Ethiopia’s under-15 side set for history in Eritrea

Ethiopia will face Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda in Eritrea at the Cecafa Under-15 Challenge Cup

BBC Sport – Ethiopia’s under-15 side are set to be the first team from the country to play in Eritrea since a war between the two nations began in 1998.

The team are set to take part in the inaugural east and central African regional championship, the Cecafa Under-15 Challenge Cup.

First up for Ethiopia will be Uganda in Group B on Saturday.

“It is like a family reunion for us,” Ethiopia Football Federation press officer Bahiru Tilahun told BBC Sport.

“We are very excited for the the tournament in Eritrea.

“We have been separated for 20 and more years and we think this is a perfect opportunity to build a long lasting friendship with our brothers and sisters in Eritrea.”

A peace deal was signed last year between Eritrea and Ethiopia that ended a bloody border dispute that began in 1998.

The two nations have been drawn in separate pools with Tanzania, South Sudan and Rwanda completing Group B.

The hosts Eritrea are in Group A for the tournament and will play Burundi, Kenya, Sudan and Somalia.

There could be a meeting between the two sides if they both progress to the latter stages of the tournament.

A proposed friendly match between the senior national teams of the two countries is yet to be organised despite an apparent willingness between the federations to play the game.


  1. What is going on with Nazret? Why are my comments blocked 4 times? Should we be pro-Eritrea no matter what? Relations with Eritrea are not in Ethiopia’s interest! Eritrea’s track-record proves that!

    • .::no wonder your comments are blocked!!
      Tell us mister Economist!!
      Why exactly is the reason Ethio relations with Eritrea bad ?

  2. This is more of a goodwill trip than just a tournament. Thank Almighty these young players of both will not grow up primed to go at each other’s throat. This trip should be fully utilized to cement the peaceful environment and commitment as chosen by the regimes of both Eritrea and Ethiopia. Other than that these young players will need serious comforting and counseling when they return home. Please disregard being the goal basket. Kudos young men!!! Don’t worry!!! You will grow up to be good players. I am very proud of you and most important your moms and dads are madly proud of you!!!!

  3. Our Eritrean brothers & sisters had excellent tradition of producing excellent soccer players. I hope they will be able to revive that. Best of luck!!!

  4. Hello Ethios,

    Ethiopia is trailing in sports [save athletics]. The former Ethiopian National Soccer Team’s Brazilian coach took them to Brazil for friendly matches with Brazil’s 3rd division teams. He proved to them that they are not even a match for Brazil’s 3rd division teams.

    Ethiopia’s priority is first rectifying the weakness in some fields than making an ass of Ethiopians on the international scene over-and-over. Why not set up academies for basketball, soccer, swimming, athletics, etc.? Why not hire/train nutritionists, too?

    Ethiopia got its priorities wrong: Sending Ethiopian kids to Eritrea is the LAST thing I would ever do. First, why lie to the new generation just to score political points? When has Eritrea ever been Ethiopia’s friend? Doesn’t our history prove otherwise?

    Well, the stalled Ethio-Eritrea relations should have started with demarcation, return of POWs, refund for confiscated merchandise [at Aseb, Mitsiwa, etc.], etc. Oh, Ethiopian Airlines has not been paid USD 7 million since last year’s air link re-establishment.

    Ethiopia is not USA: Ethiopia can’t afford US-Israel type relationship with Eritrea. Ethiopia is in deep debt without going to look for more trouble. Why would any Ethiopian ever blindly advocate a pro-Eritrea policy at Ethiopia’s expense? Doesn’t charity start at home? Shouldn’t we care about Ethiopia’s interests first?

    Here is what Bernie says:

    Have a great day!

    አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

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