…I was trying to go no. by no. but that is too much.
      They could have killed… this much… It is very retarded. You cannot even call it wrong, it is simply idiotic

      Your ignorance is nauseating. The very idea of enslaving oppressing exploiting then killing is wrong and should be denounced.

      As for you, you already developed the mentality and personality of a fascist. The power a country has is to protect and serve the citizen not to enslave and kill them.

      oh dear, I am not here to teach a stupid person sincerity, but show him his insanity.


    • Please Brother don’t defend the undefendable
      People protest In every country of the world ?. But there is proportion response. No an armed person should die just because of the fact that they went out and protested
      You complain of people in the diaspora sitting confertably and fanning the flame of destruction what do you think you are doing when you say you are the golden race and demean the rest of the country
      I’m not saying your people haven’t paid a huge price to for autonomy it shouldn’t be for total hegemony like this.
      The truth is what Agazi is doing is from the mouth of the OPDO-EPDRF politicians from Ambo itself is “wrong” please brother nobody should die for any reason I repeat any reason at all
      When you justify such losses of life what would that make you brother??
      How would you feel it was one of your young kin who is just in a high-school or college and just idealistic and wants to protest and this happens?
      The TPLF-EPDRF should make amends with the people. Allow oromia to make its own decisions and to administrate itself. As Well as all other 80 ethnicities and leave power or at least share federal power with others.
      But what do I know…

  2. So, it’s been a bit over a year since the latest unrest begun in Oromia. I think it’s fair to ask what the government has done within that time to address the grievances of the populace. The best action the government can point to is the cosmetic shuffling of toothless regional stooges. And that is nothing worth applauding since it actually highlights the fact that the so called federalism is a hoax. What the government has been consistent on is using brute force to suppress unarmed civilians exercising their right to demonstrate. Only a fool would believe this is sustainable strategy. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee for the regime, only concrete concessions will pacify the people, if that’s even possible at this stage.

    • My friend,

      There has never been a government in our country. Village Shiftas can’t govern a village let alone a country. There is no choice but wipe them from the face of the earth!

      • Domahead

        this is why i like u, u r domahead… u think the golden kids hold Bosso while u wipe them from the face of the earth… u do the killing they will do the dying how idiot one can be then our beloved Domahead a fitting name.

        • Ashebarew Shifta Hagos,

          You trash can! Son of a butcher!
          I will look for you in the final days. A dog that supports the killings of people must not be allowed to litter our streets. I have never considered you as human being and I will never. Don’t you see that every thing is going down for you? Even Eritreans won’t take back the former slaves. Shifta of the first class!

          • Domahead

            let me try one more time

            when u look for me and when u find me…when u try to kill me did i hold BOSSO that i cant defend myself…and get killed without a fight .. is that what the F u r saying u do all the killing and TPLF supporters will do all the dying ..

            this my last try pls answer a simple question ..if u come to kill TPLF supporter are they going to die without fighting or are they going to fight back and kill and be killed …

            if u agree with this logic then who many ur side going to die to achieve your goal… try to get it out the number it is very hard to get the number out of Buda like u

          • Awassa

            What the hell are you talking about? Some of the things you are saying make sense but your conclusion sucks. I bet you are a Sidama extremist.

            Are you going to create a Sidama republic? Don’t compare apples and oranges to make a flimsy point. Are you advocating each of the 63 nationalities to create their own country? As I said before, I understand your frustration but your solution will make the problem worse.? As you know the Wolitas, Kembattas and many others have very little land and their population is growing every year. Where will they live ? Having said this, I welcome you to the nazret family! Dae bushu!

            Down down Woyane!

    • Agerwadad

      Well come back to Earth. How was life in Saturn? Here in Ethiopia we still don’t have a government Ok. They all r dead, Chocking with stolen item.

    • Ashebarew Shifta Hagos,

      Unlike you and your cousins, I am not a violent person. What I was trying to say is that if I catch alive, I will prosecute you for aiding and abetting Woyane mercenaries. You are a criminal! You are a thug and will be treated as such.

  3. It is high time that all Ethiopians to rise up and destroy Woyane Tigre mercenaries. The blood suckers must be eliminated.

    I call up on the residents of Addis to rise up. The fascist TPLF dogs are sub humans who know nothing except looting and killing. Every criminal Woyane Tigre must be a target. They have destroyed the lives of many innocent children.

    Death to Woyane bandits!
    Down down Woyane!

    • Thank you for the warm welcome Brother to the “family” a very dysfunctional one. ?
      The point I’m making is the Ethiopia that was romanticised was very much flawed and the current system is even worse with false rights and promises.
      I’m not advocating or denying the 83 ethnicities from forming a separate nation but just suggesting it as an option speaking without political correctness since our history shows we don’t really get along.
      About Sidama republic I don’t want it I never have the truth is there is palpable grievance of the people who contribute much to the economy in terms of Coffee, khat, gold, timber… We aren’t represented enough and are neglected even with tigrean hegemony and when this system is done with and am sure it’s on its way do you think we shouldn’t have more say in the future of the country considering our contribution as well as the right to autonomy and self determination?
      About the over population phenomenon I completely agree with you it’s very much a concerning Issue still there is no option but to move forward our separate ways. Because still the problem is our history you have to understand wolayitas and sidama people we haven’t gotten along as long as I remember and add The TPLF/EPDRF federalism politics of the last 26 years it is more problematic to stay together
      It’s just a point.

  4. It is actually very easy to sit on a comfortable chair and drink warm coffee or tea and talk about Democracy all day long. please remember power comes with barrel of loaded guns. The so called Berhanu Nega will not send his kids to the streets. if you want Power, leave your warm bed and wife behind and go get it. I know you don’t want that. kkkkkkk

    • Badiawara

      u killing me, i dont mind if those idiot want the poor to die for them and manged to get power at the cost of the poor… the so called poor Ethiopians have no body but themsleves to blame … look even Domahad telling them to die while he is sitting in hospital bed…in Dc

      the first rule is protect urself at all time .. who they have protect u if u risk your life and die on the street would u blame Dr.birr or Domhead or yourself or ur mother for not stop u… the idiot try to make u believe the golden army kill u… here is my point the Golden police have number one job is to protect law and order u broke the law and order then they have to use deadly force four point…even in USA they will shoot to kill if they think the law and order is in danger forget removing government for looting in flood affected area the governor order shoot to kil

      part ii

      • Ashebarew Shifta Hagos,

        You a charcoal race! You are known for in the whole world for producing Shiftas ladies and beggars. Garbage collecectors and Lewache trades are not but the lowest of the lowest creatures on planet earth.

        Ashebarew Shifta Haylom,

        You are nothing but an ant! Your time is up. There is no earthly force that will stop from destroying Woyane bandits.

        Those who are working for TPLF dogs surrender . The reign of Woyane Shiftas is over!

    • Badiawara

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  5. As Lincoln once said “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.” What else beats lie more than the simple truth: It is in fact an Agazi force/ዓጋዚ/ not an Ethiopian Army. I commend the writer of this article for calling what it is. This Agazi, rebel thug force of the Tigre Republic front, has been cowardly killing unarmed people of Ethiopia for the last 26 years. Now this force is wearing and facing an unyielding fight from unarmed civilian. As the saying goes one picture tells a thousand words, the frustrated and weary Agazi tigre froce armed with everything (Knive, stone, wood, gun, etc) either looks like to die or flee to save his life.

    I can’t be proud of the People of Ambo. In the last 27 years, to be honest as a community I have never seen as brave as the People of Ambo. Their bravery and Ethiopiawinet did not just start since only the TPLF people took power, it was before that I think they pretty well understood the true mission of the traitor tigre liberation front thugs. When the people of North Gonder and North Wello innocently wide open their door and let the TPLF Agazi force to smoothly ride toward Shewa and the Derg army cracked down, I remeber the brave people of Ambo were buring down the Arab donated military tanks of TPLF, took out many Agazi forces with sticks before they reach promised land of Addis Ababa.
    ይህ ትግል የጋራ ትግል ነው። ስለሆነም ከፍተኛ አገራዊ ንቅናቄ በማድረግ ታሪካዊ ጀብዱ መፈፀም የዚህ ህዝብ እና ትውልድ ሃላፊነት እንጅ የአንድ አካባቢ ህዝብ የብቻ ጫን መሆን የለበትም። ይህ ሲሆን ብቻ ነው ለትግሬ ወያኔ ህልቆ የሌለው ሣምንታዊ እና ወርሃዊ የንፁሃን የህይወት ግብር መክፈል የሚያከትመው። በእርግጥ በተለይ በአማራ እና በኦሮሞ አካባቢ የተቀጣጠለው ህዝባዊ አመፅ ህዝቡን በአንድነት በማነሳሳት ከፍተኛ ትግሉን ከፍተኛ ምዕራፍ ላይ አድርሶታል፣ለትግሉ መጠናቀቅ የቀረው እና ወሳኝ ሚና ሊጫወት የሚችለው አንድ ህብረተሰብ ክፍል ግን ገና በከፍተኛ እንቅልፍ ውስጥ ነው። ይህ ህብረተሰብ ክፍልም – አዲስ አበባ ከተማ ነው። በዙሪያው ያለው ህዝብ እና ክፍለ ሀገር ዓመታት በዕልቂት እየታመሰ አዲስ አበባ ወያኔን አቅፎ ሊያሞቅ አይገባውም። የአዲስ አበባ ህዝብ በትግሉ ተሰምቶት ሊሳተፍ ይችል ዘንድ፣ በዙሪያው ያሉህዝቦች እና ክፍላተ ሃገራት አመርቂ እርምጃ መውስድ አለባቸው። ህዝቦ እያለቁ መስዋዕትም መኖም ሊሆኑ አይገባቸውም። ወያኔን ያቀፈ ትኋን የደበቀ ልብስ ማለት ነው። የአዲስ አበባ ህዝብ ለወያኔ አያንስም ! ድል ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ!!!

    • the man with a woman name,

      As Lincoln once said “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.”

      okay let the number tell the truth … as far as Ambo goes only ten people died … that is the fact… now to revenge this ten people u want full out war and lose 100,000 people life and make 20 million poor refugee and make Ethiopia fail state..

      let me lower it down to ur level .. let say u r gambler and u gambling and u lost ten dollar would u spend another 100,000 dollar to recover ur lost ten dollar … somehow u must cut your lose but if u dont cut your lose and gamble away ur 100,000 dollar who would u blame now body but u…

      the same logic yes we should not lose even one person but we lost ten people that is the reality we live in real world not in la la land so what is your next move … revenge or find a lasting solution?

      if u choice revenge and more of your people die you have no body but u urself to blame … i understand MJ899 AND OTHER idiot supporting you and encouraging u …. the reality is no body in this forum even that idiot Michael84, who said he lost his grand father will not avenge his grand father but he want other people to die for him… if MJ84 have right to revenge his grand father i say go to Eritrea and fight it out … or find a peaceful resolution … what sicken me is if my grand father killed by TPLF i would do every thing in power for other people not to lose their grand father or their children or their father by telling them not to get involved in violence… once u get involved in violence u lose ur innocent it would be killed and be killed there is no crying in revolution… u cant expect u only the one who kill and your enemy only have the right to die only in mind of idiot people like Domahad and MJ84 this IS POSSIBLE… U WANT wipe the TPLF out by force then u must understand the rule of engagement… u cant hide behind the small kids saying it is peaceful protest that is front door for evil u cant fool no body

      have a nice day i really mean it..

      • Ash,

        No body is intimated by the TPLF scare mongering. Slavery is not freedom; and freedom is not FREE. Only a coward dies a thousand deaths before his death. Millions died in the most inhumane way over the last 26 years – that book of tragic account has to be closed at whatever cost. TPLF is the most stubborn , evil and anti-piece element ever seen in history. The country needs a government and TPLF is not a government. Period. The country is dealing with a rebel system now. If you, yourself is sacred leave peacefully so lives from both sides (the people and TPLF) would be saved.

        • the man with woman name,

          if FREEDOM is not FREE then who u want to pay the price the poor or u urself ..

          if freedom is not free what the F r u doing in USA WORKING at parking lot

          for sure instead of answering this u will talk something totally different,,, u will not answer this simple question as many time in the past u dodge my hard hitting question cover with honey and sugar but insides u feel the thorns

          • Ash,

            You are a complete ignorant about the turn of events. You just don’t know anything about me, you are parroting nonsense here. What are you yourself doing here at Nazret.Com? Is this your battle field or troll ATM cash machine. I know you have no profession or career to sell your self other than trolling. For you to live, TPLF is your your troll cash ATM. I love my country I will pay the highest price for her freedom. I take pride for even the little of what I have done in the past for my motherland. Tell us what even makes you an Ethiopian first, Ash/ዐመድዬ/? You come out here with a blasphemous name of Ash against Ethiopia and now pretend to be one of us the true Ethiopians. አንተ ጥቁር ነፍስ ነው በውስጥህ የሚራወጠው። በቅርብ ለሚያይህ ከዐይነ -ብረትህ ጥቁር ነፍስህን በግልፅ እንደሚይይ መቶ ፐርሰንት እርግጠኛ ነኝ።
            በዚህ የመጨረሻ ሰዓት፣ የበላዔ ሰብዕን ነፍስ ያስማረች ያህል ቅንጣት መልካም ሥራ እንኳን ማድረግ የማትችል።

    • Same comment here…
      TPLF must step down and we need change as well as justice ⚖ for the lives lost and for the massive corruption.

      But Victory to ethiopia??? That I don’t agree with.
      Only amhara preaches UNITY aka dominance of the amhara
      That doesn’t fly with oromos as well as someone from the south like me
      All ethiopians need independence because of our awful past and current experiences
      There has never been a peaceful 10 years in the modern history of ethiopia
      Now the tigreans are the over Lords for the past 26 years and amhara before that may be oromos in the very near future so please stop with the unity crap.
      We all should go our separate ways I’m not saying that being impulsive or being evil ?or with some alternative motives. But truly on the factual basis.
      Europe has such kind of history even fought two world wars but after they stop trying to dominate one another and after historic woulds are healed… EUROPEAN UNION one of the most advanced and democratic group of nations in world.
      Deep Thoughts ?

  6. The lost looking AGAZI nigga on the picture with stone age semi/single shoot Carbine has “ZERO” chance against the modified AR15 M4 WITH Mil-Spec multi cal. Could u Imagine if the heroic Ambo student experiment on dozens of them.

  7. I don’t see TPLF’s fault here. They advocated ethnic politics like a whore. Now people are dying left and right for ethnically motivated disagreements. The fire they started is threaten their own existence. May the dead midget rest in ….

    • Dear Newera,

      Welcome back! Pleased to see your comments.
      ሰው እራሱ በጠመቀው የድግስ ጠላ እና አረቂ እራሱን ስቶ ወድቆ ይሞታል እኮ። የሚገርመው ግን የጎሣ አሳላፊውም፣ተስተናጋጁም እራሱ ወያኔ ብቻ ነው። የዘር ማጥፋት ትርዒት ነጠላ ተዋናይ ወያኔ እና ወያኔ ብቻ ነው።

      • Abebaw

        what happened everyone come back for their hospital stay

        any how what is ur logic because one man died because he drink the whole ጠላ እና አረቂ for himself… which was intended for ድግስ… are u saying dont make ጠላ እና አረቂ is that what u r saying

        if some one have car accident r u going to say ban car.. like anything u can use Ethnic fed. for good or for bad.. it is just a tools to give u more right and control of your region to develop ur region …. not to destroy ur own region by burning factory and business

        elder man Ato Newerror , it will not surprised me implying TPLF created ethnicity what is the F was that Eritrea independent… it is not ethnicity oppression that lead them to breaking up a nation how about the oromo OLF they were seeking independent not under TPLF but under Amhara region so this ethnicity question is a real question and ligament question

        the whole Ethiopian ethnic groups want new deal … and TPLF give them the new deal even Ambo protester want more ethnic right not less that is why they r fighting … now u come in and want to deny them even the small right they have… that is what i am telling the oromo cut ur lose and make deal with TPLF forget those Amhara they will never learn

        if i ask this error guy he will not answer but i will try him what is ur alternative if TPLF brought ethnicity what is ur solution … one Ethiopia, one language one culture … i have no problem one language and one culture my one problem is whos culture and whos language i dont think u will not mind if we make afan ormia a national language and make oromo culture a national culture … pls forward u answer… I am dare u in fact i will double dare u

        • ሰውን የሚያግባባው ቋንቋ አይደለም – ፍቅር እና ሠላም ነው። አይገባህም እንዴ? አይደለም የአንድ ሣንቲም ሁለት ገፅታዎች የሆኑ ኢትዮጵያን፣ ለመሆኑ አንድ የውጭ አገር ዜጋ ከሌላ ዜጋ ቋንቋ ሣያስፈልጋቼው ፍቅር እና ትዳር የመሠርታሉ። ችግሩ አሁን የነፍስ አድን ነው። የወያኔ ተንኮል ግልፅ ነው – አማራና ኦሮሞን ማጋጬት። እርሱ ጨዋታ ቀረ – አማራ እና ኦሮሞ ዐብይ ህዝብ በሀረግ የተሳሰሩ ናቸው። አሁን ነገሩ አብ ሲነካ ወልድ ይነካ ነው እና እንዴዚህ ዓይነቱ የቃቃ ጨዋታ አበቃበት።

          • a old man with woman name

            u said

            {{{ሰውን የሚያግባባው ቋንቋ አይደለም – ፍቅር እና ሠላም ነው።}}}

            so u r okay with Afan oromia being a national language … can u answer a simple question straight

        • Ash,
          Your question,” what is ur logic because one man died because he drink the whole ጠላ እና አረቂ for himself… which was intended for ድግስ… are u saying dont make ጠላ እና አረቂ is that what u r saying.”

          The exact saying is “ባለጌ በእራሱ ድግስ ይሰክራል።” ስለዚህ ባለጌ ሰው ለድግሥ ብቁ አይደለም፣በግብዣውም ባይቀመጥ መልካም ነው። ወያኔ ባለጌ ነው፣ የሥልጣን ባለጌ፣ የአገር ልዕላዊነት የደፈረ ባለጌ።

          • “ባለጌ በእራሱ ድግስ ይሰክራል።”

            what the fk r u saying the guy spending his own money if he drink it by himself that is his business it is not ur money…

            “ባለጌ በእራሱ ድግስ ይሰክራል።”

            the hidden meaning of this saying is if u r smart u go to other people ድግስ and become drunk because u dont pay for it u can drunk as much as u want and it doesnt cost u anything so the best way to be drunk is to drunk at other people ድግስ

  8. Michael84,

    Time after time the immutable fact is there is an end for everything: the dark years of TPLF will soon be over and the tears of the million is now burning down the ruthless thugs. Victory bell is about to ring loud. Let’s keep the fight.

  9. this is my advice to TPLF

    SHOOT the protester dead using camera… when u use camera the camera will tell the story… if those hooligan riot or loot they cant deny it if u catch them in the act of committing crime … the whole world will know what they r up to.. even the American embassy will have evidence who is trouble maker..

    once u establish who is committing crime u dont go and arrest them or beat them up …. all u have to do is announce in TV and radio those criminal to come forward and pay 100 birr fine and promised not to do it again

    this this public announcement period over now u will post the picture and telling them to come in and pay 1000 birr fine now if they refused this offer now u go in fine them and fine them 10,000 birr i know they cant afford to pay 10,000 birr that is the fine part … that is the fun part u tell them to pay 100 birr per month for next 30 years until they finished 10,000 birr fine with 18% interest for sure Using fixed payments of $100.00, it will take ambo hooligan Over 300 months to get rid of your 10,000 birr, and the hooligan will pay about Over $316,862.90 in interest.

    so why arrest and abuse them when u can milk them like cash cow…

    • በጣም እጅግ በጣም ደደብ ሰው ነህ። እንደዚህ ያለ የዘቀጠ ኢትዮጵያዊ ስብዕና ያለው አይቼም አላውቅም።wow¡

  10. እስካሁን በሚደረገው ነገር ሁሉ እየምተ ያለው አማራና ኦሮም ነው። ይህ ደግም የወያኔ ትግሬ አላማ ነው። እነኝህ ሰወች ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ያሉት ለመዝረፍና ካማራ ለመውሰድ ያሰቡትን መሬት እስኪወስዱ እንጂ ኢትዮጵያዊ አላማ የላቸውም። 27 አመት ሙሉ ኦሮም አገር ሀውልት እየሰሩ ትውልዱን በጥላቻ ሲሰብኩ ኖረዋል። ይህም ለኦሮም ህዝብ ተቆርቆረው ሳይሆን አማራን አዳክመው መሬቱን ለመንጠቅና መገንጠል ነው። ለምን ይገነጠላሉ አይደለም እያልኩ ያለሁት ምክንያቱም ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ረፍት ስለሆነ ከነኝህ መርዞች ነገር ግን ችግሩ ያለው ያማራን ንብረት መሬትን ከመቀማት ጋር ነው። ታሪክ ፈጥረው ልክ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ከሌላ ቦታና የማያውቀው ታሪክ እየፈጠሩ ህዝብን ለመለያየትና ለማስጨረስ በአላማ የተነሱ ሰወች ናቸው ሁሉም ነገር በጃቸው ነው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በጅ ምንም የለውም ይህን ለመከላከል ህዝባችንአንድ ማድረግ ላይ የፓለቲካ ድርጅቶች ችግራቸውን ፈተው ባንድ ላይ መነሳት አለብን አለበለዚያ እነኝህ ካንሰሮች በዋዛ መዳኒት የላቸውም። አገራችንን ህዝባችንን በልተውታል ጨርሰው በልተው ሳይገድሉን የሚቻለውን ሁሉ መክፈል አለብን። ምት ለትግሬ ፈውስ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ።

    • Same comment here…
      TPLF must step down and we need change as well as justice ⚖ for the lives lost and for the massive corruption.

      But Victory to ethiopia??? That I don’t agree with.
      Only amhara preaches UNITY aka dominance of the amhara
      That doesn’t fly with oromos as well as someone from the south like me
      All ethiopians need independence because of our awful past and current experiences
      There has never been a peaceful 10 years in the modern history of ethiopia
      Now the tigreans are the over Lords for the past 26 years and amhara before that may be oromos in the very near future so please stop with the unity crap.
      We all should go our separate ways I’m not saying that being impulsive or being evil ?or with some alternative motives. But truly on the factual basis.
      Europe has such kind of history even fought two world wars but after they stop trying to dominate one another and after historic wounds are healed… EUROPEAN UNION one of the most advanced and democratic group of nations in world.
      Deep Thoughts ?

  11. Every body watch you, how much Tigrians are uneducated iggnorat.The best qaulified woyane doctor from Indian university endorses Mugabe as WHO ambassader. All woyane believe gun. But they do not understand only 5000000. They do no have future hope. 35000000 Oromo will clean them out of future Ethiopia.

  12. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone if this story saddens me. I did not spend years of my life just for fun. I fought to bring down a system then that was depriving citizens of their basic rights. With a grace of God my friend and I led by very intelligent men and women were able to overpower the fascist government of Mengistu until he fled the country. I and my surviving comrades fought for civilians rights among many is the rights to peaceful assembling and protest. If those killed in Ambo as told in the report, I personally believe that those reckless individuals should be prosecuted according to the proscribed law. Also those who took pleasure in torching vehicles and businesses must also be given the bitter taste of the same law. Rogue individuals in law enforcement and armed forces do exist in every country. That is undeniable and proven fact. If you don’t agree with this claim then you have been living a detached lifestyle. So the government should be given sufficient time to do its own investigation and come out telling us what really happened. There is a lot of puffed up emotion here and there now. I am very confident in the regime and in the Oromia Regional Administration that both have enough individuals with calm emotion to tell us exactly and truthfully what happened and what appropriate measures they took and are taking to address the issues including bringing those who broke the laws to court. Someone who committed crime should face the consequences.

    From what I have read in various news outlets, this incidence in Ambo began as a peaceful demonstration but was quickly taken over by those thugs who are committed in creating chaos. Then it escalated into riots. That is wrong and criminal act in any country. During the recent Irreechaa festival there were peaceful demonstrations and participants were allowed to do so. No law enforcement folks were near them even though many of them were calling for the genocidal eradication of every person from Tigray. Death to Woyane, Death to Tigres!!! they shouted!!! Still nobody from the regime or regional administration bothered them. Remember that happened even though they were calling for the murder of every living and breathing Tigre in the country. You have seen it yourself here how many individuals threatened me with violence just because I am from Tigray. Criminals and anarchists must not be given the green light to roam around anywhere.

    And to some of you out-of-control spinners – I got news for you. If you think or believe that you can see sunshine between the US government and Ethiopia, you will be up for a big disappointment. Their friendship is at its greatest since 1902. They are committed partners in the fight against international terrorism. Their gallant soldiers are shedding their blood for such sacred cause.

    • Tegadalye Tekle,

      I hope you have heard about the two Woyane agazi mercenaries who were smoked by Keros this morning. The Woyane bandits and their Shifta mercenaries will be smoked out one by one until they leave our territories for good. No Oromo, Amhara, Somali, Gambla and others want to see Woyane filthy bandits roaming their streets. Born beggars and thieves do belong in our regions. Pack and move to Dedebit before it is too late. Woyane thug of the first class.

      We shall free Merera Guidina and other political prisoners!

      Death to Woyane bandits and their minions!

      • Damo,

        Dream on!!! Remember I was one of the brave fighters who kicked your dumb ass whoever you belonged to. The only adversaries who can claim to have put up a strong resistance to me and my friends in the battlefield were those in EPRP. Those were one stubborn sob fighters. The rest like you were punk ass easy loaves. Remember I have told you a million times to keep your mouth shut. You don’t recognize it how you are embarrassing yourself every time you say anything. One more, shut up!!!!

        • Tegadalye Adigrat,

          I am not dreaming. It is happening. Beles eating, bridge blowing, bank robbers are on the verge of extinction. You will be wiped out. You have no business in our territory.

          You ain’t no hero. Thank to your masters, Eritreans, had it not been for their help, you wouldn’t have set your filthy feet in our territory. We all know that you are born and certified beggars!

          Classless, uncivilized village thugs! I can’t help but compare Eritreans with Woyane thugs. Look how Eritreans carry themselves. They speak their mind, confident, never lie and civilized. Look at you: Shifta, insecure, liers and crooks .

          The entire Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, Sidamas, Wolitas, Afars and others don’t want to see Woyane scumbags in their territory. What do contribute to the country other than Shiftas and beggars. You belong no where else except Dedebit. Do you dream to continue looting after killing Oromos? NO!!!!

          Did you hear how your scumbags hide ammunition in their residence because they don’t trust the people they are living with? We shall see if your Ak47 will save from extinction. The only good Woyane is a dead Woyane!

          We shall free Bekle Gerba, Andualem Arage and other political prisoners!

          Death to Woyane coolis!

          • Brother Damo,
            Thanks for telling it like it’s for this filthy deranged delusional scum of the scums terriorst Tigray a product of Adgi-Rat! You can tell his £ucken head is inside his nasty A$$ the dude is hot air he’s so full of it!
            I think all Ethiopians should think very wisely, why beat around the bush. I say go to the source of the problem, Adwa. Our forefathers have done it before, why not us? This time we punish children of banditos, and make sure they don’t come back again. And we might be able to turn Tigray into something fascinating, why not? Why should we allow them to keep Tigray??

          • Brook,

            I have never considered the animals as humans or our equals. I normally don’t use bad language but aganist criminals I am justified to use. We are dealing with blood sucking vampires. They know that if they loose, they have no where to go. Their former owners, Eritreans, have not indicated they will accepting them back as coolis. They also know that can’t beg as used to do in the Amhara and Oromo regions . They know that they are in a big trouble.

            We have to keep them hammering. Woyane Tigre has no business in Oromia, Amhara and South. They belong to Dedebit!

            Death to Woyane murderers and their minions!

          • You dummy Doma

            You are so dumb you don’t even know how to spell ‘coolies’. What a loser you are!!! That is even though it is your full job carrying luggage for travelers every day. You should go back to school tomorrow in stead of embarrassing yourself here in front of millions. I will open up a GoFundMe account to pay for your elementary English as a 2nd language class. Or even better I can ask your slave master Isaias to pay for you. Someone has heard him talking about you the other day. O my goodness!!! He says you are one disgusting obese. Go back to your baggage carrying job and you are better off keeping your big mouth shut. People are dying of cringing every time you open your mumbling mouth. Just shut up and let the coherent speak. And that is an order!!!!

          • Tegadalye Teklet,

            I can spell the name of a hooker who gave birth to you! It is a bit offending when an eternal slave of Eritreans trying to be smarter than educated people. ‘ Lebe Tegryae ‘ street cleaning cooli like you has no business on this site. You brain damaged son of a mercenary, show us your ‘degree ‘ and we can tell where and how you got it. Try another trick if you can. I will be on your ugly face all the times.

            Death to Woyane coolis and their minions!

    • Tegadelay weyanne certified deranged,

      we get it. u hate oromos. u hate amharas. u hate any and every one, who is against being marginalized by the tigrayan elites.
      to you, when tplf kills and rapes and loots others, it’s okay, because they happen to be tigrayan like you.
      to you, the tplf is some heavenly group of men and women, who are not terrorists, but to the rest of the world, including the USA, the tplf is on the terrorist database (just google it).
      it’s in our best interests to keep ethiopia united, under federalism, and to destroy tplf, to the point that it no longer poses a threat to the oromo/amhara/sidama/konso/afar/muslims/ Ethiopians except tigrayans.
      it’s in your interests to destroy ethiopia, because an united ethiopia (without tiny useless tigray), would be a big threat to tplf/tigray. we will not rest even when u secede, we will come to ur homes in adwa, and demand our resources back.
      ICC and international courts of laws are awaiting abd’tigray illey, abay tsehaye, and many others, as well.
      so we will see who wins. the two giants of ethiopia, the oromo and amhara, along with afars, sidama, and the konso, and others who have been oppressed by tplf, OR the tplf/tigrayans/and a handful of somali political s l u ts like abd’tigray illey.

      • Hello Isaias and el-Sisi foot masseuse servant!!! That is what Brook means? You are not an embarrassment only to your family but also a disgrace to the human race. You see that dummy used for advertising in some of the boutiques on The Fifth Avenue? She told me that she is one of your siblings. She is dumb and you are a complete door knob. She is a dummy and you a pimp that sells young prostitutes to your masters Isaias and el-Sisi. I just saw your resume on LinkedIn and O’boy you have an extensive expertise in your profession. The Ethiopian people have just sent you a message telling you to not even think about coming back. They hate pimps like you

        • Ember tegadelay wedi Adgi-Rat,

          You are delusional, brainwashed , zombie and deranged man!!! Isn’t it amazing you are calling every patriotic Ethiopians an Eritrean your eternal masters whom you imitate wannabe? I am a proud Ethiopian through and through let this sunk into your thick dense head!

          I am not a prostitute opportunist like scum terriorst Tigrays like you Stop embarrass yourself !

          • Ok you admitted that you are not that prostitute who rounded up from the street DC last night. Then you are the pimp who sent her out to the street so she can make for your daily fix of cocaine and meth. Now you better the police station and bail her out. Ok let’s go! Move it! Move it! Move it!! You are one fat, ugly and Pimp -F.U.P. That is it. From today on remember your new name is going to be theee F.U.P. Why don’t you keep your mouth shut? You are embarrassing yourself. You should keep quiet and let your friends think you have gone an Austrialian Cattle Dog!!!! This is my last shout out to you just because your hearing faculty is on permanent vacation.

    • Tekle
      Denouncing killing of innocent civilians is a good start.
      But it ends at the start, when did they ever take responsibility and put those who ordered to kill to trial , never… Gambella, Awassa, Gonder, last time in different parts of Oromia regions, we haven’t seen any body facing any trials, even in that mocked up justice system.
      If it was some other political case – a case which involves or questions there authority, they will jump up and down. No TV program will be spared to condemned, interviews will be set up to accuse, … they are fast to denounce.

      Now what we are combating and fighting should be the system, a system which created nepotism, cronyism, which made democracy an empty phrase, which made freedom a meaningless cliche, which made Federalism a mockery, which made puppets and puppeteers all over


      • Gashe mamo,

        You sound civil and I will remain the same here.

        I guarantee you that all those who committed crimes as a member of the regime apparatus had been counseled or even punished comparable to what they had done wrong. But we should all understand that everyone in the law enforcement is not always at the same wavelengths with those who wrote the law. There is always misconceptions and over reacting. Even members of the American armed forces who to me are the most disciplined soldiers in the world had committed crimes during the Vietnam War and in Iraq. The offenders were brought to justice in public. They can do that here in the USA because their system and the public are so matured. But in Ethiopia every facet of governance in the modern sense of the word is still work in progress. Look at most of those who complain about the lack of democracy(I say anarchy). The first word that comes out of their mouth is ‘Kill Tigres, Down, Down Woyane!!!’. To them there is no democracy unless they are allowed to murder every Tigre human being on earth. And they have done just that whenever they had the chance. To me the history of Woyane is something I am always proud of. When they scream with ‘Down with Woyane’ it alerts me that they are coming after me even if I live just like them. Just look at what they have done in Bunno. They went in a house and hacked everyone there because they were or they thought they were all Tigres. What do you expect the Tigres to do? Sit there and allow to be slaughtered? Will you do that if you are in my place? You tell me!!!

        • Tegadalye Tekle,

          Which government and law are you talking about? There is no government in our country. Of course, there are a bunch of Shiftas wearing neckties acting like government officials but they are bank robbers and killers. No one approved their existence. My Woyane wonbede ‘ friend ‘, it is over. No one is capable of looting if he pokes the nose of Oromos. It is OVER! The question is how soon. Like it or not you will be towed to your beloved zoo, Dedebit!

        • Tegadelay certified terriorst and deranged,

          you’ve made your bed, now sleep in it! Stop whining or crying victims so soon you haven’t seen anything yet! You should have thought about the reverse consequences when you have decided going to every kilil to loot, evicting and killing you just can’t cry victim when things don’t go your way, it’s too late for cancer terriorst Tigray like you everone is awaken for revenge eye for an eye that’s what I want sweet revenge retaliation justice it’s coming!!!

          chasing tplf out of Ethiopia isn’t enough, it must be destroyed. I would definitely support an all out invasion of tigray- with oromo and amhara invading from the south and Eritrea from the north with afars too. Cut off all tigrays imports and supply lines and let’s see how long they last. We can repeat the battle of debre abbay again, when oromo smashed tigray and killed agame sabagadis. As far as forcing other states to leave Ethiopia, Tplf doesn’t have the power to do that, it’s already severely weakened, and outnumbered in parliament and In the army, and unless you plan to be at war forever with multiple enemies (oromo, afar, etc), you’ll never get gambela, beni shangul and afars, they’ll resist annexation by tplf for sure.

          • Ato Brook for an Eritrean u r too smart ,,, but i did not know Eritrean have this much hate for the golden race who give u ur freedom..
            anyhow u implying the Golden kids are getting what they saw.. therefore if oromo engaged the TPLF then the TPLF also have the right to defend themsleves only beef is stop crying saying TPLF kill u… is that the point of starting all out war…

        • Wedi Adgi-Rat ember tegadelay,

          You are one deranged man!!! I’m quoting you here stay with me for a second, “ What do you expect the Tigres to do? Sit there and allow to be slaughtered? Will you do that if you are in my place? You tell me!!!“
          When you come to our house unwanted uninvited in your twisted words or language you called it Kilil started evecting us from our house, farm land, looting, killing, abusing us inside rat infested jails with a bogus charges, marginalized, denied work, higher taxes so we won’t do business, declared all out war, shoting our familys at point blank on civilians by Agazi, etc… and I’m asking you the same question right back at you repeating what you tried to make it justifiable what the hell you expect us to do? Since you are inside my home intruding committing your unbelievable crimes? I know You don’t call it crime it’s business that’s another issue terriorst tegadelay answer me Will you do that if you’re in our place??? Will you allowed to be abused killed for no reason by global certified terriorst ember tegadelay Tigray like you allowed a savage criminals to continue this way? Hell no we won’t let you continue!!!

        • Tekle Adigrat

          the American armed force have the right to kill in Vietnam War and in Iraq and they killed many Vietnam and Iraq … the war crime only come when the Vietnam or the Iraq army surrendered to them then if they kill them that would be a crime … but if the enemy engaging with u then u have the right to kill them

          what is my point is Fed police have the right to kill the protester to stop them from rioting looting and breaking law and order … if the protester killed in taking part in riot or looting or burning property …then the Fed police have no crime committed … this must be very clear to any protester the police have the right to kill… it doesnt matter if the police tell u to stop … u did not stop then if they think their life is in dangerous then they have to protect themselves by using deadly force… now u think the protesters did not have gun.. they dont have to have gun if they have stone they can kill u … my second point it is it take only one second to make a life and death decision… if u dont act u die if u act u might be wrong therefore u cant judge the fed police while sitting in our comfortable house … instead try to stand in his shoe and think what u would have done if million of people throw gun at u… look the first photo where the police standing u have stick in his hand and he did not point his gun instead he is using wood stick to protect himself from hooligan who throw stone at him look the road how many stone the hooligan throw at him.. now tell me would u have nerve of steel to stand in front of million of hooligan ready to kill u and u have only one second to life or die based on your decision…

          to me this police officer r hero they should be paid bonus 10,000 birr each for protecting our law and order … now i will ask those toxic such as Domahead, brook and other anti Ethiopian if they could have took the fed police officer job and not even killed one life … i am daring them in fact i will double daring them if it them they might kill all the protester and claim they panic …. even i challenge Dr.birr to take place the fed police place he would have killed them all because u need never of steel to be a fed police for sure i will not stand front of those hooligan even if u pay may million .. for sure Domahead and Brook even they dont even go to Ethiopia because of Ambo protest fear of the protest … even American embassy issuing warring how in hell u think the fed police feel to stand their by themsleves .. look the photo the kid look like over 18 years old so young.. and highly discipline not to point his gun

          now look what the American police have done

          look the America police they dont joke the Fk u up if u dont stop when they told u stop…riot time police is totally different then regular time policing different rule for different time.. anyhow keep on the gooooooooooooood job even so u try to be balanced look those toxic how they attack u

          • I am familiar with the link you have attached. Thanks any way.
            Just intensify our fights with these Isaias agents who are delegated to monitor and tutor these bad elements(losers) in the Diaspora. The Isaias commisars I am talking about are these Michael84, Damo, Brook, addis ababa sefere and their gangs. They are assigned to the task of mentoring losers in G7 and Mr. Diabetic Dr. Birr. We will hear news of him dropping dead from sugar shock one of these days.

            The police must keep incapacitating those hooligans who are burning down homes, factories and vehicles. I agree with you the plice should start carrying cameras to tape the destruction these hooligans are causing as they happen. Look how many trees they cut down. It must be in tens of thousands. In Ethiopia trees must be planted not killed, It should the backwardness of these criminals, They should be taken out of action. That should not be seen wrong. It is the right thing to do anywhere. Nobody denied them to demonstrate peacefully. These are loser hoodlums who always look for opportunity to steal from and rob hardworking civilians. The government and its law enforcement forces and when needed the armed forces must maintain peace and defend law and order by all means necessary. We should keep telling these cowards as it is. These individuals and others like them are cowards. They push the thugs back there to go out and riot from their comfortable serving table at Mcdonalda and Wendy’s. They are gutless, faceless and dumb makings of a human mess. The closest they travel to go to fight is vacationing in Eritrea. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

          • Tegadalye Tekle,

            Woyane scumbag of the highest order!
            What the hell is plice? We don’t have to wait for long to find out your level of education. For a fourth grade Woyane dog, you writing is Ok.

        • .
          Come on Tekle!
          There is no pride to be weyanne. It is the system which brought all these non sense. A system that trained : to hate, make enemy, doubt, exploit , not to trust , …certain people, certain group –, a few cunning people used you, deceived you

          Would you like not to be exploited? Yes, you will say, you would like not to be exploited. Would you like not to be made a prisoner? Yes, you would like not to be made a prisoner. But would you like the other thing also: not to make a prisoner of anybody else? not to dominate, not to oppress and exploit? not to kill the spirit, not to make a person into a thing? That is difficult but it has to be. And remember: if you want to dominate, you will be dominated. If you want to exploit, you will be exploited. If you want somebody else to be a slave to you, you will be enslaved.

          You have heard, read history, …how great powers who dominated came to there knees, time will come… Sooner than what you imagined!

          • Gashe mamo,

            Sure I am proud to be a part of the Woyane generation. I was one of those determined and gallant fighters who brought the blood thirsty Derg regime to its knees. You remember everybody tried to accomplish that? Several coup d’états failed miserably and in disaster. EDU went to the terrains of Northwestern of the country with full backing of the major powers including Sudan but it didn’t go beyond a mere village braggadocio. Zeraf Ye Teqel Ashker!!! Zeraf Ye Teqel Ashker!! Was not enough to bring the sweet biscuit home!!! EPRP swarmed into the capital and towns of the entire country even Eritrea with bravery and determination. They failed disastrously because their program was flawed and their leaders were not qualified for the job. They had this fallacy in being so arrogant toward others. They thought unless you come in their fold under their leadership only, you have no right to fight the system. They were stubborn about that even though many inside their own organization urged for a change. Then you know what happened to them. They had members and sympathizers in hundreds of thousands when we were only a few hundreds. But our leaders were so intelligent and farsighted but others were not. They fell apart on their own like a house on quick sand. But on the other hand we Woyanes kept growing in numbers with quality one gallant fighter after another. If you deny this fact it is like denying your own birth. It is the same with saying ‘I was not born yet, I am not alive’. It is clear as a bright sunny day. Our leaders were so intelligent enough that they did not choose to put up a fight in cities and towns with Mengistu because that would be terribly wrong and they cared a lot for the lives of every one of their fighters. With their war tactics and strategies we liberated every inch of the countryside and we kept it defending it very well. Then came small villages followed by towns. Next regions fell until we finally marched into the capital. All credit for such brilliant tactics and strategy goes to our golden son the Immortal Meles. And look what those who you and others insult as ‘Woyane’ did for the country after destroying the Derg. The per capita has gone through the roof. It was $30 before 1991 and now it is toying with $2,000. Some others estimate that to be around $3,500. I am not lying to you about this one. Just look at the most recent CIA factbook – Democracy is finally taking roots slowly but surely. Don’t forget democracy does not mean anarchy or wanton hooliganism. It comes bundled with accountability. Democracy was never conceived as a tool for self destruction. Now you know why I will always be proud of being a ‘Woyane’. Thanks for asking.

          • Gashe mamo

            I may add the fact that the GDP Per Capita(PPP) is projected by international finance groups to be dancing with numbers between 3,500-4,000 US Dollars. That is called middle income, baby!!! Please remember that does not means poverty is finally eradicated from the country, a country where poverty is not a teenager but thousands of yours old deeply rooted even in the thought scheme of the population. Besides, can you or anyone else name one country where everyone is middle incomer or higher? Zero, right? There are people in every country who live below the poverty line. I am not misinforming you. Am I?

          • Tegadalye Adigrat,

            Better dead than being a Woyane!
            Lying is in your DNA. Eritreans are the one who brought you to our territory. Of course, you were leading the way by blowing bridges and robbing banks. Try another war with Eritreans and we will see who the real fighter is. They will smoke you alive. Woyane bandits are in stealing and begging. Period! once a Shifta always a Shifta! Boukam Woyane thug!

          • Tekle Adigrat

            Deception once again, Fooling and befooling:
            I do not have to spell the intention and strategy of the evil TPLF organization, from the inception up to now. To begin,…it used the helplessness, the vulnerability of the people, to creep its way to power. It is an organization of people who are unscrupulous, not bothering about any moral values, extremely violent, deceptive and dishonest. They poisoned many minds,…and down the years they learnt many ways to poison and cheat. They have committed the crime of dividing the indivisible, …just for controlling..because a divided country is easy to control.

            Now they are destroying every possibility of creating a free society. They deviate from reality with a cooked up numbers. Not a single sincerity. They try to deceive us by comparing themselves with the past to legitimize there dirty rule.
            Imagine, I used to play with a teddy bear, a toy… and sleep in a very small bed … I don’t do that now. I have grown up….that was some years ago. I have grown mentally as well as physically.
            And remember you can not fight poverty without fighting the source ….greed, exploitation, loss of law … are some of the sources.

            If there were good intentions , good will, – it will not take much to initiate the institution of democracy; but we haven’t seen that for decades.
            When will they start- never. Justice, military, parliament, they are controlled by one.

            We are all from Ethiopia. Some work with them, We know how they function. How they exploit, how they deceive, day in day out there propaganda machine message is clear. If you revolt you are risking your life, your livelihood, hence most were silent… Silent…In case they change there mind, No they didn’t….I don’t think they will …they kept amassing valuables out case something happens for the future.

            These are a minor fragment of features of Weyannes. It is not only wrong but it is a shame to be called one.


    • If you liberated Ethiopia, you did it for your own good or the TPLF Big Wigs that own everything in Ethiopia. The results speak for themselves. If TPLF was intelligent and cared for Ethiopia, they would have stepped down and allowed free elections supervised by the UN.

    What a beautiful town, what a beautiful people. They never ever surrender. They were a thorn on the side of Derg. They were the ones who made the last stand against the occupiers in 1991. They are a symbol of Ethiopian bravery and defiance TODAY.

    AMBO….it was there in the 1930s that great man ABADOYO WAMI GARRO, grand chief of Machaa, humiliated the Italian occupiers, who as Woyanae desperately tried to do past 26 years, were pitting one ethnic against another. He handed them a sack of “sergegna teff” and told them it’s easier to separate the brown and white seeds than to divide Ethiopians. It happened in full view of all the Oromo chiefs of Shewa that were called up and gathered by the Italians to incite them to attack other ethnics, their brothers and sisters. It all vanished into thin air because of the determination and greatness of this man.

    AMBO….it was from there waves after waves of arbegnas attacked and destroyed countless Italian occupiers and their banda dogs. Such men as Genene Badanae, Jagemaa Kello (only 15 years old), Tolaa Badanae and many more paid the necessary price then, as are these brave kids doing today, to liberate their land their families from this vicious occupation.

    AMBO….home to Laureate Tsegaye Gebremedhin and his powerful words, that pierce the heart and awaken the mind.

    AMBO….home to that great man Dr Marara Gudinaa who will never surrender, who will never ever stop from speaking the truth. Ten years in Derg jail, came out stronger than ever speaking for the millions of voiceless Ethiopians. He never fears anything and anybody.

      • Qomaxxaa,

        You are worried, A LOT, lol why you have to comment on every single thing that anybody has to say. By piling your empty Nazi style Soviet style propaganda you think you can stop the inevitable. These braves kids are not only dying for me, and I’m greatly indebted to them, they are dying for themselves, their families, their dignity, their country. You will never understand that because you have no dignity you have no honor you care about nobody even your own people but how much you can steal how much you can enrich yourself at the expense of others. I am sorry to say this, but I do not even read your comments, either I skip or gloss thru them because everyone in here knows you will lie to your teeth or make the most stupid arguments just to justify your crimes. A criminal like you who started his rebellion by robbing Axum bank has no moral standing pointing his fingure calling others looters.

        BTW I almost forgot, everyone knows I slapped you good and buried you twice before. But the funny thing it just happened again a third time the other day. Let me repeat. I have asked the question twice still waiting for a reply.

        Three years of mass upheaval in Oromia, thousands murdered, thousands beat up tortutred, tens of thousands thrown in jail. The kind Oromo people did not touch a single other ethnic. Not one Amara, Guraghae, Afar, Somali, not even Tigre. What happened in Awaday was direct result of repeated invasion and looting by Somali Liu Police who were armed to their teeth by Woyanae. Now, the question is why all of a sudden all kind of other ethnics are attacked from Boranaa to Illu Aba Boraa to Buno Bedelae. Who is behind it? answer the question.

    • Shewarega,

      Thank you for writing the in-depth history of Ambo – the home of the braves. I was always curious about the heroism of that area now you gave me a very good historical perspective. What a unique place! Let all places in the land of Ethiopia be Ambo, let the home grown fascist regime be fumigated.

      ታሪክ እራሱን እየደገመ ነው። በ 5 አመታት የጣሊያን ወረራ ዘመን አሻፈረኝ ብሎ ጫካ የገባው የጀግና ዘረ ህዝብ ልጅ አሁን ደግሞ ቤት ሰፈር ቃዬውን በወያኔ ላይ ዱር ጫካ እያደረገው ነው። አገርሻጭ የባዕዳን ሎሌው የትግሬው ወያኔ የተከበበች ሚዳቋ ሆኗል። እግዜር በቅርብ ቸር ወሬ ያሰማን። ድል ለኢትዮጵያ ! ሞት ለዓጋዚ ወያኔ!

  14. TPLF must go!!! this place my father region during the second wirld war my father fought with Italian facist he did remarkable hero in that region this people need this brutal regim nust ousted from the power enoug is enough do not kill our people.

  15. Another sad news of ethnic cleansing is coming from Benishangu , another TPLF’s slaughter house aka Bantustan/kililstant/. ቤኒሻንጉል በሎደዴሳ ቀበሌ በሎጅጋንፎይ ወረዳ ካማሽ ዞን እስካሁን 25 ሰዎች ተገድለዋል እየተባለ ነው። :: Another day another dirty scheme. If there is one thing bold initiative that Ethiopians who vehemently oppose TPLF have to do.
    —– Help ordinary helpless farmers to arm themselves with weapons of self defense. That way they can ensure their security. By all means this has to a NUMBER ONE WORK.

    Besides making citizens gun owners,

    1) Dismantle and crack the 1 to 5 killing squad structure by creating a countering system that put TPLF killing machine out of service.

    2) Let the motto be , COUNTRY FIRST! Ignore the unholy TPLF’s promise and propaganda, let all Ethiopians come together, document/videotape/ the actions of the perpetrators. Wherever possible, post the pictures of Agazi armies, let the people identify and know them. We are in an encouraging stage when hearing all Ethiopians, even the reassuring/ conciliatory pitches and assertiveness of their Ethiopiawinet by by some of those used to be extremist oppositions activists. The only thug whose thinking ability can’t grow and deprived of wisdom is the tigre liberation front. Thus, let Ethiopians be assured about the future and governance be in their own hands and will.

    3)The call for Synergy of struggle and Coordination. The people are determined and the fight has to be an all out one. When the Ambo does this, why not Bahir Dar, Dessie, Awassa, Kombolcha, etc, including the deep sleeping Addis Ababa. No going back, no taking break, keep and build the intensity. That way the Agazi bullets will fizzle.

    Victory for Ethiopians! Down Down Woyane!

  16. @Badiawara

    We’ve been using this barrel of loaded guns to overthrown regime after regime in Ethiopia but look where it got us more dictators more killers, our people enslaved, their looted etc.

    Can’t you see my brother woyana is a small puzzle of a larger problem, the best thing for me is let each and regional state in Ethiopia state break up and if they want to start up and create a new country that’s up to them that is what i vall democracy.

    Woyana are evildoers but so are the ganges of Berhanu Nega, Shabia, Egyptians, al shabab etc.

    Killing innocent people never works but only creates more hatred, woyana is only putting more flames for their Tigrai people.

  17. Abebaw,

    Ambo has a very long history of defiance to injustice. There are so many things untold. Especially about Aba Doyo Wami, my mom knew him well and she told me so many things its sad today very few know about him.

    He saved so many lives by his wisdom and defiance to authority. Yet the sad part when liberation came and the Italians were defeated he was thrown in jail by the newly appointed governor for a personal quarrel.
    My dad was army chief there then and knew him as a kid. He used to take him out of jail at night time and take him to my parents house to eat dinner with them going in thru the back door. My mother say the day he was released he wore his buluko hold his long kezera and said now I go thru the front door since I am free and had lunch with them before he went to his house.

    Also why he was arrested and how he was released was hilarious. You see he stopped the ethnic massacre he encouraged the arbegnas to fight. At the same time Dej Tassew who later was appointed governor after liberation was a banda working with Italians. Both were good friends, and once the Italians promoted and gave the Dejazmatch an Italian title. The fool wrote a letter to AbaDoyo describing his appointment. It read “wondemae Ato AbaDoyo Sami, hayalu ye Italian mengest karabinary belo shomognal ena des yebeleh des belognal.” Aba Doyo knew well that day will pass and stored the letter well.

    The Italians defeated Tassew, who is relative to the Emperor, was appointed governor of Gebat and Mechaa, my dad army chief. Then something personal happen between Tassew and AbaDoyo. During their defeat the Italians scattering out of Addis passed thru Ambo fleeing to Gondar and Illu Aba Bora. At one time they stayed a day or two thru the lands of Aba Doyo. They had some antennas planted on trees that they left behind after fleeing. Tassew used that as a pretext to accuse AbaDoyo of collaborating with the Italians, and throw him in jail. Ye motelesh kkerto he gedelesh bella goes the song.

    Aba Doyo pleaded his case to be released in all ways possible, thru lawyers other officials what have you. Month come and go realizing he is not going out he dropped a bomb shell. He called my dad and told him I have tried my best to get out here by legal terms, but now I have no choice but to bring this up.


    My dad told Tassew and Aba Doyo was released the same day. He had his lunch with my parents and went home. Know that it is these people Woyanae is facing at AMBO.

    • Shewarega,

      Thank you for bringing this untold golden history to light! I now truly have a satisfying answer to my curiosity of these brave people. These sons and daughters of those warrior of injustices will be exactly doing the same heroism as their fore fathers. May God bless the souls of Aba Doyo and others and be on the side of the current generation of Ambo.

    • Agazy,

      Stop your corocodile tears. I have never seen a murderer sobbing for the murdered. You Woyane Tigre wonbedes should know that your military adventures will end in a way you never dreamt. Once a Shifta is a always a Shifta!

      • @Damo

        These police doing all these killings are Oromos themselves maybe their affiliated with woyana but their still Oromos.

        I dnt believe this woyana nonsense controlling everything I really dnt but one thing I have noticed amongst woyana and their supporters especially from @ethioash is they kno how to play the emotional card and quite frankly I am a very emotional person myself so @ethioash is a very smart fellow he knows when to click the emotional card especially when @Shewarega talks about his beloved Warlord king menlik lol.

        • Bloody collaborator Somali,
          Do you remember what you did last week in Somalia? Think for a minute Mr expert on separation, have you ever done the pros and cons of separation or you just use your half dead brain to spit shit all over the Internet? I give less of an eff if you walk away with want you belong I know you will regret big.

          Use brain, don’t say shit for the sake of saying.

          • @Michael84

            Hello to you as well my Amhara nutter friend, woyana is something your Warlord minlik created so all evil woyana does was done by your beloved Warlord Isis minlik.

        • Ancient Somalia,

          I don’t think Ashebarew Shifta Hagos had emotion. He is a cold blooded mercenary. Since I don’t understand what he is trying to say, I don’t read his trash. He is scumbag!

          The Woyane Agazis are the ones who are burning cars and killing innocent people. The TPLF dogs won’t send Oromos to Oromo regions for fear of deserting and joining people. The Oromo police is with people.

          Are you ready to move ? Our country will be free in a year or two. Sell your property you own in England. We will create a political party and lead our people to a better future. Please stop the independence talk!

          • @Damo

            How can a minority ethnic people be everywhere at the same time? Can’t you see nothing makes sense? When I put this same question to that clown (Hope) he replied by saying because these minority are armed to the teeth which is nonsense, the truth my friend is whatever we like it or not Woyana 80% of their supporters are amongst the Oromos themselves.

            Ps Sorry to bubble your dream my friend but I dnt think any administration from Addis Ababa will ever get to rule the great people of Ogadenia, you see the amharas and Oromos are lower castes people so there’s no way in hell for either of them to rule the noble Somali people that is just unacceptable, Somalis will rule both (Amharas and Oromos) but they cannot rule us.

            Tell me my friend what your going offer me to change my mind? @ethioash has already offer me a deal.

        • Fake Somali, i know, we all know that you are nothing but another Woyanae cadre, it’s been proven beyond repair by none other than Shewarega.

          No Somali ever will call Eritreans Tigryigna and Tigres Tigrai, not even Gondar Amara who married with them call them that but a Woyanae. Where did you see me get emotional with your boss Qomaxxaa, other than slapping him around a couple of times LOL. But then again it beats me why I’m even talking to you. You are,just what the Amara call an “awurag”. He sings and you just repeat what he says. Just an echo, ye gedel mamitu.

          Talking Menelik might have helped you 20 or 25 years ago. But today you are dealing with a totally different generation, that was born and grew up witnessing your war crimes. Better come up with another formula, this one does not work any more kikikikiki.

          • @Shewarega

            Since your so good with history maybe you teach the history of the Tigrinyas people from Italian colonial of Eritrea.

  18. 1st there is no ethiopian flag imoji without the “star” so I’m sorry
    2nd I partially agree with you about the misinformation by the current system and misrepresentation of history but here is the tricky part how could 83 ethnic groups who have drunk from cool-aid for the last 26 years. More than 60% of the population is below 35. There is no drop of patriotism and nationalism in the country… If you can speak any language besides amharic you would know there are no songs about ethiopia in afaan oromo sidama, kaffinoono,… Etc
    Nobody talkes about Ethiopia as an identity anywhere or at least all of the places I have been in the south of the country including large portion of oromia especially arisi
    My question to you brother is how could these diverse people with so much historical and current grievances would live together in a free nation
    Especially southern people who are and have been marginalised and enslaved for centuries???
    And when was the last last time in Ethiopian history freedom and equality was there? Mind you brother Slavery was abolished in Ethiopia in 1923 when league of nations insisted H.I.M haileselassie to do so.

  19. Ancient Somalia,

    Federation is my answer. You rule yourself and there will be your representatives in federal level. If your righ is respected, what else do you know want? We don’t want a system similar to the past or the present. The problem of our country has always been a lack of democracy. You take power if you have a gun. That needs to stop. Woyane thugs must be the last mercenaries to hold power without people’s consent.

    You have two choices: federation and secession. If you secede, we will see another South Sudan in the South. I understand your frustration and misgivings but being together is better than to go alone. Let us wait and see if Woyane thugs secede. After that you will decide for yourself.

    I don’t kno what has happened to you but I can tell your attitude towards Oroms has got worse lately. You should support oppressed people everywhere. As I said before I am neither Amhara nor Orom. I like to live in peace with everyone including with my Somalia brothers. It is your right to hold what ever option you want but try to be rational.

    • @Damo

      When you said Federation what it that mean? please give more insight and also will you dismiss the ethnic based regions after post woyana? I think dismissing the ethnic based regions will for sure mark a potentially dangerous for Ethiopia, from my perspective the ethnic based federalism should stay put even after post woyana infact more ethnic based regions should be created especially for the Agew people, the departure of woyana doesn’t mean Ethiopia be reversed back to ere of totalitarian Haile Selassie/Derg regimes.

      • First, there is no people called Tigrigna, that is a language. Like there is no people called Oromiffaa or Amarigna. The Tigrigna speaking folks of Eritrea (Hamassien, AkaleGuzai, Serae) use it to make themselves distinct from those south of Mereb that speak Tigrigna.
        If you want to draw from history I have read various books written during Yohanes and Menelik time, people used to call them Tigray ena Tigrae (some Tigray Tignigni). Tigray referring to land between Tekezae and Mereb, and anything above Mereb was called Tigrae. But remember unlike you people then refer to themselves as region not ethnic. When one refers to someone from Tigray, it means exactly that. It does not matter if he is Azebo Oromo, Raya, Irob, Afar, or Tigrigna speaker.

        But with regards to the rest of Ethiopians, they call everyone between Mereb and Tekezae Tigre, anything north of Mereb Eritrean or just Hamassien. The Shewans take it to higher level and called them ye chewa lij Hamassien.

        With regards to your question about ethnic regions, if they should stay or they should go. All I want to say is the people should be asked, with no pressure intimidation and lies from any political groups. It should be done by international norms, with outside observers given full access to watch over the votes. This current federation was imposed by the will of a handful regional groups EPLF OLF and TPLF. It did not include a very large majority that do not want ethnic federation. But above all it was not done to give the regions more say with their lives, but to deliberately divide the majority that way Woyanae ride as he pleases and loot the resources of the country.

        Last but not least, I don’t know where you were when I beat up your Qomaxxaa boss but I have defeated the whole farce in one strike. Show me one region that is pure ethnic? Non not even one. So called Tigre zone has Amara, Azebo Oromo, Irob, Afar, Kunama, Tigre and more. Same with fake Amara zone, it has Amara, Kkemant, Yejju Oromo, Agew, Wag Samra, the most ridiculous Wello Oromo. They call it Amara regional state Oromia Zone kikikikik what the heck is that? Total total rubbish. If mostly one ethnic areas want an ethnic zone I understand that. Like Ogaden overwhelming Somali, like Afar overwhelming Afar. But even those the people were never asked. But the rest of the country is totally mixed. And you are trying to tell me so called Southern Zone is an ethnic zone, pleaseeeeeee. What gives you a right to make Harari zone, Benshangul or Afar zone and deny Sidama that and make it awuraja when 5% of Ethiopians live there? It was a province even at Imperial time.

        • SheWar

          First, there is no people called English, that is a language. Like there is no people called France or Germany or Japanese or Chinese

          … if u have an English word for kililoch pls forward it otherwise dont misunderstand ethnic fed system for one single ethnic groups… if that the case we would have 80 ethnic Fed.state not 9 fed state .. because we have only 9 state we have many ethnic groups in the at region but they have their own distract or counties

          about inviting white people to count our vote is out right foolish… are the white going to babysit us forever if we dont trust each other … someone we should learn to trust each other beside the white also have their own interest .. it might conflict with our interest.. the best thing to do is

          we have 600+ woreda, 12 rasgez akababiwach (Zone ) and 9 kililoch each of them should count their own vote this way the oromo count the oromo vote the Amhara will count the Amhara vote this way no body will say they r cheated because they r the one who counting the vote..624 zone can be counting their own vote that means no single ethnic can dominate the result

          • Qomaxxaa,

            I see you lick your wound, trying to backtrack backtrack backtrack and save some face. Of course, that is why you call yourself Tigriygna? LOL your little brain can not digest it, but what I am whipping you with is that don’t scream at others to accept ethnic federalism when there is nothing as such in Ethiopia today. Everybody including you can see that. But defeat is very bitter. The whole of Ireland speaks English, and in your logic they are English too.

            I was really impressed with your suggestion of how to count the vote. You want to do everything based on the fake system you created with your cadres intact one Ethiopian spying on five others your dirty ethnic militia murdering torturing and arresting as it pleases? My dear, Ethiopians know better. They thought they can believe you and did that for two bright weeks in 2005. All to be murdered, tortured, and arrested by the tens of thousands. Everything I suggested I did for Ethiopia after freedom, we do not expect anything under your occupation.

            Again I will ask. Answer the question, answer the question, answer the question. Three years of upheaval all over Oromia, not a single non Oromo was attacked. Why is that happening all over NOW? From Boranaa, to Illu Aba Boraa, to Buno Bedelae and beyond. Why are you trying to paint Oromo “ttelashet”?

          • SheWar

            “””The whole of Ireland speaks English, and in your logic they are English too.””””


            Irish is spoken as a first language by Irish people, and as a second language by a larger group of non-native speakers. Irish enjoys constitutional status as the national and first official language of the Republic of Ireland, and is an officially recognised minority language in Northern Ireland. It is also among the official languages of the European Union. sad but truth English is over taken the Irish language

            about every region and district count their own vote.. i did not invented it is democratic system practice in USA … TX count their own vote so to NY … NY will not say i want to count TX vote to make sure they counting right .. yes we will not prefect it the first time but this is how we should start trusting each other and let the count start .. beside who u going to appoint to count who is going to be trusted to count other people vote .. can u trust an oromo to count the Amhara vote.. even the vote counted honestly some might think otherwise why get involved with this Bs let everyone count their own vote… let representative from other region be there as witness

            dont ask me ተረት ተረት question .. i give u the win… u win this round … so pls stop your ተረት ተረት የመሰረት ጫወታ::

        • @Shewarega

          Hamassien is just a province in Eritrea and can’t be considered as people of race but On the other hand the Eritrean Biher-Tigrinya and Ethiopia’s Tigray people are closely related through spoken language (Tigrinya) their appearance is almost the same especially their music sounds, the drum rhymes, dancing in a circle, the traditional white clothing (habesha Kemis) the woman braiding and buttering their hair (this hair style is only unique to the region of Tigray and Biher Tigrinya.

          The only differences between the Tigray and Biher Tigrinya people is their Eritrea counterparts are arabized and believe European borders.

      • Ancient Somalia,

        The current ethnic based system has serious flaws. As you can see, it is not working. We will let the people decide.

        I still believe that you are a real Somali with Woyane outlooks. You sometimes flirt with them. That is ok. For me the most important thing is to destroy Woyane leeches. We will see what will happen.

        • @Damo

          Still I dnt understand what your suggesting? Simple answer dude do you oppose the ethnic federation yes or no? If the answer is No than what are the solutions?

          • I used to but not anymore. After witnessing mass murderers and displacement of Oromo and Somali brothers, I changed my mind. I would rather prefer to talk about Woyane bandits who brought so much havoc.

  20. Dear Shewarega, Damo and Michael:

    Should we spend our time to respond Ancient Somali or discuss about our Ethiopia? He is simply here none other than doing a rescue mission for the besieged tigre thugs. His specific assignment is being a destructor. And he certainly is a TPLF tigre troll trying to saboteur by pouring cold water on the raging fire devouring his ዴዴቢት ethnic dynasty. Ancient Somali ምና ምን ማንን ለማታለል ነው፣ እንኳን የሰው እና የዝንብ ጠንጋራ ነጥረን እናውቃለን። ለምን ወያኔ ትግሬ ስለመሆንህ አፈርክ? ሥራህ ነው። Please,please, please he is not Somali at all and don’t waste your time. Let’s focus what Ethiopians should do right now , home and abroad to give a lasting punch to the TPLF.

    In my opinion the peaceful solution with TPLF is over, thus communities need weapons to help them ensure their safety. This has to be the NUMBER ONE thing to kneel the tigre thug murderers.

    • the man with a woman name

      if u dont talk to Ancient Somali r u going to talk to yourself practically u killed

      i know, what u try to do .. u r dodging the question.. Ancient Somali ask u and ur buddy very important question what would u replace with ethnic fed. system . u say it doesnt work that Ato SheWar telling us to vote on it… my point is why the Amhara care about other region vote or not vote on ethnic fed system… i think if Amhara doesnt want ethnic fed system why not go back to your provenience system where u lived before no body force u to use ethic fed system… use anything u want but dont try to push it on other … they love it as long as they dont ask for referendum dont advice them they know what want…

      when Ancient Somlali telling u he love ethnic fed system u tell him he is from Tigray that means u deny his right to experess himself .. r u saying the Somali have no thinking power to think for themsleves ,,

      the Somalia and the Afar the most i admire those tribe never paid tax because they cut the tax collector manhood so no tax collector come to Afar region and collect tax..

      on the other hand the Southern region to stop slavery they start putting plate on their lips and make themselves ugly for the slaver driver so the slaver driver cant make money on damaged goods so the left them alone this way they protected themselves from Amhara slave driver …. so my buddy the other ehtnic know u inside and out dont try to fool them as if u care about them…

      • Ash,

        አንዳንድ ጊዜ ሳስብ ወያኔን ያፈራ ማህፀን ሁሉ የእርኩሰት ቀን ሥራ ውጤት ይመስለኛል። የኦሮሞ ደም፣የአማራ፣ የጉራጌ፣የወላይታ፣የትግሬ፣የአፋር፣አገው፣ሲዳማ፣ወዘተ ልሣነ-ኢትዮጵያን በውስጡ የሌለበት ሰው እርሱ ሰው ሳይሆን ከሌላ ዓለም የመጣ ዮፎ (UFO) ነው። ስለዚህም ወያኔ የመርገምተ-ሥጋ ግብር ውጤት ነው። አንተ እንዴ እርሱ ዓይነት ጥቁር ነፍስ ያለህ ፍጡር ስለሆንክ አንተን መምከር የተቆላ ስንዴ ይበቅላል ብሎ መዝራት ይመስላል።

      • Thank you brother Damo! That is we all should do – get the tigre thugs off our back and intensify the fight against them.

      • Brother Michael84, thank you! The killer tigre thugs will never get a second of our attention. Saving our country and ensuring the safety of our people is our Obligation and is a Generational call. We can’t play that game with the sworn enemy of the people -TPLF. I am sure you might have heard this news:

        የጅጅጋ ዩኒቨርስቲ ሊዘጋ እንዴ ሆነ ተወሰነ። ለዚህም ምክንያቱ ለኦሮሞ ተማሪዎች እና መምህራን ህይወት አስጊ መሆኑ ስለተረጋገጠ ነው። ይህ ማለት የአማራ፣ የደቡብ ኢትዮጵያን ተማሪዎችን እና መምህራን ያካትታል ማለት ነው። እንዴዚህ ሆኖ ነው አገር አለን ለማለት የሚቻለው? ዒላማችን አገር ማዳን እና የጐሣ ካባ ለብሶ ምስኪን ህዝብ የሚበጠብጠውን ወያኔ መንቀል ብቻ ነው። ድል ለኢትዮጵያዊያን!!!

  21. ganging up on @ethoash won’t change anything, I believe @ethoash already admitted on another thread that he’s a criminal and wants to be granted a pardon but there are others who are worse criminals like Abebaw, Broke, Shewarega, Michael84, Finfinne serfere etc, will these guys ever accept the crimes of their godfather the Warlord ISIS minlik?

    • Fake Somali,

      Like I said you are absolutely nothing, just an “awurag” echo ye gedel mamitu geleba. All you say in here is based on nothing but an acute inferiority complex. Before opening your mouth, first know on whose land you are standing on, who recreated the nation you are holding hostage and looting billions from, who created the town you are swimming in luxury at, who united all Ethiopians under one umbrella and died by the hundreds of thousands to save your ungrateful, maregebis, mekkegna ass.

    • Ancient Somali

      when OLF, AG7 AND giving pardon IN exchange TPLF resign it is give an take…

      Tplf also give safe passage (equal to pardon )to mengistu haile mariam, THEY waited enough time for Mengistu to run away…

  22. @Shewarega

    Did your Warlord king consulted the people of Biher-Tigrinya when he sold them like bunch of sheeps to the Italians?

    Did your Warlord king minlik consulted the none amharas when he decided to invade their land?

    Did your Warlord king Haile Selassie consulted the people of Eritreans when in 1962 he annexed Eritrea which become an Ethiopian province?

    Did your Warlord king Haile Selassie consulted the people of Ogadenia if they wanted to join Somalia or remain part of Ethiopia?

    So you wanted woyana to consult the Amhara elite that dominated the Ethiopian for century?

    Just Imagine your a policeman and you were tasked interviewing this badly wounded woman so would you consult the criminal thug who harmed this poor woman and ask his permission to interview her? I hope you understand my point mate.

    • Ancient Somali

      that is why i give up on those people they never learn they never ask why…

      Eritrea lived happily until king haile annexed Eritrea with Ethiopia …

      mind u those Eritrea where learning in their own language but our wise leader ban their language and introduce Amharic this move start every thing …

      now the children of King haile want to pull the same Bs on oromia and Ogden they never ask if Eritrea allowed to keep her port income and develp Eritrea instead of send it to Addis Ababa of course after they pay their fed tax and kept their own language and tell them to learn Amhric if they want to work in fed government … two language rule apply everyone who work in fed government must know two language this way everyone will be covered

      Domahead telling u once u help him remove TPLF from power he will discuss with u about ethic fed. until then he doesnt want to know what he is thinking .. this is the kind of hoodlum move that kept Africa down.. every one try to pull fast one… Trump will not say i will tell u what i am going to do just first elect me then i will tell u then .. how in hell the people hold him responsible if he did not say anything his project ….

      • Here we go again, a pile of dung but every step of the way we will be there to slap you around with the hard cold facts. First, Eritrea was joined with Ethiopia by Benito Mussolini during his occupation of Ethiopia. If you search for the map of Italian colonial Africa Eritrea was one of six regions then, the others being Galla/Sidama, Shewa, Harar, Ogaden, and Amara. There was no Tigre region then, it was just an awuraja of Eritrea, just like you have illegally made awuraja of huge regions like Sidama, Begemeder, Keffa, Gojjam, Wello and others and chopped down into pieces the two largest regions Shewa and Hararghe.

        After the Italians were driven out of both Eritrea and Ethiopia, a referendum was conducted by the supervision of the UN under which the majority of Eritreans willed the federation with Ethiopia. The Emperor did not enter Eritrea guns blazing, rather with tens of thousands clapping and singing all the way to Asmara. Did he make a very serious mistake by annuling the federation later, absolutely I agree with that. But at the same time do not forget the high esteem and respect he had for Eritreans. His government was full of them ministers, senators, ambassadors, governors (including Dej Solomon uncle to Isayas who was governor of Wello), and Generals. Fifty eight years in power he appoint 19 three star Generals, four were Eritreans, (Iyasu Mengesha, Aman Mikael Andom, Haile Bayekedagne, and Isayas GabreSellasie). Eritreans with incredible ethic for work and their long list of know how prospered in Ethiopia, married mingled with everyone else. Even during Derg time all that horror committed in Eritrea and us being tortured and butchered in Addis and the rest of the country we cried for each other and lived together. They were our neighbors, our classmates, our friends. It is you and your viciousness that separated us not the secession of Eritrea itself. When you dragged them out of their homes at 4 in the morning stole everything they worked hard for and ethnically evicted them. Don’t shade your crocodile tears ZAY WERE FORCED TO SPEAK ZIS LANGUAGE AND ZAT, like you give squat about anything but your pocket and your loot.

        Ethiopia is perfectly fine, the only thing it needs is for you to first shut your mouth then simply vanish, cease to exist. The single most important thing is to make Oromiffaa official language bring Oromo to the center, and everything else be it problem pre your occupation or caused by your stupidity will be solved easily. Stop preaching hate, it might have worked 15 20 25 years ago, but the current generation are far wiser than that, they know you well and who is murdering them NOW daily.

        • Ancient Somali

          u see what i am saying this idiot Amhara never learn. he think i will waste my time speaking in circle .. we told him the dead king annexed Eritrea he is telling us no no the shorty did not annexed Eritrea he annulling the federation…

          this idiot try to tell us king shorty appointed Eritrean to higher office so African American have no problem because one of their own become president of America … what king of idiot think that way.. if TPLF appoint few Generals from Amhara, oromo and ogden that will be okay too… if that the case TPLF GO WAY FARTHER appointing other ethnicity… take Somali regional president Abdi Ilay …. this guy run Ogden like an independent nation and he have his own Somali army … This guy and his people only understood what Fed means and enjoying their right to the fullest … they dont try to pull fast one they r fully committed… this people have oil and they know they going to keep larage some of the money in ogden after paying Fed tax it is not like the Amhara rule where Addis Ababa government own all the oil in Ethiopia and the money goes to Addis Ababa and develop Addis Ababa while Ogden is lived like parmitive people those day is over…

          what Eritrea question was very simple they wanted to keep income of port Assab and develop Eritrea why in hell Eritrea providing free service for Ethiopia while they live in poverty without income .. yes few Eritrean can immigrate to Addis Ababa and become rich that is not the point they should not be immigrated to Addis Ababa they should stay in Eritrea and develop their own city … yes if they want to live in any part of Ethiopia they have a right but they should not be immigrated for economy reason ..because their city have no income while they have Assab

          even up to now idiot SheWar… i call u idiot because Ittu TOLD me not to call u Buda … i am struggling hard not to call u Buda otherwise people like u r not learning from their mistake … ask why Eritrea ask for independent it is very simple .. they want to keep their federation that they voted for mind u the Muslim at that time didnot even agree with and started ELF … AND fighting us leter when the Christan want to join them ELF left the struggle saying where were u before that is why ERITREAN Christian started EPLF
          AGAIN their question was very simple and basic
          1. language right
          2. keep their federation
          3. that means they control their own resource,they control their own election and govern by their own governor not send from Addis Ababa

          this means the Eritrean will have Assab and Ethiopian will pay just like Djbouti port fee to use Assab the only difference is the Assab belong to Ethiopia and Ethiopia will have access in war time sea port… the only thing is Eritrea own the income and Ethiopia own the port .. and Eritrean pay fed tax..

          this is very simple if Amhara have teff they will not ship it for free to oromo because oromo is in Ethiopia .. the same way oromo will not ship their coffee to Amhara because the Amhara is in Ethiopia .. when it come to Eritrea assab port everyone want to use it for free.. even now i am hearing from idiot people why we pay Djibouti billion of dollar when we could have used Assab for free …u see even in 2017 this idiot want to use Assab for free..

          do u know Tx have oil do u think they will give their oil to NY because ny IS in America what kind of moron think that way…

          case in point illubabor and all of oromo have riches they have the coffee and they have the gold but they r not developed as they have resource the sad case is illubabor they r so backward i dont blame them if they start revolution even now TPLF are not practising real fed system where the state control the resources and if they dont develop the blame goes to the regional government …
          I think the best thing is TPLF took contorl of the local budget…develop the local economy if u give the money to local governor sometimes they will be corrupted and the blame goes to TPLF .. SO TPLF aggressively must develp the regional state …. to tell the truth even TPLF goes a long way in fed system they fail when it come to economy equalisation this is where most of the problem coming from had the regional government developed just like Addis Ababa their will be no problem they would have said let TPLF rule for 1000 years.. saying all this TPLF is way advaince then Amhara governing system i am not talking even about former Amhara system .. i am talking Amhara would be ruler in 2017 they think like primitive people

          about Eritrea here is the whole story… TPLF kept their side of bargain… The Eritrean want independent TPLF give them that .. then Meles did the best move allowed the Eritrean to stay by holding two passport and allowed them to live and work just like Ethiopia

          now the Amhara go banana saying why in hell Eritrean have two passport whil Ethiopian are not allowed to work in Eritrea … mind u the war wound did not healing and this idiot want to go to Eritrea and work as if nothing happened .. mind u Eritrea did not ask for kassa they did not revenge they just left .. if the Amhara had patience… the Eritrean will start trusting and will allowed the Ethiopia back again but they Amhara did not have patience they want the Eritrean to fail.. so they want the Eritrea to break from Ethiopia for real and go their own way.. because Amhara thought the Eritrean were Mooching because they were crying saying how in hell Eritrea become number one coffee exporter without having coffee.. mind u this idiot forget they did not pay for Assab fee… and now they paying billion of dollar to Djibouti the other day i heard one Amhara saying how in hell Djibouti become number one teff exporter without having teff.. mind u Djibouti have billion of dollar they can buy locally from Ethiopians farmers …and export it…

          with all this the golden kid Meles kept his word and kept the Eritrean close to his chest.. after all Meles was grateful for what Eritrea and TPLF partnership achieved then the Eritrean start seeing this as master and slave relationship…. the Eritrean start to think if they pull out Ethiopia will collapse or thinking as we put u we can take u down … the moment that Straw that broke the camel’s back when the Eritrean demanded the port fee in dollar and change their currency and drop Ethiopian birr without notice… then the golden kid stand his ground and said he will use Djibouti port… every thing would have been okay if Eritrea kept their mouth and go their own way but isaias afewerki thought he is disrespected by his slave so he want to show Meles who is the boss… mind u Isaias IS not dumb guy he know without Ethiopia he will be FK. his dream becoming Singapore all base on looting Ethiopia when his slave say no then he want to take action and Badme was only excuse to start war and remove TPLF and put friendly Ethiopian leader that respect Eritrean master and slave relationship the ungrateful Eritrea got kick their behind and end up singpoor instead of Singapore…in all this amhara were great supporter of the war and want the Meles government to go all the way to Assmara and give them back their Assab but Meles was smart he stop the war and in way saved Ethiopia to .. otherwise we would be the owner of broken Eritrea just like America owning broken Iraq and Afghanistan

          yes Meles was wrong taking away the Eritrean property even so he give them time to sale .. that would be fire sale … even kicking them also war wrong because those Eritrean was born in Ethiopia .. then gain ISISIS AWARKI was also responsible for their faith because he declared in open he will use the Eritrean inside Ethiopia to sabotage Ethiopia that prompt Meles to act… and finalising the separation …. Amhara were fully supporting this move and the war so they r not innocent as SheWar claim to be…

          it drive me crazy when people try to avoid responsibility and doesnt want to learn from past mistake … if we talk what we did wrong on Eritrea case then that answer would be helpful to keep our oromo and other ethnic groups happy.. to day the oromo and other ethnicity asking what the Eritrean asking

          then again we have idiot people like Ato SheWar who is telling us rape is okay as long as we marry her and give he all life comfort….

          let me lower the above wisdom… Shewar saying it is okay for dead king to annexed Eritrea as long as he give few Eritrean high office.. now the idiot will come back and will say i said annexed Eritrea is wrong but u take it back when u said the Eritrean were happy because they have it good in Addis Ababa and few of them had high office

          this is like the slave master saying the slave are happy because he always see them singing

          • this reply is for benefit of A. somali not SheWar or Domahead or the man with woman name or MJ AT AGE OF 84.. U GUYS R LOST TO ME..

          • I READ my comment and found out it was a masterpiece… i could not believed i top myself again … this must be almighty hand guiding me to write this masterpiece pls enjoy it as much as i enjoy it..

          • Qomaxxaa,

            Rambling, rambling, rambling kikikiki dehna aderage aselefelefkush. You are the most hated creature at this site. You should be grateful for Nazret to remove the thumbs up/down. It was clear for all to see. That is why you are talking to your fake deputy, the second most hated one in here.

            The thing I don’t understand when will you start talking about your own miskin lemagne self. Ze Eritrea this, ze Amara that, ze Somali this, ze Oromo that. But I can understand that a bit, it’s all gerdena and prostitution in Asmara. They don’t even consider you human, they name their twisted roads after your hateful mekkegna heart. They say, shih aqua tekone heyaway ayeteaamen Tigraway.

            Let me tell you this, I was privileged to meet one very wealthy Eritrean in the States couple of years back, a friend of a friend. He has over twenty properties I was very impressed by his decency the words that came out of his mouth. He told me as a kid in Asmara he once saw the Emperor visiting, and the Emperor had a habit of stopping his car giving a single dollar bill to kids. He said he fought with a swarm of kids and got one and took it home. His mom told him do not spend it, it is a blessing to him and that he still had it. I was skeptical not of the story but that he kept it. But another day we met he showed it to me inside a beautiful frame. That is what Eritrean means, all that division all that civil war he still kept it because he is not a hateful mekkegna animal like you.

            You want to tell us injustice against Eritreans? You are deaf but I already gave you the reply, they were evicted by none other than you. I was at one of the embassies in 2000, I saw the list hundreds and hundreds of names, some that I recognized. The letter on my right hand my left hand covering my mouth I read every single one of them. Every single one listed by their properties. Paulos Barahi workke bet, Ali Indris buna bet, Gabray GabreMaryam tesabi botae, Mohamed Amin cake bet. Segebgeb wusha beleteh yematettegeb.
            DEGMO ante men afe alehena selasawun yemetekkebatterew.

            You rose by hate, you came by hate, you rule by hate, and hate awaited you. Absolutely nothing between you and us but death. And you know the clock is ticking. …… tic tac tic tac tic tac LOL

          • SheWar

            i thought u told u u dont read my thread. second there is an Amhara saying those who hide their illness can’t find their cure…

            if u deny what mistake u did to Eritrean, u r are doomed to repeat it…. it is not my interest to talk in circle

            i already told u TPLF make a lot of mistake , they r a collection of human they must make mistake and they did the point is are they learning from their mistake … the answer is not much … in fact it might even cost them their empire if they keep on causing self inflicted wounds… they will not last…

            the oromo and Ambo case is very simple they should fighting with all their might to turn around the oromo unemployment issue … they must start public housing project and cobblestone that is what saved Addis Ababa youth to day the youth never protested after 2005 uprising After Meles open up the city development project the homeless and hooligan got money to burn working in cobblestone and housing project they have no time for protest … i think we should follow Meles formula and create million job in oromia u will not see one protest ever..

            have a nice day! i really mean it!

      • Ashebarew Shifta Hagos,

        You Denbara Woyane ant! Low life mercenary! I have no idea why people on this website go back and forth with as if they are dealing with a human being. I really don’t understand. I won’t consider you for a pet. Disgusting low life Woyane thug!

        • domahead

          for the first time i believe u that u did not understand what i am saying .. i was not even expecting u to understand it is above ur level.. this is a masterpiece guided by almighty himself it might take u 40 years to understand what i am trying to say… so dont blame yourself for not understanding it is nt from it is from high thinking machine the thought come from ….

          if u were not an idiot u would have stop reading when u see Ancient Somali name it was intended for him not for u… u r lost to me

          • Ash – ashebarew Shifta Hagos,

            You are eating a lot of Beles these days. You are getting from bad to worse. Everything you say doesn’t give sens. My little dog, Adigrat, writes better than you. What a disgrace to be a Woyane. The only Woyane is a dead Woyane!

            We have freed Beleke Gereba!

            We shall free Merera Guidina and Anudalem Arage and others!

  23. Fake Somali,

    Please talk more, because the more you do so the more you are exposing your true identity. But I have to tell you this you are very good at what you do. They need to give you a raise. You even fooled me for a long time, but this calling Eritreans Tigrigna Tigres Tigrai was the last straw that really showed me it was just a duck. Walks like a duck quacks like a duck, the saying goes it must be a duck. You call them Hamassien, you call them Eritrean, you call them Biher Tigrigna (how in the world a Somali says these things LOL), they don’t talk Menelik at all. Not a single one. Plus I want to tell you Eritrea left long before Menelik showed on the horizon when your Ras Alula tricked IMBI ALE Woldu Ras Woldemikael Solomon to peacefully surrender and put chains on his hand. It is ironic the same Woldemikael abandoned the Italians together with countless other Eritrean nobles like Hagos Teferi and switched to the side of Menelik. Why you think they will do that for a man that sold them away, when they were a sore thorn on the side of Atse Yohanes for 18 plus years? Why did all those countless nobles from four corners of Ethiopia showed up at Adwa and together made a thousand year history, if Menelik was so bad? Just eight years earlier not even 10% of that showed up at Mettema.

    One thing I can tell you no matter how much trash you can pile, no matter how much you can pit one ethnic against another, no matter how many disguises you present yourself with in here, in the end the bitter end the Ethiopian people will be set free. That I can guarantee you. It’s just a matter of time.

    • @Shewarega

      Lmafo Omg you made me laugh dude, lol we Somalis kno everything just because we roam with our camels and appear intoxicated with khat doesn’t mean we’re not aware of our surroundings, we kno everything and I mean everything, we have our own books on the amharas, Tigrai, Oromo etc.

  24. Well,

    Regarding Ethiopia the power is in the hands of big powers in the end. If not then upon deterioration of ethnic federalism, we will enter into Bantisusyanism or Somalia.

    If you ask me, my tendency is I do not like to fight too much specially when it too heated. If someone wants a divorce why you want to keep him suffer forever? I think, as Omar Bashir was once know to have said to South Sudan, good luck if you want separstion. You witness the Spain case and British exit. So, we know that every ethnic part of Ethiopia wants his own enclave although being big is such a nice buzz word in reality it is hard to govern. Whether we like it or not whatever will be will be. So, if the people wabt divorce please do not stop them. on the merit of intermarriage as being a unifying principle, that is the weakest argument. Firstly, we know mingling is only a small fraction of ethnic proportion, majority of our ethnic groups being only made of pure lineage. So on logic basis this sounds a bit secondary nature. on the other hand, historical injustice made by previous rulers such as Merlik II or Atse Johannes IV may take very significant place on the psyche of the people as such. So no matter what we still see the same problem that the people refuse to forgive or At least forget. In such cases, the people or population refuse to go by the popular idea I mean unitarists preach. So, what can be done? as you knoiw if one ethnic one religion one trine Somali are extreme examples of how hate and historical injustices lead to disintegration of family. Just allow people to voice their problems. If Eritrea has the right I can not see why the a south and East can’t. It is simple bias and phobia. The South and East are as good Africans as are Eritreans.

    • Looking for all the dung where there never been herds. ከብት ባልዋለበት ኩበት ለቀማ። የወያኔ ድረሱልኝ የማዘናጊያ መደበኛ ቀደዳ።

      • the man with woman name .. do u understand even the saying ከብት ባልዋለበት ኩበት ለቀማ።

        technically ኩበት is not manure…. to get manure u need fresh cow dropping but not dry manure or ኩበት .. ኩበት is might be five or more day dry in the sun that means u dont need the cow hanging around to collect the ኩበት….

        this is one method the second is u can transport the manure and u dry the ኩበት yourself that means u dont need the cow there all u need is their manure….

        let me lower it to ur level the American might not have coffee tree but they have coffee… why because of trade …so modernised ur thought of wisdom that idiom ከብት ባልዋለበት ኩበት ለቀማ። to old for today fast digital world upgrade your though… dont live in the past…

        instead of try to shut down Ato Gragn, learn what he try to say.. that is how u learn from ur opponent not from Domahead and Shewar because they thinking like u u dont learn from them u learn from other side … u consider enemy. u even rally no body to reply to ur opponent that would be the end of .. why do u come here to read ur own thread because what domahead write is what u thinking so what is the point of coming to

        anyhow let God help u! i can be around teaching baby step every time … have a nice day .. i really mean it …


        • Ash,

          You have such a twisted thinking mental faculty! I thought you had herding skill back in the rebel days when tending cows and goats in the Dedebit desert. It is about the free flock or herd, not about the jailed/confined herds/ in stalsl our by the same analogy not Kilinstant. How many times should I baby-seat and bottle feed a thug like you with so much learning disability.

        • The Atos Ethioash and Abebaw,
          I responded to Ato Abebaw’s idiomatic saying in writing: ” I am not Wayane”. but did not post it for some reason. However, I understood the saying ” kebit balewalebete kubete leqema”, sorry no Amharic software in my computer for some reasons that are personal, because I am Amara and because I am a bit educated more that you guys are. , actually I hold terminal degree.

          At any rate, back in the old days we used to say or laugh at how the Gurages, no pun intended, used to interpret or pronounce Amharic idioms in a slightly twist tone and expression which makes it sound sometimes too funny. I did not however learn until today they can also misunderstand the whole message completely as Ato Ethioash did here as seen from his posts.

          What Ato Abebaw is telling me was that I am just in the middle of a discussion and suggesting things that no one had one his mind at the moment. It seems to me that everyone was for united Ethiopia. However, Ancient Somali used to have his own opinion about ethnic Ethiopia but as I see him he has changed his views somehow under one Ethiopia. But Ato Abebaw seems to me is a new blogger on this website so he evidently is unaware of my posts in this website for the last decade almost until I stopped it or reduced my presence in the last three years. So, my suggestion are a bit refined and final frustration out of these years of heated debate. So let me rewrite what Ato Abebaw is trying to say in a layman’s language:

          “You do not look for a dung where there is no cattle”
          Obviously, the logic is “if there is no cattle/cow, there is no dung”. How is this relevant?
          if there is no division(dung or mannure), there is no divider(cattle). Ato Ethioash, tried to suggest other possibilities which are not real possibilities but apparent such as getting manure from a local market. I see that he meant to suggest that the idiom was referring to the actual physical presence of cow or cattle. Only a person who is familiar with the culture or context of the people of Amara can figure out the real meaning or the intended meaning not the literal meaning of the expression. You get it?

          By the way the Amharic word ” kubete”, has no equivalent in English. In English, the word dung or manure in English seem synonymous but they are not. Manure is used as fertilizer after being dried.

          So, I am not leaving something that is out of the topic. Basically, Ato Abebaw is suggesting I am not of the discussion topic.

          • Hello Gragn,

            You sound like a ‘reformed Gragn’ who ‘refrained from his Taliban ways’! Bloodshed will only lead Ethiopia to one dead end after another [regardless of who kills or who dies].

            The only winners in such ethnic tension flare-ups are the perpetrators [the architects of ethnic zonal system] who quench their thirst with every drop of Ethiopian blood spilled.

            The 1970s ‘worst barbarian contest’ only lead to the rise of Mengistu’s Fascism. The victorious barbarian [Mengistu] went on further killing spree [till it brought his own demise]!

            Leaders strive to save lives; they don’t strive to orchestrate bloodshed for a heavy death toll [by sending brothers & sisters at each others’ throats] to prolong their grip on power or influence.

            Here is what I would like to say to the TPLF-EPLF & the OLF-IFLO: BARBARISM IS NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF!

            Anyway, here is an online Amharic keyboard for you [Gragn the ‘Ethio Taliban’]:

            Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

  25. What a bunch of false news posted on these site including the pone above! What a shame!
    The toxic diaspora journalists spread false news to create conflicts.It will not not continue like this anymore. Ethiopia is on a row to produce real journalists and Information Communication technology experts who are going to take the information highway by a storm soon.Fake news will have no one listening to them anymore. Ethiopia is going to lead all of Africa in journalism and Information Communication Technology since few months back The Addis Ababa University signed a contraction deal with two local contractors for the contraction of buildings at former undergraduate School of Journalism and Communication found at Abune Petros square as well as Institute of Geophysics Space Science and Astronomy at Arat Kilo Campus.
    The agreement that is worth more than one billion birr has been signed with Satcon Construction and FE Construction PLC here at the president office yesterday May 19, 2017.
    On the ceremony held at the president office Professor Admasu Tsegaye, AAU president urged that the construction has to see completion with the slated time as there is a dire need for buildings and classes.
    On the same ceremony the president also signed deal with Robit International Business Group and Intracom ICT Solutions PLC to boom Information Communication Technology infrastructure at a cost of more than 8 million birr.
    The project includes supply, installation and commissioning of LAN infrastructure on Turnkey basis placed at College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Sefere Selam Campus, Yared School of Music, College of Business and Economics and Sidist Kilo Campus.
    Prof. Admasu Tsegaye, AAU president, Samuel Teklay, Manger, Fitsum Taye, Manager and Mekdes Tesfaye, Manager signed the agreement on behalves of the AAU, Satcon Construction PLC, FE Construction PLC and Robit International Business Group respectively.
    The projects signed are expected to be finalized within two and half years.

    • Tegadalye Samuel,

      You Woyane dog! It is time for you to move to your barrel land. People don’t want to see Woyane bandits in their territory. They will stone you to death the same way as those Woyane spies in Metu.

      Death to Woyane thugs!

  26. አቶ በቀለ ገርባ ዋስትና ተፈቀደላቸው። and why i am oppose it!

    TPLF released all our enemy with pardon sometimes sometime just released them with ዋስ sometime just released as free person

    my question is what kind of deal the government make when they released them let take Dr.birr did Ethiopian government make deal Dr.birr not to get involved with politic for next ten years at least and not to benefited from ordeal

    TPLF must learn from past mistake

    so the soultion is to make them sign a deal

    for example the British so called human right want Ato Andargachew Tsige … so the solution is not to fight with them instead ask them to make a deal to sign Andy the candy not to take part any kind politic or giving speech and also benefited form his ordeal .. if he sign this deal he will be lame duck … he have no education to work in British so he will end up taking British welfare and become burden instead of eating our food let him go to British and eat their food…

    now if Andy the candy refused to sign the deal we going to blame him for not wanting to get released … if he signed the deal and try to pull fast one ..

    do u remember Swedish journalists Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye who got released from jail and run their mouth after they told us how Ethiopian people were forgiving people and lovely people …

    what Ethiopian government should have done was to make the Swedish govt. to sign a deal saying those two should not engaged any kind of people speaking or give interview to news and make money or for free … or put Ethiopian govt. in bad light … if Swedish govt. sign this deal we would have sue them big time but since Ethiopian govt. did nto sign they were free to run their mouth this must stop

    • Ashebarew Shifta Hagos,

      You are a filthy dog and your opposition don’t matter. We will set free all prisoners and will send to your home, Dedebit pit. You scumbags have no business in our country!

  27. Qomaxxaa,

    Right, you only speak to your deputy fake Somali lol. The rest of us are just hopeless. But once again you are talking.You are the only creature who dumps all kind of dung and admire it as a masterpiece. Like an ugly 300 pounds girl circling around the mirror asking everybody aren’t I so beautiful.

    But the cardinal fact remains the message is simple, if you hate you will be hated back. If you divide you will be chopped into pieces. If you occupy you will be occupied back. All things you mentioned about your mistakes it’s good to be recognized by you, but I doubt it to be real because for it to be so you need a heart which you do not have.

    But the problem is not that, rather you sitting on our land our home shitting like a foreign occupier. How can one forget the twenty years of raw sewage that oozed out of that erkus banda MELES. What that war criminal Tadese Meseret said in 2005 when millions were breathing down his neck. Chefchefenachew agerachen enegebalen, gonbes bilu dengay kkena bilu semay men hager alewuna yet new yemigebaw. Degmos ye Ityopia hezbe sichefechef zem belo yemeleketal wei?

    Zarae gezae settegne belehe bado bet gebeteh ye sent jegna ye sent gobez hagerae Shewan betekefafelew nege degmo ante ke meder getse yemetefakkebet kken rukk ayemeseleh

    • @Shewarega

      I am not a woyana supporter neither am I supporter of the Neftegna extremists and their policies.

      R.E.M I’m ONLF and I fought countless of pitch battles with woyana and their stooges.

      • I am a very proud Neftegna that makes me a proud Ethiopian. I am Amhara and Addis Ababa Oromo mix that makes me a far better citizen of the greater Ethiopia tof the future.
        Neftegna is a pride of Ethiopia that built and who will be build a united one Ethiopia not a Arab dog woyne thug and their supporter who swears to destroy Ethiopia.
        I am Ethiopian and I am a proud NEFTEGNA FOR EVER AND EVER. a proud Amhara and Oromo. Ancient Somali join us true Neftegnas not just talk not walk extremist to work hard to build a TTPLF murdurrers free, extremist free Greater Ethiopia. You hate Neftegna woyane loves you, because that makes you Ethiopian enemy and future woyane recruit Ethiopian hater.
        We True Ethiopian Netegnas will build the future greater Ethiopia, freee of all extremists and woyane thugs.
        god bless Ethiopia and true Neftegnas.

  28. thank you Nazret for posting my comment, TOL will never do that the good thing is they read it and it tells the truth. no Ethiopian must be gun down because of his ethnicity. But for TTPLF and its cadres Ethiopia is an enemy, and non tigian Ethiopian citizens are a favorite firing targets. That must be stopped and the TTPLF and its cadres must be hunted down wherever they are and be brought to justice. Ethiopians must distance themselves from TTPLF and its cadres. Ethiopiawinet is a god give blessing the Diabolic TTPLF and its satanic cadres and followers they hate and sworn to destroy. Ethiopians we have only one choice to unite as one to Destroy TTPLF and to make sure none of its cadres and member never walk in Ethiopian land ever for eternity.

  29. Abebaw,
    There is no reformation you get what you give. you sounded polite I responded in kind otherwise you will get it back. Accordingly, you called me names I will respond in kind. I will call you the Crusader Abebaw. I appreciate for the link for the AMHARIC key board but for some reason it could be FBI that I am consisted as an Arab not Amara Ethiopian. Hence my privileges are taken away. I am closely watched. America is unfair to Muslims. More so if you are Muslim Amara.
    I love Brazil the land of ISIS.

    • Gragn,

      First.,thank you for trying to make Ash understand the concept. You have got the spirit of the message. The whole point about that was to tell the irrelevance of focusing on an outlier and skewed agenda of the tigre woyanes. We don’t have the luxury to play into their dirty games. በአገረኛው አባባል ኩበት፣ እበት እና ጥፍጥፍ እንዴ አሰባሰባቸው ሁኔታ ይለያያሉ። Ash እያወራ ያለው ከቤት ውስጥ ከእበት ስጠለሚዘጋጀው ጥፍጥፍ ነው። ኩበት ግን የቀንድ ከብቶች በማንኛውም መስክ ላይ ግጦሽ ፍለጋ ሲዘዋወሩ የሚጥሉት እበት በፀሃይ ደርቆ ማንኛውም ሰው ከብት የሌለው ድሃ ሳይቀር በቅርጫት የሚሰበስበው ነው – ልክ እንዴ ጫካ ወይም ወፍዘራሽ ቡና ማለት ነው። አቶ ዐመድ የሚለው ግን 1 ለ አምስት የተጠረነፈ ህዝብ ላይ ያተኮረ ነው – የጋድ የታሰረች ላም እንዴ ማለት ነው።

      Having said this I don’t like you to have ግራኝ አህመድ as you role model and vision of humanity for the 21 st century. I wish you to be better than that. What is the point of education if it is dragging humanity back to an era of violence and genocide. If you are anti-woyane, as you said it, just focus on woyane. Your belief is up to you as long as it does not affect the peace of greater human society.

      • Thank you Abebaw,
        If you re what you preach, I want you to remove all the bad names in our history. and I will follow suit.
        Aste Yohannes Iv airport or street in the middle of National theater street toward filweha hotel or resort is a bit of concern for our people because we feel we are reminded of his hostility toward his cousins, the Muslims of Wello despite his having wife from the Afar tribe he being an Erob not even a Tigre , Erob being the closest to the Saho of Eritrea and Afar languages.

        Having said that I wished many times, our history classes were though in unbiased manner. World Islamic history and Christianity undiluted to all of us so we appreciate our real identity not to go back to where we were before. If the Ethiopian government is what it says it is it should remove offensive past from public scene and may be relegate them to Museums of sorts to teach us.
        Being proud of our bad ancestors will only make us divided nation. It is up to you to listen to my plea or else you and I will regret it. I have great friends who are Christian and my background is also a mix of Christian my sister being born from a Christian Mom although she untimely died due to unknown causes but ironically was married to a Wayane fighter and I suspect she has born him a daughter.

        I am being personal because many of us can tell stories of living together but we have not built this into national stories since the leaders seem to focus on their own survival and narrow ideology than in building a nation from community where they sprang from We have to do that and we need to develop just that habit unconditionally. My citizenship should not be judged by religion or ideology.
        As to Wayane it is not my business frankly, I got involved in politics after seeing obscene things here all over the place attacking innocent Ethiopians aka Muslims.
        I have no interest in the politics of Ethiopia per se and I am believing like any developing nation Ethiopias case will be resolved when regional and international attitudes toward developing nations change. We are not exception to the general trend in the entire global politics. If you believe so it will be a miscalculation. Both internal and domestic events that will likely dictate Ethiopias fate. My effort here is a miniscule compare to what is going on in that country. I pray that the people will find peace and good governance and their wishes finally get a future place. I hope the people become more civilized, educated, and manage their own affairs.

        I am also saying thank you for clarifying “teftefe from kubete”. I must have totally missed it. It just came to my attention although I lived with it. But I am not sure if there are cases where kubet is collected and stored for sale? Either way I explained the whole thing to our friend Ethioash. I have no enmity toward him.

  30. Gragn
    {{{{{“You do not look for a dung where there is no cattle”
    Obviously, the logic is “if there is no cattle/cow, there is no dung”. How is this relevant?}}}}}

    {{{{By the way the Amharic word ” kubete”, has no equivalent in English}}}}

    here is English equivalent

    ኩበት…….Dung cake … እበት Dung

    so u look for Dung or እበት where the cattle are not ኩበት is what u process or u made the cow doesnt make ኩበት they make እበት

    saying ከብት ባልዋለበት ኩበት ለቀማ። is like saying ከብት ባልዋለበት አይብ, or ቅቤ ለቀማ።
    even so ቅቤ and አይብ a product of milk u cant get አይብ directly from the cow u have to process it… i know it is very small detail but he also miss it … u thought u can get ከብት from the cow .. u dont u get እበት… this is the same way saying i got my cheese from my cow .. u dont u get the cheese from milk after u process it…

    a lot of science go in to making ኩበት/// the dung beetle will take way fresh dung to their hole but they cant take the dung cake so they lay their egg on the same place the dung cake lay to dry this is amazing thing to see how the dung beetle make the dung cake work of an art … and make it ready for fuel .. the women sometime use grass and some even soil to make their dung cake it is skill and even the collection also need skill .. u have to collect it without breaking it apart ..

  31. Ethioash
    You need to learn mathematical logic.
    A good way is to go to Coursera and get enrolled in logic class.
    If A=B=C, then A = C.
    C=cow chip or pie
    cow =cow chip.
    So, cow is source to dung, dung is source to cow chip, so it is also true that cow is source of cow chip.

    In AMHARIC, “balewalebete” if a cow never showed up or not in town, you wasting your time to look for its dung or the chip made out of it, simply because no one has seen it around for quite sometime we do not know how long, it is metaphoric, so it could be a day or five days, but the intended meaning is there is no dung or cow chip period in town. Hence, there will be no cow in town, back logic.
    no cow no dung

    no dung now
    both are true always. Your logic of storing the chip even if there was no cow, it could have died too, does not make it realistic because, it could also be true that there will be no chip even after a day in town because in those days there is no such thing as storing forever it was a daily consumption, so you dry it then get to market all is gone or you consume it yourself. So a single days absence could mean probably some event happened, calamity or disease that killed all the cattle or who knows all cattle have migrated whatever the case may be.

    So. I am saying bye. By the way, Americans love controversy and creating false stories or sensation or heated conversation because otherwise people tend to get sleepy. Americans love it because capitalists make money out of it. It gives them attention.

    • Gragn

      then say ከብት ባልዋለበት እበት ለቀማ… the cow doesnt make ኩበት … u make ኩበት the cow only make እበት… i know u miss the small detail… the cow doesnt make cheese … u make cheese … the cow make milk not cheese…

      yes the cheese come from the milk not from the cow…

    • Gragn,

      Good to see you my friend, I was not sure if it was you or someone else using your nick name. We need to hear your thoughts, that way we learn from it. I know the past and the injustices done to various groups. We also see every day the war crimes committed by Woyanae now. Ethiopia is a layer of pain, but I believe the future will be different as the younger generation are more tolerant than us. Keep telling them how you feel. It is very important. Once again, it was good to see you

  32. Balege hulu, abesha asedabi hulu-kenante mekoter alsham- motachihu eleku-norn atbelu–> yehema ethio-ash yemibalew fashist new-leba 44 amet mulu ye sew dem yetemaw yeteta-mezsger-anbeta-dem tetto yemyreka-ehil belto emaytegb. er ebakachihu ezih atastegut. i think the one on the Foto with his sniper may be his brother, unless otherwise he couldn’t be confused as much. He comments like a mad dog. i doubt wether he has a barain or something like that- he tells us the sory about the slavery and sugar plantation of 200 years ago and Revolution of 400 years? crazy man ethioash!! crazy-crazy—

  33. Shewarega,
    Nice to see you. At least you are close to admiring past injustices done by your cruel relatives and cousins and even fathers and mothers in the ruling party Haileselasie the King.

    Now I will be the future King and retaliate the same way there is no other way.

    Ababa, You still carry the feualistic psychology and are blinded by your lack of concern for Ethiopian Muslims. Grain Ahmed was the symbol of pride and military genius far superior than any leader both modern or ancient, be it the Persian Cyrus or the Hanibal or King Ramesse II of Pharoah Egypt, trained in a Turkish warfare style. So, it pains me when you try to suggest that he was barbaric, Muslims consider him a savior and an imam.

    • That is the Gragn we all knew, and I am glad to see your views have not changed. It’s yours and we respect that. First, no-one in here talks more about past injustice than me. As a blogger who has been here more than most you should know better. The only thing I do is defend them when they are attacked by Woyanae cadres, for political advantage or to divide Ethiopians. Second, Muslims are part of my family, my cousins my uncles my aunts. I never spoke ill of them and I never will.

  34. Shewarega,
    You are awesome and true patriot. I wish we knew all about the Royal mysteries in Ethiopia at least for the coming generation to free them from bigotry.
    Thank you again, and the only post that gets my attention is yours and I happen to be impressed by your prodigy and attention to detail a good indicator of royal grooming.
    Well done.

  35. Gragn (the Ethio Taliban)¸ is it safe to say `እብድ እና ታሊባን ይሻለዋል እንጂ አይድንም`? It seems that you are back to your old Taliban self all over again!

    Ethiopia doesn`t have any step children. If some self-serving elite crooks tactfully implemented that to suit themselves, all Ethiopians shouldn`t be held hostage for it!

    Besides, had you had an iota of love for equality & human rights, you would never have supported the ISIS slaughter of Ethiopians fleeing TPLF-EPLF`s Barbarism in Ethiopia.

    You always whine about the rights of Muslims as though the overwhelming majority of the Christians have had any. Isn`t it more Christians than Muslims who flee Ethiopia in droves!

    Look, your 7th BC Taliban Sermon has no place in Ethiopia: Fatima, Jamila, Ahmed, Abdella, etc. will always go to the same schools, work together as always and will be equally accountable citizens with same rights & obligations come hell or high water!

    PS: Ethiopia welcomed refugee Mohammed`s disciples kicked out of Saudi Arabia, sheltered them and even made them Naturalized Ethiopian Citizens. Is this how Muslims should pay back? If Ethiopia is so terrible for Muslims alone, isn`t Saudi Arabia right across the Red Sea?

    Ayalew Mognu é Sew Amagnu

  36. Ayalew Mognu ,
    You are such a useless person who is covering up his hate for Gondar Muslims. whole Addis Ababa on the other hand is going along with the will of Ethiopian Muslims.
    First of all, you seem to be angry and your solutions to Ethiopian Muslims points to the old Atse supporters. Okay, from Gondar too and I know ayalew Mognu too.
    Now, on the need of Muslims to go back to Saudi Arabia, you are terribly wrong to suggest that we go back and you refrain at the same time to denounce the age old archaic Christian view of Islam cane from Mecca ye Islam a very Mecca, ye amora ageru warka.
    Whatever the case, as I said Muslims waited too long for the mercy and understanding of Christians for too long to their no avail.


    The fact that you tell us what to think for ourselves is tantamount to 4th century mentality of Abraham, whom I was hit with black stone.

    Ethioash with his broken, deliberately, English never spoke ills of Muslim in any way.
    Now the abay rebel. Shewarega seems to be nice but he may not be saying the truth as I once read he wrote a letter to then Reagan about Ethiopia and his concern for Christians or so, I may be wrong.
    I write also in broken error ridden sentences as I was responding to Mr Assta B. Getu, who never hides his true feelings.

    We will go to the same school, but there is a pay back, Allah.

  37. Gragn [z ethio Taliban],

    1. My Verdict : `እብድ እና ታሊባን ይሻለዋል እንጂ አይድንም`[since you are back to your old Taliban self]! It is despicable that you want to throw Christians against Muslims under the guise of ‘standing up for Muslim’.

    2. I don’t owe anyone any apology for what present/past self-appointed rulers screwed up. I never liked them! The overwhelming majority of the Christians were/are served the same raw deal as most Muslims!

    3. I may be useless in your Taliban eyes but one doesn’t have to be a Muslim to advocate equality, justice, human rights, etc. since they are ESSENTIAL UNIVERSAL RIGHTS regardless of religion, ethnicity, color, etc.

    4. By virtue of being born on Ethiopian soil, NO FEMALE should ever be treated any less than any male [be it under the guise of religion or any other pretext]. NEVER!!!!

    5. Fatiha & Fatima [my friend’s younger sisters] used to go to school with us. They used to walk in front of us teasing us. We never saw each other as Christians & Muslims. Where are ‘Muslims’ like you from? I am sure Fatiha & Fatima will give you their middle fingers if you ever try your ‘Muslim sermon’ thing with them.

    6. About moving to Saudi: Why not claim your Saudi citizenship? The ancestors of most Muslims came as Mohammed’s refugee disciples. If you want to send children to Christian & Muslim schools and to segregate men & women at work, Ethiopia is NOT the place! Ethiopia is equally for all! Ethiopia has NO step children!

    7. I use ‘Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu’ as a funny reminder of my Gondar & Gojam Eskista ‘lessons’ [when friends took me to Gojam & Gondar for my first ever visit to see the poverty first hand (at the height of the TPLF-EPLF’s anti-Amhara campaign)]. It is/was the Eskista initiation chorus of their songs.

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

  38. ayalew
    my verdict: ou are absolute white liar.
    1. You contradict or you seem in contradiction with your own plain statement.
    You are disguising under humanist, and if ever any humanist is reading your scribbles they will chock. You claim that all Ethiopians came from Saudi,most are from refugees fleeing persecution”, hijra.
    But you state Fatiha and Fatima were all real Ethiopians.
    If they oppose your views, I am sure you will be saying the same thing to them.

    I know you are skilled writer you knows how to silence any opposition. Calling them terrorists. That is why opposition will be worse than any specially for Islam.

    You are not my doctor so you can not prescribe me any medication or you are not a judge to pass your offensive verdict.

    I know why you are crazy and mad I am here. For you Ethiopia is a Christian state and hence it is not very pleasant I am here posting offensive comments according to your simplistic mindset.

    2. You also suggested you will never apologize. However, humanists do not advocate as such. In fact, DNA forensic gives good prediction that once a Christian you remain Christian, if your cousin is criminal you are likely to be too. Your cousins used to degrade Muslims by calling them names, hateful ones, psychologically destroying their faculty.
    ye Islam ageru mecca, ye amora ageru warca.(A crow is in a fig tree, as a Muslim is denizen from Mecca)

    shirtame somali
    (skirty Muslims)
    zinabu meta antebatebe alimohammed …(back) me atebe
    (Rain is coming down, Mr alimohammed is washing his arse)
    As an Ethiopian you said those words million times

    3. I am Brown, (Missouri) so I am be said I in blood but I am Ethiopian by birth and blood. Yet, you seem refugee and are granted asylum in America by lying to them that you are persecuted. If Trump passes the law, where will you go back? According to you, you are not American because immigrated from Ethiopia.

    4. You can not deny that Axum Muslims are persecuted, yet you tell them go back to your country, Saudi? Are you okay?

    Yet you tell us we are Ethiopians.
    5. If so, then you need to go back to Israel.
    6. Religion should dictate our politics, because injustice has been done under guise of Christian Ethiopian.

    I am not crazy nor insane. Be serious of what you spit out carelessly.

    Ethiopian Muslims have second citizen by your own admission.
    #6. You wrote:
    The ancestors of most Muslims came as Mohammed’s, pbuh, disciples. Liar. Where is your genetic data? None. Most are true blacks and you know it, Sheohk Sani Habib, Samora Yenus, Demeke, Sheihk Ali Mira, Your boss and financier Al Amoudi, your Fatiha and Fatima. My wives.

    • Hello,

      The Gragn the Ethio Taliban I know is not as dumb and not as English-illiterate as you. If you are a Gragn the Ethio-Taliban wannabe, take a number: Gragn the Ethio-Taliban-1, Gragn the Ethio-Taliban-2 …

      By the way, the only reason Talibans like you become Muslims in Ethiopia is for the 7 beautiful Ethio wives – one for each day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

      Final verdict: እብድ እና ታሊባን ይሻለዋል እንጂ አይድንም!

      PS: There is a rumor that Sheik Allah Moody is detained in Saudi. Would you and Gragn [the pioneer Taliban] with your 14 wives [7 each] post bail for him.

      Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

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