Ethiopia: Ethnic tensions continue to smolder in Somali region

A street in Jijiga, where much of the violence took place

DW– Following ethnically motivated violence in the country’s east, Ethiopia’s new prime minister Abiy Ahmed wants to strengthen and stabilize the autonomous region — although the government has offered little response.

Ethiopia’s eastern region remains a hotbed of unrest. Last Saturday, mobs looted the property of ethnic minority groups in Jijiga, the capital of the country’s semi-autonomous Somali region.

“We asked the state military for help, for them to save us,” one resident told DW.  He asked not to be named as he fears for his life. “People here are dying. They are even being attacked in the church of St. Michael, where they sought refuge,” he said. The weekend riots reportedly resulted in at least a dozen deaths. Thousands are said to have fled earlier.

Witnesses blamed special forces of the regional government — who reportedly shot dead at least four people — for the violence.

“The Ethiopian military has not yet managed to bring the rebellious police under control,” another Jijiga resident told DW. “The attackers have not yet laid down their weapons and my community is facing great difficulties.”

Following the latest outbreak of violence, the internet has been shut down in eastern Ethiopia, according to Access Now, an international NGO with a focus on digital rights. The government has so far said little, only that the unrest was stoked by regional officials. On taking office in April, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed vowed to protect the right to freedom of expression and has already taken steps to reduce hostilities in the country.

Cautious reforms

According to Jason Mosley from the British think-tank Chatham House, economic conflicts in the Somali region have worsened since Abiy came into office. The new prime minister promised reforms and so the population has high expectations. “All citizens should benefit from the economic boom,” Mosley told DW. “The Somali region plays an important role in this.”

Landlocked Ethiopia relies heavily on ports in neighboring countries — mostly in Djibouti. A stable Somali region would help facilitate access to the port of Berbera in Somaliland. This could expand trade, for example, with livestock and other goods. That’s why the trade routes which run through the Somali region are so important for the Ethiopian economy, says Mosely.

He finds it interesting that the government has so far been reluctant to address Saturday’s violence. “I think what that suggests is that they’re trying to handle it very sensitively and carefully, because it’s such a crucial region for overall security in Ethiopia and the region,” he said.

He does not think Abiy is trying to change the dynamics in the Somali region. “What we have seen in the past few days is that Abiy wants to keep as many of the existing structures as possible,” Mosely said. Although the regional president of the Somali region, Abdi Illey, resigned from his post over the weekend and was taken to Addis Ababa in a military helicopter, he was replaced by the vice-president and his party remains in power.

‘Change is a must’

Mosely believes the government now wants to bring in politicians who were previously excluded from negotiations in the disputed region. “I think what we’re seeing is an effort to loosen some of the tight controls over the political space that had built up over the last decade and trying to create some conditions for re-jigging the political settlement, which is a way to bring various interest groups inside the tent and share in the benefits in being able to access the state,” he said.

Ethiopian ex-parliamentarian Jemal Diriya Harid — an ethnic Somali who is now in exile — believes that Ethiopia has a peaceful future ahead, despite the current crisis.

“Of course I expect a change,” he told DW. “That is a must.” Regarding the government’s decision to use military means to respond to the threat of escalation, he believes it was the lesser of two evils. He also thinks the resignation of the region’s president, Abdi Illey, is a step in the right direction.

“President Illey was a very dangerous dictator and his resignation was a good move,” Harid told DW. “I think the government was supposed to neutralize the police and handle the security situation which is deteriorating and allow the community of the region to discuss their own future. Personally, I think there will be a bright day ahead.”

Residents in neighboring regions have expressed concern that the violence may spread from the Somali region into other parts of the country. The regions within Ethiopia are geographically divided according to ethnic groups, with inter-ethnic conflict between Somalis and Oromos common along their border.


  1. The neomilinikian/neotafarian cult will blame this on ethnic federalism as if there was no war in Ogaden during H/Silasie and Menge eras while the loser aremene TPLF bandits will put the blame on the new pacifist PM only because they are not in power.
    Ethiopians and the international community have for years demanded the arrest of Abdi Iley and disbanding the terrorist liyyu police which was trained, armed, financed and lead by TPLF terrorists.
    Now I am wondering with what moral the same army that watched on and conspired with the massacre and displacement of over one million people is now sent to stabilize the region and how this can be achieved without disarming and completely destroying the the TPLF-Somali terror network.

    • clan man,
      not so fast. This 8th grade level if i said it first, others don’t dare to come near it method only works for illiterates and ignorant people from all tribes in the country. Yes the so called ethnic federalism is to blame. The so called Ethnic federalism gave ethnic violence legitimacy. If you didn’t expect some Somalis wouldn’t attack people from other tribe in a region called Somali region, just forget about life. It is not only Ogaden, it is happening in Benishangul, Sidamo, you name it. There was ethnic conflict before but not like now. I hate to tell you I told you so, but i am afraid I have to say it. You never thought people from your tribe would be on the receiving side of this ugly tribe based attack fueled by ethnic federalism and politics TPLF brought with its cosponsor OLF. You are so dumb you think there was tribal conflict before TPLF’s and OLF’s ethnic federalism, and for you the solution is divide the country through ethnic lines. There was ethnic conflict in Ogaden during Derg and before, the solution is let us call Ogaden Somali region. That will solve the problem. The majorities will stop attacking the minorities if we call the region after their tribe, if we elect officials from their tribe. How dumb are you? At least come out and say the truth. Don’t try to rationalize your stupidity and make all of us gave up on the country thinking do all Ethiopians thinks like this idiot. Nobody in his right mind thinks ethnic federalism will be a solution for ethnic conflicts. If you think you will feel free to live in a region called Somali as an Oromo, you as well call yourself Santa clause. Your drive is narrow mindedness, inferiority complex and ignorance not rational thinking. I don’t think anything let alone having a region named after your tribe will be a cure for that. You will start conflict within your region next time. May be based on religion or sub clan or I don’t know there is something below tribe, right?

      • Welcome to the country of no constitution! it used to be the responsibility of the Parliament to declare state of emergency but here we have it one man who is everything doing it all by him self, this time he (Abiye) is acting as if he is the Parliament

        • Newera,

          We all know how this whole thing started, it first started when the Ethiopian government initiated an expansion plan of addis ababa in to the Oromia region, then the oromos didn’t like it so they started to rebel about it by creating chaos in their region, then the government wanted to stop this lawlessness anarchy so it capitulated to the demands of the protesters and reversed the expansion plan of Addis. At that moment the OLF, Lemma Megeressa and others saw an opening and they took the protest that was going on to another level by recruiting the so called qerros and creating more chaos to over throw the government forcing PM Hailemariam to resign,

          Now what Abdi illey is doing is the same thing Lemma Megeressa was doing in Oromia, he is recruiting his own version of young qerros to threaten the government to make sure the country is ungovernable. Recently the southern nation nationalities were trying the same technique to fulfill their demands too.

          This kind of cruel tactic was never seen during PM Meles, if it did, he would have known how to deal with it. Part of this whole problem is the weakness in the former PM Hailemariam’s leadership as well as the TPLF members who were around him.

          A country should be led by a constitution and rule of law not by protests and Qerros, at the same time, the government should never violate the law. Now we are at a gridlock where neither the government nor the people follow the constitution

          If dismantling the federal system is going to make our country stable, i am all for it, but i don’t think the issue is federalism.

          • No, we don’t know the whole thing has started with the plan to expand Addis Ababa. You have to go back to 25 years earlier. The whole thing has started when TPLF and OLF decided to divide the country through ethnic lines. The problem has started after Derg fall down, we fail to replace it with true democracy. One dictator gone another replaced him. I forgive you for this because clearly you don’t know what you talking about. Abiy, Lemma, Keros, Abdi iley, all are the product of ethnic politics your masters the dead midget brought. A bold person would own the mistakes and say I was wrong. You can not be happy when power is in the hands of people from your tribe and be sad when it is not. You can not preach ethnic politics as a minority ethnic group and stay in power forever. What happened is the ethnic politics the dead midget started come back and bite TPLF in the butt. The sad thing is it is biting the country and the people as well. The way I see it is Abiy and Lemma as they call them team Lemma, are the walls between the force of distractions and the force of good. The country is standing as a country because of them.
            I like the way you put it in a way that had the dead midget is alive, these things would never happened. Let me laugh and accept that as true. Which is far from the truth. The dead midget is lucky to die early. You see the problem is you can not build a country thinking a strong man or woman live forever. You build a country around strong laws, institutions and culture. Read through your lines. They speak volumes than what your tribal mind would like to admit. Without saying it you are admitting, forming a country or even a political party using identity like ethnicity is not going to work. Let alone the country, the ethnic coalition EPDRF is in turmoil because of ethnic politics. Identity politics is messing the very advanced countries like USA, Germany and the UK. Introducing it to illiterate and ignorant society like us and giving it legitimacy by creating region through ethnic lines the stupidest idea if not a recipe for disintegration.

            Time and again we read your (the entire pro TPLF people here) double standard. You guys praised the dead midget for the same things you name blaming Abiy for. My recommendation, Team Lemma is the best thing that ever happened to Ethiopia, may be ever. Support them and help them make the next election free and fair. Every issue we see in the country is what they inherited from their predecessors not their causing. May be their only crime is accepting this responsibility and mess. We see them work hard without rest. May God help them as they are in the prayers of most Ethiopians.

          • Newera,

            Ethiopia has always been divided along ethnic line, ( Tigray, Gonder, Welega, etc), unless you are hallucinating. I agree being divided by ethnic line is a big problem but that problem has always been hidden within us.

            The Oromos had always lived disfranchised, their basic human rights taken away from them and they never dare to complain because the repercussion for that would be a disaster for them, so they took everything on the chin for a long time. When they start to see a little democracy in the horizon they start to raise their voice but the wicked politicians used that real concern for their selfish power hunger.

            Not every TPLF member was good and those bad once they should be apprehended and have their day in court. If you do a crime you do the time. But there are many more TPLF members who gave their life to bring democracy and freedom in Ethiopia. If you are only going to pick the bad once and discard all the good, then you are nothing but a bigot useless, good for nothing idiot.

          • Again you are wrong. There was no division among ethnic lines. You say Tigray Goder and Wollega, skipping Gojam. LOL. There was Wello, Ilibabur, Harerge, Shewa, Sidamo, Gamogofa…… Oromos live in Shewa, Wello, Wellega, Ilibabur, Kefa and Haraerghe just pick one example.

            Oromos had no reason to be disfranchised alone because the entire Ethiopia was disfranchised. Stop picking and choosing Ethiopians by tribe, fool. This is TPLF’s intentional division to say a certain tribe is disfranchised. Tell me which tribe wasn’t disfranchised.

            As for there are good Tegadalys comment. I think there were people who said there are good Nazis right after Nazis were defeated. I know it is a harsh comparison but there is no such thing as there are good TPLF members while they are still a member. If they left the front like Aregwai Berehe and that firmer TPLF guy who celebrated the death of the dead midget on ETV, then I think you and I are saying the same thing. I understand most Tegadlays are illiterate and ignorant which can be excused like most Derg solider was ignorant and illiterate, that is why my criticism is directed to the leadership. Do you agree with me there was no such thing as saying there was good Derg members? We thought there are many TPLF members that gave their lives to bring democracy. But when they let the dead midget who was from their tribe to stay in power for 22 years, we said they are no different than derg and every other dictatorship army we saw in Africa. Try to challenge that, tell us the difference between derg’s army and Tegadalys. You think they brought democracy because they are from your tribe.

            Go head throw your rational sounding comment to hide your narrow mindedness.

          • @ethiopiawinet:
            {Not every TPLF member was good and those bad once they should be apprehended and have their day in court. If you do a crime you do the time}.
            Congratulations on admitting for the first time that there are criminals in TPLF. Now we want you to name and shame those.
            As far as Ethiopians see there was never a clean TPLF except one man who I think is the best hope for Tigrean people. He is Aregawi Berhe. Let this man represent all Tigre race in parliament and dump the rest of TPLF into garbage bin.

            On another note if you don’t mind dismantling federal system to appease the neominikian cult, let’s divide Tigray into 3. To the west and northwest should be in Gondar, Northeast and East joins Afar, The South joins Oromia where it naturally belongs. The name Tigray will be unnecessary and disappear. I hope you don’t mind this, too.

            @New r:
            Much like Ethiopia itself, Oromia was built by blood and bones of the Oromo people. That is why we are committed to keeping them both.
            The only way you can break Oromia and impose your wish on Oromo people is by fighting a bloody war and winning it. That would take killing off all Oromos.
            So, do the neominilikian/neotafarian cult and G7 fascists have what it takes or are they merely hoping to use Abiy as their horse to go to the promised land?
            BTW both OLF and Jawar are back in Finfinnee, are you gonna crash them?
            I understand that your cult is in greater darkness than wayanes these days, but pragmatism, not daydreaming, is a solution.

          • clan man,
            “Much like Ethiopia itself, Oromia was built by blood and bones of the Oromo people. That is why we are committed to keeping them both”. I think that was the slogan of TPLF back in 1991, just replace Oromia with Tigray. 🙂 🙂 🙂 The question is how? Don’t forget TPLF gave the illusion of pulling it of for the last 27 years by crashing everything it comes on its way like Derg did for 17 years before TPLF.

            “but pragmatism, not daydreaming, is a solution”. this is the best thing you ever said for a while. But saying and practicing is two different things. This we won the battle, obey our terms mentality is not pragmatism and it is not learning from what happened to TPLF. The pragmatic thing to do now is to talk individuals not groups like tribes. Talk individual rights not group rights. Talk Ethiopia not tribal regions. Why would i crash Jawar? If I am not mistaken very recently I heard the guy saying we Ethiopians don’t have time to waste fighting since we are the poorest of the poorest. That is music to my ears. As for OLF, i don’t know the detail of what transpired with their negotiation with team Lemma. Based on what the new PM and Lemma himself are saying lately, I have no reason to worry about OLF. My eye is on the next election. My hope is we will have a vibrant parliament that comprises the voices of all Ethiopians like you and I. The voices of Merara, Aregawi, Brihanu, Lidetu, Lemma, Abiy, etc. The issues you and I debating will be solved in a civilized and pragmatic manner. Only then you and I will say I see things this way be the people of Ethiopia don’t agree with me, so I respect the voice of the people. I think you don’t disagree with that.

          • Sorsa,

            You can put a lipstick in a donkey but it will still be a donkey

            i am living the Pig alone since what we are dealing with here is a Donkey. The only animal that responds when she gets beat up. You are a donkey by “default”

        • It was the case all the time, one man making all the calls. The issue is, now he is not from your tribe. It is amazing to watch narrow minded people get clarity when they think their ethnic interest threatened. But I see encouraging change in you, I am sure you don’t disagree with me making the next election free and fair is crucial.

      • Aby Ahmed does not hate Ethiopia but he is very naive, ignorant and very inexperienced in the field of politics! Pastor Aby, being a protestant pastor, is utopian and is being driven by his ‘humanistic’ idealistic worldview of forgiveness, amnesty to enemies and kindness and love to all etc! These values are good in interpersonal relations but disastrous if applied into political leadership of any country! Protestant (Evangelicals) tend to be more liberal, CIA stooges, weak, idealistic and are not the best politicians anywhere!

        By following his evangelical protestant, personal value system pastor Aby is alienating many good Ethiopian leaders, including the Old Guard, like the leader of the Somali region who is a good security-minded leader! Pastor Aby, is ignorantly dismantling the Ethiopian security apparatus that kept the country save from terrorists and other hostile forces for decades! The best thing for Ethiopia is if pastor Aby returns to his pastoral works “ministry” in the Evangelical church and Ethiopia elects another leader who is tough, security-minded, not a CIA stooge and who above all loves Ethiopia and can bring unity and security through strength and there are many Oromo leaders who have all those qualities if the next leader have to be from the Oromo! I believe, if pastor Aby follows his current liberal (CIA-dictated) policies he will inadvertently destroy Ethiopia and will cause mayhem and national confusion and pain in the near future! Ethiopians who can should talk to pastor Aby frankly about these things and give the choice to hand over power peacefully before it is too late!

        PS: Haile Mariam Desalegn’s photo with Mengistu in Zimbabwe last week was no an accident? It was an ultimate reaction to Aby’s liberal policies!

    • Tplf have ethnically divided the country to create this kind of situation. If you are not Somali in the so called Somali region you are kicked out or discriminated against. No Somali is kicked out but anybody else is a target, why.
      We live in Ethiopia, if ogaden is a different country or not part of Ethiopia every ethiopian has the right to live there.

      If you are Oromo in the so called Oromo region the same thing happens.
      Get out of our region or if you want to live there do what we tell you.

      WHY are a million oromos kicked out of ogaden – That is the only explanation.
      Abdi ille has 45,000 Somali ethnic militia trained and armed by tplf to carry out his orders. He can kick out anybody who is not Somali because he has been told that the region is fir the Somalis only.
      It is like Kenya kicking out ethiopians from its land.

      • The conflict has nothing to do with federal structure but with Abdi Iley and TPLF who heavily armed a regional police. Abdi Iley is one crimnal controlling 45K army who committed the crime, not the Somali people! Abdi Iley committed more crimes against Somalis than against Oromos. No region has a regular army except Ogaden, and this was done by TPLF.

    • What do you make of abiy ahmad appearing on tv with tplf debre tsion. Abiy ahmad was not seen for 5 days before that. It was rumoured that abiy was poisoned and was in hospital. Then all of a sudden he appeared with debre tsion!
      Did abiy ahmad disappear because he was in negotiation with tplf to agree some kind of deal to work with tplf.
      Abiy did not give any comment on the massacre, burning of churches, looting that was going on in ogaden. After disappearing for 5days he appears to be knowing nothing about it.
      It appears Abiy and tplf are making a deal behind the scenes. It does not look good for the future of our country to fall back in the hands of tplf.
      Any deals with tplf is suicidal. Watch the space. Something sinster is going on.

  2. Ordinary folks are like little kids in the play ground, they could care less about the ethnic or religious status of their neighbors. That has been seen in our beautiful country for ages. People have lived side by side, married, shared their joy and sorrow, and given each other whatever little they had. This greatness has manifested most among the Oromo and Somali cousins. Somalia and it’s expansionist leaders might have invaded Ethiopia and committed atrocities on civilians, or Ethiopian troops might have committed atrocities on ethnic Somalis, but never never ever had the Oromo and Somali civilians attacked or displaced each other like now. That has also been repeated all over the country on a massive scale. The Amara deliberately targeted by TPLF fascists have suffered the most from day one ethnically cleansed from various regions. The recent massive displacement between Guji Oromo and Gedeo is another example. The previously unheard of bitter quarrel between Sidama and Wolayta, the highlander lowlander dog fight in Gambella, and the tragic vicious attack on Tigres from suburbs of Addis, to Gondar/Wello, recently from Shashamenae it all did not result just because TPLF was in power. Rather because of this stupid ethnic based politics. A stupid idea chopping down a certain part of the nation and calling it after one ethnic group. KE MESERETU YETESASATE HASAB. Obviously one can not expect clan idiots blinded by regionalism to understand that. The whole thing was imposed by two regional groups OLF/TPLF, without, forget consent, even attempting to ask what the people think about it. For TPLF the aim was very simple, first to isolate the Amara and Amharic language to demonize and blame them for everything that was wrong in Ethiopia. Also to keep Ethiopians occupied with little regional quarrels while they rob the country blind at will, i.e. divide and loot. For OLF, as Ato Lencho testified it was to create OROMIA and in due course to seceed it and create another country. The head of the commission that created this ethnic bantustan was Ato Abiyu Geleta of OLF and the divisions were based on ethnic studies done by Derg, the power they overthrew LOL. So in short not one ounce of study was done, or advice from the people was sought. Because had they asked the people the overwhelming majority would have rejected it. The idea was let’s impose it and we preach what’s right (according to the regional idiots) then another generation will believe and accept it. But the incredibly idiotic discrepancies and flaws of what they imposed can even be seen by a 3rd grader (yagettette malet new). How in the world is Gambella, Harari, DireDawa, Benishangul, even Afar is region, while they make huge provinces where millions live are turned into Awuraja…Gojjam, Wello, Sidama, Keffa, Wallaga, Arsi, Begemeder etc? Probably the most laughable creation is the “Oromia Zone” in the so called Amara Region ???, in Wello. Then how one of the two regionals TPLF swallowed a third of Begemeder a fifth of Wello in broad day light. When all know alem ke tefettere zemene ke tekkotere boundary between Begemeder and Tigray is Tekezae River. Yet unborn millions will die for that in the future. I am not even scratching the two humongous provinces Shewa and Hararghae were chopped down into pieces. They call it KKIM BEKKEL, of course in their little mind, Menelik divide Tigre, we divide Shewa be semu enkwan endayttera. Never mind Baher Mederi was never part of Tigre. Same language two provinces, like Begemeder and Gojjam. OLF call it some Sheger ??? they all fear that word so much. After all of this drunken mewelaged of yemaytemamenu balengeroch TPLF et al OLF, they woke up realized a third of Ethiopia was still unaccounted for in their ethnic bantustan. They just lumped it up and called it “ze southern people’s, nationalities, menamen crap” Now the question is if the whole project was to create ethnic enclaves, who was lumped up in this so called “southern ethnic zone” …Guraghae, Gedeo, Gamo, Wolayta, Kambata, Hadya, humungous Sidama (even from Imperial time a province by itself), Keffa, Gofa and many more totally totally different people. Amara and Tigre 1,000 same than say Keffa and Guraghae. The whole thing is just a pile of crap. To create Oromia for OLF and massive confusion for the looter TPLF.

    But it will not work… matter how much they think they are right….if this ethnic bantustan is not removed and Ethiopians are brought together and thought to move away from regionalism the problems we see everyday are here to stay, they will even get worse.

    • @ shewarega

      You talk to much …… for you the solution is “Always Amhara should lead” ha ha wake up and smell the coffee body…. will never work. I wish you know the code of silence.

      • Guest from TOL,

        Can you please show me where I said Amara should rule? You are just regurgitating what is stuck in your little head. I know all the facts I’m feeding you is a huge torment. It would have been wiser to challenge what I said.. BTW I am no Amara rather a Shewan, if you don’t understand the difference between the two we are totally on a different frequency.

        • @ shewarega…

          You don’t have to say it. re read your sentences each of them reflect … the phrase… I am not here to argue but … again I wish you know the code of silence. For the size of my head .. what can I said …. may be people call you that, that’s why you used it (obvious)…
          I don’t replay for trash comment…. you know why I replay to yours … It is well written but unable to hide your wish…
          so long cyber lion .. you won’t see my comment again. Consider yourself you are the luckiest cyber lion.

          • Guest from TOL,
            You have no clue how much I honored you by even talking to you. In here I talk only to a select few. I even gave you a chance to get in the discussion and prove or disprove what I said. But instead of trying to “reply” to me, you just “replay” yourself showing you unwillingness to hear/listen LOL. But I wish you the best.

    • I took utmost care not to jeopardise the rare hard won sense of unity among Ethiopians and chose to ignore when little kids like Newera cry against federal structure day in and out because I expect them to grow and come to their senses one day. But it is sad when irresponsible old sacks join them in kindergarten in ernest, by ignoring the consequence of their actions on people back home.
      To remind you, you are the very man/woman who said “egnan min ageban” when thousands of Oromo children were massacred by TPLF bandits, and that was when the great people of gonder marched saying “ye Oromo dem demachin new”! Look how those brave Gonderes are bigger than the parasitic naftegna settlers.
      When those same poor children gave you a PM whom you worship more than Jesus Christ you have no remorse for your ugly words back then.
      Instead of thanking them, you want to steal their cause, remove the land they died for from the map and re-introduce your colonial zemene mesafint era T/gizat structure where you are at the top of the food chain controlling everything and everyone, and that and only that is the definition of Ethiopia for you!
      Worse still, the old dead snakes hope to do all this without shedding their blood, just by sitting on the back of Abiy and Lamma, much like their king Minilik used Gobana Dacee, Aba Mela and Tufa Arado to conquer Oromo land. You don’t see your illusion is too big to be realized but have nothing to offer than your words. 19th century is not and 21st century.
      I think it is much easier to break the back of neominikian fascist settlers and remove them from Oromia than try to mess with and break Oromia again. Try it shewarega, try it. Let your words not remain on air.
      All big players (OLF, Jawar, Aby) are in that dirty palace now. Go and ask them to remove Oromia from the map because Oromos were not consulted.
      If old age is hitting you I understand. Otherwise, it sounds your skull is filled with sand because you think over 6000 young children lost their lives in just three years only to please the naftegna settlers in their land.
      In the past it was the TPLF which was the evil in the house, now it is the federal structure which is your biggest enemy, especially Oromia. Come on, shewarega. I thought you are better than that.

      • I know there is only one right way for you, and hearing any other thoughts greatly displeases and angers you. You want the younger generation to believe only what you preach is the cardinal truth. But believe me you everything will be out there for them to read and to understand, backed by documents and facts. Shewa existed for a thousand years, it’s been there all kinds of people moving thru it, Muslim and Christian, and many many different ethnic groups too. If you think because two regionals OLF/TPLF can just wish it away, I want to tell you are making the same mistake Woyanae did. Even better you want to be the new Woyanae. I have repeatedly spoken in here that Oromiffaa should be a national language on par to Amharic. That it was nothing new in Shewa the majority spoke both. That the ultimate aim should be to create a multilingual generation that can speak both languages, not by force rather by will. That is a better future for Ethiopians rather than holding to and preaching about ethnic enclaves. The result of that is being seen daily by all who have eyes. At one point, I even said I will forget Shewa and accept the ethnic system if it works for the peace and tranquility of Ethiopia. Because for me the cause of Ethiopia is what matters most. I can guarantee you will never say that about Wallaga or any other region within Ethiopia. It’s like the lady said at the court of wise King Solomon, let the other lady have the baby rather than he be cut into two.

        I know you know how capable I am to speak with harshness that you did. But I did not for the simple fact not to make the cyber cadres jump up and down in joy. But since you use this word “settler” a lot I can tell you no-one where ever they come from, whoever they are can call me settler on the land of my great grand father Abaebae Tuffaa, Finfinee. Go read the OPDO proclamation about relations between Addis and Oromo region they have written the historical fact, complete with his name. But even I will never say something like that because first Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians, and Addis Ababa as the capital city is the center that holds it all together.

        Therefore, before preaching others to change their thought, I would suggest you look real close at the mirror and assess your own.

        • In short, do you now have what it takes to break Oromia and restore shawan kingdom? Yes or no.

          On many occasions you claimed to be a real naftegna. However, today you claim you are related to Fitawrari Habeebee Tufa Arado the Ekka Oromo who grew to be a prominent Oromo warrior after being stolen as kid from his father and raised by Minilik and later killed by poisoning. If your attempt is to be taken off the list of settlers, I understand.

          As confusing as your heritage is your deep rooted hatred about Wallaga, which is no more than a name of another Oromo region where Macha oromos live, not even a clan. Have you ever heard someone from Wallaga wanting to be independent from Ethiopia or wanting war with Tulama, Ekka Oromos?
          Both lines rule you out from sharing any heritage with Habeebee Tufa, whom I respect.
          The status of Afaan Oromo will be determined by the oromo people themselves. You can oppose or support, but can’t make any difference.

          • Here we go again twist and turn…..Every thing goes to victimization for that is what benefits the clan idiots. Enae eko yemaygebagne Oromonetun leante lebechah yesetteh man new? Who appointed you as the decider who is Oromo and who is not. So you are telling me that my own great grand father was poisoned and killed, when I know that is a TOTAL lie. Gud eko new, let alone be killed by Menelik he married his cousin, and lived a very respected normal life died a normal death. He gave the land up on the hill to Menelik where the palace was built. Do you know anything about my other great grand father Assenu Odai of Daraa, you know the one raised by Wakko Dibo? Was he poisoned too, lol? Aye Ato Sorsa, even the Amara sang in his honor. Assenu Odai Assenu Odai ye jegnaw gora gedel sededew yan hulu Amara. They don’t blindly hate they honor even their adversaries when respect is due. How about Habte Dinagdae (married to my grand pa’s aunt) was he poisoned too. True he was captured during one of the campaigns of Menelik, but yet he became one of the greatest generals the country ever produced. He was Abegaz (defense minister) for 31 years. Mind you that was very backward feudal days nobody gave squat what his ethnic was, including himself. It was all about his country Ethiopia. He had 17,000 of his personal soldiers parked at Woliso. He single handedly removed Iyasu and installed Zewuditu. With all it’s fault if the system was that racist how did such a man come to such height of power? BTW was he poisoned too? (Also compare that who is defense minister under Abyi now, or chief of staff under Meles when he was alive) and It is remarkable how I give Wallaga as one example, yet you seized on it label me Wallaga hater LMAO. There is an Amharic expression for that kind of behavior, TTERAZ NETTEKKE. My dear I have been blessed to see listen many great folks from Wallaga from Emama Askale Jote to that fisty Oromo ttebekka w/o Yeshiemebet Gumaa. I also have ege yemiyaskkorettem documents from there, one written by Ato Tasisa Eba 68 years ago has earth shattering facts within it. Therefore if you think I dislike Wallaga, you could not be wrong. All I’m telling you try to tone down your regionalism. It’s really sad how you talk about lower third of Tigray (i.e Azebo) belong to Oromo region. What is the difference between that and what Woyanae did to Wolkkait. I will oppose that as much as I oppose what Woyanae did in Begemeder. The second point as painful as it is I will repeat it nobody nobody can call me a settler on my own land. It’s very simple.

          • You waited all this time to write this master piece to put this regionalist(let us use your deplomatic term, I prefer tribalist since he doesn’t care about a region rather he cares about a tribe). My hats off. Very well said!!!

          • Newera,
            He is entitled to his opinion, but the saddest part is how could one think like that when all can see the disaster it brought upon Woyanae? Really, how could one be so boxed into thinking only in regionalism stick one’s head in the sand like ostrich and refuse to budge one inch? How could one think of slicing Tigray and grab land, when Woyanae got Tigray into so much hatred by illegally grabbing land from it’s neighbors? When can we learn to think “be sekene aeemero”? Look what even Jawar is saying that the law has to come first, that true elections comes second, that truly elected members of parliament can resolve issues, for they truly represent the people. Instead of learning from that, he prefer to tell me how my own great grand father died…le kkebariw aredut, real sad.


          • Thank you for sharing. Of course the clan man is entitled to his opinion. The biggest take away is as you said in your earlier comment he can not speak to all Oromos, just for himself like the rest of us. Even Jawar said it the clip, him Jawar himself doesn’t have the representation to speak for Oromos. I said it before, my hope is the next election to be free and fair. Very seasoned politicians from all sides will have chairs in the parliament. A change driven by a vibrant parlament which has the likes of Merara, beyene Petros, Birhanu, andargachew, Berkeley Gerba, Lidetu, Argawi, Lemma, Abiy, etc as members. May god help the forces of the changes we are seeing.

      • @ New r:
        I really don’t care if the children of Finfinne prostitutes like you who have no clue of their own heritage call the son of Aba Gada a clan man. I put this to rest about you.

        I really am not someone you can fool. I read nearly all of your posts since you appeared at You finally admitted you are a proud naftegna and I that as final and consistent with everything you wrote.
        However, at least you try to distinguish yourself from the children of prostitutes by desperately looking for some Oromo heritage, though unsuccessful.

        Much of what you are saying is a lie, a white lie. If the reader wants to know the whole truth about Tufa Arado his children and how Fitawrari Habeebee was killed there is no better resource than this video. Tell us, shewarega, which one of his children are you related to.

        Your argument about Rayyan and Asebo is equally trash.
        Go to the people themselves and ask who they are, as OMN recently did, courageously. They tell you they are Oromo under colonization of Tigres, although they speak Tigrigna or Amharic.

        So, Shewarega: Old age is both bad and good. Unless you finally wake up and see this is 21st century where there is no chance to tell lies and escape, it can be bad and humiliating.

  3. PM Ahmed should know that pease loving people are behind him.There fore the time solving the problem of this region for once and for all is now.

  4. Ash,

    If you heat a carbon under very high temperature and pressure, that dark carbon turns in to the most beautiful, very precious and bright diamond. They try to beat you, they try to harass you but at the end, it is only for the best to come out of you like the Carbon.

    Lately you have been fighting with all the Budas and are beating them in every battle. I see them going erratic in random motion. I just wonder how you do it? They say Telba binchacha bande mukecha ( the screaming of millions of flax seeds is to end up crashed with only one mortar). I don’t know, may be I should call you the Mortar Man!

    This people are so paranoid, they are afraid the sleeping Lions are going to wake up and destroy them. They just keep on saying in their dreams…. The TPLF are coming, The TPLF are coming and wetting their bed.

    • Balewa yemotebat set ye hazen engurguro ????…….But obviously it won’t bring him back, he is D E A D.

      • Dear Countryman Shewarega,

        I just want to talk to you and you alone in sharing the following parable worthy incidence(story) from my own experience a long time ago. Remember I said you and you alone. But we have some among us who take pleasure in interrupting civil conversation others are having, don’t we? Just watch!!!

        The story I want to share with you our son happened during one of those childhood years. We did many things you city slickers(lol) didn’t have all the convenience needed. We lived with live domestic animals including chicken. Such way of life is not limited to my Oromos only. Everyone who owned the land did it. We had cows and chicken providing us with daily fresh milk and eggs. The headcount was done daily and suddenly my mother and auntie started noticing a pattern of young chicks missing. Well they thought it could have been one of those falcons and hawks they used to see flying around. But one day one of the women in the hood saw a large domestic cat running away with a chick tugged in its mouth. This missing chicks story went on for quite some time with my mother nagging dad to do something about it. He searched for the reported cat and located the location it had made its base of guerrilla operation. It was very thick and impenetrable bush not too far from our village. It was a feral cat that muscled itself up by snatching every chick it could sink its deadly canine into. The ‘looting’ went on for quite some time with the ladies constant nagging unabated. Then one day became ‘a date that will live in infamy’ for that shrewd and muscled up feral cat. It was one of those holidays for our noble Christian neighbors. The matriarch of the house was preparing to cook her chicken meal for dinner when all a sudden the cat lounged from outside and grabbed one of the larger pieces she has cut up and ran away with it. That cat did not only grab one piece and ran but it left behind a mess. Every piece was on a dirt floor along with the prepared ingredients. That lady went after the feral cat with one of spatulas in her hand for a kill. But that feral cat was so fast she could not keep up with it. It had managed to reach its base of operation. Now the entire hood was up in arms crossing ethnic and religious lines. Every able man now surrounded the bush holding deadly sticks. East, west, south, north and every corner is surrounded by mad as hell men with deadly sticks cocked ready to blow away the cat in their hands. They tried to woo and persuade that feral cat to come out but to no avail. Now they decided that someone had to move in and flush it out. One of them volunteered to go in to drive it out to the awaiting enraged men. The closer he got he could hear that looter cat growling and was telling the others he saw co much feathers. Finally it was too close for comfort for the feral cat and bolted just to end up being a victim one deadly blow at ‘the gate’. Problems solved!!!! I just wanted to share this parable worthy childhood memory with you. Any parallel to the fate of that conniving feral cat? You and I know that humans and feral cats are two different animals but the rage after unabated looting has the same consequences. You see, those glorious people who produced us all have legendary patience but when they’ve had it there will be no bush big and strong enough to hide from. I just want to share this story before my memory fails me. I did not mean to interrupt and hope you don’t mind.

        • My dearest Ittu,

          I could not stop laughing about this story/parable. I read it three times, and the message was sinking deeper every time I did. It also brought back so much memories from my childhood (interrupted by vicious Derg), you see I might be a city boy, but every weekend I was in the country esp beautiful Adaa and Ginchi witnessing all the things that you mentioned. The green rolling hills, the total quietness of the scene, the beautiful young kids yelling from one hill to another, the animals chicken/goats/sheep/cows, even the smoke coming out of the kitchens, the kindness of the people I can still smell it all from here decades later.

          The part that made me laugh most was “the base of operations” ??? No base of operations is safe, when the people say enough is enough. But as you said we are not animals, and what makes us human is we have the capacity to forgive. I believe this new leader preached that too. We will forgive if they stop trying to drag the country back. Thanks a million for the good laugh.

          • Dear Shewarega,

            You are absolutely right. Our magnanimity is legendary. We are people guide by the two major religions and their Holy Scriptures inscribed in them. Forgiving is the right thing to do and also rewarding for both parties: the forgiver and the forgiven. Unless this value is tolerated then we are going back to where we started from – vicious cycle of violence as it has happened throughout Africa since the 1960’s. We’ve been and done that.

            It is very encouraging for me to hear that Obbo Jawar is planning to travel to Tigray to have a pow wow with the current and former veteran leaders of the TPLF. I am glad to know this young man is redeeming himself by promoting constructive dialogue, reconciliation and harmony. It attests to me that he has come to understanding that one’s existence is predicated on the positive action/behavior of the other. That those gallant Oromo young people could still be dying by their hundreds in their town protesting if their young Amhara contemporaries did not join the protest movement. If the young Oromos suddenly stopped going into the streets, those gallant Amhara youths could still be mowed down in their tens and hundreds in the streets and alleys of their domiciles. One has the back of the other. I had some people raging mad for saying this before that one cannot survive without the presence of the other, standing their watching everyone’s back. This is even more expedient when it comes to minorities. I wish this well read young man all the best in his valuable endeavor. I will keep him in my daily prayers to come back with amicable success.

    • Ethiopiawinet

      it is a great honor to receive title diamond …

      there is an Amhara saying “ምከረው ምከረው እምቢ ካለ መከራ ይምከረው”

      look what Shewarega and newera they want to remove the Fed. system for sure ጁሃር መሃመድ and his team want to keep Fed. system and many right they got under TPLF such as flag right, language right and administrating their locality all this ጁሃር መሃመድ team want to keep … this is what we call oil and water doesnt mix…it is only a matter of time it will blow up in their face..

      second we have Ababaw who want to start another war operation house cleaning meaning sending Fed. army to Tigray and arrest all those TPLF official hiding in Tigray …

      hope and AA r just not harmful..

      i handled many controversial issue the one i am very proud of it .. No Church in Ogden this is very controversial issue but i deal with it without being hateful in fact i make my opponent hateful for asking to rebuild Church in Ogden .. i manhandle them … if u see the Ogden issue it is open and shut case the Ogden hooligan burn the Church it must be rebuilt …but not fast with me i look for opening and practically make them lose their case .. i could be great lawyer .. i could be expert economist and eng.

      talking about Eng. about Engineer Simegnew Bekele, Dr. Abiy disservice to whole nation the flag must have flown half-mast (half-staff) not only that Dr. LOve never visited Nile dam.. why this is not priority…

      anyhow yes. PM LOVE is a great leader that Ethiopia have but i am afraid it might be short lived if he making mistake after mistake then who i am .. i am just choice to watch the movie … i did my due .. i am struggling to give up this online heroism .. i have nothing left in my reserve .. i did what i can.. i might come sometime to visit but i want to say while i am in my prime u give title diamond what more i need .. from now one i want everyone to call me diamond ash..

      carbon ash singing off
      [email protected]

      • Amedam,

        Right, you are just full of crap. Keep dreaming, your dead divide and loot tehadiso barbarism will never never never ever return to Ethiopia, ye mote zemed yelehem?
        Look where Jawar is and what he is doing. The problem is you have no clue who Oromo is. You are trying to think like Oromo in Tigre head…….LMAO

        • Shewarega,
          Thanks for sharing! What a pleasing news! What a turned around political believe! To hear from the very Jawar that said Amhara leAmhara; Oromo leOromo, and that used to talk and walk around with a separated map of Oromo land — and now listening to him talking about “ONE ETHIOPIA”, is such a delight! With this kind of Ethiopiawinet sentiment, Jawar who is a brilliant graduate of Columbia and Stanford ivy league universities can do a lot for his motherland Ethiopia! How about making Jawar a foreign minister or for some important position in Abiyot’s administration.

          • Hope,

            Ebakeh wondemae agerun megemeria yakkomew eko Oromo new, EMEYAE eko 500 Menzae yezo aleneberem Ethiopian ande yaderegat. Hulun yeseraw ye Oromo fares (fardi) new. Ya HAAKK manem manem lisherew ayechelem. Who fought against this erkus zeregna Woyanae beasts for 17 years and paid with his life by the tens of thousands? More than anybody else it was Oromo. 75% of Derg troops were Oromo. And they fought bitterly being shot at on two fronts, Woyanae front side, and that monster Mengistu from their rear. Who died at Adwa, who led Ethiopians to that victory that people will talk about a thousand years from now? Yes, more than anybody else it was Oromo…Gebeyehou goraw, Aba Mela Habte Dinangdae, Balcha Safo. Who stood firm against the fascist invasion in the 1930s, the arbegnas Garaasu Dukki, Tola Badanae, Abebe Aregay, Genene Badanae, Galata Kkoricho, Tassew Mojo, Jagamaa Kelo, Tadese Birru, and many many countless Oromo. Bale hagerun ende baytewar, yeteferawun jegna helpless victim, agerae Ethiopia belo yakkomaten yedemalaten ende wuchi temelakach….wouyie wouyie wouyie mountain of lies to impose some political “kkezet” of some clan idiots, tuf.

        • Obbo Shewarega,

          I was told about Obbo Jawar’s visit to the capital city and region of our noble neighbors yesterday. I couldn’t help it other than being rejoiced by it. Everyone seems to come to her/his senses. To vow for unity in stead of telling Ethiopia to ‘leave’ Oromia? That is deep, man!!!

          That old country of ours is in a fast changing and moving state of flux. For me it is one of those Almighty Our Creator’s miracles that as humans we can not explain how. It was on a brink of chaos that might have made the Syrian carnage a walk in a park on March 30, 2018. Every brute was ready to duke it out even on April 1, 2018. But The Almighty Our Creator’s miracle descended on that Blessed Country like a soothing anesthesia and reined on the deadly despots and their thugs on April 2, 2018. The world that was ready to give up on those glorious people suddenly began to be gripped with astonishment. I myself was thinking whether I was watching Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves or Wizard of Oz. I cried like a baby out of sheer and overwhelming joy. Level heads prevailed. Ethiopia became an entity everyone began to deify even those who used to hate that name with passion. I have made my opinion about that old country and more than 80 ethnic groups in it very clear over the years. I had said many times that it was Our Creator The Almighty’s Blessed Auspices that it is there as such. He Came To Her rescue One More Time As He Has Done Since The Antiquities. Oromos were there since the antiquities!!! Amharas were there since the antiquities!!! So is the rest of humanity in it. They bartered, inter-married, fought foreign aggressor in union and on occasions fought each other for silly reasons. But they let level heads in their midst prevail over hate and violence. Yes some people had found silly reasons to hate that hood of harmony when they were outside but when they are there they are overwhelmed by those infectious harmonious faces. They will hear those noble Oromos, Amharas and the rest asking them like ‘really?’. So all I can say is Praise The Lord!!!! Praise The Lord for Blessing Me To Live and See This Day!!! Praise The Lord!!!!

          • Yes he is a wise man, I think his next stop is Mekkelle, which is even greater. He has moderated his views, and every time I listen to him I tend to agree with most of what he say. I promise not to mention that word all fear most “Shewa” LOL.

          • Dear Shewarega,

            Why do you have to give up using the word Shewa? What is wrong with me using the word Hararghe or Chiro(Ciiro)? Isn’t it a name of a region? Today is Shewa who knows tomorrow will be Jimma or Kafaa. Come, come dear countryman!!!

            By the way, people I talked to told me that they heard Obbo Jawar talking how he was seconds away from overthrowing the regime but had a 2nd thought so to give it a chance to reform itself. I just read an article on another website where he told the reporter from the French paper Lemonde “If we wanted to separate this country, it was so easy, and we can do it now, it would not take us a week. Today we can declare an independent Oromia, no one can stop us.” That left me scratching my head. Can he do that? I mean really? That means he has the entire military under his command. That means he is the sole de facto leader of the entire Oromo people. Wow!!! I have to watch myself with what I will be saying from now on. I was told that he had sent a stern and last warning to the young PM or otherwise.

            Anyway, it has been very hot here in our area lately with the utility bill going right through the roof. Mother Nature, you know!!!

          • Shewarega,
            You have amazing knowledge of Ethiopian history! Hope to read your book in the near future.
            I laughed so hard when that arrogant shameless Woyane Guest that supports the mass looters and massmurderers of Ethiopians said to you “you talk too much”.
            Please continue to talk about Ethiopian history and current affairs!

          • My uncle Ittu,

            The thing is TPLF at al OLF, fear the word Shewa most because the people within it are the most ethnically mixed and hence more likely to reject their ethnic bantustan, a huge 20 million strong. Even …Mussolini/Graziani (The first rulers who brought ethnic politics to Ethiopia) UNDERSTOOD the unique nature of Shewa. They created Harar, Galla/Sidama, Amara, Awusaa, Eritrea (Tigre was just an awuraja of Eritrea], and joined Ogaden to Italian Somaliland. But thou reduced in size they left Shewa (Scioa In Italian) as is because they understood the nature of the people living within it. That was the first bantustan. But when the second one was imposed by TPLF/OLF in 1991 they deliberately divided it into four pieces. When I say I will forget Shewa if it brings peace tranquility to Ethiopia does not mean it will not be in my heart. Rather to show for us the interest of Ethiopia will always come first. But if some settler from where ever he came from call me settler on the land of my ancestors, that is a whole different game. I can turn around and take back what I said. Regionalism is really a very very sick disease that blinds the eye deafens the soul. For him OLF is Oromo people, Oromo people OLF. Same crap Woyanae regurgitate, TPLF Tigre hizbi, Tigre Hizbi TPLF. But today the most oppressed folk in Ethiopia, Tigre hizbi, have finally shaded their fear and we see everyday how they are toasting TPLF officials in all kinds conference halls all over Tigray.

            As my favorite singer said……jirtu jirtu Hararghae jirtu, Wallaga jirtu, Bale jirtu, Arsi jirtu, Boranaa jirtu, Jimmaa jirtu, Illu Aba Bora jirtu..uhum uhum Machaa jirtu, uhum uhum Tulamaa jirtu……not to say that word Shewa (Shawaa). I think the younger generation should ask why? Investigate, its all at your finger tip, information age. Don’t follow like cattle, they will lead you to disaster like TPLF did Tigrayan youth.

            About Jawar let me leave it the way I said it before. Yes he has a large following among Oromo youth, but if he said what you said it’s stretching it a bit. From what I see he seems to understand the complicated situation of the country and trying to moderate his views.


            I know LOL, but understanding his youth I tried to be polite. Those who have nothing to say usually think those who and speak, talk too much.

        • Dear Shewarega:

          You have known me for quite some time even though we did not have the privilege meeting in person. I always admire your ocean of knowledge of the history of our country as told by families who had lived through it all. Dear our son. Such family narrated history has not been documented in written forms and so much of it has been lost. Those who are well endowed with such history are those who hail from the middle strata of the society. They are in the best vantage point to see what is happening above them and they are not too far to watch what is going on at the bottom. You seem to possess that thick and rich account from the middle. I am saying this because I have come away with a notion that you are not biased at all in your opinion. That was why I encourage you to put it all in writing in a book form. You are lucky that I don’t know where you live but I would have organized a picket line to coerce you into doing it. This means nothing but one thing dear countryman – I am still nagging you about it.

          In the meantime, you have read many of my comments in which I had made known about those elements and groups who are hell bent in carving out a territory to call it an independent republic or whatever. That did not come just from yearning for liberty for the people. I have known some of these individual from close quarters for quite some time now. They are gripped with such deep seated hatred for others they want separation from. They like to talk on both sides of their mouths. They would tell you and I today that total separation is not their objective and that is intended for ‘pragmatic’ consumption but when you have a closed conversation, something like ‘between our boys’, that is when their sheer bigotry comes out. They tell you their ‘people’ have nothing to do with the history of others and the only time their ‘people’ began dealing with others was when they were forced to do so through ‘colonization’. Please lend me your ears my dear countryman and I know you will. I have lived here for over four and half decades now. For more than two decades I was almost completely detached from the affairs of the old country and had immersed myself in my technical profession and raising a family. But lately I have been trying to make my opinion known here and on other websites and in the process I have made wonderful friends like you. That is why I am talking to you know. I am concerned about my Oromos. I am concerned because they will be pulled apart in all directions with bigoted elements allowed to have field days to spread around their poison. We are not solidly unilateral society. These bigots will accept nothing but a state separate from others. I read you mentioned names of Oromo noted personalities who fought and died with others in the country. To these bigots such personalities were nothing but Oromo sellouts and paid mercenaries. The stage is being set for them to spew around the poison they have spitting from outside. Total separation is still on their table and it is an immediate and ultimate goal. They are setting my Oromos to be besieged from all sides. Bigots are blind, blinded by hatred they harbor for others. I hope I am wrong but the next election 2020 and the march toward that is going to be something to watch. From what I hear now from the old country is that these bigots want a vote to separate be put on the ballot in the Oromia region. They have already started telling the desperate and jobless youth that there is enough resource(wealth) in Oromia now to provide him/her the job needed but unfortunately and illegally it is being shipped out to others. That the current regime(With Abiy’s leadership) will not be able to keep the wealth in house. This is extremely concerning to me. I feel like to start looking away. I see the calm before a storm now. But I will still keep that gem of the colored in my daily prayers because I just started getting sacred for them. Very, very worried!!!

          Thank you for lending me your Blessed ears.

      • My dearest Ittu,

        Most of my growing up was done during those turbulent Derg years. Whatever happened before that I do remember, but not in great detail. The latter traumatic teenage years have kind of overshadowed the better younger time of my life. But one thing that is different about me was that I always enjoyed being around older folk. All the other kids play ball outside I was inside listening to the elders. Also the status of my family, esp on my mom side, gave me access to the elders who either were in power of State, or were born of those who did. I have heard unbelievable stories from folks from different regions. I have also seen shouting matches about battles done long time ago one being on the loosing side the other on the winning. But one thing I always admired about those great men and women, no matter how much they quarrel it never affected their long standing friendship, but above all they ALL put their country ETHIOPIA first. I also want to thank you about your encouragement, the routines of everyday did not allow me to gather my thoughts, but I am trying to look closely at the documents I have and see how to proceed. Again many thanks.

        With regards to those who want to break up the country, all I would like to say is please try. They will be shocked by the backlash they will trigger. First of all, look at Somalia the mess it is in and they are only five clans. Second, if they want to seceed Oromia and lets say all the various regions within it totally agree (very unlikely) the jewel on the crown is Shewa, and Shewa will never ever agree to secession as the overwhelming majority are mixed not to mention the 5 million folks in and around Addis who are 80% non Oromo. Meles Zenawi fought in Tigray 17 years circulating in and out of Sudan. Nobody even knew what he look like. At the end of 1990, his rebels came out of Tigray for the first time and seized huge provinces like Begemeder, Gojjam, and Wello. He got people’s attention, but still no-one knew what he look like. He called himself President Prime Minister of Ethiopia, only after he arrived on top of Abaebae Tuffaa’s hill at Arat Kilo, Addis Ababa, Shewa. If they are that stupid and want a crisis that will make Syria look like child’s play, they can proceed. But to tell you the truth more than anybody else my trust is in God. But we shall see…..things will clear up after the 2020 elections.

          • Our Son Shewarega,

            This is what I have been saying all along for years. When I heard certain terms being loosely beginning the late 1960’s and 70’s I protested. When I heard ‘liberation’ activists using the term ‘Neftegna’ I tried to explain the wrong message it was sending to millions who have many in their midst that don’t possess the sophistication to look through what they were hearing properly. The response I had was insults. When the new honchos moved into Addis(Finfine) my relatives were telling me how they were worried the ramifications from what they were hearing on the radio. It was utter responsible. The disgraced PM was going around there with bull horn in his hands urging to rise up against the chauvinist Neftegna Amharas. When you tell people something inciting like this from a position of higher authority people will take it seriously. They hear the same from those who had taken to the bushes in the name of finding them a republic. They heard the same provocative diatribe from those in power. That power is a regime they duly pay taxes. And we know what it led into. Like I said before in every society there are always people who do not have the analytic horsepower to analyze what you and I say. Rise up and triumph over the oppressive ‘neftegnas’ they were told. And some of they did just that gripped with hatred and misfired anger. They butchered innocent and poor peasants who tilled their farm with them just the other day. When I demanded explanation, first I was told those innocent victims provoked it. Then I was told it was committed by those who were affiliated with the regime. Then I got a call from a relative of one of the victims who was the first person I contacted when I set my foot here in the early 1970’s. She told me on the phone who was alleged to have done it. Then I sent one of my relatives to the area to find out who did and she was right. They did not kill them but butchered them as never heard in recent memory. That friend later traveled to the area to mourn her uncle and the local Oromo women joined in her mourning telling how they were ashamed. They told her that a squad from the so-called ‘liberation front’ came to their homes telling them an impending military operation against an enemy force. They were instructed to sit tight and not to worry about their safety. Then they came down in the wee hours of the night, took out innocent farmers who they deemed ‘neftegnas’ and did their savage blood-letting. I still feel utter shame about that ruthless behavior. Many of those ‘neftegnas’ were children of parents who were ‘moggaasized’ by my Itus just a generation before. It is a result of careless behavior just to gain prestige. That is why I don’t feel comfortable when I hear ‘Tigre’ this and ‘Woyane’ ‘TPLF’ that. Those who aroused those easily instigated with hair trigger emotion should be responsible. We should all be mindful that there people on the other side who are so gullible ready to take it at a face value. You are that ‘neftegna’ who massacred my people so I have an ax to grind about it. You are a ‘TPLF’ who gunned down more than 200 protesters in Addis(Finfine) in 2005 therefore I have a score to settle with you. Such unabated wholesale allegation is the cancer that has been eating at the heart of our harmonious society. I cringed at similar wholesale accusation then and I still cringe when I read one nowadays. I share Obbo Obang’s anger and shame. It is turning into similar bloodletting we used to see in South Africa between supporters of ANC and Zulu parties. I remember watching news where a group of ANC supporters dragging a commuter off a train bludgeoning him to death with crow bars. Then they put him on fire using tires. It is a shame we are hearing similar stories from home. Those who are in the business of organizing protesters from their comfy homes should come clean about this. They are part of the commission of such a crime. They should know better to educate followers before their flop their mouths about crimes committed by ‘Neftegnas, Woyanes, TPLF and others they coined up’. Didn’t we hear just recently a story how an innocent driver of a news cast group was stoned to death at Mieso? Being a leader comes with a huge responsibility. You just don’t brag about your might how you are capable of overthrowing a regime in a flash without taking responsibilities of what that brings. You will be equally responsible for any crime your inciting produces. We should all remember that every human life is sacred created so intricately by The Almighty and nobody can just take it away. Above all these are our countrymen. Again, we have to be careful in what we say on the public platform and avoid using pejorative terms in addressing others as an ethnic group.

          • Please read that as:

            – being loosely used
            – It was being utter irresponsible
            – with bull horn in his hands urging the people to rise up..

          • I was holding my breath reading what you said, and let out a gasp of air when I was done. It’s very very very sad, and now it’s not only outsiders but it’s taking shape as Oromo against Oromo. The thing is anybody can be accused of carrying a bomb. And I do remember during the June bombing in Addis the youth caught up a suspect, took him to the palace and hand him to Abyi. They say because they don’t trust the police. But what happened, of all places in Shashamane, is nothing but a lynching. I know Shashamane I know Ambo, towns of peace and tranquility where all Ethiopians lived in harmony. It’s very shocking how they are being run over by such ethnic extremists ?

    • Dear ETHIO (ሌቦ)

      በዳተ አይነቱ ዶማ የሌባ ዘር ኩሩው ያማራ ህዝብ አይሰደብም። እስኪ ንገረን ያንተዘር ምን እንደሆነ አማራ ቡዳ ከሆነ። ያንተ ዘሮች መስለውኝ ቀን ከለሊት የሚዘርፉትና በውሸት ዲግሪ አገር የሚመሩት። ቅማላም እርሜ ለኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ስትመጣ ቅማል ይዘህ መተህ የህዝቡን ሀብት ሙልጭ አርገህ ዘርፈህ ዛሬ ሰው ሆነሀል። ሌላውን ለመሳደብ አት ሊስት አንተ የተሻለ ነገር መስራት አለብህ ነገር ህዝባችን ካንተ የተማረው ሌብነት ሽርሙጥናና ለትምህርት ምንም አይነት ክብር አለመስጠት ነው ይህ አይነት ባህሪ ያለው ሰው ሊደበቅ እንጂ ሌላውን ሊሳደብ አይገቡውም። አንተንና ቢጤህን ያስጨነቀውና ቀን ከልሊት የሚዘምርህ ያማራ ህዝብ ነው። ሀያ ሰባት አመት ሙሉ ስልጣን በጅህ ነበር ከመዝረፍ ከመግደልና ጥላቻን እየዘራህ የራስህን አካባቢ ብቻ ከምታለማ ለምን የሌላውን ብሄር ህይወትና አካባቢ አልቀየርክም። ድንቄም ለሌላው ብሄር ተቆርቆሪ ሌባ ዝምብለህ አትለፍልፍ ያማራን ህዝብ ጦስ ይዘህ ገደል ግባ ግማታም የደደቢት ወበዴ ሌባ። የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ጠቅቆ ስለሚያቅህ እዚህ እየመጣህ ጥሩ ታሪክ እንዳለው አትዘምር።

      • Amedam,
        You have said goodbye hundreds of times — as usual, you will be back in no time!! BTW, who is your replacement? My guess is “the battle field” or Ethiopiawinet.
        Anyhow, while you are away, may God open your conscience for the sake of all Ethiopians!!

        • hope,

          let me give u one last, vicious kick to your head… to say good bye..

          Tigray will join Sudan and say good bye to buda and Galla donkey …

          notice i will never use other name .. so beware of that

        • Ash,
          ጉድ ሳይሰማ መስከረም አይጠባም። ደግሞ ከሱዳን ጋር ትግራይን ልታዋህድ ዕቅድ አለህ? ዐባይ ማደሪያ የለው ግንድ ይዞ ይዞራል ማለት ይሄ አይደል። ለመሆኑ መጀመሪያ ከሱዳን ጋር በየት በኩል የጋራ ድንበር አለህ እና ነው። የሰረቅኸውን ሙልጭ አድርገህ ካስረከብህ በኋላ ከአዲስ አበባ ነቅለንመርቀን እናሰናብትሃለን ካርቱም በሰላም ትቀበልህ እያልን። ዋክሹም(ኣኽሱም) የሱዳን የኪነ-ግንብ ሥራ አደረገኸው እኮ።ያሳፍራል – ዝምታም እኮ መልካም ነው።

        • I have a hunch that you have been fired from your job. I hope you find some meaningful job that you can be proud, instead of being a mouth piece, a puppet and a defender of organized criminal mafia!
          Again, may God open your conscience as He did to Aba Mela and Jawar.

        • Abebaw,
          TPLF are worried about being charged for all their 28 years horrific crimes — TPLF are trying everything under the sun to avoid the Ethiopian govt coming after them for all their lootings and atrocities they have committed. It is disturbing that TPLF mafia are going to hijack forcefully the people of Tigrea that believe in their Ethiopiawinet!
          My friend, the Devil never sleeps!

      • ኢትዮጵያን እንደሆነ በልተህ ጨርሰሀል እስኪ ወደዛ ምክር እድልህን የሚዘረፍ ቢገኝ ኤርትራ እንደሁነ አልፈለገችህም። ባይ ባይ ይመችህ!!

  5. Free Ogadenia…Trust the key for peaceful and prosper Artificial Ethiopia…Give back Ogaden region and we will all be fine if not Gaala Oromo Will go back under Abysinia…If Oromia is not declaring independence then i rather deal with non Oromo in power..

    • The only thing artificial in The Horn of Africa is your Somalia, created out of thin air July 1, 1960. Instead of being grateful to Allah for giving her life she plotted against and invaded her neighbors to die an agonizing death in 1991 at a young tender age of 31, chopped down into five pieces. Seek true democracy and regional right. Plot to dismember Ethiopia, you will end up in the non existing neighbor, Somalia. The overwhelming majority Ethiopians, tens of millions will NEVER EVER accept even the thought of dismembering Ethiopia.


  6. Ethiopiawinet
    You need to be honest and call out the selfish woyane, not the good selfless woyane, who fought for today’s Ethiopia. Those selfish woyane made the Tigray people look bad and gave the haters the perfect reason to openly hate all tigray people. They are the enemy of the people, especially the enemy of those who gave their life for Ethiopia. Just like Hagos said, we need the third organized young Woyane minus those stupid selfish, to save Ethiopia before things are out of control. I hope I am wrong but there is a good chance that the military will take power and God knows what will happen. As much as I like Abiy, I have a strange feeling about his multiple meeting with UAE and Saudi. God bless the poor people.

  7. Solo,

    I agree with you 100%. I don’t even call the current TPLF as Weyane. The true Weyanes as you call them the self Woyanes are those who liberated Ethiopia from the tyranny derg.

    I am on the side of the innocent and good people of Tigray that are getting hurt by everyone going after them not on the side of TPLF.

  8. Meles from his death bed adviced HAILEMARIAM Desalegn TO seek advice from Mengistu Hailemariam if ethnic conflicts arise after Meles’s death. Meles knew noone but himself or Mengistu were able to lead Ethiopia in peace, PM Hailemariam respected Meles’s decision to the fullest resigned then showed Mengistu the letter Meles wrote from his death bed.Mengistu is packed and ready to save the country from a complete chaos.Also remember Jijjiga was both Mengistu’s and Haileselassie’s playground and Harrar was their favourite.Before anything happens to Harrar Mengistu is willing to risk his life and walk there in person.

  9. Amedam and the rest of clueless, shameless Woyanes,
    The badly brainwashed TPLF puppet!
    It is obvious that you can’t think farther than a foot away from where you stand. What you failed to understand intentionally or unintentionally, time and time again Is, when you came to power, the citizens of Ethiopia believed your lies that you were coming to get rid off their children killer dictator Mengestu, and coming to bring peace and stability and democracy to Ethiopia. And with the support of Ethiopian people and the U.S. govt, TPLF regime were able to hold power without any resistance. Unfortunately, TPLF mafia turned out to be the worst in Ethiopia’s thousands years history, as a matter of fact, worse than dictator Mengestu by 1000%. TPLF have become Ethiopians problems since 1991, actually, since 1965, committing bank robberies, lootings, spreading hate propaganda to divide and control, and of course incarserating, torturing and slaughtering millions of lawabiding innocent Ethiopians. And now, here we are again, TPLF mafia throwing everything under the sun to destabilize and sabotage Ethiopia’s loved son, the peacemaker humanbeing,true Ethiopian Abiyot’s administration to create chaos and mayhem using the billions of dollars you subhumans have stolen from Ethiopia.

  10. Hope

    It is this type of attitude that is messing Ethiopia right now. I have a 6yrs old son, when he misbehave and doesn’t listen, I get angry and raise my voice. His behavior got worst and that is when I had to see myself through the mirror. I didn’t know I was making things worst and that is when I knew I had to change the way I approach the issue. That is what is happening in Ethiopia, intolerance. I am not saying we shut our mouth when we see atrocity and inbaselmet but we have to approach it in a way it doesn’t make it worst. The variety of insult won’t help anything or anyone except your own ego. Think about it.

    • Souless Woyane,
      Tell that to your Woyane father! You can’t find one statment I made that is not true! You have divided Ethiopians by killel this, killel this, but you allow your own Tigrean ethnic group to go everywhere in Ethiopia robbing everybody, and run any business your evil hearts desire! Molacha shameless remorsless criminals!! You want Ethiopians to keep quietly and forgive and forget that you left our motherland landlocked…, all the abuses, robberies, tortures and massacres!!

  11. This is a no brainer – tribal “federalism” is the mother of all the sufferings the country experienced over the last 28 years. Never heard nor read in any history books that a house- to-house and neighborhood-by- neighborhood killing in our country’s long history, until woyane/tigre liberation/ thugs occupied the country, built vicious clan walls dividing Ethiopians causing everyday misery and death of innocent people. Ethiopia is now turning into the 21st century of Rwanda, thanks to tplf. The ONE and ONLY Solution to stop this madness is to destroy this so-called ethnic “federalism”. Any change short of demolishing this clan based system is waste of time, resource, and human life. Out law the ዴዴቢት constitution along with the useless article 39, stop calling Somalia killil, Oromiya killil, Amhara killil, debub hizboch kilil, use proper place names. There is no somalia kilil use its proper name Harrarghe Province, Shewa Province, Tigre Province, Wolo, Sidamo, Keffa, Wollega etc. Trying to hide the problem and giving it illusive name is very much like playing with fire. Put off this tribal federalism – let citizens have a country they call home. ማንም እራሱን አያታል፣ አሁን ለዓለም ገሃድ ሆኖ እዬታዬ ያለው ወያኔ የተበተበው የጎሣ ፌደራል ወጤት ጊዜውን ጨርሶ እየ ነደደ ነው። We ask Abiy to do his best to establish way and means to destroy the tplf’s crappy “federalism” and replace with a standard mode of administrative structure. Although the response to the Abidy Ille/tplf killing squad in Jijiga was late, the decisive measure Abiy took deserves great appreciation. That is Abiy’s #1 Responsibility to protect the safety of citizens. PM Abiy could you please declassify and make publicly available how many armies were lost, their bodies charred , dragged in the streets of Mogadishu in the Somalia war where the dead midget meles zenaw unwantedlly invaded but failed to disclose the magnitude of the loss because of war has been the source of tpls’s revenue.

  12. Hey Nazret, this chaos took place last week. In this Technology advanced day and age, you report this after 6 days? Wow! Glad I checked other outlets… and who are minorities? Amhars and Gurages….not dare to mention who were the victims.
    Very disappointed on your professional reporting.

  13. What a never ending nightmare! Just heard that so many Amhara students attending Mekelae university were beaten up severely and injured. Here we are again — TPLF mafia continuing the horror they started in 1991!!

    • It is obvious, when tplf encountered a bitter defeat in Harrarghe it is trying its usual infamous cowardice act again in its own hiding den,Tigray, attacking innocent students using its own thugs. Like those retards who applaud the chimp Debretison at the Mekelle stadium when he recited of the secession of Tigray province. TPLF is running all over like a scared rat. There is no large enough hole to hide the rodent tplf. Genuine people of Tigray should start a campaign not to save these rats – they be ware of these rats are poisoned and are poisonous and treasonous mice of the country.

  14. Hi everybody,

    Glad to heard you folks again; fleeing from Jigjiga’s carnage, destruction and chaotic situation of the last Saturday, I’m still hiding in no-man’s land near the Tog wojale town of the Ethiopian and Somali cross border. The mayor of the town itself was shot and was ransacked last night by the Ogaden Liyu Police mutineers and loyalist of the former regional president cum thug before they departed to the Ogaden territory farther to east.of Dhagahbur and beyond.Things are finally slowly returning to normal in Jigjiga region and west part of the Somali Region, where Ogadens have little or no influence at all. Hopefully, I would be able to hop on a plane either in Dire Daba or Jijiga in the coming few weeks.

    As for who to blame for the death, destruction, criminal acts and mayhem? There are lot of blames to go around : lot of actors and players , ignorance, naked greed and bad policies of either past or present and much more. Expect worse episodes yet to come if the new PM unable to circumspect sticky political situations and relies too much on one-sided ethnic ultra – nationalists cum expansionism and hardliners’ sentiments as he is seemingly comfortable so far..
    Get go now and talk to you next time with more details. My personal safety is high priority right now. Everything else is secondary thought. May the almighty Allah bless upon us!

    • Ali Robel,
      Good to hear from you! I was concerned!
      I see that you didn’t take care of that bloodsucker Bereket Simon. He is still doing what he knows best, creating chaos! Have a safe trip back! May God/Allah bring the badly needed peace and security to Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia!!

    • Ali Robe,

      What a coincidence, have a safe return. May God also protect the rest of your family in Jijiga from these evil forces.

  15. የሱማሌ ህዝብ እንስሳ አደለም ሰው ስለሆነ ያስባል ማ ለምን እንደቋመ ላለፉት 27 አመታት አይቶቱል። ጨዉታው ከዚህ በፊት ኦሮምና አማራ ላይ ነበረ አሁን ደግም በሱማሌና በኦሮም ላይ ሆኖል ወያኔ ስልጣን ላይ ተቀምጦ ካልቦጠቦጠ ሌሎቻችን የበይ ተመልካች ሆነን ካልተቀመጥን ኢትዮጵያ መፍረስ አለበት ለእነሱ። እውነት ወያኔ ለሱማሌ የሚያስብ ቢሆን አብዲ እሌን መሪ አርጎ ባላስቀመጠ ነበረ ።ወያኔ ከራሳቸውና እነሱን ከሚመስሉት ቡችላቸው በስተቀር ለማንም አያስቡም። የሱማሌ ህዝብና ኦሮም አብረው መኖር የጀመሩት ወያኔ ስልጣን ላይ ከወጣ ግዜ ጀምሮ አይደለም። ህዝባችን የወያኔን ወጥመድ በርጋታ ሊመለከተው ይገባል ከሚበቃቸው በላይ ገንዘብ ስለዘረፎ ማንኛውንም የተቸገረ ሆዳም አገርና ህዝብን ለገንዘብ የሚሸጥ የቀን ጅብ እየቀጠሩ ሊያባሉን ተዘጋጅተዉል ። ስለዚህ ይችን ወሳኝ ግዜ በትግስትና በመተሳሰብ የለውጡ መሪዎችን በመርዳት ሌላ ተጨማሪ እንቅፉት ባለመፍጠር ልንረዳቸው ይገባል። ከግዲህ ወደፊት እንጂ ወደሆላ በመራዡ ወያኔ ምክንያት መጎተት የለብንም ስሜታዊ ሳንሆን ማስተዋል በተሞላ መልኩ ከሄድን ማሸነፉችን አይቀሪ ነው ሆላችን ጨለማ ስለሆነ ማሰቡ መልካም ነው።

  16. Hopeless

    There is nothing you can do about it other than talking, insulting and kererto. Woyane, the only gorilla fighter to uproot a seating government in the history of Ethiopia. If you think woyane is not in control, you are gallubo. God give you the wisdom.

  17. Hopeless
    We all know that all you know is insult and kererto there is nothing else you can do. Woyane is the only fighters who took power in the country’s history, yes some selfish woyane made those selfless fighters look bad but they are the ones who changed the face of Ethiopia. You sing about Abay, they build the greatest Dam. If you think Woyane have no control in the country, you are galubo. They are bringing young selfless Woyane minus the old selfish ones to save Ethiopia AS USUAL so sit back and watch the movie they are making.

    • የወያኔ አሽከር ሄደህ እነሱጋ ዘመር አልሰማህም እንዴ ያባይ ግድብ ለዛሬ አስራመትም እንደማያልቅ። ለምን ይመስልሀል ስመኘው የተገደለው ለምን ይመስልሀል 95% በላይ የኢትዮጵያ ሰራተኛ ካንድ ብሄር የሆነው። ወያኔ ለራሱና ለተከታዮቹ በርግጥ ጠቅምል ነገር ግን ዞር ዞር ብለህ አማራና ኦሮም ክልል ሄደህ ብትመለከት ስለወያኔ ከመዘመርህ በፊት ማስረጃ ስለሚሆንህ ዞር ዞር ብለህ ተመልከት። የትግራይ ወጣት አይፈራም ላልከው ቄሮ በላዮላይ ጥይት እየዘነበ እንደታገለ አታቅም በተጨማሪም አይንህን እንዲያበራልህ ያማራም ወጣት እየተደራጀና እየተነሳ ነው ምትን የሚፈራ የለም የወያኔ ቱልቱላ። ትግራይ ህዝብ ያለው ደም ሌሎች ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥም አለ እዚህ እየመጣህ አትቅደድ ወያኔ ሆነ ማ አንፈራም። ላንተ ደግም የኦሮም ስም ማሰጠህ ቀዳዳ ዝብለህ አትቅደድ።

    • So say you! Just like you delusional heartless Woyanes that see no wrong with the unspeakable 28 years power abuses, robberies, distractions and the deaths of millions of Ethiopians — Nazis also till these days believe that Adolf Hitler was the best man that ever lived on this earth. You have no room to talk, or a moral ground to stand on to criticize others! The last 28 horrific bloody years mean nothing to you!!

  18. Hope
    I am just telling the truth. I hope Abiy is not conspiring with UAE and Saudi not that I believe he is selfish but in the name of getting development support and that would be a shackle for our development and a reason for the third Woyane. I hope you know about the first woyane of the 1940s, I will let you search on it.

  19. Good news for old dead snakes and ye ken jiboch: sided with you filtering my comments so that they have exclusive right to fart on site without facing a dose of painful truth.

    • clan man dumb dumb. That happens to everyone. Try to remove words that can be reasons to block your comments. I am sure there is no one from Nazret that seats and blocks comments. Looks the site has a feature that blocks comments with certain words. You are welcome, a solution so you can fart with us:)

  20. Hi-5!

    In Pre-1991 Ethiopia, Ethiopia’s Multi-Ethnicity has NEVER been a problem. Ethiopia’s problem was injustice, inequality, lack of freedom, poverty, etc. AND still remains so!

    1. How can ethnic-based ‘state boundary’ and ‘ethnic-based federal system’ be a solution for Ethiopia’s ills-and-aches if Ethiopia’s Multi-Ethnicity was NEVER the problem?

    2. The 1991 TPLF-EPLF-concocted ethnic-based ‘state boundary’ & pseudo federal system was not meant to solve Derg’s Socialism, Haile-Selassie’s Feudal System, etc.

    3. The TPLF-EPLF Secessionists concocted the ethnic-based ‘state boundary’ & pseudo federal system to divide-and-antagonize Ethiopians till they fulfill their statehood dreams.

    4. The TPLF-EPLF were Egypt-backed/Egypt-funded. A strong, stable and prosperous Ethiopia is NEVER in Egypt’s interest. Hence, Egypt backs Ethiopia destabilizing forces!

    5. The Divide/Antagonize Ethiopians & Build Tigray & Eritrea scheme worked till 1998 where the TPLF kicked out the EPLF over the lion’s share of the loot from Ethiopia.

    6. Let’s demystify the ‘Ethnic-Based State Boundary’ [use the analogy below for the rest]:

    i). What do Oromos from Illubablor, Jimma, Wollega, Shewa, Harar, Arusi, etc. have in common to be bundled in to the ‘Oromia State’ crap? Which problem did it solve?

    ii). What exactly do Amharas from Shewa, Wollo, Gojjam and Gondar have in common to be bundled in to the ‘Amhara State’ crap? Which problem did it solve?

    7. Twenty-seven years after the Derg’s fall and 44 years after the fall of Haile-Selassie’s regime, the complaint still remains: injustice, inequality, lack of freedom, poverty, etc.

    8. What Ethiopia needs is a system that STANDS for EVERY Ethiopian regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, etc. and brings justice, equality, freedom, prosperity, etc.

    i). Abolish the 1991-concocted ethnic-based state boundary system & federal system.
    ii). Restore the Pre-1991 Provincial Administrative System with Electoral Districts.
    iii). Administrative Councils for Indigenous People [with parliamentary representation].
    iv). Let the people directly elect the President, PM, MPs, Mayors, Electoral Boards, etc.
    v). Parliament assigns the Attorney General, Chief of Armed forces, Ambassadors, etc.
    vi). Veto Powers for the President and the PM [President’s Veto Overrides PM’s Veto].

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

        • I am glad you are glad. Lol. I have nothing personal against you. I say good when you comment good. I say bad when you comment bad, based on my own opinion. Just FYI, you almost said the same thing I said in my first comment in this page 4 days before you said it.

    • Bravo Ato Ayalew,

      What us the illiterates scribble in archaic ways, you do it in such clear and precise manner for all to easily understand. I also go one step forward and add each region can use it’s own language locally, but teach it’s kids other languages on voluntary basis. Say Illu Aba Bora will be a region, but since most are Oromo the local school, govt etc works by Oromiffaa, but also the kids learn Amharic. Same way in Gojjam local works done in Amharic but the kids learn Oromiffaa. We end up with multi language generation which brings all together. With regards to the regions it really needs a deep study, comprising of very knowlegable educated folks from geographical, economical, and social perspective, together with local elders and true Ethiopian patriots (for example Aba Gada Beyene Senbeto). Derg tried to do some studies in 1984 before it imposed the new regions, but it was not complete. Woyanae et al OLF, in 1991, well ZERO study they just took Derg study and imposed things in the most stupid way possible.

      I as an individual believe these are the most likely regions….Tigray (east of Tekezae, south of Mereb, plus Dalol from Afar), Semien ( north of Ras DASHEN, west of Tekezae, east of Sudan border…language both Amharic and tigrigna) that keeps both Tigray/Gondar out of Wolkkait, North of upper Abay South of Wolkkait Begemeder, between North and South Abay Gojjam Benishangul special awuraja status under Gojjam, the rest will be Awusaa (Afar), Wallagaa, Illu Aba Bora including Gambella, Shewa (including Guraghae) Arsi, Boranaa, Sidama, Bale, Hararghe (including all land north of Jijjiga plus Harar/DireDawa, Ogadenia (All land Jijjiga to Somalia border), Gamo/Gofaa, Kambata/Hadiya, Wolayta, Keffa including KuloKonta/Jima as capital, Gedeo, the rest small southern districts can be added to whichever the people living there prefer. For example, if Konso prefer Gamo rather than Wolayta, they become part of Gamo/Gofa region……..this is very very rudimentary but you get the picture.

    • Wishful thinking!!
      Just because there is an incompetent weakling PM in office who loves criminals rather than punish them decisively cannot justify a constitutional amendment to re-create the old and rejected notorious zemene mesafint system which kept a tiny group of members of one ethnic group at the top of the food chain and the rest reduced as their slaves under the guise of one nation, one flag one language.
      The settlers are the only group who cry day and night to bring back their old lost prestige. No Oromo, no Somali, no Sidama, Gambela, no Tigre, no Afar, etc. wants the old system back under any circumstance.
      Since they lack what it takes to do it by themselves they want Abiy and Lamma to give them a free ride to their promised land. In return, these would be celebrated as sons of God.
      Pre-1991 had no problem? You may have been hibernating in Finfinne to see what was taking place outside the city. Some idiots think Oromia was a TPLF creation although the Oromia national boundary at least on paper existed 2 decades before the founding of TPLF itself.
      Try to provoke the Oromo people and you will be consumed by the flame of fire you started!
      You should rather advise the PM to use Meles Zenawi’s golden rule to eradicate Somali and other terrorists.
      Otherwise, the Oromo people will not be taken hostage by so-called team Lemma and are ready to take matters to their own hands and turn another page in history.

      • Sorsa,

        1. If you have any neuron in your ‘brain’ and if you have any better ideas to share or propose, I am all ears! I have numbered all the items above to that end!

        2. Regarding OLF-IFLO: Nobody is more Ethiopian than Oromos. That is exactly why the OLF-IFLO hasn’t ‘liberated’ even ONE square inch of land in over 40 years.

        3. The OLF-IFLO are a bunch of Egypt-funded/Eritrea-based savages who are hired to destabilize Ethiopia & kill Ethiopians to antagonize Oromos with the rest of Ethiopia.

        4. Isayas Afewerqi for his part has used the OLF-IFLO, ONLF, SNLF, etc. till he needed them and has thrown them in the dumpster like USED CONDOMS. Hang on to Egypt!

        5. Regarding ‘Oromo Intellectuals’ from Wollega: They have ALL proven good-for-nothing OPPORTUNISTS since time immemorial – let alone stand for Oromos’ rights:

        i). Who ran to serve the Fascist Derg as its right hand? Wollega Oromo ‘intellectuals’!
        ii). Who ran to serve the TPLF-EPLF in 1991? Wollega Oromo ‘intellectuals’!
        iii). Who was kissing Derg’s & TPLF’s butts for scholarships? Wollega Oromo ‘intellectuals’!

        6. Can you mention 1 thing you have done for Oromos as an ‘Oromo intellectual’ except antagonizing Oromos with other Ethiopians from the comfort of the West?

        Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

        • Ayalew:
          If you are a man go to Oromia and say in public what you wrote here and let’s hear the response if you survive the volcano. Other than that you are entitled to your opinion, well come to America. There are bunch of losers who buy your idea but no Oromo cares and only that matters. You may even to try to use force to realize your dream, if only you are not fesam.

          • clan man,
            What century are you living in? You say people will beat you up or kill you if you express your point of view in Oromia as if it is a good thing. It is something to be ashamed of. Are you saying you would use force or that is what you think of Oromos? If that is a principle you live by, try to practice it in Minnesota or where ever you living now and see what will be the result. Just don’t tell us hundred times you will get brave when you are surrounded by people from your tribe in Oromia. That is cowardice, if you know Oromos who do that it is responsibility to tell them that is not a civilized person does. You live in a civilized world, spread what you learn and see in the west. The reason why we came here is because we envy what we see what we see in the west and wish it for our country.

          • New r:
            Go to any “civilized” world and try to mess with their national security, telling them you did so because you are “civilized”.
            No, it is not cowardice to defend oneself by disabling the bomb before it goes off. If America took out Osama Bin laden in 1998 rather than 13 years later the twin towers would still be there and the world and the ME would be much safer place today. Don’t mess with Qerro and Oromia.

          • Clan man,
            well, if you put it that way. What Ayalew doing is exactly what Osama did in 1993 to the twin towers. How is having an opinion on how the country should be divided messing with national security? Please do elaborate? Why do you think what you put forward or advocating is not considered messing with national security but what Ayalew saying is? I am in awe this days with your high IQ. Please say more so I can continue to be impressed and inspired. what a dumb a$$

  21. Danger!
    a. The big hyena Mesfin siyoum is back. Abiy ahmad has appointed him as ambassador to Japan. What is going on.
    b. The former tplf police commissioner released from prison
    c. Metec chief now in Ethiopia telecom,
    The hyenas are slowly coming back,

  22. @shewarega,
    Wolkayit-Tegede has always been part of Gonder. the Tekeze river is the natural boundary between tigray and Gonder. WE cannot give in to the tplf murderers and looters to any claim of land which do not belong to them, by force.
    North Wollo has been swallowed up by tplf as part of the greater tigray scheme , what are you saying about that.
    Will you accept that the 4 districts of Afar region occupied by tplf in the last 27 years as part of tigray.
    Tplf have drawn their boundary reaching up to sudan and not only that they have cut a corridor through Metema , Gonder that link tigrai to Benishingul and Gambella. Are you going to say yes to that.
    This is all part of the grand scheme of tplf bandits to form Greater tigray republic.
    Wolkait Tegede is at the core of amhara struggle for survival. Being on the front line, it was the first amhara region that tplf attacked and occupied on its way to central parts of ethiopia, after the Derg army abandoned the region in previous years. the people of Wolkayit tegede were left defenceless against tplf assault after the Derg army left the region.
    there is no amhara region like Wolkayit -tegede that suffered so much after tplf bandits entered the region. we should not forget that the current reform in the country is the result the struggle of the people of Wolkayit Tegede who suffered ethnic cleansing and genocide by tplf .without their sacrifice , the current change would not have been possible. the people deserve to be honoured and their wishes respected.

    • I clearly understand what you are saying…..for me the situation in Wello is probably the most complex, if you look closely I chose not to mention it at all in my above suggestions. What I suggested about Wolkkait is just a third alternative to both sides claiming it belongs to them, thou Leul Ras Mengesha whose ancestors rule Tigray for ages and he himself governor there clearly stated the boundary between the two is Tekezae. But one thing you have to keep in mind the population of Wolkkait has dramatically shifted. Many Tigres settled there since Imperial times for work, not mentioning what Woyanae did to deliberately shift the ethnic composition. But one thing clear Semien historically has a long connection to Tigray. Dej Wube ruled all of Tigray for long time just before Atse Tewodros came to power. You should also remember even in Imperial times it was Begemeder ENA Semien, two parts to it. It was Derg that called the whole province Gondar. I am just suggesting a way out to avoid bloodshed. That both Tigray and Begenmeder do not control that area, rather it come under Semien. Also both languages used for administration not to marginalize the Tigrygna speakers…….It’s just an idea my friend.

  23. Hi-5!

    Ato Shewarega,

    You raised points trivialized by bureaucrats for ages. Ethiopia is NOT about Tigrés, Amharas, Oromos and Somalis as their self-appointed ‘Activists’ sicken us to believe!

    1. Regarding Administrative Regions & Boundaries (Provincial/State Boundaries):

    i). If we roll-back to the Pre-1991 borders, we can then fine-tune the crucial details. [If possible, roll-back to the Haile-Selassie era provincial borders and fine-tune the details!]

    ii). Let each Indigenous Minority have Administrative Council [with direct parliamentary representation] AND let their councils decide which province/state they want to be with. This guarantees the preservation of their culture, language, religion, etc.

    2. Regarding Language(s):

    i). Ethiopia’s National Official Language(s):

    a). Ethiopians should vote on as to which language(s) to use as the National Official Language(s). I would opt for Amharic [widely-spoken], Affan Oromo and English.

    b). I would also opt for Ge’ez as Affan Oromo’s Alphabet. It is the most precise and it has historical values too. It also makes learning Amharic easier for Affan Oromo speakers.

    Eg: አፋን ኦሮሞ vs. any of these: Afan Oromo, Affan Oroomoo, Aaffaann Oorroommoo…

    ii). Regional Official Language(s):

    a). Let the regions/states/provinces vote as to which local language(s) they prefer to use as their Local Language(s) of Correspondence.

    b). ‘National Public Service Centers’ to serve public in the National Official Language(s).

    iii). Language(s) of Instruction [in Educational Institutions]:
    a). Grades 1 to 4: Teach kids their mothers’ tongues & local language of correspondence.
    b). Grades 5 to 8: Introduce ONE National Official Language at a time [every year].
    c). Grades 9+: Beam intensive ENGLISH language lessons in to classrooms via satellite.
    d). Grades 10+: Beam ALL lessons in ENGLISH in to EVERY classroom via satellite.

    Well, although this is a complex issue to solve on a discussion forum, it may help a bit!

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

    • Ayalew is on fire. Man

      While agreeing on most of your ideas.
      – one national language Amaharic since it is widely spoken almost everywhere in the country. If Amaharic is too bitter for the Soressas of this world, English like India. I know it is going to be hard to do this right away, but it can be done within a period of time. Say 10 years or 15. It is two birds in one stone. A solution to avoid our endless quarrel and a population that speaks international language, no more people who speak and write cryptic English like Ash 🙂 . After all we are supposed to speak fluent English by grade nine.
      – education: 1 to 4th grade local language, 5-8: national language:8-12 and beyond English.

    • I agree with everything you said, very thoughtful. It was Derg that started tampering with it, so much damage done to our country then, we are still suffering from it. Look at the US, their states, many created out of thin air by English colonists NEVER EVER change. Even the area code for their telephone does not cross from one to another. Yet the local districts within the states constantly shift based on how the ethnic, political, or social make up changes. Some politicians even try to use it to make election results favorable for their parties…gerrymandering they call it. But the States always stay the same. In Ethiopia the overwhelming majority of the states came into being by historical facts and normal human history. No-one imposed Wallaga, Tigray, Gamo/Gofa, Shewa, Arsi, Begemeder, or Gojjam. It was there for hundreds some thousands of years. True the boundary shifted depending who was in power. For example, as Ababa Mengesha stated the boundary between Wello and Tigray one time was Alewuha River, but that was moved to Alamatta by Negus Mikael when he administered both Wello and Tigray. Same way a third of Arsi including Shashamenae was removed from Arsi and incorporated into Shewa during the time of His Majesty. Many occurrences like that, but basically the regions might increase or decrease but they always existed. The problem in 1991 was when two idiotic regionals came to power and imposed this stupid ethnic based fake regions. That has screwed up with the brain of one generation of Ethiopians. You think Americans will accept AngloSaxonia, Hispania, Yehudia, Nations nationalities of Native Americans, Mexicani, Blackia etc IDIOCY? men yedereg sew ttefa Derg sewochun bemulu gedelachew, Ethiopia ye AWURAE mefencha honech……sad.

    • you need 10 sheets of paper to write a document in oromigna that you do with only 5 sheets of paper if you do it in amharic. one advantage. Geez alphabet is one of the literary heritage of the world along side latin, arabic, chinese, hindi, , hebrew, greek etc. it is probably the only script in black africa that makes ethiopia unique among african nations and indeed through out the world. a national language is a common form of communication for people of one country so that they can do business together. . in the case of ethiopia , we cannot use 80 to 90 different languages to communicate with each other. one person is only able to learn a few languages, may be amharic,oromifffaa,tigre, gurage, afar . that is all. english can be taught in schools as part of the curriculum. that should be enough to get people taliking with each other.

  24. there is confusion at the moment concerning whether or not the ‘revolution’ in ethiopia is going forward or has it been stopped, overturned, or hijacked by tplf hyenas.
    Abiy ahmad has disappeared from public appearance sinec he came back from america. some people were speculating that he has been sick,/poisoned . then he came out of his hiding and appeared with Debre tsion, the woyane thug who is now camped in mekele.
    then we heard the appointment of Mesfin siyoum the other woyane hyena , as ambassador to japan.
    then we also heard that those hyenas accused of attempting to kill Abiy ahmad with a grenade at Mesquel square , being released on bail from detention.
    It is even rumoured that Getachew Assefa?, the notorious tplf fascist is coming back to take up his former position.
    Abiy Ahmad is not making any comments about the terror campaign by Abdi illes militia in ogaden, as a a leader one would expect him to make some kind of announcements. nothing so far.
    The prime minister is not saying much about the tribal /ethnic based conflicts in other parts of the country, such as benji maji, gedeo. is the prime minister under arrest of been suspended . what is going on?
    we are not told all the news. there is a lot going on that the public is not allowed to know about or see.

    Whatever is happening to the prime minister the people are the leaders of this current change. the people must insist that they need to see results .
    It is perhaps time for people to come out on the streets and push for fundamental change. the ‘revolution’ has stalled and we must kick start it again. The so called opposition political parties are also no where to be seen to lead the people for a fundamental change.
    It is a time to raise many questions and time to be prepared to make a final push for people power. the people need leadership. the opposition political parties must step forward and feel the gap of leadership to guard the ”revolution’ from the hyenas and to lead it forward.

    • This is your best piece, ever.
      I don’t mean Abiy should made take Meles or Menge as his role models, but would prefer a dead Meles and Menge to rule Ethiopia to a lame Oromo PM who loves terrorists and criminals who create mayhem on his own people instead of crushing and totally eradicating them. No leaders have been as lame as so-called team Lamma.
      When Somali terrorists killed Chinese miners Meles responded by eradicating anyone who looks like a Somali terrorist going as far as Mogadishu. He drove the islamic courts from Somalia.
      No Somali even dared to look at Oromos when Mengistu was in charge. These are the attributes Meles and Menge are missed for.
      I think Abiy by now understands that he got it all wrong by assuming “love” and “forgiveness” will fix everything where in reality robust counter-terrorism effort is the answer to fix terrorism.

        • tplf are back to their old trick. tplf are wearing amhara hats and accusing oromos.
          then they wear oromo hats and insult amharas to pit one against the other. their social media team is in full swing to spread their hate propaganda and to instigate violence.
          For 27 years , tplf murdered , looted ethiopia by putting a wedge between amhara and oromo by telling lies and fabricating stories of the 19th century.

          the change we are going through at the moment did not come about by using tanks and guns. we did not fight the tplf fascists with weapons. the change came about because amhara and oromo were able to come together by the efforts of team Lemma and Degu. querro and fanno working together.
          Abiy ahmede would not have been chosen as the prime minister if Demeke mekonen did not step aside and the amhara block vote went to Abiy Ahmed. the combined amhara and oromo vote was needed for Abiy Ahmad to win. THIS IS THE REALITY.
          Amhara or oromo on their own cannot win.
          if tplf succeeds to split amhara and oromo again , then the way is clear for them to come back and continue for another 30 years.
          the political leaders in both communities have to continue join hands to save ethiopia.

          • Amhara and Oromo working together for the common good is one thing.
            Neominilikian naftagna old dead snakes selling themselves as “Amhara” to reverse the hard-won victory of the people and restore their lost privileges is another.
            I have great respect for Demeke Mekonnen. In the past all the dead snakes who celebrate him today have been bombarding him for working with TPLF and insulting Amharas. If he did not abstain then there would be neither PM nor Ethiopia by now.
            I think every Oromo would vote for Demeke or Gedu if they promises to crush Somali terrorists. We are fed up with Mr. love.

    • Roll up your sleeves and get to work is the word. The rookie PM thought he can rule the country with love and abandoned the constitution; well did he learn a lesson? It won’t be too long before we start to see a few grey hair creep up in his head, leadership is tough! He is bringing back the entire TPLF gangs one after the other, what happen to that Ken Jiboch rhetoric?

      As for the Oromia, Qerro and Jowar are in charge and it is very scary!

      • Sorsa,
        Tplf murderers and thieves are the enemies of oromo, amhara, gambella.. You still bang on menelik, naftagna, etc. Do not waste your time and energy on menelik. Fight against the enemy at hand if you care for oromo. Tplf have planted annole statute for a reason. The story about menelik tplf fabricated is to create permanent friction between oromo and amhara. They cannot prove their lie. Because they can’t. That is why it is easy for them to fabricate lies about menelik who lived 150 years ago. If you believe tplf lies on this you should believe them on anything else they tell you now. Why should you believe them on one thing and not on another. You cannot say what tplf say about menelik is right and on the same breath say tplf are liars on anything else. I dont advise anybody to use Tplf as a source of information. They are the master manipulators, liars, thieves, emblezzrrs, murderers and corrupt to the core.
        One other thing, Oromo cannot achieve any thing on its own. Believe me. The oromo share the land with numerous ethnic groups. Likewise, Amharas can not achieve anything on their own . Everybody need to work together,especially at this critical time.

        • Tol,
          (1) How dare you underestimate and insult the intelligence of the Oromo people to suggest that they would be easily manipulated by TPLF lies to go as far as erecting a statue for nothing that had happened?
          (2) Have you been to Arsi where the genocide took place and asked the people there to tell you the history of Annole?
          (3) Why nobody else is questioning Oromia, Annole, Finfinne and Afaan Oromo except the nationless and clanless children of Finfinne prostitutes?

  25. Sorsa & OLF-IFLO,

    If the OLF-IFLO is really about Oromos AND fighting for the interests of Oromos,

    1. why trivialize the heroism of Oromos in fending off Italian Colonizers, saving Ethiopia from Italian Slavery and making Ethiopia the ONLY non-colonized country in Africa? [That was at a time the Germans stormed-&-occupied one European country after another within months]

    2. why orchestrate violence via OLF-IFLO agents, get Oromos blamed as perpetrators, get them killed as expendable items and use their corpses for self-promotion propaganda?

    3. how come the OLF-IFLO failed to unseat Derg/TPLF with Oromos occupying ≈ 50% of the land & making ≈ 50% of Ethiopia’s population [counting inter-bred Oromos]?

    3. why did the OLF-IFLO split several times and finally ended up in three groups? How can these self-appointed opportunists unite Oromos when they fail to unite themselves?

    4. why pit Oromos against others & even pit Muslim Oromos against Christian Oromos?

    5. why incite Oromos to destroy public property whose 60% of the bill Oromos have foot & will foot 60% of the bill again for rebuilding it? [Oromos generate ≈ 60% of GDP.]

    6. why incite Oromos to destroy private property knowing full well that 60% of what the regime pays as compensation comes from the Oromos themselves?

    7. why antagonize Oromos with other ethnics while aware that Oromos have foot 60% of the bill for the service-giving institutions, infrastructure, etc. built all over Ethiopia?

    9. aren’t the OLF-IFLO pigs just using Oromos as spring board & bargaining chips to power?

    PS: Recently, Wollega youth stopped a truck loaded with explosives [under crates of bottles] going to Benishangul [Gojjam?] and called police. Nobody forced them to!

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

    • What has Sorsa to do with OLF-IlFO?
      You should ask Sors about what I did, not what OLF-ILFO did. As a common commenter I observe that your questions 1,2, 4-9 are the same baseless ones coming from old dead snakes .
      No oromo undermined the role of the oromo in freeing Ethiopia not only from Italy but from Somalia and recently Eritrea too. All those wars would have been a clean and clear loss and Ethiopia would not have existed if not for the oromo. If OLF-ILFO denied this, well they screwed up. But I think more likely you screwed it up.
      Oromos never burn a public property. If that was the case there would have been no bridges, schools, or electricity in Ethiopia. For self defense they attacked properties of individuals related to the regime who was killing them, and that is not illegal. For 3. you are referred the nearest OLF office.

      • Sorsa,

        1. OLF-IFLO & Oromo ‘Activists’ inciting violence and destruction of property:

        2. Oromo ‘Liberators & Activists’ pitting Oromos againt Oromos and against others:

        i). Muslim Oromos against Christian Oromos: Illubabor [Gatira, Dembi, etc].

        a). Dembi: They set Orthodox church on fire, beat worshippers and killed the priest.
        b). Gatira: They beat Christian Oromos & Amharas, killed some, forced others to flee.

        ii). Muslim Oromos against Amharas: massacre in Bedeno, Arba-Guggu, Arusi, etc.

        3. You said ”…You should ask Sors about what I did, not what OLF-IFLO did.” I asked you exactly that in my first response #6 and you showered me with insults:

        ”6. Can you mention 1 thing you have done for Oromos as an ‘Oromo intellectual’ except antagonizing Oromos with other Ethiopians from the comfort of the West?”

        Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

    • Relegion is coming to the frame. Tplf use every trick they have developed in the last 30 years to get people to slaughter each other. Tplf have their brand of islam they want to impose. Many moslems who opposed tplf proposal were jailed.
      What is the star on olf flag. Why did they leave out the moon sign /crescent. Why olf – ilfo split.

  26. It is discouraging to see that our peacemaker leaders Abiyot, Lemma and the likes are being pushed backwards by individuals that have been badly brainwashed by hatefilled racists EPLF and TPLF. As the new administration trying to bring the badly needed peace and security to the oppressed Ethiopians, the brainwashed ISIS like OLF members are working hard day and night to bring back their evil TPLF political guru style leadership to Ethiopia. As my Oromo father always says, if you think TPLF are the worst thing you have seen, you haven’t met some OLF members!! Eventhoough, OLF have signed a peace agreement, it is hard to introduce peace to some individual hatefilled trabalists that have been taught since childhood the false history of Ethiopia that was created by EssayAss and his evil cousin MelAss, to divide and control!!! SHAME!!!

    • TPLF terror was bad but lack of action by Aby is worse. Haraghe and Bale were safer under terror of Zenawi and Menge than under “love” of Aby. No country has been ruled by love, even if his religion told him so.
      Aby must act like leader and drastically change course to eradicate Somali terrorists from Ogaden or else risk the same uprising that ousted HD from power. The Qerro and Oromo people can not tolerate any one in 4 kilo who is not protecting them.
      If he can not order military action against Somali terrorists he should arm the entire local population of east Oromia so that they defend themselves. Hararghe and Bale have nearly no representation in the government of team Lemma. This must change.
      Restore full power of Kemal Galchu and Hailu Gonfa and let them take care of Somali terrorists.
      OLF army must move east and protect the population or they should lay down their weapons.

  27. To: Oromos, OLF-IFLO, Pseudo Oromo Activists, etc.

    Bottom line: Nobody is more Ethiopian than Oromos! NO ‘Oromia’ on Ethiopian soil!

    Let’s demystify this: Emperor Menelik II vs. [OLF-IFLO, Pseudo Oromo Activists, etc.]

    1). OLF-IFLO, Pseudo Oromo Activists, etc.:

    i). You Scumbags antagonize Oromos with almost all ethnics and subject Oromos to all sorts of clashes: intra/inter-ethnic, boundary, etc. Eg.: Bedeno, ArbaGugu, Ogaden, etc.

    ii). How come you self-appointed Oromo ‘Activists & Liberators’ failed to ‘liberate’ the 1991 TPLF-EPLF-concocted ‘Oromia’? Don’t Oromos occupy ≈ 50% of Ethiopia’s land, generate ≈ 60% of Ethiopia’s GDP and make ≈ 50% of the population (with inter-bred Oromos)?

    iii). You Crooks Orchestrate riots via your agents [from the comfort of the West], get Oromos killed as expendable items and use their corpses for self-promotion propaganda video! Is that ‘liberating’ Oromos?

    iv). You incite Oromos to wage economic warfare against Ethiopia, destabilize Ethiopia, destroy private/public property, etc. Don’t Oromos foot ≥ 60% of the inflicted damage?

    2). Emperor Menelik II [Sählè-Märiäm Häilè-Mèlèköt Sählè-Selässié – (1844 1913)]:

    i). Menelik rallied ALL Ethiopians regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, etc. to defend Ethiopia from Italian colonizers – AND – Ethiopians stood shoulder-to-shoulder & won!

    ii). Menelik saved his Oromo Cavalry for last. They engaged the Italian Army in hand-to-hand combat, reduced them to piles of corpses AND brought us the Adowa Victory!

    iii). Menelik’s aid informed him: “Oromos are supplying us while starving!” Menelik ordered his army to fall back AND ended the war leaving Italians fleeing in disarray!

    iv). Menelik was also the one who pleaded with Abba Jiffar to STOP selling Oromos as slaves BUT it is Abba Jiffar who is praised & honored with Jimma’s Airport in his name!

    PS: While Oromo heroes like Gebeyehu Gora, Balcha Abba Nebso, Abdissa Agga, etc. are Ethiopia’s Treasures, the OLF-IFLO & pseudo Oromo activists are Insults to Oromos!

    Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

    • Sorsa, the false oromo, tell this to your olf mentors,
      You keep going back 150 years and crying your LIE and fabricated story about Menelik. If you do not like Menelik, you cannot talk about Ethiopia. Menelik has played a great role in shaping up Ethiopia. He has made history and has a place in our country’s history.
      Menelik is not only for Ethiopia, he is the pride of black people all over the world.the Italians will tell you that.
      Abddissa Aga, Jakama kelo, Aba Jiffar.. the great oromo Ethiopians will turn in their graves if they know about you. What a shame!
      Live with it, Menelik cannot go anywhere.

  28. Ethiopia belongs to all. The current ETHNIC based killil/ federalism must be abolished. The killil system puts people of other ethnic groups as second class citizens. This has created resentment, displacement and eviction of citizens, conflict between ethnic groups. This is the aim of tplf in creating this constitution.
    Every inch of land in ethiopia belongs to all ethiopians. As Gojjam belongs to every citizen of ethiopia so is wollega, Harar, Dessie, Mekele, Arusi, Sidamo etc.
    No body has a right to kickout anybody from any where.
    The enemies of ethiopia created ethnic killil to exclude ethiopians from each other and to deny their birth right to the land of Ethiopia. It is our birth right to live and worj in any part of ethiopia. The ethnic fascists and war lords have taken away our birth right. We must fight back and reclaim our birth tight to make Ethiopia ours.
    The tplf constitution is the instrument of etho fascism that has taken away the right of
    People of our country.
    A constitution must be written by the people for the people, and it must be eternal, not to be changed by any party of group avery 5 years or 4 years. Tplf wrote the current constitution for its own benefit. Not for the people.

  29. “No body has a right to kickout anybody from anywhere.”

    Sure the current constitution says Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians and you can live and work anywhere in Ethiopia if you abide by local laws. But being one ye sharmuta lij doesn’t grant you automatic access to everywhere you like, so watch your ass before tampering with Oromia and or coming too close to any Oromo public or private property. I say Oromia because that is the state that is burning you all. If you defy the law, then you should be lucky if you only get kicked out alive. The constitution which was written with the blood of tens of thousands won’t be rewritten just to satisfy a few lawless, clanless and cluess ye merkato sharmuta lijoch.

  30. Sorsa,
    Get lost with tplf constitution. It does not include all of the stake holders in Ethiopia. Meles satan zenawi drafted it in dedebit and wrote it overseen by butros butros gahli.
    A new constitution will be written by all the Ethiopian people not by any bandit organisation to protect its interests, to loot and plunder the country and to divide and murder the people. Tplf hyena has to be buried with its constitution. No wonder tplf hyenas and people like you are these days crying about the ‘constitution’ being violated.
    This is a constitution that is the cause of tribal /ethnic violence and deaths, evictions.
    Why are different ethnic groups fighting in Tepi, in Gedeo, ogaden… because a few thugs in these regions use tplf constitution which tells them that the land belongs to them and tell everybody else to ‘ go home’. That is why a million oromos are in limbo kicked out by a clan leader in ogaden. This is all wrong. The constitution is intended to cause conflict. Ethiopia belongs to all, that is the birth right of every ethiopian.every part of Ethiopia is home to all its citizens.

    • The eviction of Oromos has nothing to do with the constitution but with the grand expansion plan of Siad Barre to create greater Somalia at the expense of Ethiopia. Over 1 million Oromos were evicted and more are being evicted, not only from Somali areas but mostly from Oromia proper due to crimes of TPLF and abdi Iley and now due to the lame PM Abiy’s inaction. If you think this war is between Oromo and Somali only and nothing to do with other Ethiopians, you are grossly mistaken. We reversed the expansion plan of Somalia in 70s thanks to leadership of Menge and Castro the hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians who sacrificed their lives to save Ethiopia. The silence of current Ethiopians only shows their stupidity and short sightedness because the expansion will not stop at Oromia Somali border.

  31. I just read news on Yahoo about the next potential President of the Somali region that it is going to be a woman by the name Dr. Moha Farah Jire. I hope this is the beginning of the end of the men’s domination in the political field in the old country. We men have been making nothing but one mess after another. We made wars for silly reasons where millions die. We herd citizens in stinking prisons where very few come out(if they ever have the chance) in full control of their faculties or health. We rob and loot the nation’s treasure at will. We hold our women bondage at home in undeclared slavery. They are the ones who have been holding the society together. I hope this is a trend when the men will be thrown to the curve for the next 100 years. If this news holds to be true then it is going to be one down 10 more to go. Now you sit back and watch how a government is supposed to be run. When that becomes official I am gonna be on a festive mood for at least a week. I know Somali women. I grew up where they were industrious business citizens. The men were just chilling at home doing nothing, shooting breeze and giving others funny nick names etc…. Those women had the business acumen that you can’t get even from Wharton or Harvard. My auntie used to work with them. They were all sharp as a tack. One more time!!! If this pans out then the other lazy bum men who have been running the other 10 regions should be shown the door. Let our women lead!!! Hey you man in Oromia!!! Take a walk!!! Hey you man in Amhara!!! Degage!!!! You man in Tigrai!! Out, get out!!!! You man in Afar, Southern, Gambela. Benishangul, Harari, Addis(Finfine) and Dire Dawa!!! Step aside and go home. All of you, back in a line!!!! I bet you the last dime I own that every man in the leadership circle is conspiring with his posse against the possible election of this noble woman. They will come up with all kinds of excuses and sudden accusations will start flying from nowhere!!!!

    Now Dr Moha, go get’em!!!! Get’em tigress!!!!

    • This is what, Ittu Aba Farda said “Get’em tigress!!!” declaring a genocide on all innocent Tigreans.

      Where is Newera, the guardian Angel of the nation nationalities in Is that Ok, as long as it is the Tigress??? Isn’t it the Qerro’s that lynch an innocent man and dragged him with a truck in front of the police and the public at large in a broad day light in Shashemane? Is this what we call change?

      Have we done a root cause analysis and find out that ethnic federalism is responsible for all of this? then let’s work together to get rid of it! rather than blame TPLF for everything and let loose the killers free.

      Constitutions are written by people and can be changed by people. Together we can do anything!!!!!!!!

      Eway Gud Rekibna Alech Yagera Lej !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thanks for the clarification Ittu! I knew that wasn’t like you. Many people use that to refer to the Tigreans

        • I should have noticed that extra “S” though lol This days we are all so sensitive, we react so quick.

          I wish us all patience and wisdom from the almighty God

          • lol, do you need evidence your head is way up your behind? All you think is tribe. I know you don’t know what tigress means, but you couldn’t understand from the context that Ittu didn’t mean attack anybody? In all seriousness, I give you credit for saying we all react so quick admitting your mistake. After all you do mistake, you are not that superior than me 😉

            Careful when you deal with Ittu, I found myself humbled by him so many times talking things i have no business of talking about. The Ittus, the Shewaregas on this site are way out of yours and my league. The angle they see things is from pure positiveness and love not negativity and hate like you and I. Live and learn my friend .

          • Newera,

            Waaa, be careful old man! I may be that guy who gave you that big tip when you open the hotel door and hand carry my big luggage to my suite.

            I am planning to visit the hotel again in a couple of weeks, your professional/ door man Job may not cut it out with out the tips from nice Ethiopians like my self

  32. woyane hyena is going rampant in all parts of the country, despite the fact that they have been given the chance to transfer power peacefully. In Jijiga , Harar , in many other parts of ogaden..tplf commanders are in charge of the atrocities.
    In Tepi, Gedeo .. people are dying in race related killings.
    Now in north Wollo , in places like Mersa, Kobo, Woldiya ,Hayik ..the agazi ethnic militia is massacring childre and has occupied the region with large agaziforce.
    The roads through Wollo, and Gojjam are the economic life line to tigre region. if these roads are closed the whole of tigri region will suffer. the people of tigrai have to wake up and realise that tplf are a liability.
    shut the roads and suffocate the woyane looters to death.

  33. Yebo, (you are going to run out of new names)
    If this story is true, it is extremely heartwrenching and disturbing that the federal government is unable to stop the organized TPLF mafia from continuing slaughtering innocent Ethiopians!!

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