Thousands of Ethiopians hail return of once-banned Oromo group


Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered in the capital of Ethiopia to welcome leaders of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the latest members of a formerly-banned rebel group to return home following a string of political reforms in the country.

The jubilant crowd waving OLF flags gathered at Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square on Saturday, where a large concert was held to welcome the group’s leader Dawud Ibsa and others, while similar events were held in Ethiopia’s Oromia region.

“I am happy to be here after 26 years of struggle from outside of Ethiopia,” Ibsa said. “We will be a part of the peaceful struggle,” he added.

“We have been struggling to bring the changes that we are seeing now in Ethiopia. We are now seeing positive signs that include the respect for rule of law. That’s why we came here,” said Ibsa.

Earlier on Saturday, nearly 1,500 OLF fighters returned from neighbouring Eritrea.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed – who, in April, became the first Oromo to hold the post – has introduced a number of reforms since assuming office, as well as overseen the release of jailed dissidents, the unblocking of websites and moves to liberalise the economy.

Long exile

The OLF was founded as a political organization in 1973 to advocate the “right to national self-determination” for the Oromo people, Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, against what they perceived as “Abyssinian colonial rule”.

The group had a falling out with the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in 1992 and soon began launching armed attacks.

In response, the government banned it and later declared it a terrorist organisation.

The crackdown on OLF deepened resentment among Oromos, whose months of anti-government protests, which also spread to the Amhara region, led to the resignation of former Prime Minister Hailemarian Desalegn earlier this year and his replacement by Abiy.


In July, the ban on OLF and two other groups was lifted as part of the prime minister’s efforts to bring various opposition groups back into Ethiopian politics.

Speaking to Al Jazeera from Addis Ababa, Jawar Mohammed, executive director at Oromia Media Network, called the return of the OLF leadership “a historic day in their nearly 50-year-old struggle”.

“We are in a positive transition now. This day is a significant milestone in Ethiopia’s transition to democracy,” he said, adding that the Oromos have a “vested interest” in keeping the country together.

“It paves the way for a peaceful election within the next two years,” he said.

Several people in the crowd at Meskel Square bore scars incurred during years of Oromo-led anti-government protests.

“I never thought this day would come,” said 27-year-old Arfase Elias, showing the scar from a bullet that hit her left leg 12 years ago during a demonstration in the restive town of Ambo.

“For this flag, I have seen my brothers tortured, dying on the streets. I have seen the sacrifices they had made for freedom,” she said.

Analysts say that with the return of Ibsa, the last bastion of armed struggle in Ethiopia has come to an end.

SOURCE: Al Jazeera and news agencies


  1. There is only one Ethiopia and one flag. If you don’t like it, you are welcome to go to your ancestral home of Northern Kenya.

    • Amhara also come from Northern Yemen today know as Israel

      here is the prove

      His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings and Elect of God,
      tribe of Judah,

      king was a member of the Solomonic Dynasty who traced his lineage to Emperor Menelik I, Menelik I is the son of king Solomon

    • the olf flag belongs to olf. no body else has any business with their flag and they can do what they like with it. so it should not be taken as an issue of conflict. onlf , tplf, dklf, slf have their flags too. but there is only one ethiopian flag, for which the sidama, amhara, gambellan, oromo, afar, wolayita all ethiopian people died for in the battle field. the ethiopian tri colour is the symbol of african/black liberation against colonial invaders.

    • ፍዬል ከመድረሷ ቅጠል መበጠሷ – ዛሬ ገና ኦነግ በግልፅ በዐደባባይ የመጨረሻ የሽንፈት ፅዋ ተጎነጨ። አሁን ያለንበት ዘመን እንደ ጥንቱ ህዝብ ሳይነቃ መለስ ዜናዊ እንዳጭበረበረት አይደለም። እጅግ የተለየ ነው ሁሉም ዘብ የቆመበት፣ የጎሣ ፓለቲካ እንደ ሽንት ቤት ዕዳሪ ሸትቶ የተጠላበት። ይህን የወያኔ አይነት ሠገራ ፓለቲካ ለማስወገድ ሊታደጓት የሚችሉ የቁርጥ ቀን ታሪካዊ ልጆቿ ተገድደው የሚነሱበት ጊዜ ሄደት ደረሰ። አዎን – ደረሰ። የወያኔ የቅዠት ፍራቻው እነኝህ እንዳይነሱ ነበር። በበኩሌ ዐብይ አህመድ አንድ ቁም ነገር ማድረግ ከቻለ አስቸኳይ ዐዋጅ በማድረግ ከእንግድህ በህዝብ እና በጥናት እስኪ ወሰን ድረስ ኦሮሚያ፣ትግራይ፣ አማራ፣ ሶማሌ፣ ሀራሪ፣ወዘተ የሚባል ፌደራል ክልል ህገ-ወጥ እንደሆነ ማረጋገጥ አለበት። ከጫካ አመለካከት ባልተላቀቁ የጎሣ ጅሃዲስቶቹ ህዝብ በየዕለቱ ማለቅ የለበት። አሁንም የሚተባበሩ በግንባር ህዝብ እና ትግል የሚፈሩ ጅሃዲስቶችን ወደ ማረፊያ ቤት ማስገባት ይገባዋል። ከዚህ በተረፈ እንዴ ወትሮው ምክሬ አንድ ሰው አንድ እራስ የማጠበቂያ መሣሪያ – በተለይ ወያኔ እና ኦነግ ኢላማ ላደረጓቸው ወገኖች። አንድ ህዝብ፣ አንዲት አገር፣ አንዲት ኢትዮጵያ

    • Ash
      The headline did not count in million . It says ” Thousands of Ethiopians hail return of once-banned Oromo group”. Please read between the lines before feeding Oromo into a never lasting fire pit. For that matter, the number does not matter. Most of them ( I would safely estimate 99.9%) are traveled from Bale, Harrar and partly from Arsi with their per deim paid (ውሎ አበል ተክፍሏቸው) by OLF and TPLF being a co-sponsor.

  2. Ash-Amedam,
    Yesterday, you said that one thing that makes you mad is when you hear Ethiopians not appreciating TPLF mafia for dividing Ethiopians with different flags! Lol!
    Anyhow, regardless of EPLF and TPLF mafia divide and rule propaganda to dismantle Ethiopia way before 1965…, I bet what some Oromos have said burn your a**:

    “We are in a positive transition now. This day is a significant milestone in ETHIOPIA’S transition to democracy,” he said, adding that the Oromos have a “vested interest” in keeping the country together”

    And another one said:

    “I never thought this day would come,” said 27-year-old Arfase Elias, showing the scar from a bullet that hit her left leg 12 years ago during a demonstration in the restive town of Ambo.
    “Analysts say that with the return of Ibsa, the last bastion of armed struggle in Ethiopia has come to an end.”

    Yes, they are waving a flag you TPLF helped to create in order to disassociate Oromos and other Ethiopian ethnic group from the original flag every Ethiopian from Every ethnic group bled and died for their motherland Ethiopia, including my own great grandfather — the Green -Yellow-Red flag!!

  3. Ash-Amedam,
    Don’t forget that every Ethiopian from all walks of life DESPISE and REJECTED your evildemented bloodthirsty mass looters and massmurderers TPLF mafia masters!
    Every Ethiopian from toddlers to elderly throughout Ethiopia know that you subhuman Woyanes have locked up, tortured, burned and cut up innocent Ethiopians alive, and slaughtered millions of Ethiopians from E, W, N and South of Ethiopia!!

  4. Honestly, the guy in the picture with his hands pumped looks like the terrorist ISIS. These are the people the Addis Ababa police let them flock in from Bale, Harrar and partly for Arsi and beg Addis Ababan people to receive them peacefully. These are the OLF terrorist things that massacred the Shewan people in their way out of the city, this are the same people that displaced the Harara Ormos and trying to resettle them by displacing the Shewan Oromo farmers.

  5. Sebhat Nega, the woyane looter and day light hyena was seen in Adigrat , Tigrai with olf returnees from ereitrea , painting his face with olf flag. hahahahah! Sebhat nega also gave a feast to olf members.
    This hopeless woyane thug has been murdering and torturing oromos for over 30 years. so what is this play acting about.
    is it not too late to play cat and mouse for sibhat nega.

  6. we know the game of tplf looting mafia. the dead satan meles zenawi once said, if oromo and amhara join together , it will be the end of tplf thuggery and looting. He was dead right. the unity between amhara and oromo brought Abiy Ahmad to power. Demeke Mekonen’s tactical move to let Abiy Ahmad into power was a master act. tplf thugs were left to bite the dust. tplf looters wanted Shiferaw Shigute , their servant , to take over as prime minister. tplf and Bereket simon were hoping that the amhara vote was in the bag and they were safe and dry for another season of looting and murder. But Demeke Mekonen and ANDM had other ideas.
    sebehat nega the brutal fascist must have been thinking that he still has hope of gaining power for tplf when he welcomed olf from eritrea. it is astonishing that these tplf thugs are still dreaming to get back to Menelik’s palace on riding on the back of olf. that is the only reason , tplf officials have ordered every tigre in tigrai region to come out of their houses to welcome Daaawuud Ibssaaa olf from eritrea.

  7. At the end of the day, most of the blames should lie at EssayAss, that dead rotten evil MelAss, and their cronies for brainwashing OLF and the likes. They even have convinced members of OLF to think that Minilik and HaileSelassie were Amharas. Unbelievable! I also read the other day that over 50 thousand Oromos have rejected Islam and EOTC and been converted to Evangelical Christians. It is all fine, as long as they don’t go to the countries of their neche converters and try to buy property in their converters neighborhood. One can jump from one religion to another, but unless one changes his heart to love and treat fellow humanbeings as he/she wants to be loved and accepted — it is all meaningless!! I have met so many deep down racists, and at the sametime that consider themselves as Newborn Christians! One case in point: HMD.

  8. ትውልዱ የማያስብና በጣም ራስ ወዳድ ነው የሚሰራውንም የሚያቅ አይመስል። አባቶቻችን ምንም እንኮን በቂ ትምህርት ባይኖራቸው በመከባበርና እግዛቤርን በመፍራት ማንነትና አገር ብለን የምጠራው ቦታ እንዲኖረን ባላቸው ውስን እውቀት እዚህ አድርሰዋል ። ዛሬ ትውልዱ በዘር ሰክሮ ጠፍቶ ለማጥፉት ሲሮሮጥ ይታያል። ያልገባን ነገር ብንገዳደል አሸናፊ አይኖርም። እራቅ አርገን ብናስብ ብንከባበርና ብንተዛዘን ያለን ሀገር ለሁሉም ይበቃል። እኔ በልጥ እኔ በልጥ የትም አያደርስም። ምነው በህዝባችን መሀል ቅንነት ጠፉ ጎበዝ.

  9. Ash,
    አማራ ድንግልናችሁን ወስዷል ማለት ነው እንደው የአማራን ሥም ሳታነሳ ቀርተህ አታውቅም ። በአብዛኛው የትግራዋይ ልብ ውስጥ አማራ ነግሶበታል።
    እንዴት መታደል ነው።

    • Aba Mela,

      ወያኔ ሲገባ ያገኘው አማራ አይደለም አሁን ያለው። የወያኔን ድንግልናውን ብቻ ሳይሆን ልቡን ጭምር የሚነሳ ትውልድ ነው ያለው። የወያኔን ቅዠት እጅግ የሚይብስ። እዬባሰ እዬከፋ እንደሚሄድ አትጠራጠር። ምርጫው በሞት እና በመኖር መካከል ነው። ሰላም ገና ከሰማይ፣ከአርያም ለኢትዮጵያ እሩቅ ነው። የአባቶቻችንን አደራ ለማስከበር የግድ ይለናል -ኢትዮጵያ ልዕልናዋን እና ሰላሟን የሚያስከብርላት አንበሳ መውጣት ይኖርብታል። ይኸ መደመር የሚባል ቅራቅንቦ የአህያ ባል ጅብ አያስጥል ነው። አንድ ሰው አንድ መሣሪያ። ያኔ ሰላም ይመጣል።

  10. የቡራዩ አካባቢ ህዝብ አንድ ነገር ማወቅ ያለበት በፍፁም መኖሪያ ቤታቸውን እየለቀቁ ወደ መሃል ከተማ መግባት የለባቸውም። እራሳቸውን በማደራጀት ከተቻለ መንግሥት ተብዬው መሣሪያ እንድያስታጥቃቸው እና በቡድን በቡድን በመሆን ጨለማ ለብሰው የሚመጡትን የኦነግ አሸባሪዎች ማቅመስ አለባቸው። አንድ ታጣቂ ጠባቂ ቡድን በርካታ የኦነግ አሸባሪዎችን ማስደንበር ይችላል። ለምን እግር አይነሳም ይባላል ለኦነግ ንቅንቅ ማለት አያስፈልግም። ሌላ አስከፊ ዜናም በሌላ ኦሮሚያ ተብዬ ክልል ስለሚፈጠር ከወዲሁ ሌላ ጎሣዎች እራሳችሁን በመሣሪያ ከጠበቃችሁ ኦነግ የዝምብ ያህል በአጠገባችሁ አይልፍም። የአብይ አህመድን መከላከያ ሰራዊት እና ኦርሚያ ፓሊስ አትመኑ እራሱ የወንጀሉ ተዋናይ ነው። አገሪቷ በድብቅ የኦነግ አባላት ነው የምትመራው። የአዲስ አበባንን ህዝብ ያሞኘው እራሱ መንግሥትነኝ ተብዬው ነው።

  11. OLF welcome back, I know some have been away for a very very long time. Ato Dawud Ibsaa, you and I dont see things eye to eye, but I have seen your interviews on many occasions, includimg the one at Bole airport, fitsum chewanet yemolabet, I thank you for it. One thing I noticed he always says “ye Ethiopia hizbe” you will never find even my man Dr Marara make that mistake, always “ye Ethiopia hizboche”. Pose and think about it my fellow Ethiopians, an Obama, a Trump, or any public figure for that matter, going on Amercan TV talking about “The peoples of the United States”, or “The nations, nationalities, and peoples of the United States.” They will crucify him at the closest traffic light. And forget the US, just metropolitan New York City has all kinds of ethnics God created on the face of the Earth. Total madness. I was also disappointed by some of the things Ato Bekele Gerba said, totally unexpected from him, but let’s just leave it there.

    I also believe those that organized the welcoming for OLF leaders were not far thinking. 80% of the hoopla and conflict could have been avoided if they did one simple thing, mix a few Ethiopian flags with the OLF flag. That is the case all over Ethiopia. Even recently when Ethio Somalis were demonstrating against Abdi in Jijjiga, they hold both Ethiopian and regional Somali flag, and Oromo is smack in the center. Let’s say tomorrow everything goes well and true election is held in Ethiopia. The single largest ethnic is Oromo arguably around 40%, I know it’s insulting Ethiopians saying they will vote only by ethnic, but for argument sake lets say OLF gets 75% of Oromo vote, that’s 30% of the electoral. Since they are regional group very unlikely they get vote outside Oromia. Again let’s say nevertheless everybody else gets less than 30%. They become the number one party, make coalition with other parties and form a government. Ato Daud becomes Prime Minister. What flag are they going to fly? Please answer that? OLF flag? What will be the reaction of the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians? Please please thinkkkkkkkkkk. TPLF made same mistake. They carved some yellow flag told the great people of Tigray (from what the elders told me who used to fly the Ethiopian flag when they went to bury the dead) the yellow rag is the true flag. They never thought they will arrive at arat kilo be head of Ethiopia, then the idea was to seceed Tigray. But then they realize the game changed and quickly adopted the Ethiopian flag they once hated to their bone. OLF leaders are making same mistake. Oromo by nature is more flexible and far thinking, it’s always yaa bultu, nothing done in a rush. But these guys are not really like that. I have been watching them closely there is a trend. When Dr Marrara was released at the rally in Ambo, sea of Abaa gadaa and OLF flag not even a single Ethiopian flag. It was shocking to me because Ambo was once more Ethiopian than any Ethiopian city. It was where the Italians were greeted by hail of bullets during the fascist occupation, where that grand Machaa chief Abadoyo Wami Garroo told them to their face we are sergegna tteff. It was where Derg was tested to his limits, and Woyane faced the last fierce resistance before he occupy Addis. This town in one generation they switched into breeding ground of ethnic spring where Ethiopoawinet was exchanged by regionalism and hate. They can hold 1000 OLF flag, but holding 5 or 10 larger Ethiopian flag what damage does that do? How could a political group stuffed to its rim with all kinds of educated folks PhDs fail to grasp that?

    • The real problem is OLF never got a good leader/s. All are with children /4th or 5th grade level/ brains. It has always hard for them to understand the complexity of Ethiopian reality.

  12. I never trusted that Jawar, ever since he said a while back: “Amharas leAmhara; Oromos leOromo” — but, I thought he was a changed man when he gave his word to Abiyot about the UNITY of Ethiopians, Apparently, it was all lies! I don’t think this racist man will rest, unless he turned Ethiopia in to Syria like distractions and deaths! He probably thinks all Oromos are in the same state of mind as his, but he is highly mistaken!! The Wollega Oromos always feel superior than other Oromos, the Oromo Christians and Muslims don’t fully see eye to eye and trust each other — these are recipes for distractions and deaths!! THE ONLY SOLUTION IS ETHIOPIANS TO UNITE AND LEAVE UNDER ONE UMBRELLA WITH MUTUAL RESPECT AND LOVE!!
    As always, miseries and deaths to the bloodthirsty TPLF mafia that spread HATE, DIVISION and DEATHS throughout Ethiopia for almost 30 bloody horrendous years!!

    • Brother Hope,

      Many of us had been optimistic of the small wind of peace blowing over the land. Unfortunately, it was recess before hell breaks. Ethiopians thought tplf changed because of the recent three years of mass movement, but that was not true. The reforms we just saw over the last couple of months were done for the sake of Eritrea/Shabia. All the mass movement was hijacked to give a break and fulfill the promises of Eritrea. Those bunches of ethnic liberation fronts deported from Eritrea are sadly now turning the country into Rwanda. I don’t see any hope in any of the existing genocidal mafias. I think the country needs a new driving force that creates a neutral transitional leadership council and ban all ethnic parties and out law the existing ethnic federal system. I don’t like to see my country bleeding month after-month, year after-year. If it is death and bleeding let it be done once and get this ethnic crap off our back forever. It is utter stupid to play lullaby for OLF and TPLF. For me, no more begging in the name of Ethiopia. At the same time, if there are any concerned Ethiopians it is better to prompt the UN to send UN army to safeguard the city of Addis Ababa. Addis Ababa is systematically ruled by OLF – that is what it looks the Abiy government is doing.

      • My dear brother Abebaw,
        At this point everything seems suspicious and unrealistic — everything seems to be going in 100 miles an hr. — the fast relationship and friendship with the very man, dictator EssayAss that despised and fought Ethiopia his entire life to separate from Ethiopia, and icing on cake, handing him more Ethiopia’s land as a gift, like the entire seaport is not enough, and celebrated like a rockstar in the very country he despised and left landlocked!!
        Even the investigation of the beloved Engineer seems so suspicious — just like that the case was opened and shut in a short time by corrupted individuals. The fact his wife is still living outside of Ethiopia is a tale tell sign that there must be a threat on her life. Recently, she made a statement that someday she can speak openly about his death. Everything smells rotten!
        TPLF mafia are still running the show to dismantle Ethiopia to get away without paying for the atrocities and lootings they have committed.
        Read this interesting article:

        • FOR those who don’t want to read the entire article, this sums it up:

          “…But looking below the surface, a different picture emerges of an entrenched old guard – long heavily subsidized and supported by Washington by the way – that is still very much in control.

          The Ethiopian people might have aspired (as did those of Tunisia and Egypt a decade ago) a truly radical shift in the country’s body politic. By all appearances, what they have gotten so far instead, despite all the Western (and Ethiopian) media hype, is little more than a carefully orchestrated face-lift. Behind the scenes the EPRDF, controlled by the Tigre ethnic group, still holds the reigns of power of what has been described as an “iron fisted state.”

          • Hope,

            Thank you for sharing the information! Very true, tplf is running the gruesome show behind the scene. It is a no brainer, while Ethiopians are under the bondage of tplf thuggery all the orchestrated love stuff is done for the sake of Shabia/Eritrea and save tplf from fall. In my opinion the only solution is for the public to resume the movement and call for the demolition of ethnic federalism, out law of OLF & TPLF. Ethiopians are suffering for the last 3 decaded because of OLF and TPLF. The country has to fight them back. The international community should know the genocide that took place in front of of the nose of African Union. What is the sin of the hardworking Gamo, Guraghe and other people other than help dressing their lazy a***

  13. Burayo is in total chaos, many people have been killed, houses are being burned, women are being raped, property is being looted and destroyed. i some times wonder , do we have a government in the country , people are being displaced.
    . mob rule is easily and simply taking over villages and towns in the country. why is there no response from the government. what is the point of a government, if it is not to save the lives of citizens. people are being killed for goodness sake. why is the government not reacting to protect the innocent people.
    the mob who rule the towns and villages claim to be querrooo or olf . who is controlling these people/mobs. gurage, sidama, wolayita, amhara, konso … are being displaced. where are these people supposed to go.
    who are the forces behind these kerrooos , and olf armed gangsters. why are olf leaders not giving an explanation . Tplf ruthless thugs surely are capable of instigating and financing this kind of violence to overturn the reform, as they were doing in ogaden using Abdi illey.
    Urgent action is needed to curb this kind of mob violence. as long as we still have people being killed, displaced because of their race, ethnic origin we have not moved forward. tplf looters will certainly be watching these kinds of events with delight and encourage and support the mob violence.

  14. The tplf created constitution is the reason for the inter ethnic conflict in Burayo that is taking place as we speak. Ethiopia is for all ethiopians. some ethnic warlord should not be allowed to kick out anybody else who is not part of that ethnic group. every ethiopian has a stake over every inch of land in ethiopia. tplf created barrier between people. tplf created this is land for oromo, that is for gurage, that is for Afar, that land is for gambella etc . this is the reason for eviction, the tplf constitution must be burned down and ethiopia must be returned to its citizens.

    • @gomme,
      Totally agreed! Burn down the tplf constitution. Ethiopians should not only denounce tplf by in their demonstration their motto should also be “Down With Ethnic Federalism”. In Ethiopia there is no parctaically majority and minority group ( although some wanted to trick us by portraying themselves falsely). Every piece of land belongs to all Ethiopians. All those dispalced people should be returned back to their residence with all the necessary financial, psychological, and security support. To do that they have to be officially registered. A rehabilitation task force that include and in their presence renown people out side of the so-called fake Oromiya must be created. Who the hell gave the right OLF and its sister corporations a total control over the land and country of every Ethiopian? ኦነግ ማለት እኮ የማስታውሰው ወያኔ 1991 ዓም ሥልጣን ሲወጣ ጅማ ከተማ የጉራጌዎች እና ሌሎች የሆቴል ባለቤቶችን ንብረት ለመውሰድ ተሰብስበው ገብተው ከሰው ቤት አንወጣም የእኛ ነው ያሉ ፈጣጣ ጅሎች ናቸው።

  15. Shewarega

    oromo have the right to wave OLF FLAG .. Even in USA U have the right to burn American flag …

    now u tell the oromo to hold Ethiopian flag .. but you were not specified the Amhara flag, *the loyalist the king haile flag* or TPLF FLAG or nation and nationality flag .. u have to tell them which one..

    on other hand G7 and the Gonder also did not wave Ethiopian flag … i did not see one Ethiopian flag … yes they had the Amhara flag not the Ethiopian flag therefore if u have something to say about this event pls we r all ear

    • Amedam,

      Yeah, who said Oromos can’t fly OLF flag, can you show me where anybody said that esp me? You dont even consider yourself Ethiopian why you created out of dust some fake yellow flag misled one generation of Tigres? I asked you if TPLF fly Ethiopian flag two years they occupy Tigray before Derg fell 1989 to 1991. Your reply… you want them to fly Ethiopian flag when they are fighting against Ethiopians? Who are these Ethiopians? Filthy empty headed locust. What is what you call “Amhara flag” doing on top of your pile of rock? I told you many times best for you is to shut your mouth like your bosses chose to, dont bring unneeded attention, its hazardous to your health.

      • Shewar,

        know the difference between Amhara flag and Ethiopian flag .. just because Amhara called their flag Ethiopian flag u will not accept the same way if OLF called their flag Ethiopian flag u will not accept it.. take ur Amhara flag and shove it.. Ethiopian flag is voted democratically and bill passed and become Ethiopian flag if u have hard time accepting Ethiopian flag with the star .. then it is your problem … dont try imposed ur Amhara flag on Ethiopian…

        yes in old time the other ethnic died for Amhara flag but u buda Amhar took their victory out of their hand and slave them using the Amhara flag now u want them to wave this same flag that colonized them by the way there is two kind of colonization black colonization and white colonization … black colonization is where u own people colonized u.. if dont believe in black colonization then u will not tell us TPLF colonized u…

      • AMEDAM,
        I asked yet another question, yet another no reply. But then again what else can one expect from a tiny locust brain. What is the Ethiopian flag you degrade as Amara flag doing on your pile of rock? Let me answer it for you, BECAUSE IT IS THE ONE AND ONLY TRUE ETHIOPIAN FLAG. Go find read some history and investigate, don’t trust the local books? Then read what the outsiders wrote from medival times..Pedro Paez, the Arab Fakki….for hundreds of years the tri color held separately GREEN YELLOW AND RED. It was first put together at the Battle of Gallabat by our Emperor Atse Yohanes, green on top, yellow in the center, red at the bottom…….no askeyami Sudan ttenkkolla star. That was put there by fake, yellow rag worshipper, banda ye banda lij, regional beast Meles. Don’t sweat it too much bro, let alone your fake flag, even your fake ass has been kicked out of arat kilo. As I advised, keep your stinking locust mouth shut or you will accelerate the expropriation of your loot.

        • Shewarega,

          what kind of moron we r feeding yes Amhara flag was flown up to 1991 .. if u want to live in medival times go live in medival times… we r living in present day of Ethiopia .. now Ethiopian flag with the star voted in parliament and passed … u like it or not it served us 27 years and counting…

          now if u ask me i dont even like the start it look like someone የሞጫጨረው ይመስላል… my deal is this Ethiopian parliament voted on it and they choose it.. that end the flag question Ethiopia 3000 history .. Ethiopian flag with star is only that selected by vote…

          now u have a choice to wave Amhara flag in Amhara region but u cant imposed your Amhara flag on other Ethiopia .. why they rejected the Amhara flag on the parliament meeting and they selected the new one .. mind u at that time they could have change the whole flag but they kept the old flag as compromised even so Amhara at that time totally defeated and have zero say on the flag they kept the Amhara flag as whole the only thing they change is the star … u should be happy they kept the whole flag .. had they change the whole thing what would have done nothing …

          everything i said come and i am vindicated as HOPE he will tell u…again u touch the flag it would be the end of mama Ethiopia … this oromo skirmish terrified u then it is only trailer… full movie is coming soon

        • AMEDAM,
          Kikikikikikikikikikii ????????????????????
          The fake parliament where your fake invention of 1990, EPRDF, to cover your tiny regional secessionist ass, holds 100% of the seat? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Yeah the CCCP parliament voted on a million things at USSR too, the whole stinking shit sent straight to the trash bins of history. The day the Ethiopian flag will return to its rightful place is very very soon. You will have no choice but to swallow it as you swallowed the eviction of your locust ass from arat kilo. The inevitable course of history. But I warned you repeatedly to keep your locust mouth shut. Since you refuse, next step everything you stole will be taken in one strike, one signature, bam bam bam……that is where you will be hurt most, count the days.

          Now say Amara zis, Oromo zat, then again there is nothing you can you talk about yourself, nothing there but TENKOL KEFAT ZEREGNANET MEKKEGNANET TEEBIT BANDANET MAMETATAT MEZEREF MEGEDEL did I say ZEREGNANET? LOL..

          • Shewarega

            okay … EPRDF is fake parliament .. if u agreed to have another go at it.. u r most welcome let us have another vote on the flag .. to me flag is another ጨርቅ ነው.. i dont care what ever flag the next parliament choose i go with it.. the problem arises is when the buda Amhara refused the result of the parliament then i will have problem …

            but if u want to imposed ur Amhara flag by force on other ethnic .. i am telling u, u r ending mama Ethiopia

          • Shewarega

            honestly do u really think OROMO will vote for AMHARA FLAG ?
            honestly do u really think Ogden will vote for Amhara flag?
            honestly do u really think the golden race will vote for Amhara flag ?

          • AMEDAM,
            Again, you are all mouth no ears, nothing called Amara flag like there is nothing called Tigre flag. Green Yellow and Red. Plain and simple, you can not tomorrow stick some ugly cactus on American flag and tell the American people the current American flag is some AngloSaxon flag, duh. Governments in Ethiopia always put emblems on the flag….nothing new. The Emperor had the lion wearing a crown, Derg had commie zembaba, TPLF ummm I mean the mirage EPRDF can have tenkkola metet star, no-one cares. But I was a kid at Imperial time, adolescent during Derg, adult when fake Ethiopian TPLF came to power ordinary folk always always hold the plain flag. Neither the Emperor or Derg threaten nobody to include their symbol. It is only fake EPRDF make it illegal to hold the plain true Ethiopian flag. Referendum? Hey bring it on, you will be shocked at the result. Last nail on your locust coffin.

  16. Shewarega

    if u agree with referendum next 2020 election should be the ballot question .. talk should end let take action and let see what the people saying … the problem is would u accept defeat ? that is the million dollars question

    • AMEDAM,

      Why you keep stuttering repeating the same boring crap. I already told you bring it on…..we are ready are you? Plain and simple referendum, one Ethiopian vote counts as one vote, either for yes or no, to the rightful true Ethiopian flag plain GREEN YELLOW RED, 51% wins anything less looses. Forget Afar and likes even whose camels know Ethiopian flag, as the Sultan said, just Amara, Southern folk, and Addis is more than 51%. Defeat is on your side ????

      Ok now bring out your mametatat calculator and preach for us your most accustomed gibberish. Ah ah ah in the US zay have zis system zat makes things more even….Ah ah ah Tigre gets 15 vote, Amara 17, Oromo 18.5, Somal 15.5 blah blah blah…….I already know what your going to write. Ah ah ah or something like this ???? if I have 21 sheep, and I give 2 to Newera, 1 to Hope, 3 to Ittu Aba Farda, nothing to Aba Mela, how many I have left to sell to Shewarega? Circling around in a pile of crap.

      I told you one man one vote 51% majority wins, plain GREEN YELLOW RED stays Ethiopian flag, any party winning elections can stick whatever he wish on it, for himself. Just like King did lion, Derg zembaba, TPLF Sudan Metet Star. The average folks hold plain flag whereever whenever they wish. Regions hold in there region whatever flag the people choose. Very simple.

      • Shewarega

        u make me laugh .. i dont want to confused u .. let go 51% win majority win

        for sure my side will reach 60% … the Amhara flag only accepted in Amhara region which is only 25% of 100 million so i think this is easy win for my people ..

        • Amedam,

          Kikikikikikiki yeah you have 60%, that’s why you put referendum 27 years in power? Oh I forgot you got 100% of parliament seat, and ze democratic parliament LOL stuck your askeyami Sudan Mete star. Like your locusts ass vacate arat kilo, soon your askeyami metet star vacate the flag…..a matter of time sit back relax and watch.

  17. Bon appétit!

    A Reminder to Oromos:
    “Oromo Liberation Front, Oromo Activist, Oromia, etc.” my ass! Who is more Ethiopian than Oromos [Gebeyehu, Balcha, Abdissa, etc.]? Why are Oromos manipulated so easily?

    Weren’t Jawar, Dawud, etc. inciting/orchestrating violence/riots in Ethiopia from abroad just to use the Oromo Death Toll in Ethiopia for self-promotion propaganda videos?

    Didn’t Ethiopia’s Oromos fend off Ethiopia from colonizers? Aren’t the self-appointed ‘Oromo Activists’ like Jawar, Dawud, etc. a disgrace & an insult to Oromos?

    1. Oromos generate ≈ 60% of the GDP! Then, don’t Oromos lose 60 cents per dollar looted from Ethiopia? Didn’t TPLF & EPLF co-loot Ethiopia from 1991 till 1998? How is EPLF Oromos’ friend?
    2. Don’t pure-breed Oromos & inter-bred Oromos make ≈ 50% of Ethiopians? So, don’t Oromos lose the MOST whenever Ethiopia is destabilized?
    3. Is it in any Oromo’s interest to support any Ethiopia-destabilizing person/group [Jawar, Dawud/OLF-IFLO, etc.]? How many Ethiopians died just because of them?
    4. The 1991 TPLF-EPLF-concocted ethnic state boundary & pseudo federal system was devised to divide-&-antagonize Ethiopians while they build Tigray & Eritrea.
    5. If Egypt or its proxies [Eritrea, OLF-IFLO, GINBOT-7, ONLF, SNLF, etc.] destroy any property, Oromos foot 60% of the loss since they paid for 60% of it!
    6. Oromos destroying any Ethiopian investment is like shooting yourselves in the foot [since you will pay 60% for rebuilding it all over again]! How do you like that?
    7. All Jawar, Dawud, etc. accomplished over the decades is Tarnishing Oromos’ Image:
    i). Portraying Oromos as savages by pitting Oromos against others [Eg.: the massacre of Christians (Amharas & Oromos) by Muslim Oromos in Harar, Arusi, Illubabor, etc.].
    ii). Pitting Muslim Oromos against Christian Oromos [Illubabor, Arusi, etc.].
    iii). Using Oromos as expendable items by orchestrating riots, getting Oromos killed and using their corpses for self-promotion propaganda videos.
    iv). Inciting Oromos to destroy public property whose ≈ 60% Oromos covered & framing them to foot another ≈ 60% in rebuilding anew.
    v). Inciting Oromos to destroy private property knowing full well that ≈ 60% of what the regime pays as compensation comes from Oromos themselves!
    vi). Antagonizing Oromos with others despite the fact that Oromos covered ≈ 60% of the bill for everything built all over Ethiopia [institutions, infrastructure, etc.].
    vii). Misleading Oromos with “What is the GERD, Gibé-I-II-III, Ethio Rail, etc. to you?”. Hasn’t the regime covered ≈ 60% of the cost with the revenue from Oromos?

    Au revoir!

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