ET-HIOPIA-WIN-ET: Gedu Andargachew in His Own Words

Protestor carrying Ethiopian Flag

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Ethiopiawinet in a nutshell…

“Indeed, our diversity has been the amazingly distinctive feature of our Ethiopiawinet. The strong bond in the mosaic of our Ethiopiawinet is reflected in the diversity of our religions, traditions and cultural practices. The linkage of our unity over the ages has remained very strong. [Ethiopiawinet] is not something that dissipates like vapor in the air. It is not a thing swept by the wind and scattered or easily broken. It is a unity that is deeply rooted. It is great unity with [immeasurable] depth and strength.” Ato Gedu Andargachew, speaking at the Amhara Oromo Discussion Forum in Bahr Dar, November 4, 2017.

“Ethiopians are like sergena teff [staple foodstuff in Ethiopia made whose tiny seeds resemble poppy seeds eaten as flatbread called injera] (applause). [Grain] that is gathered together. Milled together. Eaten together (applause)… EthiopiaWINet is an addiction [deep passion]. It is in the heart of each and every Ethiopian. — Obbo Lemma Megerssa, President of Oromiya regional government, speaking at the Amhara Oromo Discussion Forum in Bahr Dar, November 4, 2017.

Everybody who has Ethiopiawinet inside them, [will forever] have it in them. That can never be lost. It is as deep as religion. Ethiopiawinet has a delicate mystery to itself. It has a very deep foundation. When we can agree on so many good things, it is not useful to dwell on the deficient things we have done together. — Artiste Teodros (Teddy Afro) Kassahun, in a May 2017 interview following his launch of the “Ethiopia” album.

“Addiction to Ethiopiawinet is the only cure for the T-TPLF cancer in the Ethiopian body politics. Ethiopians united (in Ethiopiawinet) will never be defeated by the T-TPLF.” — Alemayehu G. Mariam

Translator’s Note: The following is a translation of remarks given by Ato Gedu Andargachew, President of Amhara Regional State, at the “Amhara-Oromo Discussion Forum” in Bahr Dar, a city in north-western Ethiopia, on November 4, 2017.

Last week, I presented a translation of Obbo Lemma Megerssa’s remarks at the same forum.

In my January 2012 commentary, “Africans Unite! Ethiopians Unite!”, I declared, “Choose your humanity before your ethnicity and nationality.  Doing it the other way around is downright insanity.” That is what I have always believed.

Gedu Andargachew, Lemma Megerssa, Teddy Afro and many other Ethiopians are saying the same thing. We all call it “Ethiopiawinet”, which I simply define as love of the humanity of the people of Ethiopia. Ethiopiawinet is simply the belief and practice of universal values of humanity in that little corner of the planet in northeast Africa.

More specifically, Ethiopiawinet is our version of the same faith the United Nations Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights reaffirmed and proclaimed as fundamental human rights nearly seven decades ago–  the dignity and worth of the human person regardless of race, color, religion, nationality, language, gender, age and all other artificial classifications used to discriminate between all God’s children.

Mea culpa: I have attempted to offer an accurate and exact translation of Gedu’s remarks in Amharic. I underscore the word attempt because I admittedly do not have the translation skills to capture the eloquence of Gedu’s refined diction, the subtleties of his ideas, poetic imagination and undiluted passion for Ethiopiawinet.

Translating Amharic into English has its special challenges  associated with finding appropriate translational equivalences, finding comparable figurative language and accurately conveying the meaning of cultural terms, among others.

I apologize in advance to Gedu for any deficiencies in my translation of his remarks.


Gedu Andargachew’s Remarks:

([Announcer]… I invite to the podium Ato Gedu Andargachew, president of Amhara kilil to extend welcoming remarks (applause).)

[Gedu Andargachew] The Honorable Ato Lemma Megerssa, president of Oromiya regional government, honorable ministers, Amhara and Oromo killil leadership, honorable Aba Gedas and community elders, faith leaders and artists, honorable residents of Bahir Dar and guests of honor.

First, I want to express my heartfelt delight for the opportunity to be present at this collective forum and share my message with the people of Oromia and Amhara kilil. I extend a warm welcome to our guests for coming to Amhara kilil in peace (applause).

That our country Ethiopia is the cradle of humanity and a land of [magnificent] natural and manmade wonders is a truth known not only to us her children but also accepted by the world.

[Ethiopians] are a people who have persevered in honor and love despite oppression and injuries [inflicted upon them]  various regimes and losses. They [Ethiopians] have worked together to build one [common] economic and social system. They have aimed far and made broad achievements as we are marching forward.

We Ethiopians have used our diversity in traditions, ethnicities, religions, history and other things to build a house for ourselves and used our diversity as strength and mark of beauty, and not as sources of [antagonistic] division.

Indeed, our diversity has been the amazingly distinctive feature and pride of our Ethiopiawinet. The strong bond in the mosaic of our Ethiopiawinet is reflected in the diversity of our religions, traditions, languages and cultural practices and common unity and our honored identity.  (applause).

The linkage of our unity over the ages has remained very strong. It is not something that dissipates like vapor [steam] that dissipates in the air. It is not a thing swept by the wind [and scattered] or [easily] broken. It is [a unity] that is deeply rooted. It is a great unity with [immeasurable] depth and strength (applause). It is a powerful unity that is deeply rooted.

Our forefathers who made and preserved our history were not without differences and not without their obstacles and hinderances. [Despite their differences] they kept our beautiful Ethiopia shedding their blood and sacrificing their bones, protecting her from invasion by the enemy. [They chose] to stand together [not apart because of their differences]. [That’s] how they gained victory together, grew together and delivered [the country] to us.

We have taken turn and kept the country [together] this way. We did not see Ethiopia belonging to one group or one segment [of society]. She collectively belongs and is home to all nations, nationalities and peoples who have built her. We have used our diversity as beauty marks so we can have constitutional governance and that is the serious responsibility of our generation.

Ethiopiawinet is unity, togetherness and respect for each other. Our enemies far and near who do not know this aim to use our weaknesses as springboard to take advantage. They try to divide us by taking advantage of any gaps in our  [unity] by [slithering through] and spreading lies (applause).

This action arises from the fact of not deeply and properly appreciating Ethiopiawinet. We should appreciate Ethiopiawinet [is fundamental decency]. It is about providing hospitality, providing shelter, sharing food, to send off those going away with tenderness. In general, (Ethiopiawinet) is about brotherhood. The amazing thing is these practices and traditions (of Ethiopiawinet) are common to all ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

Returning to one of the sacred elements of our forum, the Oromo and Amhara people have lived for ages in good neighborliness. I want to note their relationship is deep-rooted and have strong bonds.

The Amhara and Oromo people are interwoven in tradition and lifestyle through marriage, adoptions and so many other ways. They are one united people.

The fact of the matter in our present situation is that the millions of Amhara people living throughout Ethiopia have intermarried with Oromos and lived together in love and harmony for ages. They live with their identity recognized and respected.

Indeed, from time to time conflict have arisen for reasons indicated above, but the Oromo people have brought the wrong-doers to justice. They have protected the properties of their Amhara brothers, even sacrificing their lives defending them. They have helped those who have been damaged and aided them in rebuilding their [lives]. We have seen this done numerous times.

Despite what some [ill-willed] people say, Oromo people do not discriminate. They have demonstrated they embrace all people with their traditions (applause).

On the other hand, there are nearly one-half million Oromos living together with Amharas [in Amhara kilil] in brotherhood. They are living among Amharas maintaining their natural comfort, their constitutional rights protected, administering their own affairs and living in love. They also have representation in the [Amhara] kilil government and play their role in the development process.

Moreover, the right of Oromo children to learn in [Oromiffa] [in Amhara kilil] is affirmed.

In 257 schools, one hundred thousand children are learning in Oromiffa (applause).

The bonds between Amhara and Oromo people are strong.

Even when conflicts arise from grazing and farming rights, we have resolved them using the Oromo Geda or the Amhara elder conflict resolution system. History testifies to this.

Even today those living near Oromo border – Gojjam, Wello, Shoa – cooperate on many different social and economic issues. They have strong desire to [work together] and great love is seen among them.

The deep-rooted relationship between these two people is well beyond our understanding as current leaders. What is amazing above all else is that [those hostile to Oromo-Amhara unity] are mobilizing to create conflict and weaken the relations [unity] of the Oromo and Amhara peoples using history as a propaganda tool for years. But the two people are maintaining their unity and going forward (applause).

Indeed, there is great effort underway today to ensure this unity develops in a new way.

Recently, the young people of Oromiya came to help with the water weed problem [water hayacinth] on Lake Tana [feeding the Blue Nile/Abay River]. The message goes well beyond rooting out weeds. It shows the unity of the two peoples [shows unity and solidarity] (applause).

[What they did] echoes far and yonder. It is echoed by millions [of Ethiopians] and [they] sing, ‘Tana is ours. Abay is ours. Oromiya is ours. Amhara is ours. Ethiopia is ours.’ It resonates Ethiopian unity.

Recently, those who hate Ethiopian unity, using the media as a propaganda tool, are deliberately waging a conspiratorial campaign day and night trying to get the two people in conflict. But our wise people have refused to [accept the propaganda of hate] and the daily provocation [of those trying to divide and rule] is failing.

This foresight of the people has nullified the efforts of those seeking to divide [and rule].

Have full faith our struggle against such shenanigans [of those seeking to divide and rule] will continue in a focused way (applause). The new generation will strengthen the equality-based historical legacy of Ethiopiawinet of our forefathers based in the spirit of brotherhood.

I wish to remind all at this opportunity that our unity is for our peace and peace is for our unity. That is our strong foundation (applause).

The leaders who are present in this hall today, Aba Gedas, community elders, teachers, youths, professionals, and all people of Amhara and Oromo [should realize], our principal mission is to pass [Ethiopiawinet] to the next generation.

We the people of Amhara and Oromo at this forum have shown not only our unity, [but we also send] a message to our bothers throughout the country, especially our [immediate neighbors] that we shall strengthen our bonds of cooperation and expand effective opportunity [for all].

These kinds of ties between people, nations and nationalities shall be the foundation of an equality-based new Ethiopia. We have a responsibility to strengthen that. I want to reassure of that (applause).

In our time, the choice for our country and people is to build democratic unity founded on equality. All of our people living in freedom. We shall have a social justice democracy in Ethiopia when we can build that.

For this people-to-people communication between Amhara and Oromo is one of the things that needs to be strengthened (applause). Such people to people communication must also continue with people in other kilils.

Lastly, Oromo Aba Gedas and Amhara community elders have showed us our unity and togetherness will strengthen. [You have shown that] by travelling a long journey to come to the capital of our kilil.

I want to thank you again in the name of the Amhara kilil. I express my admiration and respect.

I wish your stay in Bahir Dar will be a time of love and happiness.

Thank you.


Ethiopians united (in Ethiopiawinet) will never be defeated by the T-TPLF.”


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  2. .
    If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.

    Obbo Lemma Megersa and Gedu Andargachew represent a high level OPDP and ANDM cadres. If they abandon the TPLF policy, that is welcome news for Ethiopians. We know the younger and Zonal cadres from both parties are already sick and tired of interference from TPLF. Certainly TPLF want to continue the status quo. But, there grip is loosening. It is getting close that the total order in the party will be in chaos.
    We are watching while Weyanne is getting rotten from inside. But, we can’t expect any salvation from them, all are poisoned. You can’t find a single person out of them who is clean. All Weyanne have some kind of dirt.


    • Gashe mamo, now see it is about power, it not about democracy bla bla. You praise Gedu, Megersa because they are not Tigreans? and you wanted to unite ethnic Oromo and Amhara? You hate Woyane because they are Tegarus? I do not think Mr. Gedu and Mr. Megersa will buy this crap Diaspora racism. I do not think so. They are EPRDF and they are more close to the Woyanes than to Diaspora ideologically. Bad luck, you are going to Arat kilo soon? We know now for sure it is power until we die ? You have been on power for 100 years? You built only one University? Only one hospital Tukur Ambessa? only one air port? You have made Ethiopia a laughing stock of human race on our planet? You were killing and selling dead bodies to their parents ? Now you are salivating for power / I will hang myself if Alemayehu Gebremariam get to Arat kilo? I enter an oath this Baboon from Zaire gets around Arat kilo? I will kill myself. This Baboon sided with Egypt and gave guidelines how to bomb GERD/ and you are telling me Gudu will take this Baboon as normal person? I have been opposing TPLF but now you are making think twice, you people can do anything for power ? Anyway, Almariam Alrabia. You see the Baboon from Zaire can not Amharas. Amhara are mostly patriotics who even take farther . This modern day banda and Zaire Baboon can be the spokeman of the beautiful Amharas. I get scared his face, he really looks like a Baboon? The Baboon has license to be racist, hate monger and he think he is the only on earth / Well, we see now how rotten he is inside. The Woyanes I opposed strongly has built 50 Universities in 25 years? Hey? who is that? They built 600 hospitals just from one? They are harnessing the Nile ? They are going to light up Ethiopia with light 24 hours ? Professor Alemahey Gebbrmariam? wrong name, the name Professor Baboon de la zaire.

      • .
        Why deceiving? …Hiding from your true identity. You don’t have to wear a different mask. You are a TPLF supporter from the beginning. Say it… don’t hesitate. Don’t sugar coat your words and say I am thinking twice. I tell you,… You never think even for once. If you think for a fraction of a micro second, you will see reality,…truth,….fact…. For no-brain people, they might think twice or a million times, it doesn’t matter….. they can see nothing, feel nothing, hear nothing. They are blind fools.

        Now, even with the strongest detergent, you can not clean TPLFites narrow minded views,… You can not whitewash their skinny sphere of thinking. Not you ..even their sharp tongue cadres are struggling to hide their masters identity. Don’t even think about blaming it to others. ..TPLFites are tribalist,…racist,….biased,…one sided,…..colonizers… discriminators,…polarizers,

        I don’t know how far you have travelled in academic learning. You have to appeal to your heart….and just be truthful to yourself….. How can division be a progress?…. Who thought you division is increasing?… many ways it is a regress, ….it is a revert…It is not even logical. You can not throb under division and subtraction……& TPLFites brought division. They are taking us back to the primitive.

        Why the unnecessary discourse about democracy… When you simply know that it is all about majority… .about numbers… If you don’t have the numbers simply be ready to accept it. It is a natural thing, stay aside…….you don’t have to be cunning.

        Now, I don’t think you are ripe enough to see any details. We will praise no Weyanne. Even if these individuals, like Gedu or Lemma, purge or fold back, they show a diagnosis to our sickness, and diagnosis is not a cure.


        • That is your figment in your imagination. I do not oppose to make people happy. Whatever I do is based on my own beliefs. I do not oppose to please, racist and arrogant diaspora.

          What is the wrong if I support TPLF? It is my democratic and my human right to do if I choose to do. I am fully entitled to support any part including TPLF. You see we are galaxies apart. I do not subscribe to the rubbish diaspora politics of hate.

          You are telling me who I am? That means you know about me better than myself? This attitude is barbaric and primitive. You are telling me I am a doll ? I do not myself ? you know better than me about myself? wow, Sir, with due respect, I do not think we have anything common. We are from the same country, but we have different mindset up. I do not believe or do not tell people who they are. Mr. Mamo, I do not know you Sir. But your comment is outdated and doe snot belong to the 21century. From now know, you have no right to tell people who they are because that is arrogance and ignorance. My way is the only will get you anywhere. You cam not manipulate people in the 21st century.
          I know it is difficult to understand but you need to stop accusing people falsely based on your figments of imagination. I know it is so hard to change attitude. I know you will not get what I am saying because you live in your own fictious world called me world only.

          How did you know I am? Did you use Metet? kkkkkkkkk, have a good day Sir.

          If you support Gedu? Then it is tribalism and I will have to support Woyane. Since you have a right to support Gedu for whatever reason, I will have my reasons and that reasons does not need your approval. No one has right to tell me whom I am support. You praise people from your tribe and you demonize people who do not belong to your tribe? And you wanted to join you? what a crap shit thinking.
          This is not politics. This is a dirt. By the way Gedu and Megersa were created by Woyanes. If they are good, then the credit goes to Woyanes who created such good people. If it was you have killed them .

          • @Geez

            There is no nectar to all that is written above… Just rubbish… I couldn’t see a caliber or ingenuity…. Dull..
            All your mumbling and chatting,…just over nothing technical… If you were awake, you would have made a point. …I really couldn’t figure out if you are grown up or still playing with a teddy bear.

            Now, If somebody is happy, right now, with his democratic right to choose whatever he likes, then he should be happy to extend the same freedom to his fellow countrymen who are suffering under the grip of TPLFites. If he wants to suppress then he is miser….mean,…stingy…cheapskate…that is the truth, & TPLFites are all.

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  3. People of intellectual capacity are highly careful regarding how they characterize events and voice their concerns, as they fear the adverse effect of unintended consequences of their actions, but this man is exempted from all this due to disinhibited social engagement disorder. He has been so reckless, short-sighted, dishonest and irresponsible in all his articles in which he has been encouraging the vulnerable and the gullible to pay the ultimate price for his wild daydreams. Sadly, this dishonest and morally cowardice individual incite violence from his safe haven where his children and himself are far from the shooting range. Not a shred of intellectual honesty or anything resembling integrity in his boring weekly pseudo-academic mumbo jumbo commentary, in which he encourages intolerance and disharmony. Having said that, he is good in using street smart tacts to hoodwink the vulnerable segments of our society by using emotional manipulation, fabricating stories, name calling, attacking entities and personalities
    He is a notorious tribalist hell bent to snatch power by hook or crook even if it endangers the social fabric of this nation. He has been using unashamedly Hitler propaganda brand “WAKE UP GERMANY, JUDAH MUST ROT” against the Tigrean people. This man has been hiding behind the noble principles of human rights and democracy to spread hate and distrust among nations and nationalities for long time. But now he is out there to spread hateful venom against the Tigrean people both overtly and covertly to achieve his daydream
    He is so obsessed with creating the illusion of Oromo and Amhara vs Tigrai hoping the Tigrean people will be cornered and ultimately will buzz off from the face of the earth. The previous leaders used it by inviting foreign forces to destroy the Tigrean people but to no avail, so if that did not worked with help of foreign forces in the past what makes him to think it will work today . This is some kind of wishful thinking by someone overshadow his rational thinking by intense hate who are unable to think and see the current situation on the ground as a whole. The intense campaign for the last 26 years to alienate the Tigrean people has not worked in the past and will not work in the future. But conversely, it helped the Tigrean people to have a better understanding of the sources of hate campaign and prepare themselves for any eventuality. The good thing is all the nations and nationality including his excellency PMHD said it again and again why the tigrean people as fair game by people unprincipled and morally bankrupt. It is because it buried the medieval system for good and consequently they think if the Tigrean people are taken out of the equation then everything will be easy to march to Menalik palace

    • And you thinks I’m sure you are one of those people who have intellect capacity but you wouldn’t challenge him by presenting refutable argument, evidence, researchd paper? I certainly don’t think the good professor holds no personal grudges nor does he hates terriorist tigray people like you tigray accusing who are responsible genocide, landlocked, create segregation within ethnic lines like apartheid South Africa to loot without watchful eyes; killing; evicting, annoxing lands!

      TPLF in nutshell:

      የዘመነ ህወሓቱ የብሄረሰብ ጭቆና በአጭሩ የሚከተሉትን ያጠቃልላል:-

      1) ዛሬ ህወሀት በሚገዛትና በስም ብቻ ባለችው ኢትዮጵያ በጎሳ አለመደራጀት ክልክል ብቻ ሳይሆን ወንጀል ነው። ህዝብን በግዴታ በብሄረሰብ መከልሰፍ (classification ከሚለው የእንግሊዘኛ ቃል የተወሰደ)፣በግዴታ የብሄረሰብ መለያ እንዲይዝ ማስገደድ ውሎ ያደረ የህወሀት ወንጀል ነው።ይህ በብሄር ነጻነት ስም ያሚፈጸም የብሔር ጭቆና ነው።እያንዳንዱ ዜጋ በግዳጅ በብሄር ማንነትህ ብቻ ይታወቅ መባል የለበትም።ራሱን በሞያው፣በፆታው፣በጥቅሙ (ማህበራዊ፣ኢኮኖሚያዊ ወዘተ ) ዙሪያ፣በሚኖርበት አካባቢ ጂኦግራፊ ወይም እነዚህን በቀየጠ መልኩ፣የየትኛው ብሄረሰብ መሆኑን ሳይጠያየቅ ሊደራጅ፣ጥቅሙን ሊያስከብር መብቱ ነው።

      2) ህወሀት አመጣሹ የግዳጅ ክልሰፋ በሙያ፣በፆታ፣በኢኮኖሚ ፣በማህበራዊ ወዘተ ጥያቄወች ከሌሎች ኢትዮጵያውያን ጋር መስራትን በመገደብ እንዲህ አይነት ከሀገራዊነት አልፈው አለምአቀፋዊ የሆኑ ጥያቄወች ጎሳዊና ጎጣዊ አድርጓቸዋል። በሙያ፣በዝንባሌ፣በዕድሜ፣በጾታ ፣በኢኮኖሚ ጥቅሞች ዙሪያ በነጻ መዳረጀት እንዳይቻል እንደዚህ ያሉ አደረጃጀቶች ብሄረሰባዊ ይዘት ከሌላቸው እንዲዳከሙና እንደጠፉ ይደረጋሉ።(የመምህራን ማህበርን፣የጎንደርና የዎሎ ልማት ማህበርን እጣ ፋንታን ያስታውሷል )

      3)ብሔርና ጎሳ መለያ መሆኑ የተፈለገው አንድም በህወሀት አመራር አነሳሽነት የተደራጁም ሆነ ያልተደራጁ ቡድኖች ከጎሰኝነት ተነስተው ማቅረብና መጥቀም የሚፈልጉት ተለይቶ እንዲጠቀም፣ በዘረኝነት ተነስተው ሊያገልሉት፣ሊያጠቁት ወይም ሊያጠፉት ለሚፈልጉት ደግሞ ለጥቃት ተመቻችቶ እንዲገኝ ያደረጋል። ዜጎች የዜግነት ሳይሆን የብሔር ማንነትን ታፔላ እንዲያነግቡ፣ብዙሀኑ ከእናታቸው ወይም ከአባታቸው ጎሳ አንዱን በግድ እንዲመርጡና ይህም መታወቂያቸው ላይ እንዲሰፍር መደረጉ፣ በአሰፋፈር፣በፖለቲካ አደረጃጀት (በሌላ ክልል የሚኖሩ ቢሆኑም በብሄራቸው እንዲለዩ፣እንዲሰባሰቡ መደረጉ) ወዘተ የዚሁ ጭቆና አካል ነው።መታወቂያቸው እየታየ የተገደሉና የተፈናቀሉ ዜጎች ጉዳይ የዚሁ ውጤት ሲሆን ህወሀት እስካለ ድረስ ይህ ሁኔታ ከፍቶ ይቀጥላል።

      4) ህወሀት ብሄረሰብን ከብሄረሰብ በማናቆር፣ደም በማቃባትና በማቃቃር ሁሉም በደምና በላቡ ክፋይ የገነባትን ኢትዮጵያን አደጋ ላይ ጥሏል።ለዘመናት የዘለቀ አብሮነቱን በማዳከም ወደፊት የጋራ ጥቃትን አብሮ እንዳይመክት፣በጋራ በመቆም የጋራ ኢኮኖሚያዊ፣ፖለቲካዊ ወዘተ ችግሮችን በጋራ እንዳይፈታ ለማድረግ መሰረታዊና ለማስወገድ ቢፈለግም ብዙ ልፋት የሚጠይቅ ደንቃራን ፈጥሯል።

      ዛሬ በአንዱ ቦታ ባይዘንብ ወደ ዘነበበት ሂዶ ጊዜን ማሳለፍ የለም። የከፋው ወይም ኑሮ የጠመመበት አካባቢውን ለቆ ሌላ ቦታ አዲስ ህይወት የመጀመር አደድሉ የጠበበ ነው። ለዚህ ነው ብዙው ወደ ውጭ የሚሰደደው።ዛሬ ኢትዮጵያ በውጭ ጠላት ብትጠቃ ጥቃቱ የጀመረበት ክልል ራሱ ይወጣው አለመባሉ ያጠራጥራል።ህወሀት በገንዘብ የገዛቸውና ዘርፎ እያበላ ያደለባቸው ሶለጎቹን ቀድሞ ቢያሰልፍም እነሱን አስበልቶ ሲጨርስ መሳሪያ የሚያነግትለት ስለመኖሩ እጠራጠራለሁ።ሻእቢያ ባድመ አይደለም መቀሌን ቢይዝ ዞር ብሎ የሚያይ ስለመኖሩ እጠራጠራለሁ።ሱዳን ጎንደር ቢገባ፣የደቡብ ሱዳን ጦር ጋምቤላ ላይ ባንዲራ ቢሰቅል፣ድሮ ገና የኦጋዴንን የሶማሌነት ለባሬ በመሀላ ጭምር ያረጋገጠው ህወሀት በግፍ ደም ያደለበውን የሶማሌ ልዩ ሀይል ጃዝ ብሎ ኦሮሞን ውጡልን በማለት የጀመረውን ቀጥሎበት ከአዋሽ ወዲህ የኔ ነው ብሎ እንዲገነጥል ቢያደርገው ― ይህን ሁሉ በጋራ ቆመን መቋቋም መቻላችን ያጠራጥራል። ግፍና ጥፋት በጎሳችን ላይ ካልደረሰ፣በቀያችን ካልመጣ በይፋ የምቃወም ዜጎች ቁጥር እያነሰ መጥቷል።ይህ ሟርት ሳይሆን እውነታ ነው። ሁሉም ብቻውን ቆሞ የራሱን አደጋ ይጠብቃል።

      5) አማራውን በጅምላ “ትምክህተኛ” የሚል ታፔላ ለጥፎ ማክቸልቸል፣በሌላው እንዲጠላ ለማድረግና የቀድሞው ጭቆና ገፈት ቀማሽነቱ ተዘንግቶ እንደ በዳይ እንዲቆጠር ´ማድረግ።ኦሮሞውን በአንድ በኩል በደምና ላቡ መስዋእትነት፣ሁሉም ብሄረሰቦች በማሰባሰብና በማዋሀድ የተጫወተው ታሪካዊ ሚናው ተክዶ ኢትዮጵያዊነቱን እንዲረሳ ብቻ ሳይሆን እንዲጠላ እየተደረገ በሌላ በኩል “ልገንጠል የሚል ጠባብ ብሄርተኛ” ነው ብሎ መወንጀል የህወሀት ትልቅ ስራ ሆኗል።ይህም በኦሮሞ ወገኖቻችን ላይ የሚፈፅመውን ግፍ ተገቢ ለማስመሰል የሚፈጥረው እንጂ ሌላ አይደለም።ኦሮሞንና አማራን ለይቶ የማሳጣቱ ፕሮፓጋንዳ በቅርቡ አንድ የህወሓት ባለስልጣን “አናሳዎቹ ብሔሮች ለሀገር አንድነት ሲጥሩ ትላልቆቹ ልበትኗት ነው” በማለት ሲያላዝን በቪኦዔ በተደመጠው ይፋ ተገልጧል።

      6) ህወሀት ትግርኛ ተናጋሪ ዜጎችን የፖለቲካ እገታው ሰለባ አድርጓል። ህወሀት ትግሬ፣ትግሬ ደግሞ ህወሀት እንዲመስል ያደረገው ጥረት ተሳክቶለታል ለማለት ሲቻል ብዙ ትግሬወች የህወሀትን የበላይነትና ጠባብነት ለግል ጥቅምና መበልፀጊያነት አውለውታል።

      ህወሀትም ከትግርኛ ተናጋሪው ማህበረሰብ የመጡትንና የህወሓት ሎሌ የሆኑትን ቁልፍ የሆኑ የፖለቲካ ስልጣን እንዲይዙ ለይቶ በመጥቀም፣በሀገሪቱ ኢኮኖሚ ላይ አዛዥ ናዛዥ የሆኑ የኢኮኖሚ ተቅዋሞችን እንድይዙና እንዲመሩ በማድረግ አለምን ባስትደመመ ሁኔታ ጎሳዊ የገዢ መደብ መፍጠር ።

      7) የህወሓት የጎሳ ፖለቲካ መሰረታቸው ሕብረ ብሔራዊ የሆኑ ድርጅቶችን ብቻ ሳይህን ሕብረ-ብሔራዊ ትውልድ (ከተለያዩ ብሔረሰቦች ከመጡ ወላጆች የተገኙ) ዜጎችን ያክቸለችላል። ከተለያዩ ብሔረሰቦች ከተገኙ ወላጆች የተወለዱ ዜጎችን እውቅና አለመስጠት፣ከላይ እንደተጠቀሰው አስገድዶ አንዱን ወይም ሌላውን ብሄረሰብ እንዲመርጡ ማድረግ።

      ከጎሳና ጎሰኝነት ጋር ተዛማጅነት ያለው ሌላ ርእሰ ጉዳይ ላንሳ። ለህወሃት የሚያደርሰውን ጭቆና ለመታገል በሚል አሁንም የተናጠል የብሄረሰብ ትግል እንግፋ የሚሉ አሉ።እነዚህ የብሔር ድርጅቶች በዋናነት የወያኔን “አማራ ጨቁኗል ” ትወሪ የሚጋሩ ብቻ ሳይሆን የወያኔን የአንድ ብሔር፣አንድ መሪ ድርጅት ቀመር የሚከተሉ ናቸው። እነዚህ ድርጅቶች ዜጎች ዜግነትን፣ሰብአዊነትን/ሰብአዊ ፍጡር መሆንን፣ኢትዮጵያዊነትን መነሻ በማድረግ ወዘተ በጥቅሉ ጭቆና የደረሰበት፣የተገፋና የተጨፈጨፈው ማንም ይሁን ማን ለሁሉም በተመሳሳይ የመቆርቆር መንፈስ መቆምን፣በጋራ ማበርን ከህወሀት ባላነሰ መልኩ ሲያዳክሙ ኖረዋል። እስካሁን ድረስ በትግላቸው ለምን ስኬታማ እንዳልሆኑ ራሳቸውን መጠየቅ የተሳናቸው ናቸው ብሎ መደምደም ባይቻልም ትግላቸው የትም እንዳልደረሰ ከአደረጉት ምክንያቶች አንዱ ይሄው ሌላውን የማያሳትፍ ብቻ ሳይሆን ደልና ግፉ የሁሉም ሆኖ ሳለ የራስን በሄረሰብ አባላት ብቻ በአሰለፈ ትግል ቆምንለት የሚሉትን ብሄረሰብ ጭዳ የሚያደርግ የተናጠል ትግል መግፋታቸው ግን እውን ነው።

      እነዚህ ጠባብ ብሔርተኛና አግላይ የሆኑ ድርጅቶች የትም ኢንዳልደረሱ ብቻ ሳይሆን የትም እንደማይደርሱ ማጤን ሲገባ የነሱ አንሶ ዛሬ ዛሬ አማራ አማራየን እየዘፈኑ፣ ያልነበረ የአማራ ጠባብ ብሄርተኝነትን ለመፍጠር ተጠግተው በሚኖሩበት ሀገር ሆነው (በተለይ በሰሜን አሜሪካ) ሲሯሯጡ ሰንብተዋል። እነዚህ በተለይ በሰሜኑ የኢትዮጵያ ክፍል የተፈጠረውን አጋጣሚ ተጠቅመው ይህን እኩይ ተግባር የገፉበትና ሀገራዊውን ትግል በማግዋተት ረገድ የበኩላቸውን አስተዋጽዖ ለማድረግ የቆረጡ ጉዶች ያልተረዱት ነገር እንደተባለው በተናጠል ትግል አንዱን ብሄር ለይቶ ጭዳ ከማስደረግ አልፎ የትም እንደማይደረስ ነው።ህወሀት እንኳ በአቅሙ ለብቻ መሮጡ የትም እንዳላደረሰው አውቆ ነበር የአገውን፣የአማራውን ወዘተ ገበሬ በመመልመል ያሰለፈው።ይህ ሌሎች ህወሀትን መስለው እንደ ህወሀት ይሁኑ፣ ህወሀት ለድል ያበቁትን ከድቶ ትግሬነቴ ይበልጥብኛል ብሎ ከአድልዎ እስከ ለየለት ጭቆናና ጭፍጨፋ እንደደረሰው ያድርጉ ማለቴ አይደለም።

      በኦነግ ዙርያ ያሉና እያንዳንዱ ብሄረሰብ የራሱ መሬት፣የራሱ ድርጅት ያስፈልገዋል፣ከእንደነዚህ ያሉት ጋራ ልንደራደር እንችላለን፣የራሱን ግዛት ሳይለይ በኢትዮጵያ ስም የተደራጀው ሁሉ ጠላታችን ነው ብለው የሚያምኑ እነዚህን አማራ አማራዬ የሚል ነጠላ ዜማ የሚያሰሙ ጉዶች ከሰማይ እንደወረደ መና ነው እየቆተሯችው ያሉት።

      የጎሳ አደረጃጀት ያለውን አሉታዊ ገጽታ በሌላ ጽሁፌ የገለፅኩት ቢሆንም እዚህ ላይ በአጭሩ ለመጥቀስ እወዳለሁ።

      1) ጠባብነትና ከአብሮነት ስነልቡና ጋር ይጋጫሉ።ጎሰኝነት “እኛ” እና “እነሱ” የሚል ስሜት፣አስተሳሰብና ከእዚህም የሚመነጭ ባህሪ እና ተግባርን ይወልዳል።

      2) በቂጥር 1 ከተጠቀሰው ከሚመነጩት መካከል “የእኛ ይበልጣል፣ይልቃል፣፣ይገናል ወዘተ” የሚለውና ከ”እኛ” ውጭ ያለው የሌላ ነው በማለት በአድ ያደርጋል።ያ ከ”እኛ” ውጭ ያለው በትልቀት፣ርቀት፣ጥራት፣ሞራል ወዘተ ከ”እኛ” የአነሰ ነው የማለት ግልፅ አዝማሚያን ያስይዛል። ባእድ ከተባለው በመራቅ የ”እኛ” ከተባለው ጋር ውሎ አዳርን፣መጎዳኘት መቧደንን፣መዋዋል መጠቃቀምን ያስመርጣል።

      3) ጎሰኝነት የ”እኔ” የሚሉትን የመጠበቅ የመጥቀም ወዘተ አቋምን ያስይዛል። በእዚህም”የእኔ” የሚባለውን የሚቃረንን፣የሚቀናቀንንና የሚሻማን ተቃርኖ ወደ ግጭት የማምራት ባህርዩ የጎላ ነው።ከምክንያታዊነት ይልቅ ስሜታዊነት ስለሚጫነው ጥቃቅን ልዩነቶች ሳይቀሩ ወደግጭትና እንዲያመሩ ያደርጋል። ሌላው ጎሰኝነት የኔ ያሉትን ለመጥቀም ያለው አዝማሞያ ጠንካራ በመሆኑ አድልወን፣ሙስናንና፣በስልጣን መባለግን ያስከትላል። ይህ የእኔ አይደለም በአሉት ላይ አድልወ መፈፀም፣ ማግለል፣ ጥቅምን ማጓደልና መብትን አለመጠበቅንም ይጨምራል።

      4) ጎሰኝነት አላማው ጎሳን መጥቀም በመሆኑ ሁሌ ኢዲሞክራሰከያዊነቱ የጎላ ነው። ለህብረ ብሄራዊነት እውቅና የማይሰጥ፣ ከተለያዪ ብሄረሰብ ወላጆች የተገኙን በጥርጣሬ አይን ከማየት ጀምሮ እንደ ተወራጅ መቁጠሩ እውን ነው። ከብሄረሰብ ከመነጨ ማንነት ውጪ ያሉ የራስ መገለጫወችን (በሙያ፣በፆታ ወዘተ መደራጀትን) ጎሳን ካልተመረኮዙ በቀር አይቀበልም። ጎሳው ብዙሀንነት ወይም ጉልበትና ሀብት በተሰማው ቁጥር ሌላውን ጨፍልቆ የመግዛት ዝንባሌው ይሰፋል።

      5) ጎሰኝነት ማሞካሸት የሚፈልገው የእኔ የሚለውን ክፍል ለይቶ ስለሆነ የጋርዮሽ የሆኑ እሴቶችን ሁሉ አንድም ያዳክማል አለዚያም ያጠፋል። የራሱን ከፍ ለማድረግ ለማድመቅ ሲል ለጋርዮሽ እሴቶች ቦታ አይሰጥም።በእዚህም አንድነትን አዳክሞ መፈራቀቅን ያጎለብታል።

      6)ሀገር ማለት ለጠባብ ብሄረተኞች የመኖሪያ ክልል ነው። ከእዚያ ውጭ ያለው (በቅርቡ ዳዉድ ኢብሳ፣እንደገለፀው) ውጭ አገር፣ጎረቤት ነው።

      7) ሀገር የምትባል እንኳ ህብረ ብሔር ብትኖር የመኖሯ ፋይዳ የሚገመገመው ለብሄረሰቡ ከምትሰጠው ጥቅም እንጅ ለጠቅላላ ዘጎቿ በምታደርገው አይደለም። ጎሰኝነት ሁሉ ለኔ ባይነትን፣ተበደልኩ ተከፋሁ ባይነትን የሚያጎላ ባህርይ አለው።ይህ በፍትሀዊ የሀብት፣የስልጣን ወዘተ ክፍፍል ላይ የራሱ ተፅእኖ አለው።

      ጎሰኝነትና ከለልተኝነት የጋራ ሀብትን ለእኔ የማስባሉን ያክል ችግር ሲመጣ የተቸገረው ሌላው ጎሳ እስከሆነ ድረስ ችግሩ የእዚያዉ የራሱ ስለሆነ አያገባኝም የማለት ዝንባሌው ከፍተኛ ነው።በትግራይ ያለ ችግር ኦሮሞን አይመለከትም የሚል አደገኛ ግድየለሽነትን፣ከመተባበር ይልቅ መፎካከርን፣አንዱ ለሁሉም መሆንን ሳይሆን ሁሉም ለኔ የማለት ዝንባሌ አለው።

      ይህን ካልኩ ዘንዳ “ጎሳዬ!! ብሄሬ !!” እያሉ ለሚጮሁት ሁሉ ጩኸታቸው የትም የማይደርስበትን ምክንያት ባጭሩ ላስቀምጥ:-

      1) እንኳንስ ሌላውን ኢትዮጵያዊ ወደትግሉ ሊስቡ ቀርቶ ብሄሬ ይኖርበታል፣ይታገልበታል በሚሉት አካባቢ የሚኖሩትን የሌላ ብሔረሰብ አባላትና ከተለያዩ ብሔረሰቦች ከመጡ ወላጆች የተገኙ ዜጎችን ያገላሉ፣አያሳትፉም።አማራ ብሎ ተነስቶ የዎሎን ኦሮሞ፣የዎሎንና የጎጃምን አገው፣የዎሎን አፋርና አርጎባ ወዘተ ማሳተፍና ማታገል አይቻልም።የኦሮሞ ነጻ አውጭ ተሰኝቶ ከ 9ሚሊዮን በላይ የሆነውንና ኦሮሞወች በሚበዙበት የሚኖረውን አማራ፣ በሚሊዮን የንምቆጠረውን ጉራጌ ወዘተ ማሳተፍ አይቻልም።

      2) አማራ ብሎ መነሳት “ትምክህተኞች፣የድሮው ስርዓት ናፋቂወች”ወዘተ በሚል አማራውን ለምያክቸለችለው ወያኔ ሌላውን ሕዝብ በአማራው ላይ አስነስቶ ያፈናቀለ፣ያቸፋቸፈው አንሶ አማራው ለሌላ ዙር ጭፍጨፋ እንዲጋለጥ ያደርጋል።ኦሮሞ ብሎ መነሳቱም “ተባብ፣ገንጣይ” አስብሎ ሲያስመታ እናውቀዋለን።

      3) አግላይና የማያሳጥፍ የመሆኑን ያክል በአለንበት ዘመን የትም የማይሰራ የፖለቲካ ዘይቤ በመሆኑ ከየትኛውን ቅን አሳቡ የድፕሮማጥቅም ሆነ ሌላ እገዛ ለማግኘት እድሉ የጠበበ ነው::

      • Thanks Brook ! It is clear !!!!

        “አማራ ብሎ መነሳት “ትምክህተኞች፣የድሮው ስርዓት ናፋቂወች”ወዘተ በሚል አማራውን ለምያክቸለችለው ወያኔ ሌላውን ሕዝብ በአማራው ላይ አስነስቶ ያፈናቀለ፣ያቸፋቸፈው አንሶ አማራው ለሌላ ዙር ጭፍጨፋ እንዲጋለጥ ያደርጋል።ኦሮሞ ብሎ መነሳቱም “ተባብ፣ገንጣይ” አስብሎ ሲያስመታ እናውቀዋለን።”

  4. ምንድነው የምታወሩት አረ በናታችሁ ባይሆን አባይን ገንብተን እንጨርስ!
    ሀገራችን አደጋ ላይ ናት ግን የምናወራው የስልጣን ጥም ስላላቸው ሰወች ነው ohh guys think before u wright this mind f*** things … ከታሪካችን የተማርነው ጥላቻን ብቻ ነው ታሪክ እኮ በውድመትና በመልካም ነገር የተሞላ አስቀያሚም መልካማም ነገር ነው ግን የቱን መምረጥ እንዳለብን ማወቅ ያለብን እኛ ነን ምርጫው ነፃ ነው ምክንያቱም የህሊና ነው … ባጠቃላይ ነውር እንፍራ ያሳደጉንን አናሳፍር ….

  5. brook ….are hallucinating…. seeing things and hearing voices and the voices telling you …” genocide, landlocked, create segregation within ethnic lines like apartheid South Africa to loot without watchful eyes; killing; evicting, annexing lands” Calm down you crazy clown they are not real only in your pumpkin head.

    • Gimaye-Bektu

      Take a chill pill will you? Why are you upset ? What’s it really bothering you ? How’s it you terriorist tigray doesn’t like the truth? Why do you thinks Eritreans calling you Lib-Tigray? They actually named a road after you people didn’t they? It sure is nice if you answer them without going crazy !

  6. It is interesting and ironic to see the most popular men among the opposition of tplf/eprdf

    are the very men that are members/leaders of eprdf itself. How long have I been sleepingJ..this is not

    Bad for the country, if tplf and its coalition members handle this opportunity wisely. That is tplf

    Should read the writing on the wall and give these partys equal power and the partys should make

    Sure things don’t get out of control. This might create a true eprdf which is

    accountable to all the regions/kilils and the country as opposed to the fake one that is dominated by one


    • Yetenagerkew melkam nebere. Negeru gene endet meseleh TPLF is filled with (ESP the leadership) little men who are completely incapable of learning from their mistake. They believe might makes right. They believe this pile of dirty tehadiso dogma like a religion…ye temkehet hyloch…ye ttebab hyaloch old old worn out Commie ideology. The people will continue to respond on the negative to that. They can only change things when they accept their mistakes and approach the whole thing with humility. Look at Seeye Abraha, he was one of the most loud mouth arrogant sob among them. But prison woke him up from his sleep. In turn he was forgiven by the majority. No one hate him no more. That is what OPDO and ANDM learned, they brought in new younger folks with broader thinking. But if you saw recent TPLF meeting they were all in their 60s, and as if that was not enough they even brought in those retired in their 70s and 80s. Now how can new ideas come from these same people who brought the country to such grave grave ethnic hate and division?

      • I understand and I am just as pessimist as to tplf accepting the reality and share power with its ones junior partners. but it doesn’t look like they have much choice. the tplf led eprdf ship is sinking fast and its going to take them and the billions of dollars investment they own with it. we will wait and see. edme yisten.

  7. this thread is dead only old timer r here … if u dont like the union of Ethiopia i suggest apply ARTICLE 37 and get the hell out of Ethiopia … we will not even question u … the next day we will give u r freedom bye bye

  8. TigrayA$$, Correction it’s article #39 get it right idiot you folks came up with it, and you will depart with it too! You are so dummy don’t even know how to quote it right? your £ucken retarded embarrassing!!!

    • Brook ,
      article 39 doesnt give right to force other to break away … article 39 only allow u to break away urself.. therefore if u want to break way from Ethiopia because of EVIL TPLF …..u r most welcome just go away…have a nice day… bye bye TAKE article 39 with u and never come back ….if Amhara ask for article 39 trust me u will be given the next day …

      • You retarded TigA$$ Who came up with Tigray Parasite Liberation Front? Who preaches about separation ? None other than terriorist tigray so you will take it with you!

        • Brook,

          so u dont want article 39… i thought u have it bad … what ur intention is to kick out THE GOLDEN RACE and u go back to ur old power … all this cry wolf is only to get u to power not a cry for help otherwise those who victimized they dont ask when they r given freedom they took it… not the Amhara

          this is like ur wife accusing u rapping her, beating her up and cheating on her…etc etc when the judge tell her he will give her divorce u wife wife turn around said no i dont want divorce … then what the FK do u want …

  9. ፕሮፌሰር ዓለማዬሁ በዚህ መጣጥፍ ላይ ያቀረበው የአማርኛው ድፓርትመንት የመርገጫ እና የመጨቆኛ መሣሪያ የሆነውን ብአደን (ብሄረ አማራን አዳኙ ፕረዚደንት) ንግግር እንዳለ ጥሬውን ነው። በዚህ ላይ ምንም ፀሃፊውን የሚያስተች ነገር ያለ አይመስለኝም። ሆድ ያበለውን ብቅል እና ጌሾ ያወጣዋል እንድሉ ፣ የህዝብ አመፅ እና ቁጣ መቀመጫ ያሳጣቼው የወያኔ ኮንዶሞች የሆኑት ኦህደድ እና ብአዴን አሁን በአንዴበታቼው
    ስለ እናት ኢትዮጵያ የተናገሩት እውነተኛ ኑዛዜ ስለሆነ በብዕር ተከትቦ ሁሉ ቢያነበው መልካም ሥራ ነው። ለዚህ ድንቅ
    ሥራ ፕር እና መሠግናላን።

  10. Woyanes inflict huge damages on Ethiopians in many ways. Ethiopians lost many valuable assets during the Woyane regime. First, she lot her ports. Second, Woyanes looted many assets of the country and made it personal properties of their belly military officers, politicians and servants. They taught us corruption, a practice which has not been even known at vocabulary level before the Woyane era. Third, they murdered thousands of people, they forced several educated citizens to go abroad and live in exile, including many military staff of the previous regime and they tortured many citizens in jails. Fourth, they lowered the quality of education and the quality of products imported to the nation. Fifth, They sold our fertile ground to so called foreign inventors as tit for tat. Sixth, they built wall of hatred among various nations and nationalities of the country and paved way for possible genocide of one people against another.

    Sadly, Woyanes is a group of empty-headed and dubious persons who cannot learn from history. It is a bunch of people who are not far sighted. They work day and night for the sole aim of looting as much resource as they can without any consideration of its consequence.
    No negotiation with this group brings any positive result for this country. Only their elimination is the feasible strategy for moving the nation forward!!!!!!!!!!

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