Massacre in the mountains


They thought they’d be safe at a church. Then the soldiers arrived

Abraham began burying the bodies in the morning and didn’t stop until nightfall.

The corpses, some dressed in white church robes drenched in blood, were scattered in arid fields, scrubby farmlands and a dry riverbed. Others had been shot on their doorsteps with their hands bound with belts. Among the dead were priests, old men, women, entire families and a group of more than 20 Sunday school children, some as young as 14, according to eyewitnesses, parents and their teacher.

Abraham recognized some of the children immediately. They were from his town in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, Edaga Hamus, and had also fled fighting there two weeks earlier. As clashes raged, Abraham and his family, along with hundreds of other displaced people, escaped to Dengelat, a nearby village in a craggy valley ringed by steep, rust-colored cliffs. They sought shelter at Maryam Dengelat, a historic monastery complex famed for a centuries-old, rock-hewn church.

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    • It is sad if these crimes are committed. It is hard to verify who committed them in the current environment. But we all have to go back and question how all this started. As the narrator stated TPLF ruled the country for 28 years and tried to follow the unlawful path when it was rooted out of power. TPLF destroyed everything there was to keep peace and law in Tigray. Now people of Tigray are suffering. Above all international journalists are the judges, the prosecutors, the jury, the witnesses and the lawyers. For pro TPLF people, when are you going to realise it is time to side with Ethiopian government? If foreign forces are committing crimes, the more reason to side with Ethiopian government.

  1. .
    My heartaches to hear in so many news media about massacres in Tigray.
    In the meantime, attempts to deflect attention from high crimes perpetrated by the TPLF clique and downplaying its accountability will not serve the cause of peace or stability.

    We all understand that the communication blackout in parts of the region, and journalists and humanitarian organizations’ inability to access many areas due to security and bureaucratic obstacles have contributed to misinformation and lies.

    Now it is time to support a credible and independent investigation into allegations of atrocities in Tigray and also, by TPLF elsewhere in the country during their tenure and the recent ongoing massacres and genocide in the Oromia region.


    • Gash mamo,

      You said “ Now it is time to support a credible and independent investigation into allegations of atrocities in Tigray and also, by TPLF elsewhere in the country during their tenure and the recent ongoing massacres and genocide in the Oromia region.“

      That is a well balanced comment any fair minded would say…. I am all for independent investigation. No one should get away with crime.

  2., why this manufactured stuff. Don’t we know the saying “A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on”

    This is a drama staged by TPLF itself. If there were any causality, none other than TPLF did it. The only party that had been desecrating Churches is TPLF. There are lots of paid foreign media reporters pulling shit out of their pockets. The so called NGO’s and humanitarians are being caught to smuggle TPLF criminal leaders. The only genocidal thug in Tigray province is always TPLF. If the fake CNN channel reporter wanted to learn the bitter truth of genocide, why did not they ask the 30 years of genocide committed agisnt the Amhara people of Welqait Gondar? I don’t think any body gives a shit to this fake news.

    • Dear patriot አበባው,

      You opinion is well taken. War is always unpleasant and that is why it should always be avoided by all means necessary. But sometimes it becomes unavoidable because it becomes the only means of survival. In such scenario one side imposes it on the other side. There is no question that it was the goons of TPLF who provoked and started the war. War is always destructive and innocent civilians are the ones that will suffer the most. That is why I abhor wars. War is brutal and it brings out the worst in humans. Just look at this war. Brothers and sisters are suddenly changed into killing beasts. They have become worst enemies of each other. This is one shameful black spot in the history of that gem of the colored. Yes the government has the mandate to maintain law and order but it is a shame that war could not be avoided because the bigoted TPLF goons had imposed it. I am very disappointed by the international media that it does not even mention the missiles that slammed on civilian airports both in Ethiopia and Eritrea destroying parts of the infrastructures and killing innocent civilians. They are instead on their high gears sensationalizing stories facts or non-factual. I hope they get back their senses and stay true to their sacred profession: report stories based on verifiable facts. You see, in these days of social media craze facts have become so relative. ‘Deep throats’ are everywhere. ‘For security reasons’ are phrases of preferred choice. What I am more afraid these days are not the nuclear arsenals of the superpowers but the onslaught of misinformation. It seems humanity is doing everything to blow itself up with misinforming itself. Such misinformation doesn’t fall on the ground and decay but they usual incite people. You see, there is always this large section of population in every society that does not possess the sophistication to look through what it hears and reads. It turns deadly violent in a jiffy. Such gullible people exist everywhere even in the most technologically advanced countries. You and I may never be convinced by the claim that pedophiles are dominating governments everywhere but there are a lot of people who believe that. Then they went to the Capitol on January 6 looking for the pedophiles and those who ‘stole’ the election. Misinformation will continue to be the ticking nuclear bomb that may even end up pulling the triggers of the real nuclear bombs.

      Allah’s Blessings to you and your family!!!!

  3. TPLF scumbags spreading false information to deceive the international community. They have have been circulating the photo of TPLF fighter who claims she escaped from Eritrean soldiers who tried to rape her. The skunk was injured during a fighting between the TPLF rats and ENDF. From Mekele she is coerced to lie so that the TPLF leftovers use her word and picture to deceive the international community. Agazian, and another TPLF scumbag, wants us to cry with him. Horrible!

  4. Washington post reported “ A key U.S. ally in Africa is massacring civilians. Can Biden stop it? “

    A leader who brings a foreign nation to kill, loot, rape and destroy its people. A leader who gives another nation (Sudan and Eritrea) his own territory so that they are not on the way when massacring his own innocent people. Abiye tells the world and even to him self, there is no war in Tigray. When Amhara and Tigray states were infested with locust, Abiye tells to himself and posts a picture of him in a green area in Oromia. In every Adwa victory celebration, we don’t see anyone’s picture but Abiyes, he thinks he is King Menilik. A leader who uses rape and starvation as a weapon to win a war. Abiye our generations Idi Amin cares about nothing but power. Abiye belongs not in Menilk palace but in a mental institution. Here is the official title for Idi Amin, where Abiye learn his narcissist character. Idi Amin killed over 1 million people in less than 10years

    “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular”

    • Poor guy, I can’t stop picturing you jumping from one internet site to another looking for help for TPLF like an old lady. It was only yesterday you telling us how Tegadalys are invincibles, lol. The generation that shook the mountains, now looking for journalists and western politicians’ skirt to hide under. So what ever, evil or good, Abiy will be remembered as the one who buried TPLF

    • Ethnic cleaning, huh? Do they know TPLF brought ethnic politics to Ethiopia? Where else is people from Tigre ethnic group are getting killed in Ethiopia? Stop this shite. Learn from past mistakes.

  5. A PM in a mission to destroy the very people and region he was supposed to protect. Hate and revenge at its worst.

    … they came with five Eritrean divisions and two Ethiopian divisions and started a campaign to the southern part of Tigray, a campaign in the Samre area. The Tigray forces were to the far south. They destroyed the town of Samre. They came up with Sino trucks, they loaded the grain of the peasant and [indistinct]… it is even difficult to explain it in words, the level of destruction.

    There is one valley that had an irrigation system that had a massive plantation of mangoes. They literally eliminated that village. The plantation is on a river called Zamra. It is an irrigation system and the two big villages are a called Adeba and a village called. Tseada. They literally cut down the trees, the fruit trees. You remember we had some mangoes at home when you visited us in Mekele last time; one of our sisters lives in that village, there were mangoes she brought us from there. They cut all of them down. It takes six to seven years to take fruit from a mango tree, so this literally means making the people poor for the coming six or seven years, that if is someone replants them immediately.

    That’s what we heard today, I received the report two hours ago.

  6. እምበር ተንከባላይ,

    Do you think Ethiopians care whatever the Washington Post and other so called media outlets say? We know you feed them unfounded stories hoping to resuscitate the TPLF bandits from their graves. You have been spreading false information about the situation in Tigray to garner sympathy from the international community. Well, slowly but surely your lies are being exposed. We know you are born liars.

    We Ethiopians have experienced your lies for the last 30 years. We know you inside and out. Don’t come here and shade your crocodile tears. Unlike you, we care about the people of Tigray. You are about the dead TPLF thugs.

    How did you expect to survive by antagonizing Eritreans in the north and others in the south? You couldn’t fight for 15 days, let alone defeat ENDF.

    No more እምበር ተጋዳላይ. እምበር ተንከባላይ።

    መጀመሪያ ነበር መጥኖ መደቆስ፣
    አሁን ምን ይጠቅማል ተንከባሎ ማልቀስ።

  7. Ittu

    Shame on you! Shame on you grandpa seriously shame on you! You have failed miserably enjoying the demise of the innocent people Tigray.

    Shame on you!

    Gashe Mamo I respect you! You condemned the heinous crimes on humanity regardless of! May Almighty Christ bless your conscience!

    • Aba Mela,

      Good to hear back from you bro. In regards to Ittu, he thinks he has nothing to lose, he doesn’t have much left to live in this world. But The blood of innocent people will haunts him to the gates of hell, only a fool thinks the dead can’t speak for themselves, they do. Karma is a bitch. I hope God forgives him.

      In Axum, when the Eritrean army was ambushed and hit hard by the TDF, they went to the church and started massacring the people. Then door to door killing children to make up their miserable lose in the battle field.

      The intent of this war is to humiliate, destroy and kill the people of Tigray, it will not work! That will only make the people to resist and fight even harder.

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