Ethiopia Reflects On Its Founding Father’s Triumphant, Bloody Legacy


Menelik II fought off Italians bent on taking his empire, but also oppressed and enslaved ethnic and religious minorities. The victims’ descendants are wary of attempts to make him a unifying figure.

NPR Weekend Edition: Ethiopia Reflects On Its Founding Father’s Triumphant, Bloody Legacy


  1. Team Eskinder [Hope Z Parrot, Abebaw Z Derg, Gashe Mamo Z What-Not, Tabloid Media, etc. ] have been misinforming Ethiopians using the Nazi Joseh Goebles’ Law of Propaganda: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth!”

    1. ‘Balderas Council’? ‘Balderas’, my ass! What is that? Self-Appointed Megalomaniacs United? When did Addis Ababans vote to elect Negadras Eskinder as their Balderas?

    2. Journalist Eskinder? ‘Journalist’, my ass! Does he have a degree in journalism? ‘Show me the money!’ You crown him ‘journalist’? Journalism is a 4-year university program!

    3. Human Rights’ Activist Eskinder? ‘Activist’, my ass! When & where is that? Insulting anyone is hooliganism be it Meles/TPLF or others. It is not Human Rights’ Activism!

    4. Eskinder awarded for “journalism” and/or “human rights’ activism”! ‘Award’, my ass! ‘Team Eskinder’ even managed to fool awarding agencies by using the Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ Law of Propaganda: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”

    Anyway, watch the manipulative Negadras Eskinder deflecting, diverting and dodging Tsion’s questions and turning the VOA to a self-promotion propaganda platform:


    • Nothing new … the same never-ending unsubstantiated allegations against peaceful lawful people that never hurt a soul, or rob a penny! Eskinder and Dr. Berhanu Nega should sue you for slander and character assassination!!

      • Dr. Berhanu? I gave him a ‘break’ since he left Asmara. Is that why he sues me? I have totally forgotten the guy! He did the right thing ditching guns and going home!

        ‘Character assassination,’ my ass! They are welcome to sue me! I take FULL responsibility for what I post here! It averts massacre in Ethiopia!

        Crooks like you NEVER intimidate me!

  2. Ato Ayalew_mognu,

    On the link you have posted, the journalist appears to be rude and pre-handed the questions either by Jawar himself or his lieutenants for “I-Got-You moment”. Outside showing her amateurish behavior, on top of being unprepared for the occasion, there was not much in that interview. She gets one credit though: She was over-prepared for attacking her own invited guest. And for some who hate Eskinder, they might have seen her as a hero. My hero doesn’t lack courtesy, integrity, intelligence and calmness all in one.

    You may argue and make your points for what you disagree with Eskinder. When you start comparing Jawar and Eskinder though, it is definitely an over-reach. I can provide you names of 2 people whom you can compare Jawar side by side: Girma Kebede of Arat Kilo, Melaku Tefera of Gonder (Both Derg era). The 3 have a stark similarity; they kill innocent citizens. Unlike the two, Jawar has one more item on his resume. He is a bigot.

  3. Hopeless!
    Jawar vs Eskindir?

    You a certified fly chips and soda seller! Jawar went to Stanford wait a minute! Don’t get it wrong Stanford as Walmart or dress for less Ross store okay! You a certified beggar and brain dead scumbag. Your brain patter died and even GOD HE himself throw it into iCloud!

    Eskinder is a mess! He messed up big time! He doesn’t even know what he is talking about; he is mentally unstable !

  4. I don’t expect any less from godforsaken bigots that justify chopping up innocent people and raping children! I take bigots’ opinions with a grain of salt! It is a badge of honor to be despised by bigots!! 🤑

    A few of Eskinder’s awards:
    PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award

    PEN American Center Literary Awards
    World Association of Newspapers’ Golden Pen of Freedom Award

    Oxfam Novib/PEN Award

    Human Rights Watch Hellmann-Hammett Award

    • Hope Z Parrot,


      ‘Award’, my ass! ‘Team Eskinder’ even managed to fool awarding agencies by using the Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ Law of Propaganda: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”

      Journalist Eskinder? ‘Journalist’, my ass! Does he have a degree in journalism? ‘Show me the money!’ You crown him ‘journalist’? Journalism is a 4-year university program!

      Human Rights’ Activist Eskinder? ‘Activist’, my ass! When & where is that? Insulting anyone is hooliganism be it Meles/TPLF or others. It is not Human Rights’ Activism!

      Doesn’t this makes Eskiinder Pro-Hitler? [Read the scrolling text (23:27 till 26:03)]:

      • As always, you are all over the place like a headless chicken, ranting and posting nonsense videos, and throwing anything hoping it sticks! Totally unstable! The fact you failed to recognize the significant difference between a peaceful man Eskinder and a heartless hatemonger dangerous lunatic Jawar the bigot speaks volumes about you!! Thanks though — I’ve gotten a lot of laughs out of your comments! 👾

  5. .
    Let us take an investigation into what these cunning characters, who are trying tirelessly in tarnishing the image of Eskinder, have kept saying.

    Even though, I said at different times how I hated to defend individuals and concentrate on principles, the owners of those baseless accusers continue to view us as unlearnt fools as they are and even went all the way to challenge truth while making up stories and unsubstantiated claims.

    To begin … Eskinder hates Oromo, Eskinder proclaims he is a mayor. These are all myths, carried around by the same opportunist characters. This is just a Propaganda of the fanatics, talk of the misers and narrative of the bankrupted political merchants who want to loot Addis Ababeans’.

    But the relevant question here is, – why are they echoed by pestilence parakeets who knows perfectly well that there is an absolute deceive. Especially being aware of the fact and when deep down they know the truth?!

    Fact-checking on Eskinder:
    Wikipedia states how Eskinder was arrested falsely by Weyanne starting from the year 2005. It continues to talk about the election held in 2005 and how he was falsely convicted of treason.
    Amnesty International designated him a prisoner of conscience, in the same year.
    Additionally, Wikipedia mentions that he was arrested in the year 2012 for terrorism charges This time for publishing a column in the newspaper that criticized the Weyanne government. After delaying a decision on seven occasions, Weyanne Supreme Court upheld an 18-year sentence on him by their kangaroo court.

    Who would think Eskinder’s imprisonment is a conflict of interest with Weyanne except for a zooid anti-Ethiopian and a wild-eyed denier?

    So, should we laugh, get amazed or be surprised by this blatant denial?!

    Fact-checking on Eskinder:

    Eskinder is an advocate for press freedom and freedom of expression and this didn’t happen without an incident. when he opened his first newspaper, Weyanne, shut it down soon. All his media outlets were either banned or closed during the Weyanne period. His newspapers “Asqual”,” Satenaw”, and”Menelik”, all of which were all banned in Ethiopia during the Weyanne period.
    Eskinder had been a columnist for the monthly magazine “Change” and for the U.S.-based news forum” EthioMedia”, which were also banned during that time.

    Contrary to the Ethiopian people or international organization’s view and absolute reality some depressed dud is telling us that – all these were done for business adventure!…

    I really don’t know how the bankrupted political merchants perceived Ethiopians who read their comments?!
    Those haters and deniers claim Eskinder’s advocacy as a business venture, laughable comedians!

    Fact-checking on Eskinder:
    On July 24, 2013, Eskinder’s “Letter from Ethiopia’s Gulag” was published at New York Times. A whole column was devoted, and the editorial board introduced Eskinder as an advocate and journalist.
    PEN American Center awarded him didn’t hesitate to call and present him as a journalist.
    World Association of Newspapers’ did the same. And there is at least another two nonprofit international organization who awarded him and introduced him as a journalist. BBC called him a journalist,
    Amnesty international: did recognize him as a journalist
    Encyclopedia Britannica: presented him as a journalist.
    Economist magazine: “the tightening noose on Ethiopia’s press freedom”, September 2011 presented as a journalist.

    I can only say it is just a disgrace to willingly fall into academic dwarfism; if at all there is some remnant knowledge remaining in their mind, it is better to save it and speak of the truth instead of decorating another deceives!


  6. .
    These days except for “Kerros” with machetes, all other peaceful demonstrations and peaceful gatherings are forbidden for the residents of Addis.

    A friend of mine was joking “when Addis residents wanted a peaceful demonstration, they can only open their Tv and see a demonstration from nearby towns.”

    As you know Orthodox church members were not allowed to make a demonstration in Addis… Eskinder was not allowed to make a demonstration in Addis, and just recently activists were barred from demonstrating about the schoolgirls that were abducted.

    Now, all these denials in hotel conference rooms and public gathering is a show of what to expect in the future election. How the election would be free and fair is very questionable!

    The recent action taken by the so-called police force on the residents who are protecting a church is also worrisome.

    Imagine, they fired a barrage of bullets on civilians killing 3 and injuring 18. All these are the sound of the alarm bell for Addis residents.


  7. Ato Solomon,

    On Bethelehem: She is Pro-Jawar! You may hate her conduct but interviewers hate interviewees who dodge, deflect or divert questions and even try to turn interviews in to self-promotion propaganda platforms!

    Eskinder is good at that game! Bethelehem didn’t leave him much lee-way for that crap but watch Tsion’s frustration at his game [VOA – Parts 1 & 2]: Part-1:

    On Eskinder: When I came to Nazret, the posts [almost all by Hope & Abebaw] were all about “Journalist, Human Rights’ Activists, etc. rotting in jail!” [Eskinder, Reeyot, Temesgen, Andualem, etc. – Especially Eskinder!]. I took their word for it!

    I had no clue who they were but I saw Eskinder with mouth-taped, Reeyot with the Ethiopian flag, etc. while watching the song video Wegene [by Berhanu Tezera et al.].

    It hit me since I was picked from the street [very young], thrown on to an army Jeep and my family never knew my whereabouts for over 6 years. Derg interrogators found only the Ethiopian flag & school ID on me.

    The prisons I was in [even Maekelawi] were bare curved stones held together with cement. So, I started campaigning for them posting Wegene frequently. Well, I am very disappointed in most of them now!

  8. Ayalew Mognu

    I salut and take my hat off to you bro!
    One thing you should have to know that is if Jawar is not for Oromo who will stand for their right? Isn’t everyone in our country recruited himself/herself for their own elks? Indeed! Look! Even I don’t want Jawar to run for PM instead I want him to install a strong Oromiya + Southern people political parties period!

    • Dr. Abba Kilil Mela,

      Jawar has every right to stand for whatever he believes in! However, he SHOULD do that without violating the rights of others! It can BE done! Human Rights is a TWO-WAY STREET: You can’t ask for YOUR Human Rights while VIOLATING that of OTHERS! That’s the whole problem with Jawar & Co.! Inciting violence IS CRIME!

  9. LOL!! Be the judge: here is “”Another thought provoking”” comment from Mognu:

    “”Human Rights’ Activist Eskinder? ‘Activist’, my ass! When & where is that? Insulting anyone is hooliganism BE IT MELES/TPLF or others. It is not Human Rights’ Activism!””

    How dare people speak against inhumane bloodthirsty creatures like Hitler, Stalin, Idi Amin, Mussolini, and our own MelAss Satanawi???
    Thought provoking — huh??

    • Hope Z Dumb Parrot,

      Even Pet Shop parrots fare better than you! How worse stupid can you be? Off all people here, you are the one who deafens us with Nazi this, Nazi that… Human Rights is for everybody – including criminals!

      Why was The Nuremberg Trial held for Nazis? Why was Rudolf Hess [Hitler’s deputy] even given the chance to speak by the presiding judge after his sentencing:

      Presiding Judge: “Any final words Mr. Hess!” – [Do you see how the judge addressed him with respect?]

      Rudolf Hess: I regret nothing!

      You Derg Era torturers & murderers who fled to the West and even filed for refugee status first [even before victims like me], have no regrets and want Ethiopian kids massacred all over again]

  10. “”Mr Eskinder is that bravest and most admirable of writers, one who picked up his pen to write things that he knew would surely put him at grave risk, said Peter Godwin, president of the Pen American Center.
    Yet he did so nonetheless. And indeed he fell victim to exactly the measures he was highlighting Zimbabwean-born writer Mr Godwin added.

    The Pen award is given to writers who have been persecuted or imprisoned for exercising the right to freedom of expression.
    Read more:

    Hope our outstanding selfless humanitarian patriotic brave hero Eskinder Nega knows at least the fraction of how much he is loved and admired by millions of Ethiopians and by his peers around the world for being the voice for the voiceless defenseless Ethiopians!!

      • You think you are smart — you are not!! You blabber pointless mumbo jumbo garbage. It is obvious your judgment is off — nonsense rant that one cannot make heads or tails of!! Something seriously wrong!! You believe that the likes of outstanding selfless humanitarian patriotic heroes like Eskinder Nega out there are lawless terrorists for speaking out against highly corrupted heartless bloody fascist that left the country landlocked, that cjased out Ethiopians and given Ethiopia’s land to Sudan free and clear …, that robbed the country blind…, that incarserated, tortured and massacred innocent Ethiopians throughout Ethiopia. Patathatic!!
        Thanks to God to our other patriotic hero Abebe Gellaw:

  11. Ayalew Mognu

    I have only one question; as you said, ‘inciting a violence is a crime’ here is the question,

    The Qerro, Fanno, Zerma violence to remove TPLF from power was a crime?

  12. .
    The ultimate lesson that we learn from devotee extremists is their absolute greed. I tell you it doesn’t have bound.
    One horse called sorsa who carry the extremist agenda was briefing us how he perceived everything around him belongs to the sectarians.
    The only point that I like about him was there was not a single spinning concept to prove or disprove on his standing instance. He was telling us his wish, … His desire, which we have no interest to control. We will allow him to dream. That is the closest that he can get.

    Without a single historical background or any other legal means, he is determined to devour Addis and other city residents fortune. He told us and added confidently how his extremist and other crackpots are determined to destabilize by hook or crook to posses and fill their satiety level.
    That is exactly why we Ethiopians stood in front of them. That is why- even what he called his own kind rejected him and he started calling him Menelik iii. That is why we kept telling him instead of disturbing our peace by preaching and befooling other hopeless and helpless chafes of his similar kind, to start toiling to remove his poverty.

    Well, let the rage destroy the inner flesh of extremists, each one of us “Ethiopians” will keep building and dwelling anywhere in the territory of Ethiopia. Let those sectarians burn in anger, cities will administer themselves. Let the bigots burn with greed, they shouldn’t be allowed to loot anyone.


  13. Dr. Abba Kilil Mela,

    There is NO – ‘Good Crime’ & ‘Bad Crime’! ANY form/kind of VIOLENCE is CRIME! It is a UNIVERSAL LAW almost anywhere in the WORLD! There ARE ALWAYS NON-VIOLENT ways of achieving the same results:

    Rotating Strikes (to retain essential services); Sit-Ins (if demonstration is forbidden); Stay-Home (if Sit-Ins are forbidden); General Strike (Last Resort – since it paralyses the economy/city/country); etc.

    Remember: If there is a will, there is a way! Killing each other for political gains is UNACCEPTABLE unless one is hell-bent on committing crimes no matter what!

  14. No one is more nonviolent activist than our hero Eskinder Nega and his associates!! Unlike the OLF hoodlums that desplaced, raped, chopped up innocent people and that dragged headless bodies through the streets, our selfless, proud and joy God fearing humaniterian patriotic hero Eskinder Nega and his associates never hurt a soul or stolen a penny!!
    May God protect Eskinder Nega, his only cjild, his equally selfless patriotic hero wife and his peaceful patriotic selfless associates!!

    • What do you call inciting violence against Tigrés? Wasn’t Eskinder the owner and ‘Editor in Chief’ of Ethiopis when the article below was being printed and sold as series? Doesn’t what he was advocating in his paper make him Pro-Nazi?

      Read the scrolling text [23:27 till 26:03]:

  15. .

    We can only laugh at them,… laugh our longest laugh,…. Laugh at those nullity commentators who foolishly advertise and condemn the innocent together with the wicked.
    There is a saying,….He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, both of them are alike, they are an abomination. Condemning the innocent or letting the wicked go–both are hateful, …

    Degrading another, especially the proven good guys only ends up further degrading and annihilating oneself. Good guys don’t just fight for personal gain: they fight for what’s right – and its values.

    Eskinder, the good guy, the only one, … I repeat, the only one who stood in front of fanatics, sectarians, and haters. By committing himself to the cause and principle he started shinning more brighter and whenever they tried to gag him, he started luminating in front of their eyes.

    Here we are now, laughing whenever haters create something to make him look like a monster. ” He hates Oromo “, ” He is not an activist or a journalist”, He says he is a mayor” All these non-sense talk, makes our laugh increase by a thousandfold.
    On the other hand, those who iterate such a rubbish-gossips,… They make us wonder! They make us ask, … Are they for real?! ….. Do they really believe that we are as ignorant as they are to fall for such garbage? Do they think that we are similar to the “herd “, that they call “kerroo” and persuade-us with that nonsense? ….From which stone are they crooked out!?

    We have a piece of advice… For the parakeets … we say to Thou shalt at least create something believable… Something which doesn’t make you look like an idiotic fool. For the sake of common sense, forget your gossips, and answer the questions which are raised such as to who should administer the Addis residents. Why special interest and for who? ,….Just don’t stubbornly write, – a similar thing as “the sun rises in the west” and try to debate.


    • Gashe Mamo,

      STOP LYING! Same OLD SCHOOL PRAISE SONG to FOOL Ethiopians! አታፍሩም?

      Isn’t/Wasn’t Eskinder the owner and ‘Editor in Chief’ of Ethiopis when he was running a series that incites violence against Tigrés? Read the scrolling text [23:27 till 26:03]:

      አማራ፣ ኦሮሞ፣ ወዘተ ላይ ግድያ ሲዛት – “ኢ-ሰብአዊ ነው!” – ተብሎ ከተወገዘ – ለምንድነው – “ናዚዎች – አይሁዶች ላይ የፈፀሙትን – ትግሬዎች ላይ ማድረግ አለብን” – አይነት ጽሁፍ – እያተመ ሲሸጥ የነበረው እስክንድር “የሕዝባዊ መብት ተሟጋች” የሚባልበት?

      ጃዋር እና እስክንድር – የአንድ ሳንቲም ሁለት ገፅታ ናቸው! ኢትዮጵያ ያላት ችግር ላይ – ተጨማሪ ችግር ከመሆን እና ተጨማሪ ችግር ከመፈልፈል በስተቀር – የዬትኛውም የኢትዮጵያ ችግሮች መፍትኼ አካል ሆነው አያውቁም! ችግር ፈጣሪዎች እንጂ መፍትኼዎች አይደሉም!

      ሁለቱም ኢትዮጵያን ያናጋሉ! “ጥሩ የኢትዮጵያ አናጊ” – እና – “መጥፎ የኢትዮጵያ አናጊ” – የለም! ጃዋር – የኦሮሞ ካባውን ለብሶ – አማራ እና ኦሮሞን ያፋጫል! እስክንድር – የአዲስ አበባ ተቆርቋሪ ካባውን ለብሶ እና የኢትዮጵያን ባንዲራ አንግቦ – አማራ እና ኦሮሞን ያፋጫል!

      እኔ – ማንም ሰው – በምንም ዓይነት ሽፋን – ኢትዮጵያውያንን አምታትቶ – የሥልጣን መወጣጫ እንዲያደርጋቸው አልፈልግም! እኔን እንድሰደድ ያስገደደኝ – የስልጣን ጥም ያሰከራቸው ቅንዝንዞች ናቸው! ይኼም ትውልድ – በእነሱ መሰሎች ምክንያት – እንደ እኔ – መሰደድ የለበትም!

    • There is nobody like Eskinder Nega! He is one of a kind outstanding selfless humanbeing!! It is reported that TPLF had asked him to work with them instead of against them, and Eskinder could have worked with TPLF mafia and get rich, even a Prime Minister by now, but his good conscience wouldn’t allow him to work them while his motherland was being robbed, and his fellow Ethiopians muzzled, enslaved, displaced, incarserated, tortured and slaughtered left and right throughout Ethiopia!! He is a man of high integrity with unimaginable conscience!! Eskinder Nega is our Nelson Mandela…, he is our Martin Luther King!! God bless and protect our hero Eskinder Nega!!
      BTW, I heard that our hero Eskinder Nega’s mother is a Tigrean — which destroys Mognu’s argument!! We don’t care if a selfless hero is an Afar, Amhara, Oromo, Tigrean, Gambelan, Somali, long as he/she is peaceful caring humanbeing with good conscience!!!

      • Hope Z Dumbest Parrot

        Of all people, you use the word ‘conscience’? ‘Conscience,’ my ass! If you had an iota of conscience, why would you present crime as human rights’ activism?

        አማራ፣ ኦሮሞ፣ ወዘተ ላይ ግድያ ሲዛት – “ኢ-ሰብአዊ ነው!” – ተብሎ ከተወገዘ – ለምንድነው – “ናዚዎች – አይሁዶች ላይ የፈፀሙትን – ትግሬዎች ላይ ማድረግ አለብን” – አይነት ጽሁፍ – እያተመ ሲሸጥ የነበረው እስክንድር “የሕዝባዊ መብት ተሟጋች” የሚባልበት?

        Isn’t/Wasn’t Eskinder the owner and ‘Editor in Chief’ of Ethiopis when he was running a series that incites violence against Tigrés? Doesn’t that make him a Pro-Nazi?

        Read the scrolling text [23:27 till 26:03]:

        • Look again in the mirror to see the dumbest dude in town!! The same Pointless meaningless jibber jabber rant!! You need to be evaluated by a team of psychoanalyst!! You act as though that you are the only one that has the right to speak about the injustice and political matters in Ethiopia. If we take your laughable ideology, South African blacks still would be under Apartheid,, if it weren’t for freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King –blacks in South Africa and in USA wouldn’t have civil rights. May God bless and protect selfless Freedom Fighters and journalists without borders that bring the truths out in the front!!

          • Hope Z Dumbest Parrot,

            I see why Dr. NewError QUIT on you! You are a worse-than-terrible parrot! Next time, I would go for a parrot off a Pet Shop’s shelf!

            All I asked was a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question with PROOF – right from Ethiopis’ page! So, killing Tigrés is okay, is that it? – NOT WITH ME!

          • Look in the mirror again the unstable lunatic dumb ass that rants nonsense, blaming every freedom fighters that opposes the bloodyhand TPLF mafia criminals!! FYI: IT IS EASY TO SEE THAT YOU LACK THE ABLITY TO THINK CRITICALLY!! YOU JUST DON’T MAKE SENSE!! JUST ALL OVER THE MAP!!

  16. Again, another baseless pointless point!! Speaking against highly corrupted TPLF mafia criminals that have undoubtedly committed unspeakable atrocities on peaceful lawabiding Ethiopians, including on peaceful Tigrean Ethiopians for 30 years…, and that left the country landlocked, that robbed the country blind, that have given Ethiopia’s land to Sudan, etc.. IT DOESN’T MEAN ATTACKING OUR PEACELOVING TIGREANS BROTHERS AND SISTERS THAT HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH TPLF MAFIA, THE VERY MAFIA THAT ROBBED, TORTURED AND MURDERED TIGREANS THAT DIDN’T WANT TO BE PART OF TPLF MAFIA!!

  17. Question of the Day:

    በ1990ዎቹ [GC] – የአሜሪካን መንግሥት – “ኧረ አማራ በግፍ እየተጨፈጨፈ ነው! ኢትዮጵያን እርዷት!” – ስንል – ያልሰሙን አሜሪካኖች – እንዴት አሁን – በራሳቸው አነሳሽነት – ባሕር ዳር ድረስ – አ.ብ.ን. ዘንድ ኼደው – “የሚያስፈልጋችሁን ሁሉ ንገሩን” – ያሏቸው?

    Strange bed fellows(!?) የአማራ መብት ተቆርቋሪዎች(!?)

  18. .

    First, let me say these: if you wanted me to respond in due time you will write in English alphabets. Otherwise I would have to scramble personal devices to read whatever you are iterating.
    Coming to the real issue:
    You should be aware that a big stack of hay can’t stand a spark of fire. Your mountains of lie will be annihilated by small truth. Don’t echo falsity and appear more ignorant than those who are singing “it’s our turn! “song.

    I have watched whatever is presented by you as a shred of evidence. Your aim was to show that he is a monster. He answered them unequivocally. Perhaps you yourself have to watch those videos again and again.
    I am telling you, when a man sets out with preconceived notions, no matter what he is investigating, the result is always tilted, never the truth. The only thing that is universal is the truth itself. Accept the general truth! Listen to what Eskinder is saying. Not our interpretation.

    Now, even though we are not interested to hear, … an ample of times you mentioned spending time in some of those torture places that we kept fighting to eradicate from our land. As much as we felt sorry, there are numerous reports that support those individuals who spend time in such dreadful places, … the normalcy of their brain’s ability to correctly interpret and analyze data. Here I am casting doubt about your mental condition too.

    I am saying this because i can feel, an elevated restlessness, and anger towards Eskinder, most are personal attacks rather than idea-based, maybe you are one of those who are sponsored to benefit by surrendering the rights of Addis residents … but also, there is that mental scar that may have been opened due to the debt that is not going in your way. Hence, i don’t want to be added as another anguish on top of what you are already entertaining.


    • Gashe Mamo,

      You also tried to portray me as an illiterate idiot the very first day I differed with your portrayal of Eskinder as Journalist, Balderas, Human Rights Activist, etc. I proved that he is none of those! My comments have had supporting evidence! Do you see that you are the one who has credibility issues?

      The link I posted shows pages right from Ethiopis. Isn’t/Wasn’t Eskinder the owner and ‘Editor in Chief’ of Ethiopis when he was running the series that incites violence against Tigrés using Nazi-Jew analogy? Doesn’t that make him a Pro-Nazi? [Scrolling text [23:27 till 26:03]:

      If your gadget is ‘Amharic-Dumb,’ here is some what what I said:

      “Eskinder & Jawar are the two sides of the same coin. Both have never been part of the solution to any of Ethiopia’s problems! Both have always been part of the problem! They ARE BOTH Trouble Makers!

      Both destabilize Ethiopia! There is NO ‘Good Destabilizer’ & ‘Bad Destabilizer’! Jawar puts on his Oromo Activist Hat and pits Oromos against Amharas! Eskinder puts on his Balderas hat and pits Amharas against Oromos waving the Ethiopian flag! RESULT: Ethiopia Destabilized BY BOTH!

      If we condemn inciting violence against Amharas, Oromos, etc. calling it “Human Rights’ Violations”, why would anyone call Eskinder a “Human Rights’ Activist” – well aware that he has been printing and selling a series of articles inciting violence against Tigrés using Nazi-Jew analogy?

      I don’t want anyone to use Ethiopians as a springboard to power fooling them wearing one kind of hat or another. What forced me to seek refugee abroad was the power hungry megalomaniacs hell-bent on usurping power. I don’t want this generation to flee Ethiopia because of the likes of Eskinder, Jawar, etc.”

  19. Well, in my opinoin this reporting does not meet the standards of NPR. It’s okay to give vice to this oromo extrimist but at the same time they should have given a voice to those who adore the King. Why do Americans celebrate Abriham Lincolin? He was the reason why 620,000 soliders have died in the confederate army. Despite all that Lincolin was able to unit America. Let’s not be fools, no country was founded on beds of roses.

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