Coronavirus in Ethiopia: ‘Incredible recovery of man aged over 100’


BBC -The recovery from coronavirus of an Ethiopian man who is believed to be at least 100 years old was “incredible”, one of the doctors who treated him told the BBC.

Aba Tilahun Woldemichael’s family says he is 114, which would make him the world’s oldest man, but there is no birth certificate to confirm his age.

People over the age of 80 are considered to be among the most vulnerable if they catch the virus.

The centenarian, who is an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian monk, is now being looked after at home by his grandson.

“When I was in the hospital I was praying to God asking for my health. I was crying and praying for the whole country to be healthy again,” he told the BBC.

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  1. The question is how this old monk who is isolated from mass got covid -19.the answer is not difficult. I know some anti Ethiopia orthodox elements are there paied by some secret groups to deliberately infect northern parts of Ethiopia, specily the Amhara population . I have noticed an increase a foreign country agents smuggling corona infected clothes,foods and even test swap that every time the places into your nose or mouth you will have a covid 19 that will spread among your family members and community. Test swap are the reason why so many blacks infected in USA and it is still continues infecting many more in USA, South America, now India. People who have no any symptoms of covid 19 are now infected with it through test swap and others test kits which are deliberately manufactured to spread this pandemic so that these bio technology, and drug companies benifit and make a lot of money.
    Just wait December and January, there will be 4 or 5 bio technology and drug companies will come up with new vacin which are designed to future use by adding in secret a NANO TECHNOLOGY xxxxxx to stear up humans bodies in coming years. The same way a mobile companies controls over your mobile phone, these bio and drug companies will have full control over your entire bodies. Mass vaccination will start in December and January, you are all invited into fishing boats. Then you are not any more human being rather you are a number in their reservation system like what they did to native india in USA in 18th century. Wake up smell Ethiopian coffee.

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