Women win half of Ethiopia’s cabinet roles in reshuffle

Aisha Mohammed arrives to take her oath of office as Ethiopia’s new minister of defence. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Guardian – Ethiopia’s prime minister has appointed women to half the posts in his cabinet and created a new ministry of peace in a sweeping reshuffle that will reinforce the momentum of his radical reform programme in the vast, strategically significant African country.

Abiy Ahmed has turned the region’s politics on its head with a string of reforms since being appointed in April, earning comparisons to Nelson Mandela, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama and Mikhail Gorbachev.

On Tuesday, he named the former construction minister, Aisha Mohammed, as defence minister – the first woman to hold that position in the country – and announced the creation of a new peace ministry led by Muferiat Kamil, former parliament speaker.

Kamil’s office will oversee the intelligence and security agencies, a move that reinforces the downgrading of the traditionally powerful security establishment in the authoritarian state.

The reshuffle comes amid a wave of ethnic violence.

“The main problem in this country is the lack of peace. This [peace] ministry will be working hard to ensure it prevails,” Abiy told lawmakers.

Since his appointment, Abiy has made peace with neighbouring Eritrea and presided over the partial privatisation of key economic sectors such as telecommunications.

The 42-year-old has also extended an olive branch to several rebel groups and promised to follow a policy of reconciliation and rein in the powerful security agencies. Yet the changes have not stopped ethnically charged violence, some of which has escalated since he was named premier.

About 1.4 million people out of a population of 102 million have been displaced by violence since last year, much of it between rival ethnic groups.

Though the economy has grown by nearly 10% on average for the past decade, the recent unrest has led to concerns over its long-term stability.

Ethiopia faces deep challenges: a critical shortage of foreign currency, only temporarily solved by an infusion of cash from the United Arab Emirates. There is growing inequality, a shortage of jobs for a huge number of graduates, significant environmental damage, ethnic tensions and a hunger for change.

Different interest groups have come together in recent years to constitute a powerful groundswell of discontent, with widespread anti-government protests led by young people. At least 70% of the population is below the age of 30.

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), the rebel coalition that ousted the Derg military regime in 1991, has been split by factional battles between four ethnically based parties as well as fierce competition between institutions and individuals.

The Tigrayans, an ethnic community centred in the north of Ethiopia, make up about 6% of the population but are generally considered to dominate the political and business elite.

Abiy was seen as a relative political outsider before being picked for the top job by the EPRDF council. He is the first leader from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic community, the Oromo, who have complained for decades of economic, cultural and political marginalisation. Abiy has also appeared publicly with his wife and daughters, an unusual step for senior Ethiopian politicians.

Some worry that “Abiymania” is a personality cult; others liken it to the sort of adoration that has often followed Ethiopian leaders, including the former emperor, Haile Selassie.


  1. The miracle of our ancestors

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    • AA Sefere,
      Welcome back and thank you for sharing some og our history that make all Ethiopians proud!! Let us hope and pray that ignorant brainwashed hatefilled racist Woyanes don’t go around to Ethiopia’s historical sights, and artifacts and destroy our priceless treasures, as the Taliban and ISIS had done n many Middle Eastern countries!!

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    • Komata Sefer,

      Interesting list of Zeke eating centers. Were you in all of these centers? If your answer is yes, which one were your favorite and why?

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  5. Addis Abeba Sefere
    Absolutely bro..this damo (donkey and monkey ) his personality is messed up bro… do we have to be Amara,Oromo,Tigre,Guraghe, Afar, Agnuwak….whatever…to follow an idea, to impose a certain principle, to accept and deny any philosophical thoughts? Let alone the glorious Ethiopianess where is humanity?
    See! This is the core problem of ethnic based politics. እንዴት በራሱ አይመካም?ለምን በአስተሳሰቡ አይመራም? ለምን በራሱ አይኮራም? He messed up my morning bro…he really messed up my morning ….
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    • With all do respect, I just don’t like it! Regardless how small or big ones nose is, or his/her behind is, or crossed eyes he/she is, or whatever he/she looks like…, God is the one that created all of us, diffrent like snow flakes!! As long as, he or she go around looting, torturing and slaughtering innocent people, who cares what they look like!! One should be judged by his/her character!!

      Martin Luther King, Jr.
      “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

      • Hopeless,

        You won’t find a single Komata among Dorezes. Prostitution is also unheard of. They are superior to Azemaris in many ways. They don’t gossip, steal, beg, and pimp. Physically they look like the beautiful Oromos. Believe me they are superior to Zeke eating Azemari maggots!

        You won’t find illegitimate by-blows like Komata Sefer and Aba Snich. They are innocent hard working people.

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          Eat s**t if you want! Who cares!!
          What people eat, what they look like, What they wear, or what disease they suffer from such as auto immune diseases as leprosy, diabetes or cancer, etc., that is out of their control!! It has nothing to do with the Hell going in Ethiopia!! The stumbling hurdles and major problems of Ethiopia/ns are the demented bloodthirsty inhumane organized criminals TPLF mafia, that are robbing the country and slaughtering Ethiopians!!

  6. Hope
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  7. Damo
    October 22, 2018 at 4:37 AM
    Aba Hodam,
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  8. Hope

    There r close to 1-Mil. of Balege tribes in a close range. The natives r star gazing them seriously.

  9. Damo> donkey and monkey
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    Damo( Demystifer of Azemaris mythology and obsession)

    • Doma head, the hatefilled religious extremist Woyane thug genius is exhibiting Taliban style savage mentality extremism!!

      In Afghanistan:
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      If interested to read more:

  12. Of course who doesn’t beg in ETHIOPIA except LEBA -YE-LEBA-ZER @GAMIDO JIBOCH? Thx for USA. U r here mowing down a Bk Broiler and frank sausages with out any issues, but I guarantee u some of ur family back home they probably r in KOSHE-ZEKE not even ZEKE.

    Addis ababa sefere The false monkey banana KOTCHO slapper!

  13. It is really sad that Nazret has chosen to turn their face away, but they have their reasons. I know nobody is innocent here including myself. Only a couple of people have managed to keep a clean hand, like Ittu Aba Farda. Also it was kinda customary people threw stuff at each other, but I have not seen it this TOXIC in fifteen years. I also have to say it is a direct result of a SINGLE blogger. Even Damo acknowledged that couple weeks back, before things soured and took the wrong turn. It is really sad this forum where Ethiopians, in all shape size and persuasion, used to exchange ideas learn new thoughts was turned into a 24/7 trash bin. As I mentioned in here before, the saddest part is that the younger generation will pick up the poison and use it without even understanding the true meaning of it. Again, the only sheriff in town who can put a stop to it is sound asleep. Only if all those countrymen being displaced, chopped by gejera, and living in so much misery could read this, I wonder what they will say?

  14. To Oromos [Recap/Reminder]:

    1. Practice What You Preach: Those who fight for their rights, equality, etc. should NEVER VIOLATE them or DENY others those same things under ANY pretext!

    2. Nobody is More Ethiopian Than Oromos: Ethiopia’s Oromos fended-off Ethiopia from colonizers! Did anyone put a gun to their heads to put their lives on the line for Ethiopia?

    3. Menelik-II vs. ‘Oromo Activists (OLF-IFLO, Jawar, etc)’: Menelik saved his Oromo Cavalry for last who obliterated the Italian Army. The ‘Oromo Activists’ have been using Oromos as expendables and using their death toll for self-promotion propaganda videos.

    4. About ‘Neftegna’ & ‘Elite Amhara’: How many ‘Neftegnas’ are alive? Weren’t the Elites all about themselves? What have they done for the average Amhara? Go & see!

    5. Pseudo Ethnic Equality Barrier: The 1991 TPLF-EPLF-concocted Oromia, Amhara, etc. is a divisive barrier erected to divide-&-antagonize Ethiopians while they co-loot!

    6. End the ‘Oromia’ Crap: Why are there so many self-serving ‘Oromo Organizations’? Do Oromos need a different kind of democracy, freedom, etc. than the rest of the world?

    7. Pitting Amharas Against Oromos: This is the game Ethiopia’s Enemies [Egypt, EPLF-TPLF, etc.] play to loot Ethiopia or to use Ethiopia’s resources [Blue Nile] uncontested.

    8. All that glitters is NOT GOLD: Oromos should not be fooled by agents of Ethiopia’s Enemies [Egypt, Eritrea, etc.] who pose as ‘Oromo liberators’, ‘Oromo activists’, etc.

    9. Killing is the Worst Crime [NOT Heroism]: Murder under the guise of ‘Oromo Liberation’ is Barbarism, Savagery and Violation of Human Rights punishable by law!

    10. Pure-breed Oromos & Inter-bred Oromos make ≈ 50% of Ethiopians: Is destabilising Ethiopia in Oromos’ interest? Don’t Oromos benefit the most from a developed Ethiopia?

    11. Vandalizing Public/Private Property: Destroying any property is shooting yourselves in the foot [Oromos cover 60% of the loss OR 60% of the rebuilding cost all over again]!

  15. Ayalew Mognu

    Couldn’t agree with you more brother, but unfortunately it seems things are falling into deaf ears and wrong crowd lately.
    BT,W, Miss cc CT ml by ko Asha or Ashangulit Shibirom’s sh wed ,falsehoods and his 99 woyane ‘ s devil Bilbile.

  16. Ayalew Mognu

    Couldn’t agree with you more brother, but unfortunately it seems things are falling into deaf ears and wrong crowd lately.
    BTW, I miss issue Mr.’ Asha or Ashangulit Shibirom’s weeding falsehoods and his 99
    yrs woyanee ‘ s devil Bilbile reading per day and pet.minute


  17. Ayalew Mongu

    U said it well. This is the sour sweet for day light JIB-YE-JIB-LIJOCH LEBAS to swallow.

    “ethiopia has no need of no one! she stretches her hands unto GOD.”

  18. Aba Geda

    U r really a monotonous DEDEB. U have no idea how many people want punch ur bonny face.? included DAMO. Please Damo kick this hallow head AMBETA rt! on his nuts! U have been saying the same SHT! over and over, would u please come up with different insults? If u that dummy ? let us know we will help u with new sentences. I am really puking when ever i see ur Locust filled NEFTAM brain oscilating. Oooooooooooooh! stinky wedi Shermuta.

    • AA Sefere,
      Asking Doma to punch Aba Gedada is like asking the master of evil Lucifer to punch Satan. Doma loves Aba Gedada, he even thinks Aba Gedada is a humble man!! To tell you the truth, Doma is much worse than Aba Diablos himself!!
      Maya Angelou: ‘When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them”.
      Doma has shown who he is!! Not only he despise Amharas, he hates Orthodox Christians and everything else about Ethiopia, even the name Ethiopia! Doma has also said that our friend Abebaw is “the most dangerous person on nazret.com” — go figure!!

  19. HOPE

    Brother hope u absolutely rt! what i am saying is “when the F’K’N dolt is beyond and above dyslexic MEHAYEM level doing insanity of the same st! but different days, I start nauseating for sure at his obliterated below the bottom of animal’s character I.Q.! Where in heaven’s name did this clown went to preschool?

  20. Aba Geda,
    Aba Geda sorry bro for late response Im kind of busy. I have read your request getting a reward for the last thread comments. Im glad you have asked getting a reward, I would love to solve your request on be half of Nazret.Com. I’ve printed out the last 700 comments and made some decoration on it, cut into pieces and coiled it. So im gonna send it to your address. Upon receiving open the box and there will be a coiled item you can see it easily. I have wrote some note on top of it too. Open the box take it out the coiled item and shove it into your donkey ass and leave it there until X-Mass morning. On early X-MASS morning take it out the roasted coiled item from your ass and close your eyes, appreciate the smell, smile, node your head and sing Teddy Afro’s song አሁን አየ አይኔ።
    Best Regards,

  21. ABA MELA

    The B*******CH ain’t lasting until X-MAS. We will catch’em, and drilled out all this drug contained BELESEand ANBETA out of his Getata Tigre Azz. The rootless LEBA-YE-LEBA-ZER-DAY-LIGHT-JIB is the dead M’Fr!

  22. Within 11 lineS aba geda mentioned Amhara 7times. AMHARA,AMHARA,AMHARA,AMHA….
    May Almighty GOD bless Amhara People.

  23. What is prime minister Abiye doing? Where are the changes we all have been waiting for? Of course, political prisoners were released, political parties were allowed to enter the country, peace with tiny Eritrea has been resorted, and people are enjoying freedom of speech and assembly better than before. However, millions still live in constant fear and uncertainty in many parts of the country.

    Why is that people still dying in Raya? Why are TPLF thugs who killed and destroyed millions of lives still free to kill? I heard today Sebhat Nega was seen walking in Awassa wearing a large sun glass acting like a blind old man. Why is the thugs are allowed to move freely? Why are the murderers of Wolitas in Awass are still at large? The same criminals who murdered Wolitas burned shops owned by Gurages, Amharas , Kembattas and Wolitas a couple of weeks ago and still nothing has been done to bring the criminals to justice ? In Gamabela region, unelected thugs who had close relationships with Getachew Assefa are still running the show jailing and killing people. Why are people in Gambella are still thrown to jail and the government doesn’t do anything to prevent it?

    Where is the change Mr. Prime minister? People are still paying bribes and kick backs to get things done. People are still asked to pay property and business taxes three and four times higher than their income. Incompetent people are still running government institutions. The justice system is still infested by Woyane era quack judges. Where is the change prime minister Abiye?

    Because of political uncertainty, economic activities are slowing down in many parts of the country. The value of homes is continually declining in some sections of the country. I don’t see anything done to address the unemployment and underemployment problems in the country. Millions go to bed without eata single meal a day.

    Prime minister, people want to see real change. They are tired of watching on their TV screen Woyane era so called prime ministers and thieves still running the show. Where is the change prime minister???

    • Doma head,
      LOL! HERE IS DOMA TALKING ON BOTH SIDES OF HIS MOUTHS AGAIN! It is a wonder who you are trying to manipulate and impress! A few days ago you said that one thing you like about TPLF is, for massacring Amhara Debtras! What a DESPICABLE shameless Soulless Nazi you are!! You can only fool people that suffer from dementia!! Yager soulless ketaffi!! Why did say them Abebaw is the worst person? Disingenuous insincere double talker!!

  24. Hopeless,

    What time is it? I have forgotten about you and the last time I checked your doodle, you are still talking about me? Why do you call everyone who opposes or doesn’t accept your twisted view as TPLF or ISIS?

    I know that you have a very limited knowledge about the things around you. Posting comments is not as easy as selling chips and sodas. I am still waiting to read something meaningful from you. You know and I know that I ain’t TPLF rat. Why are wasting time insulting me? Hopeye, I don’t appreciate what you are doing.

    • Doma head,
      LOL! BrillIant my a**! Don’t get a fat head!! you are just a godawful hateful creature!! I have followed you pretty good, you are nothing but a brainwashed racist trabalist full of misinformation and hatred!! I care less what a hateful racist demented bloodyhand Woyanes like you thinks of me!! Demonizing innocent people is what you know well!! You are encouraging your equally vile extremist shameless Nazi-Woyane, Aba Diablos to degrade, demonizes and insult all of us on nazret.com and the entire Amhara ethnic group, but when we criticize you and call you on it, you act as a decent creature! When it comes to HATE, even you make Aba Diablos look like a saint!! You are Full of hot air, just a brainwashed desensetized ISIS-Woyane, or OLF, Waiting to spill the blood of innocent Ethiopians!! If you are not Woyane, you could be that brainwashed hatefilled racist educated fool Jawar-OLF-ISIS!! Waiting to be like the dead evil MelAss to divide, to loot, to kill and get billionair! True or not, there news out there that you have already stolen $250,000 from OLF members!! CRIMINAL IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY!! May God curse the womb that carried you!!

      • Aba geda, the komata brain woyane poodle. you have been firing your [email protected] on
        the komata brain lie factory calling himself damo. You mischievous leper/kamata brain, you tried to disguise who you are but your komata brain gave away who you are. one komata brain leading another komata brain heading into the pit.

      • Aba Diablos,
        Lol! Good to know that you yourself admitted that you are indeed Aba Diablos!
        I don’t care what you call me!! But, regardless it is you, Doma head, TBF or whoever…, I despise barbarous racist that generalizes and demonizes the entire unarmed, defenseless Amhara ethnic group, that are still being terrorized, tortured, displaced, and massacred by your masters, the organized homegrown TPLF terrorists that have robbed the country, tortured and slaughtered millions Ethiopians needlessly for 27 years throughout Ethiopia!!

  25. Damo,.
    Now you talk! Let’s insult each others despite the fact that let’s have the same ground in the mean time. Same ground, same principle, same ideology etc. ብረት ብረትን ይስለዋል ይባላል።

  26. ይህንን ድህረ ገጽ ለረጅም ጊዜ ስከታተል ቆይቻለሁ:: አስተያየትሰጭዎቹ በጣም ነው የምትገርሙኝ:: ከምትጽፉት የአጻጻፍ ስልትና የእንግሊዘኛ ችሎታችሁን እንደማነበው ሁላችሁም የተማራችሁ በእድሜም የገፋችሁ ትመስሉኛላችሁ ደግሞም ናችሁ:: እንደው ጥያቄዬ ልጆቻችሁ እንደዚህ እንደእናንተ ቢያደርጉ እና ቢጽፉ ምን ይሆን የምትሉት? እኔ በእየቤተ እምነቱ እና የተለያየ ቦታ ስሄድና የተማሩ ኢትዮጵያውያንሲያጋጥሙኝ ይህም ይሄኔ ከእነዛ ውስጥ አንዱ ነው ብዬ አስባለሁ:: ምን አይነት ሞራል የሌላችሁ ከንቱ እንደሆናችሁ ከአእምሮአችሁ የሚፈልቀው ቃላት ስለእያንዳንዳችሁ ይናገራል:: ትንሽ አታፍሩም:: ለስድብ ቁጭ ስትሉ:: አይ ኢትዮጵያ! ስንት ነገር ማስተማር ስትችሉ አንተ ትግሬ አንተ ኦሮሞ አንተ አማራ ስትባባሉ እና የመርዝ መርፌ በሌላው ሰው አእምሮ ውስጥ ስትከትቡ ኩራት ይሰማችሁ ይሆን? ማታ ስትተኙ ምን ይሆን የምታስቡት? እራሳችሁ ላይስ መርዝ ለሰውነታችሁ እየመገባችሁ መሆሆኑንስ ታስተውሉት ይሆን? በገንዘብ ተከፍሎ የተገኘን እውቀት እንደዚህ ሲባክን ያሳዝናል:: እስቲ ትንሽ ተረጋጉ:: ሁላችሁም ማፈሪያዎች ናችሁ:: ናዝሬት ዳት ኮም አስተያየቴን ፖስት እንደሚያደርግልኝ አምናለሁ::

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