Ethiopians Abused on Gulf Migration Route

African migrants receive food and water inside a football stadium in the Red Sea port city of Aden in Yemen, on April 23, 2019. © AFP/Getty Images

Human Rights Watch

(Addis Ababa) – Ethiopians undertaking the perilous journey by boat across the Red Sea or Gulf of Aden face exploitation and torture in Yemen by a network of trafficking groups, Human Rights Watch said today. They also encounter abusive prison conditions in Saudi Arabia before being summarily forcibly deported back to Addis Ababa. Authorities in Ethiopia, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia have taken few if any measures to curb the violence migrants face, to put in place asylum procedures, or to check abuses perpetrated by their own security forces.

A combination of factors, including unemployment and other economic difficulties, drought, and human rights abuses have driven hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians to migrate over the past decade, traveling by boat over the Red Sea and then by land through Yemen to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf states are favored destinations because of the availability of employment. Most travel irregularly and do not have legal status once they reach Saudi Arabia.

“Many Ethiopians who hoped for a better life in Saudi Arabia face unspeakable dangers along the journey, including death at sea, torture, and all manners of abuses,” said Felix Horne, senior Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch. “The Ethiopian government, with the support of its international partners, should support people who arrive back in Ethiopia with nothing but the clothes on their back and nowhere to turn for help.”

Human Rights Watch interviewed 12 Ethiopians in Addis Ababa who had been deported from Saudi Arabia between December 2018 and May 2019. Human Rights Watch also interviewed humanitarian workers and diplomats working on Ethiopia migration-related issues.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimates as many as 500,000 Ethiopians were in Saudi Arabia when the Saudi government began a deportation campaign in November 2017. The Saudi authorities have arrested, prosecuted, or deported foreigners who violate labor or residency laws or those who crossed the border irregularly. About 260,000 Ethiopians, an average of 10,000 per month, were deported from Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia between May 2017 and March 2019, according to the IOM, and deportations have continued.

An August 2 Twitter update by Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said that police had arrested 3.6 million people, including 2.8 million for violations of residency rules, 557,000 for labor law violations, and 237,000 for border violations. In addition, authorities detained 61,125 people for crossing the border into Saudi Arabia illegally, 51 percent of them Ethiopians, and referred more than 895,000 people for deportation. Apart from illegal border crossing, these figures are not disaggregated by nationality.

Eleven of the 12 people interviewed who had been deported had engaged with smuggling and trafficking networks that are regionally linked across Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia’s semi-autonomous Puntland state, the self-declared autonomous state of Somaliland, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia. Traffickers outside of Ethiopia, particularly in Yemen, often used violence or threats to extort ransom money from migrants’ family members or contacts, those interviewed told Human Rights Watch. The 12th person was working in Saudi Arabia legally but was deported after trying to help his sister when she arrived illegally.

Those interviewed described life-threatening journeys as long as 24 hours across the Gulf of Aden or the Red Sea to reach Yemen, in most cases in overcrowded boats, with no food or water, and prevented from moving around by armed smugglers.

“There were 180 people on the boat, but 25 died,” one man said. “The boat was in trouble and the waves were hitting it. It was overloaded and about to sink so the dallalas [an adaptation of the Arabic word for “middleman” or “broker”] picked some out and threw them into the sea, around 25.”

Interviewees said they were met and captured by traffickers upon arrival in Yemen. Five said the traffickers physically assaulted them to extort payments from family members or contacts in Ethiopia or Somalia. While camps where migrants were held capture were run by Yemenis, Ethiopians often carried out the abuse. In many cases, relatives said they sold assets such as homes or land to obtain the ransom money.

After paying the traffickers or escaping, the migrants eventually made their way north to the Saudi-Yemen border, crossing in rural, mountainous areas. Interviewees said Saudi border guards fired at them, killing and injuring others crossing at the same time, and that they saw dead bodies along the crossing routes. Human Rights Watch has previously documented Saudi border guards shooting and killing migrants crossing the border.

“At the border there are many bodies rotting, decomposing,” a 26-year-old man said: “It is like a graveyard.”

Six interviewees said they were apprehended by Saudi border police, while five successfully crossed the border but were later arrested. They described abusive prison conditions in several facilities in southern Saudi Arabia, including inadequate food, toilet facilities, and medical care; lack of sanitation; overcrowding; and beatings by guards.

Planes returning people deported from Saudi Arabia typically arrive in Addis Ababa either at the domestic terminal or the cargo terminal of Bole International Airport. Several humanitarian groups conduct an initial screening to identify the most vulnerable cases, with the rest left to their own devices. Aid workers in Ethiopia said that deportees often arrive with no belongings and no money for food, transportation, or shelter. Upon arrival, they are offered little assistance to help them deal with injuries or psychological trauma, or to support transportation to their home communities, in some cases hundreds of kilometers from Addis Ababa.

Human Rights Watch learned that much of the migration funding from Ethiopia’s development partners is specifically earmarked to manage migration along the routes from the Horn of Africa to Europe and to assist Ethiopians being returned from Europe, with very little left to support returnees from Saudi Arabia.

“Saudi Arabia has summarily returned hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians to Addis Ababa who have little to show for their journey except debts and trauma,” Horne said. “Saudi Arabia should protect migrants on its territory and under its control from traffickers, ensure there is no collusion between its agents and these criminals, and provide them with the opportunity to legally challenge their detention and deportation.”

All interviews were conducted in Amharic, Tigrayan, or Afan Oromo with translation into English. The interviewees were from the four regions of SNNPR (Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region), Oromia, Amhara, and Tigray. These regions have historically produced the bulk of Ethiopians migrating abroad. To protect interviewees from possible reprisals, pseudonyms are being used in place of their real names. Human Rights Watch wrote to the Ethiopian and Saudi governments seeking comment on abuses described by Ethiopian migrants along the Gulf migration route, but at the time of writing neither had responded.

Dangerous Boat Journey

Most of the 11 people interviewed who entered Saudi Arabia without documents described life-threatening boat journeys across the Red Sea from Djibouti, Somaliland, or Puntland to Yemen. They described severely overcrowded boats, beatings, and inadequate food or water on journeys that ranged from 4 to 24 hours. These problems were compounded by dangerous weather conditions or encounters with Saudi/Emirati-led coalition naval vessels patrolling the Yemeni coast.

“Berhanu” said that Somali smugglers beat people on his boat crossing from Puntland: “They have a setup they use where they place people in spots by weight to keep the boat balanced. If you moved, they beat you.” He said that his trip was lengthened when smugglers were forced to turn the boat around after spotting a light from a naval vessel along the Yemeni coast and wait several hours for it to pass.

Since March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia has led a coalition of countries in a military campaign against the Houthi armed group in Yemen. As part of its campaign the Saudi/Emirati-led coalition has imposed a naval blockade on Houthi-controlled Yemeni ports, purportedly to prevent Houthi rebels from importing weapons by sea, but which has also restricted the flow of food, fuel, and medicine to civilians in the country, and included attacks on civilians at sea. Human Rights Watch previously documented a helicopter attack in March 2017 by coalition forces on a boat carrying Somali migrants and refugees returning from Yemen, killing at least 32 of the 145 Somali migrants and refugees on board and one Yemeni civilian. 

Exploitation and Abuses in Yemen

Once in war-torn Yemen, Ethiopian migrants said they faced kidnappings, beatings, and other abuses by traffickers trying to extort ransom money from them or their family members back home.

This is not new. Human Rights Watch, in a 2014 report, documented abuses, including torture, of migrants in detention camps in Yemen run by traffickers attempting to extort payments. In 2018, Human Rights Watch documented how Yemeni guards tortured and raped Ethiopian and other Horn of Africa migrants at a detention center in Aden and worked in collaboration with smugglers to send them back to their countries of origin. Recent interviews by Human Rights Watch indicate that the war in Yemen has not significantly affected the abuses against Ethiopians migrating through Yemen to Saudi Arabia. If anything, the conflict, which escalated in 2015, has made the journey more dangerous for migrants who cross into an area of active fighting.

Seven of the 11 irregular migrants interviewed said they faced detention and extortion by traffickers in Yemen. This occurred in many cases as soon as they reached shore, as smugglers on boats coordinated with the Yemeni traffickers. Migrants said that Yemeni smuggling and trafficking groups always included Ethiopians, often one from each of Oromo, Tigrayan, and Amhara ethnic groups, who generally were responsible for beating and torturing migrants to extort payments. Migrants were generally held in camps for days or weeks until they could provide ransom money, or escape. Ransom payments were usually made by bank transfers from relatives and contacts back in Ethiopia.

“Abebe” described his experience:

When we landed… [the traffickers] took us to a place off the road with a tent. Everyone there was armed with guns and they threw us around like garbage. The traffickers were one Yemeni and three Ethiopians – one Tigrayan, one Amhara, and one Oromo…. They started to beat us after we refused to pay, then we had to call our families…. My sister [in Ethiopia] has a house, and the traffickers called her, and they fired a bullet near me that she could hear. They sold the house and sent the money [40,000 Birr, US $1,396].

“Tesfalem”, said that he was beaten by Yemenis and Ethiopians at a camp he believes was near the port city of Aden:

They demanded money, but I said I don’t have any. They told me to make a call, but I said I don’t have relatives. They beat me and hung me on the wall by one hand while standing on a chair, then they kicked the chair away and I was swinging by my arm. They beat me on my head with a stick and it was swollen and bled.

He escaped after three months, was detained in another camp for three months more, and finally escaped again.

“Biniam” said the men would take turns beating the captured migrants: “The [Ethiopian] who speaks your language beats you, those doing the beating were all Ethiopians. We didn’t think of fighting back against them because we were so tired, and they would kill you if you tried.”

Two people said that when they landed, the traffickers offered them the opportunity to pay immediately to travel by car to the Saudi border, thereby avoiding the detention camps. One of them, “Getachew,” said that he paid 1,500 Birr (US $52) for the car and escaped mistreatment.

Others avoided capture when they landed, but then faced the difficult 500 kilometer journey on foot with few resources while trying to avoid capture.

Dangers faced by Yemeni migrants traveling north were compounded for those who ran into areas of active fighting between Houthi forces and groups aligned with the Saudi/Emirati-led coalition. Two migrants said that their journey was delayed, one by a week, the other by two months, to avoid conflict areas. 

Migrants had no recourse to local authorities and did not report abuses or seek assistance from them. Forces aligned with the Yemeni government and the Houthis have also detained migrants in poor conditions, refused access to protection and asylum procedures, deported migrants en masse in dangerous conditions, and exposed them to abuse. In April 2018, Human Rights Watch reported that Yemeni government officials had tortured, raped, and executed migrants and asylum seekers from the Horn of Africa in a detention center in the southern port city of Aden. The detention center was later shut down.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced in May that it had initiated a program of voluntary humanitarian returns for irregular Ethiopian migrants held by Yemeni authorities at detention sites in southern Yemen. IOM said that about 5,000 migrants at three sites were held in “unsustainable conditions,” and that the flights from Aden to Ethiopia had stalled because the Saudi/Emirati-led coalition had failed to provide the flights the necessary clearances. The coalition controls Yemen’s airspace.

Map 1. Saudi Arabia/Yemen border area © Human Rights Watch
Saudi Arabia/Yemen border area © Human Rights Watch

Crossing the Border; Abusive Detention inside Saudi Arabia

Migrants faced new challenges attempting to cross the Saudi-Yemen border. The people interviewed said that the crossing points used by smugglers are in rural, mountainous areas where the border separates Yemen’s Saada Governorate and Saudi Arabia’s Jizan Province. Two said that smugglers separated Ethiopians by their ethnic group and assigned different groups to cross at different border points.

Ethiopian migrants interviewed were not all able to identify the locations where they crossed. Most indicated points near the Yemeni mountain villages Souq al-Ragu and ‘Izlat Al Thabit, which they called Ragu and Al Thabit. Saudi-aligned media have regularly characterized Souq al-Ragu as a dangerous townfrom which drug smugglers and irregular migrants cross into Saudi Arabia.

Migrants recounted pressures to pay for the crossing by smuggling drugs into Saudi Arabia. “Abdi” said he stayed in Souq al-Ragu for 15 days and finally agreed to carry across a 25 kilogram sack of khat in exchange for 500 Saudi Riyals (US$133). Khat is a mild stimulant grown in the Ethiopian highlands and Yemen; it is popular among Yemenis and Saudis, but illegal in Saudi Arabia.

“Badessa” described Souq al-Ragu as “the crime city:”

You don’t know who is a trafficker, who is a drug person, but everybody has an angle of some sort. Even Yemenis are afraid of the place, it is run by Ethiopians. It is also a burial place; bodies are gathered of people who had been shot along the border and then they’re buried there. There is no police presence.

Four of the eleven migrants who crossed the border on foot said Saudi border guards shot at them during their crossings, sometimes after ordering them to stop and other times without warning. Some said they encountered dead bodies along the way. Six said they were apprehended by Saudi border guards or drug police at the border, while five were arrested later.

“Abebe” said that Saudi border guards shot at his group as they crossed from Izlat Al Thabit:

They fired bullets, and everyone scattered. People fleeing were shot, my friend was shot in the leg…. One person was shot in the chest and killed and [the Saudi border guards] made us carry him to a place where there was a big excavator. They didn’t let us bury him; the excavator dug a hole and they buried him.

Berhanu described the scene in the border area: “There were many dead people at the border. You could walk on the corpses. No one comes to bury them.”

Getachew added: “It is like a graveyard. There are no dogs or hyenas there to eat the bodies, just dead bodies everywhere.”

Two of the five interviewees who crossed the border without being detained said that Saudi and Ethiopian smugglers and traffickers took them to informal detention camps in southern Saudi towns and held them for ransom. “Yonas” said they took him and 14 others to a camp in the Fayfa area of Jizan Province: “They beat me daily until I called my family. They wanted 10,000 Birr ($349). My father sold his farmland and sent the 10,000 Birr, but then they told me this isn’t enough, we need 20,000 ($698). I had nothing left and decided to escape or die.” He escaped.

Following their capture, the migrants described abusive conditions in Saudi governmental detention centers and prisons, including overcrowding and inadequate food, water, and medical care. Migrants also described beatings by Saudi guards.

Nine migrants who were captured while crossing the border illegally or living in Saudi Arabia without documentation spent up to five months in detention before authorities deported them back to Ethiopia. The three others were convicted of criminal offenses that included human trafficking and drug smuggling, resulting in longer periods in detention before being deported.

The migrants identified about 10 prisons and detention centers where they were held for various periods. The most frequently cited were a center near the town of al-Dayer in Jizan Province along the border, Jizan Central Prison in Jizan city, and the Shmeisi Detention Center east of Jeddah, where migrants are processed for deportation.

Al-Dayer had the worst conditions, they said, citing overcrowding, inadequate sanitation, food and water, and medical care. Yonas said:

They tied our feet with chains and they beat us while chained, sometimes you can’t get to the food because you are chained. If you get chained by the toilet it will overflow and flow under you. If you are aggressive you get chained by the toilet. If you are good [behave well], they chain you to another person and you can move around.

Abraham had a similar description:

The people there beat us. Ethnic groups [from Ethiopia] fought with each other. The toilet was overflowing. It was like a graveyard and not a place to live. Urine was everywhere and people were defecating. The smell was terrible.

Other migrants described similarly bad conditions in Jizan Central Prison. “Ibrahim” said that he was a legal migrant working in Saudi Arabia, but that he travelled to Jizan to help his sister, whom Saudi authorities had detained after she crossed from Yemen illegally. Once in Jizan, authorities suspected him of human trafficking and arrested him, put him on trial, and sentenced him to two years in prison, a sentenced he partially served in Jizan Central Prison:

Jizan prison is so very tough…. You can be sleeping with [beside] someone who has tuberculosis, and if you ask an official to move you, they don’t care. They will beat you. You can’t change clothes, you have one set and that is it, sometimes the guards will illegally bring clothes and sell to you at night.

He also complained of overcrowding: “When you want to sleep you tell people and they all jostle to make some room, then you sleep for a bit but you wake up because everyone is jostling against each other.”

Most of the migrants said food was inadequate. Yonas described the situation in al-Dayer: “When they gave food 10 people would gather and fight over it. If you don’t have energy you won’t eat. The fight is over rice and bread.”

Detainees also said medical care was inadequate and that detainees with symptoms of tuberculosis (such as cough, fever, night sweats, or weight loss) were not isolated from other prisoners. Human Rights Watch interviewed three former detainees who were being treated for tuberculosis after being deported, two of whom said they were held with other detainees despite having symptoms of active tuberculosis.

Detainees described being beaten by Saudi prison guards when they requested medical care. Abdi said:

I was beaten once with a stick in Jizan that was like a piece of rebar covered in plastic. I was sick in prison and I used to vomit. They said, ‘why do you do that when people are eating?’ and then they beat me harshly and I told him [the guard], ‘Please kill me.’ He eventually stopped.

Ibrahim said he was also beaten when he requested medical care for tuberculosis:

[Prison guards] have a rule that you aren’t supposed to knock on the door [and disturb the guards]. When I got sick in the first six months and asked to go to the clinic, they just beat me with electric wires on the bottom of my feet. I kept asking so they kept beating.

Detainees said that the other primary impetus for beatings by guards was fighting between different ethnic groups of Ethiopians in detention, largely between ethnic Oromos, Amharas, and Tigrayans. Ethnic tensions are increasingly common back in Ethiopia.

Detainees said that conditions generally improved once they were transferred to Shmeisi Detention Center, near Jeddah, where they stayed only a few days before receiving temporary travel documents from Ethiopian consular authorities and deported to Ethiopia. The migrants charged with and convicted of crimes had no opportunity to consult legal counsel.

None of the migrants said they were given the opportunity to legally challenge their deportations, and Saudi Arabia has not established an asylum system under which migrants could apply for protection from deportation where there was a risk of persecution if they were sent back. Saudi Arabia is not a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Deportation and Future Prospects

Humanitarian workers and diplomats told Human Rights Watch that since the beginning of Saudi Arabia’s deportation campaign, large numbers of Ethiopian deportees have been transported via special flights by Saudia Airlines to Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa and unloaded in a cargo area away from the main international terminal or at the domestic terminal. When Human Rights Watch visited in May, it appeared that the Saudi flights were suspended during the month of Ramadan, during which strict sunrise-to-sunset fasting is observed by Muslims. All interviewees who were deported in May said they had returned on regular Ethiopian Airlines commercial flights and disembarked at the main terminal with other passengers.

All of those deported said that they returned to Ethiopia with nothing but the clothes they were wearing, and that Saudi authorities had confiscated their mobile phones and in some cases shoes and belts. “After staying in Jeddah … they had us make a line and take off our shoes,” Abraham said. “Anything that could tie like a belt we had to leave, they wouldn’t let us take it. We were barefoot when we went to the airport.”

Deportees often have critical needs for assistance, including medical care, some for gunshot wounds. One returnee recovering from tuberculosis said that he did not have enough money to buy food and was going hungry. Abdi said that when he left for Saudi Arabia he weighed 64 kilograms but returned weighing only 47 or 48 kilograms.

Aid workers and diplomats familiar with migration issues in Ethiopia said that very little international assistance is earmarked for helping deportees from Saudi Arabia for medical care and shelter or money to return and reintegrate in their home villages.

Over 8 million people are in need of food assistance in Ethiopia, a country of over 100 million. It hosts over 920,000 refugees from neighboring countries and violence along ethnic lines produced over 2.4 internally displaced people in 2018, many of whom have now been returned.

The IOM registers migrants upon arrival in Ethiopia and to facilitate their return from Saudi Arabia. Several hours after their arrival and once registered, they leave the airport and must fend for themselves. Some said they had never been to Addis before.

In 2013 and 2014, Saudi Arabia conducted an expulsion campaign similar to the one that began in November 2017. The earlier campaign expelled about 163,000 Ethiopians, according to the IOM. A 2015 Human Rights Watch report found that migrants experienced serious abuses during detention and deportation, including attacks by security forces and private citizens in Saudi Arabia, and inadequate and abusive detention conditions. Human Rights Watch has also previously documented mistreatment of Ethiopian migrants by traffickers and government detention centers in Yemen.

Aid workers and diplomats said that inadequate funding to assist returning migrants is as a result of several factors, including a focus of many of the European funders on stemming migration to and facilitating returns from Europe, along with competing priorities and the low visibility of the issue compared with migration to Europe.

During previous mass returns from Saudi Arabia, there was more funding for reintegration and more international media attention in part because there was such a large influx in a short time, aid workers said.


  1. If we don’t do something about population growth in Ethiopia, we going to keep hearing these horrible stories. If we don’t invest on education and increase the quality of education, we going to hear more of sad news again and again. A kind of education that changes our young people from laborers to professionals.

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    Once I am done venting my anger at the savage improprieties done to my countrymen/women, I can’t escape the fact that what we have been doing during the last 3 decades has not helped help the situation. That old country has been exploding with a runaway population growth. I am sure most of have noticed it at a close range as I had. My story goes like this. I had left 10 close relatives as 10 in the last 1960’s. All of them married and started families of their own. Those ten individuals became close to 80 in less than 12 years before they stopped breeding(naturally). By the end of the 2000’s those 10 in the late 1960’s now children, grandchildren and some of them great grand children and ballooned to close 400. I know some of may say like ‘what is new with each marrying more one wives as Muslims’. You will be dead wrong about that. Yes there are two of them married to two wives each but they are not the main ‘culprit’ for such an explosion. The ones with single wives seem to think 10 is a magic number, that having 10 children is a must. These are the lucky one since most of them are merchants that there is always money in the family. I was discussing this story with one of my warra Chercher friends. He told me he never looked into his side to see if the same scenario exists in his family. Buy, was it an awakening for him. He came very close. Small towns that used to have less than 500 people have ballooned to have populations of tens of thousands with no new ways of making a living. The land beneath their feet is worked up it does not produce enough to support and sustain the too many feet trampling it. Once in a while construction work comes to town of nearby that does not last a season or two. Now the youth and the entire unemployed family get hired to save enough money to pay for brokers that promise easy trips to the Middle East and Europe without a need for passports. And they end up in quagmires like this. That is if they are extremely lucky to survive the treacherous Bab-el-Mandeb, that sea of tears and Mediterranean waters.

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  7. “Over 8 million people are in need of food assistance in Ethiopia, a country of over 100 million. It hosts over 920,000 refugees from neighboring countries and violence along ethnic lines produced over 2.4 internally displaced people in 2018.”

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    Among other contributing factors the root cause of migration includes population explosion, poverty and unemployment.

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    There should have been a “Ministry of Population” which can overtake these issue and address the implications and work on stabilizing the rate of growth in a ministerial level.

    In terms of poverty the cursed political group that is called EPRDF have put different slogans at different times about fighting poverty. None have succeeded. Let alone eradicate it, it created a new and dangerous kind of poverty. Now poverty is deep entrenched into Ethiopia, and needs a root change in every aspect, including political change.

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      If you listen to advices, be a very good student and start listening to your day care instructors now , you will be ready to discuss logical ideas in a civilized manner in a good 6-7 years from now. Until then don’t make yourself a laughing stock here.

      Wakie,…wakie,……Heloooooo!, ………..have you got this or shall I spell every word for you again,…….


      • I like it. Personal attacks toward me may offend just one person, me. Tribal back and forth is damaging the country. The more a backward tribal idiot focused on one person, the better the country will be and the less time you get to attack others’ tribe and glorify yours. So keep on attacking me personally and stay away from ignorant tribal rant.
        Just to be sure you read my comment at the very top and agreed that population growth is one of the reason our young people leave the country facing hard conditions to reach the Middle East and Europe, right ? I read between the lines, I hurt you even though that wasn’t my intention. So you reply with personal attacks but your first comment is in part exactly what I said in the very first comment here. Do you think you would write about population control if it wasn’t for my comment? I have to ask. Looooooool.

        • .
          Real neurotic

          You should not heed my advice about worrying about politics and start your recovery of your infested brain cells as soon as possible because we Ethiopians are good for social help and I am here to set example by helping you, our poor shabby friend.
          Above all, I am not in the habit of making a joke with a disabled-person ; but I assure you that you are the perfect reason why mothers are encouraged to take birth control.
          I read somewhere for disabled and retard mentality who is below average in his thinking, it is best to incorporate foods such as apples and fish , if at all is not too late to recover the dead brain cells.

          Again since you are not capable of understanding what goes on in politics, psychology or international relations, I will rather talk to you about oranges, bananas and apples ,…how good they are for your recovery for your retarded mentality.


          • Zero my tribe is this your tribe that. We are the majority, you are the minority in your comments. Mission accomplished. For some reason backwardness angers me more than people attacking me personally. So, I like you better now than your backward self. I have a feeling you think twice before writing backward stuff from now on. I take one for the team, team Ethiopia that is. You are doing good, Keep the personal attack coming and keep the tribal bullish!t to the minimum.

      • sorry Gashe mama, Realnewera get u gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

        if Ethiopia population is 100 million and
        Amhara is 35 million
        and oromo is 45 million
        total 80 million or let even say 70 million

        then rest of Ethiopian ethnic are total only 20 million or 30 million now did u get what Realnewera saying in fact it was funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny

        • .

          You see a very tiny and professional help and the real neurotic is showing a minor recovery,……still in life support system, in a death bed but out of comma.

          He asked for team-Ethiopia,….not team-Lemma, or team-Weyanne or any other team, like team-Abiy,…but team-Ethiopia.

          Now step 2 is to make him relinquish his moronic interpretation, disregard his illusional and created history, surrender his pointless provoking,….meanwhile we will continue to flash the green yellow and red flag in his psychiatric ward to imprint the respected logo in his fading brain cells.


  10. do u remember those Amhara shouting ትግሬዎች ሊያመክኑን መርፌ ወጉን እያሉ cry wolf … to those why cry wolf my answer is how many children do they themselves have espically in America they have only two childern but they telling the poor to have no birth control while they take themselves

    to control population we need few policy line up

    1. age restriction for marriage anyone who marry under age should be sued under child molestation even if with the child consent u cant marry under age period

    2 . forced marriage ጠለፋ፤ እስገዶ ማግባት ውይም መድፈር … this one u going to lose everything u own paying kassa .. this will teach criminal fast

    3. child support policy.. this any one who fathered children must support .. even one night stand if u r found to be father then u will be supporting the child for next 18 years now tell how is going to have child out of marriage if they going to be responsible for next 18 years.. for sure they going to start using condom

    4. child abuse policy.. no one have the right to send his children without shoe to school or without proper clothing … if the guy have more then two children u tell him get birth control if he said no then he cant say i cant send my child to school because i have no money then dont produce more if u do then u will be sued for child abuse and arrested five years and you will not producing for sure

    5. high profile actors and other must also practice two child per family policy

    6. i am sorry to say this but if our government sending our young workers to Arab country the first thing they should have birth control implant that last five years so they will not have unwanted pregnancy

    7. this birth control implant should be promoted for all age over 18 years old so that no one will have child before 23 years old for under age Teenagers IUD might be the best option

    8. getting women job is one thing but this should not be preventing from divorcing abusive husband
    the husband must be forced to pay wife support even after divorce … this way the women cant say am depending on him so i cant divorce him even if he is very abusive to her

    9. teaching the important of having planed family but telling them the world richest people like bill gate, Obama and prince Dina having small number of children why would any Ethiopian having ten children when they can ill afford it.

    10. as government policy must passed to support elderly people , old age benefit regardless of once employment … if anyone over 65 get basic old age benefit and retirement benefit from employment i dont think he will have ten children saying ሳረጅ ይጦሩኛል

    do u see i use all soft power…unlike China we cant force one child polcy because the Westerner will hummer us saying human right abuse so what we should do is child support policy.. in America people think there is no one child policy but they do they call it Child support policy this policy alone force man to have few children

  11. Not sure if all these politico and socio-economic ills associated with EPRDF and it’s mediocre failed policies . Sure, it lacked vision and exasperated things further, adding explosive and overt ethnic policy, but that is all. The heretic remperial regime and subsequent military junta hadn’t fared better. As matter of fact, the racist Imperial regime never hired or educated more than few 1% of Somali population and few more percentage of Oromo people while the Military one was busy with perpetual war path and propaganda and eventually endef up an economic disaster of unprecedented scale.

    • Ali Roble

      EPRDF OR TPLF r gone now we have new government lead by OLF OR DR. ABIY.. DEAL with that forget about EPRDF LEAD BY TPLF GONE CASE..

  12. There words for effective to the explosive overpopulation control on the on part of government policy makers in the mid-term and long-term: Malthus factor, Malthus factor and Malthus factor.

  13. As you now , multhusian theory applies exponential population grow in relation to potential fool supply, and by extension , other limited resources. For instance microorganisms or insect population growth such as locust population in relation with food supply studies have an immense practical applications for human beings.

  14. So what are the few options to survive or grow in healthy way for overpopulated mass of organismnims in a given spot or physical space?

    A) get more food supply
    B) migrate/move to another location
    C) eat or kill each other
    D) die out or extinction
    C) all of the above except

    • @Ali,
      Population has an unlimited power of creating resources. Thus, population itself is a resource. The old classical pessimistic view of economists has become invalid already. Ethiopia has more than enough carrying capacity just not for a 100 million people but for a billion more lives. The problem is tribal bottleneck and kilil created uncalled burden on citizens well-being. Ethnic politics and ethnic federation has to be removed and let people use their God given full potential creating wealth. The mother of poverty is TPLF’s and OLF’s maladministration.

      • OMG, Look how this Naftagna settler thinks.
        ….”OLF’s maladministration”.
        If OLF ever administered you, you would never have barked on this website…
        Pray this happens as early as next year.

  15. Simply heartwrenching to hear the never-ending sufferings of Ethiopians that are so desperate enough to even fleeing to war torn countries like Yemen, then end up in countries like Saudi Arabia that are known around the world for their humanrights violations, barbarism and that are mistreating their own Saudi Shiites as we speak! (I have watched a shocking well documented piece how Saudi Arabia treat Saudi Shiites on PBS Frontline)
    Here again, no-one is to blame but the highly corrupted bloodducking TPLF mafia that came and robbed the country blind, left the country landlocked, tortured and massacred lawabiding Ethiopians!! How could we expect anything to be left for Ethiopians to survive when TPLF mafia robbed billions of US dollars from the poorest country in the world, and left Ethiopia bankrupt??? IT SHOULD BE A HIGH CRIME FOR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO BECOME FROM PENNILESS TO MULTIBILLIONAIRES!! TPLF SHOULD FACE THE INTERNATIONAL COURTHOUSE FOR HUMAN CRUELTIES AND UNPRECEDENTED ROBBERIES!!!
    I read the other day that the heartless savage trablist Addis Ababa mayer is planning to chase out the most underprivileged, disabled beggars and the most unfortunate despaired hopeless prostitutes from Addis without an ounce of empathy and a plan to help them!! Well, how can we expect decency from the very man that displaced over 3 million unarmed peaceful hardworking Ethiopians, including newborn babies and their mothers without food and water??? How can we expect decency and humanity from foreign countries to treat and protect Ethiopians, when their own government robbed, tortured, displaced, slaughtered countless number of peaceful destitute Ethiopians??

  16. Here we go, the TPLF gangsters blame population growth as the cause of Ethiopian exodus and peril. Don’t blame population, blame the heinous criminal TPLF and now the ODP-OLF. Are you telling us that the 6-7 million internally displaced population is due to high population growth rate? Is it only Ethiopia experiencing natural population growth but not other countries. Here is the fact, the net population gain of Ethiopia due to high fertility is not significant due to the balancing effect of high death rate. Unprecedented death rate due to impoverished living standards and political imprisonment of the active labor force population had constrains effect. Unmatched with his predecessors, the colonel Abiy era has become the era of vice and misfortune. He is intentionally creating the Malthusian check to disguise the slashing of the Amhara population. The fact that the Amhara being the largest population of the country does not seat very well with them , thus their trolls have to use the “buzz word” Population Pressure with the ill-intent of targeting to genocide Amhara both on paper hypothetically and on ground physically. The major push factor for the out migration of Ethiopians and their death in high seas is the country being led by rebels both now by ODP-OLF and before by TPLF. They take billions of donations and they steal from the mouths of the poor and stash in foreign banks. Only God knows how much Colonel Abiy himself has stolen since he took office , who knows he might be the next Aboy Sebhat on the wanted list.

    • “Here is the fact, the net population gain of Ethiopia due to high fertility is not significant due to the balancing effect of high death rate”. You and your facts, Loooooool. Where did you get this fact? Ay evidence? What does not significant means if the country is expected to be double in population by 2050? Other countries are also growing but they are yet to feel the effect. The second most populous country in Africa of 110 million growing by 2% is not the same us countries with less 40 million growing by 2%. It just simple maths. Ato Abebaw, there are things which we can prevent no matter what kind of government we have. The number of children we can have is one.

      • What was the average family size or number of children per family 40 years ago and now? You think it is higher today than before?

        • Let us say it is the same. What is your point? 40 years ago we were 35 million, today we are 110 million. If we say the average family size stayed the same, the number of families tripled. Asking average family size is irrelevant here. I am honesty asking, what is the point if you see 2 more Gojo houses in a piece of land which we used see only one? The 2 new gojo houses may have the same number of people living in them as the first old one. But we have 3 times more people living in the piece of land.

          • Yes, the number of kids per family matters. The fact is the birth rate per woman in the 1980s was 7 children per woman, now is 4 per woman. In 28 years period fertility declined by at least for kids. Where do you think that loss of 3 lives of kids per woman came from? The death rate in the yet unborn and those born alive was very high. People especially in the Amhara region are strongly against the bitter pill of contraceptive and sterilization. I heard a joke in the South too ( by the way these are the more intensively framed regions in terms of contraceptive distribution). Farmers were forced to take condom home ( just like the fertilizer) the farmers took condoms to avoid penalty; later, they took the condom to market as a container of Lamp oil /kerosene/. They fill it up with kerosene. Killing the one to feed another humanbeing is unnatural. Genocide is not a behavior of a healthy government nor is rational economic planning. Surprising, food production is higher today where the world population had surpassed 7 billion than anytime in the past where population size was 1 or 2 billion. The reason humanity has unlimited potential but some ethnic tyrannical chose the easy short cut; that it killing the yet unborn, distributing contraceptives in place of creating productive skills. I assure you if Ethiopia were to have 5 million people only at this time of TPLF or ODP-OLF system we would still hear displacement, exodus, poverty, living on dumpsters, etc. The country needs good governance and wise leaders that translate its population into economic currency.

          • -Yes, the number of kids per family matters. How? Because you say so? Can you explain with figures like I did? It would matter if we can grow our resources per family too. now it is like even if your pay per hour remain the same or may decreases, your income may increase if the number of hours you work increase. The country’s arable land is in fact decreasing in part thanks to population growth while we increase in population fast. Go figure

            -The fact is the birth rate per woman in the 1980s was 7 children per woman, now is 4 per woman. In 28 years period fertility declined by at least for kids. whose fact? where is the source of this fact? I am not here to defend what past or current governments did or doing. I am just saying the problems we have are severe because of over population. In the last 40 years we grew more than the population of most African countries. The only choice a 20 something Ethiopian has is to fled to big cities or other countries since he/she can not share a piece of land with his/her 40 something parents and his/her siblings. Don’t get me even start with the population below the age of 20 which according to some statics are 50-65 percent of the country’s population

    • Abebaw,
      Same never-ending racists ideology!! It is the same insensitivity and hipocracy from the same bigot that has insulted, demonized, belittled and that expressed her desire of eradicating entire Amhara ethnic group!! I guess her ways of controlling the population is TPLF style of sterilization Amharas without their consent!!

      • That is right, my brother. Contraceptive, abortion, HIV/AIDS, imprisonment, etc. are TPLF style population control. The Marie Stopes, Gates foundation, etc so called reproductive health clinics and other abortion machines are part of silence death rate spiking agents.

  17. List of the few TPLF mafia from penniless to Billionaires:
    All Amoudi…. 10 billion USD
    Azeb Mesfin…4 billion
    Berhane Gebrekiristos… 2 billion
    Sebehat Nega… 2 billion
    Seyoum Nesfin…1.8 billion
    Samuel Taffesse..1.6 billion
    Abay Teshay…1.5 billion
    Omar Ali Shifaw…500 million
    Eyob Emamu…500 million
    Augur a Ismail Khan…200 million

          • Thank you for the information. The incidence rate of bank robbery by OLF/ODP is higher than the incidence of accidents in high sea.

          • Since 1991, TPLF mafia members and a few hodams that have sold their souls to the Devilhave eaten up the entire Ethiopia’s pie without sharing a single small piece with other Ethiopians!! It is a miracle how Ethiopians stay afloat considering the unimaginable sky high costs of foods, essential goods, housing, etc. It is simply heartbreaking that the deseparate Ethiopians that don’t have family members to help them are leaving the country in the hopes trying to find a place to live in peace, work hard and live in dignity, but their hopes and dreams turning into unimaginable hostility, human cruelty, tortures and deaths, their only crime is just their existence and poverty!
            In the poorest country Ethiopia, Azeb Mesfen alone is worth 114.2 BILLION Ethiopian BIRR, while the highest majority of Ethiopians live on a few Birr a year, that is if they are lucky!
            Instead of going to Saudis and beg for money, Abiy should have gone to UN, EU, US, and to International Courthouse to help him get back billions of Ethiopia’s taxpayers’ money TPLF mafia have stolen!! That money could have helped, educate Ethiopia’s youths, jobs, housing for the staggering number of Ethiopians that have been displaced by ODP/OLF members, and to feed the starving and dying Ethiopians!!
            BTW, if the Saudi govt still farming in Ethiopia, paying Ethiopians slave wages, they need to be kicked out, for humilating, torturing and killing innocent Ethiopians!!

  18. እኔ በፊት የሰማሁት አማራ ጫማ አይለብስም ነው ግን አሁን አሁን ደግሞ ምን አየሁ ሳዑዲ ዓረብያን እንደ ጉድ እየጠሉ በባለ አደገኛ ጦርነት የመን አቆራርጦ ህግ ይከበር ባገሬ እያለ የሰው ሀገር መጣሁ ሳይል ከች!!.ያኔ ህግ አይሰራም::
    ትግሬው አረብኛ አቀላጥፎ ለማውራት ሁለት ወር ሲፈጅበት በተነፃፃሪ ባላንጣው አማራሪ አማራው ሁለት አመት “ማዕለሽ”የሚለውን ቃል ለማወቅ ይፈጅበታል ወይ ፎቅ ሲቆጥር አስረኛው ላይ ሲደርስ በ ፖሊስ ይያዛል::
    አምስት ሚልዮን የሚሆን አማራ በክትባት መልክ ጠፍቶብናል አሉ::የቀይ ባህር ዓሳ ለምን እንደወፈረ ስታዩ ትንሽ አትጠራጠሩም እንደውም አንዳንድ ዓሳዎች ጎጃሜ እና ጎንደሬ ነው የሚመስሉት በተለይ ይሁኔ በላይን እና ፋሲል ደሞዝን ይመስላሉ::

  19. Abebaw

    Yes, there is lot of space, underutilzed resources and incompetance of state policy etc. We can blame anything under the sun but there is an urgent need of population stabilization or control. Unless that is done no amount of economic growth would would eradicate poverty and unemployment rate because of population is already too big and any addotional number will have ripple effects on socio-economic thngs for example, Ethiopian population growth is around 3.2 pc which means the average women’s or family kids is about 6 1/2 kids. If the population size is already 100 million right now , the annual increase 0.032 ,times 100,000,000 which is 3,200,000 and it will increase to 16,000,000 million within five years . Provided that the death rate, emmingartion, emigration factors remain the same, what kind economic growth miracle will do the trick? Add on that 70% of population are young cohort and active reproductive age which could have bottleneck effect on growth rate within decade.

  20. Abebaw

    Yes, there is lot of space, underutilzed resources and incompetance of state policy etc. We can blame anything under the sun but there is an urgent need for population stabilization or control. Unless that is done no amount of economic growth would eradicate poverty and unemployment rate because of population level is already too big and any additional number will have ripple effects on socio-economic thngs; for example, Ethiopian population growth is around 3.2 pc which means the average women’s or family kids is about 6 1/2 kids. If the population size is already 100 million right now , the annual increase 0.032 ,times 100,000,000 is 3,200,000 and it will increase to 16,000,000 million within five years . Provided that the death rate, emmingartion, emigration, etc. factors remain the same, what kind economic growth miracle will do the trick? Add on that 70% of population are young cohort and active reproductive age which could have bottleneck effect on growth rate within decade.

    • Ali,
      It is true population is a factor to development both as a consumer and producer. The problem is what size of a population is over, under or optimal populated for Ethiopia at this stage. You see population is easy to blame for all the inequities and impoverishment, because no body knows how much of the poverty level is attributed to population size. This thinking of treating population as an economic liability is an outdated view. There are many who argues if there is a need at all to control population, development is the best contraceptive; not use of pills, abortion, sterilization, infanticide. When development takes place, women spend a good part of their reproductive years at school and later at the workforce, citizens will become informed consumers of pleasure, economic goods and services. Good governance and economic policy creates a productive population that can utilize resources. Population has an exponential power of creating resources to support itself. But quality political system and governance is a must to produce quality labor, a healthy and educated population. A morally ruined population invaded by night club strip dances, conspicuous consumption( as if tomorrow is dooms day) ,epidemic of sodomy, HIV/AIDS, chronic corruption draining wealth of the country, etc are the prime factor of poverty not the current population size of Ethiopia. The backlog of underdevelopment is purely malfunctioning political system. How many ones thriving economic centers such as Dire Dawa, Jimma, Agaro, etc are now declining are becoming almost ghost towns.

    • Obbo Ali,

      Dear Obbo Ali,

      May I come to you wishing you and your family The Lord’s Blessings!!!

      You hit it right on the nose. We all know that mismanagement and looting of the nation’s treasures along with despotism did also play significant roles the current quagmire. But runaway population growth has shown itself to be the fuel for the fire. I will give you an example. That tiny(very tiny) railway station where I spent my formative years had less than 350 residents in the middle 1960’s but now it has more than 30,000 residents in it. You and I may think job creating businesses moving in could be the reason. But there are none. There is no a Koch Brothers factory with smoke bellowing chimney there. None. You call Obbo Aliyu you know to find out the size of his family and the guaranteed answer would be 8-10. Then if you call Obbo Belachew you know and ask him the number of children he has the sure answer for you, 8-10. You ask them both what they do for a living and the answer will be like tilling the same old worked up land. Their children go to school and half of them may end up finishing the 6th grade. None of the children can see any sizable business in the area they aspire to work when they grow up. They end up being ‘hammalas’ for just food. But they hear what ‘hammalas’ earn in Saudi Arabia and that is so intoxicating. And we get this!! I can’t start to tell you how this story boiled my blood. But we should be prepared to hear same or worse stories in the future.

      The South Koreans used to have similar problems after the war ended from the late 1950’s thru the early 1990’s. They were leaving their homeland in droves because their population was exploding beyond the main agrarian economy could support. I had the chance to meet one of them in the middle 1970’s here in our small town. He was part of the mass migration of the 1960’s. He was able to open an auto garage. My friend and I used to rent his garage on Sundays to work on cars we were rebuilding. But in 1992 he called me to tell me that he was planning to go back because his old country was becoming a fully industrialized nation. He told me that he will do the same when he goes back and he did. Things were not the same in 1992 as they were in the 1950’s or 60’s. Instead of exporting meager size of rice South Korea was now swaggering with the Hyundai’s and others we all liked. Industrialization helped that country to put a kibosh on the run away population explosion that the age old agrarian economy helped it get out of control. If you travel to Seoul you will know what it did with tens of millions sardined in a sliver of land, more than 15,000 of them per km2 . The same goes for the Taiwanese.

      Again I am completely in league with you in that there are also other factors for things leading to such horrible news with population growth playing significant role. This unplanned population growth has also been playing a major part in the problem of internally displaced millions. Yes bigots have also played a major part lately to fan an atmosphere of hate between neighbors. They were telling the Guji to march into Gedeo domiciles and drive them out so you can have the land you need. When you add the ill planned regionalism to it you have a perfect recipe for carnage. Such bigots are everywhere including in my own Oromia, Amhara, Afar, Sidama and many other regions. It seems that our Somali brothers and sisters are able, for now, to tame such destructive elements among them. One of my merchant relatives was able to travel all the way to Jigjige in months to strike a business deal with his Somali counterparts. That is very encouraging news. But that is still sketchy when it comes to his own Oromia because bigots are still running amok everywhere there. He doesn’t feel safe to travel thru even in Oromia as an Oromo. You remember most these bigots used to live here among us and others used to scavenge at the dumpsites in Asmara. In the middle of all these improprieties I am receiving encouraging news that level head Abbaa Gadaas and community elders are having the upper hand in stabilizing some areas. I am hedging my bets more on these harmonious individuals than the lame duck regime and some self acclaimed media moguls.

      I bet you peace!!!!

  21. To begin with, these days it is extremely expensive to raise more than two children even in wealthy countries, let alone in the poorest country Ethiopia where some men marry multiple wives and produce 20, 30 children that they cannot provide for!!! The Ethiopian government should make it illegal for one man to marry more than one wife!!!!

  22. It is fundamentally nonsense to blame population growth or ethnic federalism for emigration problem.

    Regardless of her population size Ethiopia has been poor ever since her creation. Countries with much larger populations than ours are supper-powers because they managed to educate their people and take advantage of their skilled man power. There is no time Ethiopia stopped begging for food, be it under H/Selassie when population was estimated 20 million, Mengistu (42 million), Zenawi (100 million), H/Mariam, or Abiy (110 million). It is foolish to blame this on population growth or ethnic federalism. I blame this on inability of the successive regimes to educate the population to get to work. Humans are naturally lazy unless pressured to work.

    Look at Egypt. They have only one river which we gave them for free, the entire country of nearly 100 million is useless desert except along the course of the Nile. Now I challenge everyone who reads this comment if they have ever heard of Egypt begging for food?

    So, why is Egypt successful with almost no resource of her own while Ethiopia which feeds her and has abundant human and natural resources is in this perpetual miserable situation? My answer, Egypt was successful because they were pressured to use the one river they have wisely. However, I refuse to blame Egypt or any other external power for Ethiopia’s failure. The blame is squarely on the repressive regimes Ethiopians have had ever since they have known their country. Because we see rivers and green plants everywhere, we rarely think there would times of scarcity, and we use and abuse our natural resources as we wish and this is compounded by irresponsible governments who encourage corruption.

    Abiy cannot be blamed because is only on year on power and he inherited decades of economic malpractice and corruption which left the country at the bottom of the world economically. TPLF left only empty banks for him to fill when he came to power a year ago. It’s was reported by IMF and other organizations that more than $35 billion which entered in foreign aid was illegally taken out of the country since TPLF assumed power. Imagine this money and that accumulated in foreign accounts of TPLF leaders had been used for infrastructure development. In the past, young people fled their country mainly due to political repression. Nowadays they do so because they cannot survive financially. The government dispossessed the lands from their parents and gave it to a few rich men who erected skyscrapers on their farmland. There is no bigger crime done to the humanity than taking food from the hands of millions of hungry children and putting it into the mouth of a few already reach men.

    TPLF terrorists did just that to Oromo farmers around Finfinne. Although TPLF is no longer in power, the Abiy regime did nothing to reverse the criminal legacy. The millions of displaced farmers and their children still have not returned to their land and most of the young people we see on the picture are those whose parents lost their land to TPLF and its supporters. In a few cases the regime printed some papers, called it “compensation” and sent them away.

    But it takes bold steps to fix Ethiopia’s emigration/food problem sustainably:

    1) STOP the influx of northerners to Finfinne immediately and permanently, because they bring nothing with them except guns and misery to local farmer population which are evicted for every home built there. Technically this is easy to implement given political will. Impose 100% state tax (on land, water, air, power, sales) on every home/business owner in Finfinne payable to OROMIA which takes the burden of dealing with millions of evicted and displaced people every year. This will discourage people from building more homes in the city. Oromia must use this money to rehabilitate evicted/ displaced people before they are forced to leave their country.

    2) Business owners must be forced to equally share whatever earnings they generate with the people they evicted from their land for as long as their business is on that land.

    3) Government must get people to work on major irrigation projects, including building several more Dams if necessary on the river Nile. They must make it clear to the world that business as usual is no longer feasible. No college graduate should leave Ethiopia for lack of jobs in their country. If everyone works instead of trying to find short cuts to live at expense of others, Ethiopia can be a bread basket of Africa.

    4) Expand Abiy’s green revolution. If the tree planting campaign is repeated every year the country could reclaim the once 40% forest lost land, in just 10 years. Plant trees that bear edible fruits for the people. This can generate income to the owners and can even be exported.

    5) Unbiased democratic process must be in place. One may argue Egypt is undemocratic, but can feed herself. I am not saying we should copy Egypt. For us democracy is just as important as food. At least in Oromia, the Gadaa System should be implemented by giving political authority to the Abba Gadas. Political parties in Oromia must melt into one or two. The same applies to other states.

    • Clan man,

      You are making the dumbest argument there is. Unless you are saying Ethiopians are more lazier than Egyptians, what you basically saying is Egyptians when get pressured they chose to use their one resources, But when Ethiopians also get pressured they decided to fled their country instead of using their many resources. Egypt’s economy is not entirely dependent from the one river we gave them for free (see the link below). But our economy is entirely agriculture based which can highly be affected by population growth than Egypt’s or other countries which economies depend on natural resources like oil, mineral resources, manufacturing, the finance sector or the IT sector. I think the solution is until the economy stands on sound ground, let us tell our relatives to stop bringing 10 children per family. Before the governments and society, parents should be responsible and accountable if they bring children which they can’t afford to raise and guide into success.

      Also, do your research, Egypt is the biggest beggar there is. They receive $2.2 billion form US alone per year. See their main source of revenues below also. Do you know if Egypt wouldn’t cry for food aid if it wasn’t for that $2.2 billion USD they receive per year? DUMBO. LOOOOOOL

      From the above link ->” Egypt has been receiving US foreign aid (since 1979, an average of $2.2 billion per year) and is the third-largest recipient of such funds from the United States following the Iraq war. Its main revenues however come from tourism as well as traffic that goes through the Suez Canal”

      • RealNazi:
        Of course you must oppose because the idea comes from me, not because it is wrong.
        All great ideas sound dumb because ordinary people are too dumb to understand that these are but the ones which will stand the test of time and finally prevail. If you go back and see my posts at over the years everything I predicted or suggested has been done on the ground, and this one is no exception, to your pleasure…
        This is not because I am a prophet but because my arguments are founded on solid reasoning. You are saying US kept Egypt alive with $2.2 billion/year but left Ethiopians to die in those years. You can’t be more ungrateful man. No country pumped more money into Ethiopia than the US did. I insist, however, that it is how you use the money not jut the absolute amount that matters. If US pumped twice as much money into Ethiopia, nothing would changes unless we get our politics right. BTW the US aid to Egypt is mainly military in nature.
        Yes, just as pressure forced Qerros to send the “invincible” wayanes to Mekele, pressure will force Ethiopians to do all points 1-5 I wrote above.

    • Obbo Sorsa:

      Would you elaborate this paragraph in your comment?

      1) STOP the influx of northerners to Finfinne immediately and permanently, because they bring nothing with them except guns and misery to local farmer population which are evicted for every home built there. Technically this is easy to implement given political will. Impose 100% state tax (on land, water, air, power, sales) on every home/business owner in Finfinne payable to OROMIA which takes the burden of dealing with millions of evicted and displaced people every year. This will discourage people from building more homes in the city. Oromia must use this money to rehabilitate evicted/ displaced people before they are forced to leave their country.’

      Which ‘northern’ are we talking about? ‘Northern’ can be to mean people all the way to the most northern tip of the inhabited Scandinavia. If it is confined to the proximity that also includes Eritrea, there are tens of thousands of them living in Addis/Finfine. ‘Northerners’, geographically, could also mean those from Salaale region including town inhabited by Oromos. Rayas live way north of the capital. So who are these ‘northerners’ you are alluding to? You did not mention the constant flow of people from the south. Or did you base your conclusion on that book recently penned by a sinister old ‘Marxist’ foreigner that was intended to insult the intellect of Oromos like me? The effort should be that Oromos should have the right to live and raise families anywhere they feel like it including Gondar and Tigray without any safety issues. Amharas and Tigrayans should also be accorded the same right and security to live anywhere in the country they want and raise families without any security and human rights issues. When it comes down to it, you can’t gloss over the fact that one is just a ‘nigger’ as the other one. It has been ‘you Oromo, you Amhara, you Tigre, you Somali etc..’ and now is ‘you northerner, you southerner’. Soon there will be ‘mid westerner’, ‘east central-ner’ , ‘south-westerner’, and those Itus like me ‘east-central-ner’….. I gave up!!!!

      As always, I bet you peace!!!!

      • Ittu,
        Thanks for asking.
        Despite our differences, you and Ash seem to be the only people left with some grain matter in their heads at this site, and that is why I was away from nazret for a long time.
        I came back recently to see if Abysnian fascists have learned a lesson or two, only to discover that things have gone worse than years back when I joined, and I am on my way out again. It is not worth the time visiting a site infested with brain-dead Abysinian extremists like Abebew, Hope, nealweregna, etc., that updates only ones a week.

        Back to your question:

        By northerners I mean neither Scandinavians nor Eritreans, nor Rayans, nor Salales, but those from the northern Ethiopia who historically invaded the rest of the country by force, robbing their land and resources, forcing the indigenous population to extreme poverty, death, displacement, and emigration. The Wallo and Salale oromo are themselves victims as they have no history of invading others.
        I categorically reject your proposal that everyone should be able to live everywhere just because he/she is “Ethiopian”. That is equivalent to saying let’s bring all Ethiopians to Finfinne and expand the city as far as Wallaga, Harar, Hawasa and Wallo. NO, thanks, Sir!
        Perhaps you did not understand why Wayanes were forced to abort their master plan.
        And why would an Oromo or Sidama farmer want to move to live on useless arid northern land by vacating his fertile father land while northerners to move south in search of this same land? To be nice to the invaders? Please answer this.
        Otherwise, yours is the kind of twisted thinking Abysinians extremists propagate to justify invasion of southern and central Ethiopia. As Dr. Mararaa correctly put, their slogan is yegna yegna, yenantem yegna. It is REJECTED!

        • Obbo Sorsa,

          Thank you for you response and keeping our conversation true to our Oromo glorious culture, civil.

          Personally I want you to stay here and air your opinion because that is your Allah given inalienable right. Since Nazaret is presented to us as a platform for civil exchange of ideas not as a battlefield, you have the right, I have the right, Obbo Abebaw, Hope and all others have the same right to be part of the conversation. All of us also have the right to be a member of any political group except those savage extremists as ISIS, Alqaeda or Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army.

          Yes you are right in your assumption that if I believe every citizen in the old country has the right to live and raise a family at any location there. Otherwise, if such citizens are considered ‘invaders’ and should be hauled back to where they came from, then my Itu clan must tell those those grandchildren Shewan Oromo ‘neftegnas’ who plundered my hood under the command of Abu Shaitan in the 1870’s & 80’s. Even in the 1950’s & 60’s there was a trained army called ‘Territorial’ whose main job is to keep an eye on the peasants. A battalion of them was camped right there in the vicinity of my hood. And they were made of mainly Oromos from Shewa and Wollagaa. They were one heck of brutes to the peasants. I understand the great Taddese Biru was their commander until he had a fallout with the late Emperor. To me they were all invaders. They should be asked to leave my hood immediately. They had plundered, raped and massacred my Itu clan members in the 1870’s and in the 20th century. They are invaders and must go back to where they came from west the Awash River. Right? Remember, it won’t take too much an effort to do that. All it takes is do some savage thing to terrorize them and they will leave to where they ‘don’t know’ they came from. Think about that.

          Ok countryman! Thank you for your time and keep plugging away.

          • Ittu.
            Avoiding a question means having no answer. It is your tacit admission that your argument has no foundation. There is no reason why an Oromo, Sidama, Konso, Kambata, or Gambella farmer swaps his fertile land with a useless northern barren land. I hope we agree on this commonsense. Your “everyone-should-live-everywhere” approach will not work. Even the richest country on earth, USA, cannot afford that and building safety walls.
            As for your Itu clan being ever invaded by Oromo, there is nothing father from truth.
            In 1870s and 80′ Oromos were themselves under the most brutal colonial power, Minilik. Basically nothing has changed ever since, until Abiy was forced into 4 kilo by the might of Qerro last year. You cannot blame Oromos who were used by Abysinia as cannon fodders.
            BTW Oromia is still under full occupation as long as EPRDF is around, not least because Oromos see Abiy with extreme suspicion as he is taking instruction from G7, the very people who enslaved them and preach destruction of their state. He promised to Habesha to turn Ethiopia to her old “glorious” days where they can further invade and enslave the rest.
            Another evidence that the Aby regime doesn’t represent Oromos is his declaration of war on our Sidama brothers, and Oromo brothers in Wallaga and Guji for asking their democratic rights while his former bosses who robbed and mutilated our people for 28 years are walking free.
            So, if you produce evidence that an Oromo government ever invaded Itu, then we can start from there before you embark on your terror threat. Otherwise, you are dealing with people under occupation until we have an elected government.

          • Dear Sorsa,

            To my clan, yes it was an Oromo army with unlimited power to come in and subdue a proud people by all means necessary. Abu Shaitan himself was said to be fluent in Oromifaa. Are you saying that all those Oromo soldiers were bamboozled by a prison escapee fugitive Menelik? If you are saying that I will take it as an insult to Oromos like me and yourself. It means that we know no better. We don’t think. Gobena and his powerful generals were so clueless and stupid including every living/breathing Oromo at the time. I tell you one history I will remain so proud of. When Abu Shaitan came to my hood and ordered us to submit and pay tribute what we told him was ‘the hell we will!’. You know as well as I do that we beat the tar out of him the first time he tried to pick a fight. Didn’t he turn around and ran like a rabbit all the way to the other side of Awash River. I am not making this up. Once and for ever it is eternalized in one of our classic folk lore and gerersaas. My grandfather was one of them who sneered at him. This story is told in one of the history books penned by one of our countrymen historians. So I am not making this up and have no reason to be making it up.

            I also want to tell you what was going on in my hood at the time Abu Shaitan showed up with his Abichu, Tulamaa and Falle conscripts. Majority of the Oromos had finally settled and were in the process forming a regional government with our Afar and Somali neighbors. But all that was disrupted by those invading Oromo soldiers. But we did not go down that easy. But other Oromos on the other side of the Awash River with the exception of my brave neighbors, the Arsi Oromos, every Oromo chief was competing in a 100 meter dash to the palace of Menelik to sign a tributary ordinance. Now their grandchildren are telling me what to think of our neighbors and what savage things I can do to them. Their grandfathers were addicted slave traders when my Itus were ‘moggasizing’ (making others naturalized citizens) others irrespective of race or religion. When I heard that Hillary Clinton wrote a novel titling it ‘It Takes a Village’ my response was ‘duhhh’. My Itus have been doing that for centuries thru our glorious culture ‘ilmaa gosa-sizing’. And when those brute conscripts settled in my hood, they did not settle for some barren land. They took every lush landscape they could put their hands on. Should I tell them to leave now because they had taken the most fertile lands by force? Leave and go back to where your grandparents came from. Remember these are Oromos but grandchildren of those who fought my grandfather, scandalized our women and murdered my kin and kit. They should be way up on my list to be driven out of Western Hararghe, right? Then you will know how it hurts. But my noble Itus will never do that, will never go back on their enshrined words and chase away ‘settlers’ whose grandparents we made naturalized citizens of specific Itu clan. If you ask some of these grandchildren they will tell you who naturalized them. It was either Alga, Babbu, Gadulaa, Qaaloo and other Itu clans and they would be proud of that history. The reason why I am telling you all this just to explain pushing the ‘indigenous’ card will always lead to a vicious cycle with bloody mayhem and utter destruction. And nobody will be proud of that. I’m sure you will regret it.

            Ok I am now lowering the curtain and end our show here. It is an honor and pleasure to have civil conversation with you, you my blood and flesh!!!

  23. Once again, that dead rotten evil MelAss and his TPLFassociates should be blamed for making Ethiopia the breadbasket to foreign countries by using Ethiopia’s virgin fertile land and Ethiopian laborers to grow whatever the foreign investors want, including flowers using dangerous fertilizers and pesticidez!!
    If Ethiopia used its resources wisely and smarter, Ethiopia would have been the breadbasket of Africa and even the world!! Unfortunately, Ethiopia has been cursed decades after decades with homegrown terrorists that work day and night to eradicate her children and dismantle her in the end!!
    I strongly believe that that dead rotten evil MelAss and his stooges inflated the number of Ethiopia’s population to get more foreign aids, which ended up in his and his cronies bank accounts!! Probably the population of Ethiopia is close to 80 millions, than 110.

  24. እኔ በበኩሌ ተስፋ ቆርጫለሁኝ ። እንዴት በዚህ ጉዳይ እንኳን መስማማት አቃተን።

    ረኣልነወራ Realnewera

    መፍትሄው የሕዝብን ቁጥጥር ማረግ ነው ይላል ። ሌላ ሐሳብ የሚያመጡትን እንደውሻ ይናክሳል ። እነሱ በጎደለባቸው እንደመጨመር

    ዒትቱ ዓባ ፋርዳIttu Aba Farda

    ደግሞ መልሱን ያገኘ መስሎት ፍብሪካ ማቋቋም ነው ይለናል። ስንት ሰው ፍብሪካ ሊቀጥር ነው ። ፩ሚሊዬን ቢቀጥር ፲ ሚልዬን ስራ ፈት ይኖርናል ። ፋብሪካን በአንድ ቀን መትከልና ኢንቨስተሮችንም በአስማት ማምጣት እይቻል ነገር። ግን ፍብሪካ አንዱ መልስ ነው ፤በአሳብ በዚህ ላይ የሚጨምርበት ቢገኝ ይህ ተስፋ ስጪ መልስ ነው።

    ዓሊ ሮብለ Ali Roble

    መንግስትን ድህነትን ዶላርን ፤ ግራ የተጋባው ይመስላል በአንድ በኩል ድህነታን ነው የለናል በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ ለምን የቤት ስራተኛ ወደ አገር ይሄዳሉ የለናል። ከድህነት ሊያመልጡ ነዋ።

    ጛስሀ ማሞ Gashe mamo
    ደግሞ በጣም ተናዶዋል ረኣልነወራ እየተከታተል ቁስሉን ይቆስቁስበታል የበለጠም ያናድደዋል።

    ሖፐ HOPE
    ድግሞ ማን ጠላቱ እንደሆን ጠንቅቆ ያወቀዋል ። ትግሬ ትግሬ ይለናል ምንም ከእርስቱ ጋራ ባይገናኝም

    ዓበባው ABABASH
    ይህ ደግሞ ቡቱታዋም አስተሳስብ የለው መሆኑ ሲገርማቹሁ አዋራ የተገበውን ዲሪቶውን ሊያለብሳቹሁ ይፈልጋል ። ዝም ብሎ ይደርቃል ። እራሱ ስንት ልጆች እንዳሉት ጠይቁት ተረቱን ከምስሙት ፤ ሚስቱ ግጥም አርጋ የቤተስብ መቆጣጠሪያ እንደውስደች ፀሐይ የሞቀው ጉዳይ ሲሆን ብቱቶ አስቡን ይጎትትብናል።

    ይህ ደግሞ የት የመጣ አንጣጥሮ ተኳሽ ነው ።


    በትንሹም ቢሆን ለችግሩ መፍትሔ ይሆናል የሚለውን ለግሶዋል ችግሩ ግን መንጌ አሁንም የሚገዛ አለመሆኑን አለማወቁ ነው እንጂ መላው ትንሽ ማሻሻያ ከተደርገበት የሚያስኬድ ይሆናል ።።።

    ከሌለዎቹ በጣም የተሻለ ነው ቢከፋም ቢለማም ። ግማሾቹ የሕዝብ ብዛት እንቆጣጠር ይላል ግን እንዴት የሚለውን እይመልስም ግን የኛ የመንጌ ታናሽ ወንድም በጠመንጃ አስገዳጃ ነገር እንድናረግ ይጠይቀናል። ለምሳሌ ነጋዴውን አምስት መቶ % ታክስ ቅጣው የሚለው ተምችቶኛል። አይ የኔ መንጌ

    • Ash,

      You claim to know everything under the sun and pretend you have the solution to every problem. A suggestion not based on facts is an intentional lie. This is the fact, you can’t control poverty by harsh population control measures. What is the good of development if it is not taken the sacred human life in its core. This is kind of immoral practices such as abortion is a hot debating issue in the most developed countries – it is highly political and divisive. I am just wondering even those people whom I consider have strong religious values advocate for infanticide and abortion so that less population size is possible in stead of advocating strong economic strategy and viable democratic governance system. The suggestion Ash and some folks making here is equivalent to drying out the pond to reduce or eliminate the fish.

      • my dearest Ababaw

        ይህ እኮ የቅንጦት ትያቄ አይደለም አንድ ድሀ እናት አንድ ልጃን መንገድ ዳር የምትጥል ከሆነ። ሌለውን ልጅ አዶብሽን የምት ጥ ከሆን ። ለራሷም የሚበላ የሚቀመስ ከሌላት ከቆሼ አውጥተህ ብላ የምትል ክሆነ። አንተ የምትለው የደልቃቆሽ ክርክር ምንም አይስራም። ማንም ደግሞ ውርጃ እናርግ ያለህ የለም ውርጃ ላይ ከመድረሱ በፊት የወሊድ መቆጣጠሪያ ዜዴ ተጠቅማ ለአምስት አመት ሙሉ ሳታረግዝ መቆየት የሚያስችላት መሳርያ እያለ ምን መፈላስፍ አመጣው። በአይንህ እያየህ እኮ ነው በውቅያኖስ ውስጥ ከብተው የሻርክ እራት ይሆናሉ። ከሻርክ ከተረፉ ደግሞ የአረብ ባርያ ይሆናሉ። ከዚህ ሁሉ ግድ ለመውጣት እኮ ነው እየተጣጣርን ያለነው።

        እኔ በበኩሌ አማሮች ደደቦች ናቸው እንሱ ከፈለጉ የወሊድ ቁጥጥር አያርጉ ለሌላው ክልል ግን መብቱ ነው የወሊድ ቁጥጥር ማረግ እና እፎይታ ማግኘት።

        now i will ask u personal question how many kids do u have ?
        how old r u?
        if u r over 70 years old if u have ten kids it is normal
        if u r over 60 years old if u have five kids it is normal
        if u r over 50 years old if u have two kids it is normal
        so what age range r u…

        if u r 70 years old and advocating to have ten kids like u doesn’t count.. i say look your children who r under 50 years old how many kids do they have .. that will answer your question .

        if u r under 50 years and u have only two kids then ur wife used birth control if that the case why would u deny birth control for the poorest of the poor.

        • Ash<

          የባለጌ ባለሟል ምን ገልቦ ያያል አሉ። ምን በላችሁ፣ የት ተኛችሁ፣ ወዘተ የሚጠይቅ ጋጠ ወጠኛ ኢ-ሥነምጋብር ነው። Your analogy is anti-society, it is not the character of human society that built on the very gregarious inherent nature of human-being – the social animal. Your model is the typical character of inferior animals where the instinct rule of survival of the fittest operates in full force.
          Most households are impoverished not because of high childhood dependency ratio or population pressure on land with diminishing return of production, it is rather chronic political and security bottleneck that rendered the economically active labor force use less which for people like you doing surface level thinking believe the country has a surplus population or labor force. The inefficiency ,ineffectiveness and political anarchy caused by TPLF and OLF hurt the economy far too long. Thus, thugs are blaming population. If Ethiopia were to have 5 million people at this time, I assure it will not stop begging foreign aid because the TPLF-OLF system is anti-humanity.

          • ዓበባው

            ከአንተጋራ አስር ዙር እንሂድ ውይ በአንድ ጥያቄ የሚመለስውን ነገር።

            ስለራሰህ አትጠይቁኝ በግሌ ሕይወት አትግቡብኝ ትላለህ። ታድያ በሌላው ስው ሕይወት ገብተህ ለምን ትዘባርቃለህ።

            እኛ እኮ የምናወራው አስገድዶ ወርጃ ማረግን አይደለም ። ቢሆን ደግሞ አንተና ተስፍሽ በወርጃ ብትወገዱ አሁን እማማን ኢትዬዽያን ምን ይጎዳ ነበር።
            ወደ ጥያቄ ስመልስ አንድ እናት ሁለት ወልዳ መንገድ ላይ ወድቃለች ። አሁን ይህችን ሴት የወለዲ መቆጣጠሪያ አታርጊ አምስት ወለጂ ትላታለህ።
            ሌላው እናት ደግሞ ልጆን ለፈረንጆች ስጠች ማሳደግ ስለማትችል ታድያ ይህቺን ሴት አስር ወለጂ ትላታለህ ውይ
            ሌላው እናት ደግሞ አረብ አገር ሄዳ ስርታ እንዲያልፍላት ትፈልጋለች ታድያ ይህቺን ሴት ልጅ ተሽክማ እንድተመለስ ትፈልጋለህ ውይ።
            ሌላው እናት ደግሞ በሴትኛ አደር ነው የምትኖረው ይህቺን ሴት ትፈርድባታለ ውይ
            ሌላው እናት ደግሞ እሷ ስራ የላትም በባሏ ገቢ ነው ሁለት ልጆች የሚያስተዳድሩት ፤ታድያ እነዚህን ወጣት ባለትዳሮች አስር ወለዱ ትላቸዋለህ ውይ

            ይህን የማትል ከሆን ምንደነው የምትቀባጥረው። በቀደም የኢተዬዽያ የአማካኝ ወልደት አልተቀየረም እያልክ ትከራከር ነበርክ ። እብድ አይሉ ጤኔኝ

            እንግዲህ ሒሳብ ላስተምርህ

            even so the family size stay the same population double every 30 years. this is based on 10 family size

            1960 …… 25 million people ….
            1990…….. 50 million people *25 million people added *
            2020………100 million people *50 million people added*
            2050 ……..200 million people *100 million people added *
            2080……….400 million people *200 million people added*
            3010………. 800 million people *400 million people added *

            now by just reducing family size to five we will reduce run away population growth…

            2020…… 100 million
            2050 ….. 150 million instead of 200 million just by reducing the family size to five

            if we reduce our family size to two…
            2020 ….100 million
            2050 ….120 million
            2080 ….132 million
            3010…..158.4 million …
            3040…..190 million
            3070…..228 million

            as u can see here just to double our population it took 150 years just by having two kids.. but with ten kids we can double our population in just 30 years.

          • Ash,
            If you are an obsessed of contraception, just contracept yourself by vascetomize yourself -እራስህን ለምን አትኮልስም – እግዜር ደስ ባይለውም የእራስህ ምርጫ ስለሆነ። Look what your figures 1960 thur 2020 showed: from 25 million to 100 million. In those period, two things were happening in parallel. 1) TPLF fought 50 years long war which squandered the national economy astronomically 2) So does the population has to because it is a natural demographic phenomenon.

            Had the country enjoyed 50 years of peace, the resource wasted to on war weapon as well as lost productive time would have created a miracle that would support far more than 100 million people. At the same time, don’t forget the rural farming activity is very labor intensive and kids not only have psychological value to rural households but have economic value.

  25. 1. age restriction for marriage
    2 . forced marriage ጠለፋ፤ እስገዶ ማግባት ውይም መድፈር
    3. child support policy
    4. child abuse policy.
    5. roll model for two child policy by high profile personality
    6. birth control implant
    7. IUD
    8. Alimony
    9. education
    10. old age benefit
    11. pls be part of the solution

    • Ash,
      Come on!! The same never-ending disingenuous bias argument!! You and the likes go 100 years back pointing your blood socked fingers at and using current and old Amhara leaders as a bait to brainwash and divide Ethiopians…, blaming Amharas for everything Mengestu, your own dead rotten evil MelAss and his desensitized TPLF stooges have done wrong in Ethiopia!! And yet, you go out of your way in everyday basis to find an excuse for your TPLF mafia boses inexcusable, unforgettable, unforgivable bone chilling atrocities, and for the continuous unimaginable robberies and for everything TPLF have committed on the country and Ethiopian citizens for 28 years!! TPLF also have committed the unthinkable form of genocide by sterilizing Amharas without their consent, while your own heartless TPLF members producing multiple children like rabbits, that cruel Abay Tsehaye alone has 12 children, that he raised and fed his children with the billions of Ethiopians taxpayers money he has robbed, while millions of Ethiopians going to bed hungry and millions more starving to deaths!! The undeniable sins and shocking crimes of TPLF are endless!!! Too bad that the current government of Ethiopia are not going after the bloody hand TPLF criminals, instead of going after, harassibg, jailing, torturing, patriotic Ethiopian heroes like Eskinder Negas out there that have sacrificed, still sacrificing their lives for justice!!!

      • Hope
        ለምን ተለፋለህ ፤ በፍፀም አላነብም የምትፅፈውን፤ ከፈለግህ መፍትሄ ምን እንደሆነ ንገረን ለስደት፤ ወርቃማዎቹ አገር እስረክበሁህ ሄደዋል አሁን ያንተ ፋንታ ነው። ምን ይደረግ ትላለህ ። ያለበልዚያ ግን ፤ ሌሎች መጥተው መላምታቸውን እንዳያስቅምጡ ለምን ጎቶ ት ሆናለህ።

        ለቀራቹሁት ፥
        ሕዝብ ቁጥር ቁጥጠር ማለት ፤ መልስ አይደለም እንዴት ነው የምንቆጣጠረው የሚለውን መመልስ ነው መልስ የሚሆነውና በዝርዝር መፍትሄው ፃፉልኝ። እንዚህን ሚስኪኖች ለመታደግ ልባቹሁ እንደኔ ከዳማ ። ከንፈር መምጠት ብቻ መልስ አይሆንም ልባቹሁን ከፍታቹሁ መላ አምጡ።

        • Ash,
          LOL!! Same disingenuous argument!! My dear, it is not like your TPLF boses left the country in good condition!!! They left the country in the most worst condition than they found it!! Besides dividing Ethiopians, incarserating, torturing, beating, burning alive, mutilating, pushing in the ditch, beating up snd killing devastated mothers, steralizing and slaughtering countless number of innocent lawful Ethiopians…, TPLF have also left the country landlocked, robbed billions of dollars, left the country bankrupt, sold, stole and given Ethiopia’s land!!!! What TPLF have committed on the country and Ethiopian citizens will take several decades to heal!! Actually, high possibility it will continue to get worse, since the damages of the last 28 years is extremely severe and unpresedented in terms of atrocities and robberies, but also by damaging the thought processes of Ethiopians with your false manfactured history filled with hate propaganda!! Some are so brainwashed enough to the point of wanting to eradicate an entire Amhara ethnic group!! Simply astonishing!!

  26. Ash

    Question: speaking of birth control and role models , why Teodros Adhonom, the former health minister and family planning policy fathered more than five kids? How could you advocate or tell others to do it while you were doing the opposite over twenty eight years? It is jus hypocrisy and absurd, isn’t bro?

    • Dear Ali Roble, how many kids do u have ? if u have less then two kids then u used birth control …

      for sure if u r over 70 years old u might have ten or more kids ..
      if u r under 60 u might have less then five kids
      if u r under 50 u might have two kids

      i am shouting for those poor who have no money to send their children to school, or provide food and give them shelter and send them out to street and abounded them … the question is should they have five kids because millionaire Teodros Adhonom have five.. does this even make sense.. for sure ur wife and you used birth control so if it is good for you why not for the poor?

    • The same crazy RUBBISH from another brainwashed racist Woyane that tries to excuse shamelessly the undeniable TPLF’s 28 years of horendous chilling atrocities and unpresedented robberies! EPLF, ODP/OLF, TPLF are the worst that happened to Ethiopia/ns!! A curse to humanity!!

  27. Ash

    I’m neither politician nor public personae with big responsibility to qualify for role model. I’m still working private person with modest means,and to be honest with you, I was enrolled my undergtads in the early 1980s just like Mr. Adhano did; that means my cohort range falls between 50 and 60 years old. Still I fathered two with different femme and have I been through with many hot chicks in my lifetime time I but rarely use contraceptives. I just refrain from it if need be. I expect from you too take off the veil and tell how tagedlay brood you made in the plentiful last 28 long years. 10? 8? Be transparent and enlightened. Fair?

  28. ኢትዮጵያ ዉስጥ ለምትኖሩት ኢትዮጵያዉያን እና ኢትዮጵያዉያት [ተጨማሪ!] :-

    በተለይ ወጣቶች የኢትዮጵያን ነገር በደንብ ልታስቡበት ይገባል! ምክንያቱም – በቅርቡ በወጣዉ የሕዝብ ቆጠራ መሠረት – ከኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ 70%ዉ ዕድሜያቸዉ ከ35 ዓመት በታች ነዉ!

    ስለዚህ – ኢትዮጵያ የእናንተ ስለሆነች – ኢትዮጵያን በኢትዮጵያዊነት መምራት ያለባችሁ እናንተዉ እራሳችሁ ናችሁ [ዘር፣ ሐይማኖት፣ ክልል፣ ወዘተ ሳትሉ!]! እራሳቸዉን – የእናንተ እንደራሴ አድርገዉ ሾመዉ – “እናንተን እንወክላለን!” – የሚሏችሁን የፖለቲካ ቁማርተኞች ሁሉ – በሚመጣዉ ምርጫ – “No, thank you!” – በሏቸዉ!

    እንድያዉ ሌላዉ ቢቀር – የኢትዮጵያ ወንዞች እና ሐይቆች ዳርቻ ላይ ብቻ – ዘመናዊ የመስኖ እርሻ ቢዘረጋ – ኢትዮጵያ መላዉ አፍሪካን መመገብ ይሳናታል – እንኳን ልጆቿን? ልጆቿስ ለሥራ ፍለጋ እየተሰደዱ ለአረመኔያዊ ሥቃይ እና ጭፍጨፋ ይዳረጉ ነበር?

    የሚዘገንነዉ ደግሞ – የመስኖ እርሻ በተጀመረባቸዉ አንዳንድ አካባቢዎች – ለምግብ ራስን የመቻል ዋስትና ከሚያስፈልጉት ከስንዴ፣ ከጤፍ፣ ወዘተ ይልቅ – ለእነ አቮካዶ ቅድምያ መሰጠቱ ነዉ! “ጤፍን ትታችሁ ጫት ትከሉ – ትከብራላችሁ!” ሲባሉ ጫት እንደተከሉት ‘ተመክረዉ’ ነዉ?

    አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  29. ኢትዮጵያ ዉስጥ ለምትኖሩት ኢትዮጵያዉያን እና ኢትዮጵያዉያት :-

    ይኼን አስቡበት:- ኢትዮጵያ – ለዉጪ ዜጎች መፈንጫ ገነት! ለልጆቿ ግን – የምድር ሲኦል ሆናለች!

    እስቲ እነዚህን 3 ጥያቄዎች መልሱልኝ:-

    1. ለምንድነዉ – ለማናዉቃቸዉ እና በሐገራቸዉ እኛን እንደ ሰዉ ልጅ እንኳን ለማይቆጥሩን ፈረንጆች፣ አረቦች፣ ወዘተ – የምናሳየዉን ደግነት፣ ፍቅር እና ትሕትና – ለእርስበርሳችን የነፈግነዉ?

    2. ለምንድነዉ – የኢትዮጵያ ጠላቶች ኢትዮጵያን ለማናጋት፣ ከድህነት እንዳትወጣ ለማድረግ እና ለማንበርከክ – የተለያየ ካባ እያለበሱ የሚልኳቸዉን ቅጥረኞች ተልዕኮ ለማሳካት – የቅጥረኞቹ ቀኝ እጆች ሆነን በዘር፣ በሐይማኖት እና በክልል ተከፋፍለን – ሐገራችንን እና ሕዝባችንን የምናዋርደዉ?

    3. ለምንድነዉ – ይኼን ሁሉ ወንዝ፣ ሐይቅ እና ለምለም መሬት ይዘን – እህል የምንለምነዉ እና እህል የምንገዛዉ? ኢትዮጵያ ዉስጥ በየዓመቱ ከ10 ሚልዮን ሕዝብ በላይ እየተራበ እህል ይለመን የለም ወይ? ኢትዮጵያ በየዓመቱ በሌላት ዶላር ወደ ትሪልየን ቶን ስንዴ ከዉጪ ትገዛ የለም ወይ?

    አያችሁ – የራሳችን ጠላት እኮ እኛዉ እራሳችን ነን! እንኳን ለራሳችን ቀርቶ – ለሌላም የሚተርፍ የተፈጥሮ ሐብት እና የሰዉ ኃይል አለን! ወገኖቻችን ተርበዉ እህል መለመን አልነበረብንም! ወገኖቻችን ሥራ አጥተዉ ሥራ ፍለጋ ተሰደዉ ለዚህ ሁሉ ሥቃይ መዳረግ አልነበረባቸዉም!

    አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  30. Hello Ethios,

    ኢትዮጵያ – በከተሞች እና በየገበሬዉ ማሕበራት ማዕከላት – ቴሌቪዥኖችን እና ሬድዮኖችን አስገብታ – ኢትዮጵያዉያን እና ኢትዮጵያዉያት ላይ የሚደርሰዉን አረመኔያዊ ግፍ እና ጭፍጨፋ – ሕዝቡ እንዲያየዉ እና እንዲያዉቀዉ የማድረግ ሐላፊነት እና ግዴታ የለባትም ወይ?

    ሕዝቡ የተሰደደዉ – ከሁሉም ዘር እና ሐይማኖት ነዉ! በከፊል – የስደቱ መንሥዔ:- የአስተዳደር በደል፣ በስልጣን-ጥም ምክንያት የሰላም መጥፉት እና ሥራ አጥነት ናቸዉ! ቢያንስ – “ሕዝባችንን እንዴት አድርገን ብንረዳዉ ነዉ ከዚህ ዓይነት ሥቃይ የምናስጥለዉ?”-ማለት የለብንም ወይ?

    እዚህ የማያቸዉ ልማደኛ አምታቾች – የአዛኝ ካባቸዉን ለብሰዉ – የዘር ፖለቲካቸዉን ለማራመድ የአዞ እንባቸዉን ማዝነብ እንጂ – ለእነዚህ ጎስቋሎች ቢራሩማ ኖሮ – በአለም ዙርያ በአሰቃቂ ሁኔታ ሲማቅቁ የከረሙትን ኢትዮጵያዉያን እና ኢትዮጵያዉያትን – ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ያስመለሱትን እና የኢትዮጵያን እሥረኞች የፈቱትን – እነ አብይን እና እነ ለማን ለምን የሕዝብ ጠላት ያደርጉ ነበር?

    ይህቺን ኢትዮጵያዉያት በደንብ አዳምጧት:-

    አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  31. Itu,
    Thanks for asking.
    Despite our differences, you and Ash seem to be the only people left with some grain matter in their heads at this site, and that is why I was away from nazret for a long time.
    I came back recently to see if Abysnian fascists have learned a lesson or two, only to discover that things have gone worse than years back when I joined, and I am on my way out again. It is not worth the time visiting a site infested with brain-dead Abysinian extremists like Abebew, Hope, nealweregna, etc., that updates only ones a week.

    Back to your question:

    By northerners I mean neither Scandinavians nor Eritreans, nor Rayans, nor Salales, but those from the northern Ethiopia who historically invaded the rest of the country by force, robbing their land and resources, forcing the indigenous population to extreme poverty, death, displacement, and emigration. The Wallo and Salale oromo are themselves victims as they have no history of invading others.
    I categorically reject your proposal that everyone should be able to live everywhere just because he/she is “Ethiopian”. That is equivalent to saying let’s bring all Ethiopians to Finfinne and expand the city as far as Wallaga, Harar, Hawasa and Wallo. NO, thanks, Sir!
    Perhaps you did not understand why Wayanes were forced to abort their master plan.
    And why would an Oromo or Sidama farmer want to move to live on useless arid northern land by vacating his fertile father land while northerners to move south in search of this same land? To be nice to the invaders? Please answer this.
    Otherwise, yours is the kind of twisted thinking Abysinians extremists propagate to justify invasion of southern and central Ethiopia. As Dr. Mararaa correctly put, their slogan is yegna yegna, yenantem yegna. It is REJECTED!

    • Sore-sa,
      Since you mentioned my name…,
      First and foremost, don’t insult Ittu’s intelegenence!!! There is a huge difference between Ittu and Ash!!
      The fact you think that Ash, the very Woyane that justify the unjustifiable horrific crimes and atrocities of TPLF, and that considers the mass murderer evil dictator MelAss that robbed billions, incarserated, tortured and slaughtered countless number of innocent Ethiopians, as A Golden man, and the very Ash that thinks MelAss’ wife Jesebel Azeb, that robbed billions as a queen…, it speaks volumes about your poor perception!!

      Bye! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!! Please stay out!! One less racist, separtist trabalist on is a good thing!!

    • Sorsora,

      Your hear very well knows you either are an immigrant or a mogasized /ሞጋሳ የተደረግህ/ or Guraghe. If you are not a mogassized Guraghe or Hadiya you are a late arrival (82nd palce) to the Abyssinian/Ethiopian/ land you, only earlier than China. አጥብቆ ጠያቂ የእናቱን ሞት ይረዳል ይሉ ዘንድ ለመሆኑ የመጨረሻው ዘግይቶ 82ኛ ደረጃ ቻይናን በማስከተል ወደ አበሻ /ኢትዮጵያ/ አገር የገባኸው አንተ መሆንህን ከታሪክ አልሰማህም እንዴ። እነ የንግስት ሳባ ከተማ (አክሱም)፣ የላሊበላ ከተማ(ሮሃ)፣ የንጉስ ዳዊት አከተማ በረራ ወይም አዲስ አበባ ሲከተም የት የነበርህ ይመስልሃል። Don’t forget your are the last immigrant to Ethiopia.

    • Sorsa:

      I am gonna reverse things on you.

      Let’s say I have an excellent and doable idea about opening a factory that makes products with reliable market in the Sudan and Chad. Products will be manufactured from raw material all the way to finished products. Labor cost is attractive but transportation can bite off a good portion of the expected profit. I will also receive tax incentives by the fed and local governments. So to generate a substantial saving in the transportation cost I found out that such saving is possible if I open the factory close to the Sudanese border in the Gondar region. Even though my current citizenship is not an Ethiopian but my heritage is still an Oromo. Please note that my factory can provide stable wage earning jobs for the unemployed in that area. I should be considered an invader and therefore should not obtain a permit to open the factory. Right? Because I am a South-Western invader now, Right? If they do that isn’t it an outright bigotry? Will I be blamed if I cry foul and call them bigots? Things are getting complicated now, aren’t they?

      Ok I will let you go now. Take care.

      • Ittu Aba Farda

        this is the simplest question

        when coca cola they did not say the workers must speak English just because the owner speak English they speak Amharic even the famous brand is written in Amharic.
        so when coca cola goes to Arab country the brand will be written in Arabic .. in short they become truth citizen of that country their product sold..

        once u understand this simple fact when an oromo factory owner goes to Gonder he must hire local, he must speak the local language to run the company

        this is the problem we have when one company come to oromia instead of speaking the local language and hiring the local worker they import worker out of town this create not belonging to the company when riot come the company will be the first victim but if the company said u must speak Afan ormomia to work in their company that company would be an oromo company even the owner is an Amhara .

        do u get it this Amhara investor if he goes to Golden he must speak Golden this way he can go place otherwise keep your company out of oromia if u try to convert the local in to Amharic speakers..

        would Ethiopians be okay if all the Chinese company bringing their workers form China saying the Ethiopia they dont speak Chinese how would u like it then

        • Ash,

          You are me telling stories now. Now you are saying things to me thinking it will disorient me or upset me. What is ‘Golden’ you are talking about? Is that the new ‘race’ you are trying to create? I did not take an anthropology class in college but I just check ‘Races’ on Wikipedia I could not find ‘Golden’ race in there. Where are these ‘Golden’ race people live? If there are ‘Golden’ race people out there it is evident that there should be ‘Copper’, ‘Platinum’, ‘Aluminum’, ‘Tin’, Iron Ore’, Silver’, Titanium’ and many other ‘metal’ content ‘races out there. Was Lucy ‘Golden’ race or what?

          In the meantime, I will make a note for myself to never think about opening a factory in Gondar just because I am not a Gondarian. Wow!!! I am learning new things now. Not fluent in Amharic and I should not even think about making lives for so many hapless unemployed so much easier in Gondar. Not fluent in Amharic, no Gondar!!! Not fluent in Amharic, no Gondar!!! I get it!!!!

          But don’t forget to tell me who is that ‘Golden’ race and where such people live. Your answer will not be completed unless you include the other ‘metal’ races too.

        • Ash,

          You have plausible ability in scatting. I love that genre. In fact, I have that in my collection, Crothers, Ella and all that. All is needed is just some melody behind it.

      • Ittu:
        I observe you just turned things on yourself.
        If your reason to come to Oromia is for investment you are more than welcome.
        Even the Chinese and white men are there. Just as they are not invaders, you too wouldn’t be treated as invader. Ash gave you clear answer about the criteria, though, i.e. your company must provide service in local/ state language and create job opportunities for the locals. By invaders I mean people who come with guns and/or nothing but to live at the expense of others by robbing. These are not investors. Clear?
        I assume that you have digested the other points 2-5 I listed above.
        One last note. Don’t you think instead of blaming Oromos you should thank them and their Gadaa System which preserved your genes by Moggassaa instead of extinguishing them? Think about that.
        Do you have more questions, please?

        • All my doubts about you and your ‘ideology’ are somewhat verified and clarified now. Thank you for your time. Peace!!!

        • Sorsa,

          My doubts and contemplation are now finally clarified. With that business note, I have excused myself as I started.

  32. Rightly so, HaileSelassie was highly criticized scrutinized and led to his death for not asking for help to feed the starving and dying Tigreans…, what about the deafening silence of the current government on the 3 million displaced citizens that are living in small tents, suffering, starving and dying as we speak? The very coldblooded mayers that bulldozed the homes of the hardworking lawabiding citizens, and threw millions of women and children out in the cold never been charged and still collecting their salaries from taxpayer citizens!!

    “…the world’s largest new population of displaced people results from a conflict that has received shockingly little international attention: More than 1.5 million people were displaced by violence in Ethiopia last year, nearly all of them internally. This increase doubled the total number of displaced people in the country…”

  33. It is hard to comprehend how anybody forget the last 28 unforgettable gruesome, spine-chilling heinous years of atrocities, and unimaginable robberies they experienced and wittnessed at the hands of the highly corrupted brutal separatist TPLF mafia…, and yet, they still pull a page right from the TPLF dictators “divide and rule” hate propaganda handbook, and go back 200 years and blame this generations of innocent Amharas that have nothing to do with it…, while the wounds of the innocent Ethiopians that have been victimized byTPLF mafia still fresh as we speak! Go figure!!
    I guess, I haven’t said BRAINWASHED enough!!

    Congratulations! You have manipulated and brainwashed counties number of Ethiopian ethnic groups to blame Amharas — even those that are far more educated than you Woyanes are, and the very people you locked up, robbed, evicted, beat up, burned alive, pushed in the ditch and killed their loved ones!! Unbelievable!! No wonder you feel as though you are smarter than everybody!

  34. The problem with the Soresas of this world is confusing few from a certain tribe with the majority in the that tribe. No single tribe oppressed other tribes in Ethiopia, ever. The Soresa’s of this world confusion is created by design. Yes, by few from their own tribe so that they can stay on their shoulders, so that they can use them like fire woods. That is what TPLF and few Tigray elites did to Tegadalays. That is few Oromo elites are doing to the Soresas of this world. Confusing the entire Amahara ethnic group with few Amahara rulers in the past, confusing the people of Tigrat with TPLF and few Tigray elites, confusing Oromo people with few Oromo elites is what is torching the country in recent past and currently. No one in the right mind can say an entire ethnic group is guilty of this and that crime.

    The few elites people who are riding the Soresas of this world are preaching the blue print for genocide. If they have their way and the people they call invaders are the minority in a region and they temselves are the majority, imagine how far they can go. We saw how far they can go several times. Only the demography of Addis Abeba (Finfine) is preventing them from committing the worst. That is why now more than ever we need people like Abiy, Lemma, Merara and the likes.

    • RealNazi:
      Don’t be scared. No one is gonna get your ass unless you trespass. Stay in your bounds. Leave Oromia for Oromians. That is it.

      • It is like a bull tell me not to be scared. A bull who is salivating to bulldoze something from his cage. I am saying don’t open the gate for the bull, go after the bull’s handlers. Get it? You, Tegadalys, etc are the bulls. The handlers? Elites from your respective tribes. As long as you are caged, like you are now, you are good source of entertainment.

        • You are invited to Irrecha 2019 at Horra Finfinne. At the worlds biggest festival everybody who messed with Oromia and Oromo will be given the opportunity to kneel down before Qerros and Abba Gadaas and ask for forgiveness for their crimes. BTW, the fake name “Meskel Adebabay” will get it’s natural name, Malkaa Irrecha. And your demographic worry will soon be addressed, as well. Everything will be done to maximize your satisfaction before you head north.

          • Do you think I can score a good looking elegant Oromo girl on Irrecha 2019 in Finfine? I can’t wait.

    • realNewera

      when Benito Mussolini send his army he did not send the whole Italy population .. but had Mussolini successful the whole Italy population would have been beneficiary..

      the same way when few Amhara elite come to power it might take few of them to hold to power but the whole Amhara just being Amhara would be beneficiary… i give u example look in Ethopia the art 98% art movie, book, music , all are in Amharic so if u born with it u might have advantage over those who have second language … that is why Amhara artist make more money then other ethnic artist that is a pull factor to learn more Amharic because Amharic the language make dominate language thanks for few elite who had control of power..

      in golden case u cant say the people benefited because the Golden language was not imposed on other ethnic hence … therefore orderly golden speaker will not get advantage over Amharic speakers.. Golden had no wish of empire unlike the Amhara but the Golden people still benefited from their kin success . for example if u want job in Addis Ababa during the golden colonization time the Golden speaker will have easy time even as business trader he will get first class treatment hence saying the whole ethnic was not involved doesnt cut it.. because without 100% support of the Golden people TPLF would not colonized the amhara for good 30 years.

        • Real,
          thanks for telling me your r beneath me…. yes, i should not waste my time who think Amhara were not benefited because their kin was in power.. of course the Gondar, wollo and Gojjam .. were not considered royal blood .. the royal family doesnt even think they were Ethiopian they claim their blood line come from Israel.. regardless of that they share Amharic with the low class Amhara that by itself help Amhara a lot when u compere to other ethnic …

          those buda Amhara even they r so proud that the Amhara empire kept their kin Amhara in poverty .. they will tell look , look Amhara still walk barefoot.. if that they case if u cant make any of the region including your own kin why u need power then..

          real pls dont respond .. u r beneath me. i get it .. u dont have to repeat it

          • like holocaust denier u try to deny Amhara being a beneficiary of Amhara rule..

            under TPLF rule there was on one Golden arrested but 100,000 oromo and 100 Amhara criminal politician … i thought EAL was under Golden hand hiring their own as if it is their personal property… look how many rich are their if anything fail .. the golden was not busy with politics they keep working this alone make it big difference… while the othe protest and killed..

            Realnewera dont be yogurt fly .. i didnt call u and pls keep away from blog.. this is for those who know this is a public discussion form no body have their own corner …

            in the end Dr. Abiy should ban those oromo holocaust denier… no body should have right to deny what happened under king milk II .. if u do u will be arrested for five years..

  35. over population is not the only culprit to our problem but it is not helping. look at our neighbors kenya and sudan as combined they have less population than Ethiopia. in my opinion there is population competition amongst amara and oromo group which is contributing to the explosion. particularly the oromos sadly claim and boast to count half of ethiopia people.this is very sad!!!

  36. NOTE TO Ittu Aba Farda
    LOOK coco cola company speak Amharic in Ethiopia soon they might speak Afan oromia and so on .. look their advertisement all are in Amharic .. if u ask why because their customer are Ethiopian now if they go to Arab country they speak Arabic

    pls look all ኮካ-ኮላ Logo in different language… also not only ኮካ-ኮላ but major company like CNN, FEDEX, Mac Donald etc even subway speak multiple language ,

    Dr. Abiy speak golden language does that mean he become golden no.. he only speak the language .. so if an oromo goes to Sudan he must work in Arabic the same way if he is in Gonder he must work in Amharic .. when he communicated with government agency he must use Amahric ….just treat Gonder just like Sudan but under Ethiopia fed. state.. Fed. state all state are independent state that is connected with fed. system… just like independent state or nation Gonder might tell u u must be Gonder to work in Gonder so why do u care that is their lose..

    in America each state go bankrupted try to give more incentive for mega company to come to their state .. in Ethiopia we try to put many obstacle not to come .. so why would we go to war. that is our advantage when the Gonder say u must be Gonder to work then you as oromia state u should be happy to steal the investor and give him red carpet treatment to come to your state…

    9 state r playing football if Gonder start scoring in their own goal why would u try to prevent them instead of take the win… as u listed in your dream company if u going to invest in Gonder and try to make 100 million dollar and he did not go thru it because the Gonder tell u the working language is Amharic then i say u r not a business person stay with your electronic

    • Ash,

      I hear you about my chance to business in Gondar. Case closed on the that one.

      How about that ‘Golden’ thing? Who are they? Don’t let me hanging in there. Don’t forget the other metal races. Zinc, Copper, Tin, Titanium so on. I love to see my Itu clan designated the ‘Lithium’ or ‘Palladium’. So bread it down for me as soon as you possibly can.

      • Ittu Aba Farda
        all start out as dirt but when u pass thru fire u will know who is gold and who is tin etc
        the Golden people have 3000 years civilization they have an art of war.. they have gut they say no to Derug did any other region say no to መንጌ፣ yes part yes, but not the whole region … so for 17 years they fought even so መንጌ፣ try kill them all by any means the Golden people stand strong and u can see the result …
        Golden people introduce democracy, election, freedom of speech, Constitution, economy development mega industry, industrial park .. 1000 thing that they did i can list them here …

        but i will give u two more example በመንጌ፣ ግዜ የቁንጅና እና ካራቴ ወድ ድር አይደረግም ነበር። መንጌ ቆንጆ ስላልሆነ ይሆናል ። ለዚህም ነው ቆንጆ ወንድሙን ያረዳው። (እኔ መንጌ ፉንጋ ነው ማለቴ አይደለም ፣ እሱ እንደሚያስበው ለማለት እንጂ ) መንጌ ምንም አይወጣውም ነበር። ግን የበታችነት ስሜት ቆንጆ አይደለህም ባርያ ነህ እየተባለ ስላደገ ምን ይፈረድበታል

        Golden the have art of war they win over Somalia when the super power fail. they win over Eritrea when መንጌ with all his super power fail … trust me the list is long

        • Ash,

          If you are referring our proud neighbors, Amharas, as the ‘Golden’ race they will tell you off because they are tired of being wrongfully called ‘chauvinists’. You may start something you will direly regret. If you Tigrayan to be that ‘Golden’ you may end up getting tossed out after a good caning that will hurt for a lifetime. They are so very content to remain as proud Tigrayans. Don’t even think about trying that on my Oromos. The Afars will spit on it. The Somalis will tell you off with something I can’t repeat that here. No, no, no!!! This is a family show. You know what they did with their former tormentor, the stooge of the convicted torturer who is hiding ‘out’ at some joint somewhere.

          So who is that ‘Golden’ race? Amhara, Tigrayan, Oromo, Afar, Somali and certain others? Who? Be specific!!!

  37. Just read that Ethiopia is in a very serious financial problems — over $1.5 trillions birr in debt!! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the kinds of economic growth TPLF were lying and bragging about for 28 years, while literally robbing the country blind!!
    How devastating!! Besides the staggering number of loss of Ethiopians lives and shocking human cruelties TPLF have committed, this financial report is one more proof that shows TPLF are indeed worse than foreign invaders!! SAD!!

    • Hope,

      the moral of the story is never every dare start war with Golden the will fk u up.. in 30 years if 1.5 trillions birr only is debt then they did great job .. because look around u what they build for u..the build fed. system, they build democracy and election .. all this after 3000 years.. Golden make Addis Ababa for real Addis Ababa…

      loooooooooook what Meles did to Egypt. the Egypt just like buda Amhara where they stalling talk.. and want us to talk endlessly … so meles make his move when everyone is busy… and half the job were done by the time everyone walk up.. this is the kind of leader we r talking we can only get him once in 3000 years..

      in second thought move all project to Golden state or give the ownership to golden such as Nile dam and many project done under tplf and Golden will give u your 1.5 trillion birr ..

      this is take it or leave it.. if u dont take your money then shut the hell up..or try to get your money with force .. u r 100 million golden are only 4 million so go and get your money .. if u can otherwise pls save our ear we dont want to hear crying .

      let me repeat myself if u can get it

      if u cry that Golden took your cake would they give u back No
      if u cry that Golden took 1.5 loan and run with the money would they return the money the answer is no

      so what is the point of crying like small girl..

  38. Ash,
    Only read one line of your everyday jibber jabber!! You go out of your way to deny the undeniable TPLF atrocities and 28 years of robberies!! Well, as that dead rotten bloodthirsty MelAss is to you, so is Hitler to Nazis!! What TPLF have committed on the country and the citizens of Ethiopia, even fascist Mussolini did not commit!! TPLF were a dream for international investors that you lease Ethiopia’s land for a pocket change and enslaved Ethiopians for the lowest wages in the world!! Buildings my a**!! Have you seen a bumper sticker on old cars, that say, “”don’t laugh it is paid for””? All the buildings, bridges you have bern bragging about are not paid for, all owned by Chinese!! TPLF have committed irreversible damages on the country and Ethiopian citizens!! Ethiopia is in dire situation and the future of Ethiopia is frightening!! As it is not enough what TPLF have committed for 28 years; the prisons are filling in again without valid reason and a day in court!! The fact that the mayers that bulldozed the millions of poor Ethiopians homes and threw out women and children out in the cold, still serving as mayers, it SPEAKS VOLUMES ABOUT THE NEWBORN CHRISTIANS ABIY AND LEMMA!!
    The future of Ethiopia is indeed beyond frightening!! God forbid!!

    • Hope
      in my case i did not read your post because i read it before . u just keep on recycle .. now what i am try to say to u is stop talking u know where the golden are go get them..otherwise shut the hell up

      • Ash,
        Listen Woyane genius: the fact of the matter is, the SAME injustices and criminal enterprise you TPLF mafia started in 1965 still going on, it might not be in a grand scale, but it is coming back slowly, but surely!! Nothing to jump up and down and celebrate when over 3 MILLION unarmed defenseless lawabiding Ethiopians have been thrown out like trash and suffering and dying needlessly, as we speak. And those who have committed this unthinkable barbarous act of inhumanity never been charged!! There is nothing to celebrate knowing millions of displaced Ethiopians are in extreme dire situations and extremely in distress.., and here again, knowing journalists are getting locked up again without a day in court is not something to celebrate about!!
        You think and feel as a brilliant person, because you and the likes have been able to manipulate and brainwash Ethiopians to blame Amharas for your own unprecedented atrocities and lootings!! Shame on those brainwashed Ethiopians that trusted the very TPLF mafia that robbed and massacred staggering number of innocent lawabiding Ethiopians that took it to heart TPLF’s divide and rule hate propaganda!!

  39. Simply act of cruelity!! TPLF mafia that left the country landlocked, bankrupt, tortured and massacred countless number of Ethiopians are left alone, and yet, more of bulldozing the hardworking poor Ethiopians homes and Displacements without compensation continue as we speak!! Heartwrenching!!

  40. this is why i call them Golden people .

    1. peaceful demonstration
    2. federalism
    3. democracy
    4. election
    5. opposition party
    6. free press
    7. fashion designer
    8. beauty contestant
    9. public housing this is important not even USA provide u with public housing
    10. mega industry
    11. billionaire
    12. constitution
    13. regional flag
    14. afan oromia
    15. oromia state
    16. Finfinnee and all other restored name of oromia city
    17. city train
    18. electric train
    19. private property ad business without limit
    20. for Muslim no more quota for hajj pilgrimage (no limit number of Muslim going to hajji )
    21. freedom of religion in practices
    22. government resigned peacefully and replaced with another PM peacefully
    23. hydro dam project that is build by Ethiopian
    24. self governing
    25. parliament,
    26. kassa for displaced in city and village
    27. pardon … this very important
    28. no censorship
    29. tax holiday and incentive
    30. land lease
    31. copy right
    32. respect for artist and athlete to keep their money wining or otherwise and make them rich beyond their dream
    33. professional footballer, and athlete that can run for Arab country and can invest in Ethiopia without any problem
    34. condominium
    35. good governance
    37. private hospital
    39. made in Ethiopia product
    40. I am oromo and i am proud! i am Somali and proud’! etc correction by Individual » 03 Oct 2018, 03:10 and ethioexpat » 02 Oct 2018, 20:24
    41. share company
    42. regional university and collage
    43. Chief police commissioner
    44. woman that work doesnt mean she is working in sex industry
    45. child protection agency
    46. safety net
    47. greening environment and fresh air protection
    48. solar power and wind power
    49. geothermal power station
    50. elderly court ኣስታራቂ
    51. irreecha and Gada system
    52. Afan oromia ቁቤ writing system
    55. movie artist and producer who actually r rich
    56. designer dress and model
    57. high way and express way
    58. bridge … this is important the Amhara only had broken bridge
    59.circus Ethiopia
    60.private tv, private press , private bank
    61. Construction and project
    62. no curfew
    63. state of emergency
    64. fed police and state police
    65. industrial park
    66. zero emission
    67. ፀረ፤ሙስና, rent seeker,
    68. high rise (ፎቅ)
    69. free market economy … anyone have the right to charge any price he want if they have buyer
    70. black market in open
    77. budget, GDP, all economy term , such as inflation and devolution of birr etc
    78. government bond
    79. engineer, actually build dam,road and housing .. under Amhara . engineer. only teach
    80. first lady that work , and active
    81. supermarket real one, mall and escalator
    82. attitude change, we have no enemy but poverty
    83. real estate developer
    84. five start hotel that is private
    85. New Years concert (ርሽት : firework)…the American artist come to AA, to earn money instead of give alms
    89. culture center doesnt mean እስክስታ እና ፉከራ
    90. political prisoners, under Derg we have dead politician
    91. benefit of doubt and innocent until proven guilty
    92. rastafarian hair do, and other idiocy hair do
    93. Music mix that is ጉራማሌ … under Amhara it is not allowed to mix Western Music with Amharic ..
    94. cobblestone
    95.Tv drama, seifu fantahun show, game show , comedy and all Ethiopian idol all copied programming
    97. a PM who speak Amharic, oromofa, golden language and English… with no shame
    98. dance , if u watch those dancer in Music video all of them would be banned no question ask
    99. no exit visa … freedom of movement
    100. by Mahlana » 03 Oct 2018, 16:26
    100. Space observatory and satellite test/Drones technology/nuclear experiments(keep it secret)

      • HOPE.
        ገረፉም አልገረፉም ምስክርነት የሚስጠው እኮ ወርቃማዎቹ እኮ ናቸው በሕይወት ያቆዩት ። አሁን ምንም ቢዋሽም ምስክርነት ለትግሬዎች እየስጠ እኮ ነው። በሙሉ በሕይወት ተርፈው የውጡት ከእስር ቤቶ የትግሬዎች ያጌቱ ካከብ ምስክሮች ናቸው። እስቲ እግዜርህ ያሳይህ መንጌ ቢሆን በትግሬዎች ቦታ እንዳርጋቸው፣ ዘወዴ፤ አትላይ ታማኝ ፤ ዶክተር ብር፤ እስክንድር እናም ሌሎቹም በሙሉ ብርሀናቸውን ነበር በአንድ ቀን የሚያጠፋላቸው ። አሁን ድርሶ ብልቴን አኮላሹት ማንት ምን ይባላል። እስክንድርም ተኮላሽቶዋል እንጂ በእውነት እንደዚህ አያቀበጠብጠውም እውነቱን ይንገሩን እንደቶኮላሹ አለበለዚያ ውሬያቸውን ያቁሙልን። ወርቃማዎቹ በስጦቸው ነፃንት ትርፍ ውሬ ያሩበት እንጅራ ነው ምን ይደረጋል

  41. Dr. Ababaw

    had we have only two kid per person after 75 years in today we would have only 36 million people

    in 1960 if we have 25 million people
    in 1990 we would have 30 million people
    in 2020 we will have 36 million people

    even if we have started 30 years ago having only two kid per person

    in 1990 50,million population
    today we will only be 60 million not 100 million reduction by 40 million

    it is sad telling me that we balance the population with war and famine and disease

    now u r telling me kids r means of production you r right we have to fix that problem

    ልጆች ክብት ይጠብቃሉ እረኛ ናቸው
    የቤት ስራ ያግዛሉ
    ወሃ ያመጣሉ
    በእርሻም ያግዛሉ
    ስያስጉ ደግሞ ይጦራሉ

    ታድያ እዚህ ላይ ነው እኮ መስራት ። እፃናትን ትምህርት ቤት መላክ ። በገበሬውን ሕይወት ደግሞ ማዘመን እና የጡረት መብቱን መጠበቅ ነው። ታክስ ከከፈለ ሲያረጅ መንግስት እንደሚጦረው ካወቀ ልጆቹን ሳይለማመጥ የስው ዓይን ሳያይ ። መንግስት ቃል ከገባለት ሲያረጅ እንደማይጠለው ታድያ ለምን ልጅ አብዝቶ በድህነት ይኖራል ። የቤተስቡን መጠን ለክቶ በአቅሙ ወልዶ ዘመናዊ ንሮ ኖሮ ልጆቹንም እስተምሬ ትልቅ ደረጃ ያደርሳችዋል።

    አምሳ ቢወለድ አምሳ ነው ጉዱ ከተባረከማ አንድ ይበቃል ለእናቱ (ተረቱን ረስቸዋለህ አንተ ነን ደብተራው በጎደለ ሙላበት።)

    እኔ ካንተ ጋራ አልከራከርም ምነው እናት ህ በውርጃ ብታታህም የምታጎድል አነበርክም ያለፍላጎት ተወልደህ ታደርቀናልህ። ለኔ ካልክ አስር አይደለም ፻ ም ወለድ ግን እናት ህ ወልዳሀለች ሚስኪኗ የወሊድ መቆጣጠርያ መብቷን እንፍጋለሁ እንዳትል እንጂ ለሌ ስትል ፲ ምስትም አግባ።

    አንተና ተስፍሽ ከአንድ ውሀ ትቀዳላቹሁ ይህ የፈረደበት የፈረንጅ ቄስ ገንዘብ ስጥቶዋቹሁ። የወሊድ ቁጥጥርን ልታስከለክሉ አትፍጨሩ። ድሀው ግዜ የለውም ከግዜ ጋራ ለመራመድ ቆርጦ ተነስቶዋል ።።

    now let do more math

    if we had 25 million people in 1960
    and if we have five kds per person
    in 1990 we would have 37.5 million people
    and then after 30 years
    in 2020 we would have 56.25 million people

    one more time

    if we have 50 million people in 1990 and we started at that point to have only five kids
    in 2020 we would have only 75 million people
    in 2050 we will have 112.5 million people instead of having 200 million people as we r heading ..

    even now today if we started reducing our kid per person to two we will achieved a great result

    2020 100 million become 120 million in next 30 years instead of 200 million so still it is not late to start population control this is no joke i have no time for this otherwise we going to miss our great opportunity to halt run away population

    when people have no food, no job and no hope.. they will listen to you and they have greatest drive to follow because they have nothing to lose so when u tell them the exit plan they will do it .. people with no food will move mountain because they tested their worst fear so they dont want to go back to famine so they will work hard .. but one this famine passed no body will listen to u.. the same way this is a great time to control population…

    Ababaw and hope i am not worried that u will produce your time is over to produce child so i am worried about u two…

    • DR. aBABA

      I DONT care about population size .. my worry is እፎይታ እንድናገኝ ነው .. we grow the economy by 10% and we grow the population by 10% the net value become zero income … this way we will never grow economically … today we cant just firm with oxen we have to improve so we dont need big population Ethiopia have 75 million farmers but they cant feed 25 million and we have to import food.. this can stand .. what we need is reduce the number of farmers and make it mega farm and then only we can feed our population only 5000 mega farmers could feed 100 million people instead of 75 million small farmers so population is not advantageous to us .. yes it did miracle….

      to me 100 million is a prefect population let keep it that way by having only 2% growth this would be manageable and we can grow faster using our population but if we grow by ten % we will lose what ever gain we got.

      • Ash,
        No matter how much you try, lies and denials doesn’t erase the undeniable 28 years of TPLF corruptions and shocking unspeakable atrocities!!! You blame Minlik and HaileSelassie every chance you get to brainwash and divide Ethiopians, but even with your unsubstantiated allegations against them, IT DOESN’T compare to TPLF chilling crimes!!
        Here watch it again:
        99% of prisno torturers were Tigrean speaking individuals:

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