‘Cruel’ trafficker accused of torturing refugees found guilty in Ethiopia


One of north Africa’s most notorious human traffickers, accused of extorting and torturing thousands of refugees and migrants in Libya, has been found guilty on five counts of smuggling and trafficking in Ethiopia.

Tewelde Goitom, known as “Welid”, operated in Libya between roughly 2014 and 2018 and is thought to have been at the heart of a highly lucrative and brutal trade trafficking desperate migrants trying to reach Europe.

Goitom was arrested in Ethiopia in March 2020, one month after one of his co-conspirators, another well-known trafficker, Kidane Zekarias Habtemariam, was also arrested. They are both originally from Eritrea.

The two men shared a compound in Bani Walid, a Libyan town nicknamed the “ghost city” by migrants, because of its lawlessness and the large number of people who disappeared there.

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  1. Grown up as a sfiftaa wenbedii shabia son whose life worth nothing but cruallaity, murder, rape and robbery that they inherited from their Likiskiss bandas parents, they lived a rich life in a city of flowers Addis where these new shabby wenbedii enjoy the fruit of my city with no one to ask them where they came from and how they spread they their disease among our population.
    These maggots do not deserve life in Ethiopian soil but drop down them a live into active volcano with money into their mouth, that my friend is the true justice they deserve. These are not human but a devil who committed a crime against those poor Ethiopian and Eritrean who lost their lives.

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