The World Bank should not fund Ethiopia’s war in Tigray

Protesters supporting Tigray gather outside the UN in New York. As Ethiopia seeks international support, organisations cannot shirk their obligation to acknowledge its political realities © Getty Images

This month, Ethiopia, a low-income country facing economic difficulties, is making its case for a financial bailout at the spring meetings of the World Bank and IMF.

It is also conducting a war of starvation in the northern Tigray region. Week by week soldiers are destroying everything essential to sustain life — food and farms, clinics and hospitals, water supplies.

How should the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development treat a government engaged in widespread and systematic destruction and impoverishment, not to mention killing and rape? Bank staff don’t like to make political judgments, but in this case the directors — representing the shareholders including the US and UK — cannot shirk their obligation to acknowledge the political realities in Ethiopia.

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  1. Let us be fair here and ask the biggest questions whom to blame?
    Genocide! Who started the massacres that took place in Ethiopia defence force Base in tigri the very solders stationed to protect Tigri while the solders were sleeping shot dead? Where was Human rights? Where were Amnesty? Where were UN ? The weyannes criminal gangs who rape and sold young girls to Arabs for the last 30 years is a crime against humanity.

    Amnesty, human rights, ICC etc….all these are nothing but a21 CENTURY MODERN COLONIALIST MILITIAS IN CIVILIANS UNIFORM.

    MOST OF THEM ARE BLACK MEN AND WOMEN who became a modern time slaves of their ancestors who fought for their colonial master during 1 and 2 world war.

  2. Whatever happened to it has been an AWoL for sometime or is it my thinking? BTW, welcome back to the platform of discussion and current issues.

  3. As for the topic, the World Bank and IMF were happily paying and abating the TPLF dominated regime that was abusing and killing civilian in Somali Region and others not long ago. Killing civilians and violating human rights is wrong and abhorren practice,, but why the double standard I wonder now. Are the lives some people are less worthy or more equal than others? I’m just curious.

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