Ethiopia to scrap current 8-2-2 education system


Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education announced today that the existing education system implemented under previous regime will be scrapped and will reintroduce the 6-2-4 education system, six years of primary schooling, followed by two years of junior high and four years of high school.

The current education system, eight years of primary schooling followed by two years of general secondary and two years of preparatory senior secondary education was introduced more than two decades ago.

Briefing journalists, Minister of Education, Tilaye Gete said about 35 newly identified proposals have been incorporated into the road-map during the preceding consultation meetings, out of which 12 items will be implemented in the next academic year.

Accordingly, he said students will take regional examination at grade 6, while they will sit at grade 8 for national examination.

Similarly, the national examination that has been given at grade 10 will be canceled in the coming academic year and higher education entry exam will be given at grade 12.

Furthermore, students can learn Technical and Vocational Education (TVET) from grade 12, TVETs will offer courses for students from level 1 up to PhD levels, he said.


  1. Why does the ruling party making these kind of changes? The next election is less than a year away. Run in the next election proposing these changes as a policy. If the ruling party wins, implement them. A waste of the country’s resources. If a different party wins and have different policy, how much does the country is going to lose to scrap these changes?

    • ረኣልነወራ
      ልክ እንደአበደች ወሻ ለምን ያየህውን ሁሉ ትነክሳለህ ነገር ሳይገባህ።

      read PM Dr. Abiy can issue rules, regulations, and instructions called executive orders, which have the binding force of law upon federal agencies but do not require approval of the PARLIAMENT… THE short coming of executive orders can be canceled by another executive order when we have new PM HE or she cancel it ..

      saying Dr. Abiy should not issue rule and regulation means making him a seating duck.. only idiot like this የእርጎ ዝምብ .. can master…

  2. The education quality has gone down to the tubes for many decades. Better late than never. I think it is a great move by the ministry. It was this EPRDF that messed up the education system 27 years ago and they have to begin fixing it now. Who knows when the election will be and I don’t expect any opposition to have a majority to win the election anyway. I wish they fix the constitution as well before the election. Amending the constitution in a multiple party parliament will not be a piece of cake especially in a divided society.
    That said, the quality of education can’t improve by only changing it to 6-2-4 system. They have to make the teaching profession respectable again by attracting the best and brightest to the teaching profession and providing enough resources to education.

    • Dynamite
      my understanding of the Golden education system is to filter out those who want to go to Technical and Vocational Education at grand ten instead waiting for another two years. this save billion of birr that would be wasted with students who have interest going another two years.

      any how now the government need money to teach this kids another two years more before give them TVETs THE money would have been use to improved the quality of the education instead of adding two more years. first upgrade the system before switch the system as whole.. to me digitized the school system would be much cheaper then importing teachers give each student 200 dollar laptop computers and high speed internet and connect them with American school system … even encourage Ethiopian diaspora to volunteer via youtube by uploading video course material…. instead of hate trader yoni magna we will get teacher yoni magna ,,,, even the school teacher uploading his teaching material and the student can go back to it and listen in their own time.. our way out of this problem is only using digital education our cost will be almost zero because no teacher will use paper to give test everything will be online … even the teacher doesnt even need it correct it because the computer will correct it and send the mark to the teacher the student learn and take practice test online that give them their answer in second so that they know what they know and what they dont know ..

      i have list of suggestion how to improve the school system with out one birr more .. in fact the school system will generate their own income and make them self supporting here after.. all can be done with visionary thinking when i come in.. next time i will list more

  3. Abolish education in Gala language and Tigrinya as long as they don’t respect the unity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia, as long as they are diluting Ethiopia’s leadership in Africa.

    • Hi Sodo,

      The nagtegna clique lead by G7 want to bring us back to their old days of glory, but I can tell you that their “road map” is already dead on arrival.

      The Ministry of Education has no business in affairs of elementary education (1-8). It is purely up to the states to determine the language of instruction in their schools. Therefore, the minister has already crossed his area of influence. We have seen just a week ago how he filtered Oromo students from higher education in favor of Amhara. I propose Oromia should rather opt out of the Federation if this naftegna stays in office to implement his “road map” in which is also wants to torch Oromo children with his language. It will just not happen in Oromia to teach our kids Amharic from grade one.
      Oromian children will learn what their parents want them to learn, not what naftagna cliques want them to learn.
      To be clearer, they learn everything in Afaan Oromo from grades 1-8; English will be taught from grade 1; At grade 6 children will be given the option of learning an additional language of their CHOICE: French, Chinese, Japanese, Tigrinya, German, Somali, etc…, but non would be forced on them. From grade 9 onwards all instruction will be in English.
      To be even more clear, there will not be a school (private/ public) in Oromia that gives service in any language other than Afaan Oromo. No Oromia president can walk in Ambo or any place in Oromia if he tries to ignore this!
      Don’t get me wrong, we don’t hate other languages. What I am saying is we the people (not a naftegna settler who abuses his office) choose what language we use, both locally and at federal level.

      So, the “road map” is dead and you can blame Sorsa for agitating Oromos to reject it.

  4. Where can I find this document in English, if there is one? Every industrialized country had done that in their early years. Well thinkers in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and many western countries, the first major undertaking their did was overhauling their archaic or existing educational system especially Japan. I would appreciate it. Any link where it is located will do.

    • Ittu Aba Farda.

      what more information u want dictator Dr. Abiy switch the education system to 6-2-4 education system end of story.. now i am more interested that your knowledge about how Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong overhauling their archaic or existing educational system especially Japan why not tell us what they did ..

      in Japan case they might did it 50 years ago to day is we r in digital era so i dont think it might work for us but it would be great to study other nation experience before switch back and forth …even tell us to have discussion on subject even the news people bringing intellectual to arguing in both side to see which one is better

      to me since we r in new digital era what we should is leapfrog to the new world by making our university teacher free and student free all study from their comfort and take exam from their own place while having lived in campus for social interaction but our university must be paper free .. no book not even pen ..everything digitized … this will bringing the school to 2020 century

      i hope someone give u the information that u need .. and come back and give us ur wisdom..

      • Ash,

        You are going nettlesome on me and bordering on an un-Ethiopian like churlish behavior. ‘Sorry I don’t know’ would have been the proper response. You are going so rogue and wrong!!! Don’t do it!!

        • Ittu Aba Farda

          you r putting yourself on a pedestal… from your pedestal u talk down to people .. i never talk about u, i always talk about your idea, but u always make it about me and try to make everything about u as if i am disrespect u. i dont know u, i ever respect HOPE AND ABABAW .. I NEVER INSULTED them i always call the dr. or my beloved

          the other day u ask me to explain what i mean by Golden .. as if it is bad thing. listen it is not anybody business if i call the Golden in their deserving name as long as i dont call other name.. other also free to call themselves diamond it doesnt bother me .. and i will not think they r putting me down by calling themselves Diamond.. it is just a name .. we need uplifting name and the name Golden given by our founding father of Meles who founded the new democracy ethnic fed. state of Ethiopia out of respect to Meles i will keep calling Golden Golden..

          now instead of getting mad u should have explain to me how Japanese system work … i know how Singapore system work and it is excellent system …. why should i go back and forth with u just to get simple information ..

          if u cant defend your idea that ur idea is not strong.. i dont care how old you r .. i will give u the same treatment like another people in here i will make u defend your idea with no mercy.. because this is about 100 million people like we r talking .. በዩሉንታ መጥፎ ሐሳቦች እንዲያልፉ አልፈልግምና

          when i watch u over the years u r one bitter old man all the dream you have gone time is against you u cant do all the dream u have … so if u r bitter i understand.. but remember one thing how much education u have my vote and your vote is equal..

          i will keep on replying to your blog .. this is an open forum that is why we call it forum .. but out of respect if u ask me politely i will not ever reply to your blog .. until u ask me trust me every time i will hit u hard and harder..

  5. So far realising innocent lawabiding prisoners, that shoud have never been arrested in the first place…, Planting trees, and now changing education system, ect., are easy changes!!
    Instead, get rid off TPLF constitution ethnic based federal system…, Remove TPLF satanic flag…, Remove and replace the brainwashed desensitized corrupted trabalist separatists Police force…, Lock up racist trabalist OLF hoodlums that are bulldozing the homes of hardworking lawabiding defenseless poor Ethiopians homes, and that are throwing out millions of Ethiopians like trash, as we speak…, Stop harassing, arresting and beating up innocent defensless Ethiopians…, Give the displaced Ethiopians compensations, and a place to live in dignity, instead of hiding them out of sight out of mind in a tent somewhere…, Do not throw out the most underprivileged, desperate, handicapped beggars out of the city without some other means, where they wouldn’t be starved to deaths…, And most importantly bring TPLF mafia criminals to court at International Courthouse, disarmed them, forced them to return the billions of U.S. dollars they have robbed and hiding in different countries around the world, and they should pay for all their unprecedented barbaric atrocities and for the countless number of Ethiopians they have slaughtered!!!

    • Hope

      here is where u go crazy.. u think u r the only one who hit on your opponent without your opponent fight u back.. u r going to war and u didn’t expecting to take any war casualties and u think u only going to do is killing and killing while your enemy doing all the dying ..

      u think it is easy what ever u list in your idiotic do u think u can change the flag or change the Constitution how in hell u can do that without the oromo and the golden and the rest of ethnic groups fighting u back..

      going to arrest the Golden royal family also wrong in may level u give the criminal pardon.. when u open the jail door u did not check who did what u give blanket pardon .. so if u give for one u must give to everyone including the golden royal family..

      second Golden royal family give u victory .. u did not win a war they just give u the whole empire without even one person dying they say oaky we leave and they left.. so when they left if they know that they will be arrested and killed why would they elected your leader why would they transformed power peacefully all they should have done was left without electing Dr. Abiy and trust me Ethiopia would have been another Somalia when they created power vacuum . therefore the golden did the greatest favor to Buda Amhara they should shut up and enjoying their freedom ..

      Amhara already declaring war with golden u guys block the road for one years. why u want the fed. government to wage your war .. for sure the oromo doesnt want to do with Golden anything they r not interested in war .. if u want war why not send your army /// if u have gut otherwise asking the fed. army to go to war in your behave is idiot beyond imagination

      if i was Dr. ABiy what i would have done was call all able body from Amhara and give them gun and tell them go wage war trust me there will be on one showing up.. G7 HAVE ONLY 37 army who r 77 years old the rest of the army was rented from Eritrea what a people .. instead of developing your region u want more war.. as if u only can win the war.. do u know what war mean it is gambling u or your enemy win when your enemy win they will loot you.. big time

      when the British left their colony they took everything i mean everything ask Eritrean they will tell u . so dont cry if u start war and if u lose u going to lose everything u own.. if u agree with this start war..

      • Ash,
        My dear, after one line of your divide and rule propaganda, I tone you out!! You point your finger at and demonize Amharas every chance you get!!You are music to the ears of the very people you manipulated, brainwashed with hate-filled divide and rule false Ethiopian history propaganda!! You are the same as those racist fascist Hitler loving Nazi members that teach Sunday morning bible class! Hate and bigtory on one hand, and the Bible or Quran on the other!! LOL!!

  6. BTW,
    Learning another Ethiopian language other than his/her mother tongue and English, should be a mandatory curriculum! How I wish I learned to speak Oromigna and Tigregna!!

    • HOPE,

      this can be done for example we have oromia university and Amhara university they should exchange 10,000 student .. in first year both 10,000 students must learn and pass the local language to attend the second years..this will encourage belonging for example if u go to Golden university and if u had to learn their language forever u will be Golden because u speak the language flaunt after 4 years staying in Golden region

      just sending students to other region without teaching them the language they would be forced to speak Amharic instead of the local language this doesnt create belonging because once they student left the region their is no prove they where once in that region for 4 or 6 years so if they meat a person from that region they cant speak with him so it doesnt create that bond.. imagine one white America speak Amahric that make him Ethiopian because he can part take in any Ethiopian event and be at home .. he can talk to you on road and he will treat him just like other Ethiopians … but if he tell u i was in Ethiopian 6 years and he doesnt speak the language it doesnt form closeness ..

      even if where visiting Ethiopia and u lived in Germany for 6 years and learn the language and u meet one Germany guy in Addis Ababa and u speak to him in Germany it form strong bond … but if u tell him you where in Germany for 7 years but u dont know the language he will not form that strong bond…

  7. Changing things and major policies like education system without researching and planning ahead are wast of resources
    and short-sighted . It shouldn’t be with wimps or with stroke of pen of some official. Books and materials, teacher training regiments and other educational goals should be put in place and tested over two or more years.

    • Ali Roble

      also this kind of major policies must be left for regional state to make their decision this way which system preformed better

      another thing is try it in one or two region before u roll out to all region .. there should be a lot of discussion before this kind of major polices take pls i agree with for example they should have ask nazret com former for their expert advice i am no joking … it should have taken one years discussion alone … otherwise we will end up switching back and forth… this unlike nation

  8. Hope

    Agreed with it. English plus one more local language of choice depending the on the regional of residence should be mandatory. Learning another tongue is always asset and plus.

  9. I don’t see any problem with the newly released education policy/road map by the ME, it clearly stated that regional govt will use their own language as their medium of instruction in their class room, however the VP of Oromia announced that use of oromigna will never be negotiated?? Can anyone explain what he meant when regions are given the authority to use the child’s own first language or mother tongue as a medium of instruction??
    Thank you.

  10. Mind you, the biggest blunder of the Haile Selassie Imperial was when it officially banned the public use of other local languages, especially the main languages like affan-Orommofia,, af-Somali Tigregna of Eritreans.( Tiigrai opportunist joined much late.) With the sole consultation of Othodox Churche, hardliners and foreigners,. Such blantant discrimination was stipulated in the 1950s constitution even though those communities were willing to co-opt with the Amharic language . It officially excluded and discriminated them from public employment ,higher education etc.and subsequently opened flood gates for ethnic grievances and LFies. The rest is history

  11. Good move, now Ethiopia has successfully educated lots of Kobel stone specialist for the past 15 years, and we have lots of coble stone specialist in the country, Example Aba Mela, the one who live without password on his devices kkkkkkk so change the gear to the old system to see if we actually get a few OK STUDENTS in real education moving forward, for some reason Ethiopian school system has been the source of so many tribal individuals who has been biting Ethiopia’s fingers for a while.

  12. I don’t know anymore if that Medemer is sincere.., everytime I read an article, listen to the disturbing news, see the pictures of displaced Ethiopians that are in dire situations, I question the seriousness and sincerity of Abiy and Lemma MEDEMER, because of their deafening silence and lack of actions, even when the OLF hoodlums announced their plan of distractions weeks in advance!! And the same deafening silence when millions of Ethiopians tossed out like dirty diapers!
    Anyhow, for the MEDEMER sake, it would have been great, if it was affordable that is, the Ethiopian govt to send group of students from one province to another province to share and learn the cultures and traditions of their fellow Ethiopians…, and when those students returned back to their own province to share their experiences to the rest of their fellow students!! It is the unknown fear, mistrust, and the endless hate-filled propaganda and the false Ethiopian history that was spread like wildfires by EPLF and TPLF for decades that Ethiopia is in turmoil and divided!!!
    Please!! Show Ethiopians that have gone through HELL for 46 years, mostly for the last horrendous 28 years, meaningful tangible change and justice that counts!!!

  13. Without any question, reinstating the old education system is a million times far better than the TPLF’s era system that already committed academic genocide, rather generational genocide. Ethiopians cried out loud and told tplf not to do so. Now, Ethiopians decisively won, at least in theory the ruling ethnic thug parties admitted their failure. The same has to happen in demolishing Ethnic federal system , out law the tplf illegal constitution and ban ethnic parties. Ethiopia needs a leader who is a follower of the people. Real change is not optional but a must for Ethiopians. The country needs a leader who is close to the heart of the people not one that strikes when the iron is hot or some body tuned to something trendy.

  14. Folks,
    The nagtegna clique lead by G7 want to bring us back to their old days of glory, but I can tell you that their “road map” is already dead on arrival.
    The Ministry of Education has no business in affairs of elementary education (1-8). It is purely up to the states to determine the language of instruction in their schools. Therefore, the minister has already crossed his area of influence. We have seen just a week ago how he filtered Oromo students from higher education in favor of Amhara. I propose Oromia should rather opt out of the Federation if this naftegna stays in office to implement his “road map” in which is also wants to torch Oromo children with his language. It will just not happen in Oromia to teach our kids Amharic from grade one.
    Oromian children will learn what their parents want them to learn, not what naftagna cliques want them to learn.
    To be clearer, they learn everything in Afaan Oromo from grades 1-8; English will be taught from grade 1; At grade 6 children will be given the option of learning an additional language of their CHOICE: French, Chinese, Japanese, Tigrinya, German, Somali, etc…, but non would be forced on them. From grade 9 onwards all instruction will be in English.
    To be even more clear, there will not be a school (private/ public) in Oromia that gives service in any language other than Afaan Oromo. No Oromia president can walk in Ambo or any place in Oromia if he tries to ignore this!
    Don’t get me wrong, we don’t hate other languages. What I am saying is we the people (not a naftegna settler who abuses his office) choose what language we use, both locally and at federal level.
    So, the “road map” is dead and you can blame Sorsa for agitating Oromos to reject it.

    • Sore-sa said:
      “”August 23, 2019 at 9:07 PM
      The nagtegna clique lead by G7 want to bring us back to their old days of glory, but I can tell you that their “road map” is already dead on arrival…””

      Such a trabalist racist separatist rebel!! After your behind whipped by Mengestu for 17 years, and TPLF mafia robbed, incarserated, tortured, burned alive, pushed in the ditch and massacred lawful Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia for 30 years…, here you are still pulling out a page from the very TPLF mafia criminals Divide and Rule Hate Propaganda!!
      It also looks like that you are one of the OLF graduates from the hatefilled, racist, trabalist, separatist Damo/Jawar OLF University in Minnesota.

      • Hope,
        We thought we got rid of Abysinian colonialism once and for all after 150 years of misery. If the snake is still not dead it will be taken care of. Anyway you and your fellow cliques got the clear message and that is only what matters for now.
        Ethiopia which does not respect my language belongs to my garbage and this is something beyond your control. You can write anything on the internet, but nothing moves in Oromia without consent of the Oromians.
        The naftegna cliques were even more eager to see departure of TPLF than their Oromo victims because they hoped after Wayane’s exit they can ride on Oromians and in fact all Ethiopians and restore their lost old prestige.
        This wont happen!!!

        • Sore-sa,
          What can i say more? Once again, EPLF and TPLF have relentlessly ramed their manufactured false Ethiopian history in your head with no hope of returning to human decency, in order to live in civilized manner with others with mutual respect and love. As I said repeatedly, I came from mixed family members, grew up in Addis and went to school there, lived with Ethiopians from all walks of life, including people from various religious affliatiatons and foreigners, traveled around Ethiopia due to my father’s job, and family members from almost all Ethiopian ethnic groups, including Eritreans, by blood and marriages, without any problem what is so ever!!! How I wish that individuals like yourself that are filled with so much animosity and hate against Amharas have the same experience I had!! There isn’t a country in the world that doesn’t have an ugly history — Ethiopia isn’t any diffrent!! Unfortunately, we are dealing with the Divide and Rule hate propagand that started by the defeated Italian army, using Eritreans to spread their propaganda dirty job throughout Ethiopia…, then EPLF moved to brainwash and desensitized TPLF, and OLF!! After dealing with the last 30 bloody years with TPLF, now a days we are dealing with extremely brainwashed and desensitized OLF that are following on the footsteps of TPLF, and getting worse by the day into disturbing, inhumanities!! Whoever thought that TPLF would be worse than Red terror, and now OLF trablists showing unimaginable human cruelties on innocent Ethiopians each day!! It is cowards to go after unarmed defenseless hardworking Ethiopians, instead of the very bloodyhand TPLF mafia that robbed you blind, incarserated, tortured, burned you alive, pushed you in the ditch and that
          slaughtered countless number of your Oromo relatives, including that beat up a grief stricken mother on her son’s body!! And yet, the badly brainwashed hatefilled desensitized OLF members like yourself pull a page from the very TPLF mafia hate propaganda handbook, and shamelessly, point your finger daily at the current generation of Amharas, displacing them, beating up, raping and killing them, that have absolutely nothing to do with what happened over 200, 300 years ago!! TPLF have fooled you to forgett quickly the atrocities they have committed on the country and on peaceful Ethiopians for 30 bloody horendous years.., and to blame Amharas!! COWARDICE indeed!!

          • Hope, Where did I even mention “Amhara” in my comment? To me the Amhara are decent people who I have no issue with.
            The eternal enemies of the Oromo people are the naftegna settlers in Oromia brought by Minilik and their descendants and you happen to be one of them.
            Your background explains everything about you. So, you were born in Finfinne into a “mixed” family which is a nicer sounding term for prostitution. Children born in Finfinne hardly know their parents. Ok, you are excused for that b/c that is not your fault. You have innumerable faults of your own such as:
            1) your expectation that everyone in Oromia/Ethiopia think and act like a son of a “mixed” family born in one of Oromia’s cities, speak your language and expand your culture at the expense of your host.
            2) Your denial of history. You know the Oromo struggle for freedom started the day Milinilk occupied Finfinne and that is more than a century before TPLF and EPLF had come into existence. You deny the holocaust against the Oromo by this man.
            3) You don’t know the meaning of cowardice and bravery at this age. If the people who confronted chased TPLF terrorists back to their caves are “cowards” what do you call the “mixed” people like you hiding in Finfine’s kitchens when brave unarmed Oromo kids made history?
            4) You are ungrateful to your host Oromia and the Oromo people. You bite the very hands which fed you, raised, and educated you instead of dumping you where your parents came from.
            5) You are one opportunist blood-sucking parasite and a burden to Oromia. You want to steal the victory of our people for which they paid heavy sacrifices while you were hiding.
            6) You are an idiot who cannot learn that your time is over even as you know you were defeated and there is no way you can influence Oromo and Oromia.
            7) The list goes on and on…..

          • Sore-sa,
            LOL! You just proved my point again, that individuals like yourself are a danger to civilized society, not only to Ethiopia, but around the world!! As I said, you ignore the last 30 years of unprecedented atrocities hellish bloody years under TPLF mafia and go back 200, 300 years repeating unsubstantiated claims right from TPLF’s Divide and Rule Hate Propaganda pamphlet!! No leader in the history of Ethiopia’s thousands years of history has ever committed the kind of atrocities TPLF have committed on the country and the citizens of Ethiopia, from dividing Ethiopians, leaving the country landlocked, robbing, sailing, stealing, giving away Ethiopians’ land and of course torturing and slaughtering countless number of lawful Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia!!
            Not only Ethiopians, Africans in general should be proud of Emperor Menelik:


  15. Let’s keep this real. Here is what really happened on the ground.
    1. In most cities of the so-called Oromiya region”, most ኦህዴድ and ኦነግ officials send their children to schools teaching Amharic.
    2. In the second most ኦነግ infested province of Wollega, high school graduated who attended their education in ቁቤ or Oromiffa bitterly complained that they were miseducated and regretted had not they studies in Amharic or moved to the nearest provinces of Shewa or Gojjam to finish their high school education in Amharic. In one of the focus group discussion, ቁቤ cost him a lot of money for excessive and note books as it consumes extensive amount of space or lines to write down one simple full statement.

  16. Hello Ethios,

    What were ‘Education Ministers’ like Gènèt Zèwdé & Co. thinking? Was Meles picking his ministers from Jolly Bar’s clients [across the street]?

    Ethiopia SHOULD Standardize the damn Ethio School System AND OVERHAUL the good-for-nothing text books. I would go for a hybrid British-American curriculum.

    Why not beam lectures directly in to classes via satellite [especially science and math]? Why not hire scholars to design text books with varieties of examples for each chapter?

    Ethiopia SHOULD hold referendum as to which language to use as the Official Working Language. This language SHOULD be mandatory for ALL and a student SHOULD learn one local language [not his/her mother’s tongue] as a graduation requirement, too.

    NB: Some ‘teachers’ should never set foot in schoolyards let alone classes. Admission to the teaching profession SHOULD include high GPA, academic aptitude test, etc.

    Well, I would cheer the students, too:

    Have a great day!

    አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  17. Just focusing on medium of instruction is falling to the trap of TPLF and every one who wants to benefit from the division. Education is more than that. Quality of education is suffering in the country. It is a living proof for the phrase ‘garbage in garbage out’. For those of us who grew up in Addis the stand out schools were those schools that were closer to follow international standards, the likes of Saint Joseph, Lycée Guebre-Mariam, Indian community School, ICS, Catholic Cathedral, etc. I say make the medium of instruction English, and any parent who wants to teach ethnic, local or international language other than English to his/her children can send them to a language school on the side. Our children shouldn’t be subjected to a narrow minded tribal political game. If we genuinely want to teach them, let us prepare them to the 21st global challenges and job market. Again if anyone sees a value in teaching his/her children Amharic, Afan Oromiffa, Tigrinya, Guragigna, Wolayitgna, Afarigna, etc do it on your own. I believe the only way to reverse the damage done in the last 30 years is by raising a generation that thinks globally. Our children speak the local language if we like it or not. If we want them to know more about their local language or their tribal language, I am not sure for what purpose we want to do that other than to win the tribal war that is going on in the country, let us do it on our own. I am wondering why I was forced to learn Amharic from grade 1 to 12, and what I gained from that. Just a waste of resources. Also, Many parents in Ethiopia teach their children at home their ethnic language while living in an area where other languages are dominant. Immigrant parents all over the world teach their children their ethnic language. Let us not focus on language to deepen the divide. The country’s education system shouldn’t be hostage to this tribal idiocy that is going on in Ethiopia. Lucky for us English is neutral and the de facto international language. So, problem solved. You are welcome, my fellow tribal monkeys.

    • Realnewera
      ጥሩ ብለሀል የመንጌ ታናሽ ወንድም፥ ሁላችንም በጠመንጃ ተገደን ፈረንጂኛ መማር አለብን።
      መጀመርያ የመንግስት ት፨ቤት (pulbic school) እና የግል ትምህርት ቤት ልዩነቱን እወቅ

      ከአንተ ሌላ ሐሳብ የሚያቀርቡ ውይ ባንተ ሐሳብ ላይ የሚጨምሩ እንዳበድ ውሻ ስለምትናከስ ይለፈኝ ብያላሁ።

        • Realnewera

          now u r interested let me hummer u more

          {{{ For those of us who grew up in Addis the stand out schools were those schools that were closer to follow international standards, the likes of Saint Joseph, Lycée Guebre-Mariam, Indian community School, ICS, Catholic Cathedral, etc}}}

          first know the difference between public and private school … the private school have better quality not because they follow International standards… in USA black school or public school failing big time u should ask why the answer is very simple …

          choice .. the parent have a choice to send their children to Saint Joseph, Lycée Guebre-Mariam, Indian community School, ICS, Catholic Cathedral, and depend on the quality they r willing to pay more this drive the school to be their best if not the parent will choice other school and the private school will lose

          In USA the government started out to give out school voucher, for parent to choice their school .. this move stopped by strong public school teacher union otherwise the problem would have fixed by school voucher,

          in Ethiopia public school or what we call govt. school the student or the parent have no choice so the teacher or the school have zero incentive to improve..

          what u said about English language also good idea but again the parent should choice not u ..

          i will keep hummer u .. if u need more just reply..

          your problem is u missing the small detail when i point it out to you u get mad that make me even happy to hummer u more

  18. One out of 4 is illiterate in today’s Ethiopia. The education system is dead like a pig 30 years ago.

  19. “Let them eat cake” analogy from typical over privileged individuals — after thousands of years of using Amharic as the national language of Ethiopia, here we are again blaming past leaders why they didn’t teach Ethiopians English!! May be past leaders should have let British colonized Ethiopia for the sake of English language — absured statment right from EPLF and TPLF mafia criminals Divide and Rule Hate Propaganda, blaming Amharic and Amharas for everything under the sun, after 46 years of atrocities under derg, 30 of it under TPLF mafia causing mountain high corruption robberies, leaving the country landlocked, bankrupt, evictions, tortures, deaths, distractions and atrocities throughout Ethiopia, still blaming the very Amharas that have been victimized by TPLF mafia more than other Ethiopians — have I said BRAINWASHED enough?? Unbelievable!!

  20. ጠቅላይ ሚር ጃዋር አባሜንጫ የኦሮሞ ህፃናት ከአንድ ቋንቋ በላይ ጭንቅላታቸው አይችልም ይላል፣በአፀፋው ደግሞ ኤርምያስ ለገሠ የህፃናት ስነ-ልቦና ጥናቶች ያረጋገጡት አፍላ ዕድሜያቸው በርካታ ቋንቋዎችን ለማወቅ የተሰጠ መልካም ተፈጥሮአዊ አጋጣሚ ነው ይላል። በምዕራቡ ዓለም የምናየው እንግሊዘኛ እና የእስፓኝ ቋንቋ ህፃናት ሲማሩ አልተጋጨባቸውም።ስለዚህ አማርኛ መማር ጥበብ እንጅ ክፋት አይደለም። ጠቅላይ ሚር አባሜንጫ ጃዋር እንኳን የግል ሀብቱ የሆነው OMN ህልውናው ዕድሜ ያገኘው አማርኛ ስለሚናገር ነው – ይላል ኤርምያስ ፕሮፌሰር ልበለው ይሆን። ከኦሮምያ ተብዬው ክልል ውጭ አማርኛ የስራ ቋንቋቸው የሆኑ በርካታ ክልሎች አሉ። በእነኝህ ክልሎች ህፃናቱ ሲማሩ አልተጋጩባቸውም – ኮሌጅ ሲገቡም በቀላሉ ተግባቢ ማህበራዊ ስብዕና አላቸው – ሁከት ሽብር እና አፍራሽ ባህርይ አይታይባቸውም (emphasis added).

    What is very interesting is to hear that Jawar Abamenchas’s friend አይ ኤስ ኤስ በአማርኛ ቋንቋ በምሥራቅ አፍሪካ የጥፋት የሽብር ተልዕኮውን እያተመ እና እዬተናገረ ሊያከናውን ነው። ታዲያ ጃዋር አባሜንጫ ከእነርሱ የሥራ ባልደረቦቹ ጋር እንዴት ሊግባባነው? Jawar is killing the future of poor Oromo kids.

    Here is the link to

    • Abebaw

      so dr. Abebaw, for the last 150 years we were doing it wrong teaching our kids only Afan Amhara .. we could have teaching them two langauge instead and all our problem would have solved..

      by the way if ኤርምያስ ፕሮፌሰር ልበለው ይሆን if he suggested the oromo kids to learn Afan Amhara because they could learn two languages then would ፕሮፌሰር ልበለው would recommend the same to Amhara kids to learn Afan oromo.. even if oromo independent state reject Afan Amhara would Amhara region still teach Afan oromia .. let me here u mr. Abebash.

      it is easy to suggest how Al Amouid and world rich to spend their money for all kind of charity but when it comes once their own money they become defensive .. what is any body business what language should oromia kids learn .. if they did not learn Amharic that is their lose.. what amhara so call elite should only worried about their own region when they become successful the other will follow them .. even what ፕሮፌሰር ልበለው million time over right if oromo said no what the hell would the Amhara do ? wage a war … mind your business is hard to come by

      • Ash,
        የእውነቱን ልንገርህ እኔ በነፍሴ ውስጥ ዘረኝነት ቢኖረብኝ የአማራ ቋንቋ በሌሎች እንዳይዘረፍ ነበር የምሰብከው። ምንክንያቱም ሌሎች የአማራን ቋንቋ በመቻላቸው እና በመናገራቸው አማራን አታልለው ገድለዋል – ዘርፈዋል። እራሱን የትግሬ ነፃ አውጭ እያለ የኢትዮጵያን ነፍስ ያወጣው ወያኔ አማርኛ እየተናገረ ተመሳስሎ በመግባቱ ነው ግፍ የፈፀመው። እንጅ ትግርኛ ቢቻ ቢናገር የስለላ፣ የፕሮፓጋንዳ እና የሽምቅ ሴራው ተጨናግፎ ዴዴቢት ይቀር ነበር። ኢትዮጵያ እና አማርኛ ድር እና ማግ ናቸው። የትምህርት ጥራት መውደቁ እኮ የአደባባይ ሚስጥር ነው። እውነትም ፕሮፌሰር ኤርምያስ ወያኔ እና ኦነግ ጭንቅላታቸው ብዙ መማር አይችልም ያለው ትክክል ነው። የትምህርት ፓሊሲው ፉርሽ ነው ተባልህ – አይገባህም እንዴ። መለስ ዜናው የአማርኛ ቅኔ እየዘረፈ ሲያታልል የወለጋ ገበሬ ልጅ ከተማ ሄዶ ሻይ ገዝቶ ተግባብቶ መኖር አልቻለም – በአገሩ አዋሳ ቢሄድ ጋምቤላ ቢሄድ፣ አሳይታ ቢሄድ ፣ መቀሌ ፣ ባህርዳር ወዘተ ቢሄድ አሊቤርጎ እንኳን በቀላሉ ተግባብቶ መያዝ ከሚችልብት ደረጃ ላይ አይደለም። የወያኔ አደንቁረህ ግዛው ስልት ወድቆ ሲሰባበር እየጮኸ ነው – ጆሮህ ይሰማል? መቼም ይጭንቅላትህ ጉዳይ እንኳን ኤርምያስ ጨርሶታል።

        • Abebaw,

          to get your answer go to HARAR, they speak more then 4 language the shopkeepers he is more then happy to speak on your language to make the sale ..

          now the problem of የወለጋ ገበሬ ልጅ ከተማ ሄዶ ሻይ ገዝቶ ተግባብቶ መኖር አልቻለም because the shopkeeper is foul he must speak more then one language specially if he work inside oromia otherwise forcing oromo to speak an Amharic is not the answer yes, if anybody know the language is a good thing ..

          now let go back to my questing ፕሮፌሰር ኤርምያስ okay if Amhara learn Afan oromia in Gonder, in Gojjam, in Wollo in addition to their Amahric

          second what is ፕሮፌሰር ኤርምያስ bussiness if the oromo and the golden refused to speak Amahric as he said they r the one who lose so why he is dolling his noise in their business

          3rd would ፕሮፌሰር ኤርምያስ start a war to force the oromo and golden to make the speak Amharic … it that not the attuide that we lost Eritrea when we try to force them to speak Amahric

          የረጅ ያፈጅ አሳብ ነው ይዘህ የመጣሀው በአንድ በኩል ጁህር ላይ ታሾፋለህ አንድ ቋንቋ ይበቃል በማለቱ ። ያንተ ያለተማራ አዋቂ ነኝ ባይ ልጆች አስር ቋንቋ መናገር ይችላሉ ሲል ታጨበጭባለህ ። በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ ኦሮሞች ሁልት ቋንቋ መቻል አለባቸው ለምን ቢባል አማርው ሁለት ቋንቋ መማር ስለማይችል። ከዚህ በላይ ቡቱቶ አሳብ አለ ውይ ። እሲቲ ምን እንደምታመጣ እናያለን ጦር አትልክ

          • Ash,

            የተለመደው የአለፈው የ30ዓመታት የትምህርት ጎዞ የጨለማ የማሃይምነት ጉዞ ነው ተባለ። እኔ አላልኩኝም ይኸን። ነጋዴ በደንበኛው መንጋ ብዛት እንጅ በፓለቲካ ፍጆታ ቋንቋ አይመርጥም። አብዛኛው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ በግምት ከ 95% በላይ አማርኛ ተናጋሪ ነው ወይም በማዳበል ይናገራል። ቋንቋን ገበያ እንጅ ሰው በጣልቃ ገብ አይመርጠውም The invisible hand of the market determines the medium of exchange and communication. ጃዋር አያቶላ ወይም አንተ አማርኛ ላለመስማት ተፈለግህ ጆሮህን ደፍነህ እንዴ በቀለ ገሪባ መሄድ ብቻ ነው ምርጫህ። ወይም አማርኛ የማይነገርበት ገዳም ፈልገህ መጠለል። ማንም አስገድዶ ቋንቋ የሚያስመርጥህ የለም – የአገር የፍላጎት አቅጣጭን ግን ማንም ማስቆም አቅም የለውም።

          • Abebaw

            if no body force Amahirc on oromia then how u going to teach them if u dont make the school medium Amharic and even u told us u want to teach all school from grade one to 6 Amhairc and advice Amharic up to 12 .. what u call that . if not forcing

            now i am not interesting i dont even care if 100% Ethiopia speak Afan Amharic that is not my question .. my question is very simple . would Amhara such as Gonder, Gojjam and Wollo will be learning Afan oromia if oromo learn Amharic u dont think this is only fair every Ethiopian speak two language instead of everyone speak two language and only Amhara speak Amhairc u dont think this is unfair ..

            instead of answering directly u going to go around the bush.. i am tired i dont think i will go another round with u.. i will just seat and watch the result of your arrogant .. just calling Johar name will not cut it.. he did not imposed his language on you. but if u tell him to learn Amharic then u must lean his language.. if u want to gain some u must willing to give too.. taking and taking alone will not cut it

          • Brothet Abebaw,
            You said:
            “”የእውነቱን ልንገርህ እኔ በነፍሴ ውስጥ ዘረኝነት ቢኖረብኝ የአማራ ቋንቋ በሌሎች እንዳይዘረፍ ነበር የምሰብከው። ምንክንያቱም ሌሎች የአማራን ቋንቋ በመቻላቸው እና በመናገራቸው አማራን አታልለው ገድለዋል – ዘርፈዋል። እራሱን የትግሬ ነፃ አውጭ እያለ የኢትዮጵያን ነፍስ ያወጣው ወያኔ አማርኛ እየተናገረ ተመሳስሎ በመግባቱ ነው ግፍ የፈፀመው።””

            My brother, once again, you hit the nail right on it’s head!!
            For most Ethiopians that live far from Addis and northern part of Ethiopia, for them every Amaharic speaking Ethiopian that manipulated, robbed, evicted and mistreated them inhumanly, regardless he/she is from Amhara, Eritrea, Guragae, Tigrae, etc, they see them as Amharas.

          • Brother Hope,

            What else can we say, these cruel tplf -Olf thugs bitterly hate truth being told. For them, Amhara has to blamed for every failure of theirs under the sun. Wondering what healthy mind thinks 50&+ million Amhara people made others their individual subjects. Trust me, if Ash falls of from his own missteps እግሩን እንቅፋት መትቶት ቢወድቅ አማራ ጣለኝ እንደ ሚል አያጠራጥርም። When told today’s college graduates are struggling in basic arithmetic, writing their names properly, construct and complete meaningful sentence they are whining back.
            የመንግሥቱ ዘመን ጎልማሣ ማሰልጠኛ ጣብያ የጎማጣ ምሩቃን ይሻላል ከሚያስብልበት ደረጃ እንደተደረሰ እንኳን ማመን አቅቷቸዋል። Education should not be politicized – period.
            – Grade 1- 6 all public schools should be taught in Amharic
            English – Spoken & Written only

          • Abebaw,
            Anybody that is filled with unimaginable hatred, anger, inhumanities and lack of good conscience in his/her heart, to the point of bulldozing the homes of poor hardworking citizens, beating innocent residence, raping young girls, killing some of them, and throwing out over 3 million Ethiopians out in the cold without an ounce of guilt, regrets or shame — trust me, their unimaginable hatred won’t stop at this, they will always find some body to hate, to abuse, displace, rape, or kill, even if it is with in their own ethnic group, or family members!!
            I read the other day, more Ethiopians are being displaced and no-one their to hear their scream of agonies…, they were pleading for help as their houses being bulldozed and their belongings thrown out! Once again, the New born Christians Abiy and Lemma no where to be found to stop or help the deseparate despaired poor Ethiopians!! They simply gave blind eyes and ears as Ethiopians begging for help, displaced and thrown like a piece of trash!! Unreal!!
            These Godawful OLF individuals have a choice either to hate or love — they chose hate without an ounce of regrets!! We are dealing with extremely brainwashed, heartless, soulless individuals!! Simply frightening!!
            I love this quote:
            “”The hand that slaps also has the potential to become the hand that comforts. It all depends how you choose to use that hand.””
            These brainwashed bigots love watching the sufferings of peaceful lawful Ethiopians and the blood of innocent Ethiopians get spilled!!
            Inhumane in every aspects of their coldblooded sensless hatefilled trabalist lives!!
            What does what may or may not happened centuries ago, before the entire population were born, has to do with the current generation??? How come OLF hoodlums are close to the very TPLF that hated, robbed, evicted, incarserated, tortured, burned, pushed in the ditch and massacred them for the last 30 years, and yet go back 200, 300 years back?? BRAINWASHED indeed!!

  21. There are certain issues that are deemed essentials that government of a sovereign country keeps an eye and resources on it. Among these is EDUCATION. This is not about pleasing political parties or ideologies this is about nurturing future minds – it is not a referendum vote issue. Rectifying such a damage requires a political decision. The country has one official national languages used by all except Tigray ( which 99.9% of the people also speak Amharic) and Oromiya (bilingual – Amaharic + Oromigna) And one International Langauge, English. Thus, following 6-2-4 education system is the best practice. As to the medium of instruction. It would be wise
    –Grade 1 – 6 ( Amharic language for most subjects , ( Spoken & written English language)
    — Grade 6 -8 ( English Language for most subjects, Advanced Amharic language)
    — 9 -12 ( English Language for most subjects, Advanced Amharic language and Literature)
    In all class levels emphasis should be given Science, Technology , Engineering and Math (STEM). Also beyond 12th grade certificate , Vocational and Associate /Diploma level qualifications have to be incorporated.

    • 9-12. Advanced Amharic,looooooooooool. What is advanced Amharic? Teret Ena Misallie? The one NASA needs experts on badly? Who is going to give the subject? Behatawi G/Abebaw is our visiting scholar from Debre bulbula gedam who is teaching Advance Amharic this semester at our high school, looooool. This is getting ridiculous. For what benefit? If there is a market or use for these kind of nonsense subject, why not people pay and learn it? But seriously, can you give an example of advanced Amharic. I read your comment seriously until I came across advanced Amharic which made me burst into laughter.

      • Realnewera

        Mr, attack dog… dont attack give ur alternative instead.
        second understand what u r talking about i will give an example

        when America got independent from British… everything was imported from British so in way they were not truly independent so they want to break up from British economy colonization so look what method they use

        for starter they dump tea in the sea and they started drinking coffee to stop importation of tea.

        Electric power USA USE 120V ,60Hz
        England the standard voltage is 230 V and the frequency is 50 Hz.

        at that time if America use the same v and frequency then every electronic would be imported from British but if they switch their volt to 120 NO BODY can buy radio and tv from British because their tv will burn so they would be forced to buy made in America

        the America protectionism is legendary no body know they use all kind of smart way to protect their economy

        NTSC video standered used in America
        while Japanese us PAL so .. on those day the Japanese cant compete with America product because they use different system

        even when it come to screwdriver the America have their own ..
        u cant import car from British because they drive on left or USA drive on right this and many other protection help the American economy grow in old time … they still use this system when it is needed..

        my point is learning Amhara or Afan oromia is not about speaking but the whole economy is based on language for example if i am a writer i can write a book in Amharic and sale it … just because people understand Amharic they will buy me but if i am going to write in English and people understand English then they can buy America book then mine .. if i am movie maker i can make movie in America and sale it but not if i am going to make it in English then everyone going to buy American movie that is what they understand .. just imagine if Teddy Afro singing in English and America artist doing the same why would an Ethiopian buy Teddy English song over the American ….

  22. Why are you rushing to criticize without giving a thought or consult resource? Don’t have pre-formatted thought to ward off invaluable facts. Look if I were to ridicule you I would have out right reject your ሊሴ ገብረማርያ ፣ ናዝሬት ትምህርት ቤት ወዘተ because these students were not performing better than the average students who came from public schools at Universities. Surprisingly, enough the highest achieving students come from the countryside. Anyway,Amharic literature wise is well advanced just like English and French. Most of Ethiopian philosophy, folklore, arts , government, chronicles, history etc are written and debated in Amharic. Even foreign scholars are studying Amharic and Geez to decipher, decode, interpret and capture the art, history and philosophy of Ethiopia. Graduates with of Amharic degree credentials contributed to the journalism, communication , literary works of the country. For you , since you have a strong hate to anything Amhara you will choose something junk over it. That is why you would like to import English and want the kids to serve their community back using English. Do you also recommend the country to import language interpreter. Suggest something feasible without avoiding not walking over both lines.

    • Abebaw

      very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood point … the only problem i have is Amharic is our own language we can pick up easily so we should switch Amharic to only one class … that would be enough

      what it should be done is every final decision should be given to student parents they know best

      to English language must start from age 2 up to five that is the most important time and age to learn new language this is what we call pre school and Kindergartens time before grade one …

      when they start grade one like one subject they can learn Amharic .. while the rest of subject given in English why we do this because we want to produce international standard educated students

      now this is my idea .. you mr. Ababawa, or hope , and other might think Amharic is the best to teach from grade one up to 6 grade that is fine u go to that school teach u Amharic but why in hell would u prevent other to choice English preventing their choice.. if Sora choice Afan oromia is the way to go then that is his problem no one should be forced to study this or that system ..

      as u said people send their children to ሊሴ ገብረማርያ ፣ ናዝሬት ትምህርት ቤት ወዘተ no body died .. so why not remove the government from this choice .. yes, the Education minister might give all book that the school teach but why get involved in What language to teach ..

      now when i am talking about English i am not talking broken English with Accent this is by it self disservice to our kids so we want a flaunt English how we going to afford that simple digital … education … there are many Ethiopian born in America who are 12 years old and up above they can volanter their time to teach our school .. just like yoni mega sending his hate other can use the same youtube to teach our kids language special when kids teaching kids would be great they would pick up the language fast … to encourage more kids and other retired American to teach our kids all we have to do is ask .. and in their own place they can teach for one hours per day ..

      two thing also i said above School voucher .. no more public school all public school must be paid by School voucher this will force the public school to improve otherwise all the students will go to other public school … those who get more School voucher the school president will get bigger bonus 1% of the total value of School voucher this means the public school become privte school work for profit just this alone improve the quality

      • Ash,

        Please note that you speak does not mean your are highly educated or intelligent. There native English speakers in the Western world yet are illiterates who can’t read or write. For instance, approximately 32 million adults in the United States can’t read, according to the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy. So, it is not just the language. You can’t plan in vacuum in disregard of the grassroots level population to whom the product of the education should payback and serve. Yes, English has to be taught beginning from elementary school in its spoken and written forms but subject wise Amharic is feasible at that level ; and also they develop their national language as well. Much of the our lack of fluency, especially in spoken English, is due to the catastrophic changes brought by the Derg regime. Derg killed well educate Ethiopians and use የድጎማ አስተማሪ to teach as substitute teachers. TPLF totally killed it. If you came across those educated during the Imperial time, they are very fluent and academically are IVY League level. So Amharic and English are the only way to go. Many countries do the same, use their official language as well as an International language. ዝም ብሎ የመለስን ቡትቶ ቋንቋ ቅራቅንቦ ተሸክሞ ከስልጣኔ ፍጥነት ጋር መጓዝ ከማይቻልበት ደረጃ ተደርሷል።

        • Ababw,
          why not show us how is done in Amhara region teaching them Amharic from grade 1 up to 12

          to me only one class is enough ….

          now everything passed we dont go back what is our forward strategy

          for me i already told u parent will choice what is the best for their children

          if i have my choice i will teach my kids in English school Amharic will be thought after grade one only one subject … in fact i will make Amharic thought in ICC OR ANY other school it is good for the students i will give them tax incentive or other incentive to teach Amharic in their school

          i have no problem to accept your system .. my problem with u and that attack dog is you try to make if by force.. only one system and no choice everyone learn this system end of stroy..
          in Ethiopia if their is French school that teach french, Italy schools that teach Italy and English school that teach English why would we care then if there is a school that teach in Afan oromia, Afan Amharic or Afan Golden .. let the parent worry which school to choice..

          trust me 98% parent will choice English or Amharic or Afan oromo schooooooooooooooool

          one more thing as i told u English must thought pre school level up to grade 6 … otherwise he will not master the English language if u start after 6 that is what happened to us..

          if u said the old students master English even after they learn it after grade 6, then Ethiopia also will master Amharic if they learn it after 6 . why should we rushing them to study at pre school level..

    • Can you blame me? A country like Ethiopia, can we afford to teach advanced Amharic? What are you smoking? Journalism and communications, literary works of the country? Another nonsense you come up to hide all you are doing is win this tribal war with the id!ots on the other side. Merge every language under one Ethiopian languages and anyone interested electively learn them in schools or colleges that are setup for that purpose, have you heard of a journalism and language schools or colleges? Don’t make these advanced Amharic nonsense mandatory.

      For the criticism you directed at me because I said teach English, look back your list. You have English there too. You didn’t criticize Ermias when he said children can learn multiple languages, you didn’t say is he going to import interpreter, Looool.
      What a great comparison, hundreds of students from the schools I mentioned who take high school leaving exams vs students that come from the country side, hundred thousands of them. Go ask, the majority of students from the schools i mentioned pass the high school leaving exam.

      • what are you talking, the level of challenge of the subject varies by grade level. You can’t teach
        ጫላ ጩቤ ጨበጠ።
        አበበ በሶ በላ። Through all grades. The complexity increases as the students grade increases. The students my compose or write a critique on a written book, fiction, magazine article or etc. The whole point of education is to result in critical thinking. If Haddis Alemayehu and Abe Gobegna wrote higher level books why can’t a high schoo student at least read and be a critique. The country needs deep learning – not fast production like fast food.

        • Abebaw
          u wasting your time with this Guy.. if English was measure of knowledge just look at me how i perform at a high level,
          this means Japaneses, Chinese, all Western Europe are idiot because they dont know English or speak in Accent .

          Albert Einstein speak in accent, Alessandro Volta is another one…

          • Now, I agree. Even a bird can imitate language, e.g. a parrot. But a bird is has no intelligence. Do you know foreigners do far better GRE than native English speaker. Even in English placement test, foreigners out perform natives. We do well in standard test, but we don’t do well in spoken English. That is where we should do. By the way you are making a lot of improvement, although I my self is not good at English. It is the idea that matters. ዕውቀት እና ፍቅር ትንሽ መግባብያ ብቻ ነው የሚፈልገው በእራሱ ይፈነድቃል። ጃፓንዋን ወድጄ ብሎሃል እኮ ጥላሁን ገሠሠ – ቋንቋ አላስቸገረውም። በተቃራኒው ደግሞ ኅዝቅዔል ጋቢሳ የአማራ ኮረዳ መጥበስ አቅቶት እምቢ አለችኝ እያለ OMN በሰላ አማርኛ ይበሳጫል። ምን ተደርግዋለህ – እርሱንም ጥላሁን ገሠሠ ምንታደርጊዋለሽ ብሎት የለም።

        • You don’t get it, what I am saying is don teach ጫላ ጩቤ ጨበጠ።
          አበበ በሶ በላ at all. If you find value in that teach your by sending them to school of Advance Amharic after school, weekends or in the summer. You can’t tell me a single reason why you teach that for the mass. Journalism, communication and literature(Amaharic letrature) Like accounting, learn it by yourself if you see value. Teach Maths and sciences with English as mandatory subjects from grade 1 to 12. Advanced Amharic, what a joke. Yeah the grade 11 Amharic took is still serving you. It is a waste of time and resources, you know it.

      • I guess you must have heard of AP English Literature and Composition offered at the U.S. High Schools. It is this kind of subject that challenge the students be offered.

  23. Ash
    ግንቦት 20 ትምህርት ቤት እንድሳፋፋ ብቻ ነው ምኞትህ። የጨረቃ ትምህርት ቤቶች አያስፈልጉንም። ደረጃቸውን የጠበቁ ፣ ጥራት እና ብቃት ያላቸው ኮርሶችን የሚሰጡ እንጅ። ችግር ፈቺ እንጅ ችግር ፈጣሪ የወረርሽኝ ትምህርት ቤቶች አይፈለጉም። የመምህራን ማህበራዊ ማዕረግ እና ክብር ከፍ መደረግም አለብት። አስተማሪዎች ከቀበሌ ዘበኛ በታች ደመወዝተኛ እና ያነሰ ክብር አይገባቸውም – ሰው ገንቢዎች ናቸው። ከቀበሌ እና ካድሬ ግም ገማ ነፃ በመውጣት የእራሳቸው የምርምር እና ሃሳብ ባለቤት ይሁኑ።

    • Abebaw

      you r too funny… i dont even like የጨረቃ ትምህርት ቤቶች but ur solution is to ban them … you see when the parent given a choice they will choice the best school for their children .. do u get me even government school must run with school vouchers system so that all school private or not can accept school vouchers this way the government school will be chosen over private የጨረቃ ትምህርት ቤቶች … those under preformed የጨረቃ ትምህርት ቤቶች will bankrupted and closed … i dont know why u think government get involved in this ..beside those የጨረቃ ትምህርት ቤቶች give value because if u r dirt poor and u have only የጨረቃ ትምህርት ቤቶች near by u that is good for u better then nothing so dont under value the important of የጨረቃ ትምህርት ቤቶች this is the school who become standardized school

      one more thing we should also encourage investors to invest in school by giving incentive for example no tax for school. and the land is free….. the only limitation is it should be limited by share company everyone should buy share to build this school .. this way የጨረቃ ትምህርት ቤቶች will be come together and form one good school.

  24. Hello Ethios,

    Education and Language of Instruction should never be left to politicians, self-appointed activists/journalists/analysts, former/present loyal servants of this same regime, etc.

    70% of Ethiopians are under age 35. So, what is in their best interest? They should choose Working Language, Language of Instruction, International Language(s), etc.

    They need to be informed and make informed decisions as well. However, Ethiopia has never addressed the chronic problem of informing Ethiopians. Most don’t even have TVs and radios. This lets the misinformation savvy crooks to confuse them & use them.

    Hence, Ethiopia should put TVs, radios, electronic info boards, etc. at urban community centers, farmers’ co-operative centers, major junctions, in/on public transports, etc. This can be done by asking for donations from Sony, Panasonic, LG, Philips, GE, etc.

    The quality and uniformity of education should be assured via simultaneous broadcast of same subjects to all educational institutions via satellite or via Skype. Teacher selection for teacher training academies should also include higher GPAs, aptitude tests, fitness, etc.

    It is good to have university diploma programs for specialties with no college diplomas. It would be superb to have [≥ Grade 9] Science Academy, Music Academy, etc.

    NB: This Ultimate Ethiopian didn’t die for Amhara, Oromo, Christian, Muslim, etc. He died for Ethiopia. Stop ethnic nonsense! We owe him our lives:

    Have a great day!

    አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  25. hellooo anyone even HOPE, come in what say u about our educational system

    your buddy want Amharic from grade one to 12 grade
    that attack dog also want English from grade one to 12
    your Ash say implement- both school side by side and let the student parent choice where to send their children
    now we want your input .. with understanding u will not TALK about TPLF

  26. Ayalew Mognu,
    ”Jolly Bar across the street…” ይሄን የሞጃዎች ባር እንዴት አስታወስከው? Anyway, ,, , what a beautiful city! Isn’t it Ayalew? You rock man!

  27. Ethiopia has produced countless number of well educated accomplished Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia from the old system. Besides other shocking crimes, what TPLF did to the Ethiopian education system in the last 30 years is another crime by itself!! TPLF has improved the old system with up-to-date computer labs, occupational trading schools, well equipped schools and colleges, etc. for only Tigrae province citizens at the expenses of Ethiopians taxpayers, while systemically destroying the rest of Ethiopians school system to leave Ethiopians behind and make Ethiopians inferior to Tigreans, intentionally!!
    Endless 30 years crimes of TPLF, call it lootings, destroying the country in so many ways than we can list, and most of all the loss of staggering number of innocent lawabiding Ethiopian lives!!!

  28. .

    Educational policy should be engraved with a great care. It is a system that will determine the future of the country by producing minds that inherit the country.

    A generation of students have passed through the Weyanne education system….and in that condition of education, its structure, and the type of man that it produced, was so totally wrong that it was expected and natural that only unhealthy and confused leaders are born out of it.

    In a country based on a flawed educational system if we see violence, if there are continuous aggression it is no wonder.
    Imagine an educational policy which forces teachers to become an agent of some political policy, what a waste,….

    In what ever the language of medium is,…what crime can be greater than making a child believe and teach …a fabricated, distorted history and or all bogus claims?!….

    It was painful to see the condition of education creating and producing generation of students to past-oriented, instead of being future-oriented.
    Birth of a free and healthy man will not be possible in a condition where in the name of education, all kinds of lies are nourished.
    So it had to be overhauled fast, but not in a rush, like over night, but through multiple studies and investigation. Even though the change in policy is welcomed the details has to be shared with the parents and conserned intellectuals as well.


  29. በጃኑሆይ ግዜ አያ ትምህርት ቤቶች ብቻ ነበሩ። ጣሊያኖች ለአምስት አመት ኢትዬዽያን ሲያስተዳድሩ ጥቅላላ high school such as

    ተፈሪ ሞኮንን እንጦጦ እና ወንጌት፣ ተግባረህድ ሳይቀር በሙሉ በጣሊያን ነበር የተስሩት ታድያ ጃኑሆይ ሲገቡ በመጀመሪያ የስልም ውጥ አርገው ያልስሩትን ትምህርት ቤት በላጃቸው ስምና ዘመዳቸውም አልቀርም ሁሉም ትምህርት ቤቶች ተሽለሙ። ወንጌት ብቻ ለእንግሊዝ ጀኔራል ወንጌት ማስታወሻ ነው።

    ጃኑሆይ የአዲሳባባን ዩኒቨሪስቲ አላቋቍሙም። ታሪኩ እንድህ ነው ። መንግስቱ ነዋል የመንጌ ቀኝ እጆችን በሙሉ ስለገደለ። ጃኑሆይ ደም የፈሰስበት ቤት አልገባም ብለው አዲስ አስርተው ከቀደሞው ቤተመንግስት ሲወጡ ቤቱን ለ ዩኒቨሪስቲ ስጡ።

    ጃኑኖይ በጥንቆላ ሲለሚያምኑ ። ዝባንዝኬ እደሜያቸውን የሚቀፅፍ ይመስላቸዋል። ልብ በሉ አንድ ጃኑሆይ የምኖሩበት ቦት አስርሽ አሁን ለማስተማር በቃ።

    ጃኑሆይ ። ስዎች እንዲማሩ አይፈልጉም ነበር ከተማሩ የፈነግላሉ ያረገዋል ብለው ነው።

    • a lot of spelling mistake so let me repeat it

      1. ጃኑሆይ time he managed to build 20 school
      2. when Italy come they build all high school such as ተፈሪ ሞኮንን እንጦጦ እና ወንጌት፣ ተግባረህድ ሳይቀር
      3, then when ጃኑሆይ come back ከፈረጠጡበት … ተፈሪ ሞኮንን እንጦጦ እና ወንጌት፣ ተግባረህድ ሳይቀር all r ከጣልያን ስም ወድ እሳቸውና ልጃቸው ልዕትና ልዑል ስም ቀየሩት ፤ እንጂ ጃኑዎይ ምንም አይነት ከፍተኛ ትምህርት ቤት አልስሩም
      4. ጃኑሆይ የአዲሳባባን ዩኒቨሪስቲ አላቋቍሙም። መንግስቱ ነዋል በቤተ መንግስቱ ውስጥ ደም ስላፈሰስ ፤ ጃኑሆይ ደም የፈሰስበት ቤት ውስጥ አልኖርም በለው ነው ። የአሁኑን ቤተ መንግስት አስርተው ፤ የድሮውን ዩኒቨርስቲ ያረጉት
      5. ጃኑሆይ ። ስዎች እንዲማሩ አይፈልጉም ነበር ከተማሩ የመንግስት ፍንቀላ ያረጉብኛል ብለው ስለሚያምኑ።
      6. ትንሽ እድገት የመጣው ድሆችን በማስተማር በመንጌ ግዜ ነበር ። ግን የግል ትምህርት ቤት ስለማይፈቅድ ። በአለህበት ርገት ሆኖ ነበር ምንም አይነት ትምህርት ቤቶች በመንጌ ግዜ አልተስራም
      7. በወርቃማዎቹ ዘመን በሚልዬን university ተማሪ አለ። then watch this video about Welkete University how they improved each university get billion birr per year it is up to them to improve

          • HOPE,
            If u count the victim under TPLF in 30 YEARS i tell u they r doing great because there is no society crime free or zero crime … in WORLD renown Democratic USA 30,000 killed per year…

            king haile in 70 years only one university
            under መንጌ zero university
            under golden 50 university
            if one have 10,000 students then the 50 university will have 500 thousand students… starting from 1000 student to end up one million is great achievement

    • Vafanculo !!
      Dejame hacerlo directo . I will feed you with spoon once, if you get it well , I will feed you next with my hand. But, if you bite my spoon , I will tell you what I am going to do next. I will use fork to feed you through your undeserving lousy Ass until you get unremitting and bloody piles.
      Woyane did an amazing job by creating opportunities for all next generation of this beautify nation through all governmental and none governmental sectors.
      The education sector was one of those where a roof blowing measure was taken to uplift the future life of the students who entirely were lingering on job seeking careers. Not all students be job seekers after going long way in their educational journey but, some of them must be job creators, entrepreneurs and business people.
      There must be an early exit way for those who are naturally smart students and talented in certain talent and the rest, most of them of course from rich family could go long way to be job seekers at end of the none profitable journey.
      See the life of those unfortunate people who once were thought as very successful for going long way in their education. Compare them with those job creators and entrepreneurs who were considered as unsuccessful for early exiting from the education journey. See who is living up to their dreams? , who is driving those fancy cars?, who is living in fancy houses?, who is helping their family , communities…etc.
      The so called Doctors, masters holders, PHD holders and professors are losers. Go and see bank accounts and life after retirement.
      We cant afford to waste our resources to get tons and tons of losers. We need to be smart and make a way for encouraging and getting millions and millions of job creators and entrepreneurs at the earliest age as possible.
      Please get it well!! , if you don’t get it well easy way, you will get it through hard way.

      • The b**t Face,
        LOOOOOL! Only read less than one line of your Blah…blah…blah…blah… shameless Woyane nonsense!! Nazis that have the same mentality as yours, also think that Adolf Hitler that is responsible for 50,000,000 innocent lives around the world, was the greatest guy that has done wonders!!!
        Here is one of your accomplishments you are proud of:

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