Ethiopia command post says 9 civilians killed by mistake


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopian security forces mistakenly killed nine civilians in Moyale, located on the country’s southern border with Kenya, according to a command post established to oversee Ethiopia’s state of emergency.

Five members of Ethiopia’s National Defense Forces involved in the killings have been disarmed and are under investigation, the command post stated.

“A special armed unit set up in the border area to take measures against the Oromo Liberation Front militants mistakenly attacked civilians that resulted in the deaths of nine people,” said a statement issued by the command post, adding that 12 other civilians were also injured in the incident. “The investigation will be concluded in a short time and the result will be announced to the public.”

Since Ethiopia’s government declared a state of emergency in mid-February the security forces have killed several other people, according to a human rights group. Seven people were killed by security forces in the restive Oromia region since the beginning of the month, the Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia said on March 9.

“We also received information that hundreds of people were arrested for violating the (latest) state of emergency, a few weeks after the government released thousands of prisoners, including high profile political prisoners .They have not been charged and their current location is unknown,” said the rights group.

Ethiopia imposed the state of emergency following months of unrest in some parts of the country that tarnished the country’s image as one of Africa’s best performing economies. Security forces are now instructed to take measures against any threats to them, a move that many fear may lead to the killing of civilians and peaceful protesters.

The emergency effectively bans contacting parties and individuals labeled terrorist groups, obstructing transport services, carrying weapons in specified areas and obstructing educational institutions.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on March 8 during a visit to Ethiopia that the United States believes the answer to the country’s demonstrations is greater freedom, not less.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn recently resigned amid the protests and a new leader is expected to be inaugurated in the coming days.

On Sunday, the Executive Committee of the ruling party started its much anticipated meeting and it is expected to elect a new chair upon the conclusion of it. The new chair will automatically become the next prime minister of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia is a strong U.S security ally but the government is often accused of stifling dissent and arresting journalist, activists and opposition figures. Officials recently released several high- profile opposition figures and journalists after the outgoing Prime Minister pledged to open up the political space in the country.

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    • @somalian,

      That is right my brother. His whole attitude proves the underlying insincerity devouring his soul alive. No one in the 21st century is as ethnocentric and racist as this mentally disturbed person. He does not feel guilt at all disrespecting the proud Oromos while he was born and raised in an Oromo land eating what the Oromo produces and breathing the fresh air of that land. Many of the fanatic tigre woyane tribalist now swarming the web are born after their woyane parents entered into Addis Ababa with empty pockets and sandal shoes only. He is one of the spoiled kid raised on the loot.

  1. Hi-5!


    1. NO GERD/Nile-related talks with Egypt till the END OF strikes, riots, and violence (inter-ethnic, regime/Egypt/Eritrea-orchestrated, etc.).

    2. The home-grown & home-based ‘opposition parties’ should hold a conference immediately to form a United Front & to form a maximum of 4 parties via mergers.

    3. Keep Your Eyes On Your ‘Fries’! NO Ethiopian should lose sight of Egypt’s intrigues. Ethiopia & Ethiopia’s economy are going down the drain! Egypt has succeeded in:

    i). blocking ALL loans & aid for major projects in Ethiopia.
    ii). turning some upstream Nile countries against Ethiopia.
    iii). launching wide-spread strike flare-ups via its proxies [Ginbot-7, OLF-IFLO, ONLF, SNLF, etc.] to incapacitate Ethiopia from funding the GERD by Ethiopians.
    iv). using Eritrea as spring board for training & launching anti-Ethiopia proxies.
    v). fomenting inter-ethnic violence via its proxies & displacing thousands of Ethiopians.
    v). wreaking havoc in Amhara areas: Gonder, Bahir-Dar [Lake Tana (85% of Nile)], etc.
    vi). staging riots & unrest in the Illubabor region [Baro & Akobo Rivers (5% of Nile)].
    vii). draining Ethiopia’s economy by orchestrating riots & property damage in Oromo areas [80% of which is paid back by Oromos (60%) & Amaharas (20%) themselves].
    viii). wreaking havoc, plunging Ethiopia’s economy in to nose-dive and destabilizing Ethiopia.
    x). paving the way to create a 1991-like power vacuum that would help the Egypt-backed & Eritrea-based groups [Ginbot-7, OLF-IFLO, ONLF, SNLF, etc.] to fill the vacuum.

    Read this and the link in the addendum below:ግብፅ-ግድቡ-ላይ-ተፅእኖ-ለመፍጠር-ያገኘችውን-ክፍተቶች-ሁሉ-መጠቀምን-ተያይዛለች-ምሁራን.html

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

  2. Hi-5!

    Addendum: STOP your Crocodile Tears for Oromos!

    If the Egypt-backed & Eritrea-based Pro-Egypt/Eritrea group [Ginbot-7, OLF-IFLO, ONLF, SNLF, etc.] really care about the welfare & rights of Oromos:

    1. why would they want Oromos DEAD IN DROVES?

    2. why would they want Oromos displaced & flee their land IN DROVES?

    3. why would they pit Oromos against other ethnics [Amharas, Somalis, etc.]

    4. why would they incite Oromos to destroy public/private property which will subject them to 80% of the compensation due?

    5. how come ESAT, OMN, BNN, etc. only use the Oromo DEATH TOLL & DISPLACEMENT for self-promotion propaganda of the Egypt-backed & Eritrea-based Pro-Egypt/Eritrea group [Ginbot-7, OLF-IFLO, ONLF, SNLF, etc] BUT never launched any humanitarian fund-raising to alleviate the suffering of these same Oromos?ሚድሮክ-ቴክኖሎጂ-ግሩፕ-ለኦሮሚያ-ተፈናቃ/

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

    • Ayalew mognu/Sew afagnu

      Hi 0,

      You show every now and then to throw your vile here. For a whimper like you, your twisted view is the only thing that matters. You are always right and eve body else is always wrong. ESAT, G7, OMN, OLF, Shabia, Oromo, Somali, Wolita, Gurage and others wrong. Your beloved Woyane Tigre mercenaries are always right.

      You are a disgraceful dotard no one pays attention to your doodle. Keep on yawning until one of your old wisdom teeth falls down. Digusting!

  3. Tigraye People Fart

    Certified Woyane Tigre terrorist!

    From my experience dealing with Ashebarew Shifta Hagos, I can tell why you are acting like a rabid dog. When ever the little ash consumes too much Beles , he jumps like a chicken whose neck has been severed. I can see the same behavior in you. My advice to you and ash is: eat Beles in moderation.

    My Eritrean friend tells me that there is nothing Eritreans despise in this world more than a Woyane thug like you. He tells me that they can’t stand you. To show their contempt for you, they named the Keren road “Lebe Tigraye “ to tell the world that Woyane thugs are untrustworthy crooks of the highest order.

    The Keren road has many zigzags and twists which is difficult for drivers. Eritreans trusted you when they lead you all the way to Addis, but you betrayed them when you thought you can keep your loot to yourself. You see, “Lebe Tigraye “is a perfect name for you.

    You born beggar, cool down. If you don’t behave, we will keep on hammering you until you leave this site for Tigrayonline( wonbedeonle) sticking your tail between your skinny legs!

    The good Woyane is a dead Woyane!

    Down down Woyane!

    • the FACT!

      {{{{{{{{{{{{{The Keren road zigzags and twists which is difficult for drivers. Eritreans trusted you when they lead you all the way to Addis, but you betrayed them when you thought you can keep your loot to yourself. You see, “Lebe Tigraye “is a perfect name for you.}}}}}}}}

      The Fact

      that zigzags road didnt built in 1991 but built during Italian occupation at that time the Italian could not find worker to work on those cliff but to their surprised they find Daredevil … when the old time Eritrean see those nerve of steel, Iron will they call them Lebe Tigraye meaning those who daredevil no fear in the heart… in old time they think u think in your heart so when they say u have heart that means u dont afraid

      this is not for Domahead . but for those who want to know the fact! i have no use for Domahead he is waste to me…. what a people !

  4. Ashebarew Shifta Hagos

    What the hell is ‘ Keren road didn’t built in 1991…” means? You unlettered Woyane thug of the highest order. You were cleaning the road before you joined Woyane thugs as a mercenary. If you think I am lying, tell us what Eritreans call you ”Lebe Tigraye ‘ and d**?

    Down down Woyane!

  5. Damo,
    You are correct when you made these statements:

    “…The Keren road has many zigzags and twists which is difficult for drivers. Eritreans trusted you when they lead you all the way to Addis, but you betrayed them when you thought you can keep your loot to yourself. You see, “Lebe Tigraye “is a perfect name for you.”

    Yes, indeed!! Eritreans trained, groomed and desensetized Tigrae People Liberation Front to achieve their secession from Ethiopia…, and TPLF gave Eritreans every inch of the only seaport of Ethiopia, but broke their other agreements they made with their Eritrean cousins, and betrayed Eritreans and TPLF kept all the lootings for themselves and made themselves multimillionaire and billionaires, while millions of Ethiopians struggling to find one meal a day, and 15 to 20 million Ethiopians are still starving to death!!
    I often wonder, if the two blood cousins, IssayAss and MelAss kept their friendship and relationships how much more Ethiopians would have been robbed, and literally ripped off to use Ethiopia’s original seaport to import and export goods through Eritrea!!!

    • Hope,

      The evil scheme of melese zenaw and isayas afework was very plain: The 2nd largest population of Ethiopia would be a constant source of livelihood ( cash-cow) for Eritrea province by stealing away its natural sea ports as well as by paying direct annual tribute/tax/ to tplf’s lord isayas afework. Always, the road for evil people do not wind so long. Don’t forget evil people are foolish people as well. They should have known the fact that they covered fire with a garment. እሳት በጋቢ ነው ያዳፈኑት። ጭሶ ጭሶ አንድ ዕለት አቃጥሎ ቀዶት ይወጣል። ምንም ዓይነት የዓለም ህግ አይዳኘውም – ኢትዮጵያን ያፈረሰ ሁሉ እራሱ መፍረሱ አይቀሬ ነው። የሰው ቀርቶ የእግዜር እጅ ጣልቃ ይገባል – ይህን ተዓምር ያየን መሰለኝ። 100 ሚልዮን ህዝብ መውጫ አጥቶ በከሃዲ ትግሬ ወያኔ ተገዶ ታፍኗል እኮ። ምን ምርጫ አለን መታገል እንጅ።

      • Abebaw,
        Correct, my friend! Hatred blinds the conscience of people to think deep and hard and try to be decent humanbeings — instead evil push them to committ the unthinkable. I read this morning on that even some Nazis members in U.S. were planning a suicide mission to blow up counter protesters.IssauAss and the rest of Eritrean leaders were so blinded by hate and racism, they never gave it a second of thought how in the world they could provide peace and harmony and feed their citizens, knowing that, that small country with large seaport is surrounded by unstable religious fanatics, Middle Eastern countries. It is my understanding that in 2016 alone 26,000 Eritreans have fled Eritrea and most of them have ended up dying while looking a place to live in peace and provide for their families — it breaks my heart!! The two blood cousins were educated by Ethiopians taxpayers, but they turned against their own motherland and their own Ethiopian bothers and sisters. Now, Eritreans are struggling to make ends meet, and Ethiopians are being locked up, robbed, tortured and massacred in a mass!! Sad indeed!! It is unfortunate that Evil is so powerful!!

  6. Why tigreans making false story,that they were tough fighters? Didn’t western powers destroy communist Ethiopia?
    When tigreans defeat Minguste regime?

    • During the Minguste regime,ethiopia had wars from multiple fronts, such as Siad barre from east, Sudanese proxy from west, and the western powers, who was the real cause that destroy communist ethiopia.
      So, the tigreans saying all the time that they were tough fighters they defeat ethiopian government, they were war hero, all these are fake story.

      • Even Minguste him self in his last days, helped tigreyans to reach Addis abab for easy way, in help the country united and against disintegration.
        Ethioia already collapsed 2 years early of so, when Minguste left the power. what destroy communist Ethiopia, was many enemies from many fronts, economy collapse, western hostile to communist,and finally, the collapse of Ethiopian alliance, the Soviet Union.

        • Those reasons helps tigreyans, but didn’t mean they were supper hero.they were known as terrorist shifta,and they were weak terrorist groups in north of the country.
          Reality, both western and Minguste in his last days helped tplf to take over power, that is why they called soft landing.

          We are talking about, the communist government destroyed by western countries.

          So, tigreans must stop saying they were supper fighters, they making false history.

  7. Even Minguste him self in his last days, helped tigreyans to reach Addis abab for easy way, in help the country united and against disintegration.
    Ethioia already collapsed 2 years early of so, when Minguste left the power. what destroy communist Ethiopia, was many enemies from many fronts, economy collapse, western hostile to communist,and finally, the collapse of Ethiopian alliance, the Soviet Union.

    • Those reasons helps tigreyans, but didn’t mean they were supper hero.they were known as terrorist shifta,and they were weak terrorist groups in north of the country.
      Reality, both western and Minguste in his last days helped tplf to take over power, that is why they called soft landing.

      We are talking about, the communist government destroyed by western countries.

      So, tigreans must stop saying they were supper fighters, they making false history.

      • Somalian,
        People value whatever they have grown up with, and what their parents instilled in them. It is obvious that TPF has grown up in crimie infested culure and atmosphere. He values and sees mass robbery, torture, and massacres as heroism. It is evident that nothing makes TPF proud than watching his Tigrae People Liberation Mafia family loot billions of dollars again and again, torture and slaughter more innocent lawabiding Ethiopians. We are watching the next generation of TPLF mafia. From his rhetorics, it is clear that he is probably in his early 20s, born in the last 27 horofic years, watched people gunned down or burned alive. We will never see decency and humanity from brainwashed desensitized Woyanes like him!! Unless the 98 million peaceloving Ethiopians unite and destroy Woyanes, the legacy of TPLF will live on, on the likes of TPF for generations to come. to kill more Ethiopians and totally destroy Ethiopia!! WE HAVE TO UNITE! UNITE! UNITE!!

  8. Braves are those who make peace not war nor commit unforgivable crime against the sovereignty of their country. The tigre woyane came to power carried at the back of the west, Arab countries and its creator father his evilness Isayas Afework. I never heard of nor know one other than woyane that brag of its bravery having killed of a country it claims it is leading. The fact that one uses violence and war as way of life or source of livelihood to steal from people living in the fertile part of the country does not mean bravery or neither can be a history of heroism. It is a coping strategy to eke out living on looting and in fact is morally despicable. The tigre woyane has been waging war for almost 50 years and now it is receiving a heavy blow from the well awakened youth of Amhara and Oromo, it infrastructure of looting and killing as well as its ill-gotten business is suffering. No amount of crying and freaking on world wide webs and forums will help changing the reality for the criminal Agazi. Agazi is now in real serious laboring, it will be history.

  9. Update on Operation Clean House,

    According to Keros command post, the number of dead filthy Woyane Tigres from yesterday’s abush in Moyale has reached to nineteen. More Woyane Tigre mercenaries are expected to expire in the next few day due to serious injuries they have sustained during the abush by gallant Keros in the region.

    The gasoline boycott has in its fourth day and going well according to Keros Command Post. Almost all trucks are stopped in Djibouti port and those drivers who dared to violate Keros command are attacked.

    Relatives of the Woyane thugs are leaving the country through their adopted country Sudan. Some are heading to Indonesia and others are trying to enter Europe. The Keros are warning the western government not to accommodate families of the Woyane Tigre mercenaries. Stay tuned for more from the gallant Keros tomorrow.

    We shall be victorious!

    Down down Woyane!

    • Damo,

      Thank you for sharing the latest real time news! I have no sympathy for any killer Agazi. Many more child and woman killer Agazi will perish and die a dog death. The souls of their victims are crying for justice and God is letting that happening for them to day like an a straying dog. It is their choice not the Ethiopian people.

  10. Abebaw,

    Woyane mercenaries are dying every day like flies. They have no friends in this world. In the north, Shabia is waiting to devour them. In the South, Keros are whipping their a**. It is unnecessary to tell you here what the Amharas are doing to the thugs. They ain’t got no friend. They will perish wielding their Ak47. They didn’t expect one day things would change. You see, a Shifta only thinks how he steals and never thinks about the consequences of his actions. We will towe them one by one to their Dedebit pit. The problem is we don’t have enough towe trucks at hand to do the job. I can promise you, I will be the one who will towe ash! I have a ligh car that can carry ash all the way to his adobe, Dedebit pit.

    • Damo,

      I will certainly. It is time to tow these guiltless killers and put them in Dedebit labor camp. I mean they will labor with mother nature for their ጥጋብ is uncontrollable.

  11. Just read about a bus crash that killed 38 college students around Wollo area. Apparently, the bus was going on a very rugged dangerous road on top of a hill. Knowing the criminal Woyanes, probably the bus was shot by the despicable evildemented Woyanes!
    Another never-ending heartwrenching news from Ethiopia! Sad!!

    • Hope,

      This is a very sad news. The lives of these brilliant young university students cut short in such a way is heart breaking;and in fact is a heavy loss for the country in general , in particular for the home district of Legambo and its surroundings for such a loss in mass. A number of factors could cause such a horrific accident: shoddy road infrastructure, topography& weather, uninspected and unsafe vehicle; and more importantly, the epidemics of ጫት/Khat/ ravaging the lives and hopes of million of youth. When unsafe/unispected/ buses chauffeured on shoddy road by a ጫት/Kaht/ chewing driver the result for sure is worse. The tigre woyane is now using many silent weapon to kill the young generation , among the many intentional spreading of the epidemics of ጫት/Khat/, pornography, alcoholism, homosexuality, radical faith, witchcraft,and HIV/AIDS. Infecting the young population with such lethal weapons, paralyzes the spirit of the society, sheepishly surrender to the tigre woyane for a little crumble of handouts and worst of all finally depopulates the population of the targeted segments of society ( especially of Amhara) in the long run. People have to wake up, we can not afford to lose our young population to the insincere scheme of TPLF. May Almighty God rest the souls of these victims in peace.

  12. What is the word “Dedebit” mean in Tigtins I wonder if it not lexically connected to Amarina.

    • I think many Tigringa and Amharic words have common meanings. Dedbit is without doubt it has the same meaning as Dedeb in Amharic. ዴዴብ ማለት በዘመነኛው ሰው ቋንቋ ምንም የማይገባው ደንቆሮ ቢመሰልም ስርዎ ቃሉ ከተፈጥሮአዊ እና አካባቢያዊ ሁኔታ ስናገናዝበው ባዶ ወይም እርባና ቢስ ማለት ይመስላል። ከፋ ሲልም የተረገመ ባድመ ማለት ነው። ለምሣሌ፣ ዴዴብ ሥጋ ሲባል ለምግብነት የማይውል ነው። ደዴብ መሬት ማለትም ለምንም የእርሻ እና ምርት ሥራ የማይውል – እግዜር የተፈጥሮ ፀጋ ማለት ዝናብ፣ስብ አፈር፣እፅዋት፤ወዘተ የነፈገው በምትኩ ግን ድንጋይ የዘራበት ባዶ መሬት ማለት ነው።

      • Thank you Mr Assta B. Getu aka Muslim hater Abebaw
        As expected you are the only with knowledge on the matter as always I just wished you were a Muslim.

        • But I was asking a different question. Were there any people who where Dedebe, or ignorant, that often lead to the place being named after such people. And why Wayane chose that place for its training camp.

        • gragn,

          What is my mistake here other than describing to you the meaning of your birth place of Dedebeit. You asked a question how people call the village your came from (Dedebit) in the two languages of Amharic and Tigrigna, yet you called me Muslim hater. I think I have more Muslim friends and relatives than you do. I don’t hate any human being, but I am against dangerous ideas and practices against the very existence of humanity and human civilization. It is a thousand per cent correct you are neither an Amhara nor a Muslim. You are just one money worshiper tigre woyane living at the expense of the death and suffering of God fearing Ethiopians. You are here to confound readers by throwing one or two fragile silly bigots. Could you please stop identifying your self as someone belonging to ethnic Amhara, that is a mockery when their genocider pretending as if he were one of them. No, the worlds ignorant ISIS gragn is not from the patriot Amhara, he is the descendants of boot licking banda tigre woyane. No Amhara would be bothered to strip of your ethnic identity for you in the first place is not an Amhara as you are joking. So is no body lending you an ear to listen to your preach of bigot of the 9th century death cult. This is the generation of the future where individuals aspire to exercise to the fullest capacity of their human potential. You had better find a place to sell your silly thoughts somewhere else, perhaps you would go sell in your birth place of Dedebit. By the way, did Mr. Asta B. Getu whipped your back. He must have left a big scar on your body, you are suffering from chronic trauma.

          • Abebaw,
            Agreed 100%! What a well deserved response!! Gragn even said that the 39 Ethiopians and Eritreans that were decapitated by the evildemented possessed ISIS deserved to die, because they were given a chose to denounce their Christianity, and to cut the heads off their friends. Let’s not forget that among the 39, there were Muslim Ethiopians that were given a choice to live if they cut off their Ethiopian friends heads off, but they refused and chose to die with their Ethiopian and Eritrean brothers. See, those are the Ethiopian Muslims we grew up with and love dearly!! Gragn is 100% one of the despicable Woyanes!!

  13. Hope
    The word is laughing at you bisbis. Is this what you want to happen? Next what? Do you have a solution. Let us see what the world will think. But you proved to be incapable organism.

  14. Hope
    The world is laughing at you bisbis. Is this what you want to happen? Next what? Do you have a solution. Let us see what the world will think. But you proved to be incapable organism.
    Small is good.

    • Gragn Tengarawe unstable criminal Woyane! No one is bisbis chemlaka criminal molacha laeba murderer than you fake Muslim authentic Woyane!! Kimalam heartless shameless evildemented ISIS!! If your criminal TPLF relatives had improved the roads in Wollo, as they have done in your birthplace Tigrae province, these college students wouldn’t have died! Balegae yeagre ketaffi wishetam!!! You ain’t Muslim, you jyst want to creat a religious conflict to Divide Ethiopians. Wishetam molacha laeba!! Go suck an egg! Kimalam godless wenjelegna!!

      • You complete liar.As usual you hide behind Assta B. Getu who was the leader if Christian orthofox in Libya.

  15. Gragn,
    When Tigrae People Fight lied and said this to you, you believed it:
    “…We are Fair Tigray People,Kind Tigray People we do not just reject despise foreign religious of Islam at equal level we hate and despise Western countries Savage Christianity…”

    But, when I sent you the link that shows the fact on the ground, you called me “bisbis”, it showed that you are indeed a true authentic Woyane stooge. Here is the link again, how Tigrean Ethiopian Muslims are being mistreated:
    March 17, 2018 at 3:37 PM

    Your negative hostile reaction to words me is an indication that you don’t want the truth about Woyanes human rights violations to come out in the open.

    • It will s sad news such news reporting is what will galvanize our people. Yiu might think our people will rise up if their Colleges are burnt or their kids killed and properties destroyed. The fact is Ethiopians give all these for their God to handle it. But when once you begin to attack their places of worship they really Stand up against junk. These are the people who will dismantle oppressors. I kept telling people that most Ethiopians do not know what democracy is or what tax payers money is hence despite you and others making effort to help people to go to protest they are still not getting thr message. Because those are not their prior values or thier focus. What they value most is their religion once it reaches a point people will boil to destroy it. At any rate it is important to connect with the needs if our people and we can promise them to get what they chetish the most.

  16. Yo clown You think just cause your behind the keyboard people won’t locate you?

    Keep running that mouth of yours one way or the other Gragn is gona floor your clown ass.

    • Fake-Somali–Woyane ISIS,
      You separtist two-faced Woyane! Here you are again buzzing around like the other unwanted diseases causing dirty fly!! You showed up to give undying support to your comrade Woyane, Tigrae People Fight.

    • Hope,

      If we take time what God is doing, we can see the answer. ኢትዮጵያ የእግዚአብሄር አገር ናት እና። ጠላቶቿ ይህን አምላክዊ ፀጋዋን በምንም ዋጋ ሊቀይሩት የማይችሉት ጉዳይ። God oversees Ethiopia and it is God that revenges her enemies and saboteurs. What we have been seeing so far God has been sending His miraculous had to catch the big fat criminal cat. When the big ones caught the little ones wither away.

      • Abebaw,
        Yes! Sometimes, it makes you wonder, and it is so unfair. The last 27 years have been long and bloody miserable, horrendous years. Let’s pray that God hears and sees the agonies, tears and the blood of the millions of innocent peace-loving Ethiopian victims, and their families and make it end soon! Soon! Ethiopians have been suffering for far too long!!
        May God/Allah bring the end of the godless, the heartless, the remorseless inhumane Woyanes soon!!!

  17. Hope,
    I do not hate my Amara Christian College students, it is a severe tragedy and no soul should be wasted like an ugly hyena roaming the farm. These College students should have been the jewels of Ethiopia with enough education they would have become the hope of future Ethiopia. Ethiopia needs more education and not less of it. I called you the B word because you did the same to me. You called me also ISIS, you see and your evidence is nothing but a pure angry reaction to my posts. You denied my religion that I am a Muslim, you deny that I am educated with20 years of experience, and you deny that I am a good Muslim and you denied that I am an Amara, and you denied that I am not Wayane nor ISIS supporter or member. You keep lashing at many people without good evidence, you called me khat addict, etc.. Anybody here can tell you are not a mentally stable Wello Amara. The Amara I grew up will not go that far to trash people’s identity, and you consider some Somalis who come here looking for good hearted people to join the discussion in the hope of finding a place in the future of Ethiopia. Please stop my friend this approach is dangerous and it cost us Eritrea, and we have lost ground. When will Amara unite and fight for common good of our Country. I already told you Wayane tortured my people including Muslim leaders and we have seen them change course and I hope they will mean business otherwise all Muslims and Christians will join hands to get rid of their oppressors. In my view you should never insult even if they are your enemies, that is what your Bible says. But most Christian Ethiopians do not follow their scriptures and trash people and what we see is endless tragedy. Respectfully disagree and put your opinion if possible with fact supported. I will watch the links you posted with the hope that they are genuine and educational with positive impact on the people.

    • Gragn,
      I posted this on March 17, 2018 at 9:17 PM:
      “Just read about a bus crash that killed 38 college students around Wollo area. Apparently, the bus was going on a very rugged dangerous road on top of a hill. Knowing the criminal Woyanes, probably the bus was shot by the despicable evildemented Woyanes!
      Another never-ending heartwrenching news from Ethiopia! Sad!!”
      Where in the world did I mention anything about Muslim on this comment?

      But, you came back at me with this comment:

      “March 17, 2018 at 10:40 PM
      The world is laughing at you bisbis. Is this what you want to happen? Next what? Do you have a solution. Let us see what the world will think. But you proved to be incapable organism.
      Small is good.”
      Then of course I can’t reply to you in kindness, when you called me “BISBIS”. How dare you SOB? You read what is in your mind. You can search from sun rises to sun down on, you will never, never find a negative remark I have made about Muslims!!! I’m not a religious bigot like you!! I came here to express and share how I feel and think — I don’t care you or anybody else think! Don’t worry about me loosing respect — the visitors of know (with the exception of your twin brother Fake) who is a religious fanatic and who is not, and who makes up stuff to score a point on this website!!

      • Please you dare calm me SOB. I do not take any insult so please be advised okay?
        You called me bisbis and I am not even your match both age and education wise. You would have been one of my obstinate students who would get kicked out if I find you in my classes with a badge of F sticking to your back. I cared less about your stupidity clearly you needed a professionally trained psychiatrists or a debtera who cure your dogimit. Please stay far away from me you are Hope killer and I do not like Jesse Keller if you have such bastard views. Cursed day and night. I stop my communications with you you son of Indian immigrant.

        • LOL! For self proclaimed highly educated guy like yourself, you should know better that no one sit quiet and get insulted! You are the one who insulted me “bisbis” without being provoked. Now, you are blaming me for a fight you yourself provoked.
          I hate to repeat it, not only me, you have also insulted and told Abebaw “Amara yebidahe”. This kind of balgae word only comes from undisciplined street kids — It tells a lot about you!
          Done talking to unstable religious fanatic!! Go find Asta B. Getu. UGH!!!

          • Hope
            You are liar. I have respect for myself let alone insult anyone I hate to kill a spider. But if you touch me I respond in kind. You try to always find solace by provoking or invoking Assta B. Getu’s infamous name. I have the world with me so please stop being childish. I have a reputation no one can take it away. But I may not be your typical Professor. I nudge you until you come out of your closet. Having said that Assta is severely would he detested his own name and came out with a girly name. Now you stated I insulted him which shows your mean Character. I insulted a Wayane thing Somali by fake name because he call for my ban. You are serial killer. Enough with your self advertised Amara. Please stay away 40 ft from me like Mr Grinch said of an ugly woman or Satan like you. I am balanced in my view let everyone speak. I tell the truth and it bleeds you. First thing is to organize yourself. From what I see no Amara likes your position. Everyone is gone. Please leave this site. Although Ancient does not agree with me on religion he shares hate for those who wants us to be under their control. Otherwise leave me alone and fight with your Wayane and I want to see a new Ethiopian including you we do not hate anyone.

  18. For quite some time I have been reading so many off limits rants targeting an entire group of people instead of being specific on individuals and their front. Instead of aiming their complaints at those wicked leaders what I have seen are the entire people of Tigray taken as the criminals. I and my fellow citizens have a lot to protest about many issues with the TPLF and its leaders just because that they are the ones who refused to return our territory that was declared as ours by the UN Court at the Hague more than 16 years ago. TPLF and its leaders are the ones who deported tens of thousands of our citizens with only clothes on their backs. Those deportees were born in Ethiopia and lived there until they were forcibly kicked out of the country by woyane leaders. Many of them were taxpaying legitimate business owners with assets in hundreds of millions of US Dollars. My rough estimate is that close to 2 billion US Dollars of business property and personal assets were robbed away by the TPLF leaders. I am confident that one way or the other we will manage to get all these assets back sooner or later and with interest. That is a fact. But this doesn’t mean that we will stand by when people who are very close to us historically in culture and values being mugged and many times killed. That we can’t do. There is a very old saying from my community that says ‘when a toe is wounded and swollen, the arm pit on the same side is wounded and swollen also. Many of you are threatening to wipe out the entire of people of Tigray. I can tell this about that. We will not just sit back and watch. The threat against the people of Tigray is a threat to my people too. Your king Haile Selassie used to kill every Tigre speaking people by calling them ‘Agamidos’. That will not happen again. You have to be careful of what you are saying and writing. Those days of ‘zeraf, zeraf, jegnaw teferi’ are from days gone bye forever. Many of you are seen crossing the red line already. Please take this as a friendly advice.

  19. I doubt at first the regime’s claim , but if the reports coming from the area and the press release of the group to go by, OLFites was involved and triggered the violence in Moyale. I also read from some Oromos in social spreading a false reports that say the Somali Liyo Police is about to involve in the the violence, which is nothing more to incite Oromo civilians to attack poor Somali civilian. Let us wait and see it , but I hope sanity will prevail and it won’t come to deadly ethnic blows. It is no one’s interest to see that happen except the Woyane , their stogies and extremist elements of of sides.

  20. I doubt at first the regime’s claim , but if the reports coming from the area and the press release of the group to go by, OLFites was involved and triggered the violence in Moyale. I also read from some Oromos in social media spreading a false reports that say the Somali Liyo Police is about to involve in the violence, which is nothing more than to incite Oromo civilians to attack poor Somali civilian. Let us wait and see it , but I hope sanity will prevail and it won’t come to deadly ethnic blows. It is no one’s interest to see that happen except the Woyane , their stogies and extremist elements of of sides.

  21. Hi-5!

    Egypt’s latest Ethiopia Destabilizing Schemes & Economic Warfare via its proxy iCon Corporation [Egypt & Eritrea’s War Dogs: Ginbot-7, OLF-IFLO, ONLF, SNLF, etc.]

    Chain of Events [Time Line]:

    1. The TPLF-EPLF-EPRDF deployed Egyptian ‘contractors to look for gold’ in the Beni-Shangul-Gumuz are [a stone’s throw away from GERD]. Can you be dumber than that?

    2. Egypt stationed Egyptian troops & Egypt’s combat helicopters in Eritrea [Sawa Army Training Center and environs] – to ward-off Ethiopia’s counter measures or as a deterrent.

    3. UAE stationed its navy in Assab Port and environs – to ward-off any incursions in to Assab by Ethiopia – (in addition to the Egypt & Israel donated land mines laid in 1998)]

    4. Egypt & Eritrea unleashed their iCon Corp. on all fronts: Ginbot-7 [in the North: Gondar & environs], OLF-IFLO [in the West: Illubabor region & in the South: Moyale & environs] and ONLF [in the East: a horrendous Somali-Oromo inter-ethnic clash erupted in Ogaden].

    5. Voilà, iCon Corp. delivered: Strikes flared-up! Oromos & Amharas killed & displaced! Ethiopia’s economy kept taking a hit! Ethiopia keeps plunging deeper in debt due to riots & lost productivity! The same Oromos under siege & fleeing FOOT 60% of the debt incurred! Hurray, propaganda victory for the iCon Corp.አሽከርካሪዎች-ሥጋት-ስለገባቸው-ኮማንድ/

    PS: ONLF also launched the “Occupy the Menelik-II Trans-Ethiopia Railway” & some rogue camels responded by occupying parts of the railway to Djibouti. Ethiopia paid thousands of Birr for some camels killed [and some dead ones laid] on the tracks!

    So, I counted on Ali Mirah’s word [“Let alone Afars, even the camels know the Ethiopian flag!”] and waved the Ethiopian flag! None of the camels budged & that intrigued me!

    Then, I asked the camels where they are from & who their owner is – and one replied: “an Ethiopian wannabe Infiltrator Neftegna Somali called Warya Kale [Ancient Somali]!”

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

    • Oh Poor Ayalew, i feel for you. You beat the same drum, nobody take you seriously. I admire your conviction and persistence, I have no reason to doubt your intentions but come on man. Look if you have AIDS, a flu can kill you. You can hide you have HIV and keep talking about the flu and seek flu medicine but if you don’t do something about your AIDS, talking about your flu won’t help. You say Egypt, Ginbot 7 and etc. Yes, let us agree with you they are problem but they are the flu. Start talking about the HIV which is TPLF. It is getting pathetic that you start using pro TPLF sites like Fana and Ethiopia first to make your case. TPLF which is the major virus is weakening the country each day in a way that make anyone internal and external can send the country to its grave. The ball is on TPLF hands, they can out an end to all this by handing power to Ethiopians.

      • NewError,

        Ethiopia’s patriots used to say: “ጠላት እማ ምን ጊዜም ጠላት ነዉ! አስቀድሞ መቅጨት አጨብጫቢዉን ነዉ!”

        I am neither an intellectual like you nor an immunologist [as you sound like one]. To me, the analogy is more like giving HIV to one already down with the flu [NOT the inverse!] AND without the right prescription, HIV can cause a slow & painful death:

        1. The TPLF/Tigray & EPLF/Eritrea Secessionists invaded-and-occupied Ethiopia in 1991[taking advantage of the power vacuum created by Derg & its DOGS] – AND –
        Egypt backed-and-funded the TPLF-EPLF’s wars of secession for decades!

        2. The leaders of the Egypt-backed/Eritrea-based Con Artists [the iCon Corporation: Ginbot-7, OLF-IFLO, ONLF, SNLF, etc.] were supporters of the same regime. Why would I trust these opportunists whom this same brutal regime kicked out over petty conflict of interest [after using them as condoms to consolidate its grip on power]?

        3. Egypt & Eritrea have never been Ethiopia’s friends! Isn’t the iCon Corporation carrying out Egypt & Eritrea’s missions of “Helping Egypt use 100% of the Nile* via destabilizing Ethiopia by derailing projects, strikes, waging Proxy Wars and waging Economic Warfare”? [*90% of the Nile is from Ethiopia (85% Abbay & 5% Baro)]

        4. Aren’t these Con Artists [iCon Corporation] getting Oromos killed in droves, plunging Ethiopia’s economy in one nose dive after another and submerging Ethiopia in to a Quagmire of Poverty? Isn’t this like killing Ethiopia a slow & painful death?

        5. It may be unorthodox that I used articles from pro-TPLF-EPLF-EPRDF agencies like Fana, Ethiopia First, etc. but the reports check out! Aren’t the iCon Corporation run ESAT, OMN, BNN, etc. far worse? Aren’t they the ones which use the Oromo & Amhara death tolls for self-promotion propaganda without helping the victims?

        Yours truly,

        Poor Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

  22. ayalew_mognu

    I was wondering myself as to happened in the highway. What was the driver of the truck was thinking? Was he under influence of substance or something? He killed twenty or more camels that littered all over the road. Sure, if he crushed over and killed two or three, it would have been reasonable, but 20 or more doesn’t make sense unless camels were in cahoots with Isias and company as you mentioned. These days even camels be weapons and booby traps of war. KKK!

    • Ali Robie,

      the answer is this is not accident … it is insurance fraud .. what those camel owner do is push the camel on the track.. as u can see camel walk on straight line.. so all he have to do is pull one and the rest follow in straight line and when the train come it will kill 20 of them out of say 50 because the rest will have time to run away … there is no way in God earth that a train kill 20 camel if they r not on straight line .. this is deliberate killing of camel by the owner.. now u might ask why the camel owner deliberate kill their camel the simplest answer is KASSA money is twice what the market fetch so the camel owner make twice what he lost … as long as the government paying twice what the market fetch the deliberate killing of camel by owner will keep on going so what is the solution very simple … the train should have video camera .. so the video will tape everything if the camel where on straight line or not if the r walk over the train line on the track then they get zero insurance money even fine money to discourage other doing it… educating the local is another thing find the elder and pay them to educate the local telling them it is in their best interest..

      another important thing we should know is we have to pay passage right .. if we crossing the Somalian region we have to pay the local tax … yes it will add cost to the train fee but how on earth the Somalia region and other region will develop if we dont want to pay a right of passage fee.. can you imagine the local getting school, hospital and drinking water for allowing free passage … a set of money given to local to develop their own region then they would have care for the train line if the train line bringing them income

      another solution is amortizing the camel … that means if u own one camel the bank give u loan the price of the camel twice what the market fetch so now u have no incentive to kill the camel because you already got the line of credit //// since the bank own the camel the kassa money goes to bank even the train insurance pay the money out it will not go to camel owner so why kill the camel and lose your line of credit …

      if u like this solution there are many solution i can come up with it is not even fun..powered by idea that run like river ….

    • Ali Roble,

      The only people who don’t need a license to drive anything are the Tigre Royals & Co.: the TPLF-EPLF-EPRDF!

      Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

    • Ass
      You are loser, who you supporting? I think you are cracking. Work on your spellings before you come to join nazret. Unfit loser.

  23. I Predicted the fail of TPLF if they released Col. Demeke Zewde, why in hell they released Col. Demeke Zewde he have blood in his hand

    now the Qero want to make compromising qero asking the golden army to go home so that the Qero will left the fuel embargo… if TPLF one more time if they compromised the qero and the fano demand will keep on coming therefore no more compromising with terrorist…. the people must stand with the government otherwise they have to pay for price inflation the people must say enough is enough and start snitch those qero by calling the command post hot line…

    by the way what happened to Al mariam litter, for sure he is playing word soup … asking toxic desperate to call TPLF name… that all that old man can do at this stage … OLF Qero taking the stage

    thanks and i am out !

  24. Grag

    Lol…”When the GEBENA calling the AKENBALO black… The TPLF toddler must assume the whole world and NAZ.COM r waiting for his Buuhahahaah..Blaa..Bla unwise, gossip and stupid Mumbo Jumbo corrections. Why don’t u use a spell check or a tutor, instead of acting like a little grousing Girl.

  25. AASs
    You are on high? Anybody can tell your stinky notes, uncensored insults, almost painful bleeding farts all over the place and they give you a second chance to litter our discussion with your duruye rants? Is that what you call Addis Ababa? Trash collector, you need to be necrotized.

  26. I ain’t insult nobody. Girlish R denial to swallow opprobrium. Keep crying like yo “Mum” Bussy. TINBATAM tplf troll.

    • you are the most girlish, you just love to insult all day long yet you deny you are the problem, what to expect from a loser who wants a revolution from internet troll by forgoing the test of battle. What a loser.

  27. U dam rt! they got a job
    Hey! yo! Don’t think every body is like u and Gragn, 24/7 looking something to provoke around! here @ NAZ.COM….. Got paid by TPLF-LEBAS for spying on citizens, living under tax payers subside Ghetto, collect food stamp and leeching medicare. Yes! all of anti-TPLF Ethiopians have a real jobs.

  28. Ethioash

    Where did read that info? It was not about train line. We were talking an accident that happened on the hay way at the outskirts of Deridewa city. It was involved a big truck and herd of camel. As per the rail train problems, I heard that resident around the line where complaining about a lack of access to cross over to the nearby farms or water holes. If your farm is on the other , you need access through an overpass or underground bridge within maximum of 5 KM, not 10 or 30 km. The Chinese engineers could have done it if they were told that but woyane didn’t knew, care or wanted to spend more many on it. As for insurance fraud issues, I am not familiar how the system works there, but i think are expert of it. I can only tell only that no one of his right mind would kill his beloved animals and livelihood like that and no amount of money can replace their dear lifestyle. These people trust and value more their livestock than anything else in the world. If you try to exchange two new camels or two cows for one of their own they wont accept it, because they value better and know best about the health, age, character,smell and breed status of every single animal in their herd.

  29. Not a bad day on, there are no new news, which is good news, but we have our heroes fighting each other online all day, just because. Lol

  30. Teddy
    You the man. Police watch dog of not, not too bad a job.

  31. Working as a coolie or a maid shouldn’t be considered a shame, it is Woyanes’ evildemented bloodthirsty minds and cold-blooded hearts that are destroying our motherland and 98 million Ethiopians!!

    *Michael84, where you be?
    I’ve pass the baton to you for a few days. Take care!

  32. Abdi and Tigrai liberation are having sex as we speak. We shall show you who gets Meles wife first then come back. Gondar is few words more deeds. Let the show begin and we shall see who gets first to his tails. We will not get emotional please be wised you are looking for music and trouble everywhere with everyone you are not going to like that. Plus it will severely damage the only reputation you had left with us being skilled beggars. When you started you swarmed out the whole of Gondar now you telling me you are just nuts with tigab. Egziare zefene siyamrewe tigrene yategbale alu. When he has enough of you then we will check you in the middle. Justice nassir.

    • Giragn,
      Don’t you get ashamed as Ethiopian if you see them demonstrating on the street of DC showing how ugly they look. If you ask those Kalihari desert Pygmy Bantus look alikes they will tell you Ethiopians to be the most beautiful. Well some Habesha are beautiful especially those in Tigrai and Eritrea but those demonstration junky Gonderees in DC and around are the ugliest in Africa.

      • Abdi
        Jealousy is a poison killing you inside, I can see that. You must be a deformed Ebdi disdained by the beautiful and handsome Gondare, Woloye, Gojame and the like. It sounds, you are not even worth of carrying their bags let alone getting attention and acceptance to stand in par with them.

  33. Out of respect for my dear followers and those haters who despise my name to score points I will now retire my name but there is no retirement coming it seems due to jealousy.
    My new Nick will be damotlamot.

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