Three people killed when abandoned bomb explodes in Ethiopian capital – state news agency

File: Federal Police

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) -Three people were killed when an abandoned bomb exploded in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa on Sunday, a state news agency reported.

The incident happened in the Lideta area near the centre of the capital, Ethiopia News Agency reported, adding the explosion killed three homeless people and injured five others.

The explosion occurred amid a six-week conflict in northern Tigray region between federal forces and a rebellious force there, but there was no indication it was linked to that.

“An investigation regarding the explosion is now going on and the public will be informed once the investigation is completed,” the agency reported.

There have been several small bomb explosions in Addis Ababa since the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched an offensive against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the rebellious former rulers in Tigray, on Nov 4.

Federal police have blamed some of the explosions on TPLF, but have not provided evidence to back up their claims.

The Ethiopian government captured Tigray’s capital Mekelle on Nov. 28. TPLF leaders, possibly hiding in surrounding mountains since then, had said they were fighting back. Reuters has not been able to reach them for comment for more than a week.


  1. I told you! I told you!!! BBC is looking nothing but to find dirt on the old country and they think they have found one. There was a sad incidence where unwitting homeless citizens found something they thought was valuable and they were tinkering with it. It happened to be an abandoned grenade. It exploded and killed a number of homeless people. That is now like huge breaking news on Tweedy Bird BBC. It went like Tweedy Bird always does. ‘I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat! I Did I Did I Taw a Puddy Tat’. This time the Addis police commissioner had stolen BBC’s thunder and given the number of casualties to be 3 people dead so BBC could not lie and fudge the number. If it was not reported by the commissioner himself I bet you the last penny I have BBC would have just pile up the casualty number to be astronomical. O AFP and Reuters? Forget about it. How about the other Wahhabi outfit, Al-Jaeda? We could have been shown photoshopped images from Afghanistan for this incidence.

  2. 0Hi Y’all!!!

    I just intercepted draft news BBC, AFP, Reuters and Al-Jaeada were about to publish. I snatched the news report on its way to their editors’ desk. I will post it here soon. Stay tuned!!!

  3. I thought we’re told that everything was under control like a magic and then this thing happens after almost two months of the facts? Wors even, there is no yet single criminal investigation in the last two years that turned up perpetrators while jailing opposition politicians and journalists on trumpet up charges? Ever heard the expression of If it isn’t broken don’t fix it, or rather if it isn’t bad don’t make it mess? Apparently, the policy of the EPRDF-turned-PP of Abiy’s brainchild and solo prophetic mission has no firm grips on things..

  4. What is the big deal about a bomb being exploded? When the TPLF rats were cornered, they threw their guns everywhere. We are lucky not to see many casualties. I feel sorry we lost three people but we are in a state of war and problems are expected. What really bothers me a lot is the the activity of weed smoking Sudanese forces at the border.

    Sudan is trying to take advantage of the internal conflict in Ethiopia. The leaders of Sudan seems to forget that Ethiopians don’t compromise their territorial integrity. After finishing the TPLF rats, the military will challenge the intruders. Neftegnas alone can beat the hell out of the Sudanese army.

    Ethiopians don’t want to fight with their Sudanese brothers. However, the provocation doesn’t stop, they will be oblige to defend their territory. Ethiopians don’t lose wars. If you forget about the battles Ethiopians fought, ask Italians, Egyptians, and Somalis.

  5. We know it well the so called western media how they report about Africa and specially Ethiopia news. Nothing they report good. They are all against Africa and Ethiopia. They simply want to see us bleed and starv so that their media show how bad and worthless contents Africa is. BBC is full of modern slave negro Africans employed from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana etc… to serve their master . They are mentally dead reporter whose master play on their bodies like a toy. A modern african slave journalists to serve white master in 21 century. I heard most of them got their job in BBC after they sold their bodies like prostitute. Human rights ,amnesty international etc,etc are nothing but a 21 century modern colonial militias to control Africa. They knew Ethiopia is not like other Africa country so as soon as they found something to report, it is a huge and exaggeration is on their new table. These monkey nigger reporter are a modern slave gladiator of lie.

  6. Damo

    So much winning. This is madness.How many wars regime is able to wage and reasonably win at the same time? Are you sure that Sudanese are attacking territory that belongs to Ethiopia? I heard that the gondere malitia and gobezoch Alekas has been tresspassing/transplanti themselves into the other side of the border for sometime. We better make sure people not sucked into wrong conflict and illegal war.

  7. Ali ,

    I don’t understand what you have been talking lately. One day you are an Ethiopian, the next day a Somali, and another day a Sudanese. Are you trying to tell me that the land belongs to Sudan?

    I am not advocating war. But, Ethiopians won’t fold their hands when their territory is encroached.

    If you are an Ethiopian, you should denounce the actions of Sudan. The Sudanese took the posts occupied by the Ethiopian soldiers who left the area to battle the TPLF bandits. Therefore, the Sudanese are the one who should be blamed for occupying the post.

    My friend Ali,

    As much as I hate ethnic extremists and the Ethiopianwent scammers, when it comes to the territorial integrity of our country, I won’t compromise. Don’t expect me to applaud the action of Sudan. If you think I am a war monger, so be it.

  8. As sad and heartbreaking this news is, knowing the TPLF mafia’s 27 years extreme brutality and needless massacres in Ethiopia, I expected them to committ these kinds of henious atrocities they are capable of. The survived cowards are hiding in Chinese made underground rat hole, but the stolen Billions of dollars is walking and talking for TPLF mafia to hire drag addicted hoodlums to throw bombs, to demonize prime minister Abiy, Amharas and Eritreans.
    Regardless the BRAINWASHED racist bigots try degrade Amharas, they are determined not to lay down and get kicked, robbed, displaced and slaughtered by TPLF mafia laebas that are now lying and playing victims to the international community and media. The truth will take time, but it’ll come out!

  9. Abandoned bomb caused loss of lives does not mean TPLF/Woyane is alive. Without ZERO doubt Woyane is dead forever. This must either mental sickness or want be future aspirant woyane from somewhere else who don’t accept the bad news TPLF is buried 7 meters underground – it is dead. Accident and incidences are part of living in this planet – for instance, a few years back the collapse of the Addis Ababa Qoshe piled mountains claimed lives of many households. Let me say it again, the fight of TPLF is silenced and dead – there is no word woyane anymore.

  10. .
    I say,… TPLFites remnants in the city don’t have the courage to stand and fight hence they are Intentionally disposing of grenades and explosive weapons in populated areas, with an intent to harm or kill civilians. They know that the first victims would be children who would assume a grenade for a toy or homeless individuals who scrape dustbins for survival necessity.

    This only proves and shows that the cowardice TPLF’s remnants will not hesitate to sacrifice children or the most vulnerable ones just for a small headline in the news.


    • Abebaw,
      Some of the TPLF mafia criminals are dead, some are hiding in rats hole, also there are quiet a few TPLF mafia criminal members and supporters–remnants of war out there that can cause some disturbances here and there.
      It is good to be vigilant at all times, expect the worst and hope for the best.
      BTW, did you see that MelAss is back in a dress, with his side burn and his scary teeth.

        • Thanks my a**! Since when did you become respectful! Listen two-tongued snake, if you want to see one of those trabalist hatefilled racist Amhara haters bigots, look in the mirror, and the other one is your hero, that fake Oromo Woyane, Aba Geda-Diablos. Wishy washy bigot! Brilliant my brown kit!

      • Hope,

        __ In my opinion, there always be dissatisfied/disgruntled individuals but that does not mean they will be significant national threats – it is intrinsic nature of human society. TPLF as an criminal organization is dead. Its leader most of them are dead.

        __ My concern is not about TPLF but about those unlearning OLF who are now inheriting TPLF’s dead ethnic ideology. Now, the ባለተራ ODP/OLF are doing exactly what TPLF had been doing. The people of Addis Ababa are being invaded by OLF’s wing ODP and Addis Ababains are suffering from the hands of OLF authorities brought from Arusi and Bale. When the massacre unleashed from Mekele in north Gondar and Wollo are over, the genocide in ODP controlled Wollega is intensified. The new threat is from OLF – I mean literally ODP prosperity party it is a replica of TPLF, the difference being language.

        • Regardless the remnants of TPLF mafia criminal members or supporters committ the crime or not, they don’t care, they will use the stolen money to entice and encourage violence through the badly brainwashed and radicalized separatists OLF thugs that sliced a 9 months pregnant woman and raped children.

          • Tesfanesh,

            You know that I have no respect for a dolt like you. I thought it was the honorable Abe Geda I was talking to. Unfortunately, I ended up being respectful to a worthless Azemari.


          • Damo-Domaras, the two tongued snake,
            IRRELEVANT!! Lol! Get it in your savage trabalist racist stained head that, I know your master of hatred, bigotry, distractions and bloodshed Lucifer and his disciples like you that want entire Amhara ethnic group radicated, disrespect and loathe me, which I take as a badge of honor!! Hallelujah!!

  11. Tesfanesh,

    You are under cover racist. You thug buddy here is the same. You cerfied scammers try to deceive people as if you are free of bias and bigotry. But, when one reads what you spew, it is easy to uncover your scam. Zeke consuming tribalist can’t deceive me. Leba Azemari!

    Lemen Yewashal?

    • Damo-Domaras The bigot,
      You are another extremely troubled Two-faced racist bigot and pathological liar! You see, unlike you I had the privileged of growing up with love and mutual respect with multiple Ethiopian ethnic groups, and attended school with Ethiopians from every 14 provinces and variety of religious groups. There is no racist bone in my body!! My deepest hatred is against intolerant bloodthirsty racist bigots like you, that even want entire Amhara ethnic group wiped out of the face of the earth, in your own words– ERADICATED!! Scum of the earth! You don’t even know what is up or down!! Disingenuous scums of the earth at it’s worst!!

  12. Such sad incidents are not uncommon. It happens everywhere including here in the west. I remember when I was a young boy when one day the local police chief summoned all of us to warn us about the danger of strewn grenades. After the Italians were overrun by Liberation forces the hastily withdrawing occupying soldiers were dumping ammunition everywhere they could. Most of the Italian soldiers that were stationed along the old railway line at towns like Bike, Afdem, Mieso Asabot, Kora and Bordode were Dubat Somali regiments and their commanders were the notorious Albanian officers. Those Somali soldiers were former farmers in their country before they were deceived into joining Graziani. So when these Somali soldiers found out that the tide was turning they just tossed away their guns including hand grenades in every bushes and shrubs in the area. Most of them asked to be repatriated and the late Emperor did so. But many of them chose to stay put and just melted into the pot of the local populace as farmers. I grew up with some of their children. So one time kids at Kora found something that looked like a toy and started tinkering with it. It went off and one child was killed and others badly wounded. Then the governor ordered the police to scour the area thoroughly and gather such dangerous explosives. The police in our found some laying around inside thick shrubs. The chief showed us what it looked like and told not to touch it or pick it up but to tell his soldiers or our parents. What was more worrisome to our parents was some of those toy looking objects could be canisters of lethal chemical explosives the Italians used during the war. Later on when a family was constructing a house found a huge metal box buried shallow in the ground. They called police and had to be removed carefully. They found several hand grenades and even disassembled machine guns. Then decades later a huge stash of weapons and human remains were found by a river side during a major road construction. Those human skeletons were believed to be those who dug up the hole. Those fascist soldiers believed they will return soon and those weapons would be waiting for them when they came back. But they did not want anyone except them to know where they had stashed them. So after the laborers they brought from faraway places(it was believed to be captured freedom fighters) finished preparing the hole they were shot on the spot and buried on the side of the weapons. I believe such sad incidents could have happened in other places of the country after the Italians were driven out. It is reported that similar danger is present now throughout Tigray since the goons have been running for their lives in every direction tossing away dangerous explosives. It has nothing to do with the capability or inefficiency of the government. The government has proven itself beyond the benefit of the doubt that it has its mojo working like a well oiled machine when it comes to shattering away the goons at the top echelons of the TPLF. Shane and those criminal gangs in Gumuz will be next. Already in Afar and Somali regions you can hear a pin drop. My merchant relatives have reconnected with their Somali counterparts conducting business like a gang buster. The same goes with their Afar partners. I can tell you where you can buy the coveted Afar butter y’all. Bigots! Eat your hearts out. Better yet, set yourself alight! Or better yet find a high rise building, go up at least to the 14th floor and jump down to your assured death. Everyone would meditate with hummmmmmmmmmmm! Good riddance!!!!!

    You can never win a political problem by military means.You may have “captured” Mekele with thousands of lives lost, but you will never capture the heart and mind of one Tegaru! You are rolling in the same dirt all your predecessors have been rolling in and you will end at best the same way they all ended!
    MR ABIY, you are too IMMATURE to rule a country and too selfish to understand this because you surrounded yourself by equally immature neftegna “yes men” who tell you to kill or incarcerate knowledgeable leaders like Lamma Magarsa, Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba and many capable figures!
    No surprise in a country which is a laughing stock of the world, ruled by an unelected criminal who usurped state power and calls an elected state government a “junta” while he himself never faced the electorate.
    I was particularly amused a few days ago when he offered a reward of 10 million birr ($250k) to anyone who guides him to the whereabouts of TPLF leadership.
    This is the same man who told the world the sole purpose of for going to war was to capture TPLF leadership and restore “law and order, and that the war was finished as TPLF leaders were now all either killed or captured and forced people to celebrate “victory” too early, without actually capturing even a single leader (save for one lady who they say surrendered)!
    And yet, the 3 week war cost Ethiopia at least 100k lives and >2 million displacements and incalculable economic cost, none of which the regime never dares to tell the world!
    What is worse, the war left the country too weakened to defend against external enemies. After neftegna bandits illegally invaded Sudan and killed their security the Sudan is responding en masse and some sources suggest Metema is now under Sudanese control, which Abiy hides from his folks while Sudan dictates where Ethiopia’s border should be!!
    Can Mr Abiy restore “law and order” in the turbulent and source of all of Ethiopia’s troubles, the so-called “Amhara kilil” by removing their leaders as well? The leadership of that state are behaving like Abdi Iley (Omhar) of Somali State.
    In my opinion that state was illegally named “Amhara” in the first place and must be divided into at least 4 regional states to the represent the legitimate nations illegally incorporated into it such as the proud Agew (the real owners of the lalibella!) , Kimant and Oromos who were forced to abandon their own identity, speak Amharic and dance eskita. Many historians (notably Asrat) and suggest there is no such a thing as Amhara nation. Another historian taught us Amhara was just a name for Zagwe dyanasty soldiers (who spoke different languages and made to speak one language for military communication) while Serawit means a name of Aksum soldiers who spoke Geez.
    This might induce identity crisis in so called “Amahras”, but historians seem to be quite right in that the so called “Amhara” nation and identity does not actually exist while the Agew, Kimant, Tigray and Oromo are nations who have real established history who can trace and celebrate their ancestry to thousands of generations back.
    This establishes the case to divide the problematic state which not only destabilizes its neighbors but invites external enemy by invading sovereign countries into its legitimate constituents and territories.

  14. @Sorsa
    Is that your everyday “the sky is falling” false alarm? Look, it is good day in Ethiopia. The killing and demise of TPLF worth all the effort – Kudos to Abiy Ahmed. Kudos to Amhara Fano Milita and Ethiopian Defense Force they decimated TPLF. Wow, you call yourself matured but Abiy Ahmed immature. How about this, let’s crown Dawud Ibssa or illiterate Merara Gudina, because they are old. Will this make you happy? How about this choice also? Let’s make Jawar Abamencha as PM. Will this make you happy? Oh, yeah! Instead of using your time to learn good things such as in the realms of science , engineering/technology or health you are wasting your time fabricating cinderella stories like once upon a time there was a myth this clan associate itself with bigfoot, chimpanzee, tree or jumped out of water, dropped from alien body, etc. It is very disgusting in this age of global citizen, especially living in the west, you are fabricating myth from and write a stone age story. By the way, when are you begin selling your myth book?

    • @Abebaw:
      Get your fandos leberate Metema and Humera. They started a war and they should finish it.
      Don’t talk about Ethiopian Defense Force which is also just as useless. OK?

  15. Sorsa the OLF Cow!

    What political problem are you talking about? Ethinic entrepreneurs like have no place in Ethiopia. You keep on lamenting and talking about Oromo problems all day long as if Oromos are the only people who have problems. You dead brain is incapable of thinking outside your ethnicity. You want to get everything for free. You want to snatch properties that are not yours. You want a system similar to that of the TPLF where you want to control everything. It isn’t going to happen. Your TPLF is dead and your OLF will follow suit. Keep on collecting food stamp where you are staying. You are a menace to society. You are a certified cow of the firs class. Lament!

    • See what I mean that you are a two-tongued snake — where you think one thug like Soreass is Menace to society, and the equally thug Aba Geda-dawe is an honorable. Stop talking on both sides of your mouths bigot! The two bigots are one and the same with you — disrespectful, Amhara haters racist bigots — menace to society!

    • I listened to him this morning…, well spoken impressive, confident, knowledgeable and add to that charisma.
      Well, I hope and pray that the news about Sudan military is false. Anyhow, this another headache the homegrown separtists terrorists that want to dismantle Ethiopia brought to Ethiopia.

  16. Disturbing news to say the least! Just heard that Sudan took advantage of the unrest in Ethiopia, and it’s military has controlled some of Ethhiopia’s teritories, Humera and a few other towns. It smells and tastes like Egypt is in it!!

    • Yap, it is Egypt attempting to exploit this window of opportunity. We should be very cautious before engaging them in a battle. It looks Sudan itself is also embroiled by internal political turmoil and feud they are inviting Ethiopia to war. Ethiopians have to be very calculative, this is very temporal on Sudan’s side. Our people have to be calm, organized, smart. Sudan will not have an inch of land from Ethiopia in the end, she will be a loser.

      • This is what I’m talking about the stolen Billions of dollars talking and walking. TPLF mafia criminals knew money is the roots of all evil that can persuade people. All they have to do is use a couple of billions of stolen money to bribe and persuade a few corrupted generals to start a coup d’etat in Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia against the current leaders that are working closely with prime minister Abiy. Nothing is worse than HOMEGROWN terrorists, even worse than Mussolini.

      • @Abebaw:
        How about your fandos engaging the Sudanese army themselves without calling federal army? I am serious. After all you have been applauding their banditry mission in the Sudan. Why should an Oromo and Somali child die to defend ignorant bandits of a renegade state who invade a sovereign country without even consulting the federal govt. ( if we can call it a govt.)? You hit someone in his home and cry UUUU, “diresulign”. Go finish it as you started it! Go and liberate Metema and Humera!
        “asa gorguari zendo aweta, yesew felagi yerasun ata”.
        Children of any nation and nationality in the empire should not participate in war initiated by neftegnas. It is hell wrong enough to go to Tigray to kill innocent people only to appease “amhara” bandits who now turned their attention to Sudan and Bensangul. Tomorrow, Oromia and Somali and Afar regions are in their eyes.
        That is one reason that state must be split into at least four stable states because it harbors bandits who destabilize the rest of the country and even neighboring states.

  17. Sorsa

    I’m now wondering where and when this madness of Abiy & Co.’ making would stop? The blunders and wanton violence in Tigrai are still reverberating through. I’m assuming, and according some sources and as some war-mongers alluding to it, the next hail mary of violence will be meted against the Benishangul Regional State and then against Oromo Regional State and so on. Obviously,, these guys are not interested or talking about elections, justice,, reforms, peaces building, developments, reconciliation etc anymore. So where this dystopian scenario will eventual lead to? Any suggestions?

    • @Ali,
      From now on anything is possible down the road because you cannot discuss with people who believe purely in the fire power of their weapons and have no place for reasonable and peaceful political discourse. As their mind is fixed to the gun it is impossible to talk to them by arming yourself with a pen only. That is why leading thinkers, artists and political leaders who can see events ahead of the folks are either in jail or in graves, for no reason other than speaking up their minds.
      You should not be surprised if the junta at 4 kilo holds “elections” to try to fool the world by keeping leading opposition political leaders behind the bars. After all, stealing the votes and declaring “victory” is what they are trained to do for the last 27 years.
      To add insult to injury, the so-called AU (former OAU) has been in bed with the current and past dictators of Ethiopia. I think this disgraced organization should be dissolved or pull out from Finfinne as they did and do more harm than good to Africa in general and our country in particular. What do Africans need an assembly of sell out lame leaders for if they encourage and legitimize war, less condemn the genocide of peaceful citizens carried out by successive regimes of their host country? At the very least a host country should be a symbol of peace and stability, and an example for the rest of the continent to copy. Ethiopia is WORST placed to meet this criterion.

      • @Sorsa,

        Listen, it is the most difficult and most challenging to imagine 21st century democratic institution if a country is infested with clan based. One of the major reason why Somalia is the literature of failed State in Africa is because it is clan based society. A clan based society is like cutting itself like an amoeba into hundreds of identical clans (but with different clan heads) that makes it to form a national ideological thinking – a pure example of Babylon although astonishingly with homogeneity in language. When one tops it with Al Shabab it is like adding gasoline into a fire – the most anti-civilization radical Islamic thinking – in fact the Jawar Mohammed was trying to copycat this lethal Neanderthal age thinking.

        __ The case of Ethiopia is very different. In a sense ethnicity is a common place phenomenon in Europe, Asia and Africa. Ethnicity is different from race. Thus, it is normal to have hundreds of ethnic subculture but it is abnormal to manufacture ethnic ideology – because there is no such thing. What has become problematic to Abiy Ahmed is the problem he inherited from the now dead Tigre Liberation thug system of ethnic federation. This has been a heavy lifting and changing the minds of ethnics thug is very difficult though positive dialogue because ethnicity is not a concept. Thus, when running out of option Abiy Ahmed has no option left other than talking to them using loud machine gun. That is what has got stuck into the heads of Aboy Sebhat, Seyoum Mesfin, Getachew Reda, etc. If tribal thugs don’t try on their own to increase the elasticity of their brain case and open their mind, bullets’ will be dialed into their head. Learn from the history of TPLF – the ones aspirant empire of Abay Tigray Republic.

  18. Tesfanesh,

    Stop insulting me. Tenbara Azemari! I have no idea why you poke your runny nose here. Isn’t obvious you and Sorsa don’t belong here? Take your Gedam Wore somewhere.

    • Damo the Dumbbell!
      Brainwashed Ignorant savage trabalists like you only know hate and dreaming of spilling the blood of innocent people in Ethiopia, and any where in the world. You have zero talent of Azmaris. You are a buzzing around disease causing fly to drop your germ to cause harm. Scums that deny Ethiopians to live in peace and in other parts of the world as well. The laughing part is you probably go to churches and Mosques to pray — huh?? Your master is Lucifer himself who is the master of hatred, bigotry and massacre, that is encouraged you every waking minutes of your hatefilled life!! Scums!

        • Tesfanesh,

          I can say with confidence that you know and like your name Tesfanesh. Ante Yewuha leje? Have got a blood to be spelled? Kersam Yaroget Lje.

          Don’t open your unwashed mouth. I have advised many times not to respond to my comments. You are ugly, dumb, and Kemalam. Don’t ever expect me to confer to your rotten ideology. I can live in my country and love my country without appeasing Neftegna Azemari like you. Don’t expect me to say Zeraf Zerafe. Don’t expect me to say ‘ Ethiopia Lezelam Tenur.’ Don’t expect me to say ‘ patriotic Ethiopia.’ Those are Azemaris scam! Lemgn Debtera!

          Lemen Yewashal?

          • Damo-Domaras two-tongued dumbbell bigot, same sensless empty juvinale rehetric. Get that in your stained useless brain, Neftegnas knock your nose off your face, bigot. Bloodthirsty scums of the earth!

  19. @Sorsa,

    Relax, don’t cheer. Nothing will happen – we will kick them on their arses. It is not the sky is falling down, like your false alarm. Your buddy TPLF cheers they burned 50 tanks, downed 8 fighter jets, killed General Ababaw etc etc , in the end we took out most TPLF ringleaders. You have to wait a little bit to see the boisterous Amhara Force facing driving any enemy of its territory in drove. I am glad we defeated TPLF. You know what, Debretsion captured wounded on his buttock by Fano Force satisfies me more than anything, he was bragging to not surrender but a single bullet sticking in his arse captured him alive.
    Don’t worry about Sudan, our NUMBER ONE & ONLY NUMBER ONE enemy was TPLF, nothing replaces the priority of decimating TPLF- it is done and their ideology of ethnic federation and ethnic constitution is now on the Chopping Block. You are an enemy who in his right mind even asks people like to enlist you in either Amhara Special Fano Force or EDF. To your surprise, the Amhara Fano Force was instructed from the Ethiopian government not respond to the attack. Amhara force is on standby eager to drive out terrorist Sudan army. You will be crying when watching Sudan army corpse filling the field like the TPLF dead forces in Tigray. You don’t have any idea who Amhara will respond to this. War is not a picnic or rushing to a mall for a Christmas shopping, it needs strategy especially when a coward enemy ( which was scared in good times to face off) sneaks to walk into a vacant space. They will be broomed with limited causalities.

    • @Abebaw:
      D/Tsion captured, wounded, and all that by Fano? If most ring leaders are captured for whom is the 10 million Birr must for your pay roll from Abiy. You said D/Tsion captured, somebody said G. Reda killed, but Abiy put their name in his new list for among the 58 people he wants for cash. One or both of you must be lying!
      On Sudan I understand your humiliation when you declared a chapter of “victory” only to be replaced by a bigger chapter of defeat within two days. I guess your fando thought the sleeping lion was dead before touching it. Don’t cry please, it is too late! Now accept the border the Sudanese lions drew for you and never touch a sleeping lion again!

      • @Sorsa,

        __ I just don’t get it why are you so much concerned about the Ethio-Sudan border skirmish? Is this because you are begging Sudan to fight for you? I know you are among those many Tigre Woyanes who used Oromo name to cry the usual nonsense of “the Sky is falling down” – false alarm. Again, we are now relaxing enjoying the sweet flavor of the defeat of the Tigre Liberation Thug.

        ___ Nothing replaces or as sweet and delicious as the victory over the Tigre Liberation thug. We liken it with Menelik II victory over fascistic Italy, except this one is a victory over a homegrown terrorist , which in fact makes it more challenging but happened to be an easy win. Thus, we got the biggest prize by destroying the biggest ticket item – TPLF.
        ___ The Sudan issue is not a big and critical stuff. It is a see-saw thingy. They have their own internal problem and they wanted to spill it somewhere around the border. It will be taken care cautiously, most likely though peaceful dialogue. Unless they are as stupid as the Tigre Liberation thugs, they will not go the wrong way. If they go they will lock heads with a no war no peace situation, which will in the end cost them. They can’t afford a war. Please also stop talking much about Amhara – this nonsense. Since you suffered in their hands you can’t let them go off. If you want Amhara does not want you to worry for them, they size is large enough to defeat a country twice the size of Sudan – 50 million Amhara if allowed to face off rustic Sudanese force can march to Khartoum just in a matter of 1 or 2 days.

        ____ Right now, Sudan is the least of our worries. She can hang around raping, enjoying your settler Samri refugees. They got many Woyane Samri concubines. Expect more Sudanese babies manufactured from your Tigre Samri’s. Your sluts are spreading their legs like they used to do some 35 years ago.

  20. Panic and tension in Sudan is reportedly running high for fear of attack coming from Ethiopian side. Sudanese ordinary citizens are urging their government to send back refugees most of whom could be wanted criminals. While the civil government is heeding to the popular voice the military junta of Sudan which is in direct opposite with people interest is looking for excuses – one of such excuse is to initiate border skirmish and buy time. Sudan now is an economically crushed state with intense internal instability she can’t afford stationing army in no war-no peace situation with Ethiopia. It will be only a matter of time they would be decimated just only by Amhara special force. Sudan has unsettled border issue with Egypt in the north Red coast itself and Eritrea too has claim over Kessela. Sudan’s vulnerability is too much , the only thing Ethiopians should do is focus no the funeral cremation of the dead Tigre Liberation Front is completed. No rush, to play the Egypt dirty game. We have every God’s asset to punish Egypt until the end of the world and squeeze terrorist Sudan if she falls in bed with the wrong guy.

    • Abaynesh,

      What is your source? Considering your background as a teller of fairytales and folklore, it is difficult for me to believe what you are saying. I wish someone reliable has come with the information because I want the Sudanese to backof from our border. The day I believe what an Azemari says I am lost forever.

      Lemen Yewashal?

      • Are hurt by the news that Sudan is compelled to deport you genocidal squad Smari boyfriend? You are good gossip girl you can find this on your own.

        • Trash talking Azemari!

          I know you are a certified exaggerator. It is very difficult for me to believe what you say. Lying hasn’t helped the TPLF. Stop talking nonsense.

          Lemen Yewashal?

  21. Where are Aba Mela and Agazi? After the defense forces announced the $10 million reward, the TPLF rats have displeasured. I have an idea where Aba Mela, Agazian, and Tesfanesh are located. I want a piece of the money.

  22. Damo-Domaras the adolescent diruyee,
    You, the fake-Oromos, authentic Woyanes Soreass and Aba Geda, laebaw Woyane Agazian and that whiskey addicted Aba Mela, aka Halafi Mengedi, G. M.Tesfaye and the likes racist bigots can rant nonsense all day, everday, but what matters most is what the Ethiopian Generals and the rest of the military service men and women from top to lower rank said repeatedly about love of their country Ethiopia… in particular that took my breath away is, when one of our pride and joy Oromo Ethiopian General said, if he is forced to choose between the death of one of his children or the death of his country, he would choose the death of one of his children…, because he said, if the country dies, not only one of his children, but all of his children, and everything he knew and loved would die. That is deep!!
    Rant irrelevant brainwashed trabalist racist bigots!! Rant baby! Rant brainwashed racist bigots!!

      • Domaras,
        Bigot, how many times do I have to tell that my chips and soda business is closed because of the pandemic?
        Congrats! Your kind of intelectual, brilliant, honorable, delusional, cluless, disrespectful Fake Oromo, one of the bigots of the bogots Aba Gedadaw is back

    • Tesfanesh HOPE,
      Stop calling my name anche shermuta Amhara. Learn to keep your stinky mouth shut and open your leg have a the Oromo bamboo
      You fkn master criminal Debtera crime won’t go away you same as TPLF

  23. I was asking myself that same question but I don’t think Aba Mela and Agazian have anything to do with the head price of the 10 million in dead or alive reward . They are likely Diaspora armchair warriors like many others in the forum. Kkk.

  24. Everybody Silence!!! I said silence!!! This is Sebhat Nega’s prodigy talking. I am gonna sue PM Abiy, Jula and the entire Amhara and Oromo people for invading my Republic of Tigray. They not only invade my country they also deprived me of sleep the whole time during the night they bombarded pinpoint targets in my city of Mekele. I could hear whizzing shells of heavy artillery guns. They did not harm me or others around me but the noise they were making was so loud I was not able to sleep. I am suing them for an unspecified sum of money in billions for emotional distress and violation of my right dozing off rights as clearly stipulated in my TPLF constitution. Rudy is my lawyer. They better be settling with me out of court now before it is too late.

  25. I just wanted wish marry Christmas and happy new year to the mighty Ethiopian airforce and the legendary Ethiopian army who stand guard to protect his people from evil.
    We must take our hat off for the military as they are defending the country without any privileges, we must remember that those injured military personnel don’t even get the proper basics of life after service as they go on the street to beg some leave kids behind with no help. The country must change this and take care of our military without conditions. The country should also have remeberance day for those hearo’s

    Long live Ethiopian Army and the mighty Airforce

      • @Doma

        LOL, we known that she is despicable. Call her your fellow minion using her true name, despicable.
        Happy minions day – the despicable you.

    • “Aba geda
      December 22, 2020 at 2:32 PM
      Tesfanesh HOPE,
      Stop calling my name anche shermuta Amhara. Learn to keep your stinky mouth shut and open your leg have a the Oromo bamboo
      You fkn master criminal Debtera crime won’t go away you same as TPLF”

  26. @Abebaw:
    Good you mention the great and proud Somalis. Yes, they are one nation, have one language, one religion, one ethnicity, one culture, but multiple clans. Still they are divided not by clan, but principles based on history, Some were under Italy, others were under British rule which left their own scars, the same way Eritrea was separated from Ethiopia due to colonial history. Each of the 3 Somali states has many hundred clans.
    So, you are wrong when you say they are divided by clans. This will apply to Ethiopia as well, based on Minilik’s colonial legacy over non Abyssinians which were brutalized and given an alien and artificial identity “Ethiopia”. To the best of my knowledge, no nation in the empire intends to form clan based states. Oromians for example have hundreds of clans and it impossible to form a state for each of them. However, unlike Somalia they just emphasise their common Oromian national identity based on solid history and culture, not some fake, artificially manufactured, non existent identity imposed on free people of Agew, Kimant and Oromo and so on, as “Amhara”.
    Tigray is a proud nation with thousands of years of documented history to be a state on her own, but there no such a thing as Amhara history. Did you know that entire Gojam is Amharic speaking Oromo and Christianity was actually imported by Oromo converts after returning from Greece? Probably not. I promise, you will NOT be the same Abebaw after watching this authentic video I got from your most favorite website. Part of it is in Afaan Oromo, the rest is in Amharic be patient, until you find out who YOU are before insulting Oromos as “gala”.

    And FYI, the distinction between Amhara and neftegna is still not settled. You should say something on it if you are nor suffering identity crisis. (I stay with my definition, though)
    On Sudan, I told you what not to do. Don’t enter a lion’s den to seal his meal and ask Birhanu Jula and Yilma Merdasa to save your ass.

  27. Ittu Aba Farda,

    My phone alarm was going off and when I reach out to check, I see a message, an elderly man on a wheelchair lost. I wondered, if it could be these old man we have here, Ittu Aba Farda. This man’s wife checked his expiration date label on his azz under his diapers and found out he is expired long time, he should have died 10years ago. That explains why he is rotten

    • Agazi,
      Another jawdropping wow! How long you worked on that Domaras kind of brilliant comment–huh? Lol! What a DESPICABLE disrespectful, digraced, pathological liar immature Woyane you are!!
      Since you hate every Ethiopian, particularly matured respectful people, hope and pray to God that the Lord takes you away before you reach 30 or 40, and send you to he$$ where your father MelAss lives!!

  28. LOL, we known that she is despicable. Call her your fellow minion using her true name, despicable.
    Happy minions day – the despicable you.

    • Abiye believes, if he can close his eyes and dream about it, anything can happen. That was the reason when northern Ethiopia was infested by locust, he didn’t go to the affected area, instead he went to visit an area where there was no locust but very green plantation.

      There in no more insulting than when someone says, Ethiopia will be the super power of the world in just 30yrs to your own parliament. Before 3 yrs Awasa industrial park was expected to generate a billion dollars a year, now all the factories in it are closed and it generates zero revenue. Thanks to Abiye, Ethiopia is declared the most un investable county in Africa.

      The GDP for the United States is 21 trillion dollars, that is like the GDP of 1000 countries like Ethiopia all added together. For Abiye, all it takes to achieve this practically impossible in just 30yrs is to close your eyes and dream about it. ታጥቦ ጭቃ አለ ያገሬ ሰው

      If you are interested on how to build a great economy, watch below

  29. Wow, you start to tune to ayanabaati. This is very deplorable. Short-term, medium and long term plan is the task of every viable and functional government. It is perfect to have 2030, 2040 or 2050 year plan. That is what sustainable institution of government does. Heavy capital projects and other high national goals are set. Please don’t be stuck with the junta mindset. We know the Junta TPLF 2050 plan was trying to create Abay Tigray Republic, stealing Ethiopian wealth and territory. That dream which was in progress, at the expense of Ethiopians, was exposed to the world when they had 80% of the national defense asset and budget. Thank God, that Abay Tigray Dream Project is dead after all stolen territories are repossessed and TPLF destroyed. Please accept the new normal and live it. Ethiopia is such large and beautiful country – she has enough in her store for everyone.

  30. Today I have learned that the problem in Benshangul Gumez has partly been caused by Azemaris. Azemaris call the Gumez Sudanese. Such are Azemaris. Calling other ethnic groups UnEthiopians.

    An elderly man in front of Abiy was blaming the so called Fano and the Amhara leadership for aggravating the problem in the region. Knowing what I know about Azemaris, the Gumuz elderly was right on the point.

    Debteras have such a sickening attitude and want everything for themselves. Everywhere they go, they create problems. For example, they go and live in Oromia region and try to boss the native people in the area. Not only they want to boss the natives around, they denigrate and insult the very people who have sheltered them. Everywhere they go, they want to boss people and impose some of their wicked culture. I am sick of Azemaris! God bless Abiy. I don’t know how he can deal with Oromo extremists and Azemari chauvinists.

    Lemen Yewashal?

    • OMG! You are such a two-tongued poisonous snake. The other day, Ali who hates Amharas said the samething, and you criticized him for supporting Sudanese. And here you are persuaded and manipulated by another brainwashed drunken motor-mouth that wouldn’t stop blabbering TPLF mafia propaganda. It’s because of fools like you that the organized TPLF mafia stayed in power for 30 years and robbed the country blind, tortured and slaughtered innocent Ethiopians. A Two-faced Bigot!!

    • @ Damo:
      Perhaps for the first time in your life you wrote something that makes sense except that you are always scared to call people by their legitimate names.
      When people say “Azmaris”, I take it literally, although I understand whom you mean. Azamaris are among the best entertaining people, I love their profession and I don’t tolerate any one who abuses their name. They are there for us when we are sad or happy. And I told you don’t try to force me hate my own expensive Masinko.
      The world can’t make sense of what you r writing unless you call the people by their names.
      The people who currently create troubles in Ethiopia and on Sudan border are the expansionist regime of so-called “Amhara” state supported by Abiy and folks like our own Abebaw here at (no azmari involved). After illegal land grabs in Tigray they deployed their administration there (Welkait, Rayya, Humera) without questioning. When Abiy deployed army to “capture TPLF leaders and restore law and order”, the Amhara state actually deployed their special forces to capture Tigray and Oromo land in Rayya and restore their lost “property”.
      When the federal regime kept silent, they thought everybody was endorsing them and felt they are winning. This encouraged them to march on BS-Gemuz State, and even cross international borders! They invaded the Sudan and killed Sudanese security on their own lands. When the Sudanese fired back and chased them to their home, now occupying significant land on Ethiopian side. We went to war with TPLF because of them, now they are inviting us to got war with Sudan because of them. All this was orchestrated by their insatiable thirst for green land, no matter where.
      Everywhere they go they start farm without permission from locals. When asked to leave, they argue “we have “developed” the land for decades. Ask them to provide their contract with land owners and you get no answer!
      Sudan can defend itself against expansion but Gumuz can’t. Most worrying, the Oromia and Federal govts. are silent!

  31. Tesfanesh,

    I know your chips store is closed. I suggest you try selling expired Zeke. Of course, no one will buy from you except Abaynesh and Mamo Killo but still you can make money. At this difficult time, any source of income should be welcomed. Never try to sell it to me. Zeke is anathema to me.

    Lemen Yewashal?

    • Bigot,
      You and your equally hatefilled racist bigot Fake-Oromo buddy Aba Gedadaw often use the word Zeke or Zelke as an insult — what is it really? It seems only Eritreans and Tigreans are familiar with zeke. I honestly don’t know what is it?

      • Tesfanesh,

        Who said you know anything? Certified dolt of the first class. Regarding my comment in Benshangul Gumez, you didn’t grasp it. Since you are a moron, you only see things from one direction: Azemari point of view. For you and Abaynesh, everything Azemaris believe and say are always correct. This is the root cause of many problems in Ethiopia. You always finger your fingers at others while making yourselves innocent or victims. You brain is closed. I am tired of Azemaris.

        Lemen Yewashal?

  32. Hope,

    Using the exact word Abiy Ahmed used to explain to Benishangul-Gumuz to people like Damo-Domaras ኢትዮጵያን በኢትዮጵያኖች የሚያስጨፈጭፉ are lurking amidst us not coming from elsewhere.
    -Having said this, I listened some of the speech Abiy Ahmed made in Benishangul Gumz. He reminded people across the nation not to be hateful to one another and he was so better about the fruits of ethnic politics. This being true, the major problem is not people as such rather is the ethnic federation and ethnic constitution. This one dimensional constitution and federation solely based on language is the cause of all the misery and instability. In his own words, he stated that Fascistic Italy used this same ethnic politics so as to divide the nation in history. So, instead of treating the symptoms, Abiy Ahmed has to man up to ban the current ethnic federation, ethnic constitution and ethnic based parties. Until such bold measure is taken, the complain and pain will continue and people like Domas will enjoy the violence.

    • Abaynesh,

      Stop accusing me of instigating violence. Idiot! I told many times I don’t like your attitude. You are pompous, arrogant, and plain stupid. You can’t see your racist attitude and always point your dirty fingers at others. According to your dead brain, you are the only one who want to see peaceful Ethiopia. You believe Ethiopia is your Chen Gerede where alone do anything you want. That ain’t happening. Respect others if you want to be respected. Dead brain Azemari!

      Lemen Yewashal?

          • Two-tongued bigot!! Brilliant my brown kit! Your parents have radicalized you to hate, and to think that being a merciful racist bigot is a sign of bravery and BRILLIANCE — LOL! Scum of the earth!!

  33. Abebaw,
    I didn’t listen to the entire speech. But from What I listened, I just don’t see how it’s possible to change the minds of soulless radicalized, demonized individuals that raped children, that chopped up innocent people and children in front of their mothers, that ripped open pregnant women and eaten the fetuses, beyond evil. In order for a person to be touched by a speech and change, one has to have at least a bit of conscience, sense of guilt, sense of shame. The crimes of these evildemented extremists Woyanes is so horrific, even the 4 star generals, soldiers and journalists have wept and they are traumatised for life. A speech wouldn’t have changed Adolf Hitler, and these Woyanes are millions of times worse than Hitler.
    Abiy needs to go back to the drawing board and take major meaningful action to fit the crime.

    • Prime minister Abiy needs to recognize how TPLF mafia used the very constitution they created to benefit them. He needs to get rid off TPLF constitution, TPLF flag and everything else TPLF mafia implemented!

      • It is extremely disturbing, disheartening and deeply upsetting to hear another never-ending heartbreaking news. just one day after ABIY’S “PEACE SPEECH”, over 100 Amharas got slaughtered again in Benshingal. HOW MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE HAVE TO BE MASSACRED FOR ABIY’S ADMINISTRATION TO PLACE PEACE KEEPERS IN BENSHINGAL AREA????
        If nothing else, I beg and pleaded with Abiy, as a Christian and most importantly as a parent to walk in the shoes of the parents that are loosing their children in Benshingal area and other parts of Ethiopia, and to take IMMEDIATE URGENT ACTION TO STOP THESE SATANIC, DEMONIC, ANIMALISTIC SENSLESS KILLERS!!

  34. It is very uncertain and worry some period and no because of the Woyane clique collapse but because of the new actors supposedly heralding be reforms and progressive agendas are making more mess than ttheir predecessor culprits. If they created wanton violence and destruction in Tigrai State and instigating more in Benishangul Region and so on, not one knows anymore what future holds for the oppressed masses. Hopefully, someone would come up with viable constructive idea including that Nations and Natioanlities part ways if need be. Frankly, there is no other alternative for the existence of the impoverished old empire. It will be a cul-de-sac at that point.

  35. It is very uncertain and worry some period for all and not because of the Woyane clique collapse but because of the new actors supposedly heralding new reforms and progressive agendas are making more mess than ttheir predecessor culprits. If they created wanton violence and destruction in Tigrai State and instigating more in Benishangul Region and so on, not one knows anymore what the future holds for the oppressed masses. Hopefully, someone would come up with a viable constructive idea including that Nations and Natioanlities part ways, if need be. Frankly, there is no other alternative for the existence of the impoverished old empire. It will be a cul-de-sac at that point.

  36. @Haters of Federalism, especially the likes of Abebaw:
    In the period between Minilik’s colonial conquest of non-Abysinian nations and nationalities until 1991 Ethiopia neither had ethnic federalism nor peace. In fact TPLF, OLF, ONLF, SPLF, etc. and the student movement of the 60s were all products of injustices under that system. So, why try to reincarnate a failed system if not to satisfy the dream for domination of one group over others under the guise of one “Ethiopian”?
    The current constitution is not perfect, but at least on paper it recognizes nations right for self rule, though never fully implemented due to ego of TPLF. Let’s say we arbitrarily divide the country into east, west, north as some you suggest. Only a fool thinks a farmer would watch the other way while someone from afar starts farming or building home near his property, and this is not unnatural. Even in the most democratic counties you cannot go somewhere in the forest sand start clearing land for faming or construction without permission or consent of local people. The extreme case is when this reckless behavior crosses international borders and leads to war, which we currently see. The war in Benshangul_Gemuz is nothing different. Aliens settled on their land by force and they are fighting back.
    The liberations fronts correctly analyzed the problem and recognized early that people who share common culture, language, heritage and history are more likely to co-exist by solving their problems peacefully and divided the country into current “semi-autonomous” regional states rather than automatic independence. The regions are accepted by all except those who want to dominate others .
    In my opinion, trying to change the current constitution in order to reincarnate the old system is a certain card for disintegration of the country. Rather, it is critical to open democratic space, release political prisoners and remove Abiy from power by peaceful election before an all out civil war breaks out in which only foreign countries win. Abiy is a failed leader who cannot think beyond personal power, whereas the country needs someone never associated with the current or past regimes, who never considers military solution to solve internal political problem, and there are many of them.
    Look jut how nonsense it is to expect PP to do something better than EPRDF. For example, Demeke Mekonnen built a statute as deputy PM in EPRDF. The same Demeke Mekonnen with same deputy PM role destroys the statue under PP. That is why new people who think in fundamentally different way should rule the country, not the same old TPLF dogs like Abiy and Demeke who have been killing and are killing our people. These people have had their time and should go.

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