Ethiopia Says Seyoum Mesfin Killed by Military After Refusing to Surrender


NAIROBI (REUTERS) – Ethiopia said on Wednesday its military had killed three members of the Tigray region’s former ruling party, including former Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin.

The three Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) officials were killed, and five other party members were captured, after they refused to surrender to the military, the government’s task force for the crisis in Tigray said on Twitter.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government declared victory in its conflict with the TPLF on Nov. 28 last year after nearly a month of fighting.

Fugitive leaders of the TPLF had vowed to continue to fight from the mountains of the region in northern Ethiopia, but Reuters has been unable to contact them for weeks.

The military said last week it had captured Sebhat Nega, a founding member of the TPLF.

At the weekend, it said it had killed 15 members of the TPLF and captured eight others, according to state-run TV.

Seyoum was Ethiopia’s foreign minister from 1991 to 2010.

Air strikes and battles since early November in Tigray are believed to have killed thousands of people. Fighting is continuing in some parts and more than 2 million people need aid, the United Nations said this week.

Reuters has been unable to verify claims by either side since phone and internet connections to the Tigray region are down and access to the area is strictly controlled.


  1. I just watched a news video on another website where 19 of the captured goons were seen escorted to their first appearance in court. They had joined their bigot buddies who have been already in jail before them. They were dressed in the latest sports outfits. That lady who was carrying a Chanel purse during her capture had decided to leave that in her jail cell. But the mean didn’t skip a beat keeping up with the latest sportswear. Hey! Is that bootlegged Puma and Adidas? These dudes don’t stop stealing even in prison? An addiction, you know!!!! I’m gonna call the police, Puma and Adidas, man!!!

    • Prisnor Sebhat Nega looks like he is walking around at a resort center in the Bahamas. At least, him and his criminal buddies know that they won’t be tortured, no one will pull their nails out, crashed their genitals or loose their eye sights in prison, as TPLF did to innocent Ethiopian prisoners!

      • I had noticed that too. That photo that showed the capture of a lady with a Chanel purse still cracks me up, man. But now the purse was not with her. If I were Chanel I would sue her for a breach of a contract. Btw, where did the cane Karl Marx Sebhat was using when he was captured? I’m saying just what millions others are asking. Don’t kill the messenger here!!!!

        This whole story reminds me what one of my friends told me in early 1980’s. Like me he knew many of those young and motivated young intellectuals who perished in the bloodletting years of the 1970’s. I personally knew a few of them before and after I moved here in early 1970’s and I can confidently tell you that all of them had the intellectual horsepower to run any mega global companies. I still mourn their demise knowing there is nothing I can do to bring them back. Nothing. Many of them didn’t even have dignified burials. But one by one they were dead under various circumstances during that turbulent decade. What my friend told me was this. Those young intellectuals belonged to various groups who claimed to be the first to form political parties before one another. First was the bickering on theories someone else wrote decades and more than a century ago in faraway places. Bickering continued unabated and escalated to name calling and threats ending into deadly shootings. Many lost their lives and many of the survivors were rounded up by the demonic Mengistu, summarily executed and buried in the same graves. Now fast forward to 2021 what we see now is somewhat similar scenario but this time there is a much law abiding government running the country. Sebhat and his cronies used to call Jawar(Hey bigots! Go jump in the lake and don’t come up) terrorists and Jawar and his media outfit used to call Sebhat and his cronies ‘A neftegna influenced Oromo oppressor/killer’ Woyane. Now they have made a full circle ended up in saying hello in jail. All these miscreants awaits them lengthy prison time as they deserve it in the court of law. Many innocent have lost their Allah blessed lives because of what these guys were teaching and preaching. Finally Allah is telling them with a resounding ‘Enough is enough. My children’s blood has been crying out for justice for too long!!!!’. As the old adage goes ‘What goes around comes around!’ Ain’t karma a …..!!! You know how to finish it!!!! Every one of them is getting his/her just crème brûlée in the slammer. In a way it is déjà vu 1970’s.

  2. ethoash,
    I have not been in this forum for quite significant time(years have flown fast by) and I had to search our friend’s name over nazret as I had forgotten it altogether.

  3. who imagined 6 months ago we see Sebhat Nega, Eskinder Nega and Jawar in prison? I hope this self serving monsters in prison, the country will have a good election this year.

    • Every time your understanding irritates me I don’t know why. Election? What is election is used for while the country is in the verge of disintegration? What is the use of election while most of the high caliber intellectuals are in prisoned and there is no a political dialogue? Election?

      • I can’t help but respond to the TPLF remnant who became an OLF member. He said ‘What is the use of election while most of the high caliber intellectuals are in prisoned and there is no a political dialogue.’ The ‘intellectuals’ he is talking about are Jawee and Bekele whom Aba Melas’ TPLF were jailing and chasing out of the country. Abiy gave them the opportunity to engage in a civilized political dialogue but to no avail.

        Jawee and co are responsible for the death of thousands and thousands of people in Burayu, Arsis, Bale, Shaheme, Awassa, and many other places. Jawee, a certified Muslim terrorist, agaitated the gullible youth to kill people and destroy property. Jawee and Bekele will never see a day of light. What a great gift is for Ethiopians to see Sebhat and Jawee locked up in the same jail. As the old maxim goes ‘ If you can’t do the time do the crime.’ Jawee and Sebhat are criminals and will serve a maximum of 30 years under the law of the country.

        Aba Mela is trying to use Oromo ethnic entrepreneurs to bring back the dead TPLF thugs. No one should take the thug seriously!

  4. While we unanimously condemn the killings of innocent human beings everywhere in the country, we stress the fact that the independence and impartiality of the courts, the Electoral Board, the media, and the security forces still should have to be worked out.

    In a similar fashion to Tplf, the ruling Prosperity party is using the courts as its own tool to disfavor opponents. The real and credible evidence is “𝗘̲𝘀̲𝗸̲𝗶̲𝗻̲𝗱̲𝗲̲𝗿̲ ̲𝗡̲𝗲̲𝗴̲𝗮̲” and “Baldras movement”. The outdated game around the court is a clear indicator of the continuing misuse of the law as a wagon of mass-destruction.

  5. I watched a news yesterday that Sebhat Nega, Abay Woldu, etc of the TPLF captives had a court hearing. Despite the thrilling news of capturing these monster thugs, I am also wondering by the double standard in the justice system. While developing and writing these TPLF monsters criminal charge takes significant time as their crime range is complex and plenty, bringing them to trail in almost 2 days of their captivity is very very quick while an innocents man like Eskinder Nega who voluntarily went by himself to the Addis Ababa police station is taking years and now 3-5 months court hearing appointments. This is so ridiculous, TPLF thugs who fired missiles to busy cities, murdered national army, massacred the Mai-kadra Amhara people appear in court so quick but a law abiding citizen like Eskindir Nega is denied justice. Well, Karama is a bitch if those in power don’t open their hearts to truth tomorrow will be their turn.

    • Here we again! The hypocrites are out in full force. Their line of thinking goes like this ‘ Eskinder is an Amhara. Therefore, even if he committed a crime, he should be set free.’ What a world we live in.

  6. .
    we will never stand or go along with those who want to suppress real justice or use it to favor their hidden agenda.

    It was not forgotten that the Abiy Ahmed administration started its term by uttering, “We will not arrest anyone without investigation”, and he even said, “Our government was a terrorist!”, in order to usher support.
    However, the “Baldras” leaders, who have been jailed for more than six months for bogus crimes were going back and forth still with a claim that police need more time to investigate the so-called crime.

    We, the people have been under the yoke of oppression for decades due to injustice. We have been thirsting for justice. The Tplf journey has been brought to an end because it was plagued by injustice.
    If successive regimes failed to learn from each other mistakes and failures, it is not a matter of justice but also a threat to the very existence of the country.

  7. Bigots

    1. Well, well, well Eskinder is an Amhara and he must be released immediately. Otherwise, it will the end of the world. We the people of Amhara shouldn’t be touched even if we commit crimes.

    2. Jawee and Bekele are Oromos hereos. They must be released immediately. Otherwise, the world as we will cease to exist. We the people of Oromo own Addis Ababa and we mustn’t be touched even if we commit crimes.

    3. Sebhat co are old and weak. What is the benefit of arresting them? They must be released immediately. Otherwise, there will be a blood shed in Ethiopia. We the proud Tegadalys destroyed Derge and brought democracy and shouldn’t be touched even if we kill and steal.

    Match with the above statements.

    A. Oromos extremists

    B. Tigraye extremists

    C. Amhara extremists

    BIGOTS !!!

  8. .
    There is no way to continue fooling the nation.
    The disfranchised sectarians who got abroad the lorry of Abiy’s Prosperity party are looking for a short cut that they think is best to replace the hegemony of Tplf by their own.
    For the sake of their extremist agenda success, they have associated themselves with the forces of Ethiopia and Ethiopiwnet that they hated yesterday.
    They are exaggerating the guilt or creating a lie to divide society into conflicts. They will use profanity and vulgar language against millions and soon after they will wash their eyes with salt and would morn to defend the nation.

    It is their property to dissect each one of us with different names so as to stir doubt. No surprise. The true “bigot” really knows his name. it is circulating in its blood, … deep to its marrow. we all know who they are and which they stand for. We all know that they are in a subtle ill-state of affairs. Justice, equality, and unity are its enemy.
    we will see how long their camouflage lasts!

    • Look at me. I am beautiful. I am a decedent of kings. I can do what ever I want because Ethiopia belongs to ( Mugabe ones said Zimbabwe belongs to me). Others are born to follow me.

      I hate to say I am an Amhara. I prefer to say I am an Ethiopian because it easy to dupe others so that I can promote the interest of my tribe. If I say I am an Amhara, others would call me a tribalist. Even if I am the biggest ጎጠኛ out there, I can still deceive others by using my proven scam, Ethiopwent.

    • Gashe mamo,

      I couldn’t have said it better!

      That is exactly what has been happening. All the killings around the country are used as a pre text to solidfiy PP & dictatorship.

      It’s taken from the playbook of PM Melese Zenawi, and Abiy is re applying it in destructive manner…

      In my view, all the assassinations are purposefully preplanned. Youg people from Oromia & Amahara were mobilized to serve for their game and then thrown in jail with their leaders.
      Abiy could have stopped all the violence that destroyed so many families and brought shame to the country.

      At the end of the all the games being played currently, Mengistu II will emerge, mark my word!

  9. ጥያቄ አለኝ ለአባ መላ

    የወያኔው አፍቃሪ ዘረኛዉ አባ መላ፣
    እንደምን ሆኖ ነው ጭራቁ ወያኔ በአንዴ የተበላ?

  10. You sound like ስብሃት ነጋ who claimed to have broken the backbone of Amhara and Orthodox Christianity until he now broken into pieces. You are beating your chest and punching air as if you could do anything. Watch out your words. You are not hurting Abiy , not helping him.

    – Sebhat Nega, Abay Woldu, Keria certainly shares similar prison room with Jawar, and Bekele, in the future with Shimelis Abdissa, Taye Denda of PP. They are one and the same

    • The like that. Straight talk is always good. What I don’t like is hiding behind the usual word and pretending to be nonracial. What I like about Sorsa and Aba Mela is that they don’t pretend.

      • Hello! baby Sebhat Nega. You are an exact copy of ስብሃት ነጋ. The only difference between you and him is age. You are baby, he is elderly. You will be aborted soon and your hateful mouth silenced.

  11. Domawe Dingay ras diruyee setanu bigot,
    You have so many similarities to Adolf Hitler — you loathe Amharas, as Hitler did to Jews. If any person cares for Amharas, you see that person as the worst person that ever existed in this world. If Amharas say the sky is blue, you would argue that it is green. You are one of the worst hypocrite and a two-tongued wishy washy shameless trabalist inhumane bigot that is thrilled to death watching innocent Amhara men, women and children getting displaced and thrown out in the cold, chopped up, burned and gunned down to deaths. YOU HAVE BEEN EXIBITING SAVAGE–SADISTIC–STONYHEARTED CALLOUS behaviors and you won’t rest till you see Amharas ERADICATED!! A Disgraced scum of the earth terrorist!

    • There is no question thatyou generalize and despise entire Tigrean ethnic group, even the Tigreans that have nothing to do with the bloodsucking INHUMANE TPLF MAFIA, But, since your hatred against Amharas is beyond the scale, you won’t even appreciate or admire this selfless one of a kind hero who fought to take back his identity, his freedom, and his ansesterial land from the inhumane merciless TPLF mafia:

      • You can jump up and down as much as you want your Amhara is equally criminal. Your ignorance and your wicked religion what destroyed your country. Someone told you already you laugh when the Oromo try to give life to the lifeless tress while you carry pc of lumber calling it a tabot? Your shame and your ignorance you people are the enemy to humanity dame shit as TPLF. Get the fk put of you despicable demon inspired setan. Go breath CO2 it is good for your ignorance

  12. Brother Hope,

    እንኳን ለብርሃነ ጥምቀቱ በሰላም አደረሰህ!!! ጥምቀት እንደገና የመወለድ እና ከሞት ኃጥያት የመንጻት ተምሳሌት እንደ ሆነ ሁሉ እግዚአብሄር አገራችንን ከወንጀለኛ ጎሣ መናፍስተ-ሞት ወ ጥፋት ነጻ አውጥቶ ትኑሳዔዋን ያሳየን!የኃጥያተኞች አፈ -ልሣን እና ጉሮሮ እንደ መቃብር ጉድጓድ የተከፈተ ነው። ከክፉ ሰዎች ጋር በከንቱ አትከራክሩ ይላል እግዜር የእነርሱ መንገድ ሙስና ሞት መሆኑን ቀድሞ ያውቃል እና።

    • Amen! Inqwan abro aderesen my brother! May God hear and see the suffering of Ethiopians that have been denied to live and worship in peace! And may God expose and remove those that are plotting against Amharas!

  13. ለአበባው ባለበት

    የጎጃም ደብተራው፣
    አበባው አላምረው፣
    ከምትነቅፋቸው ከኦሮሞ አክራሪዎች ምንም
    ኢትዮጵያዊነት እያልክ የምታጭበረብረው፣
    ስለማያዋጣ ነጩ ውሸትህን እርግፍ አርገህ ተወው።


    ለአቶ ተስፋዬ
    ለአቶ ማሞ ቂሎ

      • Abebaw,
        He is so right! Not only Ethiopian taxpayers will be taking care of these godforsaken criminals, also their relatives will hire a law firm of full of attornies to get them freed, using the very stolen money!
        BTW, What do you think of the statments of Sudanese Generals and their Prime minister? I have been saying that something is very fishy about tge Ethiopia and Sudan border, a one sided war with no resistance from Ethiopian government, while Ethiopians’ properties looted, burned down, and Ethiopians massacred by Sudanese army? Extremely puzzling and disturbing! Abiy needs to release a statement about this heavyweight alligations!!

        • Hope,

          Thank you for sharing the link about this news. I think we need to have more evidence about this allegation, most importantly a telephone conversation from the Sudanese General Al Burhan. You are right, Abiy Ahmed has to release a statement about this allegation sooner than later. In my opinion, at this stage, I would believe the Sudanese General Al Burhan is making it up to set up Abiy Ahmed, because Abiy Ahmed is currently enjoying national support in fighting TPLF and definitely Sudan too. These Sudanese general is a loyalist and friend of TPLF. He will unscrupulously make up false agreements, treaties, conversations etc. that will incriminate Ethiopian government officials so that the national moral support of Ethiopian will go down. Why would Sudan ask permission from Ethiopia, to invade Ethiopia if it claims the land is her? If Abiy wanted to give the land to Sudan, why would not do that in a bogus treaty and boundary demarcation without giving green light to occupy Sudan at this critical moment? That would have been easier. My sense at this time tell me the Sudanese general who is the head of the military business enterprise is making a Big lie. Ethiopians have to be careful not to buy fake news from foreign adversaries, a simple mistake will cost us too much. Above all, Ethiopia is not a private property of any official, including Abiy Ahmed. The Sudanese general, must be stupid to put the Sudan military live in harms way for the land that is not theirs. If it were theirs why ask permission? May I invade your country, is the first time ever to hear. But there is one thing I believe about Abiy, he loves ethnic federation and the ደደቢት constitution. If he sticks with this keeping near and dear to him, it is going to be an explosives right on his chest. He had better distance himself from this poisonous ethnics federation.

          • Something unclear has been bothering me for a while about this one sided war, way before I heard anykind of statments from the Sudanese side or the statments General Berhanu made a couple of days ago. Anyhow, Abiy’s administration needs to release the contents or minutes of the recent meeting with the Sudanese Prime minister… also address this shocking alligations… either deny or admit!
            BTW, apparently, some town has denied ETOC permit to celebrate Timket for 1st time in history. Isn’t this religious violations? Where is Abiy on this matter? Hummm…

  14. .
    For the stupid everything is scum. …History is a scum; Nationalism is a scum. Ethiopiwinet- it is another scum.
    Once in a while, when time permits, it is necessary to remind those violent extremists like that pick-mattock “Domaw”, about their ignorance and stupidity.

    Those of us here, we all know “Domaw”. We know him wearing lipstick and powders, and cosmetics to hide his ugly face. His ugly face of extremism. Now it looks like he is hiding behind the Prosperity party-Abiy, … and his support for Ethiopia is only skin-deep. You scratch it, Wala- the big extremist dander-head pick mattock appears with his ugly face.

    Anyone can evaluate “Domaw’s” comments from the past and can judge for himself how fanatic this crippled “mattock” is! There is no session of news comment that has passed without him vomiting slurs based on ethnicity, faith, or religion. He is engrossed in the burning of gasoline by his comments. While we need the law to prevail, the birdbrain is up to bullying. While we need equality, the dander-head is up to prejudice. Instead of sincerity, the clown is up to hate speech. There is no end to the surprise with this cross-eyed sectarian-fool, everyone except him is a bigot.

    Now we are in desperate need of someone to tell this stupid ignorant to stop vomiting here in the form of a comment.


    • Mamo Killo

      Our true Ethiopian. አገር ወዳዱ scammer!

      You said ‘we need true equality while…’ I am still laughing. Are you serious? Since when did you start fighting for true equality? Your history has largely been based on demonizing and denigrating others based on their ethnic identity and culture. Tell us one instance where you fought for true equality?

      Mamo Kilo,

      Please, don’t insult our intelligence by shedding your crocodile tears. You are here 24/7 to defend your way of life which has been threatened since the TPLF assumed power in Ethiopia. You are here to defend your culture, Church, and language. All your assets have been under tremendous challenge by the the people your grandfathers exploited for generations. You are here to defend them. You are not here to talk about democracy. Please, give us a break. We want peace and democracy in Ethiopia. But, we won’t allow crooks like you, who lie through the tooth to show up here every now and then and preach about democracy.

      አንተን ብሎ ሐገር ወዳድ። ፉርሽካ።

      • Damo,
        I disagreed with Gashe mamo on many points but his comment about you is quite right.
        You bite every one and got bitten by everyone b/c you just don’t get how to control your fingers because your brain is so twisted. You cannot rationally argue based on issues but on insecurity and pure hate. This is what I see in you which others also saw. Stick to your point if you have any and argue with the best evidence you can provide without insulting people. For example, Let me give you HWs. 1) you have every right to support PP, but tell us what makes PP different from TPLF, again based on data and without resorting to insults. 2) You said you hate to be “Amhara”. After watching this video, tell me what “Amhara” is and why you hate it. Thanks.

        • Sorsa,

          You are the last person to lecture me about arguing rationally. A blind clan man who preaches his clan men to kill people who are different from them has no the moral compass to lecture about rational argument. An ethnic entrepreneur who defends Jawar Mohammed who agitated youg Oromo youth to kill people in Addis Ababa, Shasheme, Arsi, Awassa, and other places doesn’t have the moral authority to lecture people about rational argument. If you showed a slight rationality, I wouldn’t have said anything. I just don’t stand a clan man giving me a lecture on how to be civil.

          I don’t give a rat whether you support Mamo or not. You are openly racist. Mamo and co use Ethiopianwent to hide their bigotry. I hope I made myself clear. Please, join hands with Mamo and create a new party called ‘ rational.’

  15. The latest attempt by the ever busy running dogs of these demised demagogues has been sniveling about how they lost their lives. Sometime they tell us Mesfin and his buddies died in a hell exchange of fire after taking scores of the enemy with them. Now they are telling us that they were killed by soldiers of the Eritrean army after surrendering peacefully. These rabid dogs tell us of heroic death at 10:00 AM in the morning and then they tell us with slobbering mouths that they were killed in cold blood by Brother Isaias. The fact is UN General Secretary António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres had told the world unequivocally that there was not/are not any Eritrea soldier on the Ethiopian soil. Period!!! What language do these rabid dogs understand or do not understand? THERE ARE NO ERITREAN SOLDIERS ON ANYWHERE ON THE ETHIOPIAN TERRITORY. What might have done is take back Badme that they were legally declared to be theirs by the decision of the Border Commission at The Hague to which the late Seyoum declared then that Ethiopia had accepted the verdict. But what our Eritrean brothers and sisters did to our beleaguered soldiers was from the text books of any international convention. They treated the wounded and gave the tired soldiers to the respite they needed. Then bode them farewell back to the country they love to death to fight another day. Boy, fight they did!!!! After taking the much needed respite they came back and took the daylight out of the demons who were riding on the backs of the noble people of Tigray. They even gave Mesfin and his cabal to surrender peacefully. They summoned and sent local elders begging them to give up and turn themselves in peacefully. But what the goons did was disgusting. They rushed the elders back to where they came from. Then Jula and his field commanders had no choice but to move in. It became a sad ending. I wished it ended peacefully just like the real commie Sebhat and his friends did. I hate to see people of my age group chose to end their lives in violent ways. But it was not anybody else’s fault but of their own. They forgot that the upright people of Tigray were tired of carrying these despots after more than 40 years. It has decided the time is up for the Shaykh al-Bahr riding on his/her back and reaping the fruits of its labor with their inner circle. Well, Scheherazade has come back to tell the story of Sinbad once and for all as depicted in the illustration below:

    The days of the goons at the top shelf of the TPLF are gone. I said gone!!! Do you dig bigots? What language you don’t understand? Gone means goodbye forever, adios, au revoir, ma’issalama, out of my sight!!! Nuff said!!!!

  16. .

    A system that does not make Ethiopia a country of equality and freedom is useless!

    Ethiopians in all four corners need a democratic system that provides equality, freedom, justice, peace, and security. Prosperity party and the parasites that are attaching themselves to that party are displaying selfishness and prejudice by manipulating political power.
    The stigma attached to making one ethnicity a guest and another the owner of a region inside the country has to stop. Here, our problem is morons like Domaw who are daydreaming to loot innocent people after killing and murdering them based on their identity. These are misers, greedy ones. Non-human entities. They are the ones’ who are ready to put a stick on another person’s wound.

    There should be no system that divides Ethiopians on the basis of their nationality, religion, language, culture, political affiliation, and so on. And here is Domaw segregating us and pointing-fingers at others calling them bigots. Yes, … here he is again confused, weaving and spinning lies and playing the blame game.

    Since we are ordinary citizens, we use every opportunity in a civilized way for nation-building, on the other hand, it is clear that there are extremists like Domaw who want to disrupt the lives of the people by endangering the country. He wants to revive a country like Yugoslavia.

    This Domaw character comes here to release his garbage. I cannot call his confusing words a comment. Those were a good vomit. Like always, it was a poison. And he is staffed with poison.


  17. Now, let’s take a break from the affairs of the old country and rather have our brothers and sisters both Madagascar and Mozambique in our prayers. A strong cyclone is bearing down on both of them. It will plow thru Madagascar and then if it holds together it may bring another disaster to Mozambique and Zimbabwe by next week. There is another low forming or seems to be forming between Maldives and the Eastern shore of Africa. That may fall apart but with the very warm waters of the Indian Ocean it could have the ingredients it needs. So let’s keep our African brothers and sisters in our thoughts and prayers.

  18. There is concern now with the affairs between the old country and Sudan. Sudan has made a sudden about a face and instigated border issues/incidences. I know many of you mask ask questions why Sudan which PM Abiy did play a deciding role in the formation of the current administration in Khartoum would try to provoke war with the old country. The reason, in my opinion, rests with the military there. I don’t think Sudanese people will support any war with their next door neighbors. The top brass in the military may be holding grudges since the formation of the current administration there. You all remember how the military brass dug its heels refusing to accept any power share with the civilians. Then there is its benefactor in Cairo. The rulers there will never accept any government in Sudan where civilians have roles in the decision making. That would a ‘bad example’ for the people of Egypt. So the top brass in Sudan has to create a situation for a pretext to take what it lost in Khartoum. I admire the officials of our old country by the wisdom they have shown the world in this respect. I bet you these bigots among us, these university campus orphans are planning a trip to Khartoum as we speak if they haven’t done it already. These are lowest form of humanity will be willing to sell part of the country that produced them in exchange for some bread crumbs. What is new with them, right? They had done that in the past. These filths from the bottom of the barrel would kill their mother to extract the golden teeth from her mouth for a few bucks. I did not make this up. It is in their history of the 1970’s and 80’s. Let’s hope South Sudan’s efforts will bear fruit in its effort to diffuse the tension. I am sure Djibouti, Somalia, and Kenya and off course our brothers and sisters of Eritrea may not take comfort with this sudden hoopla in Khartoum. Those Arab wannabe blacks in Khartoum may be playing with fire that will burn their own hands.

  19. One more thing I want to remind my dear countrymen/women before this comment section is closed. For those of us who live in this great nation this week marks the end of one administration and the beginning of another. This transfer is nothing the same as any other in the past. The environment is still adversely charged up with many still gripped with misplaced anger. I highly suggest to my dear compatriots to stay home on the Inauguration Day if it is all possible. Be attentive of your surrounding and if you see/hear/read something suspicious call the authorities in your neck of wood. Let’s all hope and pray that anger and tension will subside down to a peaceful and secured environment. Insha’Allah!!!!!

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