Ethiopia reports record 1,086 daily COVID-19 cases


ADDIS ABABA, Aug. 13 (Xinhua) — Ethiopia’s confirmed COVID-19 cases reached 26,204 after 1,086 new COVID-19 positive cases were confirmed on Thursday, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health said.

This is so far the highest daily increase in the Horn of Africa country.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Health, in a statement issued on Thursday, revealed that from a total of 14,688 medical tests that were conducted within the last 24 hours, some 1,086 of them tested positive for COVID-19, eventually bringing the total number of positive cases to 26,204.

Sixteen more patients succumbed to illnesses related to the COVID-19 pandemic on Thursday, bringing the total number of COVID-19 related deaths in the East African country to 479, according to the ministry.

The ministry further said 11,428 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 had so far recovered, including 394 in the last 24 hours period.

According to the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, a total of 14,295 COVID-19 patients are still undergoing medical treatment, out of which 193 are in severe condition.

Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous nation with about 107 million people, confirmed its first case of COVID-19 on March 13.

The East African country had so far conducted some 550,119 COVID-19 medical tests, according to the ministry.

Amid the rapid spread of the virus across the East African country, the Ethiopian government as well as healthcare experts and analysts mainly attribute the recent spike of COVID-19 pandemic to the unrest that affected the East African country earlier this month.

The Ethiopian government is also intensifying its mass COVID-19 testing campaign as the number of COVID-19 cases rises rapidly in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, the East African country officially launched a nationwide month-long testing campaign, which the Ethiopian government said “will determine the next steps to undertake in the new year,” which will start on September 11.

The Ethiopian government is currently mobilizing resources to ensure there’s no shortage of laboratory materials and quarantine centers.

Ethiopia is also boosting its COVID-19 testing capacity at border points with neighboring countries.

As the East African country strengthened the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese engagement has injected much-needed momentum in Ethiopia’s anti-pandemic efforts.

On Monday, the Chinese technology and social media giant, ByteDance, donated 100,000 COVID-19 testing kits in support of Ethiopia’s anti-COVID-19 pandemic efforts.


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    The highest number reported in one single day📈📣. I am very scared the number can jumped out and reach 150000 by the end of this year. Unless they stopp these immigrants from entering Ethiopia border. The others things are like south Africa which they used infected covid test swap,deliberately in secret infected people so that these companies can sell their products. The more the country spend money to buy these infected PPM without kontroll the pandemic will continue like south Africa. It is intentionally and a conspiracy to infect African so that the next death will pass south American and European.
    Ethiopian has to stop from testing by these test materials just like Tanzanian did. If you test a GOAT with this test kits it shows that the GOAT even gets it.
    Once they put he swap into your mouth or nose the virus activate into full covod 19 and you will be the host of it and carry it and pass to the next person and the cycle goes like a wild fire.
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    Do not forget that the British used to kill native india in America by giving them a blanket smeared with small box and others deadly viruses. And now south Africa is dying like a fly by infecting them with swaps and other test kits…

  2. Today’s numbers are even worse. That over qualified daughter/sister of ours H.E Dr. Lia bint Tadesse and her capable team had the pandemic under control until these demonic bigots incited the gullible youth to erupt into destructive riots and running around into the streets in their thousands unprotected from the virus. Implements and sites established to fight the spread of the pandemic were trampled on and put out of use. Those vagabonds went home carrying the virus. Then numbers started going up. And now those demonic Wahhabis went into rampage throwing out tens of thousands of our countrymen with many of them carrying the deadly virus. The Wahhabis did that after robbing our countrymen/women the last red cent in their possession. Many of those returnees were dumped by the goons everywhere and many of had entered the country through porous borders and into their communities undetected spreading the virus. The daily will continue to get worse for weeks to come before they get better. Ok, bigots and Wahhabis! You share the blame for this. I want to see you held responsible. This is nothing but waging a deadly biological warfare on the old country. Those punk rocking bigots who are now in prison should answer for this in the court of law.

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