Exposed: Wester Diplomats plotting a regime change in Ethiopia via Zoom


Former ambassadors and current diplomats for the United States, Britain and EU had a Zoom meeting this past Sunday to encourage and try to help the TPLF, and there’s evidence to prove it: a secret phone-cam video of the two-hour meeting.

“I hope that you’ll have military success fairly soon, because it seems as if the situation is only becoming more drastic,” said Vicki Huddleston, who was Chargé d’Affairs ad interim in Ethiopia during years the TPLF were in power.

France’s retired diplomat and writer Stéphane Gompertz openly speculated on the potential for Abiy to be forced from power. “Even if Abiy sticks to his guns, which unfortunately he seems to be doing, you either hope that people around him either in government or in the military realize that this is going nowhere and might force him to, well, accept the cessation of hostilities or force him to step down?”


  1. Ethiopians would rather go to bed empty stomach with pride than go to bed full-belly in shame under a regime run by the White Supremacist West’s Dogs!

    If the White Supremacist West really cares about blacks, charity starts right at home with the rights-and-welfare of the blacks in their own backyard! That said, I have some announcements to make:

    1. My congratulations are in order:

    i). Ethiopia’s Son of the Year: Abiy Ahmed [Field Marshall Menelik-III]

    ii). Ethiopia’s Daughter of the Year: Adanech Abébé [Governor of Addis]

    iii). Five Star Ethiopians of the Year: Ethio Defence [Police, Army, Air Force, Navy, Paratroopers, Commandoes, Fanno, Militia, Neighborhood Patrol Scouts, Medics, etc.]

    2. Addis Ababa Street Name Changes [Coming Soon]:

    i). George Floyd Boulevard: From Sidist Kilo to the American Embassy

    ii). Prince Alemayehu Tewodros Boulevard: From Arat Kilo to the British Embassy

    3. FINAL OFFER: FREE ride & escort to the airport for ANYBODY who wants to LEAVE Ethiopia! Don’t flatter yourselves as though Ethiopia needs you!

    QUESTION: If Ethiopia is as unsafe as the CIA East Africa & the British MI6 portray it, why are they still spying in Ethiopia? Why not demolish their embassies and LEAVE?

    4 ‘America’s Got Talent’:
    i). Atomic Bomb Test: Japan [Hiroshima & Nagasaki]
    ii). Lockheed-Martin Weapons’ Test: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine….
    Is Ethiopia next?

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