Ethiopia rejects Egypt’s plan for operating giant dam on the Nile

Egypt fears the dam will restrict already stretched supplies from the Nile, which it uses for drinking water, agriculture and industry [File: EPA

ADDIS ABABA, Sept 18 (Reuters) – Ethiopia on Wednesday rejected a proposal by Egypt to operate a $4 billion hydropower dam the Horn of Africa country is constructing on the Nile, further deepening a dispute between the two nations over the project.

In a press conference in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, Sileshi Bekele, minister for water, irrigation and energy described Egypt’s plan including the volume of water it wants the dam to release annually as “inappropriate.”

“The proposal from Egypt was unilaterally decided…(it) didn’t consider our previous agreements,” he said.

“We can’t agree with this…we will prepare our counter proposal.”

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), announced in 2011, is designed to be the centrepiece of Ethiopia’s bid to become Africa’s biggest power exporter, generating more than 6,000 megawatts.

The two nations disagree over the annual flow of water that should be guaranteed to Egypt and how to manage flows during droughts.

Egypt relies on the Nile for 90% of its fresh water and it wants the GERD’s reservoir to release a higher volume of water than Ethiopia is willing to guarantee, among other disagreements.

“An Egyptian expert can’t control our dam,” Sileshi said and described the Egyptian plan as a potential violation of Ethiopia’s sovereignty.

Sileshi did not say how much water Ethiopia wants to release, but Egypt wants the dam to release a minimum of 40 billion cubic metres of water from the GERD annually.

Following construction delays, Ethiopia has said GERD will start power production by the end of 2020 and be fully operational by 2022.


  1. Abebash,


    Ethiopia Lezelem Tunur is a Neftega slogan. Wether you say it or not, Ethiopia will live. But, what I don’t understand is that why you treat Ethiopia like a woman and why you love to shout ‘Ethiopia Lezelalem Tunur’ very five second? If a a person doesn’t shout with you, you call him ‘anti Ethiopian’.

    By crying every five minutes, you want to show to the world that you are more patriotic than other Ethiopians. The Debteras love slogans. They remind me the former leaders of the Soviet Union. Ethiopia Lezelalem Tunur my a***. Next slogan, please?

  2. Abebash,


    Ethiopia Lezelem Tunur is a Neftega slogan. Wether you say it or not, Ethiopia will live. But, what I don’t understand is that why you treat Ethiopia like a woman and why you love to shout ‘Ethiopia Lezelalem Tunur’ very five second? If a a person doesn’t shout with you, you call him ‘anti Ethiopian’.

    By crying every five minutes, you want to show to the world that you are more patriotic than other Ethiopians. The Debteras love slogans. They remind me the former leaders of the Soviet Union. Ethiopia Lezelalem Tunur my a***. Next slogan, please?

    • Here is the double talker Domaras/Jawar talking on the other side of his mouth:

      “”…we Ethiopians have our own internal problems and differences, when it comes to our country we don’t negotiate with anyone. If Egyptian want to learn more about Ethiopias , they should consult Italians. We have an alienable right to use the resources in our country…”

    • አባ-ዳሞን እኮ ግብዓተ-ምድር ከገባ ከ አመት ከመንፈቅ በላይ ሆኗል። ኢትዮጵያ ሀገረ- እግዚአብሄር ናት። በነፍጠኛ ልጆቿ ነፃ ምድራዊ ህያው አገር ትሆናለች። ይኸ ዕዳ-ሞት ከሆነብህ ገና ኮምጣጤ እንግትሀለን።

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  4. calling Dr. Ababawash

    አንተ ደደብ ለስሙ እንግሊዘኛ አውቕሁ ትለናለህ

    here is Amhric dictionary

    clan ……….ጎሳ
    tribe ………ነገድ
    ethnic ……. have no answer hence ብሄር will do

    otherwise if u said ethnic is .ጎሳ that what would u call clan and tribe ?

    under one oromo and one Somalia they have many clan and tribe but their ethnicity is just oromo and Somalia

    • የዕውቀት አመድ የነፋብህ ሰው ብትኖር አንተ ነህ። እስኪ በምሣሌ አስረዳን እንበል አቶ Ash or Mr. X ሁሉንም ባህርይ እንዴሚሆን። አቶ Ash or Mr. X belongs:

      Ato Ahs’s
      Clan …………
      ኢትዮጵያን በጎሣ አስተዳድራለሁ የሚል ወይ ቂል ነው አልያም በግርግር የሚዘርፍ ሌባ ነው። አንተ የጎሣ ግርግር ጥቁር ገባያ black market ነጋዴ ድራጎን ሌባ ወያኔ ነህ። የዛፍ ሥር እና የሰው ዘር ሀረግ የሚሄድበት አይታወቅም የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ህብረ-ጎሣ ነው አፈጣጠሩ። በኢትዮጵያዊይነቱ እንጅ በጎሣው ተከልሎ መተዳደር አይችልም። የጎሣ አገር የለውም። የተልባ እንጄራ የሚጋግር ምጣድ ፣ የጎሣ አገር የሚመራ መሪ አይኖርም።

  5. Abebaw,

    ዘኢዮብ ምዕራፍ 1 ቁ1
    ወሀሎ: አሐዱ:ብእሲ:በብሔረ:አውስጢድ:ዘስሙ:ኢዮብ::

    አውስጢድ በሚባል ሀገር ስሙ ኢዮብ የሚባል አንድ ሰው ነበር::

    ብሔር= ሀገር::

    ዝርዝር ኪስ ይቀዳል::

  6. ዘጦቢት 1ድ

    ጦቢት ዘጠበጠበ ማለት ነው ወይንም ዘሠናይ ማለት ነው ጥበብ ማለት ነው:: ጤ ጥበብ ማለት ነው::

    ወእንዘ ሀሎኩ ምስለ ደቂቀ እስራዔል በብሔርየ እንዘ ንዑስ አነ::
    ትርጓሜ:- እኔ ህፃን ሳለሁ በሀገሬ ከእስራዔል ልጆች ጋራ ሳለሁ::

    ብሔር= ሀገር , {{ኦሮሚያ= ኦሮሞ}}

  7. ሰባት ጎጎት ዶቢ ክስታኔ ነኝ እንጂ ጉራጌ አይደለሁም እያል ነው:: ሶዶዶዶዶዶዶዶ…. በላሌ ዴንጣ?

    ዶቢ ክስታኔ ነኝ እያልክ ሀገሬ ጎጃም ነው ትላለህ? ተጋሩ ነኝ እያልክ ሀገሬ ቦዲቲ ነው ትላለህ? ኦሮሞ ነኝ እያልክ ሀገሬ ጎንደር ነው ትላለህ? አትልም::

    ወሎዬ ነኝ ማለት እኮ ሀገሬ ወሎ ነው ማለት ነው!

    እናንተን በማስተማር ስንት ጎቶ ጨረስን እኮ:: አረ ይግባኝ በሉ??

  8. Empty phrases of Debteras:

    Ethiopia Lezelalem Tunur

    Patriotic Ethiopian

    True Ethiopian

    Emeye Menelik

    Zeraf Zerf

    Ande Ethiopia

    Ethiopianwent-the grand scam!

  9. To: Dr. cAsh [AND Nationalist Ethiopians]

    I am a Nationalist Ethiopian. To Nationalist Ethiopians, an Ethiopian is an Ethiopian: NOT Tigre; NOT Amhara; NOT Oromo; NOT Christian; NOT Muslim; NOT X; NOT Y; NOT Z!

    In other words, to Nationalist Ethiopians, Ethiopia is OUR IDENTITY: our ethnicity; our religion; our ‘kilil’; our country; our badge-of-honor, etc. Ethiopia is EVERYTHING:

    It is these same Ethiopians that Menelik-II mobilized as ONE to go to Tigray, obliterate the invading fascist Italians and avert the extermination of Tigres!

    It is these same Ethiopians who saved Tigray from fascism AS ONE ETHIOPIA that the TPLF-EPLF segregated in to Ethnic Cages to erode their Ethiopian identity & unity!

    To Nationalist Ethiopians, Ethiopians are EQUAL: Ethiopia doesn’t have step-children! EVERY Ethiopian should be treated EQUAL no matter where & no matter when!

    NB: Wrapping oneself in the Ethiopian flag & paying Ethiopia lip-service doesn’t make anyone a Nationalist Ethiopian. An Ethnic Nationalist IS NOT a Nationalist Ethiopian.

    Have a great day! አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  10. To: Dr. አባ ክልል መላ [AND Oromos]

    አባ ክልል መላ – እርሶን አማኑኤል የሚወስዶት ዘመድ ይጥፋ! Allow me to quote you: “ኦሮሞ ስለ አባይ ውሃም ስለአባይ ግድብም ምን አገባው? አባይ ሲፈልግ ወደ ሰማይ ይውጣ!… ”

    1. Oromos should be concerned the most about projects, public property privatization, property destruction, embezzlement, debt, instability, currency devaluation, etc.

    Reasons: Oromos generate ≈ 60% of the GDP. So, Oromos cover ≈ 60% of any debt, investment, compensation, construction (schools, hospitals, roads, rail, etc.), etc.

    In the 1990s, the TPLF-EPLF Duo were co-looting Ethiopia and Oromo politicians and ‘Oromo intellectuals’ [OLF-IFLO & Co.] were portraying Eritrea as Oromos’ friend. For each dollar looted from Ethiopia, wasn’t 60 cents being snatched from Oromos? Sad!

    What was worse is that the TPLF-EPLF played Stick & Carrot with the OLF-IFLO & Co. by concocting the Oromia State crap with an option for secession. Why would Oromos secede after covering 60% of what built Ethiopia & Eritrea for ages? Total loss!

    2. Nobody stands for Oromos? Who is more Ethiopian than Oromos? Not only were they fighting at the front but they were also relaying supplies! Best example: Adowa.

    Have a great day! አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  11. Aba geda
    Fristly, the Amhara peasant in Gondar, Gojam, Wello, the Amhara in Shewa and the Shewan have nothing to do with all the crimes you accuse the Amharas have done to you or to the Oromo people. The underlying reason for your irrational hatred of the Amhara can most likely be explained by considering your background and upbringing. You probably grew up surrounded by people with general feeling of inadequacy and devoid of personal pride to an extent that they denied their Oromoness with the boiler plate response of – “በሚስቴ ጎንደሬ ነኝ”. You are suffering from what is now known as the Amhara Derangement Syndrome (ADS). This is tragic and perhaps the neftegnas might in part have have to be blamed for it. But not the overwhelming Amhara peasant who had absolutely nothing to do with the Oromo even to this day. The Oromo are proud Ethiopians and you are not worthy enough to call yourself an Oromo. Seek help… I am sure there are some good Ethiopian psychiatrists in Minesota.
    Secondly, your anti-West, anti-Semetic and anti-Ethiopia rantings in nazret will not pass unnoticed by the authorities. Just like that little ungrateful Somali whore in Minesota, don’t bite the hand that feeds you and be thankful for America.
    It difficult to make any sense of your confused gibberish. But there is one thing I would like you to know: Ethiopia and Ethiopians and by and large history of the GERD will be kind to Meles and the EPRDF. I will give Meles full marks for his role in the decision to build the great dam. In that case Meles played a great Tigrawai Ethiopian role. Future generation will thank him for that. However, he was also responsible for the curse of ethnic federalism and no doubt he will continue to be condemned for it. That puts him squarely in the anti-Ethiopia Agame camp. Even though towards the end of his life he was warming to what it means to be a Tigrawi Ethiopian he remained an Agame.

  12. Ayalew Mognu,

    You won’t heed my advice to stop blabbering when people go to bed. Did I hear you say “ to the nationalist, every Ethiopian is equal “. Really? What I would like to know is since when you and people like you have started treating others as your equal? You guys know how to talk crap. The reality is that you always see yourself as better, which you aren’t. Talking nonsense using charming words is your innate character. The problem is you don’t walk the talk.

  13. Hopeless,

    Zerf Zerf! Like Newera, I will ignore answering to your provocation. I am tried of trying to read every gebbrish you post on this website, which were all the same. Your dead brain can’t come up with new ideas. The same’ sentsze and desctszie, lawabding, sullesse ‘ craps.

    But, I want you to come here more often. You are our punching bag. Ash isn’t relevant anymore. Therefore, you presence is important for us to poke fun at you. Rigid Azemar.

    You just defended your fellow Lalibela Ayalew Mongu who has been pretending to be a democratic. Surprise!

    • Domaras/Jawar,
      LOOOL! As I said, in your brainwashed desensitized narrow mind, being heartless barbaric trabalist separatist bigot is a sign of bravery, strength, courageous and brilliance!!
      BTW, bigot OLF-ISIS, why are you afraid to say Amhara, Instead of Debtra?? Scum of the earth, evildemented savage trabalist Taliban ISIS!! Godforsaken brainwashed bloodthirsty creatures like you are menace to the civilized society!!! You rejoice everytime innocent Ethiopians tortured and massacred — evildemented indeed!!

      • Domaras/Jawar,
        Laughable, I punch you back, bigot!! See, how narrow minded brainwashed juvenile creature you are, you think I expect decency from bloodthirsty merciless creatures like you!! Lol! Denkoro!! No sane person expect honey from disease causing flies!! OLF=ISIS=TALIBAN=TPLF= BOKO-HARAM=AL-SHABAAB are one and the same!! Menace to the civilized society!!

        • Only evildemented terrorist creatures like OLF, ISIS, Talibans burn churches, Mosques, Synagogues and innocent worshipers as they worship God!!
          Brilliant my a**!! More like a bloodthirsty terrorist!!

  14. Hopeless,

    Is Zeke in short supply at the place you live? There is said that lately you are acting like a hungry Kese.

    Do you think I will easily discouraged by a lowlife thug like you? To be honest, I don’t understand what you write. To get angry, one should understand what the other person is saying. A low level Debtera won’t make me angry. Joro Tegebe Mehur!

    • Domaras/Jawar,
      LOOL! What a BRAINWASHED cursed creature!! Once again there is nothing in that narrow, single minded head of yours!! It is the same mumbo jumbo AZMARI this…, DEBTERA this…, Amhara ethnic group this and that nonsense alligations EPLF and TPLF rammed in your hatefilled kit brain!! You are influenced by that dead rotten evil MelAss’ Divide and Rule hate propaganda — you blame Amharas for everything under the sun for what may have happened or not 300 years ago, and yet, cowards like you conveniently have forgotten the horendous atrocities of OLF and TPLF that is happening at the moment right in front of you, as we speak!! COWARDICE indeed!!

  15. .

    Egypt’s al-Sisi has his own problems. His people are starting to demonstrate and go out in mass and shout openly for his removal. As it is known, the primary tactics of dictators whenever their people start to rise-up on them is that they go for attention diversion.
    Unfortunately, uniting Egyptians’ against Ethiopia seems his choice of attention diversion for now.

    We all know Ethiopia is facing a difficult time right now. For better or worse the poorest of the poor from north to south and from east to west has contributed something to the Renaissance project. While the project belongs to all Ethiopian people, a very few who speak our language, and who resemble us but who are serving as an agent and mercenary for Arabs and others, do not like the idea of Ethiopians uniting in a single agenda.

    As a free sample, we can see an individual who chose his pen name to be “Damo” or “doma”, iterate the usual garbage continuously. Like always, it is easier to ignore such small parasites who hung in the lowest rung of the ladder. There aim is nothing but to help those who wanted to transform the country to eternal darkness. They are a very lower associate for those who work cleverly to bring Ethiopia into a failed state.

    For these anti -Ethiopian elements even our slogan shakes the hell out of them!..Hence, they dispatch their wind up toy and their foot soldier Damo the doma to lambast and unleash a torrent of profanity and vulgarity towards Ethiopians who believe in equality.

    Just a few words for the Domaw….when there are astronomical evidences in libraries and educational facilities every where in the world why chose to listen to damned lier politicians and continue with associating yourself and believe those who are sculpting a landscape to a balkanized society?,….
    The dream of making a tribal, ethnic, linguistic and regional enclaves to establish a homogeneous society is a dream by your invokers not you. And these will bring an eternal darkness to Ethiopia.

    At least show us some ingenuity to tell us where your dislike for millions of one ethnic people originate. I can tell you…… copied it from another fanatic and propagate it without a research or study. That is why we kept calling you a stupid.


  16. The biggest problem of our time in the Ethiopian political crisis, in my opinion, are the pervasiveness of these two so-called elites: a) Political mediocrities b) Political atheists. In the case of the former, they intentionally draw their political stand in the sand to confuse the public at large. They talk two sides of their mouth, they condemn a strong Nation of democratic Ethiopia yet imply the fragmentation of sovereign Ethiopia into different smaller countries or Nations ( these are Abiy’s follower cadres). The latter, political Atheists ,are standing against of everything what a sovereign Nation or country should have or has it – its age old religion, flag, national language, national culture, etc and yet they are either ready to take anything crap out of the blue or don’t care to bull doze them. For instance, Aba Damo is a good example for the political atheist and Ato Ayalew for the traits of political mediocrity. Those other OLF/TPLF trolls like Ash are straight forward or pure black market traders of tribal politics that boldly uncovered their political mask.

    • I am very ‘impressed ‘ by the analysis of the two Debteras above regarding the problems in our country.

      Mamo killo and Emahoye Abebash, by demonizing people who have a different outlook than theirs, are trying to portrait themselves as nationalists and democrats.

      They alone are ‘True Ethiopians and patriots.” Others are created to follow them and worship their religion. While they are the gurdains of Ethiopia, others are what they call narrow tribalists and Bandas. Other tribes in Ethiopia don’t like their country because they don’t shout ‘ Emeye Ethiopia Lezelalem Tunur’ every two minutes.

      The Debtera elites are the worst hypocrites that have ever lived on planet earth. The have a good reason why the use the scam know as Ethiopiawent. If people blindly accept and follow their scam, it would be simple to continue to follow their way of life. The scam is concocted to make their religion the undisputed religion of the country; their language unchallenged national language of the country; their culture the dominant culture of the country.

      I have met many gullible people who fell in to their trap. I try my best, whenever I get the opportunity, to advice people not to take seriously what the Deters elites are talking about. Read above what the venomous and crook Azemari Abebash is saying and you will understand how crooked these people are. Abebash, we won’t fall to your scam!

      As we can see, for the last twenty eight years, the Debteras have been challenged seriously. The crimes of their past came to haunt them. Their religion and language have met challenges from everyone. Their scams have been exposed. No wonder they have been acting like a mad dog.

      Can anyone tell since when the Azemaris stood for the interest of other tribes? Demonizing and denigrating others because of their identities and names haven’t been the characters of Debtras through out history ? Why they pretend to be democrats and unionists when their history tells us other wise? Lemen Yewashal?

      • Doma head/Jawar,
        OMG! Are you serious? What a bunch of juvenile rant!!! And you think you are brilliant?? What a joke!!!
        Here again, Domaras/Jawar is regurgitating the same HATE propaganda EPLF and TPLF mafia shaved in his brain!! Only brainwashed bloodthirsty OLF terrorists that are raping young children, burning churches, burning lawful Ethiopians alive, displacing and massacring innocent Ethiopians…, and the equally evil TPLF mafia criminals that robbed, tortured and slaughtered countless number of Ethiopians for 30 years get impressed and inspired by the likes of separtist Doma/Jawar’s mumbo jumbo pointless moronic Hate Propaganda!!
        The majority of fairminded peaceloving Ethiopians can read Doma’s above comment and come to a conclusion that he is indeed a badly BRAINWASHED dangerous insane extrimist fool that cannot think critically.on his own!!
        What a nutcase!!

    • Ato Abebaw [አቶ ወናፍ],

      What a comedian? I quote: “For instance, Aba Damo is a good example for the political atheist and Ato Ayalew for the traits of political mediocrity.” እንደ እርሶ – ሰዉ ካልገደልኩ እና ካላስገደልኩ – መሰደብ አለብኝ? ወናፍ!

      There is some more for you down there!

      አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  17. Hopless,

    Are you the rabid dog Abebash employed to bite anyone who says something against Azemaris? I feeling sorry for you. How come there isn’t anything in your brain? You remind me an old woman, now deceased, from Gonder originally, who lived next to me. She was full of herself and very arrogant. She tries to bite anyone who said anything against here. I really think you are the son or grand son of W/O Jemanesh. Horrible Azemari.

    Hopless/ son of W/O Jemanesh,

    Stop commenting. You have a dead brain.

    • .
      Is Damo or Doma?

      You mentioned above about being …” True-Ethiopian,…”

      You see you started by deceiving others and end up deceiving yourself. As usual you create your own gossips to manufacture falsity for your perverted enjoyment and satisfaction.
      There is nothing as such,….true, may be true, or false – Ethiopian. No one is responsible for your vivid imagination. Or else, if inferiority complex is eating you alive, we can only comfort you!

      The story of division and fragmentation that you accepted without any research will not taste sweet unless there is grain of lie added to it. That is the reason to create so many misinformations and lies. Your misinformation about religion is one of the kind.

      You wrote…” Follow them and worship their religion”
      Ethiopia is home for the three Abrahamic faiths which can be seen living side by side. There are also so many living examples of indigenous faiths which have continued to be practiced in Ethiopia There are several witness in international arena as well as in national libraries about this truth and yet you created another falsity that fells in the ground. You made a direct copy of what ever someone said; without any research and contrary to the general truth, you propagate it here. No religion was forced to be extinct in Ethiopia by direct policy or engagement.

      I was trying to go word for word but came up with no substantial or core argument about your position, except a criminal and thuggish behavior like always and like everyone of your kind.

      The fact remains in its place, the reality is far from you. We can not quarrel with hallucinations and pure imaginations. If the grave digging politics has saturated you in depth, and started to blame the coming generations, for the former ones, I suggest you should immediately seek medical assistance because it is not a sign of healthy mentality.

      Again, we recommend you to relay-on and to refer-back to factual history books rather than copy and paste Weyanne’s falsehood history,….we are all aware what they have tried and felled and still are trying to accomplish!,…..


      • .
        This response came out on the wrong trend, but I am sure you know to which comment this response is written,…
        This is a response to where you iterated to look like an intellectual,…

  18. Doma Ras/Jawar,
    Same juvenile rant!! Go back and reread your own nonsense empty talk that came directly from EPLF and TPLF Divide and Rule Hate Propaganda!! Again, chicken head, why are you afraid to mention Amharas by their ethnic name, than running around the bushes?
    FYI: You are not as smart and brilliant you think you are — just full of ISIS like rage, and dangerous deep rooted hatred against Amharas that your OLF burning alive and slaughtering as we speak!!
    Why don’t you tell us, when did in the last 50 years, Amharas burned Oromos alive? When did Amharas raped small Oromo children? When did Amharas beat up, burned and bulldozed hundreds of thousands Oromos homes? When did Amharas displaced over 3 million Oromo women and children and threw them out in the cold without food and water? Etc.
    Are you trying to tell us that it is justifiable to beat up, gunned down, rape young children, bulldozed the homes of millions of lawful hardworking poor Ethiopians…, and it is ok to displace over 3 millions of law-abiding innocent Ethiopians, because of what may or may not happened 200, 300 years ago? How do justify that it is okay to beat up, rape, burn to deaths, displace and throw out innocent current generation like a piece of trash…, denied them to worship in peace, and burn to deaths inside their churches!!
    Simply, you are shamelessly justifying OLF’s unjustifable shocking unprecedented jaw dropping barbarism and satanic human cruelties and demonic behaviours!!

  19. All said and done Ethiopia needs nothing of the following things if it wandts to survive as a nation-state or nations-state ( see the differences ):
    (1) equality and democracy plus respect for agreed upon constitution and national laws

    (2) fair and equitable federalism system including equal distribution of natural resources, developmental programs and national institutions

    (3) respect for its multi-ethnicity and multi-relgious nature and protect their rights equally and unequivocally without exception

    (4 ) At no time a single religious should get special treatment or privilege over others and that the state should be seperation between State affairs and religions and their symbols including flags

    (5) All pass wrongdoings without exception should be addressed and reconcile fairly and honestly whether in the past 27 years or hundred years before.

  20. There is nothing worse than the feeling of self-aggravated inferiority complex. The true case of which is Aba-Damot walking naked here at There are plethora of evidences both written and factual on how our fore fathers were more democratic than the Western colonizers and preserved the cultural assets of all tribes of Sovereign Ethiopia. For instance, Ethiopia with such limited geographic size its Kingdom preserved all the 84&+ linguistic assets. There is no so small size as Ethiopia that preserved 84&+ languages for more than 3000 years. Had Ethiopia fallen under Western colonizer or Arab, there would not be 1 or 2 linguistic groups to remain for history even. The selfless past rulers of Ethiopia, defended their sovereign ancestral land and cultural assets. የ ወያኔ እና የኦነግ የፕሮፓ ጋንዳ ሰለባ የሆነው አማራ በታሪክም ሆነ በተግባር የሚታወቀው በአቃፊነቱ ነው። አማራ የአብርሃም እምነት ማተቡ ነው። እንግዳ ተቀባይ – እንዴ አብርሃሙ ሥላሴ። የኢትዮጵያን ባህል እና እምነት እንኳን እየደፈጠጡ ከዛሬ 400 ዓምት በኋላ የግራኝ ሙሃመድን ወረራ ተከትለው የገቡትን አባገዳዮች ተቀብሎ በባሁሉ ያቀፈ፣ የነብዩ መሃመድ ስደተኞችን ተቀብሎ ያስተናገደ ሆደ ሰፊ ህዝብ ነው። አማራ ለወደደው ህይወቱን የሚሰጥ- ፍትህ ዐልባ ወንበዴን መቼም የማይለቅ ህዝብ ነው። የሎሎች መጨቆን የእርሱ መጨቆን አድርጎ ያየዋል። የዘውድ ሥርዓቱን እና የእኩልነት ጥያቄን ይዞ የተነሳው እና የመራው የአማራ ህዝብ ነው። ዛሬ መስመር ለቆ ሥርዓተ አልበኛች የሆኑትን አባሜንጫዎችን ወያኔን ጭምር ጥራዝ ነጠቅ ርዕዮት የሰነቀላቸው የአማራ ህዝብ ነው። ወያኔን አዲስ አባባ በሞኝነት አዲስ አበባ ያስገብው የአማራ ህዝብ ነው፣ ዐብይ አህመድን ኢ-ህጋዊ ሥስልጣን ለመውጣት ያበቃው የወሎ ወልድያ እና ጎንዴር አማራ ፋኖ በወያኔ ላይ ያሳረፈው ክንድ ነው – የባህርዛፍ ሽመል ይዞ አዲስ አበባ ዙሪያ ሲንከረፈፍ የነበረው ቄሮ አይደለም። አዎን፣ አማራ የኢትዮጵያ መድኅን የበርካታ ጎሣዎች እምነታቸው እምነቱ፣ባህላቸው ባህሉ ነው።

    • Abebaw,
      As the saying goes: Aya jibo satamhagne bilagne. Whatever happened in the past, there is no good enough excuse in the world to displace millions of current generation poor women and children and throw them out in the cold, torture, rape young small children, beat up, burn worshipers and their churches to the ground, and massacre innocent peaceful people!! Yes! Past history shouldn’t be forgotten, but learn from it not to be repeated. Unfortunately, OLF are repeating more crimes than they accused past leaders for — burning, raping, displacing and slaughtering innocent humanbeings is inexcusable savage trabalist evilness!!
      As we all know, there isn’t a country in the world that doesn’t have an ugly history, including the heartless racist, bigot Doma/Jawar currently lives in. It is a wonder if Irish, African Americans, Native Indians, Black South Africans, Sothern Italians, Jewish, etc. ask Doma/Jawar what they should do about their past history, what he would advice them?? He probably tell them to rape, burn and slaughter innocent citizens!!
      Again, there is no good enough excuse in the entire world to torture, rape, burn and massacre innocent humanbeings!!
      BRAINWASHED and DESENSETIZED OLF trabalists are exhibiting unprecedented savage animalistic evil behaviors!!

  21. Are there any signs of these issued coming to forefront anytime soon? Not at all . If you look what happeining in back home or look at a sample of opinions on this forum page is to go by, not even close. Au contraire, things are regressing and sliding backward by the day and who’s to blame you might wonder. To everyone else but mainly politicians and elitis in diaspora and back home. As I say, many ordinary people are not also off the hook.

  22. የፊንፊኔው ሠልፍ ለምን ተሠረዘ ቢሉ? ቆምጨ ከፈለገ እራሱ ክልል ይፈንጭ:: ፊንፊኔን ለቀቅ!!!
    ይሄው ነው!

    እዛው በፀበላቹ ስትነፋነፉ ያምርባቹሃል!!!

  23. All said and done Ethiopia needs nothing short of the following few things if it wants to survive as a nation-state or nations-state ( see the differences ):
    (1) equality and democracy plus respect for agreed upon constitution and national laws

    (2) fair and equitable federalism system including equal distribution of natural resources, developmental programs and national institutions

    (3) respect for its multi-ethnicity, multi-lingual and multi-relgious nature and protect their rights equally and unequivocally without exception

    (4 ) At no time a single religion should get special treatment or privilege over others and there should be seperation between State affairs and religions and their symbols including flags

    (5) All pass wrongdoings without exception should be addressed and reconciled fairly and honestly whether in the past 27 years or even hundred years before

    • So what it means Nation State or what is the difference between Nation State and State Nation (Nations of State)? The Nation State defined as a sovereign state whose citizens or subjects are relatively homogeneous in terms of language, common descents, history, cultures, religion and so on . State Nation, on other hand, is defined as sovereign state with defined boundaries in which different nations or group of nation co-exist. These Nations are by nature heterogeneous such factor as language, ancestry, religion, etc. So definitely Ethiopia State qualified for the later category. Therefore anything that disturbs or aggravates that delicate politico, institutional and socio-ecomic of modus vivend such as federalism, regionalism, etc system is asking for trouble and risks for fragmentation.

  24. Ato Abebaw [አቶ ወናፍ],

    እዚህ እንደማየዉ ከሆነ – ለአማራ ተቆርቋሪ መስለዉ – አማራን ለማስጨፍጨፍ ቆርጠዉ የተነሱ – የአማራ ጠላት መሆኖ ግልጽ ነዉ!

    አማራ – በእርሶ አፈ-ጮሌነት ሳይታለል – ማንነቶን ለማወቅ – ይህቺን ጥያቄ መጠየቅ ይበቃዋል: “የአቶ አበባዉ ሐሳብ – እንዴት አድርጎ ነዉ አማራዉን የሚጠቅመዉ? አማራዉን ከሌሎች ጋር ያቀራርባል – ወይንስ – የበለጠ አቃቅሮ – የበለጠ እንዲጠላ አድርጎ – ደም ያፋሰሳል?”

    በእኔ አስተያየት – አማራዉን እንዳያንሰራራ አድርገዉ የሚጎዱት እርሶ እንጂ – እነ ጃዋር እና እነ OLF-IFLO አይደሉም! አማራ – እነሱ ጠላቶቹ መሆናቸዉን ስለሚያዉቅ እና ስለሚጠነቀቅ!

    ለእኔ – የኦሮሞም ሆነ የአማራ አክራሪዎች [extremist] – ለራሳቸዉ ጥቅምና ዝና ኢትዮጵያዉያንን ከማገዳደል በስተቀር ለኢትዮጵያ ምንም የሚያበረክቱት ጥሩ ነገር የላቸዉም!

    PS: እርሶ በእኔ ላይ የከፈቱት የስም ማጥፋት [character assassination] ዘመቻ አይደንቅም! ያደጉበት እና ያረጁበት ነዉ! በስመ “በኢትዮጵያ ተማሪዎች ማሕበር በተጣለቦት አደራ…” ስም – እኩዮቼን በደርግ አስጨፍጭፈዉ Scholarship ተሸልመዉበት የለም ወይ?

    አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  25. Doma & Co. [‘Oromo Liberators & Activists’],

    DO THE MATH – If Oromos contribute ≈ 60% to Ethiopia’s GDP, how come OLF-IFLO, Jawar & Co. and ‘Oromo intellectuals’ indoctrinate young Oromos:

    1. Riot, destroy public/private property, etc. That’s double loss: Oromos cover 60% of public property cost & pay another 60% for rebuilding it. Oromos also pay 60% of the compensation for any destroyed private property ANYWHERE in Ethiopia.

    2. Embrace the ‘Oromia State’ crap & secession. That was just TPLF-EPLF’s hoax to lure them & use them as condoms! Why would Oromos secede? Who is more Ethiopian than Oromos? Haven’t Oromos been covering the 60% cost of EVERYTHING in Ethiopia?

    3. Close schools, boycott work, etc. No education for Oromo kids. Oromos with no relatives abroad starve. [Quit your jobs, keep your kids home and see for yourselves.]

    4. Harass, kill, chase out, etc. non-Oromos. Isn’t that barbarism? What image does that project about Oromos? Isn’t it ironic when it is Oromos abroad who fan these atrocities?

    5. EPLF/Eritrea is Oromos’ friend & TPLF/Tigray is Oromos’ enemy. That is the hoax of the millennium. Both looted. For each dollar they looted, Oromos lost 60 cents!

    Look, their stupidity is too irritating to go on! Sad for the Oromos who count on them!

    Have a great day! አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  26. Hello Ethios, [5 & 6]

    5. Ethiopia Owes Egypt NOTHING:

    When did Egypt ever care about Ethiopian lives? Why would Ethiopia ever care about Egypt’s consent to use Ethiopia’s own river(s) for food & economic self-sufficiency?

    Shouldn’t Egypt concentrate MORE on finding permanent solutions THAN taking Ethiopia hostage by sabotaging Ethiopia’s existence as Egypt’s way of life?

    6. Nile Water Treaties Are NULL-and-VOID:

    Ethiopia has never been a signatory to the 1929 & 1959 British-Egyptian-Sudanese Nile Water Treaties. In fact, Ethiopia should NEVER sign anything remotely similar.

    Egypt never consulted Ethiopia about building the Aswan Dam & didn’t oppose Sudan’s Merowe Dam [1.25GW – 550 km from Aswan Dam]. Why oppose Ethiopia’s GERD?

    Have a great day! አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

    • Hello Ethios, [3 & 4]

      3. Egypt’s War-Mongering, Ethiopia-Destabilizing Schemes and Economic Warfare:

      Ethiopia doesn’t need Egypt’s consent to exist! Egypt’s leaders brag about Egypt’s military might & threaten Ethiopia openly [Thanks to America’s ≥ $3 billion annual bread subsidy aid, free F-16 jets & missiles, etc.]

      Egypt’s has been using Ethiopia-destabilizing thugs: TPLF-EPLF, OLF-IFLO, ‘Activists-Opposition,’ chaos-sowing agents, etc. It also has a standing Economic Warfare agents: lobby groups, spies roaming Ethiopia in contract SUVs [ኮብራ], ‘NGO’ cars, etc.

      4. Worst Case Scenario: Egypt declares war on Ethiopia & broadens its proxy war

      So, Ethiopia should have a deterrent that brings Egypt to a screeching halt within 24 hours: fool-proof, low-tech, low-cost that serves as a lesson for any future threats.

      Ethiopia should also respond in kind to Egypt’s persistent threats to Ethiopia’s existence. If Egypt resorts to war, why not blow up the banks & keep every drop of Abbay home?

      Have a great day! አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

      • Hello Ethios,

        I want to share these 6 points regarding GERD, Abbay and Egypt: [1 & 2]

        1. Ethiopia should choose one of these 2 options & chart its future accordingly:

        i). Ethiopia: World’s Poster Child of Poverty & Laughing Stock of the World
        ii). Ethiopia: World’s Poster Child of Agriculture & Clean Renewable Energy

        Look, Ethiopia is building the Abbay Dam [GERD] as a step towards ensuring energy & economic self-sufficiency. It is a necessity! It is NOT to hurt Egypt in any way.

        Yet, Egypt’s leaders make it an act to hurt Egypt. Why didn’t they also oppose Sudan’s Merowe Dam [Completed 2009, 1.25GW, just 550 km from Aswan Dam].

        2. Ethiopian Lives Matter:

        Why should any Ethiopian ever starve? Why should Ethiopia ever beg for food? Why should Ethiopia be the world’s laughing stock as “World’s Poster Child of Poverty”?

        Doesn’t Ethiopia have rivers, lakes, land and manpower to make Ethiopia “World’s Poster Child of Agriculture & Energy”? Aren’t food & economic self-sufficiency crucial?

        Here is one of Ethiopia’s long overdue top priorities where Addis leads the way:

        Have a great day! አያሌዉ ሞኙ / ሰዉ አማኙ

  27. Gashe Mamo,

    The history of Ethiopia you are talking about is the history of a few Debteras. What is their history, I often ask my self? Herding cattle? Repeating Geaze without understanding its meaning? Spending their times drinking local drinks like Katikcala and Teje? I couldn’t figure out what else they used to do other than doing the few routines I have just mentioned. Delusional Debteras like you love to talk about your history as if you conquered the world.

    Mamo Killio,

    I haven’t seen the biggest parasite in the whole world that matches you. You see, you and the other worthless Lalibelas like Abebash and Hopless view Ethiopia and the people in the country from your own understanding and upbringing alone. You think every Ethiopian is a follower of an Orthodox Church. For you, there isn’t the best religion in Ethiopia except the Orthodox Church. Other religions are foreign. Therefore, everyone must worship your Gebrels and Mariams. According to your demented view, your language and music are the best out there. Those who don’t sing Amharic music aren’t Ethiopians.

    Why you guys repeatedly discourage others from using the Latin alphabet , while talking about how indigenous Geaze and suggesting others to use your language, which is full of foul words? Who are you to lecture others to use your gutter language?

    Have you ever thought why people in the country had been giving their children Amhara names? The Oromos and others were obliged to give up their beautiful names and gave themselves the Debtera names in order to get jobs and assimilate in the worthless Neftgas systems to survive. I can go on and on describing your fathers past crimes. But, it isn’t necessary to do that and will not help our country to go forward.

    You are telling us the history of your Debtreas is the history of other people in the country? Who wrote your history? Why those who wrote your history failed to write the history of others? Why did those so called historians who wrote the ‘Ethiopian’ history , belittled the rich history of others while glorifying the none existing history of the Debteras?

    Gashe Mamo Killio,

    You haven’t stopped saying ‘anti Ethiopians’. What made you think you are pro Ethiopian and others anti Ethiopians? You see, Debtreas are completely out of touch and mindless when they describe others. You guys are motived by your own self interest. I have figured out your scam and expose you whenever I get the opportunity.

    • I just read an article on Ethiopian Review, written by an Azemari, entitled ‘ Ericha is a foreign belief.’ Such is the Ethiopianwent scam of Debtreas. An orthodox religion is the only indigenous religion of the country. Folks, such is the the views of Azemaris. The length they will travel to belittle the belief and culture of others is unheard of anywhere. look at the pictures they have posted in the article and see for yourself how wicked these people area.

  28. Aylew Mugu,

    You have named yourself a fool. Therefore, there is nothing I can say except calling you a fool. I thought you were better than that dolt, Hopeless. At least, I understand what you have been writing even if most your writings are confusing to the reader. If you read my comments above, I stated that tribalists aren’t my friends. I believe they are scammers like the proponents of the Ethiopianwent scam. So, what made you label me an OLFiest and a tribalist? There is only one answer: I reject the Ethiopiawent scam in its entirety.

    Why do you think you guys are in love with Taye Bogale and Obang Metho? Because you believe they promote your Neftga ideology. Those two people are great Ethiopians. They mean what they say. But, I am afraid they are sheeps among the wolfs. They should be careful when they appease the Lalibelas. They will easily fall into their traps.

  29. Abebash,

    I don’t believe you still talk about inferiority complex. What made you think I feel inferior to an Azemari who has nothing to show except chauvinism and empty Gura? Please, challenge my ideas. I know you are a wicked Debtera and will go to a great distance to demonize people who won’t agree with your twisted world view. Listen, I just express my views and don’t feel inferior to a scammer like you.

    I enjoy reading your comments because they tells us how the mind of a wicked Azemari works. You are a venomous snake, a dangerous Debtera who should be monitored closely. You don’t care about others except your own tribe. You are here to promote the Debtreas culture and religion. Prove me if i am wrong. You are one of the authors Ethiopianwent scam.

    • Domaras,
      Heartless, reread your above comment to Abebaw and Ayalew Mognu, it is full of juvenile pointless mumbo jumbo nonsense!! Same excuse for enexcusable chilling atrocities!! SIMPLY NAOUSATING!! I watched special report on ISIS yesterday on MSNBC, it describes you to the tee!! Brilliant my a**!!

  30. W/O Hopless,

    What the hell is haya jibo satmhang belgn mean? Is there a better hyaena than you out there? You just spread the idea of others. Your dead brain is devoid of any idea. By the way, I am smarter than you. Bado Ras. For an azemari who quit school in kese school, you read and write better. Don’t ever compare yourself with others here. Even, ash is better than you. Zeke lekame!

    • Domaras/Jawar,
      Lol!! Simply juvenile!! Being a brainwashed bloodthirsty heartless coldblooded hatefilled brutal barbaric extrimist scum of the earth BIGOT is a sign of intelegenence, congratulations! You take the highest prize on!! You are a talking walking evil that excuse raping young children, and burning churches to the ground and burning innocent humanbeings alive!! Brilliant my a**!! More like an extremist savage Menace to society!!

  31. Domaras/Jawar,
    Look in the mirror to see who is the worst heartless barbaric creature that is encouraging desensetized OLF hoodlums to committ unthinkable, jawdropping unprecedented horrific atrocities on innocent Ethiopians, particularly, on Amharas, that you address as DEBTERAS and AZMARIES!!
    The fact that you keep on excusing OLF–ISIS inexcusable hair-raising heinous barbaric atrociousness, it speaks volumes and confirms that you are indeed a dangerous heartless extrimist!!! Your hatred against Amharas is beyond the scale and in your distorted mind, you want Amharas not to talk about OLF–ISIS extreme human cruelties and barbarism!!
    LOOL! What a double standard!! First of all, it doesn’t matter what time people comment, but you blamed your buddy Ayalew Mognu for commenting after people go to bed, and here you are, yourself commenting at 3:00 AM in the morning!!! SHAMELESS!! Here again, this speaks volumes about your flawed character!!

  32. W/O hopless,

    You seem lonely to me. What can I do to help? Although you are unrepentant rigid Debtera, you are still a man from my country. I know you will jumps after you read the last sentence. Denkoro Azemari. You don’t have anything else to do? you poke your nose twenty fours here.

  33. W/O Hopless,

    I swear, you don’t read. Why do you pretend as if you read? If you read and write why do keep you posting your doodle you posted five years ago. You are the worst Azemaris out there. If you can’t bully all the way to your Gedama.


    Please, know that you can’t desetize, sentisize, juvenile, jawdroping, brainwashed, souless me.

    Joro Tegeb Mehur!

    • Doma ras/Jawar,
      You know what hypocrite heartless barbaric OLF BIGOT, you have been regurgitating the same hate propaganda since you started commenting on! Again, there is absolutely nothing in that brainwashed hatefilled badly stained brain of yourself!! You have gone too far to the deep end of evilness demonizing and belittling 50 million Ethiopians as one person! There is no hope for you to return to human decency!! Just one of those that are menace to society, denying people to live in peace — a brainwashed desensitized cheerleader of evildemented savage trabalist that are raping, burning churches and innocent people alive!!

  34. Aba Mela,

    I couldn’t stop lounging. I laughed all the way to 7 Eleven run by Hopless to buy chips and Soda!

    50 million? What a lier!

  35. Doma ras/Jawar,
    Wow! How brilliant!! Chip and Soda… huh?? Lol!! Of course, one of of your shameless heartless supporters and defenders is the same TPLF mafia criminals staunch supporter and defender Aba Melasam, who is also brainwashed and trained by his cousin EssayAss to BRAINWAS, desensitize and radicalize OLF hoodlums like yourself to be exactly like bloodyhand Woyanes and ISIS!! God help you!! BRILLIANT?? LOOOL!!

  36. Ethiopian Constitution of 1931 1
    Chapter I
    The Ethiopian Empire and the Succession to the Throne

    Art. 1. The territory of Ethiopia, in its entirety, is, from one end to the other,
    subject to the government of His Majesty the Emperor. All the natives of
    Ethiopia, subjects of the empire, form together the Ethiopian Empire.

    Art. 2. The imperial government assures the union of the territory, of the
    nation and of the law of Ethiopia.

    Art. 3. The law determines that the imperial dignity shall remain perpetually
    attached to the line of His Majesty Haile Selassie I, descendant of King
    Sahle Selassie, whose line descends without interruption from the dynasty
    of Menelik I, son of King Solomon of Jerusalem and the Queen of Ethiopia,
    known as the Queen of Sheba.

    Art. 4. The throne and the crown of the empire shall be transmitted to the
    descendants of the Emperor pursuant to the law of the imperial house.

    Art. 5. By virtue of his imperial blood, as well as by the anointing which
    he has received, the person of the Emperor is sacred, his dignity is inviolable
    and his power indisputable. He is consequently entitled to all the honors due
    to him in accordance with tradition and the present Constitution. The law
    decrees that anyone so bold as to seek to injure His Majesty the Emperor
    will be punished.

    • ማንም የፈለገውን መለፍለፍ ይቻላል። አንደነገር ግን ማወቅ አለባቹሁ። ኦሮሞን እጁን ጠምዝዛቹሁት የናንተን አማርኛ አትግቱትም ።ይህ መረጃ በደንብ ይግባቹሁ። ተከባበረን እኖራለን ውይ ደግሞ ተናንቀን እንግነጣጠላን። እንዴነ ክሆን የትግረዎችና የኦሮሞ ጎልድን አንደነት ግፍቶ መውጣትና አማራን ከህብረቱ ማስውጣት ። ታላቅ እፎይታ ለሁሉም ብሔር ብሔረተስቦች ይሆናል

      • OMG! Ash!! Endless shamelessness!!
        Why then you Woyanes robbed, locked up, evicted, beat up, burned alive, tortured, pushed in the ditch, beat up an Oromo mother on her son’s body, and massacred countless number of Oromos for 30 horendous bloody years??? Here again, you have exposed your toral disrespect to Oromos, the very Oromos you victimized for three drcades!!
        I guess, since you brainwashed and manipulated OLF members to blame Amharas and to take out their anger on Amharas for the crimes you have committed on them for 30 years, you figured that they won’t notice your lies and propaganda!! What a shame!! Sad!!

      • I have brutalized so badly one woman in this site accidentally and while I was preparing to give her life support, she is showing up sign of recovery by herself so let me observe her for a while.
        I cant believe that she could show up again?. What you call this new level of die hard?

    • Ash,

      Do you have an excerpt from the Imperial Majesty of Great Britain sometime before 1850? Don’t you think the Ethiopian Monarchy system be restored and reformed just like the United Kingdom of Great Britain. In this case the elected PM, whether that person is Abiy Ahmed or Mustafa Muhummed, etc. seek the approval of His Majesty of Ethiopia – just like Borsi Johnson had from the Queen of UK. This is good because the King sets the bar high for some thugs.

  37. .

    Domaw is a typical example of those, “wan be fanatics”, who allowed to be brain washed by Weyanne discourse and propaganda. He was not alone to be deceived and serve as a hammer to break his own house,…..”Ethiopia.” He is serving and echoing words for those who are tirelessly & ceaselessly wanted to shred the very fabric of the ancient civilization of the society, and sculpt a landscape balkanized into tribal, ethnic, linguistic and regional enclaves to establish their own dreams by sweat and effort of fools like Domaw.

    Accompanied by thugs, vigilantes, and Jawarians, Domaw is tasked to make an atavistic lyrics of ethnic chauvinism with huge ecstasy in bringing separation and sectarian chauvinism. He is blinded, deafened and muted for all other stuff except hate politics.

    They are up to create an ethnically homogeneous tribal homeland based on fictitious datas and imaginary history. He doesn’t understand that there are no annals of
    political science or political theory to justify and glorify sectarianism.
    This thugland commentator is not ashamed to use the oldest ancient primitive tricks in the books of deception but wanted to portray himself modern.
    He is none but advocates of a bloodthirsty pack of roving criminals who want to prolong the atrocity of the society, including mass displacement

    This thug wanted to promote hatred, division and enmity . He is part of those who want to crush aspiration of hopes and dreams of freedom and equality. He wanted us to look like as if he has an overwhelming might by using many pen names and writing a continuous rubbish.
    His final aim is to transform the country to eternal darknes. That is the ultimate wish of an individual filled with lust and inferiority complex. To bring everyone to his level.


  38. Mamo Killo,

    How come you call me a chauvinist? Is there the biggest chauvinist in the whole world that rivals Azemaris? What is wrong with you? Aren’t you ashamed when you call the humble Damo a chauvinist? Did I talk about myself and my tribe in glorying terms? Have I ever looked down up on other groups?

    Who is the one who says ‘ patriotic Ethiopians’. Who is the one who says ‘Zerafe’ for no reason? Who is the one who says ‘Emye Ethiopia Lezelalem Tunur’? How come a world known chauvinist calls magnanimous people chauvinists? Turuba Debtera!

    Ethiopianwent is a grand scam that has been perpetrated against non Amharas in Ethiopia. The scam is exposed and its inventors are in damage control. Cry Azemaris, cry!

    • Domaras/Jawar
      LOOL! Reread your above mumbo jumbo childish nonsense and notice how you really are an egotistic, self acclaimed intelectual… lol!! Hello, you are nothing but the #1 Mamo Qilo, that has been fooled, manipulated, used and abused by TPLF mafia that robbed and brutalized Oromos and the rest of Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia!! Jilanfo!! Brilliant my a**!! Your kinds are deadly cancer to peace and Democracy!!

  39. Hopless can read! Chemedada Arogit! You can’t read. I haven’t seen you write more than five words in the last five years. Don’t pretend as if you know how to read. Certified dolt! Lalibela!


    You don’t work? I think you have dedicated your miserable life to Debtera cause.

    Hopless = a Debtera activist

    • Doma-ras/Jawar,
      Same childish mumbo jumbo nonsense!! You are the #1 self acclaimed intelectual, self-centered, conceited ISIS inspired ruthless BIGOT!! INHUMANE in every sense of explanation!! You justify barbarous atrocities against UNARMED DEFENSELESS innocent men, women and precious innocent children, because of their ethnicity, and what may, or may not happened 200, 300 years ago…, and yet, you kizenam coward have conveniently forgotten what happened in the last 30 years at the hands of HEAVELY ARMED TPLF mafia!!!! BRAINWASHED savage trabalist IDIOTIC COWARD!! What does this generation have anything to do with, with what happened over 300 years ago?? Only demon inspired bigots like you justify unjustifiable horrific crimes against humanity!!! How does raping little children, beating up, displacing millions of women and children and throwing them out in the cold, burning churches and innocent worshipers and slaughtering unarmed innocent people solve old wounds, that these victims have nothing to do with?? HORRIFIC!!
      And you think you are brilliant for being a merciless heartless barbaric trabalist separatist bigot!! Subhuman like yourself are cursed heartless imbecile bloodsucking scum of the earth criminals?? UGH!! SMART my a**!!!

  40. Damo,

    Man! You are a hero! I salute to you bro! This old ruffian(Mamo Qillo) is running out of his antipsychotics drug (Nuplazid)and now he is shaking on the floor upon reading the unwavering statement you have made. Keep hammering this worthless thug until he surrender to our demand. He take 24hr to write his gibberish what a pitiable person. He is a sorry person by any means.

    The Chips and soda seller lady is a living proof for disorientation. She starts counting her chips and soda from zero.?? what a dolt! I’m deadly sure she heard this 50million on mega lottery, or power ball.

    ዘኬ እያበሉ እንደ ከበሮው ነበር መደለቅ :: ችግሩ ድምፅ የላቸውም??? ቡፍ…..ቡፍፍፍፍ…???

    • Aba Melasam,
      Same mumbo jumbo nonsense soda and chip from soulless bloodthirsty dumb and dumber!
      Here is some of your chilling shocking atrocities you and the rest of TPLF mafia criminals committed even on your own Tigrean Ethiopians…, which you consider courageous and extremely proud of:

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