About Us

nazret.com is one of the oldest and most popular Ethiopian news sites.  nazret.com is arguably the most trusted name in Ethiopian news. Since 1994, nazret.com has been serving the Ethiopian community with providing news and commentaries about Ethiopian current events, culture, sport and business news.

Long before there was Google and Facebook, nazret.com was the go to place for all Ethiopian news.

We have been online since 1994, one of the first Ethiopian Websites. nazret.com is the first Ethiopian blog site.

Nazret.com In the news

Reporters without Borders reported that Nazret.com is Blocked by Ethiopian Government May 29 2006


    • “Nazret has led the charge of Ethiopian blogs” BBC Focus on Africa January – March 2005
      BBC Focus on Africa on nazret.com
      BBC Focus on Africa on nazret.com


      January 14, 2006 Issue of The Washington Post

“On Nazret.com, a call went out for bloggers “to blog on events unfolding in Ethiopia.” The blog site, “Live from Addis Ababa Ethiopia,” had some of the most vivid reporting of the November unrest, in which an estimated 40 people were killed when police fired live bullets into protests.” The Washington Post