Ethiopia’s Lalibela among 100 Best Places on Earth to visit in 2020

Photo by Raymond Meier Bet Giyorgis, in Lalibela, is one of the 11 churches carved out of the hillside.

Travel Guide publisher Rough Guides names Ethiopia’s Lalibela as one the “100 Best Places on Earth – the Ultimate Travel Bucket List”. Rough Guides’ new book reveals 100 of the most extraordinary places to visit in the world – the ultimate travel bucket list, which is to be published on 1st September.

Rough Guide writes, “An enigmatic and utterly beguiling country, Ethiopia has endless intrigue. From its unique, highly sociable cuisine – the basis of which is injera, a spongy sourdough pancake, piled high with piquant curries and stews and shared between friends – to its ancient language and curly Amharic script, there’s very little that’s familiar about this place, and your trip will be all the better for it.

Ethiopia is a largely Orthodox Christian country, and its religious festivals and structures are something to behold. The sunken churches of Lalibela, hand-carved out of the red rock below ground some nine hundred years ago, are an astonishing feat of engineering. Come January, the network of tunnels and staircases that connect all eleven churches fill up with thousands of worshippers dressed in white, celebrating the birth of Christ with a twelve-hour mass.”

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