Political Violence Could Derail Ethiopia’s Democratic Transition

A string of assassinations has spawned conspiracy theories and intercommunal suspicion, threatening the country’s stability.


ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—According to his wife, the late Gen. Seare Mekonnen, Ethiopia’s former army chief of staff, was assassinated by a bodyguard shortly after 9 p.m. on June 22, 2019. The general was rushed to a hospital, where he later died. His companion, a retired general who was also hit, died immediately. His wife was inside their home at the exact moment of the killing, but she was there at the scene when, a few minutes later, the bodyguard sprang from the ground and ran to a shed at the end of the garden, firing a volley of bullets at a security guard in pursuit.

If anybody knows what happened to the widely respected general that night, it is his widow, Tsige Alemayehu. But, for more than a year after the assassination, she was not asked to testify in the accused bodyguard’s trial. Nor were she and her family allowed to attend the hearing. Indeed, before June she had never met the prosecutor hired by the government in the case. Her efforts to speak with the attorney general, the federal police commissioner, and even Ethiopia’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, were all rebuffed. “We don’t know what is going on and nobody is telling us,” she said in an interview in July. “There must be something they want to hide.”

Tsige is not alone in her confusion and her suspicions. In the past two years, political killings and the conspiracy theories they spawn have become a recurrent theme in Ethiopian politics, with powerful and dangerous consequences for an already fragile nation. The proliferation of both reflects the violent nature of regime change and power struggles in an ethnically and ideologically divided country which has never experienced a peaceful political transition. They also reveal certain deep-rooted facts about the Ethiopian state itself.

In June 2018, shortly after Abiy took office and a year before the chief of staff’s killing, there was an apparent attempt on the prime minister’s life in Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square. A grenade was thrown toward the stage as the prime minister finished addressing a public rally, killing two and injuring many more. Two months later, Simegnew Bekele—the chief engineer of the country’s wildly popular infrastructure megaproject, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam—was found dead in his car in the same square. (The police determined it was a suicide, but few are convinced.)

In June of this year, Hachalu Hundessa, a popular singer and activist from the Oromo ethnic group, was shot in his car, triggering days of mayhem in which at least 166 people were killed (some by police, others by mobs) and more than 9,000 people were arrested.

Beyond the headlines, many low-level officials—including mayors, security chiefs, and opposition politicians—have been killed in the past two years. Four months before Hachalu’s murder, the police commissioner of the town of Burayu was murdered. The government blamed rebels linked to the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), an opposition party; the Oromo opposition blamed the government. A few months later, the head of the OLF office in the Bole district of Addis Ababa was killed in his car. A couple of weeks after Hachalu’s killing, a well-connected businessman allegedly with links to the government was killed in the town of Adama.

As for Seare’s assassination in Addis Ababa last year, it happened on the same night as what the government alleged was an attempted coup in the northern region of Amhara. The plot, which the government said was led by Amhara state’s then security chief, Asaminew Tsige, resulted in the murder of several top officials in Amhara including the regional president.

That night, Abiy alleged the two events were linked. In the following days, Asaminew was killed by the army while hundreds of his alleged accomplices and co-conspirators, including some opposition leaders, were arrested. Abiy later claimed that “the suspected people were trained by people who came from abroad.” But, in the subsequent months, almost all were released. In the former chief of staff’s case, only his bodyguard remains on trial—and the putative links between that incident and the assassinations in Amhara are no longer under consideration.

Seare’s widow believes the arrests and subsequent releases—with barely a word of explanation from the government—point to a cover-up. “Justice has not been served,” she said. Many Ethiopians at the time questioned the government’s version of events, and to this day many doubt its reasons (or lack thereof) for releasing suspects. When discussing their release Abiy did not specify whether they had been exonerated or pardoned. When asked for further details about the releases, Fikadu Tsega, the deputy attorney general, simply reiterated that the government had made a decision to do so.

In 2018, the historic transfer of power inside the ruling Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)—from the ethnic Tigrayan old guard to Abiy’s supposedly reformist Oromo faction—was hailed as a democratic breakthrough, and Abiy won the Nobel Peace Prize a year later. Thousands of political prisoners were released; exiled opposition parties including the OLF were welcomed home; revisions to draconian laws were promised. The independence of state institutions, including the electoral board and judiciary, was also made a priority.

But today’s political opening increasingly resembles earlier periods of tumult in Ethiopian history. Abiy has himself noted parallels with the pattern of violence which followed the overthrow of Emperor Haile Selassie in 1974 and which involved both a rebel campaign of political assassinations known as the White Terror, and the state-orchestrated mass murders, known as the Red Terror, by the military junta known as the Derg. “We all know the history of the Red and White Terror,” he warned in an interview last year. “It started with the killing of government officials and the government during that time responded with unmatched force. There are people who want to repeat that. We have to be responsible not to repeat that history.”

It also resembles the mid-1990s, after the EPRDF overthrew the Derg in 1991 and then fell out with its allies in the transitional government, ushering in a period of bloody instability. In 1996, an Oromo singer and political activist called Ebbisaa Addunyaa was slain in his home in Addis Ababa in circumstances which echo those surrounding the death of Hachalu this year. Much of the Oromo opposition blamed the government for the murder. But some observers believe that intra-Oromo rivalries and even personal betrayal might have played a part, according to Endalk Chala, a professor at Hamline University who is researching a history of the OLF. Nobody was ever held accountable.

The conflicting interpretations of Hachalu’s murder today reflect similar divisions. Almost immediately after his death, members of the Oromo opposition accused the government. The government pointed to indications that Hachalu may have been killed by militant Oromo nationalists who had previously denounced the musician’s political moderation. But the chance that he was murdered for more mundane reasons—such as a romantic feud—cannot be entirely discounted.

The more fundamental problem for Ethiopia’s stability is that Abiy spoke out before any real investigation could take place. As he did in the hours after the so-called Amhara coup attempt the previous year, Abiy appeared on television (dressed again in army fatigues) and blamed the incident on “anti-reformists.” Four days later he appeared to blame Egypt, with whom Ethiopia is embroiled in a major dispute over the construction of the Nile dam: “Those external and internal forces who were not successful with the Great Ethiopia Renaissance Dam issue have tried their utmost efforts to create chaos at this time.” Meanwhile, Shimelis Abdisa, head of Oromia region, hinted heavily in a televised statement on June 30 at the involvement of Tigrayan politicians, alleging they organized the assassination in order to “regain the power which they had lost.”

Since then the police have arrested four suspects for the killing—who, according to the attorney general’s office, had taken orders from the Oromo Liberation Army (an armed breakaway faction of the OLF).

This pattern of inconsistent public statements and reckless politicization by both government and opposition leaders is now a familiar one. After the grenade attack in Meskel Square in 2018, the government swiftly blamed former Tigrayan security officials—including the former head of national intelligence. Police arrested 30 people suspected of involvement in the blast, as well as nine police officers for failing to prevent the attack, including the capital’s deputy police commissioner. More than two years later, on Aug. 28 this year, five non-Tigrayan individuals were convicted for the incident. All others have since been released or had their charges dropped.

Following the death of the dam’s chief engineer, some opposed to Abiy’s government accused it of murdering him. While on a visit to the United States Abiy himself called it an assassination, before the police said it was a suicide. Others suggested the assassins might be linked to the Tigrayan-dominated military-industrial conglomerate Metals and Engineering Corporation, which was responsible for much of the dam’s construction (and was widely believed to have embezzled funds). Nothing has ever been definitively proved.

A number of theories can be posited to explain these patterns. One is simply incompetence and government incapacity, including a lack of technical expertise for conducting complex investigations. Following the bomb in Addis Ababa, the U.S. government sent a team of experts from the FBI to help determine the cause of the blast, though it was not involved in the subsequent police investigation into the suspects.

Another problem is the overwhelming dominance of state-controlled or state-affiliated media, even in the relatively liberal press environment of the Abiy era. These outlets flood the airwaves with the official narrative following major incidents, enjoy privileged access to political court cases, and frequently broadcast highly partisan “documentaries” targeting political opponents. This feeds polarization by restricting the space for nonpartisan accounts and undermining faith in facts. And it is exacerbated by the government’s habit of shutting down the Internet in moments of crisis, which leaves the field open to extremist online voices which predominate among Ethiopia’s large and politically assertive overseas diaspora.

The flip side of this is an entrenched culture of opacity around the real workings of politics and government, which itself fosters the kind of climate of intrigue and mistrust which can lead to violence. “It becomes hard to say what is and isn’t conspiracy,” argued Diego Malara, an anthropologist at the University of Glasgow. “These aren’t totally wild political tales with witches and illuminati in them; they are plausible explanations in a context where intrigue and opacity are the norm.”

One consequence is that responding to assassinations and political killings has become, especially for the opposition, principally about seizing control of the narrative. This can come at the expense of seeking to establish the truth by pressing for independent and transparent investigations—and this matters in today’s Ethiopia, where independent investigations do not exist.

“During the old regime we had a lot of courts and a lot of wrangling even if we had no due process of law. Since the Revolution, we have neither courts nor wrangling nor due process of law,” wrote the Ethiopian writer-in-exile, Hama Tuma, in his 1993 satirical classic The Case of the Socialist Witchdoctor and Other Stories. “In my country, going to court of one’s free will is considered a sign of mental imbalance.”

In the early days of the EPRDF government, there were signs of improvements in judicial independence. But these were more or less reversed in the years following the 2005 national election—the closest thing to a free contest in Ethiopian history, and in which a coalition of opposition parties claimed victory. In reaction, the government of then Prime Minister Meles Zenawi crushed what remained of the courts’ independence, flooding the benches with loyalists and restricting employment opportunities for dissidents. “They aggressively went after those who resisted party dictates,” said Mekonnen Firew Ayano, a law professor at the University of Missouri.

The attorney general’s office is headed by a political appointee and member of the ruling party. It is responsible not only for giving legal advice to the government but also for prosecuting crimes, which means there is no institutional safeguard against politically motivated prosecutions. “The entire bureaucracy—the entire law enforcement process—has historically been, and is still perceived to be, politicized,” said Adem K. Abebe, a legal expert based in The Hague. This continues under the new administration, despite its pledge to do things differently.

Even under Abiy, there is still an almost total merger of party and state. It is a phenomenon which dates back as far as Ethiopia has had parties (under the Derg there was only one party, and before the 1974 revolution the emperor himself was, in effect, the state). And its consequences are huge, profoundly shaping the culture of power and influencing the everyday relationship between citizens and their rulers. For those outside the state and the party, it encourages what Adem calls self-help: “If people think the state won’t do anything, they take matters into their own hands”—which can mean political violence. For those inside the state and the party, it encourages both corruption and a sense of impunity. All feed the culture which makes assassinations more likely.

In late 2019, Abiy ditched the EPRDF and formed a new party, the Prosperity Party, which promised to separate itself, for the first time, from the state. He has also appointed several respected individuals not aligned with the party to head various institutions. On Aug. 19, he made a highly regarded constitutional scholar, Gedion Timothewos Hessebon, the attorney general—but Gedion is not necessarily independent; he is said by well-connected political observers to have become a member of the PP.

But as Ethiopia’s long history of political violence and politicized justice clearly shows, it will take more than changes in personnel to fix problems of this kind. “If they want to regain trust in the institutions they will have to be really creative,” said Abel Abate Demissie, an Ethiopian political analyst and associate fellow at Chatham House in London.

At a minimum this must involve depoliticizing the attorney general’s office and redefining its functions. There should also be an entirely independent commission of inquiry headed by figures from outside politics to conduct investigations into all the major assassinations of recent years. And the government ought to take a longer view, too, and establish—following broad-based public consultations—a wide-reaching truth-and-reconciliation process to tackle the legacies of historic violence and injustice. Otherwise, Ethiopia will not break the painful and destructive cycle which increasingly threatens to drive it over a cliff.

Tom Gardner is a journalist based in Addis Ababa, covering Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

Lule Estifanos is a freelance court reporter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and a law graduate of Addis Ababa University.


  1. The OLF shene group is created by the double talker PM and TPLF to discredit the true OLF and create division b/n the Oromo and the Amharas, The pm knew he is losing power to OLF that is the main reason they play the game under shene to have support form the public that is the excuse PM used to silence opposition also unless one is studied it is clearly written on the wall that the Amhara leaders are also killed by the PM and TPLF. I have a proof from insider.
    Abiye is the master of devil he is worest than any Ethiopian leader in history.
    Playing with people emotion is what he did and he is leading the nation to the slaughter house
    We must stop supporting him ASAP

    • Seriously? What is the difference between Abiy Ahmed and OLF? I thought they are one and the same. It reminds me of the deceased TPLF boss Melese Zenawi saying “የኦሮሞ ፓርቲ ሰዎች እንዴ ፈጣን ሎተሪ ሲፋቁ ኦነግ ናቸው”. The only difference within all Oromo thug parties is difference in cult affiliations. One of OLFs wing Islamist Jihadist cult led by Jawar Abamencha and another Prosperity Gospel cult led by ፔንጤ Abiy Ahmed. OLF is a good for nothing and wasteful group of people who should be prisoned and some like Jawar, Dawud Ibsa, Bekele Geriba, Gabissa, and Ararssa should receive a death sentence.

      • Don’t kid yourself, look back every move Abiy makes and you will find out. He is playing games with TPLF he is fighting fake fights while degrading others. They wanted OLF and the Amhara to be enemies the Amhara is sucked to this sale out pimp PM.
        Show me how smart you are tell me why he killed the Amhara leaders? Truth to be told Abiye is running bases sabotage really bad one

        • I agree with the fact that Abiy is a TPLF who pretends to be an Oromo. All he has been doing for the last few years are about saving TPLF and helping Shabia not solving the problems created by them for the larger Ethiopian population. It feels to me TPLF left Addis Ababa with their autopilot so that they can take a break. The foolish Oromo and Amhara locked in artificial conflict trumped up by TPLF, EPLF and OLF are utter stupidity of burning down their own country. I know that I will blamed for this because I genuinely pin point the major culprit. The Oromos have been used for the last three decades by TPLF, EPLF and OLF to destroy their own country by being tuned to the falsehood rhetoric of TPLF, EPLF, and OLF. I would say especially, TPLF and EPLF created OLF involuntarily, simply to force them destroy their own country. That is why I always call OLF utter stupid, because they miss the bigger picture first. What is for instance, the advantage for the Oromo when the country lost its access to sea? But OLF was the an important actor and supporter of this. What has the benefit been massacring just innocent poor Amhara farmers who have no idea of politics? Nothing, except seeding enmity among people so that the other side will ambush another fellow innocent Oromo when time favors. It does not serve any purpose. A divided people falls quick and lose it all – I am not sure when will especially the falsely overdosed Oromos wakeup and say no to tribalism , TPLF, OLF, EPLF and stand their country and all people of Ethiopia first. Until that happen hell will be reigning over Ethiopia and the foolish people will be used up by the evil cunning. To me Abiy is the same as Debretsion and Isaias .

          • You have to look at the whole package you can’t just hate OLF because we ask for our freedom to be free, the one doing the killing is the PM and TPLF the people must stop following this devil by emotion. Hating OLF will not solve Ethiopiawe problem you rather get to the bottom of the problem and fix it, the way around OLF is sit down down and discuss your concern blaming can only make the Oromo aggressive What we lack in that country is the mentality to engage others instead of shouting for our wife interest we must dismantle this belief system.
            I am one good example here when someone is sober and try to understand my pain, when someone is willing to address my suffering under the “ ADENKURE GEZAW of the Amhara” I am always humble that is why I always say on this forum the truth shall set u free.
            TPLF hates the Amhara we all know that and the Amhara responded by hate what is the point?
            You hate OLF just because we say we need our freedom why? Do you believe in democracy? Thanks yes them respect my right is all I am saying.
            I don’t have anything against the Amhara other than their ignorance. We must stop speaking for others and listen instead

          • Aba geda,

            Why don’t you go tell your barbaric people first, burying people alive is evil. Hanging someone upside down and dragging him on the street is inhuman, killing people and throwing them for wild animals consumption is the worst crime of humanity. Then we can talk about your rights later

  2. Abebaw,

    You said “ TPLF and EPLF created OLF involuntarily, simply to force them destroy their own country. “ That is not true. OLF, the movement for freedom of the Oromo people from Amhara oppression were there years before the inception of TPLF and EPLF. The only way to make peace with the Oromos is to withdraw from their land that your people are occupying including the Oromia capital, Finfine. Anything short of that, the struggle will continue.

    • ኣግዓዚ
      This is not never move the country to anywhere. We are talking citizens and their country. We live in the western world, while strangers we are welcome, but you call people to live their own country. TPLF created millions of internally displaced people and Abiy is doing the same. For the country and her people to change, the ugly scene has to be changed. The discourse should not be Amhara, Oromo, Tigre, Guraghe, etc. This has already failed and such thing is not even politics. If we keep talk about these, you will be here complaining and your kids and grand kids will do the same – because neither Amhara, Tigre nor Oromo is political philosophy. Please break your OLD TPLF habit – I am sure you can and you can be better than this.

      • Abebaw, Hallelujah! This is by far your best comment ever. I can do that if you are willing to do the same. I don’t know what you smoked before you wrote this one but if I were you I smoke more of that lol

      • Abebaw, Hallelujah! This is by far your best comment ever. I can do that if you are willing to do the same. I don’t know what you smoked before you wrote this one but if I were you I smoke more of that lol

  3. .

    Abiy as a party leader is responsible for the prejudiced political and bureaucratic structure that created genocide and he personally tried to hide the crimes from the international community.


  4. See below video, Abiye ordered shoot to kill order to General Asaminew. Why did the security forces shot the killer of General Seare on the head rather than wound and capture him? They wanted to kill him to hid the evidence but miraculously the killer survived. The case is not yet still tried in court, no body ever interviewed the wife of the General, why? In any civilized country, let alone a chief of staff even killing any police officer will give you a death penalty.


  5. Agazi,
    I don’t know why you are trying to talk to me but listen lizard, all the killing and burning and chopping of the amhara from Oromia is done by TPLF never by the oromos I know for the truth one of the TPLF manifesto is to eradicate the Amhara for whatever reason, you bloody mother fkr ticks are trying to discredit the humble Oromo I know who TPLF is better than anybody. Don’t fkn start with me if you do next time you will leak it off from your nasty Tigre wife’s [email protected] Stay away from me.
    Amharas are ignorant but they are never as evil as TPLF. Molacha leba Tigre.

  6. .

    Abiy is empowering his own constituency, the Oromos.
    He used the time of tolerance, to replace the hegemony of the TPLFites with that of Oromo. He is working to comfort extreme Oromo ethno-nationalists.
    The very extreme racist Oromos want everything to be done quickly or immediately. Hence, they regard Abiy as their enemy otherwise he is working to appease the same fanatic Oromos.


    • Obbo Mamo,
      Disagree, you want to talk real stuff do your assignment first, Abiye is not working for the Oromo, he is working for TPLF as he is one of them and he grew up sucking Aboye sebhat kolet working and spying against the Oromo people. Don’t ever come here and tell me he work for the fantatic Oromo please. He is a double talker master manipulator of the setuation. He is working for himself and TPLF. Also don’t forget when we ask for our right you call us fanatic but you forget that you are one of the worest Amhara fanatic in here LOL!

  7. Abiy is here to stay. The Mamo Killos of this world can do nothing about it. In a country where the majority of the people are illiterates, democracy doesn’t work. We have seen what has happened when Abiy has tried to open the door. I would prefer a benevolent dictator than a Neftegna or Oromo extremist in the helm of power. A society which is used to whipping, democracy doesn’t cut it. How can democracy works in a country where many exemplary donkeys like Abebaw and Mamo Killo exits?

    • It speaks volume how awfully you are dormant. You are preaching Abiy Amhed’s kingdom is everlasting. Wow, I am wondering what century you find yourself – is that stone age or probably you taking a quote/a line from the prosperity Gospel of the Pentes? Listen the dormant man of the century , Abiy’s now does not have a legitimate authority and will not have one in the future too. It is the Pente or the propserity gospel people like you echoing, like those before him he too will soon be history. Sadly, he misused his time – more death and genocide, prison, displacement, corruption, anarchy happened in his time. He improved TPLF’s record in bringing destruction, hate and division. More than anyone before him, he is a text book example of a true lair.

  8. .

    The demolition of houses based on ethnicity, based on favoritism, in Addis Ababa and the genocide together with overall internal displacement in Oromia under Abiy’s watch, proves Abiy doesn’t have the intention to bring the country to track as promised by his speech.

    We, … I have run out of patience, so do many people. The reform agenda has been questionable now.

    For ‘domawean’, millions who are suffering mean nothing. It is their turn to show the favoritism, the partiality, and the one-sidedness. They have no base but emboldened.
    They believe all Ethiopians are illiterate. The equality that is echoed inside democracy is a joke. The fact that an Oromo is now heading the federal government makes them openly beg for an autocrat and a dictator.
    Their inflammatory statements aimed at berating another ethnic group has increased. Anyone or anything, including the coexistence and the very fabric that Ethiopia is constructed, is their enemy. These historical enemies have got an opportunity to act and display their hatred in public and to all of us. Their hatred towards anything that is Ethiopian is immense. One good sample and example here is that bozo pick mattock.

    Isn’t domaw the barbarous one who sows hate, denies the truth, and who is addicted to condemnation so as to break the bond of coexistence?

    Isn’t he the one who sponsors rubbish and fictitious stories with no evidence whatsoever just to destroy Ethiopia?

    Doesn’t he support Abiy, only for the violence and genocide against religious and ethnic minorities in Oromia?

    Isn’t he that hater that has no problem of cheering when he heard the killing & murders of thousands in Oromia?

    Well, yes, he is the bore that repeats his lie, repeats his hatred in every comment. Yes, he is the dunderhead with no caliber but acts like a programmed mechanical robot. It is good that he is extremely weakling and frail for everything including convincing himself for a lie that he repeats every hour. Yes, he is the dead brain that dowels on hatred.



  9. Truth to be told The honourable Damo is the one and only true speaking on this forum, he also criticize OLF but I take it I know he is saying it at face value trust me I can leave with him but never with those short sighted deniers and liers we must stop lies specially the Amhara fanatics. Stop your lies.

  10. Abebash aka Komata Neftegna,

    Did your Neftegna kings had legitimacy? Now you hate the man because he isn’t from your tribe. Therefore, you must belittle him. Whether a worthless Azemari like you approves Abiy’s leadership or not don’t matter. Keep on whining.

    • Dom-arse,
      I say it again you are a complete dormant here. You had been crying and complaining about TPLF in the past pretending you were standing for justice. Where is that now when another OLF thug Abiy Ahmed is breaking the record of brutality, genocide, anarchy, theft, displacement, heading to complete civil war? You are a fraud OLF thinking even beneath a baboon. Abiy is neither appointed, elected or anointed like the past Emperors of Ethiopia. He was a notorious despicable spy working for TPLF in the past and now is working for Shabia for his life and illegitimate tenure. I can tell you Abiy power is active or limited largely to Addis Ababa and Some Oromo dominated provinces otherwise Tigray province has ignored him for long and Amhara region has already deactivated his power. You are praising without saying an expired OLF thug , his time certainly is short. You can’t comprehend stuffs beyond your nose – what a criminal OLF you are.

  11. .

    The party that is known now as the Amhara prosperity party is the former ANDM. This party’s skeletal system and bureaucracy were designed and constructed by the former TPLFite Berket Simon.

    Imagine, that party still exists and functions by that same skeletal system … till now. The party (ANDM) in its political program released in 1986 called all Amharas that are living outside of the Amhara regional states as colonizers and it stipulates those Amharas traveled to those places to oppress others.

    These come out from a party that says it stands for the same people whom it calls colonizers. I am telling you that the party is filled by opportunist individuals who don’t have an ounce of integrity. Whose integrity is feeble.

    You can travel anywhere at any time, I doubt you will find a swarm of opportunists concentrated in one party as that worthless organization. Just see the higher officials.
    Demeke Mekonen. Demeke was a deputy for Meles, a deputy for Hailemariam, a deputy for Abiy. No integrity whatsoever. It shows how that person is a bottom-feeder.
    If you take Nigusu Tilahun. It is more. A very ugly liar, a carpetbagger. Unscrupulous opportunist. Again, take Temesgen Tiruneh. It gets even worse. It is just they are all similar criminals who sold everything and anything for a chewed bone. They are always ready to bend over for anyone.

    The resurrection of Ethiopia can only be achieved on the grave of such individuals and groups.
    Just recently that party officials presented a gift. A gift for Shemiles. For the same Shemiles who iterated about their foolishness. What can you do with such lame heads!


    • Gash Mamo,

      You listed all the fundamental problems with the Amhara prosperity party but what is the alternative? You have already gone to the top of the mountain and see the promise land from afar but it takes a leader to get you there. You don’t have one! You can’t live your life in fear and paranoia. let the chips fall where they may. The way out of this conundrum is Democracy, rule of law, institutions that work for the people rather than the ruling power. Make the military independent. If we can achieve this, everything else will fall in place. Your focus should be not on destroying TPLF rather on building Amhara. This notion that TPLF is the cause for every problem the country is in is just fooling your self.

      • Agazi,

        TPLF is the mother of all the 50 years long problem. It is a disgrace to all. Words can’t even explain the damages TPLF done to Ethiopia. They are harvesting it more than any one , it is now hurting them bad. They are source of humiliations and defeat the Tigray province people as they are to the entire nation. I would say TPLF are utter stupid – ever cursed from generation to generation. They were blacksmithed by Shabia to do their dirty job – I am wondering you still supporting aimless rebel thugs, TPLF.

        • Abebaw,

          Let me just make something clear first, I am not a fan of TPLF, although for a completely different reason than you are. If it was not for you and your likes, the radicals, we could have replaced TPLF with other young competing parties in Tigray a long time ago. But the people are fearful to let TPLF go at this juncture in time so they are using them as a sanctuary to protect them.

          You said “ TPLF is the mother of all the 50 years long problem. It is a disgrace to all” well that is your opinion. There are also many who are saying TPLF were a blessing to them. The Gumuz people you were calling ሻንቅላ in the past and trading them as a commodity in an open market now have their own state and are self governing. This happened through the sacrifices paid by the people of Tigray. If you are trying to resurrect the old system back, I have a bad news for you, that system has no place in the new Ethiopia.

  12. Neftegnaw Mamo Killo,

    What the hell are you blabbering about? For the like of you and that worthless Abebash unless Menelik comes back from the dead, Ethiopia will not survive.

    What the hell is wrong with you Azemaris? How can one builds a country with useless creatures and dead brains like you ? When will you appreciate when some one other than a certified Al-Azemari does something good? I tired of Neftegnas.

    Lemen Yewashal?

    • .
      Why am I still finding you skulking around Emperor Minlik’s name?

      Didn’t I tell you that your liking is not with the breathing but with the dead like a vulture?
      Yes! I was right.
      You are still circling around for a corpse. Still, your paradise is the stench while you immerse yourself in a grave-digging politics.
      Aren’t you murderous, who will not hesitate to stick your blunt dagger on a human throat for a rotten corpse?
      please, other readers. …. amongst you, who will believe this devil incarnate and spend a day in a room with him? …

      … trust me at one point, this primitive, buck-teeth, cannibal will come running, waving his machete. Shouting and crying “Azmari yeeeee!, Debtera eueueueu”. His brain is tranquilized.

      Never able to differentiate the ruling class from ordinary people.
      Never able to differentiate the sweet talker and theoretical – Abiy with that of the incompetent, negligent, and sponsor of genocide -Abiy


  13. ከ መስከረም 25 2013 ዓ/ም በኃላ ምን ሊከሰት ይችላል?።ምንስ ሊያጋጥም ይችላል።

    ክስተት ( ቢሆነኝ) ÷ 1

    የኦሮምያ ክልል ልዩ ሀይል ከመስከረም 25 በኃላ ሕጋዊ መንግስት ስለማይኖር ወደ ኦነግ ሸኔ ሊቀላቀል የሚችልበት እድል ሊከሰት ይችላል።

    በኦሮምያ የሚገኘው የመከላከያ ሰራዊት ከህዝቡ ጋር በመሆን ሕጋዊ መንግስት እንዲቋቋም ተቋሞው በአመፅ የሚገልፅበት ክስተት ሊፈጠር ይችላል።

    ክስተት ( ቢሆነኝ) ÷ 2

    የ ሰሜን እዝ ምድብ ጦር ( በተለየ በትግራይ ክልል የሚገኝ) ከመስከረም 25 በዚች አገር ሕጋዊ መንግስት የለም ብሎ ከትግራይ ብሄራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት ጎን ሊቆም የሚችልበት እድልም ሊከሰት እንደሚችል መገመቱ ጥሩ ነው።

    አዲስ_ አበባ÷ ምን ሊፈጠር እንደሚችል የሻዕብያ እና ግብፅ የስለላ አፓራተስ (Egypt and Shabiya Infiltrates) or spy agents ብቻ ናቸው የሚያውቁት።

    በፍራጃይል ስቴት(fragile state) ይህን ያን እዚህ እዚያ ማዶ ይከሰታል አይከሰትም ተብሎ እርግጠኛ የሚሆንበት አንዳችም ነገር ሊኖር አይችልም።

    ኢ_ ሕገ መንግስታዊ ተግባርና አካሄድ እየበዛ በሄደ ቁጥር ጨወታው conspiracy theory እንጂ መርህ ፖሊሲ እሚባል ነገር አይታሰብም። ኮንስፖሬሲ ለመስራትብልጠት እንጂ የፈረስ ጉልበት አይጠይቅም።

    ከመስከረም 25 2013 ዓ/ም በኃላ በዚች አገር ተደራራቢ ክስተቶች መታየታቸው እሙን ነው።

    The disintegration of Ethiopia in the hands of the lunatic pm is loading……..
    Balkan States in Eastern Africa primarily in Ethiopia.

    • Aba Mela,

      You are saying the current government will be illegal come September 25, really? Are you saying it is legal now? Did EPRDF or PP won the election 5 years ago? And which party is running the country now? Does anyone ask? Or if you ask, does anybody answer your question? Was the election 5 yrs ago free, fair and democratic? What if it was not, does the people have any power to question it? Look my friend, no body cares, they have been doing or saying anything they want and getting away with it, it won’t be any different this time. We are in a state of dictatorship, God only knows when we will snap out of it.

  14. As far as the Oromo people are concerned, the “proud” naftegnas simultaneously assassinated their own emiye Ethiopia and our beloved son Hace with the same bullet! While Hace will live in the memories of all Oromos for ever, Oromos have permanently erased the cursed word “Ethiopia” and the concept of peaceful resistance from their dictionary on 29 June, 2020, and nothing can change that. That is why the Oromo unanimously rally behind WBO for complete independence from the rotten naftegna empire (with possible union with like-minded nations), as sovereign Oromia is the only space and guarantor for the Oromo mother to see her children grow to their full potentials. Have a good day.

    • Soressa,

      Details please. I think your idea of an independent Oromia is good if
      A peaceful and clean separation is possible. I think nobody wants to stay in the current situation but people like you made a carrier out of having a country only people from their tribe live in while they immigrated to a diverse country. You may be in your 50s but younger ones like Hachalu pride and still paying the price for lack of a better word ‘wet dream’

  15. I. Part 1/3

    1). TPLF & Co.: The safest way to end the TPLF Elite’s 3rd decade of iron-fist rule & broad day light robbery was from within. Abiy & Co. managed to do just that. However, TPLF-Engineered Ethnic Thugs groomed for over 27 years still wriggle to wreak havoc.

    2). Abiy & Co.: The assassination attempt on Abiy was to create the 1991-like POWER VACUUM. Power Vacuums enable Ethiopia’s Enemies [Egypt & Co.] to crown their ‘Ethiopian’ DOGS! Nationalist Ethiopians SHOULD PREVENT POWER VACUUMS.

    3). Bottom Line: Ethiopia is EVERY Ethiopian’s business! Abiy is just another Ethiopian as any other! Why not turn the fingers we point at Abiy towards us and ask: “Am I part of the problem or part of the solution? What have I contributed to Ethiopia’s welfare?”

  16. II. Part 2/3

    4). Simegnew: Who wants the GERD’s Chief Site Engineer dead? Only Egypt & Co.! Why did the FBI & Mossad fly in uninvited ‘to help in the investigation’? Why were they interested? What did they find? Since when do America & Israel care about black lives?

    5). Ambachew: When Abiy’s regime offered him a post, Amharas opposed: “That is to weaken the Amharas’ struggle!” When he stayed & later assassinated by Asamenew, those same people said, “Ambachew never stood for Amharas! Asamenew is our hero!”

    6). Sèârè: Abiy’s fledgling regime faced orchestrated wide-spread unrest. Who wants Ethiopia’s Defence Chief dead at such a time? Egypt & Co.! It cripples Ethiopia’s defence leadership, triggers a power vacuum and enables Egypt to put its Dogs in power!

  17. III. Part 3/3

    6). Hachalu: I still don’t know whose side he was on. I never knew that he was a ‘Popular Oromo Activist!’ Nevertheless, any assassination is crime! If the riots were in protest over his death, why did they torch his close relative’s school [Lucy Academy] first?

    7). Jawar & Eskinder: Both serve the same masters [Jawar stood for Eskinder in court!]. Both play complementary roles in destabilizing Ethiopia. After Hachalu’s death, Jawar seized the moment to pit Oromos against Amharas & Eskinder did the complementary.

    8). Jawar & Eskinder are both threats to Ethiopia: An Amhara-Oromo Clash destabilizes Ethiopia and could trigger a Power Vacuum that puts Egypt & Co.’s DOGS in power!

    (i). Amharas & Oromos make ≈60% of the population. (ii). Inter-married Amhara-Oromo comprise ≥10%. (iii). They generate ≈60% of the GDP. (iv). They occupy ≈50% of the land. (v). ≈15 million Amharas live in Oromo Zone [≥50% of total Amhara population].

    So, an Amhara-Oromo clash is a disaster: Economy suffers! Debt skyrockets! Credit Rating falls! Purchasing & borrowing power plunges! Ethiopia falls in to Enemy’s hands! I wonder which of these outcomes makes Jawar or Eskinder Ethiopia’s hero of any kind!

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