Ethiopia – Billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi ‘Still Alive’ and Charged With Graft

Another billionaire detained in the sweep is Mohammed al Amoudi, whose fortune stands at $9.9b. Al Amoudi controls an empire with investments in Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Europe, including Sweden’s largest oil refiner. Photographer: Hans Berggren

Bloomberg- Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Mohammed Al Amoudi is in the custody of authorities and has been charged with corruption and bribery, a Saudi official said on Thursday — more than a year after the tycoon was held in the kingdom’s controversial anti-corruption campaign.

During Al Amoudi’s long detention, rumors spread among Saudi Arabia’s business elite that he had died. But the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he was “still alive” and would face trial in a Saudi court on a date yet to be confirmed.

Tim Pendry, a spokesman for Al Amoudi, disputed that the businessman had been officially charged with any wrongdoing and declined further comment.

Al Amoudi was detained in Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton hotel last November along with dozens of princes, officials and businessmen as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman declared a campaign against corruption. Critics denounced the purge as a shakedown and intimidation tactic, a charge the government has vehemently denied, saying it was necessary to clean up the kingdom as part of the prince’s economic transformation program.

Most of the detainees were released earlier this year; however several high-profile figures are still being held. The government has never officially announced who was freed, who remains in custody or what charges they face.

Al Amoudi’s arrest is of particular interest to Ethiopia, where the billionaire owns vast assets. In May, after a visit to Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that he had inquired after Al Amoudi and was “sure” he would be released soon.


  1. I don’t know how one can possibly be certain whether Al- Amoudin is a live after the world witnessed the butchering of journalist Khashoggi. The whole world was shocked by the slaughtering of this journalist at the embassy. I am also surprised by the silence of the world after watching the documentary on the most heinous crime committed by the African homosexual tigre liberation thugs. It is a moral call for all humanity around the world to bring these tigre liberation thugs to justice and make them pay the price.

  2. Abebaw

    I haven’t watched the mentioned Doc about Woyane’s outlaws, which I expect to be nothing short of horror movie and barbarism, but I agree with that whether Sheik Al Amoudi is even still alive. Worse yet, the filthy and the mother -of- all corruptions and decadence , the Saudi eunichs, degenerates and girlie men, who are the most corrupt and decadent in the whole planet are accusdim him of grand corruption and that is unless he pays shake downs and bribe to them.

    As per irrational/emotional animosity displayed by some ethiopians against him and his businesses, it misguided snd ill-informed as best. For starters , givevthe credit to where it is due : atleast he started his business with his own money unlike Tigrain scammers and other corrupt local looters. Moreover, any competitive and ambitious nation needs to attract more investors and it doesn’t make sense to chase those who are well-established and well meaning , on top having cultural and ancestral ties. There will be all corruption and collusions always and everywhere, but solution lies how minimize it plus fixing institutional competences and weakness to deal with it, not antagonizing and chasing business, investors and creative people out.

    • Ali Roble,

      – The documentary I referred is here. It is never been seen in any horror movies, but had been common in Ethiopia for the last 27 years. Sad, very sad to watch.

      – I can see the point you made about Al Amoudin. If he had done many good to the county history will judge that or if he armed , financed and enabled tplf to commit ethnic cleansing and terrorized Ethiopians that will go down in history too.

      • Made up stories, you guys are really fooling yourself, we Ethiopians don’t have the problem as you put it no matter what ethnic make up we came from and also didn’t you remember when America invaded Iraq, so even in a democracy water boarding and even what you said was wrong if it has happened, these is a child political issue

  3. Almoudi has benefited from Ethiopia, than Ethiopia has benefited from him. I have zero empathy for Almoudi, but saying that no human being should be tortured as that Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi and many Shiite Saudis. The extremely wealthy Almoudi, that could have lived comfortably and extravagantly in any part of the world of his choosing, should have never aligned himself with the very bloodyhand criminal TPLF mafia that robbed Ethiopia blind, tortured and massacred unknown number of peaceful Ethiopians!
    “To whom much is given, from him much is expected”. It is hard to comprehend how multi billionaires sleep well atnight… knowing that so many children around the world are dying for a lack of cup of water and a piece of bread a day!

  4. Abebaw
    Thanks brother for posting this documentary about the woyane’s thugdocray rule and crueilities over 27 years. It is heart- wrenching story but the bigger question is can we learn something about it as a nation and citizens, because similar happened during both Haile Selassie and Derg times?Ask any Ethio-somali who is old enougn to live during the King’s reign to recite, three familiar amharic words they hate to heard most, because the associate with torture, killing, corruption, disfunction of the rule of law and injustice of are :ሌባ: ወንጂልና: ቀጤሮ:: In other words, anyone could be accused of any crime at any one and be punished accordingly. The Dergist case was different in that you could be s accused of something and shot on spot before even going see semblance of court and judgement. No questions were asked.That was back then but recently Woyane took that to the next logical step by proclaiming equality, democracy and rule law and instituted instead a reign of ethnic minority terror and private torture chambers and farms. So the important lesson to be learned here is not be repeated such barbaric practices in the name of public safety and justices by any regime.

  5. I remember once Al Amoudi called Meles “serto yemiyasera meri.” ?????? The looter praising the butcher, one put down in one strike by almighty God never to wiggle and insult Ethiopians by his filthy tongue, the other tittering on the verge of death, his billions can never ever get him out of the trap he is in. All his “gebrebelas” did not even demonstrate once in front of a Saudi embassy, abiet abiet ye Ethiopia hizbe very quick to forget their benefactor. I also remember once at Sheraton, they were celebrating the grandoise of the “Thousand Years Reich” ever lasting greatness of TPLF ?, Mr Moudi said…..” EHADEGEN YEMEWEDEW ENDE LEBEH GALEBEBET SELALEGNE NEW,” lol Little did he know that TPLF has no right whatsoever to tell him that for the land both were standing on belonged to others. Many many many grand Ethiopians once walked on that holy ground, nobles, warriors, arbegnas, administrators, princes and sultans. They forged the country walked by the millions bare foot, died by the hundreds of thousands to defend her. But the looters, invaders, and tyrants they come they blabber their shit, “The civilizing mission” of Mussolini, the ” Tehadiso Barbarism” of TPLF, but in the end the bitter end they come they go, WE STAY. Because it’s OUR LAND.

  6. I think Almoudin should choose to say in Saudi prison. If he chooses to be released, they should get him a one way ticket to Dedebit pit where his colleagues are rotting. I just hear his friend Berket joined the animals.

  7. This sheki was supporting the the TPLF mafias morally and financially. The arrest of this tycoon in Saudi coincided with the downfall of TPLF in Ethiopia. The Tigre mafia government did crimes no government, even Nazi, had did to humanity. God is great; He revenged on behalf of the weak. “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. Romans 12:17 .

  8. The ABIY Govt. must seized all the master of blasphemy “HO” fraud property, lands, and all illegally owned business throughout Ethiopia. The Leba Don John Silver immoral horny “TOAD” is fully responsible for a number of killings and raping by collaborating with the the stinky, Gimatam @game Lebas who r lined up on Death raw! the illegally built “Internationally known as an Arab Jigllo!Go! Go! club, Hustlers gathering penthouse should be demolished or should be converted to some type of trauma center clinic or Hospital to serve the over populated Addis Ababa population health related issues. The blasphemy womanizer should be fully accountable for using free hot water “FIL WHUA”and running steam generators to obtain free turbine driven Electric power for the past 30-years and we demand to pay for his cheats and face like others LIKISKIS Tigre animals.

  9. Woyane spent the last 27 years to build Ethiopia Economically, diplomatically, politically and restore peace and stability.
    How many months will Egypt and Isays need to destroy what Woyane built in the last 27 yrs?. Certainly we are witnessing it. We are counting the months and days when this beautiful country we be on its knee.The grate Aalmudi spent his treasure in investing in his birth country and creating job opportunities for his fellow people and develop his country in general. unfortunate , Egypt has to stop him not to go further in building Ethiopia for the simple reason that building Ethiopia is a major risk for the existence of Egypt.
    Egypt has big hands in the middle east and Saudi is the main ally of Egypt. So you dont have to be brainier to figure out this.
    The fake patriotism of ethiopian diaspora is to work together with our enemies and victimize the very country they pretend to like it.The good point is the people know who is who and the people of ethioipia know that Alamudi is one of the true son of Ethiopia diaspora who did grate job for his country .Any one of you diaspora didnt do a quarter of what Alamudi did for his country. All what you did was becoming headache of Ethiopia.

    • TBF said:
      “Woyane spent the last 27 years to build Ethiopia Economically, diplomatically, politically and restore peace and stability.”

      AGAIN, you are only fooling yourself! You remind me of the shameless hate group that also deny the Holocaust!
      Lies and denials doesn’t erase the undeniable horrific crimes of TPLF mafia!! Besides the billions of dollars TPLF have stolen, here is some of the testimonies of Ethiopian victims, out of millions that have been mercilessly tortured and disfigured by INHUMANE TPLF mafia:
      Here watch it again:

  10. Right now Alamoudin is living better than most habesha people. he is in good health living with comfort. Woyane and Alamoudin stole habesha people’s assests living Ethiopians and Eritreans to live in exile. The homeless Disney worker who died alone in her car became the face of a public debate, but all she wanted was privacy. For seven years, Yeweinishet “Weini” Mesfin lived out of her Honda Civic in California,USA .

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