Ethiopia: At least 17 killed in violence over Sidama autonomy


Al Jazeera – At least 17 people have been killed in clashes between Ethiopian security forces and activists seeking a new autonomous region for their Sidama ethnic group, according to a local official and hospital authorities.

A local district official told Reuters news agency on Saturday that at least 13 people were killed in a town near Hawassa city, 275 kilometres south of the capital Addis Ababa, while hospital authorities said on Friday that four protesters had died of gunshot wounds in the city itself.

Confirming the 13 civilian deaths in Wotera Rassa, located about 27km from Hawassa, Shubale Buta, head of the town’s Malga district, said soldiers were travelling to calm the violence in a nearby town on Thursday.READ MORE

Q&A: ‘Power in Ethiopia to come through voting, not violence’

“When they saw people gathered near the roads, they thought they were there to create a problem and that is how the killings happened,” he told Reuters via telephone.

A Malga resident said late on Friday he saw 14 bodies after a shooting.

“My house is near a field where the people had gathered,” he said.

“I was told by people who were there that the military came to the town [on Thursday] and randomly opened fire on people who had gathered and were discussing the referendum,” he added, saying that he later went to the place where the shooting happened and counted the bodies.

Shubale said the town was “relatively calm” on Saturday.

The Sidama, the largest ethnic group in the southern region, have been calling for a semi-autonomous state, posing the latest political challenge to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Expectations had been high that they would unilaterally declare their own region on Thursday.

Ethiopia is already partitioned into nine semi-autonomous regions. The constitution requires the government to organise a referendum for any ethnic group that wants to form a new entity within a year of them requesting it.

The Sidama Liberation Movement (SLM), which has been leading calls for the new state, accepted government demands for a delay pending a plebiscite before the end of the year.

The federal system in Africa‘s second-most populous nation is designed to allow larger ethnic groups a measure of autonomy but smaller communities such as the Sidama say they have been sidelined and some are demanding their own regions.



  1. Ato Abebaw,

    Addendum [#3 and #4]:

    3. እኔ – አይኔን የማምን ሰዉ ነኝ! የጎጃም ልጆች – ጎጃምን እና ጎንደርን አስጎብኝተዉኛል! በኋላም ዘመዶቻቸዉን ለመጠየቅ ሁለት ጊዜ ኼጃለሁ! ያየሁትን ነዉ የነገርኮት? ኼደዉ ይመልከቱ!

    ጎጃም እና ጎንደር – ፈረንጅ እና አረብን ለማስደሰት ሽር ጉድ ከማብዛት በስተቀር – ከሌላ የኢትዮጵያ ክፍል የመጡ ኢትዮጵያዉያንን አያስተናግዱም! ጥቂት ባለ ሱቅ ጉራጌዎች ብቻ እንጂ ሌሎች ዘሮች አላየሁም! የኢትዮጵያን ባንዲራ አንግቦ በመዉረግረግ ግን አንደኛ አይደሉም?

    4. እነ አ.ብ.ን. ራሳቸዉ አይደሉም ወይ – “ማንኛዉም ኢትዮጵያዊ – ኢትዮጵያ ዉስጥ – ዬትም ቦታ ኼዶ – የመኖር፣ የመስራት፣ የመደራጀት፣ ወዘተ መብቱ መጠበቅ አለበት!” እያሉ የሚሰብኩት?

    ታድያ – አ.ብ.ን. እና ቤተ-አማራ የሚሰብኩት ከልብ ቢሆን ኖሮ – እነ Dr. Birhanu ባሕር ዳር ለTown Hall Meeting የኼዱ ጊዜ – ለምን – “አማራን አትወክሉም…” ብለዉ በጥብጠዉ ስብሰባዉ እንዳይካኼድ አደረጉ? ታድያ – ለምንስ የኢትዮጵያን ባንዲራ እና ምኒልክን ያነግባሉ?

    See Addendum [#5 and #6]

    Have a great day

  2. Ato Abebaw,

    1. ማጭበርበር ይተዉ ብዬዎት አልነበረም ወይ? መቼ ነዉ – “አማራ ጨቋኝ ነው ስለዚህ የአማራ ህዝብ ይቅርታ ይጠይቅ” ያልኩት? ለምንድነዉ ለማጭበርበር ይኼን ሁሉ extra mile የኼዱት? እኔ – ይኼን አስመልክቶ – ከላይ የጻፍኩት ይኸዉና:-

    “[5. Amharas should say: “80% of Amharas are NOT responsible for the atrocities that 20% of elite Amharas who ruled & their loyal dogs inflicted on other Ethiopians!”

    NB: The 20% elite Amharas are pitting the rest 80% Amharas against others to evade justice. Remember: There are millions of vulnerable Amharas living all over Ethiopia.]”

    2. You wrote: “…Use of direct propaganda figures…”? Are you a pathological liar or what? I took the “15 million Amharas who live in Oromo regions” from NAMA’s [አ.ብ.ን.’s] Christian Tadelle:

    See Addendum-1 [#3 and #4]

    Have a great day!

  3. Federalism yes, ethnic federalism no. That is my personal opinion.

    Looking at it historically, there are two facts overlooked. First, federalism is nothing new in Ethiopia that even in old feudal days local chiefs adminstered their regions. What tied them to the Emperor were two things, first pay certain amount of yearly tax, second wheel their armies and fight when a request comes from the central government to do so. For example, to name few of the governors of the regions during the time of Atse Menelik….Sultan AbaJiffar Jima, Ras Mikael Wello, Ras Mengesha Tigray, Sultan Mohamed Hanfari Awusaa, Dej Kumsaa/Jote Wallagaa, Ras Mengesha Atikem Agew Meder, Wagshum Gwangul Sekkotta/Wag, Ras Wole Yeju, Fit Habtegiyorgis Dinagdae Boranaa, Dej Balcha Safo Sidamaa, Kawo King TTONA Wolayta, Ras WoldeSelassie Semien, Ras Gugsa Begemeder, last but not least Negus Teklehaymanot Gojjam, all locals except Balcha….and many more. Was it a perfect system? Of course not, old archaic feudal, nevertheless when locals see who govern them they see one of their own. Even in most of the south if outsiders were appointed, they always worked with local chiefs. That was severely changed in 1943 two years after liberation from Italy. Atse HaileSellasie brought all the power to the center, and the old local families were removed to be replaced by appointees from Addis. Other than concentrating power, he thought that was progress bringing all together as a nation, that anyone can administer another region by the simple fact they ‘re all part of the same country. Why he appointed Ras Mengesha from Tigray to administer Sidama, Dej Solomon Abraha from Eritrea to administer Wello, Dej Yemane Hasan from Shewa to administer Tigray (under Ras Seyoum), Gen Jagema Kello another Shewan to administer Bale, Dej Kasa W/Mariam from Wallaga to administer Gojjam etc etc.

    Second, this struggle between regionalist and unionist is nothing new. It has taken different forms and shapes but it has always existed. The ceaseless battles between the Emperor and the various Muslim Sultanates at medieval times was an example. The lawless days of the “Zemene mesafint” was probably the darkest days of the country when the center totally collapsed when regional barons fought ceaseless battles, throning and dethroning Emperors, who were nothing but mayors of Gondar. But that excesses of regionalism gone amock triggered a vicious response from the unionist under the umbrella of Atse Tewodros, which carried battles that dwarfed the disorder days of the Zemene Mesafint, countless thousands were thrown down the cliff.

    The question now in front of Ethiopians, whom the overwhelming majority want federalism, is what kind of federalism? As Shaekspear said, THAT IS THE QUESTION. The problem in answering that in a fair just and lasting way is close to impossible, because extremism has blinded most of us. Especially the past 30 years of everything based on ethnic state sponsored preaching and hate has created a new generation incapable of reason, and 75% of Ethiopians are under 30. Those who are supposed to be educated with sound mind experience, instead of guiding the younger generation towards unity are stocking more hatred. I was really saddened by Dr Eziekel’s speech in Mekkelae recently. To even he be there with Woyane is sad when yesterday they were tie-ing bricks to his relatives testicles. But that’s besides the point, how he claimed 75% of Ethiopians want ethnic federalism….based on what study? Very similar how they (TPLF/OLF) imposed it in 1991. Then he was saying the various regions are like an independent country with own flag, constitution only thing they miss is foreign recognition ???. The experiment of Somalia one religion/one language disintegrated into pieces, he believes he will live peaceably after strangling Ethiopia to death. But why should I question them, as one blogger pointed out they paid a price in lives to achieve that. But WE also know the price paid for Ethiopia. 600,000 walked bare feet to Maychew a quarter million never returned. Out of 80,000 Shewans of all ethnic camped in the caves of Amba Aradam Enderta, 25,000 were butchered by mustard gas in five days. Edemae le Engliz the evidence is recorded and safe. But the biggest problem is how intolerant the regionalist are. Let them dare talk, if anyone oppose their idea a mountain of insults, it’s like the old Negus ayekeses semay ayetares….Now it’s ETHNIC FEDERALISM AYEKESES SEMAY AYETARES.

    • I highly disagree with the notion that ethnic based federalism is the source of Ethiopia’s troubles. You mentioned Ethiopia is not new to federalism. But you know none of them worked.

      Ethnic federalism was introduced after the bitter struggle of oppressed nations, but was exploited by TPLF to its own narrow political advantage.

      I challenge you to answer why no one in Ethiopia cries against ethnic federalism, except a few Finfine and diaspora based extremists, while thousands of ordinary people shed their blood for ethnic self determination in their respective regions.

      On the other hand, try to encroach on any region and the people of that region will pay ultimate sacrifice to defend their respective territories. There is no better example than the Qerro protest that overthrew wayane.
      Mr. Abiy could have spared the lives of so many Sidamas if only he did not arrogantly ignore their voice. So could wayanes have spared the lives of millions of Ethiopians if only they had implemented the constitution unbiased. All this shows, after all, Ethnic federalism is the answer, not the cause, for Ethiopia’s problems, if properly addressed and implemented.

      • Clan Man,

        Wise men like Meles left you to stuck in labels. You can use any romantic sound government style, unless people have a say rather than elites deciding for them, you will sing the same song until you die. TPLF enslaved Tigrians by telling them non Tigrians are coming for them. OLF is trying to enslave Oromos like you by telling you guys non Oromos are coming to you. It doesn’t require to reinvent the wheel, look the countries you decided to immigrate to. How did they manage to create a prosperous diverse society? If you willingly manage to immigrate to this countries and enjoy rights just like people born in these countries, why not copy what these countries did right? Idiots like you think if they get a region named after their tribe, all their problems will go poof. Why getting into identity? I tell you why? Wise men like Meles know narrow minded like you would give their lives if they are told people that don’t share their identity come after them. We saw Nazis, fascists, white supermists did it. Even we saw what happened in Rwanda in not far past.

        • RealNazi,
          You want to copy and paste western style life on proud children of Abba Gadaa? Is that not what elitist nazi habashas tried to promote their own advantage and miserably failed repeatedly?
          The reason western democracy somewhat succeeded was because the white man wiped the indigenous Indians off the face of the Americas leaving only the land behind while they themselves are not homogeneous invaders. Your ancestors tried to do the same to the indigenous people of Ethiopia but failed.
          Go and try to provoke them if you have not enough of failure. Get educated. Ethnic federalism is NOT the brain child of Meles Zenawi.

          • Really? Yet you immigrated to the place the white man created after wiping indigenous people. You are laughable. Why not stayed in your place, kikikikiki. Whatever the reason is, justice or injustice, we found ourselves in a place where we were born. Our destiny interwoven. We had no choice on that. Your head is stuck in the past. You have no shame. Descendants of both white men and indigenous people are trying to create a better world for themselves and their children. Not enter into endless conflict. Go to Minnesota if you are not already there and see how even immigrants live. If the white men can create a place where minded idiot like you can willingly immigrate and integrate so well, it worth replicating everywhere

          • RealNazi,
            White man at least expresses remorse for his dirty past. Habasha elitists want to replicate genocide and slave trade all over to be democratic like him.

          • Clan man,
            There is no single white men. Some express remorse some don’t. The question is are we like the ones who show remorse or not? If you were in place of white men, do you show remorse? I don’t think so. You are an idiot who pulls past grievances as an excuse to show your hate to people you call others. Living in harmony is the answer not creating physical and imaginary walls. Ethnic federalism is nothing but a wall. It is based on division not unity. I don’t see any rational for using identity in any form of politics or governance other than that creates friction between identities. I tell you one thing, I see progress in you. You don’t hate white people as a whole. At least you don’t hate the ones that do show remorse. You hate based on deeds rather than identity. I give some credit to myself for this progress. That exactly why I come here.

          • RealNazi,
            You know your past is dirty and you still neither express remorse nor apologize. That is why it is best to keep you at bay for safety until you do so.

          • Clan man,
            I don’t have past, either do you. That is what wise men like Meles feed your stupid self to stay on your back. Wise up, look the average Ethiopians from all identities and all you see is no difference. You managed to migrate and to raise your children in the west. Help the unlucky Ethiopians live in harmony in their birth place. Don’t feed them theories that make each other burn alive.

  4. Shewarega

    Well said brother. There are no ifs and buts about the ascend and necessity of federalism system in way or another. Majority of the citizens agreed upon it. But I am affraid, as current experience indicate, that federalism perse , ethnic or otherwise, won’t be panacea for socioeconomic and gonvernance failurs. What is needed most is genuine reform and improvement of system of governance itself and accountability without changing the preferred or popular sysyem. Mind you, you can’t imagine how many citizens in different zones within Somali region are fed up with the current ethnic based region even thought they were and still supportive for various reasons. They see corruption, incompetence, selfishness,
    unaccountablity, mismanagementt, nepotism and so on as major threat to way of life. So there is an urgent need for system reform and accountability for citizens in order to progress and improve their socio-ecomic lifes more than anything else.

    • I hear you my brother, even higher than that we are all humans. Good in the end overcomes evil, only if we clean the negative away from our heart and learn to compromise. Last time we had the chaos in Jijjiga, everybody heard that churches were burned, but a handful heard one Somali businessman took in 200 displaced people from other parts of the country fed and took care of them. The evil is always magnified, the good never gets told. I was watching yesterday Mustafa’s speech in Baher Dar. I have always feared at this point in our history if Abyi is gone who can hold the two sides together. It can’t be Berhanu regionalists will cry, same with Demekke. It can’t be Jawar or someone like him the unionists will wail. But I think Mustafa is the only one who can step in. I was really shocked that 20,000 Somalis were killed under Abdi ILe. His speech was an eye opener.

  5. Ato Ayalew
    Sounds you missed the point.
    No worries about your Menilik ii or the other Fewdal lords what they did because history has recorded it in many sides.
    The people of Eritrea and somepart of Tigray were cool with Itly administration for many reason.
    Eventhough there isnt documented evidences to refer to but, for the very reason that those socities are more civised than the rest part, that they needed western powers to partner with to take them out of backwardness and poverty.unfortunately the fewdal lords couldnt get that and wasnt any discussion nor negotiations with the local people , they just did what was good for their administrations.
    Axum and Adwa are two spots in short distance apart with amuzing historical, religious and cultural heritages.The two spots tells two different Ethiopian hystories .
    Axum is always about getting back her global dominance atleast once more again.She is ambushing in every step of hitory to get back ber territories , sea ports and her subjects.
    Adwa is always about Ethiopia first . It has been the blue print of little Ethiopia. Those people came from different corners of Ethiopia and did something an amusing victory.
    Axum will always work with anyone who can creat an opportunity to get her back her global dominance. She has amusing talent how to deal with stuffs. she didnt need any help from the backwatd fewdal war lords . All she got from fewdal lords were destructions and losing her resources.
    I hope this little not could help to clear your confusion about what potentially could happen if your war lords couldnt do what they did

  6. The major reason why peace is Impossible in the present day Ethiopia is not because individual citizens do not aspire to live in harmony rather an irreconcilable problem brought upon us. That is ethnic federalism and illegal constitution of TPLF&OLF. The issue of talking about OLF/TPF style of peace and ዲሞክራሲያዊ ብሄርተኝነት(Nazism) is nonsense. It is unfortunate to say this, lasting peace is possible by deposing TPL, ODP-OLF and out law this made in Dedebit federalism crap. Ethnic federalism is a no starter for peaceful discussion. This was an evil scheme used by evils to hack out others. While there were many critical historical and socioeconomic facts that should involve in federalism a rudimentary and loose criterion trumped everything else. Fori nstance, Shewan/ ሸዋ/is more of a deep-seated historical identity than being Orormo for Shewans – being ሸዋነት has more to do the identity, socioeconomic , cultural of an dependent Shewa than being associate with a loose constellation of Bale or Wollega. It is impossible to move forward having an imposed system no amount of good words and will bring peace until this road block is removed. It did not work for the last 30 years and it will not work in the future. It should be stopped before it consumes people’ live.

    • It is unfortunate to say this (Peace is Impossible) , lasting peace is only possible by deposing TPL, ODP-OLF and out law this made in Dedebit federalism crap. Ethnic federalism is a no starter for peaceful discussion.

      • Atelaw,
        your writing lacks a grain of reason.
        Was lasting peace possible before OLF/TPLF were born?
        Should 110 million people leave their destiny to the mercy of a few ESAT and DC-based habasha fascists?

  7. .

    I tell you, we can all invent lies,…..but truth can only be discovered. And we are a witness to some who choose the short cut to invent lies rather than discover the truth and risk loosing time as well as effort.

    I have seen many who wrote and talked distorted history, …they made us starve for reality. As we kept ignoring them, they kept on inventing more and more lies. To support one lie they had lied one hundred times more; because a lie can be supported only by bigger lies. Then unreality had thrived. It had became fatter and obese .

    Mind you, they will always attempt to find arguments and reasons to support their prejudice.
    Now the game might be shifted to fragmentation.

    I have read one individual’s exact percentile of Amharas who had oppressed and “inflicted on other Ethiopians” .
    I don’t have to decipher anything here . I will ignore the out of pocket numbers and concentrate his message- division. His one division is the 80 % the other- 20 % . Going down you will see another division “Gojjam, Gondor and others division. I don’t know what else to expect,…there are the good, there are the bad, ,….shall we expect also….the healthy, the neutral,….
    It is just comical, ….

    I say why not raise the percentile a bit higher include other areas of Amhara as well and indulge more in the fairy tale.

    Then comes the language “vulnerable Amharas who are living all over Ethiopia. “….Just examine it,…it means a lot ….and it also sounds as if they are in human shield. A shield to silence others for speaking up,…


  8. What about the fricky Azmaries, Ass swinging and shoulder shruging eskesta mechi ADEPA and ABN ? Aint they the ones who end up eating eachother in attempt to overthrow the government just like ye Atse Twedros Arsenal that killed his own crew.Or is it yeraswon sikorsu ayasanesu . Comeon be reasonable man

  9. Which constitution is known to individuals.
    1. The 1987 Constitution of Ethiopia that recognized thirty regions, consisting of five autonomous regions.
    2. The 1995 Constitution of the Tigray Liberation Front

    • Abebaw

      two important point
      1. does The 1987 Constitution recognized language right what language does those 13 region speak .
      2. you cant cheery pick The 1987 Constitution if u want to be ruled by it u have to take it as whole … so do u think we should be rule by socialism

      {{The constitution attempted to situate Ethiopia in the context of the worldwide movement of “progressive states” and made no direct reference to Africa. Critics claim that the constitution was no more than an abridged version of the 1977 Soviet constitution, with the exception of the sweeping powers vested in the presidency. A second difference between the Ethiopian and Soviet constitutions is that the former declared the country to be a unitary state rather than a union of republics. It was reported that the problem of nationalities was hotly debated in the Constitutional Commission, as well as in the WPE Central Committee, but the regime would not abandon its desire to create a single multiethnic state rather than a federation.[1]

      The 835-member legislature, the National Shengo, was defined as the highest organ of state power. Its members were elected to five-year terms. Executive power was vested in a president, elected by the National Shengo for a five-year term, and a cabinet also appointed by the Shengo. The president was chairman of the Council of State, which acted for the legislature between sessions.}}

      • I have one question to you, that is which of these two constitutions had their draft discussed at the grassroots Kebele /ቀበሌ/ levels Nationwide and then reviewed by the Constitutional Commission, the 1987 Ethiopian Constitution or the 1995 TPLF Constitutions? I saw you being critical of the 1987 being a socialist while without acknowledging the 1995 TPLF is also considered as Marxist by many critiques. Let’s come out of the capitalist vs socialist Constitution, because Constitution should be ideology neutral.

  10. የሲዳማ እጄቶ መሪ ፍርድ ቤት ቀርቦ እርሱ እና ጁሃር የአእምሮ በሽተኛ መሆናችውን አስገነዘበ – ቀደምን ተናገረን ነበር።

    • Abebaw,
      Thanks for sharing! As sad as it is, it is funny for anybody to say “Inaye ibed negne”, lol!
      Anyhow, it is obvious that only insane Demon–possessed individuals love to see distractions and deaths. I don’t know who this Tariku Lemma is, but it is clear to see that, Damo/Jawar is indeed a mentally unstable, evildemented insane hatefilled individual as the likes of bloodthristy Adolf Hitler that is responsible for 50,000,000 innocent humanbeings in Germany and around the world! Even on this video, Damo/Jawar sounds like Adolf Hitler!!
      It is indeed a good question — why is Abiy Ahmed tolerant of the likes Damo/Jawar that threatened to bludgeoned to deaths Amharas? And TPLF mafia criminals that robbed, tortured, and massacred disturbing number of lawabiding innocent Ethiopians???

      • የዚህ ሁሉ ምስኪን ልቅሶ እና እምባ እንድህ ሜዳ ላይ መቼ ፈሶ ይቀር – እግዜር እንድሁ እያለ ነው የሚበቀለው። ኢትዮጵያን የነካ እና ያዋረደ ሁሉ መጨረሻው ከንቱ ነው። This madness has to stop for the good of all. The key to that is out law ethnic federalism.

        • Yup! My prayer to God is to expose all the soulless merciless bloodthirsty inhumane holier than thou master muniplatores wherever they may be in the world, for the sake of innocent humanbeings throughout the world!!

        • Atelaw,
          I guess you meant the key is to outlaw ESAT and DC based habasha fascists who are against ethnic federalism.
          Then we are on the same page.

          • Soulless,
            Poor guy! You are such a badly brainwashed puppet! You don’t even know what is right or wrong! Just a talking, walking demon inspired bloodthirsty scum of the earth! You enjoy distractions, human miseries and spilling the blood of innocent humanbeings!! You are another mentally sick menace to society demented savage hateful trabalist! A laughing stock of the civilized world!!

  11. Sorsa,

    That is your opinion and I respect that. Ethnic federalism was not the will of the people, as you imply, rather a system imposed by two regional parties OLF and TPLF, of course there were other insignificant parties present (achechabis), but that was the simple clear fact. I have tried to explain to you that Ethiopia is not a country of ONLY people that want or believe in ethnic politics. Those who oppose it are a very large size of the population and have demonstrated their displeasure from day one. But instead of creating room, or compromising it’s all name calling belittling oh it’s just this ethnic or that city. Dr Ezikiel’s recent comment 75% support ethnic federalism goes hand in hand with that kind of thinking. That Derg did on the opposite side too. Calling anyone for regional rights wonbedae, genttay asgenttay, etc etc.But we all know his end.

    Ato Lencho clearly stated how the ethnic system and kilel was imposed. He was with the head of the commission Ato Abyiu Galataa. Not a single study was done. They relied based on studies Derg did in 1984, when the old 14 provinces were further divided into 30 regions. The people were never asked, no referendum was done because in 1991 the majority will NEVER accept it. The idea was we will impose it preach and create another generation in their image.

    What I am saying is serious mistakes were made in 1991. If we do not go back there and examine the faults and correct the shortcomings yet another generation of Ethiopians will suffer. The only thing that is keeping things intact is Abyi, because he has the capacity to get support from both sides and calm things down wherever they explode. Tomorrow if he is not there, especially before a true and fair election is held, the whole thing can unravel fast. But as I see it both sides are going more and more to the extreme.

    With regards to Sidama, I totally agree with you they have a right to have their own region, same goes with Wolayta and Keffa, which existed as an entity for 700 years. But we also have a duty, as human beings, to reject and oppose those groups that displace and disown other Ethiopians. Yesterday it was Hego in Jijjiga, now Ejeto in Sidama. Those two SHOULD always go hand in hand. Sidama is huge, it was province by itself even during Imperial times. That is also another big failure of the 1991 Magna Carta and I have spoken about it for ages in here. Harari is Region, Benishangul Region, Gambella Region, yet Sidama, Keffa, Wallagaa, Arsi, Begemeder, Wello etc where millions live in are zone haha. I am not even scratching my identity (Jawar call it MANENET) Shewa. Twenty million living within it the regionalists fear it most lol.

    My brother, I truly understand your thinking and I do not believe there is no malice within you. But I’m telling you one brother to another this ethnic federalism will in the end destroy us all. The very idea of carving up a certain part of the country and claiming it belongs to certain group or ethnic is a very murky road to walk in. I remember a recent interview of Ato Bekele Garbaa, a man I respect a lot. It was about Addis Ababa and he said “Oromo is original there”. Never mind 80% of the 5 million living there are not Oromo. But as you know, I might be an old neftegna, but I am the kid of Habaebae Tuffaa of Yakaa and his cousin Hordoffaa Cahngarae of Finfinee. How about if I say Honorable Bekele I’m the original here, you came from Dembidolo? Madness madness madness…….I think they should strive for more. Oromo is not some helpless victim, others gallop his horse, walk with his ethics, guide their lives with his wisdom. Oromo was front and center in recreating this country and paid with his blood for her in every battles fought to preserve her. One always have to remember that.

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