Ethiopia and Kenya are struggling to manage debt for their Chinese-built railways

Chinese train masters on the Addis Ababa to Djibouti line

In the wake of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Forum in Beijing six weeks ago, Ethiopia gained another Chinese debt-concession. China’s second-largest African borrower and prominent BRI partner in infrastructure finance also received a cancellation on all interest-free loans up to the end of 2018. This was on top of previous renegotiated extensions of major commercial railway loans agreed earlier in 2018.

These concessions highlight the continuing debt-struggles that governments have in taking on Chinese large infrastructure projects. But they also demonstrate the advantages and flexibility, that African governments can gain in working with China—if they can leverage it.

Ethiopia’s railway projects have been an instructive case of both the benefits and pitfalls of Chinese finance. It has been over a year since the Chinese-built and financed Addis-Djibouti standard gauge railway (SGR) opened to commercial service in January 2018. A flagship project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in the Horn of Africa, and constructed in parallel with Kenya’s showy Chinese-built SGR, the project was Ethiopia’s first railway since a century ago (another urban-rail project, the Addis light-rail transit (LRT) was completed earlier in 2015), as well as being the first fully-electrified line in Africa.

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    2. My proposed Trans-Ethiopia Railways, Trans-Ethiopia Highways and strategically located International Standard Airports [for airlifting freight & trucking them away]:

    i). It is the most cost-efficient investment. Ethiopia’s population is already over 100 million. How do you intend to transport & feed these people by buses & trucks?

    ii). Once you have Trans-Ethiopia Railways [North-South, East-West, etc.], all you need next is feeder rail lines to nearby cities & towns. They get tons of shipment within hours!

    iii). Similarly, once you set up Trans-Ethiopia Highways, all you do next is branch roads which connect cities and towns to those highways. You save billions in road networks.

    iv). When it comes to the airports, they are indispensable: freight depot from nearby ports, delivery/pickup of emergency supplies, flying specialty medics, air travel, etc.

    3. Manpower Training: I suggested to Ethiopian Airlines [on Nazret] to implement Equal Job Opportunity by giving entrance exams in all regions. Same for rail, highways, etc.

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  9. Sudan slapped Abiy Ahmed on his face – it looks he even had a narrow escape from arrest. That is the price of continuing in doing tplf diplomacy. Bravo, Sudan.ነገሩ እንድህ ነው፣ ዐብይ አህመድ የሱዳንን ተቀናቃኞች ለማስታረቅ የሠላም ፓስተር ሆነው ሱዳን ይገኛሉ። ተቃዋሚ ኃይሎች እና ተደራዳሪዎች ከዐብይ ጋር ተገናኝተው ስብሰባ በማድረግ ላይ እያሉ ነው – ዐብይን በቀይ ካር ማስጠንቀቂያ በመስጠት ወደ አገሩ ሲጠርዙት ሌሎች ሱዳናዊያን ወደ እስር ቤት ተጫኑ። ቅሌት አይባልም ይሄ – የእራሱ አሮበት የሰው ሲያማስል። ሱዳን በአልበሽር መንገድ እንድትሄድ ይፈልጋል – የለመደች ጦጣ ወያኔ።

    • Kikikikiki. Oh old fart Ababa, you are clearly showing that you grew up in Madbet (kitchen) under your mom’s skirt. The way you describe things, typical ashmuregna weyzero.
      What you telling us is the Sudanese waited until the end of the negotiation meeting to slap him? They didn’t tell him not to come, didn’t tell him to go back from their airport but they slapped him after the negotiation meeting? Ridiculous, Keep telling to yourself happy thoughts.

      • ካካ ራስ፣
        እውነቱን መሸከም ሲያቅትሽ እንዴ ሴት ወሻ ዞረሽ ሰው ላይ ቡፍ ቡፍ ትያለሽ።
        ሀ) ዐብይ አህመድ ሱዳን ሊያደራድር ሂዷል አልሄደም?
        ለ) ሊያደራድራቸው የነበሩት ሰዎች እስር ቤት ተግዘዋል አልተጋዙም?
        ይኸንን ስትመልሽ ቡፍ ቡፍ ማለትሽን ታቆሚያለሽ። ምንድን ነው ዐብይ በአፍሽ ያስነከሰሽ አጥንት አለ እንዴ – ገና ዐ..ብ ..ይ ሲባል ቡፍ ትያለሽ – ሙሉ ካካ እራስ።

        • Watch the clip in the link below and show us the slapping. It looks the guy has some magic making people like him. I think your expectations of him is so high you want him convert water in to Tej, LOOOOOL. If people got arrested, why is that a slap to him? He tried a Nobel thing. May god bless is soul.

          Let me ask you the reverse of the question you asked me, why are you looking for negatives on whatever Abiy does? Why do you ቡፍ ትያለሽ when you hear or read about him doing good things? Is it because he is Ethiopian Pente? ??????

    • Abebaw,
      First and Foremost, Abiy needs straighten and take care of the chaos that is going on at home and secure the border!! Abiy should focus and do everything under the sun to stop the braibwashed and desensitized OLF hoodlums that are creating choas and killing Ethiopian citizens, thay Abiy is responsible for the safity and security of all Ethiopians!!
      If you haven’t read this article, please do:

      • Hope,

        Thank you for sharing the information! I have not read this piece before. As we all know ኢትዮጵያ ሃገራችንን የሚበላት የሞተላት ሳይሆን የገደላት ነው። ስለሆነም ነፍስ አጥፊ የተራ ተራ ወያኔ እና ኦዴፓ -ኦነግ ጥርቅም ያለአግባብ ሲበለፅጉ፣ እንቅልፍ አልባ ነጭ ገዋን ለባሽ ሀኪሞች ግን ዳቦ ጠግበው መኖር አቅቷቸዋል። ነገሩ ችግር መቼ እንድፈታ ነው የሚፈለገው ወያኔ እና ኦነግ እንድተነፍሱ ነው። ዛሬ ከአንድ ስመ-ጥሩ የቀዶ ጥገና ሀኪም ይበልጥ መንግሥታዊ ተደማጭነት ያለው ነብዩ ጩፋ ነው። በጭንቀት የወደቀ አገር እና መንግሥት እንድህ ነው።

  10. አበባው ዘላኔ
    ለምን ይዋሻል!! እያልከን ያለሀው አብይ ሱዳን ሄዶ በማያገባው ገብቶ ሊያስታሪቅ ሲሞክር ገሚሱን ወደ እስር ቤት ሲገቡ እርሱን ደግሞ ወደ ሀገሩ አያገባህም ብለው , መለሱት ነው እያልከን ያለሀው::regional peace vital as good as susteinable economy, i dare not oppose on his practical political game, because i known the out comes benefit in along term.
    አንዳንዴ ስትቃወም ትንሽ አስተውል::ለምሳሌ ጴንጥ ኮስት እምነትን ስትቃወም 20ሚልዮን መድረሳቸውን ታውቃለህ? ::መለስ ዜናዊ የመጨረሻ የ ኦርቶዶክስ ተከታይ መሪ እንደነበረ አገናዘብክ::በዛ ላይ ወሎን ማነው ኦርቶዶክስ ወይም አማራ ያረገው (የራያ የሰቆጣ የትግራይ የአፋር የአማራ የኦሮሞ ሀገር መሆኑን ታውቃለህ )::ሆሞ የሆኑትን የምትሰጋ ከሆነ ቂጥህን ጠብቅ የጠሉት ይደርሳል ስለምትል ከ ህልምህ ስትነቃ ከትልቅ ጥቁር ሰውየ ጋር እራስህን ተኝተህ እንዳታገኝ እና አደራህን ተጠንቀቅ ::

    • Loooooooool. Oh boy, the last sentence killed me. Good one.

      The first paragraph spot on. Old fart Ababa hate Abiy because of religion and he/she want Abiy to fail everywhere. We are sharing the country with this kind of narrow minded backward cockroach.

    • Hey, regional peace? you are funny, peace starts from home. He lives in the worlds most internally displaced nation where ethnic cleansing is the art of ruling in his own nation. He has to prove to the world first he has made his home country peaceful. He even ,as head of the country , can’t arrest one rag thug thief Getachew Asefa, bring to justice OLF butchers of Burayu, etc. yet he could make peace in Sudan is laughable. ግን ማን ያቀበለኛል ብለህ ነው የወያኔን የሀሰት ቆጠራ ስታትስቲክስ የምታወርድብን? No one is fool to use TPLF census figures to bench mark any thing – it is sadly all fraudulent. Fortunately, the country has prior studies and counts before the ascendance of tplf to power. One can infer or estimate every figure by any segment using that basis. መለስ ዜናዊ ከኦርቶዶክስ ቤተክርስቲያን ህይዋን ወስደው ቀበሩት እንጅ እርሱ ሃይማኖት ዐልባ አረማዊ ነው – አስበኽ መዋሸት ይሻልሃል።ምን የቆጥ የባጥ ትቀባጥራለህ – ወሎ ይኸ ወሎ ያ እይልህ። ወሎ የኢትዮጵያ ኒዩክለስ ነው። የመጀመሪያው ቀዳማዊው የኦርቶዶክስ ባህላዊ ኮሌጅ የተከፈተበት – ሀይቅ እስጢፋኖስ እንድሁም የአገሪቷ ምርጥ የእስልምና ትምህርት የሚሰጥባቸው መድረሳዎች የሚገኝበት ምድር ነው። አትጥበብ -ሰፋ አድረገህ እሰብ።

  11. Abebaw,
    I have a question for you, when do you agree?
    I mean, ከኢህአፓ ጀምሮ እስከ ደቂቅ የፓለቲካ ቡድኖች ከሃገራቸው ውጪ ቁጭ ብለው የውጪ መንግሥታት ጡረተኞች ነበሩ:: ቲም ለማ ለሁሉም የፓለቲካ ሀይሎች ወደ ሃገር ቤት ገብተው በፓለቲካ መስክ እንዲሳተፉ እድል ፈጥሮአል:: ሃሳብን የመግለጥ ነፃነት ያለገደብ እየተተገበረ ነው:: ቡድኔችም ግለሰቦችም ባመኑበት የፓለቲካ ቡድን ውስጥ በነፃነት እየተሳተፉ ነው:: ወዘተረፈ ሜዳውም ያው ፈረሱም ያው::
    አብይን መቃወም ማለት በራሱ የሚያሳየው የአንድ ገለሰብ (mindset ) ወይንም ፍቃደ አዕምሮ የተዋቀረው በመቃወም ብቻ ነው ማለት ነው::
    እንደዕኔ አመለካከት ሰዎች በመጀመሪያ ደጋፊ መሆን አለባቸው ብዬ ነው የማምነው:: ለምን?
    1. መቃወም ቀላል ነው:: ደጋፊ ከሆንክ ቢያንስ አፍራሽ አትሆንም::
    2.በደጋፊነት ውስጥ መቃወም ይቻላል::
    3. በደጋፊነት ውስጥ የማይሰራን እቅድን እንከዋን ማወቅ ይቻላል እንዲያው ሾላ በድፍኑ ከመሆን::
    4. በደጋፊነት ውስጥ ርዕይን እቅድን ማሰብ ይቻላል ወይንም የተሻለ ገንቢ ሃሳብ ማፍለው ይቻላል::
    5. ደጋፊ መሆን ለማፍረስ እንኩዋን እድሉን ይፈጥራል በበጎ ጎን::

    አበባው ገነት በተባለበት መንፈሳዊ ቦታ ውስጥ እንኩዋን እባብ የተባለ ምቹ ሁኔታን የሚያበላሽ ፍጥረት ነበር:: ይህ ማለት ሁሉም ነገር ፍፁምነት ይጎድለዋል:: ወይንም ፍፁምነትን ለመፍጠር ጉድለት እድሉን ያመቻቻል::

  12. ህዉሓት በትግል ዘመኑ እንዴት ስኬታማ ሆነ ያንን ሁሉ መራራ ፅዋ ጭልጥ አድርጎ?

    1. ህዉሓት የነፃነት ትግሉን የሰሜን ኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦችን አቀናጅቶ የትጥቅ ትግል ቢያደርግ በእርግጠኝነት የነፃነት ትግሉ ዳር አይደርስም:: ለምን?
    1.1 ግልፅ የዓላማ ልዩነት ሊኖር ይችላል
    1.2 የባህል ልዩነት:- ምን ማለት ነው የባህል ልዩነት? ከሰሜኑ የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች ይልቅ የትግራይ ህዝብ ቆራጥ የዓላማ ፅናት አለው:: ተመሪም ከሆነ ቆራጥ ተመሪ ነው:: መሪም ከሆነ ቆራጥ መሪ ነው:: እነዚህን በመሳሰሉ ባህላዊ ክህሎቶች አንድ ድርጅት እሩቅ መጉዋዝ ይችላል::
    1.3 ህዉሓት በዋንኛነት የትግራይ ወጣቶችን ማቀናጀቱ የዓላማ ተመሳሳይነት እንዲኖረው አስችሎታል ምንም እንኩዋን የደርግን ሥርዐት የሚቃወሙ ቡዙሃን ቢኖሩም::
    1.4 ህዉሓት 27 ዓመት ማስተዳደር የቻለው እነማንን አግልሎ ነው? መልሱ ቀላል ነው ስለዚህ የዶ/ር ዓቢይ አህመድ መንግሥት ይህንን እሳቤ አፅንኦት መስጠት ይገባዋል::ምክንያቱም ዓላማ ጎታች የሆኑ ህዝቦች አሉ:: ማር በአፍንጫቸው ብታጠጣቸው የማይጥማቸው: ቅቤ ብታበላቸው ደንታ የማይሰጣቸው ህዝቦች አሉ:: አቃቂር ማውጣት ባህላቸው ነው:: ስለዚህ እሩቅ ለመጎዋዝ የኢትዮጵያን ብሄር ብሄረሰቦች ማንነት ግምት ውስጥ ማስገባት ትልቁ ስራ ሊሆን ይገባል እሩቅ ለመጉዋዝ::

    • አባ መላ፣

      የሚፋለሱ ሁለት ነገሮችን ከአስተያዬትህ አየሁ።

      1ኛ) ወያኔ ነፃነት አመጣ ስትል። ወያኔ ባርነት፣ስዴት፣ የአገር ማስገንጠል፣ የሰው ዘር ማፅዳት ወዘተ የፈፀመ የናዚ ቡድን ነው። ናዚ ድሞክራሲ አመጣ ብሎ መናገር ነው።
      2ኛ) የትግራይ ክፍለ ሀገር ህዝብን ከሌሎች ኢትዮጵያዊያን አግነህ እንዴ መለሰ ዜናው ማዬት። ይኸም ከጤነኛ ስብዕና የሚመጣ አይደለም ለእራስ ሲቆርሱ ከሚል የተሳሳተ ግምት ነው። የትግራይ ህዝብ ከሌሎች ከጋምቤላ፣ ጉጅ፣ ወላይታ፣ ጋሞ ወዘተ የተለዬ የአካልም ይሁን የአእምሮ ስጦታ የለውም። የተለዬ መድሎ ግን ምናልባት በትምህርት ዕድል፣ በንዋይ ወዘተ በወያኔ አማካኝነት ተፈፅሞ የሃሰት ስነ-አእምሮ ተፈጥሮ ይሆናል። ናዚያዊ አመለካከት – የኸ ግን እንደ ድንጋይ ፅኑ ሳይሆን እንዴ ዱባ በአደበባይ የሚፈተሽ ነው።

      ሌላው ህወሓት አገር መራ ስትል ምን ለማለት ፈልገህ ነው 27 ዓመት በጦርነት መከራውን ሲያይ የነበረ የጎሣ ሽፍታ እንጅ አገር መራ የሚይስብል ታሪክ የለውም። እውነቱ ይሄ ነው። ወይ መንግስት አልነበረ ወይ ዘመነ-መሳፍንት።

  13. Finally,
    ”Better to Light a Candle Than to Curse the Darkness”

    ጨለማውን ከማማረር ሻማ መለኮስ ይሻላል::

  14. አቶ አበባዉ:-

    ጭራሽ እንደ ማሚቱ ተራ ቱልቱላ ሆኑ እንዴ? Abiy has at least brought home 10, 000 Ethiopian prisoners languishing in foreign prisons. He also emptied Ethiopian prisons releasing Eskinder, Andualem, etc. as well!

    Indiscriminate bombings, mass incarcerations, gunning-down protesters, etc. didn’t work for Ethiopia! You remind me of Sandra Bullock in one movie who made me laugh by saying, “Why don’t we bomb them?”

    If you have any credible criticism against Abiy & Co., why don’t you state them here or address it directly to his office? Why lie and spin trash so much? አይ ክርስትያን! “ሕሊና” ስለሚባል ነገር ሰምታችሁ ታዉቃላችሁ?

    Here is MORE bad news for you & Mamitu: Just yesterday, Abiy flew back home from Sudan with 78 Ethiopian prisoners he got pardoned by Sudan [link below]. Is that what you call failure?

    Are some of you here hiding in the West from justice back home or what? Is that why you, Mamitu, etc. don’t want to see any stability in Ethiopia? Check this out & amuse yourself with the one coming up, too:

    Have a great day!

    • Mamo Qilo!
      Mamitu my ass! You can dish it out but you can’t take it! You cry foul when someone respond back to you, as character assisination. I won’t sit quietly when you belittled me. I really think you are another flip flopper and that gets easly manipulated by rhetoric without giving it deep thought!! What happened to your daily rant about Egypt, OLF, Eritreans, Ginbot-7 conspiracies! You think you are another one that believes he/she is the wisest, smartest and knowledgeable person on this website, give me a break!! I’m not impressed! All you do is post rhetoric propaganda speeches and songs!!

        • ማሚቱ:-

          I have told you that I have some issues of my own with Abiy & Co. However, I am NOT hell-bent to oppose them on everything they do!

          It’s counter-productive! No Ethiopian is more Ethiopian than the other! What happened to Equality, Respect, Truth, Justice…?

          How would Abiy & Co. be any different from Meles & Co. if he started bombing, jailing, gunning-down, etc. whenever there is unrest?

          Muferiat has arrested most of those responsible for orchestrating riots, death, displacements, etc. in most regions. They will face justice. No brainer!

          Have a great day!

          • Mamo Qilo,
            You said:
            .”…I have told you that I have some issues of my own with Abiy & Co. However, I am NOT hell-bent to oppose them on everything they do!…””

            Precisely!! That is exactly what some of us are talking about, the issues we have with Abiy’s administration, just like you!!! Case in point: the lack of steps to stop OLF and TPLF hoodlums!! The government unfair treatments between OLF protesters in Addis, that were waving knives and sticks, left to exercise their human rights and treated with kids gloves…And at the sametime, the unarmed multi ethnic Ethiopian citizen protesters in Addis were harassed, beaten and arrested! Also why are patriotic peaceful Ethiopians that have sacrificed so much for their motherland and for ALL Ethiopians, the likes of Eskinder Nega and his associates that are advocating for unity, peace and equal justice for all are being harassed and denied to organize?? And at the sametime, the very OLF and TPLF that are creating mayham are left alone to do whatever their evil hearts desire?? Why are the TPLF criminals that have robbed and massacred staggering number of innocent Ethiopians still left alone.., and the likes of the other madman criminal Abdi and a couple of others have been arrested… Why is the double standard??
            How about the OLF vigilantes that are displacing poor hardworking Ethiopians, even when these hoodlums give warning that they are going to demolish homes in a week or two advance?? Where is the responsibility of the Abiy’s government to protect the defensless Ethiopian taxpayers that are paying their salaries???

          • ማሚቱ:-

            1. Please see my responses to Ato Abebaw. Anyway, why such a spin-and-smear-campaign against Takele? Here is what he said:


            2. What makes you think that Eskinder cares more about Ethiopians than Takele? Your usual Mamitu’s double-standards? If Eskinder wants to be a mayor, let him run for it.

            3. Eskinder is more of a bully than a journalist or an activist. There can only be one-mayor-at-a-time: Takele is the Interim Mayor!

            4. Eskinder can’t have it both ways: Journalist & Human Rights’ Activist? That’s oxymoron! Journalism requires neutrality!

            5. Yes, the TPLF & Co. should face justice. Yet, is Abiy supposed to bomb Tigray and arrest them? Isn’t also Abiy who released Eskinder, Andualem, Andargachew, etc. against the will of same TPLF & Co.?

            This file is closed! Have a great day, Mamitu!

          • Sorry, #5 should read as follows:

            5. Yes, the TPLF & Co. should face justice. Yet, is Abiy supposed to bomb Tigray and arrest them? Isn’t it also Abiy who released Eskinder, Andualem, Andargachew, etc. against the will of same TPLF & Co.?

            This file is closed! Have a great day, Mamitu!

    • አቶ አያሌው፣

      ከሱዳን ወሬው የዘገቡት እኮ እኔ አይደለሁም። የቢቢሲ ሬድዮ ጣብያ ነው። በእርግጠኝነት website ላይ ይኖር ይሆናል። ከሌሎች አንዴበት ቆይተው ይሰሙታል። ድርጊቱ ተፈፅሟል። ይኸ የእስረኛ መፈታት እና ውጭ የነበሩ ተቃዋሚዎችን አገር ቤት መመለስ ዐብይ እንዴ ሰራው የሚራገበው የህዝብ ግንኙነት ሥራ በጣም በዛበት – 1 ዓመት አልፎ 2ኛ ዓመት ሲጋመስ ሁልጊዜ ይኸን የምናወራ ከሆነ ያሳዝናል። በመጀመሪያ የፓለቲካ ህሌና እስረኞች ያስፈታቸው ብዙዎቹ የታሰሩለት ዓላማ እራሱ ነው። ወደ አገር ቤት ተመለሱ የሚሏቸውም አንዳንዶቹ ጥንትም ይመላለሱ የነበሩ ወይም በመንፈስ ውስጣዊ ወያኔ የነበሩ ናቸው። ለመሆኑ የኦነግ አባል የነበረ እና ወያኔ ያሰረችውን ዐብይ ስለፈታው ምን ጥቅም ይሰጣል። ለምንድን ነው ምድረ ኦነግ ( serial butchers) ከእስር ቤት ተፈትቶ ችግር ሲፈጥር ማዬት ያልቻሉት። I can see how an infatuation with Abiy has robbed the rational way of looking for a long-lasting solution. Abiy is not a genuine bridge toward a true lasting solution. I would see this as as false bridge that will collapse in the middle of no where/journey/ while loading with the many confused passengers.

      • አቶ አበባዉ:-

        እርሶ ምን ሆነዋል? የራሶን ዓይን ማመን አቃቶት? ማንም የፈለገዉን ቢሞጫጭር counter-check አያደርጉም እንዴ? I am very disappointed in your irresponsible-and-illogical comments!

        Give Abiy some credit: He took over the Ethiopia that didn’t have foreign currency reserve, no money to pay public employee salaries, etc. and kept it afloat till now!

        PS: Please see my response to ማሚቱ above for more!

        Have a great day!

        • አቶ አያሌው፣

          ቀደም ብዬ እንደ ገልፅኩለዎት የአገር ውስጥ ጋዜጣዎች ሳይቀር በሰፊው የሱዳኑን ጉዳይ በፊት ዐምዳቸው ላይ እያወጡት ነው። እኔ በበኩሌ ዐብይን ለመኮነን ፈቅጀ አይደለም – ጥሩ ከፈፀመም ላለማመስገን ስላልፈለግሁ አይደለም። እንዳውም ወደ ስልጣን ከመጣ ጥቂት ወራት በኋላ በእርሱ ላይ ተስፋ እምነት አጭሮብኝ ነበር። የኋላ ኋላ ግን ያው የተለመዴቺው የኢትዮጵያ የጭብርብሮሽ ፓለቲካ መሆኗ ታዬኝ። ዐብይ እያዬ አላየሁም፣ እዬሰማ አልሰማሁም፣ ገላጋይ መስሎ ገብቶ ያዞ ሌሎች እንድጠቁ ማድረግ፣ ወያኔን እያወገዝ ከወያኔ ጋር የሚሰራ መሆኑ ቁልጭ ብሎ ታዬኝ። እንኳን ክልል እና ኢ-ህገ መንግሥቱን ሊያፈርስ ይበልጥ ሊያጎለብት የተላከ ኦነግ ወወያኔ ሓዋርያ ሆኖ ቁጭ አለ። ጌታችን እየሱስ ክርስቶስ የኦሪትን የሙሴ ህግ ለመሻር አልመጣሁም እንዳውም ፮ቱን ወንጌል ትዕዛዛት እንካችሁ እንዳለን። እኔ ዐብይ ለውጥ ሊያመጣ የሚችል ዐቅም አለው የሚል እምነት የለኝም – እርሱን እንዴ ግለሰብ ከመጥላት የመጣ አይደለም። የእርሱ ሾፌሮች ኦነግ እና ወያኔዎች ናቸው። ይኸውልዎ ነገሩ፣ ጥንት ወያኔ የሻዕብያ የጭን-ገረድ ነበረ አሁን ደግሞ በስውር ኦደፓ-ኦነግ የአቶ ኢሱ ውሽማ ሆኗል። ይኸ ምን ማለት ነው – የኢሱ ሥራ ነው የሚሰራው ማለት ነው። ኢትዮጵያን በዘር ክልል መከፋፈል፣ አርቆ የሰጠውን ህገ መንግሥት ሺ ዓመት ማን ገስ ወዘተ።
          መልካም ዕለት !

  15. Hello Ethios,

    ሁል ጊዜ – ሌሎች ላይ ጣት ከመቀሰር – አንዳንድ ጊዜም – ቆም ብሎ – “ምን በድለን ነዉ – ይኼ ሁሉ – በየአካባቢዉ የሚደርስብን?” – ብሎ – ራሳችንን መጠየቅ ጥሩ አይሆንም ወይ?

    Do you know that millions of Amharas from Gojjam & Gondar live in Oromo towns AND almost no Oromo at all in Gojam & Gondar?

    On the other hand, you don’t see Shewans [Oromos & Amharas] and Illubaboreans [Illubabor Oromos] as migrants in other parts of Ethiopia.

    Also, Gojam & Gondar are the least welcoming to Ethios of any origin. If you wonder why Amharas are targeted in most regions, buckle-up for the partial answer:

    PS: This guy is NOT alone! We should STOP covering-up for some & condemning others 24/7. Share this video to shed light on the other side of the ethnic clash-displacement issue.

    Have a great day!

    • Mamo Qilo,
      Oh! Wow! After 27 bloody hellish years under TPLF mafia, you think your false accusations and rhetoric is going to help Abiy’s medemer to unite Ethiopians? You are creating division abf chaos by spreading mumbo jumbo propaganda to create division!! Lunatic!

      • ማሚቱ:- የ8ኛን ክፍል – የምኒስትሪ ፈተና – በዘመድ ማለፍ – የሚያመጣዉ ቅሌት ይኸዉ አይደል?

        What’s wrong with you? Who did I accuse? When did I ask anyone to support Abiy? I only ask you to refrain from misinforming Ethios here if you don’t support him.

        Look at Nazret’s followers: 68, 343 [facebook], 4, 888 [twitter] and 4, 914 [subscribers]. You see, all these people follow what goes on here.

        ወይ ማሚቱ! You defend this guy but you demonize Abiy & Co., Jawar & Co., OLF-IFLO & Co., etc. Isn’t he putting the millions of Amharas living in other regions at risk of hatred & more? Wait, ማሚቱ – is he preaching your version of peace?

        Have a great day, ማሚቱ!

        • Mamo Qilo!
          “”ማሚቱ:- የ8ኛን ክፍል – የምኒስትሪ ፈተና – በዘመድ ማለፍ – የሚያመጣዉ ቅሌት ይኸዉ አይደል?””
          You keep on repeating the same crap hundreds of times, what the hell??
          Oh, brother! As I said, you think you are one bright guy that have studied philosophy! LOL! NOT! It is obvious from your writings and comments, I can see that you can’t think deeply and critically to give sound judgment! My dear, you are all over the place, you don’t even know what is up or down, or even what you stand for!! I replied to you, because you belittled me, again!! Other wise, after I’ve noticed a long time ago, that you are scattered brain, I stopped reading your mumbo jumbo writings and unsubstantiated allegations about this abd that about Egupt, OlF, Ginbot-7, Eritrea and so on. Unstable! Get it, you are not the smartest kid in the class!! Just a bunch of jibber jabber!!
          Have a nice day! Lol!

        • Mamo Qilo,
          “”Demonize Abiy & Co.””? How did I demonize Abiy & Co? See, how you are! You proved my point again!! Obviously, you can’t analize, interpret and judge well!! I swear to God, there is something wrong with you Qilo!!
          Remember that respect is a two way street!!
          Have a nice day, Qilo! Lol!

    • Aba Mela,
      At least wait half an hour after you commented as Nebiyu and newera if you want people to believe you are the real Newera. I give you the repeated Aram is funny and fitting.

    • Aba Mela,
      At least wait half an hour after you commented as Nebiyu and newera if you want people to believe you are the real Newera. I give you the repeated Aram is funny and fitting.

  16. Street Woyane intellectuals are back … LOL!
    A bunch of brainwashed desensitized homegrown molacha laeba torturers and massmurderers terrorists!! Go ahead exhibit your Woyane intelectual capacity about your poops! Mindless, shameless demented gang bangers like you won’t hurt my feelings!! Laughable!! You are nothing, but immature remorseless coldblooded bloodsucking bigots, a walking, talking remorsless BIGOTS!! LOOOOL!

  17. አሮ/አራም
    Clown have you stop taking your antibiotic lately? You are a clown and I wanna throw a coin at you.

  18. Abebaw,
    ኦነግ ላንተ ሀገር ገንጣይ ነው:: ኦነግ ላንተ አሸባሪ ነው:: ኦነግ ላንተ እስላማዊ ድርጅት ነው::
    አበባው:- ህዉሓት ላንተ ሀገር ገንጣይ ነው:: ህዉሓት ላንተ እንደ ናዚ ነው:: ህዉስሓት ላንተ ዘር አጥፊ ነው::

    አበባው:- አብን ላንተ ሀገር ገንቢ ነው:: አብን ላንተ የኢትዮጵያ የቁርጥ ቀን ድርጅት ነው:: አብን ላንተ ህዝብ አቃፊ ነው:: አብን ላንተ እውነተኛ ድርጅት ነው::

    አየህ አበባው አንተ ነገሮችን ከራስህ ጥቅም አንፃር ብቻ ነው የምታየው:: ምክንያታዊ ለመሆን ሞክር ሌሎች የራሳቸው ፍላጎት እንዳላቸው ማወቅ አለብህ::

    ኦሮሞ አማርኛን አቀላጥፎ የሚናገረው ጎንደር እና ጎጃም እየኖረ አይደለም ኦሮሚያ ውስጥ እየኖረ ነው:: ትግሬውም አማርኛን አቀላጥፎ የሚናገረው ጎንደር እና ጎጃም እየኖረ አይደለም የትግሬ ሀገር እየኖረ እንጂ:: ሲዳሞውም ከምባታውም ሀድያውም ሶማሌውም አማርኛን አቀላጥፎ የሚናገረው ጎንደር ጎጃም እየኖረ አይደለም በገዛ ሀገሩ እየኖረ ነው::
    ጎንደር የኦሮምኛ ቁዋንቁዋ ይወራል? አይወራም:: ለምን? ቁዋንቁዋቸው አይደለም ለምን ያወራሉ::
    አየህ ኦሮሞው ትግሬው ሲዳማው ከምባታው ምን ያህል የናንተን ባህል ቁዋንቁዋ እየተቀበለ እንደሆነ? ብታስተውሉ ይበጃቹሃል::
    በቀለ ገርባ ኦሮሞ ሀገር ውስጥ በኦሮምኛ ስታወራው በአማርኛ ከመለሰልህ ነጋቲ ቡላ ብለኽው ሂድ እቃም አትግዛው አንተም አትሽጥለት:: ገቢቶ! አየህ በኦሮሞ ሀገር ውስጥ የኦሮምኛ ቁዋንቁዋ መገበያያ መነጋገርያ ቁዋንቁዋ መሆን አለበት ነው መልእክቱ:: ደሞም ስትንጫጩም ሰምናቹሃል::

    አስተውል! ሰው የራሱ ፍላጎት እንዳለው አትርሳ::

    • Aba mela,

      እኔ ስለ አብን mission & vision ሳወራ ሰምተኸኝ ታውቃለህ ወይስ ገና ለገና ፍራቻህ ነው? እስካሁን በእርኩስ ሥራቸው ያረጋገጡትን እና የሚታወቁትን ኦነግ እና ወያኔን ነው። ደግሞ አማርኛህን አስተካክል። የኦሮሞ አገር፣የትግሬ አገር፣ የአማራ አገር፣ የኢሮብ አገር፣ የኩናማ አገር፣ ወዘተ የሚባል የለም – ኑሮም አያውቅም። ሰዎች አማርኛ ካስጠላቸው ላለመናገር ይችላሉ። ችግሩ አማርኛ ከ3,000 ዓመታት በላይ የኢትዮጵያ የሥርወ-መንግሥት ቋንቋ በመሆኑ በኢትዮጵያዊያን የባህል እና አስተዳደር DNA ውስጥ ሰርጿል። አማርኛ ረቂቅ አስተሳሰብን የመግለፅ ብቃት ያለው አገራዊ ቋንቋ ነው። ለአፍሪካዊያን አህጉራዊ ቋንቋ እንድሆን የተመረጠ። ምነው ቅናት ገደለህ – ቅና ያለው በእናቱ ምን ይቀናል አሉ።

    • Nice try Aba Mela. Keep patting yourself in the back. The real newera doesn’t engage in tribal sh!t. But he very much like your obsession with him. Keep them coming

  19. Abebaw,
    ወሀሎ አሐዱ ብእሲ በብሔረ አውስጢድ ዘስሙ ኢዮብ::
    ዖፅ በሚባል ሐገር ኢዮብ የተባለ አንድ ሰው ነበረ::

    ብሔር= ሃገር ማለት ነው እንደ ሸዋ ሲዳሞ ጎንደር

    የኦሮሞ ሀገር ከሌለ ኦሮሞ የሚባል ህዝብ የለም:: የትግሬ ሃገር ከሌለ ትግሬ የሚባል ህዝብየለም::
    የሲዳሞ ሀገር ከሌለ ሲዳሞ የሚባል ህዝብ የለም::
    ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ እንኩዋን የየት ሀገር ሰው ነህ ተብሎ ይጠየቃይ ተጠያቂውም የመጣበትን ሀገር ይናገራል::

    አንተ ግን ዋናው አስኩዋሉን ትተህ ሌላ ሃሳብ ትለጥፋለህ:: አመርኛን ቁዋንቁዋን በቁዋንቁዋ ደረጃ ለማሳደህ ሁሉም ብሄር ብሄረስቦች አስተዋፅዖ አበርክተዋል::
    አማርኛ የሚመስሉ ግን አማርኛ ያልሆኑ ሀረጎች በብዛት አማርኛ ቁዋንቁዋ ውስጥ ተካተዋል:: አረብኛ ግዕዝ ጣልያንኛ ጉራጊኛ ኦሮምኛ ወዘተረፈ

    • Aba mela

      እስኪ ልጠይቅህ እንበል እናትህ ወላይታ አባትህ ኩናማ ቢሆን አንተ መታወቂያህ ላይ መፃፍ ያለበት ብሔር ምንድ ነው። ዘብሔረ ኢትዮጵያ ወይስ ዘብሔረ ኩናማ ወወላይታ። ይች የቁጥ ቁጥ ሓሳብ ወያኔያዊ ናት ( ወይም ኦነጋዊ ኬኛ) – በቀተረ ደማቅ ፀሐይ ላይ ሻማ ማብራት ይሉሃል። አገር የጋራ ነው – በጋራ ደም እና መስዋዕትነት የተመሰረተው።

    • ዘብሔረ ሽሮ ሜዳ፣ ዘብሔረ ሳሪስ፣ ዘብሔረ ቦሌ፣ ዘብሔረ ስድስት ኪሎ ወዘተ። ምን ማቆሚያ አለው – የትየሌሌ። የመንዴር ጋጋት ገደለን በለኛ።
      እስኪ የሚከተለውን መርምረው።
      “ድርሳን፡ ዘቅዱስ፡ ሚካኤል፡ ሊቀ፡ መላእክት፡ ነገር፡ ዘበእንተ፡ ዮሐንስ፡ ጳጳስ፡ ዘብሔረ፡ ኢትዮጵያ፡ ዘወፅአ፡ እምድኅረ፡ አቡነ፡ ይስሐቅ፡ . . . ከመ፡ ያይድዕ፡ ዕበዮ፡ . . . ወኮነ፡ በመዋዕለ፡ አርቃድዮስ፡”

  20. አባ መላ ዘብሔረ ቡልጋ

    ማኛዬ ይሄን የሀቅ ውሃልኬት የሆነውን ፅሁፍሽን በማህበር ተደራጅተን እንመራው ወይንስ ሰልፊ(selfie) እንነሳበት?

    የማሚቱ ፅሑፍ እንደሆነ ንፍጥ ለሀጭ ምናምን ይበዛዋል:: ብዙ ግዜ እንደ ህፃን ልጅ ፅሁፍ ንፍጦችዋን ላሀጮችዋን እየተውኩ ኮልተፍ ኮልተፍ የሚሉትን ሃሳቦችዋን ለማንበብ ሞክሬያለሁ ግን ያው የማያድግ ልጅ አሩ ቁርጥ ቁርጥ ይላል አይደል የሚባለው ነገረ ሥራዋ ሁሉ ልቅሶ ነው:: it’s mine…..?? its mine…..??

  21. Hmmmm,
    Are Aba Mela and Nebiyu same people? The syntax are pretty much similar.
    “የማሚቱ ፅሑፍ እንደሆነ ንፍጥ ለሀጭ ምናምን ይበዛዋል:” good one! You made my day anyways.

    • Anchie Swere shameless two-faced, schoolyard bully, holier tha thou, BIGOT shermuta!! You are the worst of all your imbecile hoodlum hatefilled racist bigots!! It is obvious that I have irritated ever 9ne of your cursed nerves!! YOU ARE ONE OF THE WOREST TWO-FACED CURSED CREATURE IN THE WORLD!! LOL! You blame Aba Mela for your own disgusting vomit!!

  22. Abebaw,
    አበባው ሰፈር እና ሀገር ተምታቶብህ የለም እንዴ:: ተሃገር ከወጣህ በጣም ቆይተሃል ወዳጄ::

    የሀገር መገለጫው ባህል ቁዋንቁዋ እምነት ወግ ልማድ ምድራዊ አቀማመጥ ወዘተረፈ የአንድ ሀገር መገለጫ ናቸው::
    ሲዳማ የራሱ የዘመን መለወጫ አለው ይሄን እንዴት ታየዋለህ ጃል? ስለሌሎቹ ደሞ በደንብ ቢጠና እና የሀገር ሽማግሌዎች ቢጠየቁ ግሩም ነው የሚሆነው:: በአንድ ነገር እርግጠኛ መሆን አለብህ ኢትዮጵያዊነት በግድ ብሄር ብሄረስቦችና ህዝቦች ላይ የተጫነ ዜግነት ነው:: ሆኖም ግን ለኢትዮጵያዊነት የተከፈለ ትልቅ መስዋዕትነት ስላለ ኢትዮጵያዊነት የዜግነት ማንነት ሆኗል ለሁሉም ብሄር ብሔረሰቦችና ህዝቦች::

    • Aba mela

      ወይ ጉድ በዓለም ዙሪያ ያሉ ህዝቦች ሁሉ እንዴት ያሳዝናሉ። ፈረንሳይ፣ ጣልያን፣ጀርመን፣ ኬንያ፣ ካናዳ፣ወዘተ ዜግነት በግድ የተጫነባቸው ህዝቦች ናቸው ማለት ነው።

  23. Abebaw,
    ንጉሥ ጦና የወላይታ ንጉሥ ነው ወይንስ የኢትዮጵያ ንጉሥ?

    • Aba mela
      ምን ዓይነት ጥያቄ ነው ይኸ። ጦና ወላይታ ሶዶ ዙርያ አስተስዳዳሪ ወይም ገዥ ነበር። ዛሬ የክልል ፕሬዝዳንት እንደሚባለው በንጉሠ ነግሥት ዐፄ ምንሊክ የስልጣን ሹመት መሠረት ንጉሥ ጦና ተባለ ልክ ንጉሥ ሚክዔል ወይም ንጉሥ ተክለሃይማኖት እንዴሚባለው። በመሠረቱ ጦና ስር መሠረቱ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው የትውልድ ሀረጉም ከሰሜን እስከ ደቡብ ነው። በርካታ ወላይታዎች የዘር ሐረጋቸው ከአማራ እና ትግሬ ጋር የተቆራኛ መሆኑን ግን ታውቃለህ። ይኸን ያልሁበት ምክንያት መቼም መነፀርህ በዘር አንፃር ስለሆነ ማዬት የሚችለው። ጦና ዕድለኛ ነው። የንጉሥ ማዕረግ ከእምዬ እጅ ተቀባ።

  24. Iit looks like the reform and press freedom is only for the selected few!! It is a wonder why Abiy’s administration is afraid of and trying to muzzle the selfless patriotic Ethiopian hero jornalist and human rights activist Eskinder Nega? Once again, as he exposed the previous brutal TPLF regime, the award winning journalist Eskinder Nega is exposing the current government to international community:

    • Brother Hope,

      Thank you for sharing this information!

      በአህያ ቆዳ የተሠራ ቤት፣
      ይፈራርሳል – ጅብ የጮኸ ዕለት።

      ይሉ ኻል ይኼ ነው። ዐብይ እኮ ድልብ ወያኔ እና ኦነግ ነው። ኦነግ ሆኖ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ ትግል እና ድምፅ በተለይ አማራን ሲያሳድድ የነበረ ሰው አይደለ እንዴ በመሠረቱ። ሉሲፈረ ተፀፅቶ እና ንስሃ ገብቶ የሊቀ መላእክትነት መንበር ይቀመጣል ብሎ እንዴ መጃጃል ነው – ፓስተር ዐብይን መደገፍ። ኢሳትን ሲይፍን አሁን ደግሞ በሻጥር ሲስዘጋ ሌላ ሊከፈት ነው ሲባል ማደናቀፍ ይኸ ዐይን ያወጣ የጎሣ አምባገነን አገዛዝ ነው። ችግሩ የሚታገለው ከማይጥለው ጋር ነው። አገር በሥነ-ስርዓት የመራ መስሎታል።

      • Abebaw,
        You are welcome! No matter how much they try to hide the truth, the truth always finds it’s way!!

  25. Hello Ethios,

    1. ለማሚቱ ቱልቱላ
    2. ለአቶ አበባዉ አምታታዉ ቱልቱላ

    ግልባጭ: ለ-Ethios

    I keep catching you lying or misinforming Ethios. So, Nazret’s ‘disclaimer has changed’:
    1. Thy shall NOT LIE to Ethios!
    2. Thy shall NOT MISINFORM Ethios!

    If you do, እናንተን አያድርገኝ:-
    1. You will be subject to Cyber Citizen’s Arrest.
    2. Revocation of your Nazret’s posting licence.
    [What are you gonna do? Call Eskinder due to the ‘violation of your human rights’ crap?]

    Hear it from the horse’s mouth about your yesterday’s lie regarding Abiy’s Sudan visit:

    Have a great day!

    • Ato Ayalew,

      እንዴት ነው የምታስበው? በከረሜላ እንዴሚታለል ልጅ ነው እንዴ? ወይ ጉድ! ሥምን መልአክ ያወጣዋል አሉ። ታዲያ ይኸ የሱዳን ትሪብዩን ምን ከተለመዴው የዲፕሎማሲ አገላለፅ ውጭ ማለት ይችላል። ደግሞ ሰዎቹ አልታሰሩም የምትል ከሆነ standard news carrier websites ተመልከት ቱባ ተቃዋሚዎች ወዲያውኑ እስር ቤት ተወርውረዋል። ይኸ የዐብይ ገላጋይነት ማቃለል ነው። ቢያንስ ሰንብተው ሊያስሯቸው ሲችሉ ዐብይን ከመጤፍ አልቆጠሩትም። የአደባባዩን በሚስጥር አናድርገዋ።

      • Ato Abebaw,

        You told us the truth about the arrest after meeting with Abiy. Thank you! I neither denied nor condoned that arrest. But Abiy was NOT SLAPPED as You & Co. span it.

        Abiy, Lema, Takele, etc. are NO LESS Ethiopians than anybody else! I have no reason to believe that You, Mamitu, Eskinder, etc. care more about Ethiopia than Abiy, Lema, Takele, etc. Ethiopia does NOT have any step child: ALL ARE EQUAL!!!

        NB: Why NOT concentrate on the TRUTH PART like the one above?
        PS: Stay tuned for the one below!

        Have a great day!

        • Ato Ayalew,

          Great you now believed the news about the arrest of the opposition figures was true. It is better understood the action taken was in fact a slap in the face for Abiy. Note that I am not saying Abiy or Lemma are not Ethiopians, but I am questioning their political actions is not matching the demands of true Ethiopian question. In other words, they have un Ethiopian response for genuine Ethiopian question.

          • Ato Abebaw,

            Get real! You wrote: “… they have un Ethiopian response for genuine Ethiopian question…” That’s disgusting, to say the least.

            I know Abiy is/was part of the TPLF-EPRDF. Guess what, he did a better job within a few months than what you good-for-nothing Diaspora Opposition crap combined did in the the last 40 years.

            When Abiy took power, Ethiopia had no foreign currency reserve, no money to pay salaries, thousands of Ethiopians in jail [both at home & abroad], gunned-down in their streets, etc. That all is history now!

            TPLF looted? Yes! TPLF killed? Yes! Bring TPLF to justice? Yes! Where are the TPLF looters & killers hunkered down? In Tigray! Tigray refused to hand them over! So, should Abiy bomb Tigray to arrest them? That would bring the chaos you crave for in Ethiopia!

            I understand that you want us to turn in circles playing a moving target. That’s unfortunate because Ethiopians back home think that Ethiopians like you care about them. That breaks my heart!

            Have a great day!

    • Mamo Qilo,
      What happened to your conspiracy about Abiy’s political party EPRP, and Eritreans, Egypt, and Jawar political party OLF, and Ginbot-7??
      Name one lie I made, instead of falsely accusing people to score a point!!
      You need a reality check or intervention!!
      Have a nice day — lol!

      • Mamitu,

        I have no idea that Abiy is/was EPRP. Did you see the EPRP’s communiqué on Mereja [I didn’t read it]? The EPRP couldn’t even elect its own leaders democratically and split. What is one of the factions doing in Ethiopia? Birtukan should kick them out!

        I see that you miss ‘NewError al-Egypty’ and you want to send me in to a head-on collision with him/her. I am sure that NewError understands why I support the GERD.

        It’s NOT to hurt Egypt. It is just that Ethiopians NEED water & electricity as much as Egypt does. Egypt has to understand that! That’s all to it. It’s NOT politics.

        About Ginbot-7, Engr. Andargachew & Prof. Berhanu did the right thing. You can’t ally with Eritrea and fight for Ethiopia. BTW, Isayas is in Egypt.

        While I am on Egypt/Eritrea/G-7, I hope you won’t hang yourself after watching this:

        Have a great day, Mamitu Tultula!

        • Mamo Qilo,
          Oh, brother, how quick you are to find meaningless error, Abiy’s political party that you used it spin alligations and conspiracy is EPRDF!! (Not EPRP)
          My dear, knowing how you poorly analyze, interepret and judge, I stopped opening any link that you post!!
          The fact you are belittling and disrespecting the selfless patriotic human rights actvist and award winning journalist hero Eskinder Nega speaks volumes about your poor awarenes, reasoning, rationality and judgment!!!
          Wiki indeed!

          • Mamitu Tultula,

            It’s you who wrote EPRP, NOT me! I can’t read your mind! You always want to have it both ways! Screw up & blame me, too! Get glasses!

            Why do you go in circles to call me DUMB? I will cash that before you change your mind! Is it your Mognu INSULT FEST day?

            Have a great day, Mamitu Tuktula!

          • Mamo Qilo,
            As I said, you can dish it out but you can’t take it!! You are even picking up insults from bigots, and labled me as Mamitu Tultula, crap! Listen Msmo Mognu, you will never be able to intimidate me or brake me!!
            So what is the difference, you called me Mamitu, I called you Mamo, and you called yourself Mognu, is Mamo Qilo!!
            Respect is a two way stree! You give it and get ready to receive it!! Vice versa!!

        • Ato Ayalew,

          I think you mentioned my name. I wish I read you two’s comments from the start to understand why my name came up but I don’t read the woman’s comments. As for your support to GERD, I thought it has proved that it is a white elephant which TPLF leaders started to use as their cash cow. If you are still proud for supporting it you are hiding your head in the sand after the fact about it exposed by team Lemma.

          After saying all that. These days you are focused. Instead of talking conspiracy theories, pointing fingers on neighboring countries, oppositions and individuals like dr Birhanu, you focused on Ethiopians in and outside the country who want to see Abiy and co fail. I told you before I am man enough to give credit when it is due. I don’t come here to be popular, take a victory lap if you want as long as you stay focused on what you are currently doing and continue hammering these bigots and hypocrites.

          • I am not sure what you trying to say. I see a link showing a clip posted on June 7 -2019 that is a year after Abiy took power. Are you asking me to give credit to the great jobs TPLF and METEC did? On a dam that should have been completed by now? Can you search YouTube and paste a link for a clip that shows how much money METEC stole and wasted? Just to be fairLet us be honest to ourselves.

          • LOOL! Ato Ayalew to the person that labled you well, Newerror!! Hehehehehekikikiiii! How desperate!

          • Lol! The #1 hypocrite, two-faced, holier than thou Bigot that demonized the entire 45 million Amharas Evil, and that supports the most hatefilled repulsive racist demented Aba Geda that wants to eradicate the entire Amhara ethnic group! No shame!!
            Here is a reminder hypocrisy at a grand scale:

            “”NeweraMarch 17, 2019 at 11:19 AM
            Aba Mela
            It’s a know fact Amara people are Evil.
            What a horrible story! May Amara people are cursed throughout the ages! Cursed people!
            I don’t blame TPLF played with their life however that are too little comparing to what they have done to other people. Evil people! Cursed people Amara! Barbariac people Amara!””

            “”Aba MelaFebruary 16, 2019 at 12:07 PM
            ብሄር ብሄረስቦችና እና ህዝቦች እንኩዋን ደስ ኣላቹ! ከወስፋት : ከኮሶ : ከመዥገር ለአንዴ እና ለመጨረሻ ግዜ የምትገላገሉበት ቀን ደርሱዋል:: በትግራይ ጀግኖች የተጀመረው የመዥገር የወስፋት የኮሶ ትል ንቅያ አሁን በጀግኖቹ በኦሮሞ ልጆች ይጠናቀቃል::
            ሀገራችንም ህዝባችንም ከነዚህ ተባያት ነፃ ሆነው ስኬታማ ይሆናሉ::
            አማራ ወስፋት ነው! አማራ መዥገር ነው! አማራ የኮሶ ትል ነው!””
            BIGOTRY at it’s worst!!

          • Ato Ayalew,
            Give anyone the amount of money the country spent on the dam out of its poor people’s pocket and see if that anyone can’t show you what is standing as a dam there, alive and kicking. My point all the time was don’t fall to dictators empty propaganda. People gave their hard earned money for dictators who can’t be accountable. Now people like you because they already showed support on record tell us the dam which yet to generate power is alive and kicking. Lol. Like the measure of success is being alive and kicking. For god sake we are talking about a project that should have been completed 4 years ago. It is failure by any standard and what the country doing now is patching it. Way passed its deadline, way passed it budget. Millions if not billions of dollars wasted & embezzled. I think I heard the new PM say he is not sure if it gets completed in the next 10 years, I am not 100% sure so don’t quote me on that. Anything can be alive and kick if you spent unlimited resource on it. The key is are you seeing fruits. Why is hard for you to talk about the embezzlement by TOLF leadership and METEC?

          • NewError:

            1). 1 Inch GERD: You & Co. tried to scare Ethios saying: “GERD will not even get 1 inch high.” Ethios proved you wrong [even under TPLF’s METEC]! IT IS many meters high AND many meters wide!

            2). Accountability: Did you cancel your Al-Ahram ‘subscription’ or Al-Ahram didn’t report METEC head’s arrest [General Kinfe]? We are gettin’ somewhere, aren’t we?

            3). Dictator OR Not: Ethiopia NEEDS water, electricity, food, etc. I just want Ethios to get just that. I DON’T CARE about who is in power. What is the guarantee that the next A’H in line is better?

            4). ሕልም ተፈርቶ ሳይተኛ አይታደርም: – Do I like Ethios being robbed? Who would? Why hold me accountable for the incompetence of others?

            5). GERD IS BACK ON TRACK: Why should I mistrust every Tigre for the greed of the TPLF from their race? Didn’t Amharas, Oromos, etc. loot? It is just that they were not scrutinized as much and caught!

            NewError, you wanna go see GERD with me? Believe me, it is more than 1 inch:

            Have a great day!

          • Ato Ayalew,

            My short answer is you always tell us TPLF is a fly but let us plant flower for them so they can give us honey. You agree with me that they don’t have the country’s interest as a priority but let us give money and embezzle the country’s resources in the name of a dam. This is our all time difference which I don’t think we will resolve forever. Let us be adults and repeat ourselves million time. Let us agree to disagree. What I don’t understand is your burry my head in the sand approach about the progress of the dam. It has failed. You can right 5 point or 50 point statements, the new government came out and said it failed on all measures, timely and budget. Now let us see your 5 points and try to address them
            1. Come back to me when it generates its first watt of power. Whether it is one inch or 7 billion inch high means nothing. And you are smart enough to know that
            2. With all due respect, This one a little shows how slow you are. Back then when I opposed GRED, there was no accountability. METEC and it’s leaders are getting accountable after the change.
            3. You see when you put it I want Ethiopians get food, water and power it is misleading. If dictators are in power they own the people let alone food, water and electricity. That kind of let me have materials and people continue power abuse my rights is a sick way of seeing this world. To be honest very disgraceful. I hope you don’t teach this kind of approach to life to your children. If our ancestors thought just like you, we would have been still under Italy as long us Italy built us dams, give us food, electricity and water. To add one point even the dam was completed as planned, by now the income from it would have been used to recruit more army for TPLF and buy more weapons to continue oppress Ethiopians.
            4. Nobody asked you to be accountable. All I asked is you also to be honest and say how much Ethiopians lost because of this dam.
            5. I am not sure which of my comments make you believe I am asking you to mistrust Tigres. I was specific, TPLF leadership and METEC. I think you are arguing with yourself here.

            I hope I have addressed your 5 points. Get back to me if you think I missed anything. Good talk.

          • NewError,

            እርሶ፣ ማሚቱ እና አቶ አበባዉ – አንድም ሶስትም ሆናችሁ – [እንደ እየሱስ፣ እግዚአብሔር እና መንፈስ ቅዱስ]. You, too, started playing a ‘Moving Target’ with me!

            1. I hear you: Let Abay flow to Egypt unhindered! ‘Way to go!’
            2. I have NO reason to trust you more than the TPLF or others.
            3. I don’t care about the rulers. NO guarantee that the next is better.
            4. Ethios need water, electricity, etc. It is achievable. Call me DUMB!
            5. TPLF stole money. TRUE! Which ruler(s) didn’t? However, under TPLF I also saw world-class stuff: Addis-Djibouti Ethio Rail, Addis Light Rail, Bole Airport, soaring ETHIOPIAN, Adama Express, etc.

            Have a great day!

          • Kikikikikiki
            1. Your obsession with Egypt remind me the woman who burnt her private part to make her husband who she dislike mad. Forget Egypt for a while while we get our House in order. I don’t think you understood TPLF said the flow of water will not be affected since we use the water for hydroelectricity. So if your support for GERD is because you thought it will hinder the flow of water, I hate to be a deliverer of bad news but that wasn’t TPLF’s plan. Ouch.
            2. No I didn’t ask to trust me. We Ethiopians are no different than the countries you and I decided to immigrate to. At least it is the right thing to strive for where these countries are. A democratic government which we call ours. If you call the government you asked asylum first and become a citizen at the end yours, wish Ethiopians to have the same. Instead of wishing Ethiopians to accept dictators as long as theese dictators gave them food, water and electricity.
            3. You are not being honest with yourself. That is what you told yourself when you decided to immigrate to a western country. Help Ethiopians to have a government like the country you decide to immigrate to. Otherwise, you are supporting dictators over the lives of Ethiopians to receive abuse in the name of food, water and electricity while you live in a country which guarantees your freedom of rights through the ballot. If you decided to stay in Ethiopia and talk what you say here, I would have more respect for you. Now, you are asking Ethiopians in to follow a different rules than yours, while you enjoying freedom in your adopting country. That is a rotten thing to do. It is like saying I have freedom, food electricity and water. But you Ethiopians, let dictators abuse you as long as they give you food, water and electricity.
            4. No argument here. It is achievable. But freedom, rule of law, human right respected, democracy, food, water, electricity aren’t mutual exclusive. We can achieve all together. You need proof? Look around in your adopting country. What is not fair and idiotic is telling Ethiopians to stay submissive as long as their rulers give them food, water and electricity.
            5. But TPLF treated Ethiopians as dogs. That is what you don’t get. If all you say is from your heart, why are you in the west? All these good things under TPLF yet, you are away. I told you, go tell our ancestors why they fought Italy. Like you they could say under Italy they saw roads, dams, airports, etc…..

  26. Old fart Ababa,

    “Abiy was in Khartoum at the request of the African Union’s Peace and Security Council, which asked him as head of the IGAD regional block to initiate mediation to ensure the handover of power to civilian-led authority after suspending Sudan’s membership in the African Union”.

    ☝?The PM wasn’t meddling, he was requested. There goes down one of your weyzero claims. ‘የእራሱ አሮበት የሰው ሲያማስል’

    What does ‘standard news carrier websites’ mean? Why don’t you paste a link here? So all that Abiy got slapped and almost got arrested is based on people thrown in jail right after his negotiation effort? How desperate are you to hear bad things about him? If I see it the Sudanese gov’t didn’t arrest the people which you claim got arrested before Abiy’s arrived or while he was there to honor him, does that make me wrong? You see there is another way of spinning these ridiculous claims of yours. Kikikikikiki

  27. Hello Ethios,

    Ethios, this is your Convocation for Jury Duty! Report PROMPTLY:

    ሌላዉ – ማሚቱ ቱልቱላ እና አቶ አበባዉ አምታታዉ ቱልቱላ – የሚያደናግሯችሁ ከዚህ በታች ያለዉን አስመልክቶ ስለሆነ – 5 ደቂቃ ወስዳችሁ – ይህቺን አዳምጡ እና – ራሳችሁ ፍረዱ [You be the judges!]:

    Have a great day!

  28. አበባው,
    አበባው እና ዘሮቹ መራራውን ጣፋጭ : ጣፋጩን መራራ ማለት ባህላቸው ነው::
    1. ንጉሥ ጦና ለምን ከሚኒልክ ጋር ጦር ገጠመ? የሚለው የታሪኩ ዋና አስኩዋል ነው:: ሚኒልክ ጦር የገጠመው ወራሪ ስለነበር ነው እጂ ንጉሥ ጦናን ንግሥናውን የሠጠው ምኒልክ አይደለም:: አስበው በጦር የገጠመህን ለምን ንግሥና ትሠጠዋለህ? ይህ የቆምጨ ታሪክ ማለባበስ ነው:: እንደውም ንጉሥ ጦና በጦርነት ከተሸነፈ በሁዋላ በግድ ክርስቲያን እንዲሆን አድርገውታል::ንጉሥ ሚካኤል ጦናን በጦርነት ካሸነፈ በሁዋላ ጦናን እና ወታደሮቹን አንገታቸውን በሰንሰለት በመሰር እና ፀጉራቸው እየላጩ ክርስትና እንዲነሱም ካደረጉዋቸው በሁዋላ የንጉሥ የጦናን ወታደሮች ወደ ወሎ በመውሰድ ለአረብ ሽጠዋቸዋል:: እስካሁን ደረስም በወሎ ክፍለ ሀገር አረብ ገንዳ የሚባል ሰፈር አለ ወላሞዎች የተሸጡበት ባሪያ ሆነው የተሰቃዩበት ወላሞ ሰፈር የሚባል እራሱ ወሎ ሀገር አለ::
    ይህ ሀቅ ነው ማንም ይህንን ሄዶ ማየትም መጠየቅም ይችላል::
    አንተ ለራስህ የፓለቲካ ትርፍ ብለህ ደሞ የወላይታን ህዝብ ልታታል ትፈልጋለህ? ማነው ሀይለማሪያምን puppet እያለ ስሙን ሲዘለዝል የነበረው? ማነው ሀይለማሪያምን ጠንጋራው መሪ እያለ ክቡር ሥሙን ዘሩን እያንቁዋሸሸ ሲሳደብ የኖረው? ሀይለማሪያም በአንድ ወቅት እንዲህ ብሎ ነበር ” በወርቅ ንግድ መሳተፍ የሚፈልግ ግለሰብ ሰፌድ ብቻ ነው መግዛት የሚጠበቅበት ከዛ ትግራይ: ኦሮሚያ እና ደቡብ ክልል በመሄድ በሰፌድ ወርቅ ማፈስ ይችላል::”
    አማራ ክልል ወርቅ የለም ማለት ነው ብላቹ ሰው ሊሰደብ የማይገባውን ክፉ የሥድብ ውርጅብኝ አውርዳችሁበታል::” ያሳዝናል! ለወላይታ ህዝብ ያላችሁን ንቀት ያሳያል

    • እባክኽን ታሪክ ለመሠሪ ዓላማ ብለህ አታንሻፍፍ። ወሎ፣ዴሴ ዐረብ ገንዳ ማለት ዐረቦች በብዛት በንግድ ሥራ ተሰማርተው ስለሚገኙ ነው። በጎንዴርም በብዛት ይኖሩ ነበር ይባላል -ደርግ ሥልጣን እስከሚይዝ ድረስ። ሌላው ወሎዬዎች /ላኮ መልዛዎች/ ከዐረብ ጋር ብዙ ትስስር አላቸው። ዓሊ ቤት እና ዐበይ ቤት የሚባሉ ብዙ ቦታዎች አሉ – ይኸ የዐረብ ነጋ አድራሶች በሰፊ ገብተው ከህዝቡ ጋር ይኖሩ ነበር ማለት። ስለ ወረሴክ ሲተረክ ሰምተህ ከሆነ ዐረብ ማለት ነው። ስለ ጦና ካነሳህ ሥልጣን ሳያገኝ በፊት የጎበዝ ዓለቃ chieftain ነበር። ይኸ ማለት ደግሞ ልክ ፍቅር እስከ መቃብር ልብ ወለድ ላይ እንዴ ሽፍታው አበጄ በለው ዓይነት – አልገብርም ባይ ሆኖም ህዝብ የሚያከብረው። ይኸ ማለት አበጄ በለው ዕውቅና የለውም ማለት ነው። ጦና ግን ብልጥ ነበር ፈጥኖ ገበረ የንጉሱን ኃይል እና ቁርጠኝነት ሲቀምስ – እናም ንጉሥ ተባለ።

      • Abebaw
        yes, ይኸ የዐረብ ነጋ አድራሶች በሰፊ ገብተው ከህዝቡ ጋር ይኖሩ ነበር ማለት። yes, this fact slave trade stop under Italy rule…. Italy invaded Ethiopia in October 1935 and issued two laws in October 1935 and in April 1936 emancipating slaves in the country.. Ethiopia did not abolished slavery even so we were member of in the League that is why league of nation did not help Ethiopia …but smart king haile telling us because we r black …

        my point is why did Abebaw hard time admit dark history of Ethiopia .. if u ask any white America they will not deny their dark history of slavery … but not with the Amhara something when it doesn’t implicate them they just deny in behave of the elite king royal family.. king haile doesn’t even admit they r Ethiopia they telling us their blood line is from solomonic dynasty… the royal family have nothing to do with Amhara .. yes they share Amharic even then the king created their own Amharic to sound different then Amhara … as Gonder or as wollo if u speak with accent everyone laugh at u… my point is u r not part of royal family admitting our dark history doesn’t take away anything from u … in fact it will add because u r also the victim … look how u guys live in poverty … what the royal family did for Amhara zero why support them

        • Ash,

          — በመጀመሪያ ታሪኩን አስተካክል። የዐረቦች የዘር ግንድ ወሎ ውስጥ ከጥንት ጀምሮ አለ ማለት ነው። ወሎ /ላኮ መልዛዎች/ ጥቂት የማይባሉ ማመዶዎች/ መሃመዲያን/ ወረሴ/ሼ/ከ ዘር አላቸው። እንድሁም በሰለሞናዊ ዘር አንፃርም ጥንት ቀዳማዊ ምኒልክን ተከትለውት ከመጡት ዕብራዊን ከፊሎቹ መቅደላ እንዴ ሰፈሩ ሁሉ – ድርሳነ ተክለሃይማኖትን ይመልከቱ። ይኸን ለምን ለመጠቃቀስ አስፈለገኝ – ወሎ ወይም ላኮ መልዛ የኢትዮጵያ እምብርት ነው ለማለት ብቻ ነው።

          — ዐረቦች ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ አሉ ማለት ሰው ሊገዙ መጥተዋል ማለት አይደለም። በርካታ የንግድ ዓየነቶች አሉ – ቡና ፣ ዕጣን፣ ቅመማ ቅመም ወዘተ። ለምንድ ነው የግድ ሰው ሽያጭ እና ልውውጥ መሆን ያለበት – የወያኔ ልዩ የፓለቲካ ፍጆታ ስለሆነ። ኢትዮጵያ የሆነው ከሌሎች ዓለማት የተለየ ነገር የለም። ይበልጡንም ኢትዮጵያ ነገሥታቷ ጥንታዊ ክርስትያን ከመሆናቸው አንፃር የሰው ንግድን እጅግ ይፀየፉ እና ይከለክሉ ነበር።
          በዓለም ከታወቁት መሪዎች ዋናው ንጉሠ ነግሥት ዐፄ ምኒልክ ናቸው። እርሳቸው ገና ጣልያን ኮቲው ምድር ሳይቆነጥጥ ማስጠንቀቂያ በመስጠት የጅማውን አባ ጅፋር በ ኦሮሞ እና በጃንጃሮ ሰዎች ላይ የባርያ ንግድ እንድያቆም የደረጉት። ጣልያን ግን እንዴ ወያኔ ስም ማጥፋት ዘደው ነበር ዓለም አቀፍ ተቀባይነት ለማግኘት። ከዓለም በፊት ባርነትን የተፀየፈች አገር ኢትዮጵያ ብቻ ናት። ነፃ ምድር ሁና የኖረችም ኢትዮጵያ ናት። በእራሳችሁ ታሪክ ለምን ትቀናላችሁ። የልቅስ ጣልያን ስንት ሰሜናዊያንን ባርያ እና አገልጋይ አድርጋ አጋዘቻቸው የሚለውን መመራመር ይሻላል።

  29. ካካ እራስ,
    How can I make this simpler to you? It is clear, he went Sudan to mediate but the opposition go arrested. Probably, I should have said the opposition figures got arrested under Abiy’s watch. ዐቅም የሌለው ሰው፣ ጋግሮ ሲያነኩር ይፈሳል ማለት የዐብይ ዓይነቱን ገላጋይ ነው።

    • Still no link? Just we should go to ‘standard news carrier websites’. Someone is pulling news from her a$$ Kikikikikiki.

      The way I see it the Sudanese government waited to arrest the people until Abiy come and go out of respect for him.

      • “The way I see it the Sudanese government waited to arrest the people until Abiy come and go out of respect for him.” Do you mean ወይስ እግረ ዴረቅ ነበር? Why did not arrest them before he was even there? Answer, disrespect or saw no value in him. Arrested soon means out of no respect for Abiy.

        • You see we can go in circle with assumptions. You started the assumptions. You are making my point. You wrote your first comment as if you read a statement from the Sudanese government saying something bad about Abiy. You even said almost got arrested. Then we found out that you assumed the slap and the almost got arrested none sense from the action the Sudanese government took after Abiy left. To show how ridiculous you sound, I throw another assumption. Now you came up with your own assumption to counter my another assumption. Your head is gonna hurt reading this.

          • I did not expect this news would hurt your feeling badly. I can see it now, how it ruined your puppet pm. It is like he almost had a narrow escape. The figures he sat with arrested as soon as he finished means, they were setting an eye what he was doing too. I never heard such kind of humiliation on an invited foreign dignitary or head of state before.

          • Good for you keep believing what you believe. You happiness come form fantasy and assumptions. I thought you are happy based on reported facts. Other than fantasy what do we no doers have. We crest our reality and keep ourselves happy. God bless our soul.

  30. —-

    Sudan’s security forces have reportedly arrested three prominent opposition figures after they met the Ethiopian prime minister who was in Khartoum to try to restart peace talks.


    Among the protest movement delegates he[pastor Abiy] met were opposition politician Mohamed Esmat and a leader of the rebel Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N), Ismail Jalab.

    Esmat was arrested on Friday soon after his meeting with Abiy, while Jalab was arrested at his residence early on Saturday, their aides told AFP news agency.

    • Thank you for the links of ‘standard news carrier websites’. lol
      I still don’t see these ‘standard news carrier websites’ reporting the news as a slap to Abiy or almost got arrested to Abiy. Meaning you are pulling things from your a$$. Don’t feel bad, it just me. you can continue to believe what you believe. You are desperate, you are dying with seeing Abiy’s popularity to blow air out of your behind for a no burger news like this. People getting arrested in another country after he tried negotiations is the biggest failure in the world of little heads like you. What a joke. Almost got arrested my a$$.

  31. At the end of the day, no one in this world go out of his way to fix his/her neighbor’s leaky roof, while his own roof is leaking on his children!!

    • You said it right, brother Hope. The retarded Meles tried his ass off to handle things in Somalia ( not from his heart, but deep in his heart was foreign aid money) , he ruined the lives of millions forever. He was also was dancing with Al-Bashir, an internationally wanted criminal, so as to kidnap, loot Ethiopians, especially the welkait of Gondares. In the end, he got a call from the most High; and Al-Bashir is, f*ked up now. Little Abiy is trying wipe the rotten Sudanese a*s off, while his own is dripping off. If this is not hypocrisy what else can be.

      • Brother Abebaw,
        The undeniable hipocracy is clear to see for open minded Ethiopians that don’t have uterior motives!! The unrests, displacements, the harassment of Eskinder Nega and associates that have risked their lives and couriers for their motherland and fellow Ethiopians to build democracy, now they are being denied to hold peacefully gatherings…, Ethiopians are still being killed in many parts of Ethiopia — one young football student was killed by handgrnade or bullet, some Ethiopians have been killed in Afar, Amhara, Somali and Oromo areas, protest and unrest at Axum University, etc., Are the Sudanese coming to Ethiopia to return the favor, to build badly needed peace in Ethiopia?

        • Hope,
          As it is Sudan, even now, is more peaceful than Ethiopia. Sudanese leaders have a country in their hearts, but Ethiopian leaders have villages /ጎጥዎች/ in their mindset. Our country needs a real change that starts with changing mindset. Bigots here support blindly because either Abiy is Pente, or OLF or the least evil to TPLF’s survival and safety. I am not lying while many in the streets of Addis Ababa now threw away or undressed themselves of Abiy’s printed t-shirts, all the cell phone wall papers of his faith members have his pictures. You call that blind support.

          • Old fart Ababa,
            When are you stop thinking using your rectum? The government of Sudan is killing protesters on the streets as we speak. Hundreds of Sudanese protesters got killed these last few days. Check the ‘standard news carrier websites’. Lol. What make the current government in Ethiopia unique is it isn’t the one doing the killing and causing misery. Bigots like you are doing the killing and causing misery. The people you defended back when after they mob killed medical professionals in Amahara region. People like that in all over the country are the problem. The government isn’t god to solve these problems without our help. If people like you give excuse to criminals from their tribe, how do you expect peace? Others like you from other tribes also protect criminals from their tribe. We have to have the courage point finger on bad people who share identities with us. You come here and talk about crook pastors, forgetting a century long tradition of crook behatawis and kesoch. You talk about OLF all the time, no mention of ethnic parties from your tribe. How do you expect Abiy to change this kind of narrow minded mentality?

          • Abebaw,
            Reading some of the comments on this website alone is clear to notice the number of people that have been brainwashed by TPLF mafia hate propaganda, that was manfactured and spread throughout Ethiopia by EPLF and TPLF to divide Ethiopians! The hatred they are carrying in their hearts against Amharas is extremely worrisome! Some claim to despise TPLF mafia courier criminals that have committed unprecedented irreversible damages on the country, in terms of money and loss of seaport and territories, and the chilling atrocities they have committed on innocent hardworking lawabiding Ethiopians for 27 horendous bloody years…, but still these bigots still point their fingers shamelessly without reservations at the very Amharas that haven’t been in power for hundreds of years, knowing that Amharas have been robbed, evicted, incarserated, tortured, burned, steralized, mutilated and massacred more than other ethnic groups in Ethiopia at the hands of TPLF!! Even the Oromo themselves so blinded by EPLF and TPLF mafia made up history, they still think Minlik and HaileSelassie were 100% Amharas and blame Amharas for everything that have gone wrong in Ethiopia, particularly since 1974, and beyond the scale since 1991. These brainwashed bigots failed to recognize that Amharas have been used as a bait to divide Ethiopians. The Amhara ethnic group never benefited from Amharic being the national language of Ethiopia, in fact, more than other provinces, Amhara provunces look like frozen in time since the stone ages!! It is beyond me how anybody after 45 years of HELL under the most godless, soulless, remorseless coldblooded Nazi-Woyanes and Red Terror that also pulled toe and finger nails, crashed men’s genitals, and slaughtered staggering number of Ethiopians.., still blame the very Amharas that have absolutely nothing to do with it!! The very Amharas that have been victimized again and again by that bloodsucking madman Mengestu, and by the worst of the worst, the bloodthirsty TPLF mafia criminals that left the country landlocked, robbed the country blind, tortured and spilled the blood of countless number lawabiding Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia!!
            Such a shame!!
            BTW, why are these that claim to be the supporters of Abiy’s MEDEMER, working against him, by demonizing Amharas and trying to create division? Why are they displacing Ethiopians at Abiy’s watch? Do they know something, that the rest of us don’t? Are they trying to tell us that there is some secret behind that “Medemer”??? Hummm!

          • Hope,

            You got it my brother! “Medemer”??? Hummm!” . Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. When the moment of truth came, we hear the same old story lyrics. The same foul smell. But, it a good opportune time to know all the foul stinks to dump them altogether – there is a determined unique generation to neither repeat nor do what fools of the past did. No resting until the bigots get silenced by their own demise.

          • Why is Abiy’s administration against Eskinder Nega and associates, the very group of Ethiopians that believes Strongly in the UNITY OF ETHIOPIANS, and trying to support strengthen Abiy’s Medemer?? WHY? WHY? WHY HARASS THE VERY MAN THAT SACRIFICED SO MUCH, SEPARATED FOR YEARS FROM HIS LOVELY WIFE AND HIS ONLY PRECIOUS CHILD FOR ADVOCATING DEMOCRACY, PEACE, SECURITY JUSTICE AND TRUE DEMOCRACY FOR ALL ETHIOPIANS??? WHY IS OUR HERO ESKINDER BEING TREATED LIKE A CRIMINAL? WHY are the the VIGILANTES that are going around robbing, raping, killing and bulldozing thousands of homes and throwing out women and children like a piece of trash thrown in jail? Why is that heartless Jesebel so called mayer, that took pride in bulldozing thousands of homes and thrown out women and children, without an ounce of remorse, doesn’t pay for her shocking cruelties and human rights violations?? What kind of Christian and Muslim Ethiopians that believe in the Merciful Loving God/Allah thinks these kinds of barbarism is justifiable?? Doesn’t God/Allah wants us to live in peace with one another with mutual respect and love in this temporary world?? Go figure!! That “Medemer” should start by punishing the heartless barbaric trabalist separatists mayers that are throwing Ethiopians like used napkins!! Without justice and equality there is no peace!!

  32. Amhara’s politics Failed in Alliance’s,

    When the T-Thugs (Not Tea-Thugs! but Thugtatorship -Thugs) crossing the Mereb river they had made a promises to Amhara militias to reconstruct the unification of Ethiopia. The idea of the unification of Ethiopia primarily is the cultural gown of Amharas, their identity, their music, their pride, and the last but not the least their sole history. For such matter Amhara’s can’t live without the idea of the unified Ethiopia and the nationalities have been listening their discourse relentlessly by hook or by crook.
    The point is not to address how Amhara’s see themselves in the unified Ethiopia but it helps to the main path to construct how Amhara politics failed in alliances.
    As I mentioned earlier Amhara’s alliances has been failing by allowing the T- Thugs to cross the mereb river and Amharas experienced the extreme dictatorship one can not even imagine. Their alliances status quo is based on the unified Ethiopia and to bring back the old regime which makes Amhara the major beneficiaries to exploit everything and anything. The funniest things are Amhara alliances knew that at the end of the route they will throw them like a napkin once they settled their foot. But they used them anyway for the sake of supra propaganda which is Amharas are capable of. They are good at it or I can say they are the best when doing propaganda on social media. I can use an example for such throwback. ቄስ ሞገሴ የዶ/ር ብርሃኑ ነጋ ቅፅል ሥም በአብን( በአማራ ብሔራዊ ንቅናቄ) የተሰየመ:: ስያሜውን ዶ/ር ብሬ እንዴት ሊያገኝ ቻለ? ብሬ ይሄንን ቅጭል ሥም ያገኘው ለውጡን አምኖ እና ተቀብሎ ለቃለ-መሃላውም ተዓማኒነት ያደረገው ነገርም አለ እሱን ሁዋላ ላይ እንመለስበታለን:: እናም ብሬ ባህርዳር ላይ ሊያደርግ የነበረው ስብሰባ በአብንን አነሳሽነት ስብሰባው በተኩስ ቀውጢ ሆኖ ብርሃኑ ነጋ አማራን አይወክልም እንደውም የአማራ ጠላት ነው የሚል ውንጅላ ይደርስበታል:: ብሬም ታነቁ እንጂ እንደውም የማደርገውን አሳያችሁዋለሁ ብሎ ሳይዝት በልቡ አምኖ ወደ ፊንፊኔ አቅንቶአል:: አብንን ብርሃኑ አማራ ላይ እየዶለተ ያለውን ድብቅ አጀንዳ ከቅርብ የቀድሞ የግንቦት-7 አባላት መረጃ አግኝቶ ነበር ለፓለቲካ ትርፍ እንደሚፈልገው::

    Fast backward,
    ጉዞ ወደ ኦሮማራ ጥምረት!
    ኦሮማራ ወያኔን ለማንበርከክ የተቀመመ ምርጥ ስትራቴጂ ነበር እጅግ ድንቅ በሆነ መልኩ ወያኔን የሳንባ በሽተኛ ጭምር ነው ያደረገው:: አንዳንድ ሰዎች ለዚህ bronchospasm they have been prescribing to thugs, heavy steroids to reverse the situation, but it did not worked out these time. ምፅ! እዋይ! ነው ነገሩ ሁላ! እውነት ነው የሸገርን ሽንኩርት የመሰሉ ቺኮችን በዊስኪ ሲያወራርዱ ከርመው ለአልጋ መውረጃ በበራሪው አውሮፕላን ዱባይ ጨጨብሳ ሲነፉ ከርመው እንዴታ የህልም እዣት አይሆን? ምፅ! እዋይ! ምነው ህልም በሆነ! እንደው ቅዥት በሆነ ያስብላል::
    የሸገር ቺኮች እንኩዋን ሼባዎቹን ወጣቱን ሳይቀር የቴብል ቴኒስ ዳኛ አርገዋቸዋል:: በቃ ዝም ብሎ አንገት መወዝወዝ ነው የሚያልፈው ሁሉ ቆንጆ ነው:: ስንት የሼሚዝ ኮሌታ እንደነተበብኝ እኔን ነኝ የማውቀው? ይሞታል ወይ! ይሞታል ወይ ታድያ ብሉዋል ዘፋኙም:: ረጅም አሻግሮ ማየት ድሮ ቀረ አጭር አጭሬ ነው አሁን:: ጫፍ ወራጅ አለ! በቃ መውረድ ነው! ይታያቹ ይሄ የታክሲ ጥብስ ነው ከፍ ያለውን ሚዛን አንባቢው ይገምግመው:: ታድያ እንዴት አቦይ ፀሓዬ ይቻለው:: ታይላንድ የለ! ሸገር የለ! ያን ሁላ ቫያግራ ምን ያርገው? አድቪል አይደል ለራስምታት አይሆን? ለነገሩ ሼም የለም በወያኔ ዓለም! ተብሎ የለ::
    እና… ኦሮማራም ወደቀደመችው ኢትዮጵያ ሲባል የኦሮሞ ፓለቲካ በጠረባ ዱብ አረገው የአማራውን ቦለቲካ…..

  33. ወያኔ ተራማጅ ነበረ
    ምነው ቆሞ ቀረ
    እያሉ ያሙሻል
    አንቺ ለራስ ምታት ቫያግራ ውጠሻል
    ነገር ዓለሙ ሁላ እንዲያው ቆሞብሻል::
    እንዴት ትራመጂ…?

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