Ethiopia – Huajian Group to manage Jimma Industrial Park


A memorandum of understanding that enables the Chinese company Huajian to manage and operate the shades in Jimma Industrial Park was signed with Industrial Parks Development Corporation today.

Briefing journalists, Investment Commissioner Abebe Abebayehu said “Huajian Group will develop about 9 shades to produce shoe, apparel and other products, in addition to developing about 40 hectare of land to build coffee processing companies.”

He noted that the group will cooperate with famous Chinese companies in the field by adding values to the products as the consumption of coffee is growing rapidly in China.

“We will also expand widely coffee processing companies in the area in the future as coffee is abundant around Jimma,” the commissioner stated.

Industrial Parks Development Corporation CEO, Lelise Neme said the corporation expects the company to create direct and indirect job opportunities for 12,000 to 15,000 people.

The company has also promised to build vocational centers in cooperation with Jimma city and zone administration.

Huajian President, HuaRong Zhang said on his part we are very confident of our investment in Jimma and the company will serve the local market by producing, apparel, shoes, construction materials, furniture and other products that the local market demands.

He added that the company will also focus on coffee processing and export to the global market.

Huajian Group has been investing in Ethiopia since 2011 and the investment capital has reached 100 million USD, creating jobs for about 8,000 people so far.


  1. It has not been made clear to the public what this term “industrial parks” exactly mean. Industrial park doesn’t mean the factories inside the compound as many think it means. Industrial park is the compound nothingelse.

    So far the government of Ethiopia was managing the compound now it is going to be Huajian managing the compounds because some employees had been stealing and taking the factory’s properties outside selling them.

    Now the compound is going to be managed by Huajian Security guards to prevent stealing .

  2. Wow!!! ‘job opportunities for 12,000 to 15,000 people.’? That is great news. Awesome as the young generation say these days. Coming to town of a major factory to town can be like a snow ball effect. Once it anchors its feet firmly there many feeder and smaller factories will follow. Eateries and larger shopping center will pop up creating many more jobs. I hope and pray that the anchor factories will continue having good years in the market. All the best!!!

  3. Segregation was how aparthaied lasted in South Africa. Same as why the workers at these industrial parks are held segregated at the industrial parks . Also same as how few days ago all University campuses were told to hold their students within the campuses against their will to segregate them and get their labor in the meantime. Parents are reluctant to take action condemning the segregation since most parents are not able to afford food to feed their children during the summer .

    Faculties were given the letter telling them.
    ” Students must work as laborers to work until we beautify Oromia. Summer time or no summer time you must do what we tell you without any resistance, if you know what I mean. It is payback time we Oromos will build Oromia from scratch and you Abyssinians will cover all the costs.Students will provide the labor and others will cover the expenses ESAT is at the forefront of the organizations that we Oromos will dismantle and take their capital as punishment for what the Menilik settlers did to Oromos. All including tol should follow suit to our demands or you will suffer the mighty GADDA JUSTICE to the limit.ESAT’s capital is needed to rebuild Oromia to our liking while ESAT’s services are not needed since we got OMN and many others.All of Addis Ababa including this cursed Bole Airport will be demolished and we Oromos will build Finfinne from scratch to our liking. Oromia will build our own dams and build all of Oromia from scratch. We will not share our resources with the Menilik Settlers anymore. The only reason we kept Abyssinians around is so these weak beggars face GADDA justice for what they done to Oromos . Abyssinians allover including ESAT will cover the costs of demolishing and rebuilding Oromia including Finfinne, as punishment before we are done with them. We want nothing of the Abyssinians memory to remain standing anywhere in or around Oromia including the name Addis Ababa itself. The only thing the Menilik settlers must do is payback Oromos what they stole from Oromia. Just continue to cough it up as ESAT did.”

  4. Ato Ittu Aba
    Why are so a moused by this news. You see we grow coffee and someone else comes and build a coffee processing factory which I think is a bad and STUPIDITY thing to Ethiopian . We should keep it as Ethiopian and build by ourselves with no slave driver from far east or west. The main idea is to compare with major coffee producer like Starbeck and others and also dominate the world market by controlling the coffee ground like Ethiopia.
    Chinese are takings over the world market by fast ,take ex. Chinese telecom jaint which is now a treat to others western telecom com. They grew fast in a short times and dominant 5G.
    In 5 years this China coffee deal worth billion of dollars while Ethiopia is serving like slave by cheap labour and 23$ a month salery.
    Now, think before you applauded the FULISH SLAVE DEAL

    C’EST MOI SENAIT the true and pure Ethiopia has spoken

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