Coronavirus supplies donated by Alibaba’s Ma arrive in Ethiopia


ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – A first planeload of protective and medical equipment donated to Africa by Chinese billionaire and Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma to help it fight the coronavirus arrived in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Sunday.

So far, the continent of 1.3 billion people has registered only around 1,100 cases spread across 43 countries, with 39 deaths. While that is a tiny fraction of the more than 305,000 people infected and more than 13,000 deaths worldwide, there are concerns that Africa’s relatively poor health infrastructure means it will not cope if the virus becomes established.

“The flight carried 5.4 million face masks, kits for 1.08 million detection tests, 40,000 sets of protective clothing and 60,000 sets of protective face shields,” Ma’s foundation said in a statement. “The faster we move, the earlier we can help.”

It said the supplies would be distributed across Africa, going first to countries that were particularly vulnerable to the pandemic.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tweeted that distribution would start on Monday.

Health Minister Lia Tadesse said testing for the virus was one of the most important tools for controlling the outbreak.


  1. In the meantime, I would like to say a word or two to those few knuckle heads among our millennial generation. I know you. You think you are tough guys. You think you are too strong for this deadly virus. You’re wrong! You’re dead wrong!!! You should listen to what the experts have been telling us. Social distancing is not just an advice but a must. Remember that with your reckless behavior of socializing in masses does not only put you at risk but you are jeopardizing your loved ones who are at the higher risk of catching the flu by Coved-19 like your moms, dads and grandparents. Heed, heed and heed the experts’ advice.

    • Ittu

      Some of these young generations siblings are already fighting over inheritance by arguing at elders neighborhood bars over the wills of their parents, all these while currently the parents are alive and well, with legal courts shut down all many are claiming they are on the will , most of the elders donot really know who is on the will and who is not since Some even claiming to be born out of the marriage are waiting for the pandemic to hit so they inherit whatever they assume is theirs ,it seems the neighborhood elder bar/courts are going to be overloaded with such cases to the point where it spirals out of control without a doubt .

      • Marda:

        You must be kidding me? What a sad story! I have heard similar stories many years ago where siblings began squabbling over a property left behind by their dead parents. In one story it involved a real estate property that the demonic Mengistu expropriated after murdering their father. The property became available to them after Mengistu cut and ran like a rabbit in 1991. It was all greed then and it is all greed now. But what a shame!!!
        Here is a deal. If one of these knuckle heads ignore the social distancing advice and ordinances and brought the virus home to their aging parents and grandparents for the purpose of inheritance those individuals should be held responsible for the death of those elderly relatives and should be charged with murder if it can be proven in a court of law. Such individuals are demons.

  2. That righteous man deserves all the gratitude. This donation may play part in saving the lives of millions in that massive continent where the health system is not something at par with the challenge every nation is facing now. Lets do our part in every way we can to help those upright and generous people who produced us all. Also lets keep them in our daily prayers.

  3. I want to say a word or two to you my dear countrymen/women who have lost your employment due to the undeclared recession caused by this very virulent pandemic. You know me by now that I have nothing but unconditional love for all of you. I am very proud of all of us who are very hardworking compatriots. We have shown ourselves and proved to everyone else that given the opportunity we make something out of nothing. We have brought back dying neighborhoods on every corner of this country where many of them were left to rot to vibrant business districts. We don’t sit back until luck strikes but we go out there and toil making honest living in the process. Very many of us have become valuable assets to high tech companies and multinational financial institutions. That is us. We can stack up to anyone else in every field when we see the opportunities. In every one of our successes we were not granted but earned it all through grinding hard work. But this pandemic is not showing any mercy even to hardworking people. I am sure you are feeling the pinch already. This virus does not seem to go away soon or confine itself to few places. It is everywhere taking lives in thousands already. This is the time for us to huddle around and face this scourge together. Look after one another. I am down on my knees begging all of you to stop looking at each other as Oromos, Amharas, Tigres, Somalis or whatever. This virus is here with one and only one scheme: To kill every breathing and living human being on this good earth. It will never favor and an Oromo over a Tigre or Amhara or anyone else. Help one another. Practice proper social distancing and in the meantime help those small businesses like restaurants by ordering takeouts. Check on the elderly who live alone from the proper distance. Let’s tell each other ‘I have your back’ I am my brother’s keeper.’ This could end up being 1918 déjà vu or worse. It could lead to a 2nd depression like the one in the 1930’s or even worse. As one economist opined before as ‘Recession is when your neighbor has lost his/her job. Depression is when you too have lost your job’. Keep that in mind. The trick is not to panic but face it head on with courage and looking for one another. This shall pass but not before giving humanity a scar that it will never forget. It shall pass. Insha’Allah!!!!

  4. Thumbs up for Nazret for posting new articles so that Ethiopians could be informed about the happenings.

    God forbid, if the virus holds foot in Ethiopia, many people will loose their lives. People won’t listen anything the health professionals tell them. Many believe that the virus won’t touch them because Ethiopia is blessed country. Particularly, people who follow the Orthodox religion are very rigid.

    More over, the life style of the people makes it difficult to contain the virus if it spreads. People in Ethiopia are used to pushing and shoving each other. Some of the culture is so backward that it is would allow the virus to attack many people. For example, during and after funeral processions, people push and shove each other to be seen by mourners.

    People don’t maintain their distance when sitting. Young people are so rude that they won’t ask your permission to sit next to you on your table at bars and restaurants.

    All the education to try to teach the people is a waste of time and money.

    What will people eat if they are told to stay at home for a day or two?

    Please, pray the germ won’t spread in the country. If it spreads, it will take the lives of many people.

  5. African population are the most vulnerable to coronavirus and Ethiopian are the most and will die like flies if the vacin will not soon found. Thanks to hot weather of African which has a minimum damage and slowdown from spreading so fast which we are witness in western colder countries.
    Thanks to Jack Ma for his pure Chinese sprit and his love for Africa. Now it is up to our African stupid, lousy, ignorant, dictator, selfish, etc….leaders to stand up and work together to fight this virus. African population are strong and are going through difficult situations and a deadly virus like Ebola, malaria etc….
    Dictator are there to keep their own skin, you will soon see that they will sell all donated equipment and face mask on black market. It will not come to the needy in hospital or clinics. You will see some government in Africa will sell this donated equipment and face mask in European streets through their embassies. We know all these dictator and looters what they do.

  6. Previous gift to the people of Ethiopia from China and it’s badly needed support.. I heard some ignorant and vagabond elements
    are harassing Asian nationasls. It’s unacceptable and wrong. Period.

    • It is disturbing, to say the least. Well, how can we expect any less from his supporters, when their beloved president change the name of the deadly virus from Covid-19 to “China Virus”. I heard one innocent civilian has been hospitalized after being beaten up by uninformed ignorant racist hoodlum. I also watch a video last week where a black man spraying room freshener on some young Asian in one of the New York subways.
      Well, we have our own ignorant BRAINWASHED BIGOTS on this website that blame everything under the sun on Amharas and Ethiopian Orthodox Christians to divide Ethiopians and dismantle Ethiopia!!

  7. I think we are way too late. I cried about this day coming 2 months ago and pledged with the men in 4 kilo to stop flights to china. Now we are here where an exceptional situation demands exceptional action and exceptional leadership. This is a test for humanity as whole. If Ethiopia wants to at least limit the inevitable mass deaths to a few million she should learn from Uganda, Eritrea and, yes TIGRAY! There, without Abiy’s control they are undertaking wonderful job, especially I commend the religious leaders who forces people at least 2-3 meters apart.
    Shutdown every transportation that can be shut down NOW, except for medical EMERGENCY. That includes ALL roads to and from ALL cities, particularly Finfinne, close Bole Airport except for supply of emergency goods, shut down all markets all over the country, people should stay at home with their families, free information for all (learn from Kenia), physical distancing, frequently wash hands with soap, no handshaking, kissing, or hugging, ban all meetings of any kind.
    Big question: If the food stores of America and Europe are empty, who will feed the already poor people of Ethiopia if they can’t go to work and if there is no market? During Oromo protests people have learned how to stay without bus, market or even food for a couple of, but this is something whose end we never know.
    My fear is as people fight on food, law and order breaks down and the state could collapse, and nobody wants to see this. Corona united all people of the world, friends and foes, but ABiy Ahmed is not one of them.
    Right now he is the worst enemy of the Oromo people. This man is doing just what Sadam Husien and Momar Qadafi did before their demise. He thinks he can wipe out the Oromo people by blocking information from reaching them. God will not forgive the oromo people if they forgive him for a second time.

  8. Jack Ma [Ma Yun] is an extraordinary, iron-willed man who beat all odds.

    We brag about our 3,000 year-old history, our churches, our mosques, Abbay, etc. Guess what, we are over a 100 million & we don’t even have a glove & mask factory!

    Q: Do you know why Jack is giving us masks & gloves? Do you know why the West helps us with money & food? Do you know why so many of us are refugees?

    A: We are only good at shooting each other in the foot to impede Ethiopia’s progress: I am Oromo; I am Amhara; I am Moslem; I am Christian… Anything divisive!

    For a change, shall we focus on what unites us and build factories which make masks, gloves, etc. and turn idle land to farms? Ethiopia has everything for all of us!

  9. Instead of spreading hate, brainwashing and dividing Ethiopians…., instead of leaving the country landlocked…, instead of Robbing billions of dollars…, instead of giving thousands of acres of fertile land to Sudan free and clear…, instead of evicting and chasing away 70, 000 Gambelans in the woods, killing 500 Gambelans and selling their land to foreigners to grow flowers…, instead of incarserating, torturing and slaughtering millions of Ethiopians… the brutal TPLF mafia and their shameless associates that sold their souls to the devil could have worked and make Ethiopia the bread basket of Africa, even of the world and could have made Ethiopia the selfsufficient country and invey of the world to manufacture beyond gloves and face masks!!!!
    Why isn’t Abiy going after the very OLF and TPLF CRIMINALS that are disturbing peace and working 24/7 to distablize the country? Why is Abiy afraid to go after TPLF mafia to return the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS they have stolen… so that the money could be used to fight Covid-19, to eradicate hunger and the never-ending extreme poverty???

    • Mrs Hope: “Why isn’t Abiy going after the very OLF and TPLF CRIMINALS that are disturbing peace and working 24/7 to distablize the country? Why is Abiy afraid to go after TPLF mafia to return the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS they have stolen… ?”
      The Answer is because his is a liar and a traitor. A liar and a traitor is always afraid of truth. In fact he tried just what you said, but he retreated with his tails behind his legs. He only tries look like a man in Finfinne. He cannot go to Ambo, let alone Tigray. Let’s forget Tigray which is almost independent. If his soldiers shoot someone, it is an unarmed oromo mother or father of five , 10 year old children with no connection to any armed group. They never dare to go close OLA. In fact more than half of the special forces trained to fight OLA surrendered to J. Marro, the rest, especially those deployed from Amara state became Oromia. That is why he is training more and more. OLA is all over Oromia including some pockets in Finfinne. He cut of the internet cables because if the images of his dead soldiers appear on facebook you would turn against him and eat him.

      • Ms. Sorsa,
        My disagreements with Abiy is totally different than why you are against him. You want him to allow the badly brainwashed lawless OLF hoodlums to continue displacing, robbing, burming Churches, Mosques and peaceful worshipers, to continue raping young girls, chopping up people, abducting and raping female students, and slaughtering lawabiding innocent non-OLF Ethiopians; because of their ethnicity and religious affliatiatons!!!
        And in the other hand, I’m totally disappointed with him and his associates for looking the other way when these godforsaken desensetized hoodlums and mayers going around bulldozing and burning thousands of homes, committing endless bone chilling shocking crimes against unarmed defenseless, lawabiding Ethiopians…, mind you, even when these hoodlums announced their planned attack a week, two weeks in advance, no one was there from the Federal government to stop these badly brainwashed barbaric lawless bloodthirsty merciless extremists! And yet, he sent troops to ambush political opponents in Bahardar without a day in court!!! — No doubt that, that killing was orchestrated and coordinated along with the help of TPLF mafia criminals!!!!!! I also heard that more Amharas have been gunned down in Amhara areas last week!! Simply, he is exibiting more power abuse and lack of respect for human life!! And yet, the very corrupted TPLF mafia that robbed the country blind, that tortured and slaughtered staggering number of innocent Ethiopians are left to continue plotting crimes against lawful, hardworking people!! This is highly disappointing and extremely alarming!!
        Another thing I read today that made my jaw dropped is Abiy’s materialistic teenage mentality:

        “…economists get their PhD’s by studying and writing how some of those affluent individuals at the event accumulated wealth; however, they don’t even own a decent car to drive!!!…”

  10. All of Africa demand to get our fair share of Jack Ma and AliBaba donated Covid-19 CoronaVirus fighting supplies items which is currently in the hands of PM Abiy Ahmed.

    PM Abiy must open his borders ASAP so all Africans can get access to these donated items right now, before it is too late otherwise we Africans have to take measures to convince PM Abiy Ahmed to act in a timely manner.

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