US calls for withdrawal of Eritrean forces in Ethiopia following investigation into massacre

(Clockwise from left) Isayas Asgedom, Isaaq Isayas Asgedom, Arsema Yemane, Biniam Yemane and Alemtsahay Asgedom were all killed at the house where Marta was staying.

(CNN) US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Saturday for the withdrawal of Eritrean and Ethiopian regional forces from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, and an end to killings and human rights violations there.

His call came a day after investigations by CNN and Amnesty International into the massacre of civilians in two separate assaults in the northern Tigray region late last year.

Thousands of civilians are believed to have been killed since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched a military operation against leaders in the Tigray region. CNN has previously reported that soldiers from neighboring Eritrea have perpetuated many of the extrajudicial killings, assaults and human rights abuses in the Tigray region.

“The United States is gravely concerned by reported atrocities and the overall deteriorating situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia,” Blinken said in a statement Saturday

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  1. There are too many sources are now reporting stories of atrocities committed in the conflict region of Tigray. This is now something we have to step back and ponder. War is a situation where anger can easily get out of control. It was documented in all wars. We have read stories where combatants lost their cool in WWII, Vietnam, War in Iraq and others. These alleged gross violations of the Geneva Convention should be independently investigated. The US government is blunt in its latest statement. It has ‘ordered’ forces that are not of Tigray ethnicity to leave that region immediately. If there are such forces in that region then they must leave immediately. Numbers are piling up whether verified or not and they look extremely grim. I assume the USA has issued such order after investigating the allegations thoroughly. It has the most sophisticated surveillance tools imaginable. It must have found some substance in the matter. It has now issued a very clear order to those two forces to leave and they should heed the order and leave immediately. Otherwise, missiles will be raining on them like never seen in the history of that region. Your are forewarned. Leave is leave! If you don’t, then you gonna find yourself in tiny pieces.

  2. Is this man under the influence? What missile is he talking about? Who is giving order to who? Man, you are losing your freaking mind.

  3. How come Formajo’s Somalia soldiers were not ordered to leave the region? They were allegedly doing the fighting in that region alongside soldiers from the foreign nations of Amhara, Eritrea and Ethiopia. How come? Order should not discriminate. Leave is leave today, not tomorrow or next week but today. If you don’t then you better start watching the skies above you. You would even know what has hit you.

  4. I told you a million times before where my hommie Getachew Reda is. He has been chillin with me here in my man cave basement since November. My other nigga Getachew Assefa is here too. My main man Debre is busy chasing the remnants of Abiy, Isaias, Formajo and Guelleh. I had told you Abiy, Isaias, Formajo and IOG are already in jail in Mekele. They were captured in November. Jula, Bacha, Alem and Mohammed are gone a long time ago. What do you mean ‘gone’? They are gone, kaput, decimated last November too. Next all Amharas will be deported to Hadramaut and Oromos to Madagascar. That was where they migrated from 1835 and 1915 respectively. The Empire of Axum is formally declared and all of you are eligible to apply for passports except Oromos and Amharas.

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