Ethiopia strongly condemns terrorist attack on mosque in Egypt


Ethiopia has forcefully condemned the terrorist attack on a mosque in Egypt that claimed the lives of more than 200 people. Several media reports say this is the worst terrorist attack in Egypt’s history.

During the Friday prayers at a Sufi mosque in Bir al-Abed, North Sinai, four 4WD vehicles drove up to the mosque. Reports said the attackers planted explosives and then opened fire on worshipers. The attackers next targeted fleeing worshipers with gunfire. At least 235 people were killed and 120 wounded, according to Egyptian state media.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn and Foreign Minister Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu have condemned the horrible extremist attacks on a mosque in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt today, according to a post on Foreign Ministry’s website.

The Premier and the Foreign Minister have sent condolence letters to their Egyptian counterparts; President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi and Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry strongly denouncing the monstrous attack on a mosque during the sermon segment of Friday prayers; causing the loss of hundreds of innocent civilians in the Sinai Peninsula.
Noting the unspeakable inhuman crime should be reviled by the international community in the strongest terms possible, Prime Minsiter Hailemariam and Dr. Workneh in their condolence letters called on the entire humankind to take concerted actions in the fight against terrorism.

Premier and Foreign Minister underscored Ethiopia shares the pain and sorrow of the Egyptian people, their Government and the bereaved families and those injured in the attack.


    • When you abandon your death cult Islam. Your enemy is Islam and Mohamed. Leave Islam accept Jesus and you get peace. There has never been peace in Islam from day one until today. General Mohammed, a murder , prophet beheaded 800 Jewish men and he raped Hana after beheading her father, her brothers and husband and he took her to his tent and had intercourse with her. Leave Islam, no peace will ever you get in Islam.

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  1. We should all stand with the Egyptian people on this terrible incident. It shows how these terrorists see everyone else. We are not collateral damage but it legitimate targets. We should all die being murdered by them and they are the ones entitled to live on this Good Earth. There should not be any blinking at the facts that religious extremism is the most destructive and deadliest enemy mankind ever faced. Every religious has had zealots among its ranks which managed to dominate the pulpit. Their ammunition is always what is written and always misunderstood by those extremists. Bin Laden did it. ISIS is doing it. Al Shabaab/Qaeda and their followers have been doing it just like Constantine took a snippet of what was said in the Holy Scriptures and run with it. Everyone not belonging to his congregation was a fair game. Our Jewish brothers and sisters was said to be scared to death when Lent is coming soon. It was just because the religious fanatics (demagogues) then took what was written in the Holy Scripture literally and went with it, in killing spree of everyone who is not theirs. They took the text ‘Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send [or bring] peace, but a sword’. But they did not pay attention to the other one capping it-‘If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.’ Another knuckle head but equally sadistic fanatic has been waging a ‘religious’ war in Uganda for decades now just in the name of what is written in the Holy Scriptures. All these extremists be it Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Buddhists, Hindus and others like them have one common traits. They take a snippet from what is written in their Holy Scriptures and go with it. They all believe they and they alone are the true adherents. The Brit Oliver Cromwell used an incidence told in the Holy Scriptures to justify his genocide against the Catholics. Then there was another state sponsored extremism that turned Europe and The American upside down, The Spanish Inquisition. Europe has never been the same since then and it left the behemoth Spain tattered to almost vassal state. Possibly millions had perished just for simple reason that ‘If you aren’t one of us, you ain’t’. Hundreds of thousand innocent people were burned at the stake, they were pulled apart to death by horses, they were let bleed to death on the torture tables….’ You should go to the city of Toledo, Spain to see all the torturing tools they used. It just twisted my stomach. That was the bad part. In the same city until the Inquisition, scholars from the three religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, took more than hundred years to translate every scientific and philosophical works of the Roman and Greek Civilizations still available then in Alexandria, Egypt into the Latin language. If not for all three of them, all what we hear now in science and philosophy classes may have been lost forever. The world would have been to a different place. For the worse that is. The works Archimedes works on volumes, claws and screws could be gone. Euclidean postulates and axioms gone!!! Socrates works gone!!! Plato’s gone!!! Aristotle gone! Centuries after the translation some religious fanatic pope made his priority to gather and burn these priceless scientific and philosophical works but did not succeed even though he went out taking one of the most brilliant scientists in history Giordano Bruno to the stake burning him alive to death. All this is because someone in the power that be took a snippet of what is written in the Holy Scriptures and went with it. I always believe that there is a grand reason why the Almighty put the largest brain in the animal kingdom in us, humans. He wants us to use it and use it to inquire. The why’s, the how’s and the what’s.
    Tycho Brahe, Kepler and Copernicus began to ask why there are days and nights. What caused them and how? Why? Because the earth was not flat but rather round and rotates! They were lucky to escape the pope’s stake but their student Bruno was not lucky. Galileo dodged the stake because he succumbed to the pressure and recanted. That the sun is stationary and the center of the universe is heresy. Everything revolves around the earth and that is it. My way or burning to death at the stake way!!!

    We should always ask the purpose it was written and inquire expecting there is more to it than meets the eye. There is a message in everything in it and that is tolerance, peace and peaceful coexistence.

    • Sir , please learn; you said you are an elderly man? but you do not understand anything. You also claim there zealots from every religion ? you are wrong. There is no such thing in any religion. You are saying this to defend your death cult called Islam. You are dishonest, unethical and untruthful. You have no integrity. you in you. Sir, with due respect, do not lump any of these faiths on earth with this death cult. This is not a problem of few zealots or terrorists as you claim. This is pure Islam. The cause is Islam. They are doing this to protect the pure Islam . To protect the pure Islam based on the Quran, they have to do this based on the Quran. This is not problem due to people, this is the demand of pure Islam. Islam must be outlawed as a death cult and Muslims must be liberated from Islam and they must be educated they do not need. This death cult is not even good ffor Muslims, leave alone for others. Your ranting on few people shows you do not understand the cause of the problem or you do not wanted to understand. We must educate them and liberate them from this and they can live in peace among themselves and among others. Do not lie man? There is no religion anywhere. Islam a threat to all human being. Terrorists are just the very good Muslims who follow Quran verse by verse without skipping any verse. General Mohammed the prophet beheaded 800 Jewish mean by his immediate order and he raped a Jewish woman called Hana after he beheaded her father, her brothers, her husband. After beheading them, he took her into his tent and has intercourse with her and he is a prophet? Today is in Egypt tomorrow is Ethiopia. Studies done by European studies has shown that Ethiopia is facing a threat. studies says as number Muslim Ethiopia becoming Islamic and violence has started like burning churches which we have witnessed and about 80 churches has been burnt in Ethiopia. This is beginning, not the end. Islam must outlawed as a death cult.

  2. It’s laughable when a certified terriorist tigray who are accustomed doing exactly the same things telling the world something else just for a purpose of misleading! Anybody remembered the Wikileaks busting the cancer terriorist tigray blowing up civilians inside minibus and hotel? Here they’re the cancer terriorist within doing what they do best lying through their A$$ !

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  3. i think Egypt and Ethiopia should work together we have few terrorist that make Egypt home so Egypt should arrest them and send them back to Ethiopia that way we can work together this kind of terrorism .. in Ethiopia few ormo burn factory and run to Egypt .. i think they should be return and face the music

  4. በፀረ-ሽብር ህጉ ከተከሰሱት 1100 ሰዎች ውስጥ ከ1ሺህ በላይ የሚሆኑት #የኦሮሞና_አማራ ተወላጆች ሲሆኑ በዚህ ህግ ተጠርጥረው የታሰሩት የትግራይ ተወላጆች 4 ብቻ ናቸው” ስለህ “ዘረኛ” ካልከኝ “እንደ ምክንያታዊ ፍጡር የሚያስብ አዕምሮ የለህም”፡፡

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    • Brook

      in ur logic if 1100 ኦሮሞና_አማራ committed crime to make it fair u want us to arrest innocent 1100 የትግራይ ተወላጆች for heck of it…

      • Brain dead , brainwashed tegaday zombie terriorist tigray you are a great example of how wicked you scums are there’s no good things coming out of your kinds!
        Dummy listen up please! All I was saying was why are you echoing the white man to appear you’re in the same line when it comes to condemning terriorist knowing good well you yourself are a certificate terriorist according to global terrrorst database ? The reason I posted those innocent Amhara and Oromo Ethiopians who are rotten inside lice infested jails condemned wrongful unjustly by certified terriorist tigray that’s the irony! You people are menace to society a cancer within!

        • Brook

          in ur book out of 1100 jail all of them innocent /// how u know all of them r innocent ? do u have ball ?

          okay who burn all those farm and industry and public bus some body must burn it so how in hell u said they r innocent they come out protesting without legal permit so they got arrested ..

          for example look at u r not a terrorist ? how about Ababa and Domahead and Shewar they r more then terrorist in my book so if we arrest u that is the lease we can do… what more terrorist u want then standing by Egypt and aginst Meles Dam

          • Since you are born idiot couldn’t comprehend a clear message: According to global terriorist database tigray people liberation front is registered terriorist , certified terriorist ! A certified terriorist doesn’t qualify to condemn an act of terriorist while you yourself are in the business of doing exactly the same things that’s called Hypocrisy!!! That’s all I’m saying dummy kill yourself !

          • ethioash, pls stop back & forth with this idiot. I think it is a big pride for this idiot to argue with u. Believe me, u get nothing from Brook who is nothing.

  5. Breaking news..

    there is news from zimbabwe to nationalized mengistu haile mariam’s two daughters property … in Zimbabwe the children of our dear father own multi million dollar health industry…

    my point is how our dear father take this news when karma get him he nationalized Ethiopian property now Zimbabwe nationalized his property and make him poor and took away all his security and make him live just like common Zimbabwean or they offer him one way ticket to Ethiopia

    • Did you hear the news that Mengistu Hailemariam was behind the coup of Robert Mugabe? It is now known that Menge is top military adviser of Zimbabwe. Woyane will kiss the dust before seeing Mengistu.

  6. The loss of innocent people’s life is very very sad. May Almighty God rest the victims souls in peace and give their families strength. During the brutal death of Ethiopian Martyrs in Libya, the Egyptian Government helped out Ethiopian survivors as if it were their Government while the coward woyane bandit was harassing the grieving citizens in the streets of Addis Ababa. Ethiopians are grateful for the Egyptian government for its historic favor ;and it is saddening to hear that same brutality happened to those brave Ethiopians few years back who died honoring their faith is now occurring to innocent Egyptian civilian.

    • Abebaw,

      if mengistu Hailemariam is involved in coup of Rober Mugabe the man who defend him and give him shelter for 27 year and send million in him while Zimbabwe r under attack from all side .. how u r telling us ungrateful mengistu is behind coup.. then u proof my theory our ungrateful toxic Amhara must be behind this bombing so the Ethiopian government should out those AG7 AND OLF opprative in Egypt and tell Egypt to take action aginst them trust me u will not find one Toxic Amhara wish good for Egypt

      • That is done for the good of the country. Mugabe was practically fragile and incapacitated, he deserve to rest and retire. Menge foresaw that the country could go wrong if wrong people hijack power using the incapacitated Mugabe. In other words, he resolved the row over who should heir power. Mugabe is the father of that nation. It occurred without the death of one person. His opponent, the new president, revered Mugabe so did he to Mengistu. The new president promised to do everything good including high security to the well being of Mugabe. Don’t hesitate many Zimbabwean regard Mengistu as their African hero.

  7. I think woyane Does Not Deserve sending condolence letter to Egypt rather Ethiopians should send noting the favor Egypt did for survivors of the Libya slaughtering by the demonic Islamist.

  8. ኣዲስ አበባ የተቀመጠውን የኛን የትግሬ-ወያኔ አሸባሪስ ማን ይባል ይሆን? The following is a heartbreaking account available at

    በእስር ቤት እንግልትና ሰቆቃ የደረሰባቸው እስረኞች በፍርድ ቤት ስለሚገጥማቸው በደል የሚያወሱ ጽሑፎች በማኅበራዊ የመገናኛ አውታሮች ተነበዋል። ከጽሑፎቹ መካከል አንድ ታሳሪ አቤቱታቸውን ለማቅረብ ሲማጸኑ ከዳኞች ፈቃድ ባለማግኘታቸው «ህዝብ ይፍረደኝ» ብለው በሰቆቃ የተኮላሸ ሐፍረታቸውን በፍርድ ቤት ውስጥ አሳዩ፤ «ያለቀሱም ነበሩ» የሚለውን ጽሑፍ ብዙዎች በትዊተር እና በፌስቡክ ተቀባብለውታል።

  9. .

    I feel sorry and grieve for any human life that are taken before their time and, it specially breaks my heart to think about those who are wounded and suffer on this horrible incidents. Most will carry there wound and psychological ramification for the rest of their lives.
    Whatever is the intent of a terrorist act, it should be denounced in the strongest possible term.

    Here, we are simply watching that our own rulers who can satisfy the requirements of a state sponsor terrorist specification are denouncing another group.

  10. Since when has Ethiopia has a government? A gathering of Shifta murderers do not represent our people. When we create a government, we will conduct a foreign policy based on our interest. What ever the lice infested bandits do, doesn’t concern us.

    Death to Woyane bandits and their minions!

  11. A barbaric terrorist organization called TPLF sending condolence letter to victims of crime committed by fellow terrorists abroad while themselves committing far greater crimes at home is neither normal nor sincere. I read in the letter only a plea for mercy.

    • Terrorist Sorsa, save yourself from your death cult. There is no worse terrorists than you. I have seen you dancing here last year when you heard people killed based on their ethnics? You were dancing all over. You inbreed and terrorists.

      • Every time when the truth word was spoken about your darling secretly admiring terriorist tigray you get so uncomfortable aren’t you? What part of sorsa have said you have a problem with? Say it? He spelled it out the truth the whole truth didn’t he? anyone with functioning brain could arrived to the same conclusion!

  12. The Ethiopian Orthodox must go out and reach out Ethiopians Muslims and help them to understand the problem. This is coming to Ethiopia because they are breeding like rabbits and increase their number. Studies has shown Ethiopia is getting to a breaking point because as their number increases, problem starts. You can Google this. The studies says the west is in danger of losing to Islam and they said Ethiopia is at breaking point as their number increases in Ethiopia violences in Ethiopia increases. The Ethiopian Tewahdo must reach out to Ethiopian Muslims and help them to free themselves from Islamic slavery and islamic death cult.

  13. Save Ethiopian Muslims from the death cult. It is our duty to teach them love and give them love. The people who are beheading people have been abused by Islam from their childhood. Islam made monsters. All terrorists are Muslims and it is because they were abused by Islam from they day they were born. They educated to hate, kill according the Quran. Did you read story of an 10 year old boy cutting his own hand punishing himself for saying bad thing about Mohammed? It is not Muslims the problem. The problem is Islam. Islam abuses Muslims in every aspect including inbreeding or marriage within family which make it worse because people born of family members have many genetic abnormalities. We need to save Ethiopian Muslims. Otherwise, we digging our tombs. Save Muslims in Ethiopia and help them to abandon Islam.

    Holy Holy Holy is his name God = Holy Spirit = Son = father = trinity = unity = one = Tewahdo = Orthodox = love others like yourself = love your neighbors like yourself = treat others like yourself = do not kill = do not be false witness = do not steal = do not covet your neighbors wife = do not dishonor your parents = do not worship idols = do not misuse God’s name = Worship only God = do not commit adultery = Make Sunday a holy day. Holy Holy Holy is his name God = love = beauty = truth = Utopia

  14. Geez, please please.

    You are certainly trying to incite violence by means of religion; so it’s not difficult to know who you are. I bet you have no fear of God, or you would speak truth and peace. Remember those in Ethiopia working hard to pit brothers based on their ethinic origin, religion…? you are no doubt a TPLFite.

    Now Ethiopians are known to live together for long time in peace as Christian and Muslim. There was Gragn Ahmed, so did the Christian Highlanders. Worldwide, there were Crusades, not just Muslims. I think Middle East is so vulnerable due to its oil resource, geo-politics, Palestine-Israel issue… There are lots Muslims in other places, but most of the conflict is in Middle East, and lots of Muslims happen to be in that area.

    So as I understand, the main problem is not religion, but corruption, greed, wanting what’s not your, no hardwork, … everywhere. So are just human characters, not religion.

    Please use your head.

    • Shut up you idiot. You have no clue. i did not talk about violence. You do know what you are talking about. First teach yourself before trying to people whom you do not have clue. Get lost, denkoro. አስተምርህ ሙተሃል?

  15. Geeze
    Each day you arevecoming a typical lunatic Tigre. I hate to write this but your brain is ugly as is customery to all Tigres. Everybody behind closed doors in Europe has been saying this since day one when Islam came.
    The fact of the matter is Christians have as much fervor in spreading the message of God at all cost necessary contrary to their peace preaching lord. Hence they believe Islam must be destroyed and they act like animals.
    Spain inquisition and crusaders are a witness. Muslims are manly but Christians wine and act like girly.
    When Muslims abide by their Quranic law they spared Christians whom they conquered. They gave them freedom instead of revenge yet the Spoanish took advantage used Muslims to fight against each other, threw them to jail, raped their kids and women and forced then into exile into North Africa. Whatever happened in Egypt is between Muslims fueled by Christian western powers.
    It is their aim to tarnish the image of Islam.
    The Spanish forced Muslim to leave their doors open during Friday so they can check they are not praying secretly.
    They forced muslims to put half crescent moon mark on their head turban so kids on the streets can throw stones or cast dust on their faces. They were lynched.
    You see when Muslims were capable of revenge they resisted temptation of their emotions.

    You called the most humble Prophet, s.a.w., a General. What an idiot Tigre you are and a cursed grand son of the devil Yohanness or his grand son, I suspect.
    None of terrorists have read quran, you are a liar.
    Chrustians are as fanatic case in point Ethiopian Kings. Remember what Menelik II did ti Harar he built Church over the Mesjid, cut the breasts Muslim Arsi women and murdered 70 quran hafith in one day. Cruelry in its highest sadustic and animalistic level can be found in Ethiopia. Haileselasie denied the exustence of Muslims. He referred to communities residing in Ethiopia not as Ethiopians born abd raised despite his Muslim family he was a stooge for Britain.

  16. ቂጥዋን ያልጠረገች ትጋሩ የአለምን ህዝብ ውዥንምብር የከተተ የ”ሽብር” ጉዳይ ምነው እምቡር እምበር አሰኛት። አሰብን የሸጠ የትጋሩ ዲቃላ መለስ ለአለቆቹ አጎብድዶ ሎሌነቱን ለኤርትራ አስመስክሯል ። አሰብን በመሸጥ። የአንድ መቶ ሚሊዮን ህዝብ እንደ ሰርዲን ሲታጨቅ ትዝብት ውስጥ ይከታል። ታይቶም ተሰምቶ አይታወቅ እንዲህ አይነት የበታችነት የባሪያ ውልደት። የኢትዪፕያ ሕዝብ የማይረሳው የታረክ ጥቁር ጠባሳ። መች ነው የምንላቀቀው ከነዚህ እርጉምቶች? የሚገርመው አለቆቸው ኤርትራውያን በንቀት አጋሜ እያሉ ከመሳደብ በቀር ለስሩት ምስጋና thanks አላሉም ።
    Go hell wayane Tigre.

    • gragn

      u r the second person i respect in this forum…so i will ask u 4 questions and i hope i got an answer.

      u said
      [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[አሰብን የሸጠ የትጋሩ ዲቃላ መለስ ለአለቆቹ አጎብድዶ ሎሌነቱን ለኤርትራ አስመስክሯል ። አሰብን በመሸጥ። የአንድ መቶ ሚሊዮን ህዝብ እንደ ሰርዲን ሲታጨቅ ትዝብት ውስጥ ይከታል። ታይቶም ተሰምቶ አይታወቅ እንዲህ አይነት የበታችነት የባሪያ ውልደት። የኢትዪፕያ ሕዝብ የማይረሳው የታረክ ጥቁር ጠባሳ።}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

      now tell me what kind of power Meles had at that time to take away Assab ,,, or to keep Assab … what i saying is Meles was not controlling the whole Ethiopia he was need the Eritrean help to control the whole Ethiopia to stand in his own feet.. without EPLF Ethiopia would have failed state.. so in that condition how in hell he can demand Assab he even couldnt hold whole Ethiopia by himself .. let alone demanding Assab back.. he have to give everything what Eritrean ask and that is what he did to save Ethiopia

      second we pay billion to Djibouti …. do u think we would had Assab it would be free … is that what u implying then what do u think the Eritrean fought for 40 years if not to control Assab

      my 3rd question let say we hold Assab by force then what is the difference we will be at war..for the last 27 years instead of paying billion dollar we would have paid in million by blood to keep Assab ours

      my 4th question is if Meles demanded Assab and a war started what would be Ethiopia faith.. yes Meles might lost Assab but he saved the Whole Ethiopia from breaking apart look what happpied to Russia and other Easter block

      • If I were Meles I would have left the conference. Let there come whatever. Look now what kind of situation we are in. We are landlocked, he should have been reasonable to go to terms in getting Assab or acceaa. I do not care what Eritrea fought for to land lock Ethiopia in that case we need to fight back to get access. After all Assab was not Eritrea it was sold by Amir Abdulahi. But it is not my business to revise history to blame this or that. Now what can we do us the right question how do we go from here. Every leader had problems, you blame Muslims but you never blame christian leaders. We just from here.

      • You stated Meles did all he could, he was in weak bargaining position.Let historians analyze this including the history of Muslim rulers. We take history into our hands. There are always two sides of a story or history.
        You cant blame people only leaders. Mengstu run away because it was impossible for him to llead Generals were afraid of fighting or corrupt, the army was very weak and Russia was disi።tegrating. Ib that situation it was good move for Megstu to flee to save lives and Ethiopia. At any rate we can blame each othet all day and night. We are facing more dangers in future. We have not built institutions or power succession mechanisms. We let just evetything play out no thought whatsoever. I think Wayane have posituve things they are honoring often neglected people. But things also are getting out of hand. What is the next evolution? How do you treat opposition or Muslims isa critical problem that demands seruous institutional answer not personal answer. There needsto be a way to listen to voices and create consensus. But it is not my business what is hsppening in Ethiopia.

        • Gragn, I am not Woyane. Your question must be pointed to Woyane. I hate Woyane. I never supported Woyane from day one even for one second. I hated their bloody war. I was running around to escape from their barbaric and bloody war in the name of liberation. They landlocked Ethiopia because they did not know what they were fighting for. They even told us port is a commodity? port is for camels? They are idiots, ignorants. They never knew anything about port or sea. I think Meles scared of sea because he lived in caves for 17 years. He ended up thinking like apes. And they call that idiot a visionary but he was divisionary who divided people and land by race or tribalism. He was only after power. The goon EthioAsh is still trying to convince by trying to teach about Ethiopia? They are idiots . Ethioash, stupid Woyane is still trying to preach about Eritrea? if Woyane can not provide Tigreans a port why it called itself it was waging war to liberate Tigreans? it does not make any sense. Islam and Woyane must be eradicated from Ethiopia. Both are evil, only Satain divided people by race. But people are not attacking the evil Woyane suicidal system. They are fostering hate to kill innocent people.

          Anyway, why do change the topic? I am not interested to talk about the stupid Woyanes. I am interested in liberating Muslim from the death cult called Islam. I wanted Muslims to live in peace and to be free from Islamic prison Sharia. I am interested in big ideology that can change the world to make Ethiopia and peaceful world with peace. My first project to liberate Muslims from Islam . I wanted to start with Ethiopian Muslims. I wanted to reach out to Ethiopians Muslims to inform them Islam is an Arab political and cultural ideology and has nothing to do with God. Why I say this I have studied Islam with deep interest and has found it barbaric, primitive and cruel ideology that is extremely oppressive.

          • Sir Geeze,
            You are right Ethioash is stupid Wayane. I did not change the topic to Wayane but your idea on Islam is Wayane.
            As to the liberation of Muslims good luck for you. Muslims mean to believe in religion if Islam is not a religion what else is? Three Gods is a religion or do you mean there is only culture. For me I can not stick with one wife for life thing that is going on in orthodox. Also they are hypocrites in that they cherry pick what they like. I do not like liars. Christians have become now a social gathering. Islam has been also doing that Al-Amoudin is a Muslim but he owns a hotel and drinks, cheats on his wife, all in the manner of Christian reformers.

            As to Islam it us not an Arab ideology because Christian Arabs are not any better in Islam. If you read history also Islamic history you will see that Ottoman empire dominated Arab empire in fact Arabs were mostly spiritual while commanding post was other tribes. A muslim willl laugh at you if you think Arab are better in Islam. No where in Quran says Arabs are better. Yes. Arabic is Quranic language other than that islamic laws are directly take or similar to jewish custome or law not Arabs. Arabs were godless and their laws differ from jewish or quranic law. When you oppose Quran you are contradicting Bible, because Christians literally believe Mohammed copied Bible. but not true. Only similarity is in Moses law.
            As to breeding with relatives, jews breed, many of the Prophets did, so you do not believe that? Inbreeding can have a positivie impact, it preserves IQ or genes that are good ad eliminates recessive genes. However, it has potential to unmask genes.

            Anyways, relative marriage is not a must. Islam is not 100 percent what you like it to be. But I found it more spiritual than others at least by following the laws. It could have problems but not as many as you think.
            If you start thinking all of us go to heaven, ten we are in socialism and I do not need waste time to pray or fast. It is equally also true that there is no heaven, otherwise why would God or Allah confuse us which way to go? That is illogical.

            I also am appalled that you cherish yohannes iv yet you claim you are Ethiopian.
            Christians are treated fairly and in reverence.
            The Prophet, saw, said
            An Arab is no better than a non Arab. last sermon.
            A wise king lives in Ethiopia, do not attack Ethiopia go there live unless they attack you.
            Do no transgress your limits, do not harm women and children.

            you think because the Prophet married 13 wives and many concubines and had Mariah of Egypt coptic married after her dad got killed? Well, those wives were really old. So, he had them because they lost husbands for the way of Islam. I understand that. But I do not understand the latter marriage to Hanah.

          • Gragn, አትዘርቅ

            Take out Islam from all religion and throw into a dustbin as rubbish. I have read everything about Islam. I used to have interest in Islam even more than Christians. አቅበዘብዘኝ and I read everything. It is Arab political, cultural, social oppressive and babraic ideology. I know you love Islam because it is provides 4 wives or more. Well yea, Islam about sex, not about God. There is no divine it. No spirit, no healing, no mystery except burning people stoning women, beheading, eating dead humans as Halal drinking Urine when there is no water? Washing your body by sand or soil when there is no water, honoring killing of your own children and raping and enslaving non-Muslims. I I Just wanted Ethiopian Muslims to abandon Islam and worship anything they want but something better than Islam. Life is short Gragn , all that crap is not needed for this short life. You have three daughters, thee teenages, they fall in love with boys? You find out that and you ask to climb a pick up and you take them to river side and you kill them? You call that honor killing ? Honor of my ass, Islam is ugly and we must liberate our Muslims. i do not even think Ethiopian Muslims know the truth Islam. In Ethiopia, they live under freedom and they do not how it looks to live in an Islamic country? I am just leave this death cult.

          • yes Sir,
            There is no such name in marriage to Hanah, where did you get that?
            The coptic Mariah was given as given from Egypt.
            The lady whose father, brother and cousins all killed was Safiya Haniya, the Jewish. Her marriage was symbolic to finally rest Jewish opposition. Jewish were a torn to the Prophet. Even when they were praying first to Jerusalem, the Jewish felt proud and so the Prophet moved it Mecca. The Prophet in his whole heart followed the pious foots steps of Noah, Adam , Abraham and many others.

  17. Abebash,

    Menge might act for the good of the country… but what is his business he was a guest of Mugabe… this is the ultimate betrayal…. i also heard a rumor that Menge was advised Mugabe to take over the white farmers land …. if the rumor is truth then how he would have feel when he was at receiving end ,,,, he would have no mouth to talk when the Zimbabwean nationalized his farm

    my second point is based on your rumor if Menge involved in Zimbabwean politics that means he break the immunity and safe passage that the American guarantee him for leaving Ethiopia and saved us from total distraction … trust me i dont want menge to end up in TPLF hand i want him to finished his life as free man why because we make a deal with him by leaving Ethiopia in 1991 he did us a great favour therefore we should not take away his immunity even if he come back but i want him to face justice and i want him to tell us everything and say sorry for this reason alone he should come home and face the justice to say sorry and tell us the full story…

    Menge was good at keep his end of the bargain … but now u tell us he got involved then he might lose his immunity and open up legal means to send him back to Ethiopia or make him live just like any other Zimbabwean or should be offered one way ticket to Ethiopia …. in fact those who work with him to remove Mugabe. might have more reason to kick out Menge from power by just sending him back to Ethiopia and gain in exchange r Ethiopia will recognized the new government

    • one more thing

      {{{Abebaw SAID ON November 25, 2017 at 9:47 AM
      That is done for the good of the country.}}}

      THIS the good of the country is very loaded question who would say no if someone said it is for good of the country.. our dear father killed o! that is for Good of the country .. how in hell u go wrong if u keep on saying it is for good of the country… you see u it is easy to say for good of the country and send million of people to their death .. but u will not put ur own skin…

      it is easy for Menge to say it is for good of the country to remove other from power …. it doesnt affect him so he can easily said it is for good of the country .. now i will ask Menge to give up all his firm for good of the country and live like any poor Zimbabwean would he be oaky with it after all it is for good of the country..

      NEXT time when the rumor conformed and when Zimbabwean took all Menge property when u come crying to me i will tell u dont worry it is for good of the country…

      TPLF jail and kill no problem it is for good of the country…

      • Yes, the Military Involvement & Mugabe’s Resignation was the Right Measure:

        ——For the Good of the country. The Zimbabwean public was jubilant about the processes and thanked their national army. That is what the army of all the people supposed to do i.e. keeping and following the aspiration of the people just not a few handful of tribe thugs. The National Army followed the barometer of the influence of the people. In that case, መንጌ took the right side not only helped the smooth transition but also saved his old friend Mugabe’s honor. What kind of good could you be to your friend if you advise him something that ultimately would cost him his life, wealth, reputation and overkill all the goods he done for that country. For your information ( I know you would be unhappy to hear this), Mugabe is regarded among the few prides/fathers of Africa to genuinely kicked and threw white colonialist from their country- Emiye Emperor Menelik II, Emperor Hailesellasie & President Robert Mugabe in modern time. It is not Me , but it is many African & foreign writers that bestowed these personalities. Even Nelson Mandela is not added to these Africans braves list, because Nelson Mandella did not help the South Black African materially anything other than talk and vote.

        —– Does the TPLF have the Copy of the Document መንጌ signed for American in exchange for his immunity? It was all a short term saboteur deal arranged by America to unseat መንጌ , impose a rebel thug, land lock Ethiopia and render the country strategically useless in the horn in the long term. They have done good job for their own sake and got what they wanted. They don’t care about መንጌ anymore. I can assure you that. Okay let’s say there is a binding agreement. መንጌ is not foolish he is doing this off the book. Furthermore, he knows currently Ethiopia has no government and no one country’s leader in his right mind send him to the tigre-woyane ISIS. By the way why is TPLF salivating over Mengistu, if it could be merciful to Mengistu, why would not TPLF release Dr. Merara, Bekele Gerba, Andargatchew, etc.?

  18. Since when has Ethiopian has a government? We never considered Woyane agame mass looters and murderers as government. When we establish a government, we will conduct our foreign relations based on our interest. Lice infested agame kulis represent no one . We are determined to eradicate Woyane leeches from the face of the earth. They are not different from those ISIS terrorists who killed innocent people in Egypt.

    Death to Woyane bandits and their minions!

  19. By the way I hear the TPLF in a chronic situation, fractured into three pieces and now for emergency treatment at Mekelle? Do you think the Agazi army would get involved? kikikikikikki

    • Abebash,

      1. Truth and Reconciliation Commission will set up to deal with መንጌ. he will ask forgiveness and the victim will give him forgiveness in exchange of መንጌ telling them everything he know how he kill the 60 ministers and all his victim

      2. Dr. Merara, Bekele Gerba, Andargatchew, etc.? should stay in jail for the good of the country… i hope u agree with this … because look what happened when we released Dr.birr he is waging war with 39 men strong in Assamara

      3. for gooooooooooood of the country we should nationalized መንጌ property.. i hope u agree with me.

      4. if u believe in justice and freedom then u should also support sending መንጌ to face the music … he only hide so far … but his coming home is nearing …

      5. or as i said i dont want to revenge as i said Ethiopian should keep the end of their the bargain as long as መንጌ live just like any other Zimbabwean… only based on his monthly salary from Ethiopia … Zimbabwean should not spend on cent on him … i hope Ababash, u support this idea because u want the government free of corruption so live with ur own means

      6. come to Ethiopia and ask forgiveness served the rest of your jail time and win ur freedom that way and join the society after serving time..

  20. The tigre-woyane in general, melese zena in particular are curses on Ethiopia. The major force for the disintegration of Ethiopia and the loss of her ports was woyane. Woyane was helping to tighten the rope on the unpopular military regime of Derg, while Derg was fighting with Shabia and Somalia, woyane was working its ass off to help them weakening Derg. woyane was basically used as kitchen aid for Shabia and it did not care about adverse impact of its sabotage. There is no doubt Ethiopia never had an evil man like melese zena; he bled Ethiopia and tried to kill her using all means he could.

  21. Hello,

    My heart goes to Egypt’s Muslims and Christians who lost their loved ones to ISIS’ repeated barbaric acts. First, Egyptian Coptic Christians and now the Sunni Muslims? Incredible!

    Is ISIS digging its own grave by killing first Shia Muslims, now Sunni Muslims [and Christians since its inception]? I hope this will turn in to a blessing-in-disguise and RALLIES believers of ALL faiths against ISIS and its despicable evil messengers of various colors!

    To Ethiopians:

    If Ethiopians see themselves as ETHIOPIANS FIRST above ALL ELSE [just for a change], they CAN make Ethiopia prosperous and RETIRE Ethiopia from ‘The laughing-stock of the world’ list FOR GOOD.

    Although I have been ill-treated like most Ethiopians, I am a Nationalist Ethiopian and Ethiopia & its Flag are like the 24th pair of my DNA’s chromosome sets. I hope that ALL of you will UPHOLD ETHIOPIA ABOVE ALL ELSE too regardless of ethnicity, religion, etc.

    NB: If your brothers & sisters short-change you and serve you one raw deal after another [for ages], would you take your revenge on your mother? Why hurt/bleed/betray Ethiopia? How does that help Ethiopia(ns)?

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

    • Mr Mognu, you are Mugnu, ISIS is not the problem. Either you do not know or you are a deceiver. ISIS are young people or Young Muslims who have been abused by Islam all their lives. They have recited, learnt by heart what they are dong. You are blaming wrong people. ISIS young Muslims who have been abused and victimized by islam = Quran = Sharia. It is not their fault. I suggest you read what I posted here under. thee are people even who say Terrorism is now finished and Iraq and Syria is free from ISIS.. They do not understand Islam. They think ISIS are the problem . However the problem is not ISIS because ISIS are the effect and Islam is the cause . People are deceiving themselves by saying terrorism is because of few Muslims fringe group which is totally wrong. Islam is the problem. I have Muslim friends and they tell me what they learned are what the ISIS doing. By the way, Aljeezera did a survey on Muslims to investigate how many Musims support ISIS? They found out 85% Muslims support ISIS according AlGeezera and that is 1.4 billion Muslims. That is from 1.6 billion Muslims. Even that in my opinion underestimation because I think 95 % support ISIS, i am adding into Aljeezera’s findings. Terrorism will never go away until the agenda of Islam is finished which is to make an Islamic Nation. An Islamic Nation ihe world forced to be Islamic by killing all those who refuse to accept to Islam and by converting those who accept Islam. Islam without Islamizing the entire world is imcomplete. I am writing all these so that people can learn. Islamic nation is all countries becoming Islamic and will be lead by one Islamic Government. All religion will be destroyed. All history will be destroyed. All cultures will be destroyed. All these high level of Islamic Virtues to humanity. That is Islam. I am not saying you have hate Muslims, no, love them, but informed and know the truth Islam is a threat to humanity. I know everyone lies. I am telling you this because I have no fear lie others people for Islam. I am a survivor of beheading. 20 years ago I to be slaughtered while I was sleeping by 4 Muslims and one Muslim saved my life. I never new anything about Islam. Igrew up in Ethiopia with Mulsims and eating with them, dining with them. I enjoyed decious food with them Ramadan and that was before i knew anything about Islam. Truth will hurt anyone but will save lives because there man people who do not know.

  22. Aboye Ethioash,
    You guys hate each other even when you all christian. You have been fighting since we know Axum empire 2000 years all along. Why you despise each other so much? Shewa versus Axum, or Eritrea. You make the whole region a hot and dangerous place. When will you learn to resolve your differences through the ballet or social media or over the negotiation? I mean now G7 wants another overthrowing, Allah knows when. Why can not we have a president that listens to the people, if not we say go home and rest. Instead of the exile cycle we seem to have wondering over the Western empire acting like “kulis”.I thought the era of armed struggle was over.

  23. Geeze,
    አንተ እርኩስ
    Islam will not be for people like you the horny boys and the drunkard. If you are not a disciplined boy you are full of shit. Islam is strict and it is not about wives. It is about preventing እርኩስ መንፕስ like yours who disvirgun young girls or got to clinic after abortion. Tigres are known to be hot for sex especially the men are ቅብዝብዝ። I love their women however as they are loyal. In fact allreligions are garbage I know you hate Islam because you lack discioline. I bet you will never get married because girls know who is the real husband mostly. Especially they can tell men like you at the tight spot. Life is short? Haha where did you get that?
    Hanging boys? What are you blubbering? Islam has rules and everyone goes by it. You cant control your ball you are out.

  24. Gragn, I do not hate Islam. I am saying Islam is a death cult. It has nothing to do with God. As you can see, your very good, pious and dedicated Muslims who are very disciplined are shooting are beheading, stoning, burning, shooting people. Islam is an Arab political, cultural, social and nomadic imperialism. I prefer the American imperialism than this death cult. Hate is based on irrational reason. I reject Islam as a death cult because it is a death cult. Why?

    ** ***** Quran (8:12) – “(Remember) when your Lord inspired the angels… “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” *****
    1. Quran (2:244) – “Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things.”
    2. Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”
    3. Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.
    4. Quran (4:74) – “Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.”
    5. Quran (4:76) – “Those who believe fight in the cause of Allah…”
    6. Quran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion is all for Allah” Some translations interpret “fitna
    7. Quran (8:57) – “If thou comest on them in the war, deal with them so as to strike fear in those who are behind them, that haply they may remember.”
    8. Quran (8:67) – “It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war until he had made a great slaughter in the land…”
    9. Quran (8:65) – “O Prophet, exhort the believers to fight…”
    10. Quran (9:14) – “Fight against them so that Allah will punish them by your hands and disgrace them and give you victory over them and heal the breasts of a believing people.”
    11. Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”
    12. Quran (9:41) – “Go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah! That is best for you if ye but knew.”
    14. Quran (9:73) – “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites and be unyielding to them; and their abode is hell, and evil is the destination.”
    15. Quran (9:123) – “O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness.”
    16. Quran (17:16) – “And when We wish to destroy a town, We send Our commandment to the people of it who lead easy lives, but they transgress therein; thus the word proves true against it, so We destroy it with utter destruction.”
    17. Sahih Muslim (31:5918) – “I will fight them until they are like us.”
    18. Tabari 9:69 “Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us”
    19. Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 990: Cutting off someone’s head while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ is not a ‘perversion of Islam’, but a tradition of Islam that began with Muhammad. In this passage, a companion recounts an episode in which he staged a surprise ambush on a settlement: “I leapt upon him and cut off his head and ran in the direction of the camp shouting ‘Allah akbar’ and my two companions did likewise”.
    20. Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 992: – “Fight everyone in the way of Allah and kill those who disbelieve in Allah.”
    21. Quran (2:216) – “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

    Because of the above and because of what I see everyday Islam is doing in the world and because I read it in and out terrorism = Islam = Terrorism = death cult. There can never be any reason or logic or philosophy or science that accept this barbaric and primitive death cult of Arab nomads

    For the above reasons and many others based on the Quran and Sharia, I am requesting all Ethiopians Muslims to abandon Islam as the religion because Islam has nothing to do with God except devil. Gragn Mohammed if you really Ethiopians, leave this death cult and I promise I will provide 8 wives, beautiful Tegarus if you leave Islam if that is what is keeping you or attracting you to Islam. Sex is dangerous, the Arab womens, but this death cult is denying them right and humanity.

    All Ethiopians please abandon Islam.

  25. Geeze, you confused?
    Do you want me to list you the number of versus that talk about terror and sword in the Bible?
    Second, do you agree that Christian much more horror than Muslims? Have Muslims killed in millions indiscriminately? That was world war I and II and Nagsaki and Hiroshima all done under Christian name. The problem you do not act like a Christian and live by the Bible. As you stated Jesus preaches peace if so why would jesus not stop the Christians from death?
    It is fine to hate Islsm we know that. In Islam if you are a pagan and refuse to accept Islam your fate is death. If you are People of the Book you have an to remain peaceful and pay head tax or keep fighting. If you lose fighting you get enslaved. Yes you may think of it as imperialism that is upto you.
    The bottom line I do not understand why you fail to connect dots. Bible according to you preaches peace but the followers never are peaceful thry enslaved West Africans your cousins.
    Quran is violent according to you. If so why we dont seee violence and petsecution of Christians during ottoman Empire.

    Please take online course “Constitutional struggles in the Muslim world”.
    Staying away from Islam does not give a shield to get away with repression.

    If you read the Quenquest of Habasha written by a Yemeni he calls Ahmed gran his master. Read his Book. You see this is how we know Islam free from slavery. The guy talks about how the habesha were enslaved exported to Gujerat India where the connection with Ethiopia was prominent at the time.

  26. Gragn, I do not expect Muslims to agree with me or with anyone because I know them. You know in you death cult you are not allowed to ask questions and you are reasoned. I know Taqiya. You are making Taqiay. Comparing Islam with any religion does not make sense. Gragn, your brain is castrated by Islam and you can not use your brain anymore. I remember you said the beheading of Ethiopian in Libya was okay? you were very happy about it? I am talking to Ethiopia who can take what I wrote as serious message. I am very well informed that Muslims will not accept any critism about their death cult. But others or non-Muslims must take this seriously and be proactive. They can talk about equality and something now, but after 20 years, when Muslims mutliply like coackroaches they become 70% Ethiopia. At that time, Ethiopian will be forced to be Muslims and if refused they will be beheaded. There is no negoitiation in Islam. You accept or you die. There is no room any religion or any culture. In short Islam can not co-exist with other religions. Muslims are only peaceful until their number becomes majoirty. If they are above 60%, then they will take over and make Ethiopia Islamic country. If Islam was good? who really cares if everyone becomes Muslims? The truth is Islam has no virtue. Islam is against civilization, against democradcy and against freedom. ልብ ያለው ልብ ያርግ ፤ ይለልው ልብ ይግዛ፤ አትቀልዱ። this is about survival.

  27. Geez,
    The new crusader son grand son of Yohannes IV. Without any evidence you equate Islam with ISIS or more. When you were presented the history of Spain and how the Book of Islam is treating you as a believer you deny. You however salute Yohannes IV as a role model who killed peaceful people. When I present you with evidence of the message of Islam you refused to accept it. Prophet Mohammed prayed for the nice King. You are abusive and contradictory. You state someone was going to kill you because you were a Christian. But Islam does not allow that. Islam will allow first to accept Islam if you refuse then you have option yo pay head tax or remain a slave if you kerp fighting.
    As I have told you I do not know where and what happened to you. If you are in a war zone and fleeing then people if they spot Christians then they night you are a spy or there to kill them. Otherwise, under Islam Christians lived. Greeks the Romans and Cyprus abd Spain are examples. Why they were not killed? You see when Christian Spain took power and King Yohannes IV and Menelik II got into power they all became anti Muslim jailing King Aba Jiffar and fircing Mohammed the King and changed his name to Negus Michael whose son Iyasu later became the Emperor before Haileselasie forced him into exile citing his Muslim faith.
    I know Tigres hate Islam because they have this old mind set that they will be murdered.
    You see I love my Christian friends and I faced little discrimination in my country but when I learned of your hate to Islam on this website I kept wondering what has gone wrong with these people. You are saying Ethiopian Muslims are uneducated and unaware of their religion or what the Quran says. But you refuse to understand why. Ethiopian muslims are pious friendly loving and more than anything just. They will sacrifice for their Christian friends betraying their own Muslims just to honor their promise and their long kinship. They are devote and true to their country. I grew up slipping with my Christian friends and studying hard until the night is over at my friends house. We celebrate marriage ceremonies together and eat together. They were friendly and loving abd respectful. You see they slaughter one cow or ox for just Muskims. In fact in Tigray it is common to see separate pans hanging on the wall or clay pots just for Muslims reserved and ready in case a guest comes he will be served with separate plate.

    Now Muslims even go miles and do everything to treat their Christian friends. I have told you we have Christian line in my family infact my older sister first for family was born to a Christian. My mom resented her but my aunt was begging her by bending her body carrying a stone so she turns to Islam. She refused.

    You offered me 8 wives. I was just joking. First of all you need a means to sustain them. I am not al Amoudin. It astonishes me that you never complain of Al Amoudin running around prostitutes or ladies and girls and wasting them but you complain of a Muslim having legal sex with four wives.Every Ethiopian wealthy got into such habits and is common in the West. However, the reason why you have four wives is because a lot of people were dying men in jihad and a social catastrophy was developing and hence men were given legal marriage to them. Let us face it interms of sex all sex is the same.
    But I an doubting if your mind is brainwashed or what you abhor such marriages but permit wasting virgins and fool them around as toys. I am not going to win a debate with die hard Tigaru.

    I do not hate Christians. They are my family. They used to bring as “ባቄላ እሸት” every year and I used to ride on their mule and go the farm “ገጠር” and sleep over. They used to mock me with “ለጋ ቅቤ” to my head and I used to wipe it off immediately after getting home but I never tell them I did that lest I offend them.
    Anyway, we had good life but once I discovered that you do not see us as ewuals and you do not need us or you view us as Arabs then I begun to question whether i should die for my Christian friend or Chrustian Ethiopia. You expect us to be loyal yet you refuse to treat with good eye. That is a bit hypocritical. Past is past but we still need new movement.

    You can not tell me what Islam is.
    You are talking about ISIS and others but those are the effects of injustice by American foreign policy and have no roots in Islam.

    Your data is bogus and everything FBI says is true to you. All is fear mongering. If you treat Muslims fairly they will treat you the same way back.
    I love my Christian despite their name calling me.
    To claim universal or global Islam is not unique to Islam. The crusaders had the same idea so they invaded jerusalem multiple times to remove evil which is Islam.

    You see there is Kingdom of God on earth in America and in the west. Infact, the small town I was living, not anymore, there was a private small university all Christian faith. They have a flag and this flag say one workd under jesus or so. They are Baptist. Orthodox luckilybdo not run one world agenda but Ptotestants are fervent in this. I am not sure if Catholics preach that.

    Yes, Islam preaches Islamic umah. So does Christianity.
    You are Islamophobe and you read Islamophobic websites run by Trump and his bigotry Steve Bannon.
    You see there is another side to America the liberals.

    You have to live by principles otherwise my Chrustian way is the way does not take you anywhere. Islam has not changed and Ethiopia is center of Islam we have many scholars who understand Islam. Islam is strict but is kind. We are not here to behead anyone. We are here to spread islam.i am not a good Muslim because Muslims should not come to this side in the first place. It us hostile to them and that according to Islam is forbidden. I am not representing Islam. I am a person. So do not generalize.

    But i thought I helped Ethiopia by making itvmore tolerant.
    Read how Muslim treated African slaves of east Africa. They are called Sidi, lord in Arabic or habeshi. They were enslaved during the 13t century or do. Even during 8th century of Islam.
    Once they got free they were treated as equals. They even got to prominent positions ad governors or generals because of their bravery and intelligence. The Gujerat Indian Muslims who were at the time the powers until hindus took power back were following Islam. So they treated them faily. Google in “Gurat Muslims and east Africans”. Slaves were better treated under east than in the Americas. All they had to do was become Muslims. I do not kniw where in Ethiopia these Africans came from but they look like Amara, or Tigaru or Qotu. They may also be from Afar or Somali.

    So Aboy Gebeze, do not mix up religion with politicized covered up religion. Slavery and race are not the same in Islam. You could be white and be a slave if you lose in fight during jihad.

  28. Gragn, I know you will not accept anything. I know there is reason in Islam. In Islam you are not allowed to think. I know 100%. I know even if I spend 1 year with you nothing will change with you. That is what Islam about. Islams means no quesitoning, no reason, no think and follow like camel.

    ISIS are victims of Islam. I do not blame ISIS because I know Islam created ISIS. I denounce the creator, not the creature. iISIS are young people who have been abused by Islam and molded by Islam. Everything ISIS are doing is in the Quran. They did write new Quran or new verses. They are following the Quran as it is. Islam is the threat because the creator of ISIS. Many people blame IiSIS and say terrorists bla bla. But I point my finger not on ISIS, but on Islam = death cult = anithuman

  29. Gebeze,
    You think you are the authority, the self agrandizing Christian preacher. I know thst your superior mentality that Islam is inferior makes you say what no other person can say. It is in your Bible to hate everyone and to love this world. You will never change me because I am not to be bullied by bullies eho think the problem is someone else and not them who think others are inferior antidemocratic and uncivilized and they are too proud to seek truth. You are a prime example. I do not even think you follow whst you preach you are such a confused person who lost his compass in the Middle of nowhere. I have seen Chrustianity and whst it can do to me and others. They have no compassion and they are actually evils. They bring chaos and disorder to this world. No single country I know practices democracy. As one guy stated democracy is an illusiin s catch phrase to imbibe the uninformed and unaware all is B.S..
    You are such b.s. creature I know who blames everything on Islam. You must be a chat addict or so. I do not care about your fake study of Islam. Simply put you are a person who is guided by emotions, tella berr qumar, hotel, prostitution business mentality. Only a fool will say such fool things. You are a person who says you are with me or against me.
    Socialism blamed religion as Karl Marx put it “religion is opium of people” , the German fake economist.
    If you hate Islam I know that it is ibgrained in your brain that Islam is inferior.
    But the fact is that you have no brain to think you are the Karl Marx of the 21st century but with little brain. It is moronic to say Muslim dead body is better. You stated jesus asks you to preach love your enenies and turn cheek. I know you did never mean to say that it was a ploy.

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