Investigative Documentary:Who Is Behind US’s Failed and Destructive Policy Of Ethiopia and Africa? – YouTube



  1. Ethiopian Lives Matter: I thank the producer and Nazret for the well-researched video that exposes most of the major behind-the-scenes Lobbyists for the Barbarian TPLF!

    Question: Does any Ethiopian want to hand Ethiopia over to White Supremacist West’s Dogs to later CRY “Black Lives Matter!” in his/her own non-colonial ancestral land?

    Warning: Isn’t the same White Supremacist West [WSW] the Architect of Colonialism, Slavery, Racism and Injustice for the Black Race? Ethiopians should bear that in mind!

    Fact: Had the WSW been interested in the rights-and-welfare of the Black Race, Blacks in the West would never have flooded the West’s streets screaming “Black Lives Matter”.

    TPLF’s Rap Sheet: (1). Cold-Blooded Murder [sleeping soldiers]. (2). War Crimes: (i). Rape! (ii). Genocide (Afar & Amhara)! (iii). Pillage-and-Plunder!] (3). Bank Robbery.

    Justice: The Criminal TPLF SHOULD stand trial whether its WSW supporters like it or not! Would any Ethiopian ever be fooled by the WSW’s crocodile tears for Ethiopia?

    Abiy and the War: Abiy is a millionaire [Nobel Prize]. He could have walked away from Ethiopia’s troubles like HMD. It’s high time that we stood with him for Ethiopia!

    Harmony: If we don’t respect each other and our people, others will follow suit. It sets a dangerous precedent for our enemies to exploit that weakness to pit us against each other.

    • You are good!👍
      I don’t fully agree though in throwing around the term WSW without adequately understanding its implications on their mentality. It is not good for the world knowing they hold weapons that could destroy the world many times over.

  2. All the time, when USA gets in politics of foreign countries, it’s only for USA. Finally Never for those foreign countries. Read this book: “Tower of Basel”, Adam Lebor. He emigrated from UK to Hungary. For his own safety, I am convinced. Stand together and don`t follow Germany on the leash of USA. The Natives in USA call themselves POW (Prisoner Of War). The same is effective for German natives. We have not even a peace treaty! I love Ethiopia! For times been there. Ethiopia has lots of natural and geo ressources and needs nobody to “help”.
    Kick all the foreign diggers out! And, hulat, sost! 😎 Good luck! Salam to Ethiopia 🤗

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